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Summer Camp Secrets DVD

I’m just doing the final tests on the DVD of Summer Camp Secrets before it goes off for duplication.

Like the Plantmeister once screamed “It’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time” and it probably has for many of you who were watching when this one was being shot back in May ’07.

It comes from the mind of NiceSlice aka BigDave and it was his parting gift to us here at VT Headquarters. We gave him a PS3, he gave us 26 hours of footage to sift through. Is that fair? Not really. Anyway, sift we did (I did) and it has finally culminated in the kinky, sexy, cheeky bundle of innocent fun that is Summer Camp Secrets.

It stars Ariel, Bijou, Bambi, Lucky, Suzie Carina & Zafira.

Expect the DVD to be available in a few weeks and a trailer to be available at the end of this one.

The book of love is back Robert.

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The fine art of Directing…..Porn

Fair enough we’re not directing the latest De Niro/Pacino flick here (although i’ve heard it’s shite). But there is an art to directing top notch erotica. We here at the VT palace have worked hard on developing are techniques when it comes to getting what we want from the vast array of smoking hot starlets.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta get your hands dirty. Me for example grabbing Sandy’s lovely tanned leg whilst filming Lesbian Encounters so that i can get a good shot of her trim, twitching pussy. Cindy Hope just happens to be knuckle deep at the time and from the look on Sandy’s face she would like to take my hand and submit Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein Casino hammer style punishment on it. Thankfully she chose not too and appreciated the fact that all i was trying to do was get the right shot. It’s the same with Spunk L in this next shot – the lovely Peaches needs to know where to put that Dildo……..there is no way Spunk is gonna let her put it in the wrong hole. We’re just here to help folks.

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Blondes Or Brunettes, theres no doubt!

Okay people this may cause you distress but you’ve got to believe me, blondes may have more fun, & may come across cute but i’m telling you brunettes are pure filth, in look, in personality & especially in the sack for sure!!

Take these 3 beauties here, Angelika Black, Lucy Bell & Suzie Carina these are my personal favourites & if you can do better than this, then it’s on like Donkey Kong…….

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Armpit Hair Debate

Is this something that only bothers me? Surely I’m not the only person that thinks women with hairy armpits just look wrong. I know it’s the common stereotype that women should be shaven and men hairy, but that’s the way i like it. However as you can see from this clip, taken from the production “Bubblegum Babes 2″, (discontinued) some guys obviously love the armpit hair. This guy has a breast in his mouth, which he then leaves to furrow his tongue into the coarse hair of her armpit! Is anyone else not getting this with me. I mean when the choice is down to sucking breasts or licking armpit hair, it’s 100% breast fest. I never even entertained the idea of licking a womans armpit before seeing this clip, and if I met a woman with chewbacca stuck in her armpit i would be hastily making my excuses and fleeing from the room.

This is just my humble opinion however, and if your into the unshaven female you can find more pics at, and i’d be fascinated to hear some comments off people who are into this kind of raw beauty. Sell it to me guys and gals, because at the moment i’m not buying.

Bubblegum Babes series

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Female Wetness

THIS forum post by Gen this morning has inspired a blog, as it’s been something we have been quite particular on over the years, and something which is quite prevalent in a number of recent movies we have shot in the past, and especially some of our more recent work to be released over the next few months. Read the post – I’m a stickler for wetness as it’s a sure-fire sign that a girl is beginning to get into things; that those feelings, those twitches, those sharp breaths and those pleasure moans are real, not put on.

When a girls starts to get all sticky and soapy in that heavenly place between her thighs, her body is reacting to how she is feeling, and this is exactly what we are all about here at the Viv Thomas Studio, capturing the beauty of these genuine moments. One stand out for me from a past scene was in Six Days With Vera Vol.1, in the Sophie and Vera scene. I’d told Vera to take her time with Sophie, really slowly get her all worked up, kiss her everywhere, be real passionate and romantic with her. Well by the time Vera put her hand into Sophie’s panties, her body had reacted quite powerfully and she was extremely aroused and excited!

