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Special Occasion

Feb 11, 2020 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Vicky Love and Jessica Portman in “Follow Me

The everyday hustle and bustle of life can put a real dampener on any relationship. Sometimes, we get so busy that we may overlook the needs and desires of our partners and even ourselves. When things get hectic, I like to take time off to recharge, and give my lover my undivided attention. I also have a knack for the element of surprise. One very hot experience comes to mind as my most successful romantic mission.

I waited patiently until my girlfriend least expected anything to happen. A random day when I knew she was overloaded with work and stress. I took a hiatus from my own schedule to map out the entire house. I placed sticky notes all over the walls, leaving small clues to lead my lady to her designated point of pleasure. We are both so busy at times, I hate that we don’t get an opportunity to play as often as we’d like. So when the time comes, I make it extra special. Intricately detailed and unforgettable.

My heart jumped when I heard the front door open from across the room. I adjusted my sexy outfit and hid behind the doorway, counting in my head how long it might take her to get to the center of the house. I heard her footsteps come closer, and closed my eyes, envisioning where she might be. Waiting for the right moment to cue my presence.

I peeked my head around the corner and saw her holding the final sticky note, which was attached to a blindfold. 

“Hmm…” she whispered to herself, “what is this about… my birthday isn’t coming for months, neither is hers…”

I smiled and shook my head, listening to her argument. As if it needed to be her birthday or mine to do this. That alone told me I really need to surprise her more often. I held my breath until she put the blindfold on, then stepped slowly behind her. She felt me near and turned her head to the side. Her adorable lips parted slightly. I took a moment to admire her. How beautiful and vulnerable she looked, anticipating my movements.

I undressed her from behind, slowly, as I pressed my teeth gently to her neck. Letting her jacket fall to the floor, I pressed a soft kiss to her cheek and grazed her skin with a long soft rope I had bought especially for this game.

“What are you doing, baby?” she asked excitedly. “What is all this?”

“Just some fun,” I replied playfully, caressing her cheek. “I think we could both use some fun today.” 

“What’s the occasion?” she asked curiously.

“Because... it’s Monday,” I replied.

She giggled as I stepped carefully in front of her, tying her wrists together. She leaned in to kiss me. I allowed just a quick taste, then teased her lips with my fingers, trailing them softly down her neck and chest. I gave her ample breasts a firm squeeze, then slid my fingers down to her tied hands. I hooked my finger through the knot and stepped slowly back, making her follow me to the bedroom. 

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“To bed,” I replied. “Hold me tight so you don’t fall.”

She was a little nervous at first because she wasn’t able to see her steps. But she felt more at ease once her skin touched the pillows and sheets. I carefully lay her down on the bed and took her beautiful feet in my hands. I massaged her ankles as I removed her heels, one by one. 

“Mmm... that feels so good,” she moaned softly, feeling my fingers work their magic. “I love the way you touch me.” 

I kissed her toes while pressing my thumbs over her soles, concentrating on those spots I knew would trigger wetness between her legs. I licked and sucked her toes as I ran my fingers up her calves. I was pleased with her blissful expressions, her soft moans. I loved how her hands trembled, encircled by the rope. A very sexy view indeed. The kind I wouldn't dare rush to change.  

I spread her legs slowly and stamped wet kisses up her legs, dragging my tongue between her thighs as they opened gently over my arms. Her little black dress slid up to her waist. Her thong was off center from all her squirming, letting me see a glimpse of her lovely lips, so wet and swollen. I carefully bit the seam of her panties and moved them to the side. A sweet string of juice followed the soaked silk. Her heat radiated to my face like a freshly kindled flame.

I blew on her pussy gently while I massaged her bottom from underneath, paying close attention to her expressions. Her soft moans grew more urgent. Wetness leaked down her lips. I smiled against her skin and slid my tongue delicately up her slit, then kissed her clit gently until it exposed itself in a delicious throb right between my lips. I could only imagine how much she ached inside to be finally touched there after a long hard day. A dozen long wet presses did the trick. It was wonderful to see her so relaxed and enjoying the moment. My partner can be quite the little chatterbox, too, so it was also nice to have her quieten down.

