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Again: hypersexual craving for sweet pussy

Inspired by ‘Hypersexuality’ episode three, starring Jessie Volt & Kira Zen

Have you ever had love so good, you didn't want to leave? The kind that was so irresistible that no matter how exhausted you were, you always found a reason to stay? Jessie and Kira had reached well beyond this point. It was Tuesday morning. They had been making love for three days straight. The weekend was long gone. Neither one had slept, or had anything to eat, besides each other. Yet, they were still full of energy. Kira was having a hard time leaving Jessie. She couldn't even stop kissing her while getting dressed. Jessie wasn't helping the situation either. She kept her hands wandering all over Kira's body the entire time. Jessie waited until Kira had buttoned her last button, then mischievously pinned her down on the bed.

“Bad girl!” Kira exclaimed. “Let me up or I'll have to spank you... again!”

“In that case, I won't let you up,” Jessie replied.

“I can't play. I have to go,” Kira sighed, pouting a little.

“Please, stay with me?” Jessie pleaded, grazing her lips over Kira's mouth. “You know you want to...”

Jessie looked in Kira's eyes searchingly, waiting for her to give in. Kira couldn't resist those eager eyes staring down at her. She was so adorably persuasive. It took a lot of mental strength just for Kira to get up off the bed. After all the teasing, Jessie finally let her go. Kira kissed Jessie quickly, trying her best not to look at her as she sped out the door.

Now that Kira was gone, Jessie turned her attention to her own schedule for the day and got dressed. She intended to keep busy to make the day go by faster. Meanwhile, Kira had only made it down one flight of stairs before she had to stop in the hallway. All that teasing from Jessie had really got to her. She stood against the wall with her face flushed, heart beating erratically, flooded with desire. She was breathing as if she was panicked, almost hyperventilating. Her dress felt more like chains wrapped around her body. She had spent all weekend naked and now her skin was unwillingly readjusting to being covered. She tugged on her annoyingly tight collar and soothed her neck. She couldn't think of anything but Jessie's touch. She ran her hands down to her pussy and gripped tight at the flesh. She could feel her clit throb under her panties as she thought about Jessie. Her pussy was calling out to her.

Suddenly, Kira raced back up the stairs and knocked urgently on the door. Jessie was already dressed and hurried to open it, thinking Kira had forgotten something. As soon as she opened up, Kira took Jessie in her arms and kissed her wildly. Jessie was startled. Before she knew it, Kira had Jessie pinned down on the bed. The sheets were still warm from their weekend tryst. Kira nibbled at Jessie's neck and licked up to her lips to meet in a kiss.

“Again?” Kira smiled down at Jessie.

That's all she had to say. Jessie nodded in agreement and kissed her deeply. Kira tore off the clothes imprisoning her flesh. Buttons flew all over the bed as she wriggled out of the sleeves. She rolled her dress off and quickly undressed Jessie, tossing their clothes in a crumpled pile on the floor. They entwined their fingers together and pressed closer. Kira kissed down Jessie's chest and explored her luscious breasts with her mouth. She craved the taste of Jessie's pussy.

“Sit on my face,” Kira commanded. Jessie rolled them over so she was on top and straddled Kira's face. Kira whirled her tongue around Jessie’s pussy like a cyclone. Jessie could barely stand the sensation. Her stomach muscles fluttered, trying to keep up with the accelerating pressure of Kira's lips. Kira grabbed hold of Jessie's ass and held her in place as she drank down her sweet nectar. Jessie started shaking, her hands gripping tightly at her own breasts. Her whole body shuddered as she came all over Kira's face.

Jessie collapsed on top of Kira. Their lips met once more as they breathed lustfully into each other’s mouth. Kira was so turned on, juice was seeping from her pussy. She wrapped her legs around Jessie’s waist and started humping up against her, building the friction on her pussy. She was almost there, her moans getting louder. Jessie dug her hips deeper, feeling pulses coming through Kira's clit like the first shocks of an awaiting earthquake. Suddenly, Kira's pussy squirted like a splattered piece of fruit all over the bed, liquid gushing over Jessie's pelvis.

Jessie caressed Kira’s face to calm her down. Kira's body was shaking. Jessie was so glad Kira had decided to stay. As they lay still, she thought about how to keep Kira there just a little longer. She had one more mischievous trick up her sleeve. Little did Kira know, a fully charged vibrating wand was waiting for her pussy as soon as she got dressed again.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share!





Onirica, Episode Three: Flesh

An erotic fantasy inspired by Alis Locanta's masterpieces featuring Alyssa Reece, Lola A and Tiffany Doll

This is a continuation from episode two, which was posted on this blog on July 21, 2016. The story so far: writer Alyssa is haunted by visions of a beautiful dancer – Lola. When Lola appears on her television screen during a raging storm, Alyssa is drawn to follow a distant light. She finds herself in a room with three mirrors; her reflection climbs out of one mirror to seduce her, while another mirror twin watches before emerging…

The story continues…

Alyssa and her right mirror twin were kissing, sucking and swirling tongues as they ground together; they were breathing and drinking from each other. Alyssa's need to get fucked was howling a primal song through her body. Without warning, her ass cheeks were grabbed so hard that she almost screamed.

“Who is touching me?” Her mirror twin's hands were gripping her shoulders as their pussies rubbed together, so it couldn’t be her. "Who, then?"

The soft but strong hands were squeezing and spanking Alyssa's sweaty ass cheeks, spreading them wide, leaving her asshole and pussy exposed and vulnerable. "I know these hands... they are... mine!"

Alyssa's left mirror twin, who had emerged from the mirror unnoticed, was on her knees behind Alyssa, ready to give her what she was begging for; she wanted to stimulate deep inside her body, while the other twin stimulated her outside.

Something hard and wet was pushing insistently against Alyssa's asshole, lubing it up and pushing deeper, penetrating; it was the left twin's tongue, fucking Alyssa's ass as her pussy was rubbing against her right twin's thigh. It felt amazing, drool and pussy juices mixing between her cheeks in a potion of pure lust. Alyssa was moaning so loud the glass of the last remaining mirror was trembling.

Alyssa's lust was growing with each stroke, lick and push inside her ass, her mirror twins matching her hunger. Her senses were being pushed beyond any human limit, hands wandering all over her body, spanking, squeezing and rubbing. The left twin rubbed her wet pussy against Alyssa’s calf as she tongue-fucked her ass, leaving a trail of cream. The right twin was holding her tight, each tribbing against the other’s thigh, soaked in juice and sweat. The sexual excitement was almost too much for Alyssa’s body to handle, but her soul was aching for more. Only one spot was left unattended, her G-spot, which was pulsing and convulsing as her thighs and pussy hole clenched with unbearable pleasure.

As Alyssa felt her orgasm building, ready to erupt, the central mirror came alive. A dark but luminous silhouette was dancing inside it, a perfectly sculpted, elegant body. The movement was erotic and sensual, multicolored light radiating around it.

"Who is she? Could it be..?"

Alyssa's mind fell silent, held prisoner by her dominating lust. Her rational fears and questions were overwhelmed by desire, although the whispers were still there, not in words but playing subtly with sensations deep inside her.

"It’s Lola!"

For a moment she was transported back to her couch, writing on her laptop and imagining Lola in every detail: her long, toned thighs; her perfect round ass, moving so sensually; her silky golden hair, drenching the air with an intense aroma of flowers; her soft breasts, bouncing hypnotically to the same rhythm, with perky nipples begging to be sucked; her juicy pussy, with puffy labia, so inviting, needing to be explored… to be discovered, touched, caressed, massaged and stimulated at her most intimate and sensitive spot. The more Alyssa pictured Lola, the more the dark silhouette in the glass took her shape.

"Please fuck me, fuck me harder... harder, I need it... I need to come!"

As Alyssa’s body screamed for release, her right mirror twin looked deeply into her eyes, wrapping an arm around her neck as her free hand went between her legs, fingers circling around her pussy hole. The moment seemed like an eternity to Alyssa.

"Sparkling beauty, like a flaming galaxy deep within myself... clearly visible from my own eyes... so much beauty and perfection inside myself, I can finally see it!" In that everlasting moment, Alyssa realized how infinite and divine was the light living deep in her heart, making her truly alive and perfect in her own unique way. "You are a goddess, hold tight to what you see inside yourself and let that beautiful light shine… you are perfect as you are because you are unique, and you are unique because you are yourself... Alyssa!" She could hear it within herself, not in the form of words, but rather in the shape of deep and intimate sensations, feelings and love... an infinite love.

Alyssa's right mirror twin was still circling her fingers around her wide-open pussy, which was clenching like a voracious snake's mouth, ready to swallow those fingers in one bite. Her juices were flowing down her legs, lubing the right twin’s fingers, while the left twin ground furiously against her calf and tongued her asshole even deeper.

"Please fuck me, fuck me hard, please!" The urge was extreme, even more than breathing.

The right twin pushed her middle and ring fingers into Alyssa’s hungry pussy, penetrating her slowly. The sensation of those long fingers sliding against the inner walls of her pussy, making them tighten and convulse, was intense, and when they reached Alyssa’s G-spot she let out a moan of pure pleasure. The right twin increased the pressure with each stroke, the left twin still mercilessly tonguing her ass. Loud squelching noises came from her pussy, juice pouring out as the finger-fucking got harder, massaging her G-spot.

Her orgasm was building exponentially, a tsunami of liquid pleasure ready to erupt like a geyser. The sensation was intense and beautiful, a flow of warm juice running like a stream from deep inside, her most intimate, secret spot filled over and over. Meanwhile Lola was still dancing inside the glass of the largest mirror, becoming more and more visible – her joyful smile, her shining eyes.

Alyssa’s sweat and juice flowed from every pore, thighs clenching as her G-spot was pounded. Her pussy tightened, almost devouring the fingers, as she hovered on the verge of the strongest orgasm of her life.

"Please make me come, I need to come! Please fuck me, fuck me!" her body screamed out.