It happened off-camera, but they started giggling about something or other and when I asked Vera about it she just showed me her fingers (at the time still in Sophie’s panties and gently kneading her hole) and they were glistening! So I quickly told her “…rub and smear more of that juice on your hand, then bring it out of her panties on camera!” So I began to record as Vera rubbed her hand on Sophie’s dripping pussy, then she brings it out, it’s coated with Sophie’s wetness and Vera starts spreading the glistening liquid on her belly and nipples. So hot.

I’d forgotten how sloppy she gets in the scene, Vera eating her out is such a fucking turn on! The smacking, slurping noises of the juices and Vera’s passionate, enthusiastic pussy-eating is incredible, Vera just buries her whole face in there!

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How Dogging started

Dogging is a British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place (typically a secluded car park or a cinema) or watching others doing so.

But one thing that Wikipedia DOESN’T know is how dogging started. You see Viv was shooting Sandy and Trixi here in a public park. Bit risky, but what the fuck; Viv was young and full of piss and vigour and he would have proudly told anyone who contradicted him to “fuck off”. So a small crowd formed and the lads started texting (Brit for SMS’ing) their mates and soon Viv himself had to fuck off, with Sandy, Trixi and Avril in tow.

The next weekend some bright spark decided to shag his babe in a public car park and he subtly sent a text to his mates to come over and watch. It spread via the internet and mobile phone and soon the BBC was reporting on it. Amazing hey? Here’s the set

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Got Viv…?

It’s good for you!

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Be My Friend On Facebook

Be my friend on the anti-social Network facebook! For news and goodies!

I’m going to be taking lots of private snaps on-set, sneaking around, and generally being a twisted Gonzo nuisance whilst still trying to maintain an aura of cool. I will even start uploading my personal collection of pictures which haven’t been seen before!

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The Lesbians At Home

On the set of Most Subscribed (Coming Soon) our man Stern Bigot was on set armed with a camera to record anything juicy going on behind the scenes. As we had real-life lovers there – Peaches & Gina – we knew there’d be lots to see and lots to talk about. He asks them about their relationship and about jealousy on a number of occasions, and they have some interesting views on the subjects. Relationships are a funny thing in this business but the girls seem refreshingly unfazed by the whole thing, I guess theirs works on a deeper level, and there’s obviously more too it than sex.

They have been filming lots of really sexy private stuff over the last few months, some of it now on their website at, and there’ll be more of that coming!

The full behind the scenes documentary will be available on the Most Subscribed DVD and on our website for members around Christmas time or in the New Year.

Check out the girls own blog!

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When Porn Stars Fall In Love (No.3)

Occasionally, as I’ve mentioned before in this particular blog series, sparks fly, senses are heightened, the blood begins to flow, and a connection is made between two models which can not be faked or performed. It’s the real deal. They’re not just having sex, they are both personally involved in the moment, sharing the intimacy and the passion, and making love to one another.

On one such occasion Vera had returned to model exclusively for us. She hadn’t made love to a girl in “a long time,” and I could tell she was excited. When Nella works she looks for the signs, and if she senses her partner is genuinely enjoying, it’s like letting a wild, crazy, lustful animal out of it’s cage, she pounces! So when I casually wandered into the bedroom where Vera and Nella were taking part in a photoshoot for The Office Girls 2, and I saw them locked in an embrace and kissing deeply, while Sean was saying …”keep still, keep still…” my pants began to host a party to which everyone was invited.

The scene was just outstanding, and it ended up winning Best Lesbian Scene 2007 at our very own Awards Party. It was one of those scenes which I knew was just going to make the movie. The first ten minutes wasn’t so much a battle for dominance, more just both girls unleashing this pent-up lustful abandon which had been evolving all morning, and for Vera – quite some time.

When someone started hammering outside I called a time-out because the sound was so distracting and both girls collapsed in a heap together, totally ignoring me for a minute, looking into each others eyes, smiling, catching their breath, still touching each other. Vera’s hips were literally spasming, she was raising her pussy off the bed up and down, desperate for Nella to tuck in.

A minute into the break I started recording them on the bed as they were waiting for me, because Nella was rolling Vera’s hair around on her finger as their anticipation to continue grew. It was a loving moment. Vera actually said to Nella at one point, “I can tell I won’t be the man in this scene!” Which made Nella really laugh. I think Vera secretly just wanted to surrender to Nella, who was getting keen to carry on, she wanted to be ravaged by this girl who was quite obviously loving every minute.