Her hands reached for me, still trapped in their restraints. So ready to burst. I spread her thighs wider and lifted her hips to my face, letting the rope slide behind my head, giving her a comfortable grip to hold while I pleased her. I sucked her clit steadily, swiveling my neck in and out between her thighs, swirling my tongue firmly within the suction. I took my sweet time licking and swirling her little pearl until I felt her juices dampen my face.

Her hips shuddered as she grew even more quiet, a particular tell that she’s close to eruption. I could feel her vulva swell on my tongue. Her clit jumped off beat in my mouth with the anticipation. Wetness dripped down my chin, creating a puddle right under her. I thrust my hips slowly on the bed, adding a sensation of pressure to her pussy. I heard her gasp hard and she held my head close. One last wet slurp to her clit, and she let out a sexy scream as her pussy throbbed in release.

I kissed slowly up her body and pulled off the blindfold as I bit her bottom lip gently. “There you are,” she smiled. “This is much better. Now, I can see you.”

“Yes, it is better,” I replied, “I don’t want you to miss what I’m going to do to you next.”

I took her tied wrists and placed cuffs around them, attaching them to the bed rail.

“Aren’t you going to untie me?” she asked.

“No,” I replied calmly.

Before she could ask me anything else, I let her see me carefully buckling a strap-on. I took my time to lube it from base to tip, curving the phallus slightly upward so it would hit the perfect spot inside her.

“Is this okay?” I asked respectfully. “If you want to do something else, I can put this away.”

Her throat muscles clenched from swallowing hard, anticipating me inside her. “No, baby,” she replied. “Please, continue.”

“Your wish is my command,” I whispered seductively. My lips curved in a mischievous smile. “Just wait until you see what I have in store for Tuesday...”


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don’t promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,

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Neighborly Etiquette

Jan 26, 2020 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Lika Star and Sybil A in “Life Is Beautiful

I feel like I’m on top of the world. I just moved into a beautiful new place and I’m doing very well at work. I have so much energy in me, I’m going to celebrate my day by exercising. Tending to the temple is so important to me. It keeps my mentality strong. It keeps me focused and in tune with my surroundings. 

I put on my aerobics gear and blast my cardio playlist. Then, I do my warm-ups. My stomach feels nice and tight, my legs are firm. I look just as amazing as I feel. Just when I think that things couldn’t get any better, I see my beautiful neighbor storm through the door. I don't recall leaving the front door open, and I'm being very loud. She doesn’t look too happy to see me. 

“Excuse me,” she says sternly, “can you please keep it down? I’m trying to do some meditation and I can’t relax with you running in place, blaring techno music.”

I turn the music off quickly and go to her. “I’m so sorry,” I reply, “I didn’t mean to bother you. I forgot to shut the door.”

"Even with that door closed, I'm sure the whole building can hear you. It sounds like you're running a marathon up here."

The expression on her face is disheartening. She’s very angry. And I feel terrible for disturbing her peace. I wonder if there’s something I can do to make her feel better.

“Would you like to sit down and talk about it?” I suggest. “You look like you’ve had a rough day.”

She sits on the sofa and breathes deeply. Her anger is now dissolving into sadness. “Look, I’m sorry I was rude before,” she sighs, “I just had the worst day ever and I’m trying to relax.”

“I see,” I reply. I also see that she was in such a frenzy, she came up here wearing just her yoga top and panties. She only realizes when she sees me staring at her legs. And what a gorgeous sight they are.

She looks down at herself and is now blushing in embarrassment. I have so much positive energy in me. I wonder if I could share some with her. She looks like she needs that... among other things. 

“Well, you’re already dressed for yoga. Would you like to continue with me?” I smile. “I can even change the music to something more soothing if you want.”

“That’s so kind of you,” she replies. “Yes, I’d like that.”

