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Fucking with Peaches

I’m sure a fair few of us have shut our eyes, dimmed the lights, and stroked ourselves while thinking of the lovely Peaches. Don’t lie. But would she really be all that good in bed? Maybe if you are a girl she might be more into it, but then again she’s been known to swing both ways, so she might enjoy the company of a nice man-shaft too (she told me she preferred smaller, average sized ones). And whilst she might smell like a peach between her creamy thighs (I asked Gina) is Peaches really the sexual dynamo one might imagine her to be, actually, are any of these models any good in real life? The answer…well of course they are.

Sex With Peaches.

Clip is from a bonus feature on the DVD.

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Under The Influence

spunkHave you ever had sex under the influence of narcotics, enhancing the sensations, making things last longer, making things more intense? Or just stupidly introducing your partner to Mr. Floppy and spinning out on some awful hallucination? Not that I’ve ever taken it, but Viagra is meant to have some kind of druggy effect, as well as giving you a stonking hard-on. Lots of people drink before they have sex too, in fact the whole human mating process seems to revolve around drink. And isn’t alcohol a drug, or is it just a drink?

In the film Spunk Fiction James Brossman starts drinking this cleaning product (do not do this at home) and it begins giving him vivid hallucinations which he can not tell if they are real or not. Here’s a clip of what we imagined he might be seeing, it’s a nice blowjob too.

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Double Your Pleasure

Double-enders are quite strange things really. Never quite been able to understand the attraction, although there are some rather good images which come out of a scene when using one, and there are a couple of good positions too, my favourite being ass-to-ass, but all this stuff is purely for visual pleasure.

I remember there being a very good scene in the movie Requiem For A Dream (actually it was a kind of disturbing like the rest of the movie) with Jennifer Connelly and another girl going ass-to-ass. Hot stuff.

We don’t often use them because they can be rather awkward to use, and unless the girls are quite flexible and can get on the same movement wavelength they don’t go in and out of the pussy so well. Below is probably one of the most memorable scenes we have filmed using a double-ender from Spunk Fiction. So what’s the consensus, should we be using them?

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Sunny the porn star

There’s a bit of Hardcore action going on in our HARDCORE PHOTO section today. Sunny gets some serious action with a bloke called Ruka Stone (what does THAT mean? My cock is hard as stone?). I love these guy’s names, I mean we had a young chap in called “Bob Terminator”! That’s got to to give you a chuckle and a half. Anyways, I meant to tell you about Sunny, not about her man-boy partner. Her biggest claim to fame in the World is that she has lapped away at the delicate little pussy of Lady Jo! Scope it out.

Here’s the blurb from the photo set:

“We aren’t just talking about the super sucker blow jobs Sunny deals out, if you look closely you’ll see some spunky man-girl thrusting and jizz soaked lips too!”

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Olympic Bodies.

Ok so I might have missed the boat a little on this one because it finished last weekend unfortunately. But for two weeks there was a lot to enjoy in terms of athletic, tight, young, firm, incredible bodies, amazingly taut, tight, young, hot bodies, wonderfully young, hard, flexible bodies, and….uh….horse riding, what the fuck is that doing in the Olympics?

So yeah, it was all about the womens gymnastics for me, wow, those girls are just unbelievable, the moves they can do, how they can manipulate their bodies into those positions, it’s jaw-dropping. Personally I don’t think the British TV coverage was up to much, far too much horse riding (horse riding, what the fuck!?), far too much sailing and rowing (yawn) and way too much biking (fucking riding a bike, are you having a laugh, I’ve been doing it since I was 4). No where near enough womens beach vollyball, and to be quite honest not close to enough womens gymnastics. Highlights just aren’t enough I’m afraid.

I mean for fucks sake, I get home from a long day at work only to find that China are playing Brazil in Womens Beach Vollyball, and it’s raining! Oh yes! Turn on the TV and what are they showing? Rowing. Fucking rowing. So we have tight young women playing beach vollyball in the rain, wearing nothing but bikini’s…and what do they show, four guys rowing a boat. No no no no!