The left twin placed a fingertip against Alyssa’s asshole, tapping gently at first, but pressing a little harder after each tap. The tapping, probing, thrusting sensation drove Alyssa wild, another melodious moan bursting from her. It was a furious storm of pleasure, the right twin fingering her ass while biting and licking her cheeks, and the right twin barraging her G-spot while kissing all over her face and neck.

"I’m coming, I’m coming... I can't hold it anymore!"

Stroke after stroke, inside both holes, made Alyssa lose control; the right twin pulled out her fingers and a huge explosion of pleasure invested every muscle of her beautiful body, a thunderstorm that filled her with electricity. She erupted like a volcano, squirting a powerful jet of juices as the sensations swept through her. She couldn’t stay standing, sinking to the floor in a puddle of her own wetness. The squirting gradually diminished, but the tremors of her orgasm kept her trembling and convulsing like a flag in the wind.

Her thighs snapped shut, her senses swimming in the warm embrace of her own hot liquid. It was a beautiful feeling, full of passion… her own warmth, her own lust, her own love.

As her shivers of ecstasy died down, Alyssa opened her eyes and looked around. Something had happened… something had changed!

To be continued…

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



“I’ll give it to you better than your boyfriend ever could!”

Erotic fiction by Renegade, inspired by Carolina Abril and Penelope Cum in ‘The Heat Reloaded’ episode one

“Her! Again! Why?” Carolina thought to herself as she peddled on her stationary exercise bike. She had been coming to this gym off and on for three weeks now and once again this mystery woman had chosen to use the weight training bench directly across from her. Normally she wouldn't care, but as the days went on she had been stealing more and more glances at this girl in front of her and it was beginning to distract her to the point of ruining her own workout.

The girl’s luscious long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail... The way her white thong leotard stretched taut across her tight, toned body, hugging every curve... Above all else though, Carolina loved how the thin white material became semi transparent when wet with sweat, exposing the outline of the girl’s rock hard nipples. She loved it, but she hated it too, because it rendered her own leotard’s crotch a sopping wet mess. She was definitely going to have to wipe the seat of the bike down with a towel after she was done today.

“She could almost be my twin too, if not for the tats and that trendy hairstyle girls have these days with half their head shaved...” Carolina thought idly, as she picked up the pace, making sure to grind herself on the seat with every follow-through. “A guy’s name inked on her hip... Must be her boyfriend. Well, maybe she wants a girlfriend, judging by the way she teases me?”

It was always the same routine with her object of desire; she never used the heavy weights matched to the bench. Always with the dumbbells, perched on the edge, and legs spread, working her arms one at a time. Image burned into her mind, Carolina closed her eyes as she rode the waves of pleasure, so close now she was on the edge of coming.

“Enough is enough!” she uttered through clenched teeth before glancing around to make sure no one was in sight. It was late, there no one there but them. Hopping off the bike, she strode confidently toward her unaware target. The poor girl only had the briefest of moments to look up in surprise before Carolina knocked the dumbbell from her hand, then pressed her own body down, pinning her to the workout bench.

“You little tease! Do you have any idea what you've done to me these last few weeks?” The other woman shook her head meekly, a look of uncertainty and maybe something else in her eyes. With their faces inches apart, Carolina pressed her lips to those of her new conquest. She was faced with initial hesitancy that soon melted away as the woman's mouth opened, yielding to a passionate kiss. It seemed to go on for minutes before Carolina pulled away, gently biting the girl’s lip.

“What's your name, sweetie?” Carolina asked, almost as an afterthought.

“Pe.. Pen... Penelope!” the woman responded breathlessly.

“You want this don't you?”

“Yes, ma'am.”

“Ma'am? How cute. Well Penelope, I'm Carolina… and I'm about to give it to you better than your boyfriend ever could!” Carolina lowered her head to bite Penelope's nipples through the leotard's thin material, eliciting a gasp from her.

Her hands fondling Penelope's chest, Carolina's mouth made its way down her new lover's body, leaving a trail of kisses and pausing to pay special attention to a wet spot on Penelope's leotard where Carolina's own crotch had been pressed to her moments before.

Moving between Penelope’s spread thighs, Carolina could feel the heat emanating from that special place and see the outline of the folds through the stained cotton material. She extended her tongue for a few teasing laps, causing Penelope's whole body to tremble; it was clear it wouldn't take much to make her come. Smiling, she latched her mouth firmly to Penelope’s pussy, sucking hard on her clitoris. It was more than Penelope could take as she erupted in orgasmic bliss, her body shaking and quivering as the sensations spread over every inch of her body.

“Well that was easy, baby, but I'm not done with you yet. First though I need to get this off you!” Carolina said as she took a firm grip of the white leotard's deep cleavage. Pulling hard, it didn't take much effort for the material to give way, shredding from Penelope's chest to just above the folds of her pussy, displaying her trimmed bush. Two more tugs on the leg holes and the leotard was now a tattered rag under Penelope's fully exposed body.

Diving back in, Carolina inserted two fingers deep into Penelope's pussy while her mouth focused on her stiff clit. Her fingers probed while her tongue darted back and forth, building up a rhythm between both that caused Penelope's hips to rock in response. Changing the tempo, Carolina thrust deeper and harder with her fingers, curling them slightly to find purchase on her lover's most sensitive of spots. That was enough for Penelope as her body went into sensory overload. Her moans of lust gave way to screams of pure ecstasy as Carolina was rewarded with a mouthful of Penelope's pussy juice.

Carolina refused to stop her ministrations as she sensed Penelope had a little bit more left to give, and was determined to wring every last orgasm out of her. Again and again Penelope crashed through the barriers of pleasure until she could take no more and her screams subsided to a whimper as her body went limp, exhausted from the onslaught.

“Selfish girl! I need pleasure too, you know, especially after you’ve been teasing me like this for weeks!” exclaimed Carolina, as she stood up and moved around to straddle Penelope's face. Penelope smiled with lust in her eyes, eager to return the favour. Carolina pressed down, smothering Penelope with her dripping wet crotch. Rocking her hips back and forth she humped herself off, grinding her sensitive clitoris against Penelope's nose as Penelope's tongue lapped away at the crotch of the leotard. It wasn't enough stimulation for Carolina, and lifting up she reached back behind her and grabbed the thong back and tugged hard until the material gave way with a delicious snap.

Pulling the ripped leotard up over her head, she was now fully exposed to Penelope for the first time. But Penelope had little chance to admire her body before Carolina pressed back down, her clean shaven cunt dripping with her desire as it fully covered Penelope's mouth. Lapping away, Penelope was determined to make Caroline come as she fought her own desire to breathe. Carolina shivered as she was getting close, but felt the desire for something more – to be filled, to be penetrated.

Standing up and allowing Penelope to breathe, she shifted off of her then squatted on the floor. Lifting her legs, she propped her hips up against the side of the bench and presented herself to Penelope, who responded by licking her fingers and pressing two of them gingerly against her lover's pussy lips before slamming them deep. Carolina squealed in delight as they found the exact right spot, her pussy throbbing and clenching around the probing fingers. Unbidden, Penelope lowered her head and flicked her tongue across Carolina's exposed asshole. This new surprising sensation was enough to drive Carolina over the edge as her pussy spasmed and jet after jet of pussy juice spurted from her engorged hole. Closing her eyes, everything went black for Carolina, as her head fell back against the floor and her body clenched up and then relaxed in the aftermath of her earth shattering orgasm. Her squirt had drenched both herself and the area around her.

“Ma'am? Ma'am, are you okay?” a voice called to Carolina.

“Ohhh my head… where am I?” Carolina opened her eyes and saw a figure coming into focus. It was the woman she had just spent what felt like an eternity fucking the hell out of, standing over her with a look of concern and her white leotard still intact.

“It’s going to be alright, ma'am. My name is Penelope and I was working out at the bench over there when I heard a loud moan and then something hitting the floor. I think you might have over-exerted yourself on the bike and fallen off. Are you okay?”

“I... I think I just need to take a shower, that's all,” Carolina whispered, blushing with embarrassment. She struggled to her feet, brushing Penelope aside. Grabbing her towel she wrapped it tightly around her waist as she made her way to the locker room. She had to do something to hide the fact her crotch and thighs were now soaked in her own juices.

Penelope sighed as she watched Carolina run off to the shower, before turning her attention back to the exercise bike. Running her index finger across the length of the seat, she brought it to her nose and inhaled with a smile, before licking it clean. The locker room wasn't that far away...

Many thanks to our member, Renegade, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Introducing MyErotica – free fiction for filth fans!


I’d like to introduce a brand new erotic fiction site, the repository of all my sexual secrets: I know how much you all enjoy a dirty story; we have a thriving fiction community right here on the blog, and it’s been my great pleasure to read and share erotica from our members, as well as making a few naughty revelations of my own. Now we’re turning the heat up with a dedicated site just for our most intensely arousing stories.

MyErotica’s mission statement is “Refined erotic fiction to ignite your deepest desires” and that’s just what you’ll find there. It’s a collection of sexual confessions, exciting tales and kinky revelations for hot-blooded men and women who dare to explore their wild side.

It’s my own personal project, and I share a lot of very naughty stuff, both fantasies and real life experiences – it’s up to you to guess which is which! MyErotica also features stories by my writing partner Jaiden (who is a very bad girl indeed), and selected writers who I deem worthy of being included, including our lovely member Kat, who has shared some of her hot stories here. Whether you prefer girl on girl liaisons or girl meets boy encounters, kinky or vanilla, you're sure to find something that turns you on. 

And what’s more, it’s totally free!

So, how can you get involved?

Well first of all you can “FOLLOW” me (Rose), my writing partner Jaiden, and our online publication, MyErotica. That means you’ll be notified whenever we add a new story. You have to create a profile the first time you do this, but it only takes a moment, and of course you can use any identity you choose! Doing this also gives you a personalized feed of all the fun stuff on Medium, the mainstream platform we’ve chosen to host MyErotica. It’s the best source of interesting features, news and thought-provoking journalism I’ve ever come across, and I’m quite addicted.

