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Masturbation Education!

You may consider yourself an expert in erotic self-pleasure, but it seems there is always something new to learn. English Literature undergraduates at Sheffield University in the UK will reportedly be taking a compulsory module that includes a lecture titled ‘The Art of Masturbation’ led by Dr Fabienne Collignon.

Dr Collignon told Sheffield’s student news site The Tab, “The lecture will be on Walt Whitman, Rob Halpern and the deconstruction of masturbation. The last week is called pleasure, self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism. I ended up calling it that because there’s an affinity between literary pleasure, critical self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism… It will argue how the writing of lyric poetry and masturbation always imagines an absent other.”

Masturbation may be a touchy subject, but you know I’m very much in favour of people speaking more openly about sex. However, I can’t help wondering how this particular skill set will translate into the workplace. Is it something students will be encouraged to put on their résumé? “Proficient at focusing on the task at hand,” perhaps?

Students are also encouraged to undertake independent research into the subject. Let’s hope they are members of Viv Thomas, just in case they need some help with their homework.


Dirty talker Jemma Valentine makes her Viv Thomas debut!

Canadian cutie Jemma Valentine is brand new to Viv Thomas, but she made such an instant impression that I couldn’t wait to find out more! Her debut scene in ‘A Day in the Life’ saw her melting Angelina Brill’s heart (and loins) with her romantic kisses and dirty talk. Suffice to say we’ll see different aspects to her sparky personality in the other scenes she shot on location in Budapest with VT director Guy Ranieri Sblattero. Arousing as it is to hear this delicious blonde bombshell talking dirty, she’s also charming and eloquent when it comes to sharing her intimate secrets with us…

Jemma, please tell us a little about yourself.

JV: I’m 24 years old. I grew up in inner city Toronto, and I currently live in Montreal but spend most of my time travelling. I am a bit of a workaholic but I love my work and the lines between work and play are very blurred for me. I love bringing joy to people and creating entertaining and sexy media. I listen to a lot of hip hop, r&b, some electro and classic rock. I don’t have any pets – I’ve thought it might be nice to get one but it wouldn’t really work out well for me as it’s hard to travel with animals! 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

JV: I was doing mainstream modelling – commercials, music videos, lingerie and bikini photoshoots. I found myself tugging at my clothes in a lot of my photos and creating very sensual images. I wanted to shoot nudes for a while. I love showing off my body. I also had come to a point where a lot of financial responsibility was coming on to me at once in my life (tuition, wisdom teeth, recent separation of my mom and stepdad) and it seemed like a great and fun way to take care of that.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

JV: I hate choosing favourites! I'd say probably my eyes, breasts, or pussy. I feel pretty lucky for my proportions. 

How do you keep in such good shape?

JV: To be honest, the physical activity I do the most is sex! I do keep active and like working out as well as other activities like swimming and pole dancing. I’m pretty aware and do my best to eat healthy. 

Do you like to watch your own movies?

JV: I like showing people my videos and getting their feedback. When I get back a movie I’ve produced from editing I watch it before I post to check how it turned out. I use every shoot as a learning opportunity as well – I look for what looks good and works so I can do more of that as well as things I can improve.

Please tell us about shooting in Budapest for

JV: It was great shooting for Viv Thomas. I respect the company and the art that they produce a lot so I was looking forward to working with them. Some of the crew were from the same part of Italy that my grandpa came from, it was cool connecting about that. Angelina Brill, Kitty Lovedream and Diana Dolce are all very beautiful girls, it was a pleasure working with them. I find that most companies I’ve shot with in Europe tend to like me to be pretty vocal, and VT was the first company I worked with that asked me not to speak as much. I shot three scenes – the first, with Angelina Brill, I spoke quite a bit in, then remained more quiet for the other two.  

You are very vocal during sex – does it turn you on to talk?

JV: I do like dirty talk, especially if it comes across naturally. I found that I’ve received a lot of direction from different companies that they’d like for me to talk, particularly since when I work in Europe there aren’t many native English speakers. It’s a rarity so of course they’d like to capitalize on it. I think that it’s good to have that dimension as well as it brings you into the action on screen more – it seems more needed particularly in a situation where the viewer can’t feel you. 

Do you have a high sex drive?

JV: I have a seriously high sex drive! 

Did you ever have sex with a girl in your personal life?

JV: Yes, I’ve had sex with many girls in my personal life before doing so on film. I’ve had girlfriends... I think my longest relationship with a girl was about five months long. I am certainly bisexual. 

Do you prefer guys or girls?

JV: I wouldn’t want to have to choose between guys and girls... it depends more on the individual for me than their gender. 

What turns you on?

JV: Ambition, power, drive, money, feeling comfortable, secure and desired. Novelty and hot bodies. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

JV: Hmm, that’s a tough one. I think it was probably the rooftop of a warehouse while the sun was rising. 

Have you ever done it in a public place?

JV: Yes – I lost my virginity in a forest. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and a total exhibitionist. It’s amazing when there’s so much sexual tension between two people that they can’t even wait to get to a private place and have to have each other in the moment. 

Do you like to masturbate?

JV: Yes, I masturbate sometimes – usually on camera though! I like running water, my dildos and vibrator. 

What is your favourite sexual position?

JV: I hate choosing favourites! I find it’s about my connection with the person. I think my top three are doggie, cowgirl and missionary with my legs overhead. 

Do you like to be more dominant or more submissive?

JV: I’d say I’m sexually aggressive. I can be more dominant or more submissive depending on the person I’m with and their tastes. I’d say in general I’m more submissive to men and dominant towards women in bed.

What kind of partners do you like?