Another time I’m waiting patently for the coverage of the final of the Individual Womens Gymnastics, ok, I’ll wait. What do we get? 15 minutes of highlights showing Shawn Johnson and that incredible Chinese girl who won everything, but no one else! Where were the Romanians, the Brazilians! The Russians, the Ukrainians! Come on! Damn it. Next time around I’m getting interactive Sky+.

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Oral Sex – Blowjobs by Avril

Sorry it’s been a while since my first blog, I wanted to start blogging but I’ve been really busy, I really have.

As most of you know, I have had the pleasure of enjoying the company of both men and women over the years, and there’s one thing that really excites me, and that is giving and receiving oral sex.
I believe that when a guy receives a blow job it’s like a vehicle for him to feel in control and powerful over the woman, which is nice sometimes, like I am submitting to him, going down on my knees and pleasuring him. But it need not be like that all the time. Sometimes I like to take control and really fuck his dick with my mouth, to really use my wet hand, my spit, my lips and my throat to have him under my control completely. Sometimes its good to tell him to close his eyes, and to leave him without the visual and only the physical sensations. If it’s a performance of pure lust it can be so much more than just a stepping stone to sex. Same with cunnilingus, if I just eat away at the pussy, devouring it – but more on this in another blog. One thing that is really important in both, you need to enjoy giving as much as receiving.

In the early stages of a relationship a blow job can be used to titillate the partner into believing that this is only the beginning and I am capable of much more, like saying I can take you to sensual heights and if the giver is very good, and can give them spontaneously, then this belief can and often does capture the taker, hook line and sinker, and all good and bad relationships are generally started in this way. Then the giver really does experience a sense of power and excitement over the taker especially when it leads to becoming a couple and the act becomes a loving one, a need to see that person again.

When couples move on it becomes a fun way to start your fore play, which is so often and very nearly always neglected. It is a vehicle to entice and stimulate both parties until they feel the only way forward is to satisfy themselves totally by giving in to their lust.

Spit or swallow – the eternal question. I believe it is a preference of the individual. Men seem to have a fixation about us swallowing his semen and perhaps if the provider wanted to give the ultimate gift and be guaranteed a place of remembrance then I would suggest, swallow, but why do it on your own? Share your tasty mouthful with your partner! I always try that one!
Here I have asked one of the boys to upload a clip of a nice blowjob! Enjoy!

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Time off at

After the smoke has settled, the dust clears and we peer through the fog at the tail end of Unfaithful 4, we all pause to reflect on the immense effort that goes into making a series like Unfaithful. As Unfaithful DVDs race out the door of the VT HQ, on their speedy way to our loyal fans in rustic brown paper bags, what better place to de-stress than at the local golf course after work?

Golf has always been a part of Viv’s life and he made it apart of ours when he generously got us involved. We now have five handicapped (not physically) players in the office! He even (in effect) paid us to play for four days on some of the best golf courses in the Algarve at the 2008 Masters Tournament. It’s always a pleasure to get out on the course after work and relax.

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The fourth part of our UNFAITHFUL series has finally hit the online shop.

It’s been a long wait for many, our forum being inundated with requests to know what is going to happen, who is going to feature, and when it is going to be available.

Part Four sees Lisa reassessing her life, trying to stay faithful if only to prove to herself she can love only one woman. But Lisa might have lost her lover forever, and we join Nella on her lustful and deviant journey without Lisa.

Lisa lays awake at night, her mind speculating as to who her young lover is laying with, her body aching for her warmth, her soul craving her taste. Nella too misses her first love, each soulless encounter after the next leaving her empty and void of emotion.

Can these two lovers find a way to make it work, or is it now simply to late?



Download Version Available 26.08.08

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A helping hand from Sandra

Some of you might think i’m slightly obsessed with the sight of VT starlets handling man meat…….what can i say…….you’re not wrong.

Here’s a clip featuring the lovely Sandra Shine. It’s a few years ago and she was obviously drafted in as the Lezbo third wheel in a standard boy/girl/girl 3-some. However the randy fella cannot resist grabbing her hand and placing it around his schlong, well you would wouldn’t you? She’s happy to play along as well……good girl Miss Shine.

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Tall Girls

A lot of people like contrasts in girl-on-girl scenes. Blonde and brunette, older and younger, small breasts and big breasts, and of course tall and small.