Second, you can “RECOMMEND” my stories, by clicking on the little heart icon at the bottom of the story. It would mean a lot to me if you do this, because the story then reaches many more potential readers who need my filthy confessions in their life!

And third, you can CONTRIBUTE your own stories. Email me at (tell me it’s for MyErotica)… I look forward to reading your dirty confessions and hottest fantasies.

Please check it out and let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see at MyErotica. I’d love to write something just for you.



Onirica, Episode Two: Glass

An erotic fantasy by Lex, inspired by Alis Locanta's masterpieces featuring Alyssa Reece, Lola A and Tiffany Doll

This is a continuation from episode one, which was posted on this blog on June 29, 2016. The story so far: writer Alyssa is haunted by visions of a beautiful dancer – Lola. When Lola appears on her television screen during a raging storm, Alyssa is drawn to follow a distant light, and climbs out of the window…

The story continues…

Alyssa began walking slowly, the unsettling silence broken only by her footsteps and a deep growling sound, like the wind howling through a metallic corridor. The small, distant dot of light was still in front of her, guiding her steps.

“It's late, it's late!” She heard them, the whispers, the thoughts, the feelings, repeating over and over again, deep inside her. As she grew closer to the light it was changing, transforming in front of her; a vertical line of shining white light emanated from both the top and bottom of the sphere, dancing and waving. What could it be?

A deep, throbbing music started to come from the dancing light. Alyssa felt the beat resonate deep within her, making her skin buzz and giving her goosebumps. It was muted, as if she was outside a dance club, but the beat was powerful. She felt the vibration in the air, caressing her from head to toe; she was getting exciting without even realizing.

“Open me… come inside... let yourself slip into my ocean...” She was close enough to touch the light now, and as she reached for it, she felt the softness of velvet. It was a curtain, the light shining through the gap where the pair met, the music coming from beyond.

Possessed by inexplicable sensations, feelings and alien ideas, Alyssa couldn't comprehend what was happening. They were slowly taking control of her, but she could still feel, see and think. Her curiosity was driving her to open the curtain and discover what was hidden behind it. She tugged the curtain aside and the white light dissolved and spread over her, hugging her softly and sensually.

She found herself inside a small, rectangular room. Red velvet was masterfully crafted on each wall, and the ceiling was black, so deep and luminous that Alyssa had the impression it was petroleum. The floor was even stranger; black and white marble squares, but warm under her bare feet. Soft light filled the room but the source was hidden, as if the light were an entity that flowed to each corner and kept the darkness away. In front of her were three more velvet curtains; the middle one was red, and larger, while the smaller two were black.

The whispering grew louder; she couldn’t make out the words, just strange feelings… dark desires spreading from her mind to her very core. She noticed a velvet cord hanging beside her. Was it there before? The place was playing tricks with her, an unknown will playing with her senses. Moved by the whispers swarming inside her head, her hand grabbed the cord and pulled it firmly. The three velvet covers fell in unison before her, the cord dissolving into fine dust that flew away as she exhaled. Three mirrors in beautiful golden frames were revealed.

Alyssa was overwhelmed with curiosity, feeling immensely attracted to the precious objects. But as she took a few steps to examine them more closely she discovered an unsettling detail; the mirror on each side reflected her image, but the central one was empty, even when she stood right in front of it. Even stranger, her reflections on either side were standing still, and completely naked!

She felt confused and terribly disoriented, her mirror twins staring into her frightened eyes, expressionless. She felt they were stalking her like prey, ready to jump on her and do forbidden things to her.

“We want to taste you!” said the right mirror twin.

“We want to drink you!” said the left twin.

Alyssa stepped back in shock – and to her amazement, the right twin stepped out of the mirror towards her. As the mirror twin’s naked feet touched the ground, the mirror she came from covered itself in an oily black substance. Alyssa found herself paralyzed as her twin reached for her. She felt the firm, sculpted body push against hers; grew aware of her own rapid breathing. She felt the hard nipples poke against hers through her thin shirt, the hips pressing against hers, arms wrapping around her shoulders, toes entwining, creating a flesh bond between them. And it was making her more aroused than she’d ever been in her life.

The subtle whisper in her mind was now screaming, the tingling sensation between her legs growing with every second, her clit rubbing against her sticky panties. And from the look in her eyes, she knew her mirror twin was feeling the same. She felt incredibly desired, those gentle hands caressing her skin, a deep and intimate connection uniting them.

The mirror twin lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them, slow and deep, as if sucking a cock. She soaked them in saliva to the point where filaments of drool hung from her fingers.

“Drink me,” she whispered, offering her fingers to Alyssa’s mouth.

Alyssa’s desire overwhelmed her fear and confusion. Her tongue darted out and caught a string of drool from her mirror twin’s fingers, and then she was surrounding them with her soft lips and sucking, as the fingers fucked her mouth. They tasted spicy, making her tongue tingle. Goosebumps sprung up all over her body and she was filled with a strange heat.

As she sucked, she felt her clothes growing tighter against her skin. Her shirt pressed tighter over her hard nipples and her panties rubbed harder against her wet pussy, stimulating it. The mirror twin’s fingers fucked her mouth harder and faster, and her clothes began to tear apart, the cloth seeming to scream until the torn fragments fell away, leaving Alyssa as perfectly naked as her mirror twin. 

Their contact grew even more intimate, hot skin touching, muscular thighs entwined, nipples rubbing and pussy mounds grinding together, waves of pure blazing pleasure spreading through them. Alyssa found she could move freely now. Her fears were gone, crowded out by desire. The whispers were now wild primal screams inside her mind. The feeling of her mirror twin’s sweaty body against hers was driving Alyssa wild. She grabbed her twin’s hips to pull her closer, rubbing her thigh against her twin’s juicy pussy as her twin did the same to her. The twin held her tight and pushed her tongue into Alyssa’s mouth for her to suck.

Alyssa felt her drenched pussy spread open against her mirror twin’s thigh, leaving a trail of juice over the skin. She could feel her twin’s creamy pussy smearing against her own thigh, rubbing harder and harder. Both were sticky, rivulets of their wetness trickling down their legs to drip on the floor. Alyssa felt the urge to get even dirtier and wilder. She could feel her G-spot craving attention, wetness welling up inside her.

Sensing her insatiable sexual hunger, Alyssa's mirror twin began rubbing even harder against Alyssa, pushing her thigh up, arching on her foot, almost as if she could fuck Alyssa's craving pussy hole. It was an intense sensation; Alyssa could feel the muscles of her mirror twin's thigh tensing against her clit, the hot skin spreading her open. She felt an immense orgasm building deep inside her. They were tribbing furiously, soaked in sweat and pussy juice, hair dripping. It was dirty, it was wild, and she loved it. She could feel her G-spot pulsing and convulsing like crazy, begging to get massaged. The desire was so strong, almost unbearable. 

“I want more, I want myself inside!”

But something was happening behind them: Alyssa's reflection in the left mirror stepped from the glass with slow and sensual movements. The sexual excitement was so out of control that Alyssa and her right mirror twin didn't notice the new presence at first. The mirror covered itself with an oily black substance, as the left twin began walking around Alyssa and her right twin fucking like crazy in the middle of the room.

To be continued…

Many thanks to our member, Lex, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Announcing MetArt X – solo fun with sexy babes!

At Viv Thomas we’re all about gorgeous girl on girl action; but sometimes, we just want to see a pretty babe kicking back and simply doing what comes naturally. That’s where our brand new site, MetArt X, comes in.

No doubt you already know that our flagship site MetArt is the world’s most awarded nude site, packed with fresh-faced beauties. MetArt X was created in response to requests from members who asked to see the models in more explicit videos, while still staying true to the ethos of high-class, beautifully presented, natural girls.

So, here it is… MetArt X, starring some of the Network’s favourite girls, letting you watch as they stroke themselves to orgasm! Things get pretty hot and sticky… So far we’ve seen Mango fingering herself into a frenzy, Lola aka Dido riding a big vibrator, and Tess doing naked yoga outdoors, to name just a few of our superstar models. You’ll also find Michelle H, Patritcy, Talia Mint, Paula Shy… the list goes on and on!

It’s uninhibited, erotic and totally dedicated to self-pleasure – check it out and see what everyone’s talking about!


The Other Woman, episode two

Erotic fiction by Kat, inspired by ‘Duchess,’ starring Kari A and Rosaline Rose

This is a continuation from episode one, which was posted on this blog on June 22nd 2016. The story so far: Following her husband’s funeral, Kari has an erotic encounter with his mistress, Rosaline. Kari’s emotions are in turmoil after their lovemaking.

The story continues…

Rosaline tilted Kari's face upwards and gently wiped away her tears. Kari's bosom heaved with sobs. Rosaline kissed her forehead, then took her hand and led her back inside. She sat Kari down on the bed and knelt on the floor. She took off Kari's shoes and soothed her aching feet. Rosaline took a moment to kick her own heels off and then set Kari's feet back on her lap. She pressed firmly over the soles and softly kissed her toes.

Kari was still sad, but the sensation was making her feel much better. Rosaline looked up at Kari as she peppered her ankles with gentle kisses. She began to kiss higher up her calves, soothing her muscles. She lingered at Kari's knees and ran her tongue over them.

Kari stroked up Rosaline's arms and took her face in her hands. She pulled Rosaline up and kissed her lips. She leaned back as Rosaline crawled on top of her, reaching behind Kari's head to unpin her hat and unravel her soft, lustrous hair. The scent of it fused her senses. She ran her fingers between the strands and massaged the crown of Kari’s head.

Kari licked her lips and leaned up to kiss Rosaline, sliding her hands up her torso, then abruptly lay back, still gripping Rosaline’s hips so her pussy was pulled down onto Kari’s face. Rosaline weakened at the touch of Kari’s tongue licking up and down over her pussy. She tipped forward, rounding her back and gripping the sheets as Kari whirled her tongue over her clit.