JV: I like ambitious, confident people who are in touch with themselves, their desires and what they bring to the table. I love when a person can really make me laugh and I think that’s definitely a big sign of situational intelligence, which is really hot. 

How would you describe your personality?

JV: I’m very outgoing, sexual, and ambitious. 

Are you a romantic person?

JV: I’m not very romantic. I’m friendly but not usually very emotionally involved – I prefer rough sex on a whim or a hot threesome after clubbing rather than a candlelit dinner and flowers. 

What are your ambitions?

JV: I’m a partner in the only Canadian porn agency. I’m really interested in building that company, Maxxx Models, up and having it blossom. I also want to be a very successful porn star and producer, creating beautiful moments for people all over the world. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

JV: Thanks for being my Valentines! [winking]


Five minutes with vivacious star Alexis Crystal!

Adorable Alexis Crystal brings so much fun and energy to her scenes that she practically leaps out of the screen at you. Here at Viv Thomas, she made a memorable debut last October in ‘The Circle,’ where she was perfectly cast as the irresistible love of Eileen Sue’s life. Her passion and joie de vivre made an instant impression; and a subsequent role in ‘The Gym’ showcased her sensational body and impressive flexibility to arousing effect. Three hot scenes in ‘Sex Message III’ revealed a penchant for anilingus and a deliciously dominant streak!

Over on our sister site SexArt, Alexis is best known for the climactic fourway episode of ground-breaking action series ‘The Game.’ Recently she returned for the opening scene of Andrej Lupin’s latest series, the complex and compelling ‘Secrets of Prague.’ Teamed up with Eileen Sue (who’s known there as Margot) once again, she doesn’t hold back any of her explosive sexual energy. As filming of ‘Secrets of Prague’ wrapped, I managed to grab five minutes with this gorgeous, vivacious and always-smiling babe; and five minutes is all you need to see just how much fun she is…

Alexis, please tell us about yourself.

AC: I am 22, and I live in Prague. I enjoy doing my job, catching up with friends and having fun.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AC: Nothing, it was a series of circumstances. 

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AC: A positive approach. 

How do you keep in such great shape? Are you a dancer?

AC: I’m not a dancer, so it’s just hard work, hard work and hard work again.

Which is your favourite of your movies on Viv Thomas and SexArt?

AC: Definitely ‘The Game,’ on SexArt! It was an amazing experience – and sometimes it’s not just boys who like playing soldiers!

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

AC: I like playing different roles, so I really love the buzz around it; the sex itself is the icing on the cake.

Who was your favourite partner so far in a scene?

AC: Matt Ice, of course!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

AC: No, but I like doing it on film! 

Please tell us about ‘Secrets of Prague.’

AC: I think Andrej Lupin and Ariel Piper Fawn are a perfect team that create breathtaking erotic art. In particular, this series is purely feminine, full of my native city, Prague, and romantic sex. You’ll definitely love this series!

You seem like a very energetic person, always smiling and having fun in your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

AC: Positive Alexis! 

What are your ambitions?

AC: I want to keep doing this job and then we’ll see…

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AC: Thank you for your favour, I’m sending you a thousand kisses!


‘REM’ – Viv Thomas member creates a dream movie!

One of the things that sets Viv Thomas ahead of the pack is the thriving community of members who play a vital role in shaping how the site evolves. Comments, critique and lively debates all influence what is filmed.

‘REM,’ scene one of which goes live on Monday 21, is the second movie to be based on an idea submitted by a member (the first was recent release ‘Love Match,’ written by Renegade). ‘REM,’ inspired by a story from VT member Lex, is an erotic exploration of the power of dreams, and it’s as arousing as it is unsettling. Featuring seductive superstar Alexa Tomas and blonde bombshell Candy Sweet, along with a handful of gorgeous new Hungarian models, ‘REM’ is sure to haunt your dreams and fuel your fantasies!

If you have an idea for a movie, you can send it to me at – I’d love to see it! – the bush is back!

Here at VivThomas, the bush debate rages on. For every member who prefers to see girls sporting the full Hollywood wax with not a pube in sight, there’s another who craves the natural look, with luxuriant curls in abundance.

In response to an overwhelming volume of requests, we’ve created something very special to cater to pussy-fur aficionados., the brand new site from the MetArt Network, is a bush fan’s dream. Bringing together every unshaven photoset and movie from across our family of sites, it’s a treasure trove of beautiful girls as nature intended – and all at a wonderfully low price. You’ll find everything here from the neat landing strip to the utterly untamed muff, and lovers of hairy armpits haven’t been forgotten either!

Check it out today – if you’re turned on by girls who are in touch with their wild side, you’ll go crazy for!

Anal sex – the best route to orgasm?

Anal sex. It’s a divisive issue, a real love-it-or-hate-it practice. But it seems that those who love it really, REALLY love it – it’s one of the most requested acts here on VT, hence its inclusion in some of the brand new batch of movies shot by director Guy Ranieri Sblattero in Budapest.

When people talk about anal, they tend to be referring to either hetero couples or gay male couples, but these new movies are proof positive that licking and fingering of the tightest hole has a place in lady lovin’ too. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can always fast forward through it – but you’ll miss some pretty spectacular orgasms. I’d hazard a guess that watching Henessy convulse with pleasure as she crams her fingers into her pussy and Alexis Brill drills her tight ass (in scene one of new release ‘The Lingerie Consultancy’) is something you don’t want to miss!