Here we have Vera (possibly the smallest model we have worked with at 5′) and Peaches (possibly the tallest at 6′) working together in the movie Forbidden Fruits. It was a good scene but the logistics of the whole thing can be awkward, especially when using a double-ended dildo as they did.

Some people really dig tall girls but not me, now maybe that’s because I’m about the same height as Al Pacino minus the cuban heels, but I’ve just never really understood the whole amazonian fashion models thing. Don’t get me wrong I like nice legs and all those things that come with tall girls but I just don’t like the idea of Xena the Warrior Princess ripping my jeans off and tearing me a new asshole with her strap-on dildo made of rock.

We had a guy working here once that was obsessed with making a film about Amazon women and I think I’ve just realized why.

clip of Nadia and Nikki Sands from Pussy in Paradise

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The best Coke advert!

I was watching a Bill Hicks stand up routine recently & he was saying how ridiculous advertising was getting and that one day you’ll just see a hot horny bitch licking her lips and as the camera pans out she’s frigging herself off, with Enjoy The Real Thing written in at the end. Nuff said concerning this pic concerning Sandy & Trixi.

Can't Beat The Feeling!

Can't Beat The Feeling!

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She’s Got a GREAT ASS!

A womans ass. You’ve got to love it. There’s just something about a womans ass which makes me want to….I don’t even want to say it.

We used to work with a guy who loved asses so much he insisted on making a film about a guy who loses his mind because of his lust for a womans ass. There’s also a great section on our website dedicated to the female bum. The best thing about asses is no two are alike, you get small tight ones, big plump ones, cuddly ones, firms ones, they’re just all different.

There also seems to be a healthy lack of taboo when it comes to a womans ass. They’re everywhere in the mainstream, especially in adverts and on posters. Go to the beach, they’re clearly on display everywhere. Which is great to be quite honest. When I think of a womans ass I get quite primeval, when the panties are slipped down and those warm rounded cheeks just burst out, something comes out in me, quite literally.

Pictures are of Nikki and Nikita

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Strap-on or Strap-off?

Strap-ons. Never wore one myself, I have a cock. But lesbians use them? Right? Or wrong? Well I’ve mixed reports, some say yay some say nay. Then I read on various forums the arguments, “would never go near them…” …”love them use one all the time.” So what’s the consensus? Let’s have some comments!

I know most guys probably like seeing them because it’s like watching two girls have sex, like a man and a woman normally would, with the same kinds of positions and some close contact. Why that sounds great Spunk, – two beautiful girls, naked, in similar positions as I would be with a girl, with a similar phallic object on display (obviously a different colour and much smaller), and not a hairy bobbing man arse in sight, do go on.

But what do the women think? Are they just ridiculous? Or do they help get some deep penetration going in a relationship?

Clip from UNFAITHFUL 4, with Nella, Aletta, Peaches

Picture of Zara and CJ from Mums & Daughters

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Great aren’t they. Dark ones, pink ones, big ones, small ones, fat ones, long ones, soft squishy ones, hard ones. Uneven ones, perfectly rounded ones, ones which point to the sky, ones which look out to the sides, ones which are looking in, pert ones, little mini ones, chubby ones. Then you get ones which sit on full areolas, small areolas, light areolas, dark areolas, areolas with little bumps on them. Nipples which are very sensitive, nipples which are inverted and need to be enticed out, nipples which are trying to rip out of a girls t-shirt, nipples which are so big and strong you’d see them even if the girl was wearing a plate of armour. You can suck on them, lick them, squeeze them, twist them, gently knead them, pull them, or just admire them from afar.

I love them all. Which are your favourite kind?

clip from Unfaithful 4

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Paul Raymond

Here is an interesting article written about Paul Raymond, who built one of the United Kingdom’s biggest porn and property empires. We currently work very closely with the company he left behind: PRO or the Paul Raymond Organization.

Paul-Raymond-article from the Sunday Times

From the Sunday Times
August 17, 2008

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part7)

More philosophical insights from Laszlo, one of the most prolific Hungarian model agents, who’s been around since the beginning of the porno boom in Budapest. Also featuring Sandy and Sandra getting their asses kicked at tennis-doubles by Federer and Nadal (no, wait, that’s Viv and Sean), Mates playing headers with Kirsty from the official Czech Rep. womens football team, and Tye and Lew getting softened up by some of the models. Clip after the jump…

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part6)

Off to Portugal…after the jump…

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part 5)

So here we are on Part 5 of the documentary when the vision of “The Bulk” finally hits the screen, except things aren’t going quite according to plan.