Kari reached between Rosaline's legs and circled her fingers around the opening of her pussy, spreading it apart. She inserted two fingers in Rosaline's pussy while sucking on her clit. Rosaline’s stomach muscles flexed as she absorbed each sensation. She ground down harder and started trembling over Kari's face as an orgasm exploded within her. Kari felt juice leak over her chin as Rosaline's pussy quivered over her mouth.

Rosaline moved down to kiss Kari hungrily, tasting herself on her lover’s lips. She turned around on top of her, leaning forward into a sixty-nine so she could run her tongue between Kari’s thighs while stroking her fingers over her clit. Kari was incredibly wet. Just the slightest touch made more juice trickle from the folds of her pussy. She was squirming like crazy, but Rosaline had her arms pinned with the weight of her legs, so she couldn’t move. All she could do was ball her fists and gasp out obscenities as Rosaline ate her.

Rosaline sucked Kari's clit fast and hard, making her shake with arousal. Her tongue started spinning faster over Kari’s pussy, pushing her relentlessly towards her climax. Kari’s hips bucked fiercely as her pussy exploded over Rosaline's mouth.

Kari finally broke free from the grip of Rosaline's ankles and sat up. She ran her hands over Rosaline's peachy ass and gave her cheeks a few firm slaps. Rosaline turned around again, still straddling Kari. She bit her bottom lip playfully and kissed her fervidly. Kari wrapped her arms around Rosaline and squeezed tight.

“That's how you want to play, huh?” Rosaline smiled. She pinned Kari's arms above her head and rocked down on her pussy, still twitching from coming so hard. She started grinding her hips on Kari's pelvis, working towards another orgasm.

“This was your husband's favourite thing about me...” Rosaline purred. “I don't ever stop!”

Kari's mood shifted drastically. “What the fuck did you just say?” she growled.

“You heard me,” Rosaline murmured.

Although it took all of Kari's strength to get up, she managed to grab Rosaline's wrists and squeezed them hard. Rosaline bit her lips in shock and breathed heavily. Kari slapped Rosaline’s face. She flipped them over, so she was on top; now it was Rosaline's arms that were pinned down.

“This is why he liked playing with you so much. Probably the only thing you're good for!” Kari scolded. “Isn't that right, you little slut?”

The insult made Rosaline furious. She shook Kari's hands away and dragged her nails across Kari's chest, leaving deep red trails over her milky skin. Kari groaned angrily and wrapped her hands around Rosaline's throat, pushing her back on the bed. Rosaline was helpless. All she could do was gasp what little air she could inhale and grab Kari's hips. She wriggled beneath Kari, pressing her pussy up against hers. Suddenly, Kari felt a stream of warm fluid spraying over her pussy.

“Did you just come all over me?” Kari gasped. “You like this! You like being fucked like a little tramp... don't you?” She was shocked to feel her anger coalesce with arousal.

Rosaline rocked her pussy up harder, moaning with excitement. Kari ground down harder over Rosaline's pussy as it leaked juice. Rosaline came again, so hard tears sprang into her eyes.

Rosaline sat up and kissed Kari wildly, grabbing two handfuls of her hair. She tilted Kari's face up and sank her teeth into her neck. Kari moaned lustfully as she felt her blood rise. The pain was so exquisite. Rosaline sucked harder, leaving bruises all over Kari's collarbone, and another right below her chin.

Kari crawled down and buried her face between Rosaline’s thighs. She sucked Rosaline's clit hard, making loud squishing sounds with her mouth. Then, she inserted two fingers deep inside her. Rosaline tried to break free as the sensations became overwhelming, but Kari wouldn't budge. Every time Rosaline tried to move, Kari held her tighter and fucked her harder. Rosaline was on the verge of another powerful orgasm. She had already reached her limit, but there was no getting away. All she could do was lie back and take it.

Kari sucked Rosaline's pussy as hard as she could, and inserted a third finger inside her, aiming them precisely at her G-spot. Then she inserted a fourth finger, moving her hand more rapidly, stretching Rosaline's pussy open. Rosaline screamed in ecstasy. She gripped the sheets firmly as she came vigorously over Kari's mouth, filling it with her juices. Kari wriggled up and spat the juice in Rosaline's face, making her gasp in shock.

Rosaline was so turned on, yet so enraged. Kari wanted to fuck her again, but as she came closer, she saw Rosaline's face switch to confusion. Rosaline started crying and held her hands out to Kari, gesturing her to stop.

“I'm so sorry!” she cried. “I don't know what came over me... I have to go.” Kari snapped back into reality as Rosaline grabbed her clothes and rushed out of the room.

Kari gazed at the bed sheets, marked all over with fresh soaked spots. She wiped the sweat from her face and lay down, feeling shocked and disoriented. She heard the door slam as Rosaline abruptly left the house.

Many thanks to our member, Kat, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Onirica, Episode One: Snow

An erotic fantasy by Lex, inspired by Alis Locanta's masterpieces featuring Alyssa Reece, Lola A and Tiffany Doll

A raging storm was unleashing its fury all night, knocking violently against Alyssa's fragile living room window.

Two o'clock in the morning, nothing but darkness outside and the howling wind. Alyssa couldn't sleep, and not just because of the storm. Something was holding her back – a subtle whisper, a voice, an alien idea wandering in the deepest and darkest corners of her mind, hounding her relentlessly and giving her respite only at the first light of dawn. 

"Why is this happening to me? Who is calling me from within?" she mused. Alyssa couldn't explain, but as soon as the sun was below the horizon, something began haunting her mind, her thoughts and even her most intimate feelings without mercy.

Alyssa loved writing, it was her passion, and she found it was the only thing she could do to tame the whispering – write, follow the flow of those mysterious thoughts. She couldn't understand them, they were whispering but not talking, telling her something but not with words… her mind couldn't understand, but her artistic heart could.

So at two o'clock in the morning, alone with the darkness, rain, thunder and lightning, Alyssa was sitting on the couch, wearing just a pair of white panties and a shirt. Her long bare legs were crossed, holding her laptop, while her hands flew over the keyboard, writing a story coming from a choir of unknown voices.

Alyssa was writing a story about a girl: Lola.

Alyssa had never met her, never heard about her, not even in dreams… who was Lola? Why was Alyssa so obsessed with her?

"Is she real? Why are they constantly talking about her? Will this ever end?"

Lola was beautiful beyond belief, with long blonde hair, a magical smile and a perfect sculpted body that could bring life even in the desert. Every night, Alyssa spent countless hours until the morning light describing Lola in detail. The whispers never mentioned her name, they never described her, but images of Lola arose in Alyssa's thoughts without any palpable source. As she was writing and imagining her, Alyssa was slowly developing a relationship with Lola. She was feeling something for Lola – was she real in some way?

A distant but violent crash of thunder made the window glass tremble. The only light was from a rusty desk lamp near the couch and the cold white glow of the TV, emitting a static signal. Alyssa's hands were writing, with her mind a silent spectator to the fantasy that was materializing on the screen... each night a different place, a different story, but always with Lola as the protagonist.

That night Lola was dancing, with spotlights illuminating her perfect beauty. She was on a stage, naked, covered in glitter and with a cloud of water droplets surrounding her and wetting her soft skin as the warm lights embraced her.

The more Alyssa let herself slip into the whispers, the more she wrote, and the more seductive, elegant and provocative Lola’s dancing became. She flexed her whole body like a ballerina, the amazing muscle of her thighs visible as she raised her leg up near her head, giving a quick glimpse of her juicy pussy.

She was dancing and dancing, in an eternal storm of beauty and passion; caressing her toned tummy, circling her bellybutton and almost fucking it with her index finger, touching her breasts, squeezing her hard nipples while her other hand played with her long golden hair. The more she danced, the more she teased and the more excited she became.

Alyssa's fingers didn’t stop traveling on the keyboard, never interrupting Lola's wonderful dance. As Lola's excitement grew, so did Alyssa's. Was Lola seducing Alyssa or was Alyssa just letting herself be driven by her imagination? It didn't really matter – the sexual excitement between them was real; so real that juice was now soaking Alyssa's panties.

Alyssa’s pussy was aching to get fucked, her thighs squeezing together, rubbing her clit against her sticky panties. Lola was dancing so sensually, constantly touching her shiny body. It was hard for them both to keep their hands from moving between their legs; but Lola couldn't masturbate on the stage and Alyssa couldn't stop writing, otherwise Lola would stop dancing for her. They were so close but so far apart at the same time.

Suddenly the TV stopped playing static and an image appeared.

The sound of a deep musical beat in the background, as if in a nightclub, distracted Alyssa from her writing and the warm glow from the TV caught her attention. What she saw on the TV screen made her heart beat like never before. Lola was dancing, just as she had imagined her, on the screen. Alyssa couldn't believe it. The voices were now louder in her mind. She dropped her laptop and moved toward the screen to investigate the image in every detail.

Lola was as perfect and wonderful as Alyssa has imagined: her smile, her charming eyes, long golden hair, perfect sculpted body – those strong thighs, her luscious ass, beautiful breasts and her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

"Is this real? Am I dreaming?" Alyssa couldn't believe what she was watching; her mind was refusing to trust her heart.

The lamp blinked. The whispers were getting louder.

Without warning, the image on the TV started to become disturbed. The static was slowly submerging the beautiful image of Lola dancing. Alyssa grew agitated. She began to shake the TV but the signal was getting weaker and weaker. She feared she would never discover the truth behind Lola’s mysterious appearance. As Lola was swallowed by the snowy desolation on screen, Alyssa couldn’t stand the noise of the static. She switched off the TV. Now there was nothing but silence around her.

The whispers in her mind were much more distant, and the rainstorm was over. There was a menacing quality to the silence; and it was still two o'clock in the morning. The TV was once again lit up by stormy static, the small light bulb barely lighting the room... and outside, nothing but silence.

"Follow the white light, Alyssa… follow it, jump into its nest!"