It might help your decision to know that according to data analysts, female orgasms and anal sex go hand in hand. Polling aggregation website FiveThirtyEight crunched the numbers from the 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, and found that 94 percent of women had an orgasm in encounters where they received anal sex. Now, this figure is open to interpretation – maybe having anal implies that the woman is already very aroused, is confident in bed, or is feeling particularly naughty – but it certainly suggests there are a lot of gals out there getting off by having their backdoor stimulated!

So, what is it about anal that feels so good? Well, there are a ton of nerve endings there; and the space between the pussy and rectum is very thin, so a finger in the ass will press right against her G-spot. But above all, maybe it’s the sheer intimacy and taboo nature that makes it so arousing.

Of course, it’s not all about anal. You can look forward to seeing lots of hot kissing, passionate pussy eating and sex play of all kinds too. But if analingus and deep finger penetration between beautiful girls floats your boat, you’re in for a fun time! Check out today's new movie, episode one of 'Power Play' for starters (and there's a little spanking thrown in too!). I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback, so please keep the comments coming.

Eileen Sue: fun, freckled and fabulous!

Eileen Sue is a very sexy girl. For starters she’s extremely pretty, with sharp cheekbones and a scattering of cute freckles. Then there are those amazing natural breasts, with alluring dark nipples, a tiny waist, pert bottom and long legs. Add to that her energy and voracious appetite for pleasure, and you’ve got a pretty sensational package.

She burst onto the Viv Thomas scene in early 2013 in a memorable encounter with the equally busty Lexi Lowe in ‘Story of She 2.’ A handful of sizzling scenes followed, before ‘The Circle’ cemented her status as a star to watch. Not only did she bring irrepressible passion to the movie – her liaison with Alexis Crystal is off-the-scale hot –  but she also displayed some impressive acting skills, playing the innocent cutie with seductress Naomi Nevena, and portraying love and heartbreak brilliantly.

Over on our sister site SexArt, where she is known as Margot, she has appeared in some very classy scenes, including one of my all time favourites, ‘Lift,’ with Whitney Conroy. Their chemistry is scorching, and the orgasms are wild! Most recently, she has been a part of Team Lupin’s major new SexArt series ‘Secrets of Prague,’ a complex and compelling story that you certainly won’t want to miss. I grabbed the chance to ask her a few questions shortly after filming wrapped, and I thought you might like to learn more about her too…

Eileen Sue, please tell us a little about yourself.

ES: I am 26 years old, and I live in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. I like reading, listening to music, watching movies and catching up with friends. 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

ES: I worked in a factory and a friend of mine had been telling me about her work in erotica for ages. My answer was always that I didn’t want to do that. But then I was fired from work, so I tried it! I was approached by an Italian photographer, Deltagamma, and I accepted.

What is your favourite thing about modelling?

ES: I love travelling and meeting new people. I generally like trying new things – places, food, people… 

How do you keep in such great shape?

ES: I go to the gym, and I visit a cosmetician, but it’s mostly genes. 

Which is your favourite of your movies on Viv Thomas and SexArt?

ES: As for Viv’s movies, I enjoyed 'The Circle' most, and on SexArt, 'Lift.' I have fun making movies.

Who is your favourite partner?

ES: I have no favourite partner; if the girl I work with isn’t problematic, it’s always a nice cooperation. Leila Smith might be one of the best ones. I never had sex with a girl before I did it in a movie!

Please tell us about 'Secrets of Prague,' the series you recently shot with Andrej Lupin for SexArt.

ES: It was an interesting production, and I really enjoyed it. I feel proud of it. I like the idea of the project, I enjoyed being a part of it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the whole series.

You seem like a very energetic person, you bring a lot of passion to your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

ES: I give everything to the scenes, because I want my work to look good. I generally like looking at women, and I can at least “taste” them when making a movie. If I wasn't married, I would shoot with guys as well, this is how much I enjoy it!

What are your ambitions?

ES: In my life I would like to be happy and satisfied, have a lot of children and a trouble-free life. 

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

ES: Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it, and I love you so much! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am.

fun on set with Lorena and Lola (aka Dido)

How often have you wished to be a fly on the wall when a special VT shoot was taking place? It’s every bit as pleasurable as you would imagine. Take it from me, I’ve done it many times – but I’ve never been lucky enough to witness Lorena in action at first hand.

Here’s a special treat for us all though, as our ultimate VT dream girl was sweet enough to send me a behind-the-scenes clip to share with you.

“Dido (Lola) and I shot this movie with Don Caravaggio for Viv Thomas,” she told me. “Don is just finishing editing it at the moment. We had so much fun shooting it, we only hope the members will enjoy it just as much!”

Judging from this, I’d say that’s a safe bet…

Sex talk with busty French beauty Anissa Kate

It’s hard to tear your eyes away from French starlet Anissa Kate’s gorgeous face… but then, it’s also a challenge not to stare at those incredible breasts! The exotic beauty has been turning heads since she made her debut on our sister site SexArt in January, and now she has brought her glamorous sex-appeal to Viv Thomas too. A starring role as the cheating fiancée in ‘Love Match’ showcased that fantastic body and simmering sensuality perfectly, while ‘Vacancy’ and ‘Fashion & Fetish,’ have revealed a fun and flirty side to her personality. It’s a treat to learn more about this busty bombshell…

Anissa, please tell us a little about yourself.

AK: I am from Lyon, France, and I currently live in Spain. I’m 28 years old, and 1m68 (5’6”) of happiness. I love travelling, staying at famous hotels, shopping. My lifestyle is not suitable for a pet because I travel a lot... But when I am more settled, I’d like to have a dog.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AK: I was bored with studying. One night, I watched a TV programme on the NRJ12 channel called ‘Tellement Vrai’ (‘So True’) about the actress Jessie Volt. I thought it must be cool to be an actress. The travel, the money, the freedom of being able to work as you want, all this made me want to try it.

