Sneaky Preview

July 31, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

Tomorrow Judith unveils her beautiful body once again on She will be joining her other six sets which include a spunky little threesome with Toni and Michelle and a lesbian affair with Toni (sorry, that’s a members only link) while they hang up the washing! Oh, for a housewife like that, ey?

Back to the future; tomorrow, Judith is caught on camera by Viv as she strolls through a summery meadow and finds a run-down cottage in which to shelter from the burning sun (and frig herself off of course). It’s a great set.

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Sandy is coming…..if she can remember her lines.

July 30, 2008 - by: LeVerne Valdez

{vidavee id=”12254″ w=”320″ }

No one is perfect, although if i had to choose a person closest to perfection then Sandy would definitely be in the running. Here’s a sneak preview from the now in post production VT mega movie Lesbian Encounters. For once the blonde Goddess gets it wrong, we’ll forgive her.

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July 30, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

Back in the good old days, people didn’t really worry about political correctness. They just said what had to be said. There were no cautions like “don’t try this at home” or what would the …add minority groups here… think.

We here at don’t actually film that much fisting but there is a scene in Unfaithful 4 which didn’t make it through the BBFC. HOPEFULLY we will be able to bring it to you live and direct in our Members BANNED section on the web site. Have a squiz, there is already some pretty filthy stuff up there.

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The Viv Thomas Mansion

July 28, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

Something is rising out of the bush in the Algarve and it isn’t a bushman. The new mansion is raising itself with the help of an army of builders, project managers, architects, sexy bathroom consultants and who knows who else.

This huge investment is akin to the Playboy Mansion in Hollywood, California and Europorn’s Hugh Hefner is building it! We here at VT HQ (otherwise known as VT Mansion Number 1) thought we may just give Viv a red dressing gown and a pipe as a house-warming present.

The idea is to be able to film our movies in un-interrupted luxury, with each and every one of the eight bedrooms having being designed for that sole purpose. With showers coming out of the ceiling, waterfalls in the bathroom, a front door you could use as a roof for a small house and let’s not even get into the chandelier, the lake, the golf hole or the pool. Not just yet anyway. Viv is planning to lease it out for fashion shoots and I am sure many other opportunities will spring up.

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Kayak Tours Algarve

July 28, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

Just to prove that our leader does stop whipping us occasionally, Viv led the team on a kayakking trip this weekend near Faro airport in the Algarve where we are based.

As we were all assembling for a team photo, our guide asked: “So what business are you guys in?” After a few muffled guffaws from Spunk L Davis and Big Seano, Viv blurted out: “Glamour”… The guide looked bewildered but obviously decided that that was enough of an interrogation for now :) and went back to prepping his kayaks.

It was a fun morning and it was good to get the team out! After months on end, scrutinizing no end of blowjobs, threeways and anal action in our dimly lit basement, it was great to get away from those flickering screens and dip into nature!

Thanks Boss!

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A glance back……The Golden Era

July 28, 2008 - by: LeVerne Valdez

We at the VT mansion have always shared a mutual fondness for what we like to refer to as the VT golden era. This era spans from the turn of the millennium up until around the 2004 mark. During this period we produced many of our biggest movies even to this day and they all featured the very best of adult European talent.

It wasn’t just the talent however that made it Golden. The word itself refers to every aspect of what we were doing at the time and the way in which we approached our movie making. The beautiful, exotic locations – the slow, sensual sex – the rich alluring colors all captured beautifully on our now retired beast of a camera – the much loved Betacam SP. Yes you needed the arms and shoulders of Schwarzenegger in his prime to be able to use it but the results, even to this day are hard to match. And the camera helped define a period in VT history that paved the way for what the product has become today. The likes of Jo, Vera, Ella, Gina B and Peaches were all permanent features of this period and set the standard of all girls that followed.

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Bring back ‘The Body’

July 25, 2008 - by: LeVerne Valdez

Right, who is with me? I’m on a mission to get the incredible Stella Stevens back in front of the camera doing what she does best. Although she hung up her thong a while ago now that body of hers still haunts my dreams. Without doubt the most toned, athletic bod to ever grace the VT stage, she could crack nuts with a single clench.

I was reminded of her flawless figure after stumbling across these pics from Lust Fever. She played a Lap dancer in the movie and got Frank Major so worked up that he had to bang the brunette sitting next to him. So come back Stella…..please.

Stella Stevens Stella Stevens Stella Stevens Stella Stevens

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The Monitor Person

July 25, 2008 - by: Spunk L Davis

Some time ago we used to use a monitor when we were filming. So whilst one person was filming, another was watching what was being filmed on a small screen, and would occasionally shout out “too dark,” too bright,” “out of focus,” “shadow…” or something like that.

Of course it wasn’t the best method because the so called ‘Monitor Person” (I’m feeling PC today) would usually be watching the girls and not the screen.

Then we bought a new camera and we didn’t need a monitor person anymore (much to the disgust of Avril.) But it is a job I do miss.

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Vera and Sandra outtake

July 24, 2008 - by: Spunk L Davis

{vidavee id=”11930″ w=”320″ }

I shot Six Days With Vera in February of 2004, I remember it well because it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had shooting a movie. While filming the scene between Sandra and Vera I was standing looking at them both and Sandra looked much bigger than the petite Vera (she is about 150cm), so I told her to pick Vera up, for Vera to wrap her legs around Sandra and then for Sandra to carry her to the sofa before the two girls lay together and start making out. Here’s what happened.

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Porn Cameraman…..What not to wear

July 24, 2008 - by: LeVerne Valdez

Put yourself in the position of a porn cameraman for one second, particularly one that works for the VT studio and films the most beautiful women in the world on a regular basis. Would you dress to impress or would you think practically? Would you opt for style over comfort?

Well as you can see these VT crew members have made some interesting wardrobe choices before picking up the camera. Check out little Vera’s disgust in one picture as former staffer Bingo Ming sports the latest in Umbro football shorts and flip flops while filming the lovely Stella Stevens and Jo. And what about the horrendous sight of Roy Knaves crack as he films Sandra Shine….you could park a Harley Davidson in there. And last but not least the ‘too cool for school’ Stern Bigot, put those guns away big boy…and as for the shades…….It’s time these boys went shopping.

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