Both girls gave each other intense orgasms, rimmed each other for long periods, and were so close all the time, just kissing kissing kissing. It’s a stand-out scene in my seven years filming girls making out.

Watch the The Office Girls*2 Trailer

Thanks thisgirlisdrowning!

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Blast From The Past – Lucy Gresty

UK glamour model, Page-3 girl, calender pin-up, and fantasy fetish wrestler Lucy Gresty was born in 1968 and has been modeling since 1987.

I came across these pictures on our website and damn she looked fine back then in 1992, when girls still had pubic hair. Great body too!

I looked her up and saw that she is still around, now sporting a slightly less attractive blonde look.

Avril sure did like pearls back in the early 90′s.

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Probing Tongue

I’ve seen some girls do some strange things with their tongues. Aside from my Springer Spaniel, the longest tongue I ever saw belonged to Tara English, it was huge, both long and fat, and always salivating. She had great fellatio skills, Big Tony once commented that if she kept using her tongue ‘like that’ while she was giving him oral relief that he was going to …”cum all over your tits, yeah? Come all over yoor fooking tits, yoo fooker…yeah?”

She also worked that great tongue hard on Silvia Saint in Searching For Silvia, in what turned out to be a bloody great scene! Silvia’s clit literally bursting out of it’s hood.

Some girls have some pretty interesting tongue skills like this Asian girl and her happy-face tongue, or this red-head chicky with a very long tongue.

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Ellas Dirty Little Fuckers

One of my absolute all-time favourite models that I have worked with is Ella. She was outstanding in every aspect, totally beautiful (her eyes, wow), captivating personality, amazing figure (she had the smallest most perfect ass next to Vera’s), infectious laugh, very professional, very good fun to work with, got into the job whether it was with girls or guys, she was just great.

In 2004 she was in London and was spending quite a bit of time with us, so we decided to make something of it, and we shot a movie over a week, which Playboy bought off us after they’d seen it. Secret Video Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho followed Ella as the lesbian nymph. It really is such a charming and fun program, we really get a glimpse of Ella’s real personality, but whenever she did something with us it shined through, whether it’s the naughty Ella from the Pink Velvet Trilogy or the foxy minx in Room Service.

*Today we have released Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers as a download, also starring Danni, Claudia, Nikky and others.*

Below are some brief random cuts I took from Secret Video Diary….. I picked this clip because I just like the way she gets into that apartment, we were saying that for months after, and we even left that take in the final cut because it was just so damn cute. “…I’m sorry I’m your neighbours and I clocked out.” “Tanks!” Ah…great stuff. Trailer here.

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Blast From The Past – Monika

Monika Hajkova started modeling around 1994. She did this set with Viv in 1997.

We tried to get Monika for a new movie we shot this year called Mums & Daughters but she didn’t want to do anymore girl/girl work, instead only doing solo work for the right kind of money.

Born in 1977 she’s a former Penthouse Pet, with an incredible body and a quite startlingly beautiful face!

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That’s A Tight Pussy!

It’s a porno cliche, …”oh fuck you’ve got a tight pussy. This pussy is so fucking tight.” “Do you like fucking my tight pussy, yeah, yeah! Oh fuck yeah, fuck my tight little pussy…” etc etc.

I’m sure most would agree there isn’t that much of a difference between the tightness of a girls pussy, once a girl is wet and aroused and your in the midst of making luuurve then there’s no real noticeable difference, even after childbirth, fisting, dildo stretching, they’re all quite snug! But there are some exceptions. On a few memorable occasions I have felt the moist embrace of an extremely small vagina, I know a girl who has so much control over her pussy muscles she can vacuum-pack my schlong like an astronauts lunch.