How big are your breasts? Which do men look at first when they meet you, your eyes or your breasts?

AK: 95D (38D). I never asked the question!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AK: My face.

How do you keep in such great shape?

AK: Practicing sport!

How long have you been making movies?

AK: It will be four years in September. I love the freedom in my work. I do not have job security or a fixed salary but I am my own boss. I am totally in charge of my career.

Do you like to watch your own movies?

AK: No, never!

What do you like about shooting with director Alis Locanta for SexArt?

AK: It is very soft, very glamorous and the atmosphere is always relaxed. He also has amazing fashionable Italian outfits. Personally, I love it.

Please tell us about the movies you shot recently with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas.

AK: ‘Vacancy’ was the first time I had a scene with Ava Courcelles. I sank my whole teeth into her beautiful bum with relish! In ‘Fashion and Fetish’ I had two very cool scenes with two actresses, who looked very young, Ena Sweet and Talia Mint. In ‘Love Match’ I was supposed to marry Erica Fontes and right before the wedding I cheated on her with Talia Mint – what a bad girl I am!

Did you enjoy acting the role in ‘Love Match’?

AK: Yes, I liked it a lot. I had a good feeling with Erica Fontes. She’s a very nice girl, with an amazing body.

Do you have a high sex drive?

AK: I would say normal, the same as everyone.

Who was your favourite sexual partner so far?                                     

AK: Pascal Saint James. I love more mature men. He has a beautiful body and he is a gentleman.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

AK: I had already played ‘touche-pipi’ – that’s how we say ‘playing doctor’ in French – with a friend a little bit. I am not really attracted to women so much, although I find doing lesbian scenes pretty cool.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

AK: With girls, I would say cuddles, touching and cunnilingus. With men, I like penetration and sucking nice dicks.

What is your favourite position?

AK: Missionary position, as this is when I feel my partner the most.

Do you find it easy to orgasm when filming a scene?

AK: Yes and no. It depends on how I feel with the other actor and on my mood…

What turns you on?

AK: When I shoot with actors who I find attractive, or with new actors. Sometimes a change of partner is good!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

AK: In the Nevada Desert.

Do you like to masturbate?

AK: Very rarely since I have been making movies. In intimacy, I always use my fingers.

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AK: To have sex with a transsexual, a gorgeous trans with the face of woman, big tits and a huge dick.

Are you a romantic person?

AK: Yes I am.

What kind of men do you like?

AK: I prefer men older than me, who are charming and don’t take themselves too seriously and are not pretentious.

How would you describe your personality?

AK: I am generous, straightforward, sometimes impulsive and anxious.

What are your ambitions?

AK: To have the best career possible as an actress, carry on shooting and open a wine bar in Los Angeles in a few years’ time

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AK: A big thank you to all my followers. I wish you to be happy and healthy, and to enjoy life!


‘Vacancy’ – take a trip you’ll never forget!

Ladies, next time you book a trip, keep your fingers crossed you find somewhere to stay like the B&B that Ava Courcelles runs in new movie ‘Vacancy.’ The elegant French beauty stars as the sophisticated manager, who takes great pleasure in seducing her gorgeous female guests. She exhibits a powerful sex drive, whether she’s masturbating in the shower, fantasizing about prospective conquests, or acting on her lustful urges.

Ukrainian sweetheart Talia Mint is first to feel the full force of Ava’s desire. After she moves into her room and changes into a sexy bathing suit, the Gallic charmer brings a bottle of wine to welcome her. She surprises Talia by nuzzling her breasts and kissing her luscious lips, then kneels to suck her wet pussy. Talia eats Ava, driving her wild, and then Ava gives Talia an intense orgasm with her talented tongue, before they rub each other to an explosive mutual climax.

Spanish cutie Ena Sweet calls Ava for assistance when she discovers there are no towels in her room. Ava touches herself as she watches Ena in the bathtub, and makes no effort to disguise her arousal as their eyes meet. She sucks Ena’s nipples and feasts on her succulent slot. When Ena has been driven to fever pitch by Ava’s teasing, she gets eaten from behind, then squats with her thighs spread wide as Ava rubs her to orgasm. Now Ena undresses Ava and fingers her to a rapid climax, turning her around before she has a chance to catch her breath and fingering her to a second, even more intense orgasm.

Busty French sensation Anissa Kate is next to stir up Ava’s libido, inspiring Ava to fantasize about stroking and squeezing her magnificent curves. When Ava can’t resist any longer, she creeps into Anissa’s room to wake her by sucking her nipples. Ava peels off Anissa’s panties and goes down to lick her pussy, making her quiver with excitement. Anissa straddles Ava, pressing her breasts in her face as she rides her fingers to an orgasm that makes her ass jiggle. She kisses Ava hungrily and eats her pussy, turning her over to do her from behind and then fingering her ass as she rubs herself to orgasm.

Ava’s secret crush on her friend Erica Fontes is finally realised, as Erica visits and the pair find themselves in bed. Naked bodies entwined, they rub each other’s pussies frenziedly, enjoying a rapid simultaneous orgasm and then taking time for a more leisurely exploration of each other’s charms. Ava licks and fingers Erica’s sensitive pussy until she cums again, and then Erica returns the favour, before they move into scissors and grind to a powerful climax.

This cosmopolitan cast of beauties laps up the warm welcome from their gracious and voracious hostess, as they enjoy such unique hospitality they’re sure to want to come again soon!