“What was that?” A subtle whisper, a stranger's androgynous voice deep inside Alyssa's mind; but this was different, she could understand the words… she could understand as it called her by name!

A distant white light appeared outside the window. She looked out, but could see nothing except that tiny, perfectly round dot of light. She couldn’t see the city, the trees, not even the sky, the moon or the stars. There was nothing but a huge void outside, the darkness broken only by the shining white light.

Her heart beating faster, Alyssa opened the window. A rapid cold breeze enveloped her body, stirring her hair, trespassing around her hips and between her naked thighs. The sudden cold gave her goosebumps, making her hard nipples push against her thin shirt.

"It's late, it's so late!" something was yelling. It was coming from the white light. Who could it be? Alyssa was nervous and agitated, she didn’t understand what was happening, but the whispers were still there, deep inside her mind and growing louder again.

"Follow it, follow it if you want to find what you've lost!"

Almost without thinking, feeling her mind once again being pushed back into the role of silent spectator, Alyssa climbed through the window. Instead of the soft lawn, her feet touched something that felt like a marble floor – cold, hard and slippery.

The window suddenly closed behind her, the noise of it slamming making her heart almost jump out of her chest.

"Where am I? This can't be real!" Now she couldn’t go back; she could only go on.

To be continued...

Many thanks to our member, Lex, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


The Other Woman

Erotic fiction by Kat, inspired by ‘Duchess,’ starring Kari A and Rosaline Rose

Kari tossed a rose onto her husband's coffin. Memories streamed through her mind. Everyone said he was a good man, a great husband, and a model citizen. Kari knew better. The crowd of friends and family departed, but she lingered by the graveside. The rain was beginning to fall as she saw an unmarked car pull up at the cemetery. It was Rosaline, her husband's lover.

Kari had finally got to grips with the knowledge that she had been sharing her husband’s affections. Rosaline even had a share in his will, which is how the two women had become acquainted. Kari was still facing the burial plot when Rosaline came up behind her.

“Looks like I missed the party,” Rosaline said.

“Yes. It was quite a party indeed,” Kari replied tonelessly.

“Are you ready to go?” Rosaline asked. Kari nodded. She took one last look, and then moved away, following her rival. They rode together to the new house her husband had purchased just before he passed. It was supposed to be a discreet get-away location where he could meet Rosaline. Kari only found out about it at the will reading. She and Rosaline had the ‘woman to woman’ talk shortly after, Rosaline suggesting the property should belong to them equally. Kari slowly gained respect for her and promised to look into it after the funeral. So here they were...

They went inside and spoke briefly about their strange arrangement. Kari didn't want to talk any more. She looked around the property and saw promise in each room. She went upstairs to the master bedroom and opened the balcony door to get some fresh air. Rosaline followed and sat down on the chaise longue.

“Are you all right?” Rosaline asked.

“Yes,” Kari replied. “I have no choice but to be all right. What's done is done.”

"Indeed,” Rosaline sighed. “I just wanted to share this place with you. You were his wife, after all. I was just the...”

"You were the love of his life!” Kari interrupted. “And now I know why. I mean, look at you!”

“Me?” Rosaline scoffed. “I never knew what he saw in me. You, on the other hand, are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.” The tension between them grew with each passing moment – but its cause was no longer anger. There was no turning back from it. Kari’s husband was gone, his mischief along with him. She wanted to hate Rosaline, but she couldn't. She was hurt just the same. But she could never have expected that she would fall for his mistress too.

“Come sit beside me,” Rosaline requested. Kari sat down and looked searchingly at Rosaline’s face. Such calmness in the unusual situation impressed her. The more she looked at Rosaline, the less she could blame her husband for being in love with this woman.

Rosaline could tell Kari was still emotional. Her beautiful reserve was still in place, but she was like a ticking time bomb. Rosaline just went with her feelings. She wanted to comfort Kari somehow. She took a deep breath and reached over to caress Kari's face. Kari shut her eyes to take in the sensation. Her freshly broken heart began to calm.

Kari leaned in slowly as Rosaline did likewise. Their lips met in the middle as their hands started to wander. Their tongues entwined; they were lost in the moment, suffused with love, hate, madness and serenity. Their eyes opened at the same time as their lips collided once more. Their uncertainty was still present, but neither made a move to stop as their passion grew.

Kari knelt up, running her hands softly over Rosaline's neck, then down further to palm her breasts, and finally stroking between her thighs. Rosaline lifted her dress up, inviting Kari's hands to aim more precisely. Kari kissed Rosaline’s face gently as she stroked up and down her pussy over her panties, the wetness seeping through them. She leaned more insistently, guiding Rosaline to lie on her back. She pulled Rosaline’s panties to the side to reveal her shiny pink folds. Rosaline's heart raced at each motion of Kari's fingers.

Kari grew impatient with the clothing covering their skin and pulled Rosaline’s panties down her long legs, tossing them to the floor as she undressed herself rapidly. She moved hurriedly between Rosaline's legs, letting her hands smooth up her thighs. She couldn't wait to give her pussy a taste. Her tongue lapped up and down Rosaline's clit, then kissed it softly. She encircled her lips tightly around it and let her tongue whirl. The net on her tiny, frivolous hat brushed lightly over Rosaline's thighs. Rosaline spread her legs wider. Kari hoisted Rosaline’s legs over her shoulders as she tasted her deeper. Rosaline's heels dug into Kari's back.

Kari looked up at Rosaline, biting her lip in confusion and lust. She smoothed her fingers between Rosaline’s slippery folds and inserted them in her pussy. Rosaline was so wet, Kari's fingers slid in without hindrance. She held her hand still, making Rosaline thrust her hips up and down, wanting to feel her fingers deeper. Kari swirled her tongue faster as Rosaline's walls tightened around her fingers. Rosaline grabbed Kari's wrist to push her fingers deeper inside her pussy. She moved Kari's fingers in and out as Kari circled her clit more vigorously with her tongue. When Rosaline was almost at the point of climax, Kari surprised her by suddenly flicking her fingers up and down as hard as she could. Kari curved her fingers inward, hammering at her G-spot. Rosaline moaned with each exquisite movement until she came all over Kari's mouth.

Kari tasted the juices coating her fingers. Rosaline sat up to lick Kari's fingers with her, their tongues touching playfully. Rosaline pulled Kari's face closer and kissed her hungrily. Kari scissored her legs between Rosaline’s and inched her hands beneath Rosaline's ass, so their wet pussies were grinding together. She rocked her hips as she clung to Kari's waist, holding her close. Kari sucked a bruise onto Rosaline's neck and pressed her face through her long black hair, her moans stifled by the strands. She dug her hips deeper, making Rosaline's succulent breasts squash against hers. Kari's clit rubbed exquisitely against Rosaline’s pelvis, edging her closer to culmination.

Rosaline tightened her grip, feeling every slide of Kari's body. The muscles of her ass strained with clenching. Rosaline's hips were almost at the point of spasm. The pent-up tension was unbearable, but she didn't want to move. Kari fucked her harder and harder until her pussy came in full force over Rosaline's pelvis. Her body trembled at every last thrust. Rosaline held her close and kissed her passionately.

Kari lay on Rosaline's chest and caught her breath. Then, something stirred in her; it seemed all of her emotions blew up at once. Bitter tears rolled down her face as she held Rosaline tight. She had been holding in all her feelings for so long, there was no more room to hide them. Rosaline didn't say a word, just caressed her gently as her tears flowed. This was a strange ending and a strange new beginning for both of them. Rosaline was at a loss for words, but at that moment, words were not necessary.

To be continued...

Many thanks to our member, Kat, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Right At Home

Erotic fiction by Kat, inspired by Lena Love and Talia Mint

It had been a long day. Talia was stressed out after so many meetings and deadlines. After working late, she was relieved to finally get home. Little did she know her gorgeous girlfriend had also been hard at work. Lena greeted Talia at the door with a welcoming embrace and kissed her warmly.

"Hi baby!" she smiled, "How was your day?"

"Absolutely grueling," Talia frowned. "How about you? What have you been up to?" Lena just smiled and led Talia to the dinner table. A delectable aroma hit Talia's senses, and she saw all her favorite dishes, and a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket.

"Thank you darling! What's the occasion?" she asked.

"I just wanted to cook for you," Lena replied, kissing her neck. "No occasion. Because it's Thursday?" Talia's heart fluttered. Lena sat her down and they enjoyed each other’s company over dinner. Talia unloaded all her stress and felt much better. Lena always had a way of calming her down and making her feel appreciated and desired.

"All right. Enough talk about work," Lena smiled. "Why don't you go freshen up while I clean up in here? Then meet me in the bedroom. I have another surprise for you.” She leaned across the table and kissed Talia sweetly. Talia didn't want to leave her, but Lena insisted. “Go!” Lena giggled, giving her girlfriend a firm slap on the bottom. Talia’s thoughts about her tough day melted away, and now the only thing on her mind was trying to figure out what the surprise was. After a quick shower, she went into the bedroom and found it completely transformed.

Lena had placed a massage table at the end of their bed. There were scented oils neatly arranged on the nightstand, rose petals scattered over the sheets, scented candles, strawberries, whipped cream, and more sweet wine over ice. Lena put on some soft music, and wrapped her arms around Talia’s waist. She kissed her neck gently and unraveled her towel.

Talia lay face down on the massage table and Lena poured warm oil over her back, stroking all the way down to her feet. Talia felt so relaxed as Lena's hands kneaded every bit of tension from her body. Meanwhile Lena was getting turned on just seeing Talia's flawless skin glisten in the candlelight. She couldn't help but let her hands wander between Talia's thighs. She pressed firmly over her ass and teasingly spread her out. Talia shifted in excitement every time Lena's hands touched her there.

"Turn over for me, beautiful," Lena said. Talia moved onto her back as Lena grabbed the fruit tray. She placed strawberry slices up and down Talia's thighs and squirted whipped cream generously over them. She squirted a little bit on her fingers as well and let Talia have a taste.