Anyway every now and then I’m working with a girl in a straight or lez scene and off camera one partner reveals how tight the other girls vagina actually is. It’s happened a couple of times. Vera has an incredibly tight vagina (see her pussy hole below), Sandy had so much trouble getting into Kylie’s pussy in The Sole Collector that it made my eyes water. Richie was fucking Suzy Spark in Bubblegum Babes 5 too and he said her pussy was so tight he couldn’t continue, he begged us to let him do his cum shot first, let him recover and go back to do the scene. I’ve been told Zara also has a very compact vagina, and more recently little Lola (who will be seen in Portrait Of A Lesbian at the end of this year) was said to have a pussy tighter than my friends wallet.

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Blast From The Past – Debbie

Debbie Corrigan (born in 1970) began her career as a page-three girl before going on to do more explicit shoots for various mens mags in the mid-90s. She dated Jim Davidson and Simon Cowell between 2000 and 2002, of whom she said “…Barely worth staying awake for. It was like a cross channel ferry. Roll on, roll off”. Was there ever any doubt that someone who can infect the world with such mediocre pop shit would rock-and-roll between the sheets!? Come on. He is a demon who has been sent here to lower the standards of the planet.

Anyway back to Debbie, we have seven sets on our website of this lovely lady, all taken in 1995, including some rare soft boy/girl shoots and a girl/girl.

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Do You Have The Time Please?

I never knew anyone who could pull off wearing two watches at the same time. I still don’t. It doesn’t matter how cool you are, how fit your girlfriend is, what you look like, how punctual you are or indeed how many watches you own, there is no reasoning for wearing two watches. You just look like a twat.

How no one spotted this and said, “mate, take at least one of those Casio’s off before I wrap this microphone around your head” I will never know, but alas, the boyfriend of the Belle that is Nancy tried it. Guaranteed he saw some American rapper do it first, and figured it must be the latest hot trend, so I mean if he doesn’t wear two watches now he’ll look stupid, surely?

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Todays Rant – Megan Fox

Yet another manufactured celebrity has hit the ‘What’s Hot, What Not’ list in the last year, and once again I didn’t get on the boat, so I’m a little late on this.

Even though I pretend these things don’t go on so I can cling onto my desperate hope that our species will one day come to our senses, it still shocks and surprises me when I see those ‘nipple-slip’ headlines. So we saw a millimeter of some talentless hacks areola, big deal. Do people forget that there are pictures out there – full areola, both of them, plus nipples! And the girls are just as lovely.

Now she says she’s not gay but she once fell in love with a female stripper. Let me strap myself in here for a second because I nearly fell off my chair. A hot girl trying to make a career in Hollywood as an actress, now ups her hotness in the traditional middle-shelf softcore photoshoot interview, by claiming to be attracted to girls.

I imagine she’s got one hell of a career ahead of her, male movie execs everywhere will be able to sexualize her in a myriad of trite action-blockbusters, that is until the next hot-but-talentless wannabe comes along willing to do anything, then lil’ Meg will be forced by her bloodsucking agent to take the lead female role in Steven Segeal’s Urban Justice 2, complete with steamy shower sequence, ripped white vest and customary soft sex scene alongside the man with the fastest hand speed in the world. If she’s lucky, by the time she comes to sell her green-night-vision sex tape people will still remember who she is, and she might be able to make her last fast-buck before disappearing entirely from the world of mass-media entertainment.

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Sticky Fingers

I once asked a girl in school if she ever masturbated when she was alone and she told me, ‘no, never!’ Later on, in my teenage years I asked a girlfriend the same question, and she told me, ‘…no, I make you do it for me.’

Of course later I had other girlfriends who admitted it to me, but for the most part the women I knew were reluctant to talk about it, let alone admit it. Some years later I found myself working in porn where a girl told me that any girl who says they don’t masturbate is lying. How gullible I had been.

Filming solo scenes is one of my favourite activities, there’s just something so damn hot about watching a girl do it to herself, some of the models get themselves really worked up too. We’re spending more time filming scenes like this now because there’s so much we haven’t done in terms of female masturbation scenes. We’ve also released Sticky Fingers 1 as a download, so to celebrate the occasion here’s a clip of Sandra Shine flicking her bean. She got herself pretty moist too.

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She’s A Lady! She’s A Lady!