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    Venpao 22 minutes ago

    So we should pay for your experiments? Sorry my friend, but I believed that here we could see the best of the lesbian erotica, not some girls playing what they are unable to deliver (here just the directors is enjoying himself... perhaps after the shooting?)

    on Dance For Me Episode 1 - Revelry

    Rose 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much Nylonfan, that is very sweet of you! I'll look forward to chatting with you on SexArt too – you will meet many friends there, old and new! :-)

    on The Lingerie Consultancy Episode 2 - Sweet Seduction

    Nylonfan72 3 hours ago

    Hello Rose, thanks for your helpful comments, going to join when I get paid at the end of the month, your a great asset to this site and always enjoy reading your comments

    on The Lingerie Consultancy Episode 2 - Sweet Seduction

    Rose 7 hours ago

    You're quite right, ShereKhan! :-)

    on Trance

    ShereKhan 7 hours ago

    Just out of interest, Rose, how many films are there on the go at the moment? By my count. it's 9.

    on Trance

    Kristo 8 hours ago

    I couldn't agree more.

    And no kissing must please you more than perfunctory pecking!?

    There was also scope at the start to linger longer and less voyeuristically / blurrily on the undressing...

    on Discreet Service 2015 Episode 2 - Affection

    fer_realz 9 hours ago

    Renegade, if you have access to SA, you're going to want to check out her work there. Her scene with Franck Franco in "The Writer" in particular really caught my attention. OMG... I mean, can you even imagine the privilege of making love to this beautiful woman?

    on Discreet Service 2015 Episode 2 - Affection

    fer_realz 9 hours ago

    Absolutely, Rose, I know what you mean. Amirah has something about her, something in the way she carries herself. She seems like a princess to me, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. ( :

    on Discreet Service 2015 Episode 2 - Affection

    Larry 8441 9 hours ago

    Thank you so much Rose :-D
    I'm really happy that you liked my comment as the same passion and love for this amazing scene I have ;-) (I'm going to watch once again after this comment :-P)

    Oh Cindy Hope, omg what an amazing girl and what incredibly hot scenes she had here :-D She is another model I really miss a lot and in "Discreet Service" she was incredible as usual.

    As I said my personal fetish is more for "naked girls, oil, water and wild sex" than for the erotic massage itself.
    "Discreet Service" had that different approach I truly loved and I was missing from those other bad non-VT movies. "Discreet Service" really had some true and intense sex as the culmination of the erotic massage and thats what made me love it ;-)

    I'm pretty sure that Athina is still active (at least from what I saw searching around), same for Kety Pearl as I see that she is still very active.
    Athina in movie by Guy (with such intense g spot finger fucking) would be really a dream coming true :-D
    I really hope that this will happen, just think of what could happen in a scene with her and Alexa, Tiffany or Amirah :-O

    I'm really looking forward for Amirah's interview, I really enjoy your interviews:-D as I can't wait to see her again very soon.
    About her unique look: for me, other than her perfect stunning body, is a lot related to her very particular face and traits :-D .. just by looking her you see that she is incredibly smart, with a great character and a very lively and wild personality ;-)
    She reminds me a bit of Cindy Hope (as they share similar traits), but Amirah has her own special way in being charming and so attractive :-D
    She is really special and beautiful.

    About the upcoming tribbing action.. I'm really looking forward to it ;-)
    Thanks again Rose :-D

    on Discreet Service 2015 Episode 2 - Affection

    Rose 10 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, what a hot commentary, Larry! I will be reading this again and watching the scene again with your comments in mind – probably several times :-)

    And thank you also for your sweet comments to me, it means a lot :-)

    There are a lot of really interesting things you raise here, about the dynamic in massage movies. To be honest it was never something that interested me that much until I saw the original 'Discreet Service' – I probably have Cindy Hope to thank for how much I enjoy seeing it now! I agree Athina's physique would be perfect for something like this, I must try to find out if she is still modelling. And you are right, I think this scene demonstrates that finger fucking can be as hot as anything, when it's done right.

    Amirah is an amazing girl, I think you will really enjoy reading her interview – coming soon! She has a unique look that really fascinates me.

    And look out for some very intense tribbing coming very soon, too :-)

    on Discreet Service 2015 Episode 2 - Affection

    Rose 11 hours ago

    This is from scene two of 'REM,' introducing new cutie Anina Silk. She's adorable!

    on Trance

    Larry 8441 11 hours ago

    Before diving into the wonderful and hot world of VT and Guy's latest amazing movie, I have to admit that what happened to many other members here just happened to me too: a huge huge crush for Amirah! :-D
    I mean really really huge, so be warned before you'll watch this amazing scene: you'll end up watching it more and more as you'll want more and more and a lot more of Amirah's amazing beauty and fantastic personality!

    But let's go in order here as there are some amazing things that I would really love to write about.

    "Discreet Service" was an amazing series I really loved and this new 2015 incarnation by Guy went way beyond in term of hotness and quality, if the first ones were 10/ 10, this one is 1000000000/10 ;-)
    I now that I can be repetitive on this, but I'm always more and more amazed on how Guy and his amazing talent can transform a simple idea, like the erotic massage, into a true experience that escalates exponentially stroke after stroke until it reaches a point were it's impossible to contain!

    You really need a true genius and masterful director, as also an amazing team, to be able to bring an "overused" idea like erotic massage (nowadays you see them almost everywhere.. and bad :-/) to such an intense and fantastic level of quality and pure pleasure enjoyment, making it so hot and exciting to watch that you'll feel like you never watched something so intense and wild in your life before ;-)
    Exactly what Guy was able to create here: a true exponential experience of pure pleasure that culminates into a storm of earthshaking explosions, or putting it into more direct words, a pure storm of hot genuine orgasms.