I switch my playlist to a calming instrumental as she joins me on the carpet. Her elbows are very close to my torso. I can still feel so much stress from her body. Her breathing is all wrong, too. Instead of stretching with her, I sit up and help her with her posture.

“No, do it this way,” I say softly. “When you breathe in, take air into your lungs and not your stomach.”

I press on her spine and my other hand presses her abs as she inhales. She smiles, feeling the difference. After a few minutes, I feel her stress dissipate. She’s nice and calm. Now, the only thing is, I see tension in her calves when she uncrosses her legs. 

“Here, lie on your back,” I suggest. “Your calves and hamstrings are too tight. I’ll help you stretch them out.”

“Ok,” she smiles.

I take her legs and press them over my chest. Then, I carefully lean into her. “Just breathe,” I whisper. “Let that tension go.”

I hold my position and do shallow push ups on top of her to stretch out her muscles, avoiding a long drastic push that might hurt her. As I lean back to let her legs go, I can’t help but notice her blushing again. This time not in embarrassment, but enticement. I also see a small spot of wetness on her panties. I bite my lips and we exchange a lustful gaze. I feel her legs grip around my waist. She’s intentionally pulling me back on top of her.

“I do have a lot of tension,” she whispers sexily, as our lips brush softly. “Can you help me let it all out?”

I swallow hard, feeling her words penetrate me in more ways than one. I press my body firmly on hers and linger my lips just a little longer, tasting her soft breath grow to an aching gasp. She grips her thighs over my hips and pulls me even closer, making our lips officially touch. We kiss passionately as she moans softly in my mouth. I feel her hands slide down my back and grip my ass. I rock my hips up and down, feeling immense heat rise between us.

Her beautiful body feels so good pressed on mine. She’s so toned, yet soft to the touch. Especially those lovely breasts. I massage them gently as we kiss, rounding my palms over them until her nipples harden like pebbles. 

I slide down her body and raise her top just enough to free them. I kiss each delicious mound until she’s consumed in sensation, writhing and arching her back. I reach my hands beneath her and pull the string to her top, unraveling her body like a special present. I tease her stomach with the silky strings and lick down her navel. 

I feel her wetness stamp my neck. Her pussy is swollen and wet under her panties. I curl my fingers to the seam and roll them completely off. Her lips are shining and leaking in arousal when I spread her legs again. The scent of her, like freshly spun cotton candy. I reach my arms under her body and dip my tongue between her lips, confirming that she tastes just as sweet. 

The tension between my own legs grows like a hardening cock as I swirl my tongue slowly around her clit. Her thighs are squirming around my neck as she moans delectably. I push and pull her body to my face, sucking and licking her clit harder. Her sounds project over the music like an additional aching cry to the track. Her body starts to quiver, drawing closer to climax. My tongue smothers her little marble in heat.

Her fingers weave together behind my head, silently telling me to stay right there, to keep doing what I’m doing to the finish. I close my eyes and concentrate on her pleasure, fluttering my tongue up and down her clit, following her rhythm carefully. Her thrusts get shakier. Her thighs grip so hard, I lose my breath. I blanket her clit with the back of my tongue as I suck it softly, and I suddenly feel her throb in my mouth. Her explosion of hot pulses nearly makes me cum in my pants.  

She has the sexiest expression on her face, fueled by sensuality with a lustful look of surrender. Our eyes meet and lock in a fiery gaze and she rises, pushing me back carefully. 

"You have an amazing mouth," she whispers softly as she undresses me, her lips dragging slowly between my legs, "but look at what I've done now…"

She dips her fingers inside me and shows me how wet I am. I nearly combust watching her lick my juices off her hand.

"Now, it's only right that I return the favor," she continues.

Her lips press perfectly to my pussy as her soft tongue slides inside me. Her fingers follow right underneath. First two, then three. Shallow push ups to my G-spot just like my remedy for her calves. I claw the floor in pleasure, feeling my pussy clench. It's such a delightful stretch.