Lena went to the foot end of the massage table and pulled a small lever. It wasn't just a table after all. The table split perfectly between Talia's legs. She was startled when she felt the table move, but got excited as her legs were spread.

Lena moved between them and ate the trail of strawberries up Talia's thighs. She picked one slice up with her teeth and placed it over Talia's pussy. She stroked it up and down, looking up at her girlfriend's face. Her expressions were perfect; lips red from biting them, eyes closed, shaking. Lena surrounded the strawberry with her lips and sucked lightly through it until it disintegrated.

Lena licked and sucked all around Talia's moistening pussy and nibbled on her hip bones, making her shiver with excitement. She sucked Talia's clit with increasing pressure, and ran her hands over her inner thighs. Talia gripped the sides of the table as her body tensed. Lena sucked harder and stuck her tongue inside Talia's streaming pussy. Talia moaned helplessly, her body craving more. Her hips rocked. Her lips parted. Her pussy clenched. Her toes curled.

Lena covered Talia’s entire pussy mound with her mouth and massaged her clit with the back of her tongue. Talia could barely stand it. Each flick and whirl made her body shiver. Her awaiting orgasm was like a cocked pistol ready to fire. Her eyelids fluttered as she came all over Lena's succulent mouth. Lena rested her tongue on Talia's clit as the pulses ebbed away.

Talia pulled Lena up for a kiss. She wrapped her legs around Lena’s waist and slipped a hand inside her panties. Lena’s pussy was dripping wet, and Talia slid her fingers inside, hooking them to catch her sweet spot. Each time she rubbed it, Lena spread her legs wider and thrust against Talia’s palm. Talia kept the pressure up until Lena’s tight slit creamed all over her hand.

When Lena had caught her breath, she led Talia over to the bed and made her lie down, reaching into the nightstand for the next surprise. She held her hands behind her back for a teasing moment, before revealing a pair of handcuffs and fixing them around Talia’s wrists. She wound a silk rope between them and tied it around the bedposts, holding Talia’s arms above her head, then wrapped a white silk scarf over her eyes, leaving her only a cloudy view.

“Oh come on,” Talia whined. “This isn't fair. I can't touch you or see you?”

“No,” Lena purred. “Just lie there and take what's coming to you.”

She straddled Talia and sucked her nipples until they were throbbing, then breathed hot air over them. She licked Talia’s lips, but pulled away teasingly when Talia tried to kiss her. She stroked some of the scattered rose petals over Talia’s face, letting her breathe in the fragrance. Lena ran more soft petals over Talia’s stomach, and gently kissed her skin on the way down. Talia moaned with each new sensation, her senses scrambled as she lay there, powerless.

Lena reached under the pillow and grabbed her final surprise. Talia’s mind raced as she heard a low buzzing sound. She jumped when Lena stroked the vibrating bullet over her pussy mound, letting her adapt to the feeling before holding it to her clit. Talia shuddered with pleasure, her senses heightened by not being able to anticipate Lena’s next move.

Lena pressed the toy more firmly against Talia’s pink folds. It was thrilling to see juice dripping out between the creases. She let the toy hum against Talia’s clit until she was squirming, then slid it inside her pussy. Talia pulled against her restraints as her body convulsed. She could barely catch her breath as Lena slid her fingers in and out slowly, pressing the toy against her G-spot.

When Lena started licking Talia’s clit as she worked the toy inside her, Talia thrust her hips up and came, long and hard. Lena licked up every drop of her juice, gradually softening the strokes to let her come down from her orgasmic high. She removed her lover’s blindfold and restraints, kissing and hugging her until she was blissfully relaxed as well as utterly satiated. It was the perfect antidote to Talia’s grueling day.

Many thanks to our member, Kat, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



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    on Kira Zen

    Larry 8441 1 day ago

    Dear Kat, I read your amazing story more than once and let me tell you honestly that I really loved it :-D
    I would’ve loved to comment before about this so excuse me for the delay :-P

    You write beautifully and the way you interpreted and narrated this amazing story from such an amazing movie is superb ;-)
    You really really drove me crazy and hot: the initial dialogues are fantastic and Kira squirting is totally super amazing :-D

    I really love the g spot finger fucking moment shown in the first picture of this movie, it’s one of the hottest g spot finger fucking scenes even in my opinion and also Kira was so close to squirting (her pussy was really wet and making incredibly loud squishy noises), so you can imagine how much I loved your story :-D

    The only thing I personally didn’t liked very much in this movie is the magic wand (I really don’t like vibrators :-P), but I loved how you imagined the part in the end ;-)

    Congratulations and I’m really looking forward to read a lot more from you soon :-D

    on Again: hypersexual craving for sweet pussy

    Larry 8441 1 day ago

    Wow Kat :-D thank you so much for these wonderful words and compliments :-D
    Thank you very much and I’m really curious to see what you will think about the ending which is kinda.. particular and.. kinky ;-)

    on Onirica, Episode Three: Flesh

    Larry 8441 1 day ago

    More pussy juices :-D can I give both you more than one like? :-P

    on Do You Wanna Play With Me Episode 4 - Joyous

    Larry 8441 1 day ago

    Once again thanks to VivThomas and Alis Locanta I’m seriously considering the idea of buying a huge 4k Tv to enjoy these super volcanic masterpieces in the highest possible quality :-D

    This one in particular reaches heights of truly explosive Erotic Heat that could make a heart explode as both Lola and Jessie orgasmically exploded over and over ;-)

    I really feel almost speechless in front of this movie and I have to tell you that I’ve been watching it everyday and more than once since it’s release.. the more I watch it the more it gets me triple as excited as I was the time before, his movie features some of the hottest and most intense genuine chemistry to date ever in an Erotic movie, something only a genius and true master like Alis Locanta could film and that can only be seen on VT :-D

    I’ll say this straight on and now: this is a Full 10/10 shining, or should I say burning, stars rating.. but dear VT and MetArt you should adjust your rating system as only 10 stars aren’t enough for such hot and extremely perfect masterpieces ;-) (this is a 100 stars movie at minimum :-D)

    True Erotica is about true emotions, true sensations and a genuine chemistry in between the girls, it’s about the beauty of an impetuous stormy passion exploding into wild and hard true sex between two perfect angels and culminating more than once into incredibly hard and wet orgasms that keeps flowing and flowing across the girls perfect bodies, from deep within their beautiful souls.
    All this can’t be “created” or “made up”, faked passion and chemistry doesn’t even see the heights and the intensity we see here.. in Erotica Chemistry has to be true and real as everything else and in order to make this happen you need a true artist and extremely talented director ;-)

    MetArt is the house of such great and passionate artists and geniuses, each one of them featuring his, and her, own style in filming and “telling” sex from their own perspective and creative vision, but they also are able to show you all the amazing true lust and orgasmic passion that explodes from genuine pleasure and sex :-D

    Alis Locanta is surely one of the best in the whole world and personally when I hear someone talking about Erotic Cinema I immediately respond: Alis Locanta is Erotica embodied ;-)
    I love to see both his artistic vision and spirit trough the way he films and I love even more to see that he doesn’t take away anything from the extremely hot and intense true passion and wild sex he films.. he is filming reality without adding anything to it or changing it to make it look better, he is filming reality and showing it in the most masterful and beautiful way he could possibly do ;-)

    This is what I think about this masterpiece: it’s real, genuine and truly authentic, but is also artistic and looks amazing in every single burning hot detail Alis captured.. this is sex and passion between two amazing perfect angels on Earth, filmed in great detail and by a masterful skilled genius :-D

    As usual I see Alis’ amazing talent in filming, his cinema studies and the way he is able to film such an intense hot scene in such a masterful way.. almost as if you are there with the girls like an invisible being that had the luck to sneak into that room :-P
    Yes because this scene, in my opinion, it could’ve been one of the hardest to film exactly due to the incredibly hot and super deeply intense genuine chemistry both Lola and Jessie developed for each other: they were both incredibly horny and sexually excited more than I ever saw them before (Lola’s pussy was extremely noisy and wet, I would even dare to say on the verge of squirting during a certain moment ;-) ).. they were both into each other so much that it was almost unreal for an erotic movie :-O
    Now when you have this kind of true and genuine chemistry with another person, your eyes and senses can’t see or feel nothing else than your partner.. it’s almost as if the whole world around you vanishes and everything could happen as you are there having such wild and passionate sex.
    Only a skilled and masterful artist and director would be able to film something like this without breaking the magic for the viewer and the girls and oh man, Alis surely filmed a true epic masterpiece here thanks to his talent ;-)

    Now diving into this masterpiece, what made so epic and amazing (so much to deserve a very high place in the VT’s All Time Hall of Fame) are Lola and Jessie and their amazing chemistry :-D

    What happens when you perfect and wild blonde angels are together, incredibly horny, extremely attracted for each other and completely naked?
    This can’t be described with words, it must be seen and be prepared because it’s not for the weak hearts! This movie goes way far beyond the “safety levels” of how much Erotic Heat and Beauty both a human brain and body could ever handle.. so proceed with caution, but watch it multiple times ;-) (excuse the joke, but I’m honest about the intensity of tis masterpiece :-D)

    I follow Lola since the first time I watched an erotic movie in my life: she is one of the first model I stated to actively follow and I have to say that I’m speechless about her :-O
    She is as incredibly beautiful and perfect, even more I would dare to say, as the first day I saw her.. is she from this world? (Rose or Lola yourself, please can you confirm? :-P) I don’t know what’s her secret, but I’m sure she is a real goddess walking among us :-D
    I’m totally in love with her gorgeous eyes and sunny smile. Her body is simply perfect: I’m totally totally in love with her amazing legs, thighs, ass and her breasts.. her thighs literally drive me crazy every single time I see them, she is perfect literally ;-)

    Jessie Volt.. oh where I do even start with her? She is one of the hottest and sweetest wild girls I’ve ver had the pleasure to discover in Erotica ever :-D
    She is gifted with that amazing French accent and class that drives me crazy, she looks incredibly sweet and angelic, but deep within she is a true burning extreme wild spirit and I have to say that some of the movies I watched with Jessie were really extreme :-O
    As it is for Tiffany Doll, she is one of those perfect girls that truly enjoy going more extreme during sex and makes those amazing moments incredibly exciting even if you don’t have that particular fetish (like anal or fisting.. ye, Jessie went even beyond that ;-) ).