    I have to confess that erotic massages are absolutely one of my favorite fantasies.. being honest is more about watching two girls having wild sex while being completely naked and covered in oil from head to toes and since no one was producing videos like this (before coming to VT) I ended up watching erotic massages movies as they were the closest thing to my personal fantasies and here I want to tell you a very interesting thing: at first I was very excited and happy about watching two girls oiled and naked having sex, even if the overall setup was more a massage than sex, but then watching more and more of those movies almost had the opposite effect on me and you now why?
    Those movies were lacking something extremely important, almost the true soul of a great erotic movie: they were lacking genuine passion and chemistry! The girls were just "mechanically" masturbating or being masturbated and closely looking at their beautiful faces it was extremely clear that they weren't having any pleasure at all.. even worst sometimes they were using even toys and vibrators, making it even more mechanical and without genuine passion, ending in a flat scene were literally nothing happens.
    This made me get bored extremely fast, search for more and discovering sadly that most of those erotic massages sites were adopting the sort of formula without any kind of genuine passion or pleasure at all.. I have to say that I felt doubly frustrated about this: first because I couldn't find anywhere what I was hoping to see (wild girl girl sex in ;-) ) and then because those massage sites were just producing the same thing over and over without worrying about the quality.

    Then a miracle happened: two amazing movies appeared on my top favorite site (VivThomas :-P ), one was "Discreet Service" and the other was "Shell Girls" :-D
    I have to tell you, before watching those movies I was totally sure that I would've never saw my personal "oily fantasy" come true, but the VT had the idea and realized it at a whole new level!
    Those two series weren't just about two girls massaging and ending up masturbating in every single scene the same way to faked orgasms, this was something totally different and extremely intense! Both featuring the kind of hot wild and genuine sex action as also some extremely particular and intriguing atmospheres (watch Athina and Brandy's episode and you'll see what I mean ;-) ).
    This was really an experience, a true erotic massage growing more and more into pure and true wild sex between two beautiful girls, both fully naked and covered in oil :-D it was just amazing!
    The positions were simply incredibly amazing and the cast was perfect, as usual in all VT's movies you could witness true and genuine chemistry between the girls as their lust was goring more and more to finally explode into amazing orgasms.

    So how could be possible to bring such an intense and hot experience, that is already at the highest possible quality level, even beyond?
    The answer is pretty simple: Guy Ranieri Sblattero and his unique talent ;-)

    To make a comparison: for a director, is almost like a bringing on the legacy of another true master director.. it's a big responsibility and normally you would think that is very risky (this also sums up why you really don't see anyone experimenting into new visuals, ideas or stories out MetArt). Luckily Guy seems to be in love with this kind of risks and loves to experiment, as he also doesn't hold back into bringing his own special personal touch into an already known series of movies :-D
    That's one of the reasons he is really a true number 1!
    "Discreet Service 2015" is totally different from it's previous incarnation, but it totally preserves the intensity and the genuine passion.
    Yes we're still in the world of true erotic massages that explodes into wild and wet sex between two beautiful girls, but Guy has a unique way on how he focuses the entire "gravity" of the scene literally all over the girls most intimate and passionate feelings and lust as their excitement grows and finally gets out of control!
    This also possible thanks to the REAL and genuine passion that Alexa and Amirah were sharing here (as also was for Milana and Candy), it's really something you have to watch to understand as you can literally read it over the girls's beautiful faces and bodies as they go harder and harder on themselves till they cum (especially the orgasms here are pretty intense).
    This is what makes a perfect scene: a true master director that has a unique personality in his filming style, the girls being genuinely into each other and being able to share true passion and pleasure for each other and let them lose control over themselves until the whole room is flooded with both excitement and juices ;-)

    "Discreet Service 2015" is something I was really hoping to see and that has come true thanks to VT and Guy :-D and let me dive as always into the details of what I really loved and hope to see again soon:

    Amirah.. oh Amirah! :-O I could go on forever :-P
    I really have to blame myself as personally, before this movie and his previous one on VT, I haven't watched a lot of her.. it's a shame I know :-P
    She is incredibly beautiful and I really love her interesting face: she has beautiful and almost artistic traits, with a lot of personality and you can immediately understand how smart and passionate she is just by looking at her face (her eyes are literally ignited by a bright light).
    I really love girls with this kind of active and smart personality that can be literally felt just by watching them in their beautiful eyes ;-) exactly how its with Amirah!
    And let's not forget about her amazing body :-O now here I may be wrong, but I have the impression that she got a little more "curvier" than she was before and this just made her even more hotter and beautiful :-D
    Also here let me be clear about one thing: I'm not the kind of guy that "sticks with one simple kind of beauty" (like I love only petites, only curvy or athletic and so on..), I don't like "categorizing" a girl or a woman for her beauty like I would do for a movie or a book.. I'm totally agains't this kind of things as I truly believe that every single girl and woman has her own unique and special way in being beautiful and amazing ;-)
    Making a clear example: it's no secret that I truly love Silvie Luca and Tiffany Doll almost more than any other model and they are completely different kinds of beauties. I can't say that I like one more than the other, because they are both incredibly beautiful in their own way and, even better, this apply to the fact that they could also change in time like happened for Amarna Miller (I was loving her before and I love her even more now that she is wonderfully curvy).
    So going back to the main topic, I really really love Amirah's new curvy and firm look: she really has beautiful strong legs, an amazing ass, wonderful delicate breasts and an incredibly erotic belly :-P and being able to watch all her amazing beauty while she is oiled and finger fucked on the g spot so hard that she ended up with juices dripping all over the massage bed (and her perfect ass) was simply amazing :-D
    Another thing that I to ally loved about Amirah was her incredible lust, desire and overall sexual excitement for Alexa as she was penetrating her everywhere! This was truly something so intense that I have a hard time believing that it ended after the cameras stopped filming, there was much more into Amirah's eyes and face than simple attraction for Alexa.. and who could blame her? ;-)
    Juts look very closely at Amirah's face as she pleasures Alexa harder and harder: the more Alexa moans, gets excited and close to cumming you see Amirah first staring at Alexa's perfect oiled body squirming and then progressively biting her lower lips and licking her mouth while leaving it open (clear signs of pure genuine pleasure and attraction).. also watch her face and how she moves her body during Alexa's amazing last anal orgasm (fantastic), again watch her closely: her leg up, very close to Alexa and to the bed, making small moves toward the bed as she fucks Alexa harder and harder. Even if we didn't had the pleasure to watch what was happening closely in between Amirah's legs during that moment, I'm pretty sure that her pussy was incredibly wet and already dripping juices all over the floor for all the excitement! I even had the impression that she was so horny and excited that she could wait for her turn, so she stated rubbing her pussy agains't the bed to get some early pleasure.. I'm also pretty surprised that she didn't started finger fucking herself very hard during that last orgasm :-O (would've been amazing)
    Amirah's sexual excitement growing more and more was a true diamond in this movie ;-) and this happened in such a wonderful way thanks to that fantastic genuine passion that both Alexa and Amirah were sharing here.