Some say this job is extreme… “Well we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little bit crazy." Not my words, Adamski, or Seal as they are now known. Clip after the jump…

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Personality Goes A Long Way

I had an email this morning from someone following the blog, asking for some Nadia clips from Pussy In Paradise. I remember all this footage was unplanned, Nadia had such a likable and fun personality that we just let the camera roll and she lit up the screen. I love girls like this, Vera, Nadia, just so sexy, confident and fun to be with (and to film!!!)

I will upload the one which was requested but I wanted to start with this one as I’m particularly fond of it. It is the opening sequence from the movie, where Nadia walks around the villa introducing the other girls. We have a young Peaches and Gina making their very first photoset, EVER! Then there is Henrietta doing our make-up, at a time I was desperately trying to get her to do a scene. Also an all-natural Christina Bella (wow she was lovely), and a rare shot of me filming without a cap on

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Once upon a Cock

Ok so this post might be a little controversial but in light of the lovely Sandy recently wrapping her lips around a black schlong i started thinking about some other VT girls that have also been partial to a bit of meat. In fact most of our favorite babes have gagged down on a sizable shaft at some point in their careers. For most of these girls it was a short lived choice and they soon went on to enjoy the sweet taste of pussy instead. But i can’t help but think they look just as lovely with a meat pipe in their mouth.

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Trip to the Aqua Park

You know I’m a pretty open minded guy. One time I was with a girl who was into Karezza, exhausting stuff let me tell you. I even dated a chick who had Dendrophilia, I had to spend every weekend for four months camping. But I’ve never been able to understand the whole watersports thing. Nothing against it, I just find it oddly unarousing. And yet I know a lot of people who are well into it, mostly porn stars funnily enough, I shot a guy who got so aroused with anticipation that a girl was about to piss in his mouth that his erection grew so hard I thought his cock was going to burst. Well, you know what they say, different stokes….

Me? I’d prefer a trip to the aqua park and a ride on the kamikaze! Wooophieeee!

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part4)

I'm having a real crisis. What is sex? You know when you look at something for so long you can no longer understand what it is. I get that all the time.

Especially with dogs. Sometimes I think they're very hairy, very friendly children.
Clip after the jump…

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part 3)

Part 3 sees the boys in the London Studio shooting “Plump & Busty 5,” Bingo Ming composing his original “Busty Suckers” theme, Lew’s concerns about the media’s projection of beauty, and Sean’s theory of equality in salaries between men and women.

Clip after the jump…

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Before she was a DJ……Nicky Bellucci

Before she opted for a career on the wheels of steel Nicky Bellucci graced us with her presence at the casting stage of Porn Academy way back in 2003.

For some reason she kept wanting to cover up her lovely pert boobs. She was also fresh from the tattoo parlour sporting new art-work on her arm and ankle. Unfortunately she didn’t make it through to the final stage of the competition despite those tits and arse showing huge potential. One thing is for sure – i’d take her over Pete Tong any day and we’d be making our own sweet music.

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part2)

The problem with pornography is that there is a huge range of different kinds of porn which have all been tarnished with the same brush. We’ve been given a bad rep by the fear-mongers, accused of spreading nasty sexual thoughts by showing bare flesh! Because we have to have an enemy, someone has to take the blame for all this sickness in society, so they have you believing we're all a bunch of criminals hawking sex and wrapped up in all manner of disgusting things. But it's a lie.

We are the ‘What's Hot What's Not’ people, born into a society which keeps us, the masses, sedated with lies, with blighted dreams and celebrity culture.

Everyone has to make a living, and we're just ordinary people, doing an ordinary job. It doesn't mean we're gay. Clip after the jump….

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Girls Having Fun!

Here’s another series of outtakes, this time from Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist (more about this below.)

There’s nothing I like better (well there are a few things actually) than knowing the girls have fun with us while making our movies, it makes everything about the film better. Girls smiling and enjoying themselves makes for better sex scenes believe me.