I still feel bad that I disturbed her earlier. But I am so glad I left that door open.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don’t promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


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Broken Chains

Jan 12, 2020 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Aislin and Alya Stark in “Ride With Me

It's amazing to me how people meet; the spontaneous events that occur to get them to the exact spot where they make a connection. Then, suddenly, two strangers turn into friends – or get even luckier, and become lovers.

I was a broken woman when she found me. Aimless and directionless. I've never been the planning type, but more to test my personal endurance against the unknown. It sounds freeing and liberating, but such a habit turns your life upside down, more often than not.

The first moment I laid eyes on her, I felt a spark of life in me. A hidden ember of passion I had yet to discover. Every moment I was in her presence, that ember was tended carefully. Then, a fire was born from darkness. It all began with a broken chain.

I was more down on my luck than ever. It was a chilly day, and I was already late for a job I didn't particularly care for. I borrowed a friend's bicycle because I couldn't afford the train ticket to town. But I wasn't watching where I was going, and the chain of the bike snagged on the track.

I was lucky I wasn't hurt. I got off just in time. Then, she appeared out of nowhere, like a hero coming to my rescue. I caught the sweet scent of her perfume as she leaned down towards me. It made my mouth water instantly. 

She looked into my eyes and something very strange happened. I saw my future. I saw her face later in life, happily kissing mine. It was a freak occurrence, but I went with it. I wasn't afraid.

She said she lived nearby and offered to fix my bike for me. The walk wasn't very long, and I instantly felt comfortable with her. Once we reached her place, I felt something again. Something pragmatic. A strong vibe that I was home, too.

I set the bike down while she grabbed her toolbox. The air warmed around us as the sun peaked through a dark cloud. The light made her beautiful eyes sparkle. I got lost in her dazzling gaze and suddenly, I leaned in while she was still speaking to me about her promise of repair.

Her lips were soft and sweet. Her long brown hair felt like silk against my face. My panties began to stick to my pussy, as my arousal rose like a riptide.

I kicked the bike further away and pulled her close. I lay back on the cement steps and unbuttoned her sexy shorts. She slipped out of her top, revealing her perfectly round breasts, her nipples hard and wanting. 

I kissed her ravenously. I felt my inner hunger grow like a carnivorous beast. I was aching to taste her skin. Judging from how her hands roamed all over my body, I could tell she was hungry for me, too.

We made bedding with what we could right on her porch steps. Both refusing to stop long enough to go inside. I peeled off my panties as she did the same. Then, I pulled her hips over my face to taste her pussy.

I kissed her smooth lips, letting them spread apart across my tongue. Her sweet warmth dripped in my mouth, feeding me like a hummingbird sucking nectar from a flower.

Her scent was delightful; and the taste of her flesh was a sultry meal. Warm sweet meat, swelling with delectable possibilities. I gripped her thighs close, surrounding her clit with my lips. I smothered myself with her body, neglecting to breathe if that meant letting go even for a moment.

She rocked her hips, fucking my open mouth and swerving her clit around my tongue as I held on as best as I could. I slurped her pussy in smooth waves, keeping my tongue pressed on her sweet spot. She moaned and cursed as she reached her fiery peak. I sucked her wetness and swallowed it down to quench my thirst. I was instantly addicted to her flavor. I had to have more.

We finally went inside when we heard thunder in the sky. Dark clouds loomed around us and I was frightened by the loud boom from the heavens. 

She took my hand and led me straight to her bed. We made a beautiful mess on her soft cotton sheets. It felt like a blanket of feathers in comparison to the hard cement on my back. 

This time she straddled my lips in a 69 position. We both got to share the lovely labor of pleasure and feel it simultaneously. Her lips cupped perfectly around my pussy. I pulled her hips close and suffocated myself under her body all over again. It was so comfortable, I could've died happily beneath her.

Moments turned to hours. Hours to days. Months to years. We are still together. Every night in each other's arms, we grapple our first time from our last. It still seems surreal. How fast time flies. How many memories we make when we no longer keep count. For the first time, I feel whole. Like I'm right where I need to be. I have made many mistakes in my life, but I finally got one thing right. And it's all thanks to those broken chains.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don’t promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,

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We’re delighted to announce that Viv Thomas is nominated for two prestigious accolades at the 2020 XBIZ Awards: All-Girl Site of the Year and Foreign Studio of the Year.

In addition, our star director Sandra Shine is nominated for Foreign Director of the Year.

XBIZ is the adult industry’s leading publisher of business news and information, so we’d be thrilled to add these awards to our bulging trophy cabinet. With a bunch of other nominations for the Network, including Nude Photography Site of the Year for MetArt, and Erotic Site of the Year for SexArt, we’re certainly feeling the love.

The red-carpet awards show will take place in Los Angeles on January 16. Wish us luck!


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Put It Away

Oct 29, 2019 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Lilu Moon and Adira Allure in “Sparkling Fun

All I want today is a few moments to myself. The sun is shining for my first day off in months. It’s midday and the light is perfect for a tan.

I go out on the deck and lay my towel across the lounge chair. I catch a glimpse of my girlfriend through the window. 

"Hello? What are you doing?" she shouts. “You’re supposed to help me with this today."

I am so relaxed, taking deep breaths, relishing my peace. I hear her but I don’t go. The only movement I’m aiming for at the moment is reaching for the tanning oil. I hold the bottle over my hand and peek over towards the house. 

She looks irritated. I smile, seeing her slam utensils in the sink. She walks outside and comes over to me.

"Put that away right now," she warns. "I want you inside immediately."

"You put it away," I taunt, sticking out my tongue.

I know she’s mad at me but she’s so cute when she’s angry. I can’t resist adding a little friction just to see her adorable nose scrunch up. Suddenly, I feel a spritz of cold water hit my skin. I gasp, startled, looking around to see where it came from. 

I see her at the side of the house, peeping her head around the corner, the shiny silver hose handle gripped tight in her grasp. Her eyebrows rise mischievously.

"Now, you put that away," I declare. Although the sternness of my voice is overcome with giggles as she sprays me from across the deck.

She stops for a moment, then moves closer. I flinch a little and shut my eyes tight, anticipating the spray. She stands directly over me and aims the nozzle at my chest. I reach my hands to her hips and pull her towards me, making her straddle my lap.

I give her my most pleading look, hoping for mercy. Then, I lean up and kiss her neck softly.

"Please, put it away," I whisper. I kiss her neck again and she drops the hose.

Her chest heaves as I unbutton her blouse and lick down her chest gently. I smooth my hands up her torso and grip her shoulders under her blouse. She kisses me hard. Her teeth nibble my lip, passion rising between us like a rushing tide. 

Her thighs grip around my waist and I feel her wetness press my stomach. I grind my body on hers as I drag my teeth down between her breasts. She smothers my face with them, making me gasp. I lick over the glorious pillows to her tender nipples.

I whirl my tongue around each one until they’re diamond hard. Perked to attention. Pink and shining. A beautiful sight. My hand reaches between her legs to feel her wetness calling my attention. I slide my fingers slowly between her soaked lips. Tips circling her erect clit. Teasing it to the point of bursting.

She leans down and kisses me as she moans out her pleasure. Her face is hot and red. Eyes shut tight, brow grooved in concentration. I press her flesh harder as I circle her throbbing clit. I moan in her mouth as she rumbles on mine. I feel her lips swell on my fingers, followed by a maddening pulse. She yelps and shudders while grinding her hips up and down, riding out every beat until she calms. She slowly opens her eyes and I kiss her face. 

In a sudden burst of energy, she slides down and quickly scoops my thighs under her arms. She bites the string of my bikini to unravel it, and kisses my hips. Then, she wedges her face between my thighs. Her lips press tight to my pussy with no leeway for me to move. She has me pinned to the lounge chair, unable to wriggle away. 

Her smooth tongue works on my wetness. Inching in and out of me, then circling my clit with more of my dripping juices. My tension builds drastically and I begin to shiver on her face. Eyes rolling up under my lids, straining for breath. I thrust up, smothering her lips with my pussy, chasing the sweet inevitable burst until it flows through me like electricity.

Instead of letting go, she grips my thighs harder and sucks the life out of me. My sensitivity is at a height and my legs drop over her arms. I cry out as I cum again, even harder than before. I fill her mouth with a strong gush of wetness as her tongue swirls rapidly around my pounding little pearl. 

I hear a loud pop from her lips as she lets go, liquid streaming down her mouth. Eyes glazed in lust. I pull her face close and drink from my own fountain. Meshing her kisses with my cum. 

We kiss madly until we naturally ease down from our hot moment. That last soft press gives me chills. She looks into my eyes with intensity like she wants to tell me something important. She licks her lips and leans into my ear.

"Babe, I want you to do something for me," she whispers sexily. "Something I’ve been aching for you to do all day…"

"Anything," I whisper back.

She bites my neck and breathes into my ear. "You promise?" she asks seductively.

"Yes," I reply.

"Good," she says. "I want… more than anything… for you to finish those fucking dishes."


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don’t promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,

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Don't Rush

Oct 06, 2019 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Dorothy Black and Nikki Hill in “Maid To Cum

I’m a woman of humble beginnings. Now that my career has taken off, I’m slowly but surely becoming accustomed to a lifestyle I’d never dreamed possible. Yet, all of my success means I spend a lot of time away from home. I must hire help. I placed an ad online to get some candidates and that's how I found the best housekeeper ever.

When I first interviewed Nikki, I was impressed by her resume. She had much experience for someone so young. She was also quite lovely and well spoken. I decided to give her a chance and see how it went. 

This morning, I’m rushing to get out of the door. I had a hot date last night that went on a little longer than expected and now my schedule is delayed. Nikki is already doing some light cleaning in the living room. By the time she makes it to my bedroom, I plan to be gone.

I slide on my heels, grab my purse, and head to the door. She stops me.

“Madam? Excuse me,” she says politely. Then, she kneels down and fixes the seam of my stocking over my ankle. 

"There. Much better," she smiles. Her gentle hands calm me down. I feel a glimmer of lust glow inside me as I watch her slowly rise to her feet.

Nikki looks up at me demurely and says, “Have a good day, Madam.”

“Thanks... thank you,” I stammer. 

Now, I’m curious. Is this gaze just her natural charm or is it attraction? I shake my head as I rush out the door. My driver gestures me to enter with the door already open. My mind is racing while I shuffle through papers in the back seat. Then, I panic.

“Please, turn us around. I forgot a very important document.” 

I shouldn't have left so fast. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. I'm frazzled and upset when we reach my home again. This is going to make me even later.

When I open the door, Nikki is nowhere to be found. It's oddly silent. I go to my office and find my missing paper. Then, I hear a strange noise coming from my bedroom.

I open the door carefully and see Nikki. She's splayed on the bed, playing with herself, using one of my dildos. The sight of her is both shocking and arousing. I don't know what to do. 

Her moans grow louder, more aching and fervent. My urge to go to her grows stronger. I swallow hard and step lightly through the door, then make my presence known by clearing my throat.

Nikki stops with a gasp, her milky skin heating to a blush rose. 

"Madam. I'm... I'm so sorry!" She quickly pulls her panties back up and scoots off the bed. Then, instinctively smooths the sheets like she's working again.

I walk towards her and stand extremely close. Eye to eye, chest to chest. I feel her pert nipples project to mine as her chest heaves. I reach for her waist and feel her soft breath on my face. I lean in slowly and press my lips gently to hers. She moans softly on my lips and shivers.

I take my toy from her, then look at her sternly. "I don't believe I pay you to play with my things," I whisper. 

She swallows hard. Her tender pink lips part nervously, in a sweet pout that I find adorable.

"I am so sorry, Madam," she declares. "It will not happen again. I will get my things and be on my way."

I grab her arm. "Wait," I snap. I lift my skirt up to my waist and stand back. I make sure she watches keenly. I look her in the eyes as I rip a hole in my pantyhose, revealing my excited pussy. I insert the short end of the dildo inside me and poke the longer shaft through the hole. 

"Lie down," I say seductively. "I need you to stay."

"Yes, Madam," she nods. She lifts her uniform and slides off her panties. 

I crawl on top of her slowly, letting the tip of my cock tease her entrance. I brush her lips with mine. Eyes still locked. I circle the tip slowly around her clit and hear her wetness squelching. 

"Do you want it?" I ask sexily. "Tell me."

"Yes, Madam," she whimpers. "Please put it inside me."

Her pussy is so wet, I don't even have to use my hands. I thrust slowly inside her and press my lips lightly to hers. So close that I can feel the vibration of her moans on my lips. 

"I don't mind if you play with my toys," I smile. "In fact, I encourage it." I fuck her deeper, keeping my pace slow and gentle. "One condition," I whisper.

"Anything," she whispers back.

"I want you to be my little toy, too," I suggest.

I lift my hips to make room for two fingers to slide inside her. I want to stuff her pretty pussy to bursting.

"Mmm... yes, Madam," she moans. "I want to be your little toy. I love how you play with me."

I smile and curve my fingers inside her as I thrust again, keeping a languid pace to let her body adjust to the stretch.

"Your pussy is getting tighter, and wetter," I moan on her lips. I kiss her softly. Her gorgeous slender body is hot and shivering beneath me.

"Oh, Madam," she moans, "I'm going to cum, any moment."

"Good," I reply as I lick her lips, "but that will not make me rush."

"No, please don't rush," she begs, "I want to feel every thrust."

I slide my soaked fingers out of her and softly pet her clit as I continue my long stimulating strokes. Her clit is hard and slippery. Each entrance of the dildo goes deep, even though her channel tightens around it, gripping it firmly. Her breathing is erratic, her hands clawing the sheets. I circle her clit even slower and keep my cock inside her. Her legs wrap around my thighs as I lift up on my toes, sliding my body back and forth between her legs. 

A short, shuddered breath turns into a wild moan as her pussy explodes in a thunderous climax. I press my hips firmly to hers and let every tremor loose. My own pussy throbs in empathy, feeling her fall apart in my arms.

What a pretty sight she is like this. Messy and disoriented. Crimson cheeks and dripping sweet sweat. I lick her neck and smear my lipstick on the collar of her uniform. Then, carefully slide out of her. 

I lift her legs over my arms and softly lap the juices from her pussy lips. Her delicate flavor consumes me, making me hungry for more. I lick between her lips and her hips squirm a little.

"I am so sensitive, Madam, I don't think I can cum again, so soon."

I kiss her clit gently and smile, "Of course you can."

She moans breathlessly as I suck her tender flesh, just lightly fluttering my tongue over her pearl, fingers sliding inside her to catch her G-spot.

This is the first time all year that my entire schedule slips my mind. I am in no rush to move from between her legs. In fact, I think I will take the entire week off to play with my new toy.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,

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Evolution Of The MetArt Network