As we have digital production facilities here we sometimes get send random footage by various clients with requests to help produce a finished product for distribution. Mostly they are amateur tapes, collections of footage from real-life couples, swingers, that kind of thing. Anyway I had to share this with you. At one point it kind of gets all freaky, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead freaky. Be warned.

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The Return Of The Return Of Sandy- Unseen


Following on from a previous blog here is some more unseen footage from The Return Of Sandy. We used the simple equation, Pool + Naked Girls = Entertainment, while filming this. Read on for the clip…..

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Mums & Daughters: Secrets In The Suburbs is a new lesbian Late Night Film which we are going to release for Christmas. It contains four extended stories, each one containing long build-ups and in-depth stories leading to explicit and sometimes pretty strong, hard lesbian sex. Of course it still has that VT touch, lots of deep kisses, real orgasms, and moments of tender romance. I think it’s one of the best movies we have *ever* produced and that is no phony hype, I really am very, very happy with the movie.

The film has a particular style and feel to it. This first story – The Babysitters – stars Lucy Bell, Angelika Black and Dorothy Black. The babysitters snoop around while the house is empty, finding some hidden sex-toys in the bedroom. They’ve never seen a ‘pocket-rocket’ before and Angelika is keen to try it out. She takes off her jeans and massages her clit, she seriously got so wet using that thing!

Angelika thinks she uses the strap-on dildo to fuck her husband in the ass, but Lucy tells her about “sham marriages” where the couple just use being married to disguise their anything-but-ordinary lives. They decide to challenge her on it, and when she arrives home with a drunk and completely out-of-it husband, she is blackmailed into being the sisters sex-slave for the afternoon.


Here’s the teaser / trailer

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Return Of Sandy – Unseen

As requested by Becks I went though the The Return Of Sandy in the hope of finding some good, unseen material. Now just bear in mind that we had around 10 hours of footage here, I didn’t edit the movie, and the guy who did had a problem with sunflower seeds at the time, in short, he was an addict. He was also addicted to raisins, pumpkins and cereal. Now whether these things affected his desktop managment I don’t know, but the whole thing is a catastrophic mess. Never mind the return of Sandy, I was lucky to return to my desk after going on there. I will attempt at some point to find some more good stuff.

Anyway I eventually found a timeline called “Unused.” I have made two parts, the first one here, and I have not even attempted to edit them, so the sound cuts off in a couple of places. So in this clip you can enjoy Avril enjoying to dress Sophie Moone, a short Sandra Shine interview, and someone licking some else’s pussy.

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A Young Vera

As you may be aware by now, if you follow this blog, I am quite fond of my little pixie friend Vera. So here she is in an out of contract Playboy Series we filmed back in 2001, called Up & Comers. It’s really quite hilarious, the guy who filmed this up made up yet another strange story for how Vera got into the modeling business, intercut with fake interview footage of her agent Laszlo. In real life these two are good buddies, so some of this banter is quite funny. (Although I had to chop some of it out, sorry.) Vera is great when she is doing links or “komdy” as the Hungarians call it, she is just so bad she is good! This was her first time being on screen, she is quite robotic, in a kind of cute way though.

Soon after this we were all so fond of Vera we moved her to London to work with us on a permanent basis. I’m not going to rattle on about how amazing Vera is and what a fucking fantastic little body she has, I think everyone who knows our work is fully aware of that, and I’ve already said it numerous times.

The last time we saw Vera was in Unfaithful 3, and Office Girls 2, and you can be sure there will be more coming next year.

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Great Gag

I’m very fond of this gag from Sex @ctually. I guess you would have to call it a homage, as I stole it from a movie, does anyone know where I got it from?

Sex @ctually is one of my favourite movies that I have made for Playboy TV, it is a really, really good straight movie for couples, with a decent story and extended set-ups for each scene. A lot of the sex scenes were filmed in the run-up to The Art Of Sex so they are full of romance and passionate love-making, as well as some stronger more intense moments and some anal sex. It also stars some great British girls and was the last movie I made in London before moving here.

Once again, Ian Tate struggled to keep the sperm inside his ball-sack as he made love to mixed race beauty Evie in the scene this clip was taken from.

Check out the Sex @ctually trailer

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War Is No Laughing Matter

I find these outtakes slightly surreal, it might be the uniforms or the hysterical laughing coming from all angles, I don’t know.

At times it feels like they’re all on magic mushrooms or someone has filled the room with laughing gas, it gets pretty weird don’t you think?

My favourite is Mark (in previous blog post with Sammy-Jayne) trying to say “bastard.” He’s got some acting chops on him, he really gives it his all. Good man.

Clip from War and Sex

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Sammy-Jayne: don’t cum inside me!

With the recent release of the Sammy-Jayne Playboy series The Mating Game I thought I’d put up this quite funny clip from Heels & Hose: The Movie.

The guy in this clip totally fell for Sam, he even turned up at the door to her room one morning with breakfast for her! Ahhh…what a sucker. Unfortunately she had a boyfriend, and even though she was so wet for him her juices were literally running down his dick (see clip), she felt she had to stay faithful. That was until the last night when Viv caught them in the doorway to a spare bedroom! Alas ’tis another tale.

Funny thing about this clip is as they were fucking, he was given the green light to cum, so as he says “…I’m coming…!” she thinks he’s going to blow inside her and says …”not inside me you bastard!” Brilliant. Nice one Sam.

Sam made a number of programs with us for Playboy TV until she decided to stop making out with guys on screen and for some strange reason get breast implants. The Mating Game was her return to Playboy TV some years later.

All Playboy Uncut DVDs can be found here including other Sammy-Jayne programs.

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Homemade Pornography

So after watching the rest of Sean’s homemade sex tape last night (quite a cathartic experience), it got me thinking about these amateur homemade sex tapes which seem to be inundating free porn sites like youporn.

I guess there’s something cool about them, something intrusive or personal, I usually like the connection present between the two lovers on-screen. It all gets a little weird once some husband starts filming his wife act out her fantasy of making it with a black dude, the fella cums inside her then the husband gets in there to eat out the cum and then make love to his darling, as said dudes cum seeps out of her (what, you haven’t seen that one?)

But normally they can get pretty hot, although sometimes a little samey. One thing though, why don’t more lesbians make homemade sex tapes? I’ve been quite enjoying watching Peaches and Gina’s as of late.


XXX Homemovies is available to download for just $9.95.

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Guess who’s having a Wank

A little test of your porn knowledge on this glorious Monday afternoon. So who’s taking some time out to flick her sopping wet bean? Here’s a clue – if i had to guess i’d say her favorite sport was horse riding. A bit cryptic that one but i don’t want to give too much away.

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When Porn Stars Fall In Love (No.2)

You can read all about this story here, which I suggest you do before watching the clip to give it some background. But I was going through some tapes on my Sunday afternoon off (when I should have been playing golf,) when I came across this section of footage from an orgy we filmed for Sex, Wives & Videotape. It relates directly to the story I wrote about on the forum about Mia Stone.

In this clip you see Mia staring deeply into Ian’s eyes during the photoshoot, then they hold hands tightly, and she grinds away deeply on his dick while photos are being taken. The clip then switches to the video scene where she is fucking her ‘real boyfriend’ Attila, trying to make Ian jealous, kissing him, telling the camera how great he is. When she finally got to fuck her new squeeze Ian, it turned into a pretty sweaty and quite electric scene.

The last and best section of the clip shows her sucking Ian while I am not filming, just look at her staring into his eyes. Wow, that is hot stuff.

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Female Orgasms (Part 5)

I had taken a high stance with the BetaCam to get a full view of Gina B’s naked body, as Sophie Moone skillfully applied a buzzing pocket-rocket (since been stolen from the “VT box of toys”) to Gina’s clitoris in a rotational fashion. Gina seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, kind of caught up in her own world.

A second camera man was crouched on the floor with a small DV Camera getting cut-shots of Sophie, and close-ups of Gina’s sloppy-moist pussy, which after having been eaten out expertly by Sophie was now excreting a fair amount of natural vagina-lubrication.

Then without warning and completely out of the blue Gina’s thighs begin trembling and quivering uncontrollably (watch out for this in the clip,) Sophie looks up bewildered and a little surprised by the strength of the orgasm now powering it’s way through Gina, who is slowly turning a light shade of red. She gasps, arches her back, lets the orgasm flow, then relaxes, her eyes remaining closed and she breaths and tries to compose herself. Sophie sits up to kiss her, and we see Gina let out the slightest of held-back smiles so she can kiss Sophie properly. Wow. Watching this clip again I can’t help but feel it was much, much more impressive actually being there. Still, it looks pretty damn great. I just love seeing a girl in this state of pleasure. There’s nothing like it.

Clip from Sophie’s Wet Dreams.

Thanks to MM for the request.

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A Young Jo

Bit of a random and not particularly specific request from Cozzy of ‘anything with Jo,but it reminded me of something we do have in the archives which some of you might not have seen before. On the extra features to the Playboy Uncut DVD “Jo’s Sexy College Diaries” there is a half-hour program we made for them some time ago about then newcomer Jo (or Julianne as they wanted to call her).

The program itself is pretty dated and cheesy, with some great techno-porn muzac, a fake Jo history and accompanying After Effects credit sequence. But she’s such a cutie in this clip, eighteen years old and totally new to the business, although soon after this she was doing some pretty hard stuff, before returning to us a year later to become the Lesbian Queen of our movies. Just look at that beautiful tight teenage body, incredible, even more amazing is that eight years later she looks almost just the same.

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When Porn Stars Fall In Love

Here’s a new blog series I thought I’d start. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does happen and you allow it to flow then you capture something most producers never do – reality. Chemistry is something that you just can’t force, it happens naturally and unexplainably.

Now I was going to post a new clip from Most Subscribed with Peaches and Gina here (Gina came three times) but as I was watching the footage just moments ago, I realized it was just to good to tease you all with at such an early date, there was a party going on in my pants and everyone was invited. So instead I’m going to tell the short story of Mya and Tristan.

We were trying to find couples who would be good to film for The Art Of Sex, and we were in Spain when it looked we had our first pair. Mya, a very horny, very fucking sexy and tiny Hungarian girl had fallen for Tristan. During the photoset she was wet, and I mean sopping wet! They were kissing, making love, just really getting into it. Afterwards they cuddled outside, and she asked him…”Can I kiss you?” He replied in his sexiest French accent – “You are so beautiful…” and they kissed. I looked at Stern, Stern looked to Viv, who in turn looked at me, and we all said in union “The Art Of Sex.”

So we asked them if they were up for it, and of course they were. Then we just let it happen. Thirty minutes of the most incredible love making between man and woman that I’ve ever recorded. Below I have grabbed a couple of quite random short snippets from the scene and strung them together roughly. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen this yet to take a look, it really is quite incredible. And then buy or download The Art Of Sex because there is more than one scene like this in the movie.

They fell in love that week. I caught them fondling and flirting constantly, watching movies together until late, eying each other up over dinner, watching each other work. Then when it was time for everyone to go home they had to say their goodbyes, tears were shed, kisses exchanged, and he even did a running wave after the taxi as she disappeared from his life forever. Well actually if I had to put money on it the first thing he did when he got back on French soil was delete the string of text messages they’d exchanged, tell his girlfriend he had to go away again, then flown her to the land of love and French Bread to screw like rabbits for another week. He told me she had a pussy “like silk.” Fucking lucky French bastard.

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The Large Labia

The labia majora (singular: labium majus) are two prominent longitudinal cutaneous folds which extend downward and backward from the mons pubis to the perineum and form the lateral boundaries of the cleft of venus, which contains the labia minora, interlabial sulci, clitoral hood and the…..blah blah blah. Enough nonsense from Wikipedia, I’m talking about pussies here. Pussies with big, protruding lips, you know the ones, you can really suck on them and get under the clit-hood, they flower open and dilate slightly when a girl gets aroused.

A lot of girls seem to want more compact, tighter, tidier looking pussies with smaller, less protruding lips, and even go so far as to have surgery done to reduce the size of their labia. Crazy if you ask me. I’m no more of a fan of big pussy lips than I am of all pussies, but it’s certainly not something that puts me off, vagina’s like this can sometimes look quite beautiful, and I’ve often heard it referred to as a “butterfly.”

Below is a clip from American Ream of American girl Kelly Tyler, she had without a doubt the biggest pussy lips I’d ever seen. Also some pics of girls who we know and love who have the same kind of large labia’s, Sophie, Nella, Sandy, Ella.

Click on the pic for large labias.

Next time, small ones….

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Requesting Blog Items

I’ve been getting various emails requesting certain items on our blog…”…can you post anything you’ve got when the guy cums to soon?” Things like this. Specific models, girls who have certain types of bodies, various behind-the-scenes classics, and a favourite models best orgasm have all been requested.

So I’ll take open requests from now, you want me to find anything in our massive collection of footage, you want to know about something, or someone, you want to see anything specific? Email me – and write about what you want….and I’ll see what we can do.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Thanks from Cindy Hope

This month I got to thinking. I wondered if every model who has received the Babe of the Month gets to know about it? I mean it would be a little arrogant to think that these superstars sit there begging their higher being to be stamped with our seal of approval. It would be silly to think that they are bombarding us with a collossal stream of e-mails in the hope they they could get the ultimate smurf badge of porn.

So I mailed Cindy Hope (via our agent and her agent) and asked her if she knew about it. Of COURSE she did. Here is what I asked her and bear in mind her English isn’t so good, so I REALLY want to thank her for her words. It makes all the difference when we get some real feedback from the girls:

Well done, Cindy! You have been made the Babe of the Month. How do you feel?

I’m very proud of it and I would like to say thank you to Viv to give me this opportunity to work with him.

Did you know that you may be voted as the Babe of the Year as well? Will you be able to attend the Babe of the Year party next year?

Yes, I will be there for sure.

Let’s try and persuade her to come onto the forum and chat. Here’s her corner of our world.

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Summer ’08 Raunch Report

I must say the Raunch Report has suffered a little lately. I think this is the first edition this year! The only person you can blame is ME, so I apologize. To try and apease you all, here is a fun Summer Edition which if you are a loyal fan of the best adult team around (uhh… that’s us, by the way :) ) will bring back some nostalgic memories of the Babe of the Year party earlier this year. As you may know three adventurous members of our forum joined us for all the fun and games in Budapest.

Also in the Summer ’08 Edition of the Raunch Report we have a little tete-a-tete with Avril while she was on location when the lads were filming Portrait of a Lesbian with Jo playing the lesbian.

If you LOVE new technology, well the YouTube of documents has arrived (its been here for some time but we just found out about it) and it’s called Scribd – so you can either download a clumsy PDF file of the Raunch Report or go over to Scribd and check it out there – they let you print it out too. So take your choice.

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    Leslove 1 hour ago

    I've always loved that pose of a taller woman up against a wall being pursued by a shorter hungry woman. You see it in movies all the time. Elina is one shapely lady. Love that waist and legs. And Stacey still fresh in my memory and a great lady lover. Good back and forth and wow three inch difference makes me really hot. Please don't be strangers you two. Come back and come again and again. Beautiful Sandra very hungry sex.

    on Ready For You

    Rose 7 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Hi Baloo, the schedule is different each week! There will always be at least one or two movies, one or two photosets and a behind the scenes movie in each week.
    I agree Angelika is very hot :-)

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    Nightingale 9 hours ago

    Tired looking Elina de Lion does nothing for me and those pierced nipples are just awful.PASS.PASS and PASS for the next 3 days,

    on Ready For You

    baloo 9 hours ago

    Hi Rose,
    A question concerning the when the weekdays your films are released ? Since New Year I'm confused. And now when the updates have no date ! Please clarify. You may cut down on numbers of Behind The Scenes IMO. I'm afraid this is my opinion only. So forget it. I'll take a look more on Angelika Grey's films. I hope she'll be back.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    Rose 10 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Welcome to Stacy Bloom, better known on MetArt as Pammie Lee. Those curves, yum :-)

    on Ready For You

    Kristo1 1 day ago

    I enjoyed this, but still feel a lot of erotic potential is lost because of too many close-ups. especially, this time, in the undressing elements

    on Please Don't Go

    Nightingale 2 days ago

    Now that is a beautiful woman.

    on Private Orgasms Part 3

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location