Vera, once again the star of the clip, shows why she is so popular; infectious laugh, goofing around, genuinely getting into the scenes, and just generally enjoying herself on-set. Oh yeah, and a lovely little body and a very pretty face, I forgot about that for a second.

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (Part1)

Since when was sex a bad thing? Did I miss a meeting? Sex is good! Pornography is good! I see it everyday, on TV advertising beer, on billboards peddling shower-gel, within the pages of pop-culture magazines. And anyway I don’t make porn. I’m a filmmaker. The films just happen to have a little sex in them. Is that such a bad thing?

Fed up with the notion that everyone who works in porn is either abused, a gangster or a pervert, the crew made their own mockumentatry in 2003 to prove this perception wrong.

We’ll show it in parts, so here’s part one after the jump.

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There Will Be Oil!

It has driven countries to war. It corrupted Day-Lewis and drove him to madness in his greedy pursuit of wealth. It even ruined Viv’s ML when he put the wrong kind in the tank.

I’ve always been fond of scenes where girls smear themselves in oil and get all slippery. They do this kind of thing a lot in the Far East. There are these massage parlors you can go to where three or four girls cover their naked bodies in oil, and rub themselves all over you as you lay there bollock naked.

I also filmed a scene last month for a movie we were making called SNOW where Zoe and Gina really got oily. That was great!

So here’s a short clip from Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist where Zora Banx drips oil on her incredible breasts and then rubs them on Stella Stevens. Totally hot and brilliant scene, and a highly recommended girl/girl title!

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The Visa V-Card

It’s great to know that we have a dialogue with our members. A customer asked us on the support site whether we accepted V-Cards? We looked at each other, scratched our heads and said: “Uhhh… why don’t you try and see?”

So she tried twice and it worked. So if you live in Australia, India, New Zealand or Hong Kong (and soon in the U.K.) and you don’t want a credit card, go get one!

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We’re on Twitter!

Yay! We’re on Twitter… So what? Well if you’re a fan of Twitter come over and tell us how to use it effectively, would you?

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Inside the HQ

I’m tired. I’ve been editing Mums & Daughters: Secrets In The Suburbs all week, I’m full of coffee, watermelon, and tempura chicken. Sean is eating biscuits and practicing his golf swing. Viv is deleting messages from the outbox on his Nokia N95. It’s clearly Friday afternoon.

I picked up a camera and recorded around the office for five minutes. This is where part of the magic happens people. The second bout of magic, after the girls have gone home, when it all comes together!

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Military Porn

While I was going through an upcoming photo set to be published in the ON LOCATION section, I came across this picture of a cute young Lucy Bell. I have no idea what was happening here but I got to thinking: “Have we done any military style porn?”

The short answer is YES, we did a movie called War and Sex, and we have done a few photo-sets in prisons etc. Wouldn’t it be great to do some more work in a real grotty part of a broken down town with weapons and sexy uniforms?

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Unfaithful 4 – Backstage

With the anticipation quietly rising I thought I’d post a little raw footage here from the scene with Zara and Nella in Unfaithful Part 4. Couple of things I like about this, first Nella was WELL into Zara, she sensed that young Zara liked girls, responded genuinely, and was enjoying Nella’s experience.

Nella with a big smile on her face, arms out-stretched beckoning her new lover, then the two just snuggle up face-to-face and begin kissing, just as I’m checking the camera and before I’ve even called “action.” What a wonderful way to work.

Another great thing about this scene is the Czech Nella couldn’t communicate with Hungarian Zara at all, as she didn’t speak a word of English. But the two just made a real connection the other way, through the language of love. I think it made everything more exciting for them.

Nice to see Henrietta and Gina in the background there to, believe me these girls don’t normally sit and watch a scene but I think they felt something in the air that day and wanted, like everyone else, to see what was going to happen when we unleashed Nella on this inexperienced young model.