    Lola and Jessie together? I wonder how the whole room and town didn’t exploded in a volcanic orgasmic eruption :-D
    The chemistry in this masterpiece is something that goes beyond any wild imagination and it keeps growing more and more and more and more and so on forever until they both had so many incredibly hard orgasm that you won’t believe your eyes, having to rewatch the movie again and then repeating the process over and over ;-)

    This incredibly hot, wild, explosive and incredibly intense genuine chemistry is totally what made this movie as perfect as it is from beginning to end (every single frame), there are literally no flaws or issues.. this is pure and hot perfection :-D

    Some very particular moments really deserve a special mention and here they are ;-)

    The WHOLE Intro is pure and extremely intense wild magic :-O
    This is for sure the hottest intro on VT to date for me, surely on top in the most hottest list ;-)

    I love the romantic and playful atmosphere, but as always if you love to dive more into the details there is much more to see and feel in this intro and particular moment :-D
    The dialogue between Lola and Jessie is really hot and true: just watch Jessie’s face as she talks and you’ll see both true attraction and growing sexual excitement for Lola and also watch how Lola reacts to any single word Jessie tells her.. somehow I was divided into imagining Lola and Jessie both as long-time lovers and as friends that just had a whole day of sex and fun together ;-) (I was more for the latter :-P )

    Also amazing how Jessie was literally mesmerized by Lola getting out of the bed completely naked and then dressing up in front of her, leaving Jessie and her exponentially growing sexual excitement boil up to the point of no return.. during this moment I was literally imagining Jessie’s pussy already dripping out some early juices of excitement and I have to admit it.. Lola dressing up made me lose connection with reality as well :-P

    The fully naked start and then dressing up was great, I don’t know how to explain as this is pretty strange: we are witnessing the final moments of Jessie’s and Lola’s day of sex and fun only, we are watching them dressing up and get back to the real world, but Jessie’s sexual excitement growing uncontrollably just made this scene amazing to enjoy ;-)
    Jessie’s beautiful face’s expressions, after Lola left the room, were truly beautiful and real as the intense sexual lust she was on the verge of losing control of.. as also some sort of melancholy while dressing up, this was really wonderful and authentic ;-)

    To this point everything would look like the end of the movie right? Lights off, end credits and everybody going home.. we arrived late and missed the best :-P
    Well, in reality it’s the exact opposite: the best and hottest is about to cum as soon as Lola steps back into the room silently :-D (easy pun I know :-P )

    As soon as Lola comes back in, this movie begins it’s exponential climb to a true “volcanorgasmic” sorry of pleasure :-O
    The kissing is very passionate and starts deep, wild and wet.. both Jessie’s and Lola’s hands are wandering all over their perfect bodies but the clothes are holding them away form a much more intimate and intense contact desire.. those clothes needed to come off as fast and as soon as possible, but both Lola’s and Jessie’s lust was growing so incredibly hard and wild that they couldn’t hold themselves anymore.. so they lost control in a matron seconds and without even realizing it their hands were already on their pussies inside their jeans :-D

    Min. 7:39 they both start to masturbate each other incredibly hard and wild, still with their mouths so close that they are actually breathing from each other :-O
    This first masturbation moment was truly epic and made me go crazy :-D You can clearly see and feel how incredibly horny and excited both Lola and Jessie are, the urge to cum is really extreme and they need to release all that pleasure as hard and fast as possible.. this was really wild and intense to watch, I loved this moment as an introduction for what was gonna happen next and hey let me tell you: with such an amazing start, where both girls already lost control and can’t hold themselves from cumming incredibly hard already, it’s sure that what’s going to happen next will be literally epic :-D

    The orgasms were amazing :-D They both came incredibly hard already: Lola particularly harder, as she was already squirming uncontrollably for her orgasm while still masturbating Jessie who was on the edge of cumming as well.. truly epic as Lola’s orgasm was so intense that she couldn’t well focus on masturbating Jessie, stopping and leaving poor Jessie still on the edge and having her to beg Lola not to stop for letting her cum as well to a very hard body shaking orgasm :-D
    Truly epic ;-)

    From this point this movie goes totally wild as Jessie’s and Lola’s lust: clothes disappear within the blink of an eye and they are finally completely naked once again and now nothing can’t stop them to make the other’s pussy explode in pure pleasure :-D

    The g spot finger fucking on Jessie at min. 13:04 is great: Jessie gets finger fucked on the g spot really really hard by a wild “hungry” Lola in a great position that showcases wonderfully both Jessie amazing body quivering in pleasure and Lola’s perfect juicy thighs as well.. I was in paradise during this moment :-P
    I totally loved the details of Jessie’s pussy when she was getting finger fucked s hard.. how her pussy opens up so widely, how her labias were swelling Lola’s fingers and the already loud and clear sounds of wetness coming out already as the finger fucking was going on harder an harder :-D
    Lola surely knows how to play with her fingers inside another girl’s pussy ;-) she is truly one of the best and hottest to watch both when she finger fucks herself and her partners.. she really knows how to reach the g spot and make all the pleasure explode out uncontrollably and if you watch closely you’ll see Lola use some short, but very intense and efficient, tease an denial techniques (she briefly stops) that were driving Jessie so wild and crazy that she had to hold Lola’s hand to keep the finger fucking going even harder and deeper ;-)

    Jessie’s orgasm was a true eruption of pure pleasure: she was trembling uncontrollably, her pussy was covered in juices (the wet sounds were amazing here :-D) and even hotter Lola didn’t stop stimulating her g spot, going even harder at some time and making Jessie have incredibly intense shivers of pleasure :-D (Lola’s finger fucking skills.. omg, I would love to have her teach me some techniques ;-) )
    I dare you to watch this and not have to take pause to recover ;-)

    At this point my heart was still pumping like crazy (even after a full 10 minutes pause :-P), really craving for what could happen next and oh boy.. prepare for a true ride, literally :-D

    At min. 14:43 Lola is right on top of Jessie’s hot thighs, slowly rubbing her ass and pussy over them.. then she moves herself in order to rub her pussy on Jessie’s left upper thigh, tribbing I would say for how intense it is, driving and building up her sexual excitement to incredibly hard and wild levels :-O
    This whole position is something I love and I’m so sorry that it doesn’t happen often in movies.. this is something I would really love to see much more: missionary tribbing, with one girl rubbing her pussy on the other’s upper thigh.. wow this is truly hot :-D
    Lola was truly excited and incredibly horny, rubbing her pussy harder and harder, faster and faster but she was so hungry and horny that it wasn’t enough, so thing got even wilder and hotter :-O

    Min. 15:28 Jessie clearly sees in Lola’s eyes her lust screaming and begging for much harder action and she surely responded to that call ;-)
    Jessie sucks her fingers and sends her hand staring in between Lola’s legs, right on her pussy, then she penetrates her till the g spot and starts to finger fucks Lola incredibly hard.. still in that epic position and wile kissing :-D
    The g spot finger fucking was extremely intense and hard, amazing to watch as Lola was constantly moving her hips to fuck Jessie’s fingers back even harder, pushing those juicy lubed hot fingertips rubbing that pulsing and craving g spot to a truly volcanic orgasm that made Lola lose total control of her body ;-)
    Lola’s pussy was extremely wet as well and very hot squishy sounds were audible: to clearly hear them you have to pay more attention as Lola was moaning very loud and also the bed was making some nosies (Lola was fucked extremely hard here), but if pay enough attention you can clearly hear some loud noises of wetness from Lola’s pussy during this epic moment :-D
    I also have to say that watching Lola’s ass cheeks get extremely tense and her whole thighs and legs clench as that incredibly hard orgasm was driving her crazy (with Jessie finger fucking Lola on the g spot even harder during and after the orgasm, making her squirm even more ;-) ) is really gorgeous and made me have to take another.. longer.. pause as well :-P
    Also beautiful the final close up on Jessie’s fingers coming out from Lola’s pussy ;-)

    So both girls already fucked themselves extremely hard without stopping, reaching even harder earth shattering orgasms.. believe it or not, the temperature is about to rise crazily even more :-D

    At min. 17:32 Jessie movies into a position that speaks for itself ;-)
    An epic and great position that showcases her beautiful body from another hot angle and prepares you to witness some of the hardest and hottest sexual action ever filmed in an Erotic movie :-D
    Lola teasing Jessie by playing with her labias and spreading her pussy is truly intense, you can already hear wetness coming from Jessie’s pussy and as soon as Lola starts to finger fuck her on the g spot again, the wet sounds gets even louder ;-) (also look how “moisturized” and creamy Jessie’s pussy is :-D)
    What to say? Another epic (I sure this word a lot in this comment, I know :-P) g spot finger fucking that drove me crazy, with Jessie really being on the verge of insanity for how intense and unbearable the pleasure was as Lola was massaging her g spot and fucking her pussy incredibly fast and hard with her skilled fingers, all while sucking and kissing her ass cheeks :-O
    Jessie’s orgasm is twice as intense and hard as both her Lola’s previous ones.. really, just watch how hard she trembles uncontrollably as Lola keeps finger fucking her over and over even when she is cumming, again massaging and going extremely hard on her g spot making Jessie have extreme shivers of pleasure :-D
    Just look how hard Jessie grabs the pillow and how her beautiful legs were trembling and moving without control.. also, as Lola moves up to embrace and kiss her again, you can see in a fast glimpse of Jessie’s pussy that she got extremely wet, creamy and juicy: look when Lola spreads Jessie’s ass cheeks and you’ll see white cream on her pussy as her labias are spread as well ;-) (would’ve loved to see a great close up of this :-D)

    What could happen next after all this incredibly wild and explosive action? Believe me.. the heat is about to rise even higher and reach stellar levels or Eroticism :-D

    Around min. 20:32 Jessie, recovered from her orgasmic eruption, grabs Lola and places her in an amazing embracing position (again I position I totally love ;-) ), then she slowly starts to caress Lola’s perfect body, moving right in between her legs (Alis’ thank you for filing this part like you did, it was truly hot and gorgeous :-D).