    As always I do apologize if my comments went more in favor for a model than the other.. this absolutely doesn't mean hat I didn't liked Alexa in this movie, I would even say that after all this amazing action I fell in love even more with Alexa pure wild and charming beauty :-D
    I truly love how wild and out of control Alexa gets when she is with a partner that she really likes (as she was with Lauren in REM), really: watching Alexa go totally out of control with her lust and desires is something incredibly amazing and fantastic that can't be described with words.. and here she really went literally out of control :-D both when she was pleasured and when she was pleasuring Amirah. Alexa, once again, was so horny and excited that was almost near to devour Amirah while making her explode into multiple dripping wet orgasms as she got herself into incredibly hot positions I really loved ;-)

    So this brings me to something I truly truly loved in this movie: positions and the incredibly wild and wet hard sex action.. this was pure sexual passion!
    This time I won't make a list with the exact time of the moments I loved more, because the whole action was amazing :-D
    I really loved a lot every single position Alexa got herself into while Amirah was finger fucking her g spot and her ass to multiple explosive orgasms, every single position she ended in was simply amazing and incredibly erotic (especially during orgasms as her face was really invade by pleasure)
    The exact same goes for Amirah's turn: I really loved every single position she was finger fucked, both on the g spot and in her perfect ass.
    Now.. I know that I wrote before that I don't want to make a list with the exact moments, and relative minutes, of my favorite moments as I loved them all.. but there is one particular single moment that really deserves attention more than any other ;-)

    I'm talking about min. 18:45, when after some incredibly intense g spot finger fucking by Alexa (in another wonderful position I loved), Amirah went totally out of control with an incredible, almost primal, urge to get her g spot fucked incredibly hard and reach an incredible earthshaking orgasm :-O
    This is totally one of the best ever g spot finger fucking scene ever saw in an erotic movie: Amirah gets into an incredible position, grabbing her legs with her hands and bring her up almost near her head, leaving her pussy extremely exposed and wide for Alexa's fingering frenzy ;-)
    Needless to say that Alexa went incredibly hard on Amirah's overexcited pussy: Alexa's fingers went very very deep inside Amirah's pussy, really stroking and massaging her whole g spot, and she finger fucked her so hard deep and fast that you can literally hear some incredibly hot wet and squishy noises come out of Amirah's pussy.. the more Alexa was finger fucking her, the more Amira was pulling her legs and exposing her pussy for Alexa, making her fingers dive even deeper inside and give her g spot a true finger fucking storm!
    This moment is simply epic and beyond hot: the wet noises as the juices keep flowing, jumping and dripping out of Amirah's pussy (creating also a small stream of white creamy juices that was covering her whole anus) are something simply perfect and amazing.. I really really loved this.
    Alexa was incredibly into this intense and wild finger fucking storm (as before her body posture and her beautiful face speaks by themselves), so into it that after making Amirah literally explode into an orgasmic explosion, with so much juices dripping all over that I'm surprised that she didn't squirted after such an intense action, that Alexa didn't even gave Amirah's the time to recover from that huge orgasm.. nope! :-O She went straight to her ass with her fingers, in that same position, pushed in and finger fucked fast and deep Amirah's perfect ass while she was still rubbing her incredibly sensitive dripping wet pussy.
    Things were totally out of control even more here: Alexa was incredibly hungry for Amirah's pleasure, more and more and more, and Amirah's was literally "at the mercy" of both Alexa's lust and her own pleasure and body still cumming and cumming, over and over (yes, she went doggystyle and had even an anal orgasm ;-) )
    I totally hope that we'll see something as intense, wild, wet and hot happen again and very soon! (hopefully with Silvie Luca and Tiffany Doll, not necessarily together or in a massage context).
    Watching Alexa lose control like this (in both being massaged and massaging) and Amirah getting a very small step near a huge squirting orgasm after such an incredible g spot finger fucking storm deserves both a 10/10 for this movie (it should be 12/10 ;-) ) and even a lifetime subscription to VT.
    Simply amazing :-D

    Anal action also deserves a big big like here as it was incredibly intense and genuine: the more I watch Alexa the more I'm sure that anal sex is one of her biggest and most intense fetishes and passion in sex.. the way she does it, again, speaks by itself (same way as Tiffany Doll.. their eyes and faces are totally at the mercy of pleasure)
    I have to admit that I'm really getting addicted to this kind of anal action, so please VT and Guy.. when it's possible make this wonderful amazing moments happen ;-)
    You know what I would love to see? Alexa Tomas and Tiffany Doll together.. not a single hole would be left dry or empty and I want to see this happen :-D

    So a full 10/10 starts movie.. what could be missing here?

    Absolutely nothing ;-) this movie is totally perfect and it has everything I could wish for in an erotic movie, but being completely honest there is only one thing that was missing (and I even thought that it could happen near the end of the video).
    I'm not talking about a flaw at all this time, but much more about something I really missed and would've loved to see, as almost all my major fetishes are in this movie.. so please consider that I'm always speaking in the name of my very personal taste.

    So what I missed here and hope to see the next time and hopefully soon?
    Simple: Tribbing :-D

    I really really missed tribbing here.. two beautiful girls fully naked and oiled, both incredibly excited and totally out of control after making their g spots explodes multiple times to the point where the juices where even on the floor.. all this just screams for a good and intense moment of wild tribbing ;-)
    Near the end (min 24:33) when Alexa oiled both herself and Amirah again, and then went on the bed over her, I was hoping to see Alexa transform that sensual oiled body rubbing into some intense and wild missionary tribbing exploding into another last mutual orgasm ;-)
    I really missed being able to watch this happen, but I absolutely don't want to put this particular into the "flaws list", because after so many intense orgasms I think that is perfectly natural to be completely spent :-P but hopefully next time this will happen too ;-)

    So what to say? Simply an amazing, intense and wild perfect hot movie.. the worthy new incarnation of an already fantastic series, with the touch of a true genius and master (Guy), an amazing team making this perfect moments of pure pleasure take life (VT's team) and of course two beautiful perfect angels sharing such intense and intimate moments so freely, naturally and wonderfully (Alexa and Amirah).
    I can't wait to see much more of this amazing series as I really hope that we'll see much much more of Amirah and Alexa very very soon ;-) (hopefully we'll see also Amirah squirt next time)

    Last, but not least, I want to thank you the beautiful and wonderful soul of this amazing fantastic world that is MetArt: Rose :-)
    I really think that one of the main and most important reasons of why MetArt is so special and unique, it's thanks to the beautiful work you do and all the passion you put into it in such a wonderful way.. thank you Rose, without you it wouldn't be MetArt network :-D

    PS: Please I want to apologize for eventual errors in my writing during this particular comment as actually I'm incredibly over excited and happy for various reasons other than this amazing movie. I'm talking of course about the upcoming new episode of REM (that I really can't wait to see :-D) and about the upcoming episode 2 of "A Day in The Life" as this movie is making a huge fantasy of mine come true: naked girls and twister :-P I don't want to soil anything about this, but it's related to a personal story of mine that happened when I was still in my "very active" teen ages :-P an incredibly funny and erotic story I'll tell you about when the movie will be released ;-)

    Also I would love to make two very personal requests for future scenes:
    1) Thinking about the original "Discreet Service" I mentioned another amazing model: Athina :-D
    Wow what a perfect, firm and muscular body she has (her legs and ass are beyond this world).. personally I would really love and hope to see her come back again on VT and have some incredibly wild and intense action like here (same for Kety Pearl, hopefully).
    I really hope that this will be possible as Athina was simply amazing just to watch fully naked with such a perfect body ;-)

    2) Scenes that involves both girls having sex fully naked and oiled (or even better both wet in water and oiled), but also outside the "massage kind of setup". Would be really amazing to see also something more surreal, dark and particular (kinda like REM).
    I still remember a very particular Solo Movie made by Jo on her site: the movie was titled "Wet Reflections".. she was completely naked and surrounded by total darkness over a puddle of water, covered in oil and completely wet from head to toes ash she was finger fucking to multiple orgasms. That was an amazing movie, I loved the setup, the lights and the water and oil idea (a huge fetish of mine) and personally I would really really love to see this fantastic idea taken to next level as a very wild and intense girl girl sex movie (hopefully always with Tiffany Doll, Silvie Luca and Alexa Tomas ;-) ).
    Please Guy and Rose think about making something with such an atmosphere and with a lot of wetness both all around and over the girls, I seriously think that you would be able to make it a true masterpiece as always :-D
    "Wet Reflections" was incredibly hot for a solo scene.. that idea in a girl girl movie filmed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero and released on VT would be amazing ;-)
    Thanks always for your great work.

    on Discreet Service 2015 Episode 2 - Affection

    Rose 1 day ago

    Subtitles are fixed, folks – sorry for the delay! Just hit the CC button and enjoy :-)

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    Hi Nylonfan, yes it's absolutely fine, we have lots of UK members (and I'm right here in the UK myself!). The internet recognises no boundaries! I think you will love SexArt :-)

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    Nylonfan, you can send it to me at I'll look forward to reading it! :-)

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    I think that's a really great appraisal, fer_realz... I agree the theme could be developed more along these lines, and for the reasons you've described, Amirah's attitude really made it work. As you know, I'm a huge fan of Alexis, but it was Amirah who had my full attention in this scene!

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    Rose 1 day ago

    I'm crushing on Amirah too! Look out for an interview with her next week :-)

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    Wow... [heavy breathing]... works for me, Renegade :-)

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    hi rose, really keen on joining sexart now, but i have a question. hope yo can answer, can all of the content on it be viewed legally in the uk, as some of it seems quite hardcore,

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