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Outtakes with Sandy, Vera, Sandra and Stella

xHere’s a couple of good outtakes from the movie Private Practice. It was great fun making this movie, as always. Some of these girls are a joy. Most fondly I remember making Sandra Shine slap Frank Major about a dozen times, not because she couldn’t get it right, but because he is a lucky lucky bastard. Enjoy.
Clip after the jump -

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Illegal movie file sharing

This poster for anti-illegal-music-downloading made me chuckle. In a follow up to Spunk L Davis’ article on Piracy we have some more great news! I must say it is quite depressing for me and the other guys in the office to do an internet search for our movies. Why? Because there are thousands of people sharing our films illegally on the internet. Everyone here goes to great lengths to try and create something that truly is “a cut above the rest” of other porn companies and then a lot of our work ends up being stolen. It’s thanks to loyal customers like yourselves that we can keep ahead of (an ever more competitive) business.

Their IS light at the end of the tunnel, however :) We are in the process of contracting a company who hunts down illegal downloads and file sharers, legally fines them $700 and reimburses us a percentage of that fine for the theft of the film. So in the end we get our illegal films removed and we get paid for it being done. With a business plan like that I think the pirates have no chance.

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Hazards of Porn

I was watching some ‘funny porn clips’ this morning on Fleshbot so I thought I’d share a few of our own.

This one was from Bubblegum Babes 5 but also featured on our reality tv-series Reality Porn – where I grabbed this clip from. The day we filmed this scene we thought it would be a good idea to film a sex position on a chair. Unfortunately for James Brossman and Tiffany Diamond the chair wasn’t up for it.

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My Blonde Bush!

I found an old picture which has inspired my first post. I can’t believe I’m doing this but what the hell.

I like a bit of bush. Not too much, but enough. There I said it.

I’m not really into the landing strip too much, and I don’t like it when they just leave a tiny little patch on the pussy pad either, and even though completely shaved is an option you have to give it constant attention otherwise it’s like tonguing a man with stubble!

It was considered very wild and feminine to have an untamed bush in your knickers when I was young. When I started dancing at about 21, we all had bush. Obviously we had to trim it because of some of the more risque costumes, but no one even talked about shaving or waxing.

The first time I ever fooled around with a girl she had serious pubic hair (we are talking late 70s here!), and there was nothing wrong with that! I was younger and it actually really impressed me and turned me on. Back then when you tucked your head between a girls legs and started delicately chomping on her you just had to keep going, ignoring the tickling sensations on your nose, and pick the pubes out of your mouth after she’s wriggled around under you long enough to have an orgasm.

When this picture was taken (mid-90s) I got into trimming my bush regularly. Later I actually I started getting it waxed at this place I knew about, they had a really nice woman there who loved waxing me, she was real ‘hands on.’ I shouldn’t say it but I used to get the lot done very regularly, my asshole was as smooth as a prepubescent girls! There was a reason, maybe I’ll save that for another time. But these days I’ve let my womanly bush grow a little more, lucky I’m naturally not that hairy around my vagina anyway, but I do like my bush. Makes me feel all-woman!

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Me! Avril! Blogging!

Hello everyone! It’s me Avril making my first blog entry in my first blog ever (the last two were copy and pastes from my location diary!) Where are all the smilies, bummer. So Viv has asked me to contribute to the VT Blog, I’ve been impressed by what I’ve been reading so far it all looks like great fun, I am not sure I can be as clever as the guys with their videos but I will try to bring a fresh perspective to things here, maybe talk about some of my experiences in my life and working in the biz. Pass on the gossip a little about the girls!

So, blogging. Blogging blogging blogging. What do I blog about first? Shit I should have thought about this a little more before coming on and blogging. This first one was just a warm up for me. Attached is a picture [testing if I can do it] of me.

End of Avril’s test blog.

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Models Without Make-Up (continued…)

This is a good blog by Stern so I thought I’d dig into my own personal collection of pictures from being on-location over the years (ah-hum, not all of them of course!)

First up some of the girls without their make-up on from the week when we made Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist (ironically.) Jo and Vera looking lovely at a restaurant, Zora chilling out next to the pool minus any clothing below the waist! And finally Stella Stevens and Cayenne.

Most of these girls are just naturally pretty, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, however you want to say it. I like this natural and fresh look as do many people, it sort of gets rid of the glamorous angle which I find taints a lot of adult material. But you try asking the girls to make a movie without make-up on and they’ll think you are joking.