    Then after some very deep kissing and wild teasing, at min. 21:10 Jessie spreads Lola’s legs and goes straight in between for her pussy, sliding her fingers inside to finger fuck Lola on the g spot incredibly hard :-D
    This is one of the hottest g spot finger fucking scenes I’ve ever seen in a girl girl movie (like the one in “Hypersexuality” with Jessie finger fucking Kira :-D): as Jessie’s fingers are penetrating Lola’s pussy you can already hear very loud wet noises, Lola’s pussy was dripping wet and as soon as the g spot finger fucking starts the pussy squelching gets louder :-D (even if Lola is moaning much louder, you can hear them ;-) )
    Jessie goes extremely hard on Lola, exactly as I love it :-D pure and wild super hard g spot finger fucking driven by an uncontrollable lust and uncontainable desire by both girls and all with some very hot kissing as well :-D
    Even hotter was Jessie driving Lola literally nuts and crazy with some very intense edging and “teasing stops”, but still while keeping her fingers right on Lola’s g spot (the view of Lola’s pussy from this position is truly epic, this position is extremely hot and amazing ;-) )
    As much as Jessie is keeping Lola on the edge, you can clearly see that Lola is literally on the brink of a huge and apocalyptic orgasmic explosion :-D you see Jessie’s fingers massage Lola’s g spot and hold her on the edge, then starting the incredibly hard and fast finger fucking again (even harder than Lola did on Jessie before), you can perfectly hear loud wet squishy sounds for the juices dripping out from Lola’s pussy like a river and you can see Lola’s whole body trembling uncontrollably and getting very tense as the orgasm is about to overwhelm her mercilessly :-D (look how incredibly hard she was strangling the pillow :-P)

    The finally Lola explodes in which I think is the hardest orgasm she ever had in a movie :-D (I would even dare to say in her life, but I can’t be sure of this :-P)
    When I say extremely hard orgasm, I mean it to the very deepest essence and meaning of the words: Lola’s body was trembling out of control, the wet sounds were incredibly high and there were also wet trails both of creamy and clear juices (watch Jessie’s fingers) as Jessie didn’t stop finger fucking her g spot over andover even after that extreme wild epic orgasm :-D
    Let me tell you: I never saw Lola like this before.. cumming so hard that she could barely realize what was happening around her and still trembling without control like a flag in a rain storm as Jessie was all over her body.
    This was incredibly hard, truly explosive and very wet, most epic moment of VT’s in 2016 and it’s whole history for me :-D
    Also, from the loud wet sounds, the juices and Lola losing control so wild, I really thinks that Lola was just a tiny step away from squirting as well ;-)

    I have to give credit to ScorpioC10 for that he (or she?) wrote: of course VT would never edit out something like this, but in this movie there was some really wild and intense wetness as well (with a potential squirting orgasm as well) and I have to second this request for future movies ;-)
    Please focus much much more on wetness as well (both creamy and clear pussy juices and hopefully squirting as well ;-) ), its’ something extreme,y hot and beautiful to watch as it makes everything much more intimate and exciting, especially with girls like Lola, who tends to be very very creamy, and Jessie as well which is more the “clear-kind” of wet and even squirts as well :-D

    If I really have to find something I missed in this epic masterpiece is this: more focus on pussy juices and wetness, that last orgasm Lola had was simply one of the hottest moments in the whole erotica history for me :-D (even beyond VT ;-) )
    Would be amazing to see Lola and Jessie back together again and extremely soon, going even harder this time and hopefully having Lola squirt for the first time :-D omg it would be even more epic :-D

    The final shower scene.. well do I really have to say it?
    Master Alis is literally the King of Kings of Shower Scenes :-D he filmed the hottest and most beautiful ones I’ve ever watched din my whole life and the shower scene at the end of this masterpiece would’ve easily deserved to be it’s own movie as well ;-)

    But hey, I love looking at the future so master Alis please, think about filming some new and super hot shower scenes (hot and hard wild sexual action as this epic masterpiece features ;-) ) as I personally really miss them :-D
    Why not making a whole series on Shower Scenes as “Passionate Session” was for massages? I would love such a series and surely I would love to see Jessie and Lola together again, as well as Julia Roca, Tracy Lindsay, Anna Rose, Frida, Tess and Kira Zen :-D

    Also would be truly wonderful to have a shower scene in the “Distorted Reality Reloaded” VT movie I’m daily dreaming and hoping for :-D (I also have a very hot idea of how it could be ;-) )
    Personally I would really love for “Distorted Reality Reloaded” to be like this, as hard, wild and burning hot intense :-D (lots of wetness as well ;-) )

    So what to say more? Epic, epic and epic masterpiece by master Alis Locanta :-D

    This movie is by far the hottest, most beautiful, wildest and most intense of this incredibly hot wonderful year on VT and, let me say it loud, also one of the super tops of VT’s Hall of Fame ;-)
    Everything that happen in this movie is exactly what I loved and this is the hard and wild sex I really go crazy for :-D (when I speak about it in my comments :-P)

    Now I know that I’ve already said almost the sea thing (best movie of 2016 and ever) for almost every movie Alis released during this amazing summer (some episodes from “Hypersexuality”, “The Heat” and “The Road Goes On” to name a few), but in my defense let me say it’s not my fault.. it’s all master Alis’ fault :-P

    You know what I learned from Alis in so many years I follow so passionately his amazing work?
    As creative geniuses and artists he loves pushing himself toward higher “mountain-tops” ;-) Each time he reaches the top of mountain (releasing an epic movie ;-) ) he is already looking at the higher mountain in front of him and getting ready to climb that on top as well and then going on for the next higher tops :-D
    If Alis achieves 100, next time he wants and will achieve 150, then 200 and so on.. you see why it’s his fault? ;-)

    Since he started working with VT he experimented and released some very hot ideas, then he started filming incredibly hot movies (starting around “Passionate Session”) that were constantly hotter and hotter that the previous ones, but this summer he went even beyond :-O
    He started climbing even higher “mountains”: going from 100 to 200 and the from 200 to 600 and exponentially higher to incredibly hot Erotic levees to date in the whole Erotica history for me ;-)

    This movie actually is literally one the hottest erotic movies I’ve ever watched in my life and truly brought VT to a whole epic level that I could never imagine myself :-D
    Now, knowing how Alis loves to reach even higher heights at an exponential pace, my wild crazy mind can’t stop asking a question: “what will happen next?”

    Ohh boy.. :-D I really really hope that we will see much much more movies like this one (as hard, wild and intense with such extreme genuine chemistry) and of course I expect Alis to go even harder beyond this epic masterpiece.. this drives me even hotter and crazier knowing that “Be My Salve Reloaded” is coming up next :-D

    “Be My Slave” is one of those amazing series I loved from Sexart: the oil in the first two episodes and the incredibly hot g spot finger fucking action both on the gorgeous and perfect Silvie Luca and the amazing Amarna Miller as well in the third episode, which by the way was my favorite as it didn’t had any toy or strapon action (except for the final scene).
    The first two episodes were hot as well, especially for the oil and the bondage but the vibrators and the strapons kinda “held me back” a little :-P (again my personal tastes ;-) )

    I really really hope that “Be My Slave Reloaded” will feature all the great action we saw in the Sexist’s series episode 3 (standing positions, fingers, mouths and tribbing only) as well as at least a scene with both girl having sex completely naked and oiled from head to toes, featuring of course that great bondage action on top of everything :-D

    I have really super high expectations for this amazing upcoming series, I have the feeling that it will be even harder than what we just saw here (due to the BDSM focus of the story) and I’m really looking forward to see the first episode :-D (August 31st, can you please come earlier? :-P)

    So dear master Alis, let me stand up for you and say loud: “bravo maestro!” while applauding you, your passionate beautiful work and this epic masterpiece :-D
    Much much more like this please :-)

    I also want to say another thing: this is really a moment were I’m incredibly missing amazing perfect girls and super talented models like Silvie Luca and Kety Pearl, I would’ve really loved to see them both in a movie like this on VT :-D (Kety is still woking I suppose)

    Last but not least, I want to write some beautiful words as well (standings as a poet just for her :-P) for the most beautiful, perfect, kind, nice, talented and passionate gorgeous shining muse and angel living on earth: Thank you Rose :-)
    You are the sun of this summer and the starred sky of winter nights, you are the soul and passion of this amazing community, shining and blessed by your talent, beauty and love for what you do :-D

    Thank you Rose, you are the Art in MetArt ;-)

    PS: What I’m about tow rite about here is a topic I couldn’t stop thinking about since the last days and it’s something that could really be amazing for VT. Recently I saw the whole MetArt sites feature US models more frequently (on Sexart a lot and TLE as well recently in another great movie :-D), this is something I personally loved a lot as both TLE and Sexart gave us the chance to admire these perfect angels from US in a way I really wasn’t used to :-D
    US girls are amazing in my opinion, they really are open and brave into experimenting and play during sex in very hot ways ;-)
    Would be really amazing to have some US models have some scenes here on VT as well, with models from other countries like Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy and so on.. I really think that would be truly gorgeous to admire them under VT’s and Alis’ filming style, as the have some really hard, wild and intense genuine sex :-D
    Just to make some hot names of US models I personally like and would love to see here: Cadence Lux, Serena Blair, Abella Danger and Dana DeArmond ;-) (Dana already has been featured on Sexart :-D)
    I understand that it could be “technically more difficult”, but if possible this would be something amazing for VT in my opinion :-D

    on Do You Wanna Play With Me Episode 4 - Joyous