Sep 20, 2019 - by: Jon
To All MetArt Network Members,
Hi, my name is Jonathan, and I'm one of the partners here at the MetArt Network. I'm writing to all our valued members to explain and address the current technology we have released, and our future plans. 
A few members have expressed concerns about changes to the current site structure and how these changes have affected their user experience. First, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you while using the sites. I promise we are working tirelessly to bring you a better user experience. I understand that, looking from the outside in, sometimes you may feel we have failed to deliver on that promise. I take full responsibility for those shortcomings. We will continue to respond as quickly as possible to your support tickets, comments, and feedback. You should already notice faster page loads and bug fixes that we are constantly pushing to the live environment.
I know people hate change; even the smallest of changes can dig people into a hardened stance of NO! However, evolution is necessary to stay competitive. This truth has always been a fact of business. As an owner, the balance lies in incremental change, trying not to alienate your long-time loyal customers, while simultaneously attracting new customers that might expect a different level of service. That service could be better underlying technology, diversity in product offerings, or more robust customer support.
We have been working on our new technology-stack for a little over two years. The reason we started this process was that the legacy code was outdated and cobbled together with different technologies from various teams spanning 20 years of business. Many of these technologies were obsolete, therefore holding us back from the goals we have as a company.
We have invested significant resources into upgrades that include server infrastructure, database overhauls, and a new codebase that runs the frontend and backend of the websites. 
A few additional features include:
  • Single Sign-on that logs members in with one username and password, to all sites for which you have a membership.
  • Sites function as a single page application, speeding up page loads, and user request times.
  • PWA (Progressive Web Application), allowing us to create features that function as a mobile App.
  • New user-interface for the image gallery viewer with updated ease of use functionality.
  • Robust search with AutoComplete feature.
  • Artificial Intelligent image and movie tagging system. This functionality returns highly targeted search results to keywords you're searching for. My team is still training the Machine a few more attributes that have been harder for it to understand, like what "meat-flaps" means! 
These are just a few of the technology changes we've made, without going too deep into the digital weeds. There are hundreds of other items too dull to list. But, everything we've introduced will ultimately lead to a better user experience. 
I know some members don't care about what tech-stack we use or what machine learning entails. They care about beautiful women shot by exceptional photographers. The quality of the content is what you pay to see and nothing else. Erotic entertainment is the product we sell, and it's why we are putting just as much effort into evolving the content along with our tech. We have begun to produce in more locations around the world, to bring our members diversity from around the globe. We are working with new directors and photographers for all our sites to bring in fresh new perspectives in erotic content.
Our mission is to create an experience that will increasingly become more enjoyable, with broader perspectives in adult entertainment. Soon, we will bring you more ways to interact with the content and the models themselves.
There are going to be bumps along the way, but I promise we are listening, and we will strive to respond to all your concerns and suggestions.
Thank you all for your loyalty as members, it’s you we do it for. 
Managing Partner
MetArt Network
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We are thrilled to announce that Viv Thomas has won the prestigious Lesbian Site of the Year award at the 2019 XBIZ Europa Awards. The award ceremony was held in Berlin on September 11, hosted by the legendary Rocco Siffredi and director Misha Cross.

In addition, we won Best Sex Scene – Lesbian for “The Taste of a Woman” (episode two of “Vine 2”) starring Tina Kay and Rebecca Volpetti.

XBIZ is the adult industry’s leading publisher of business news and information, and the Europa Awards was created to honor excellence and spotlight outstanding achievements in the European adult industry. We’re elated to add such impressive wins to our trophy cabinet, and you can be sure we’ll do everything in our power to live up to the accolades, in 2019 and beyond.


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We’re thrilled to announce that Viv Thomas has been nominated for multiple awards at the 2nd Annual XBIZ Europa Awards.

XBIZ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information, and the prestigious awards event will be hosted by Rocco Siffredi and Misha Cross at XBIZ Berlin on September 11, 2019.

Here are our finalist nominations in full:

Lesbian Movie of the Year:

  • Angels Vol 3
  • Bottom’s Up
  • Lesbian Temptations
  • Pure Power
  • Seduced by my Best Friend
  • The Pleasure of Doing Business
  • Yoga Temptations

Director of the Year

  • Sandra Shine

Best Sex Scene – Lesbian

  • Nancy Ace and Rosaline Rose – Wife Tales: Shower Fun
  • Amirah Adara and Cristal Caitlin – Yoga Temptations
  • Francys Belle and Jenny Ferri – Lesbian Temptations
  • Gina Ferocious and Katy Sky – Bottom’s Up
  • Tina Kay and Rebecca Volpetti – The Taste of a Woman
  • Alyssia Kent and Aruna Aghora – Pure Power
  • Jia Lissa and Sybil A – Seduced by my Best Friend
  • Alyssa Reece and Aislin – Erotic Awakening

And most exciting of all, three major awards:

Studio of the Year

Studio Site of the Year

Lesbian Site of the Year

Wish us luck!


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