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When It’s Just Too Good

Ok so here’s one which can be forgiven. While I was filming Private Practice in 2003 out walked Mya Diamond wearing a white nurses uniform, white stockings and suspenders, her little body tucked neatly inside, her breasts bulging out from the bra. It was knockout stuff. The ever smiling ever dancing James Brossman looked at me and said…”I’m in trouble.”

No shit. Quite frankly it had already been a long week for me at that point so I probably would have managed around three good strokes, hence the two voices you hear after this premature incident are mine “…don’t worry, it’s alright,” and Viv’s laughter. We honestly couldn’t blame the bloke (lucky bastard,) Mya Diamond has a silk pussy and I’ve seen this happen more than once! Like a real gentleman he took a five minute time-out then carried on.

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Models Without Make-Up

For my virgin post I thought I’d show you some of our girls without their make-up. When you cast girls for a project you’re looking at made-up photos of them and generally they all look stunning. Then the moment of truth comes when they arrive on set and either: look lovely and even lovelier when make-up is applied, look rather rough but then lovely when make-up is applied or they look completely different from the girl you thought you’d cast a few weeks ago! (but do actually resemble her when make-up is applied).

So, as it’s summer here a few of the stars of the soon to be released Summer Camp Secrets sans Make-up.

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Male Porn Stars Part II

We were filming Porn Academy in Budapest when we met Andi (pictured). She was a real lovely girl who wanted to make her first boy/girl scenes. We had also been compiling scenes for Dirty Dog 1 and since the Dog was with us we decided to take a break and film a scene for the DVD.

He’s a good bloke with an incredible cum shot, and usually does great scenes for us, but on that day something happened. His excuse was that he hadn’t had sex in three days, but I think it was a combination of the fact she was very excited about doing the scene (she got really wet) and the fact that he fancied the hell out of her. He just couldn’t do the scene, every time he put himself inside her he wanted to cum. It was a disaster and ended up on the DVD extras because he just couldn’t really get going. Bear in mind that at the end of the shoot he got paid!

He claimed she had a “magic pussy.” Yeah, right.

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Male Porn Stars

Although most trash-porn seems to revolve around some guy getting his rocks off, it’s ironic that there are few truly well-known male porn stars, John C Holmes, Ron Jeremy, possibly Peter North? I guess people generally don’t follow the work of male porn stars.

To be quite honest, male porn stars annoy me. They fucking irritate me. I mean I can handle it if it’s a scene between two lovers but still whether they are fucking or making love I want to see her reactions, her pleasure, her orgasm, and I want to be convinced she is actually loving this guy.

I’ve worked with many male porn stars over the years. I’ve seen guys turn up in shades big enough to cover their entire face, wearing crocodile skin winkle-pickers, snake-skin trousers and three-quarter leather coats. I’ve seen tans that are such a deep mahogany colour that they can only have been created in “Tan-Tastic” off Budapest high-street. I’ve seen guys that don’t have particularly big cocks, I’ve seen guys that simply can not contain themselves and cum half way though a scene. I’ve met guys who have had peck-implants, guys who have ego’s so big that they simply can not stop talking about themselves. And every time we hand over the cash to one of these guys something inside me dies. Most of these guys have no idea of how to pleasure a girl, sometimes I wonder if they get any sex at all outside of their work.

So, I’m starting a new series of blogs which will reveal a couple of funny moments. Premature ejaculations here we go.

Here’s the first, a simple clip of ugly male porn star Pete La Meat (is he Peter Kay’s brother?), who tried to tell us how to film the scene (he said we should “kick the back end out” of the camera, to this day don’t know what he meant,) who called me a sheep-shagger about 14 times during the shoot (it got funnier each time), who’d illegally parked his Merc in a disabled spot, and who farted whilst the girl was giving him a blowjob. I mean would anyone enjoy watching this geezer fuck a girl?

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Rapping Pussy

While filming 100% Hardcore British Fuckfest 1 we met Jamie Woods. For those who haven’t heard of her she made a name for herself in the British porn scene around 2003. She was filthy-mouthed, crazy, barking mad, but quite hilarious.

Anyway while filming her scene she asked us if we wanted to see her party trick. To be honest, this was the last thing I expected her to do.

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    Supermodel2019 6 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 10 hours ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 1 day ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Christa P 2 days ago

    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

    on A Night of Passion

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations