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Mums and Daughters World Premiere

Oh yes……in a couple of days time you will be able to see the World Premiere of Mums and Daughters – Secrets in the Suburbs. The first part of this highly anticipated masterpiece from the Studio will be available to watch on the 2nd of November. Another seven jaw dropping segments will follow throughout the month.

This movie really is something special and the stunning cast all put in career high performances. Lucy Bell and Angelika Black are devilishly outstanding as the mischievous babysitters who want more than cash in their hand from their employer Dorothy Black. And then there is Zara, the angelic, buxom, beautiful school girl that is putty in the hands of the more experienced CJ.

With so many standout moments i could be here all day. Instead watch the preview and don’t miss the glorious opening chapter on November 2nd.

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Porn is bad for you!

Obviously that’s a complete lie, but that’s what crazy Prof. Kim Sung of Korea Bible University is saying.

It 1, discourages normal sexual relations, 2, Damages your health (fatigue and eyesight) because you generally can’t watch it in the day and 3, leads to paraphilias such as exhibitionism.

1. He obviously hasn’t seen any of our Late Night Films

2. Get a job making porn.

3. So?

Apparently “There is no official definition of porn addiction as research in the field is scarce” presumably because if research was carried out then everyone, the researcher included would be exposed as being sick “addicts”.

(Therapy sessions are now being held in Australia).

Pull the other one Professor Sung! But not too much, you might develop an addiction!

Takes one to know one?

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24 hour Halloween Special!

Have we gone mad? I think everyone goes mad over Halloween. Anyway, we have gone TOTALLY mad and will reduce all prices in our DVD Shop by HALF! Yes thats 50% off and includes everything: all downloads, all DVDs and don’t forget the famous Dirty Beats Music CD which will be up for grabs at only $4,98.

However, this special offer is ONLY available for 24 hours.

So make sure you don’t miss it! It starts on Friday the 31st October at 00h00 (GMT – Greenwich Mean Time).

We hope you take advantage of our madness.

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Girls Revealed

Well done to Evolver for guessing correctly. The four beauties in question were Eve Angel, Ella, Jo and Sandy. Way back in the day of course, now they prefer sweet taste of pussy.

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Director of Deep Throat dies aged 80

No, not L. Patrick Gray, but Gerard Damiano who directed probably the most famous porn star of all time Linda Lovelace (Linda Boreman) in the highly controversial and probably most famous porn movie of all time “Deep Throat“. He also made the pretty – famous – but – never – gonna – be – as – well – know Devil in Miss Jones.

His films were pioneering for the porn industry, in a time when filmmakers still shot on film, lines would form outside movie theaters to see these titles, the middle-class couldn’t get enough and mainstream critics began to take them more seriously. Deep Throat made an estimated $600m (£382m). That’s nearly as much as In the Family!

Deep Throat was controversial for many reasons, in the UK it was banned on release and wasn’t available until 28 years later (hmm, could be the new zombie sequel) when it was passed as an uncut R18 DVD release for sex shops. It was also controversial because Boreman claimed to have been coerced into performing by her husband, his guns and his hypnotic ability!

Damiano claims to be a thoroughly nice guy however: “I mean, I’d meet an actress and have to say, ‘Sit down, take your clothes off – I’m going to ask you to do some nasty things.’ You have to be pretty nice.”

He shot Deep Throat in 6 days, despite the fame (or infamy) it acquired it was not his favourite. He continued to direct until 1994, Damiano’s other works include Let My Puppets Cum, Future Sodom and Splendor in the Ass.

Lovelace’s credits include Piss Orgy and Dog 1 (aka Dog Fucker) (I kid you not).

Here’s to you Gerard!

story at the bbc

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Insane Aussies want to ban internet porn!

Whoaaah! What you doiinnn’??? Yes, the flamin’ galahs in charge of Australia seem to want Australians to find their porn in the woods or by the side of railway tracks just like I had to as a nipper.

From the inquirer: Family First Senator Steve Fielding said that hardcore pornography and fetish material should also be blocked under the Government’s plans to filter the internet.

That’s in addition to illegal content. That means us, and we’re lovely!

Mental. Makes the UK ID cards and having to give your passport up if you want a sim card sound perfectly acceptable.

the story at the enquirer.

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Cindy Hope video

I couldn’t resist – she looks so hot and what with her going under the knife to enlarge those sweet little tits, well I had to say something before she comes out looking like Dolly Parton! I am sure Cindy will be very careful about what kind of breasts she chooses – lets hope! Here’s a snippet of her recent video in the pay site.

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Interview with a 74 year old porn star

Hopefully I get to live until I’m 74. Hopefully more. If I do then I also hope that I am as active as 74 year old Shigeo Tokudo the Japanese porn star interviewed here by Vice.

He’s been working for 14 and a half years and has appeared in over 250 films (although mostly as a supporting actor). What a great thing to be able to fall back on.

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Hollywood movie about internet porn

Luke Wilson and scientologist Giovanni Ribisi will star in the upcoming movie Middle Men, a film set around the birth of internet porn.

Variety says the “script centers on a straight-and-narrow businessman who builds the first online billing company dealing exclusively with adult entertainment and finds himself in the middle of a whirlwind filled with starlets, conmen, Russian mobsters, federal agents and international terrorists — all while trying to hold on to his marriage and family.”

And James Caan is in it too.

It’s directed and co-written by George Gallo who also wrote the very funny Midnight Run and the even funnier Bad Boys.

imdb entry.

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Friday Quiz…..Guess the girl

So let’s find out if you’ve been paying attention to all the VT girls over the years. I’m talking about the finest little details – the shape of their nose, the fullness of their lips, the size of their teeth, the gradient of their tongue.

This will really test your knowledge – here are four pictures – four cocks and four beautiful mouths. But who do they belong to? Once i have the correct guess i will reveal the full size pictures.

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Wii Sex Game

I’m really not sure what’s going on here to be honest but apparently some students from the IT University of Copenhagen have dedicated their time to develop a “no-graphics erotic rhythm game” for the Nintendo Wii.

The clip shows them demonstrating the 2 player version, one of the developers explains: “Only the four-player orgy mode is a competitive “game”. In that mode, you play a number of rounds. Each round, the partners that reach orgasm first get a point, then partners are randomly switched. Whoever has the most orgasms by the end wins. One and two player modes are primarily collaborative/exploratory. Consider them warm-ups for the orgy.”

Basically, whoever cums first wins. They’re the rules I’ve always played.

View other clips and download it here.


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Bikini Beat

Thanks to the guys over at Bikini Beat, I discovered this wonderful clip of the highly influential (even though they only released 2 singles) Slovak beat combo The Beatmen providing the sounds to accompany the immensely pleasing sights of a bikini contest circa 1966!

Quite right of the lads to take up the opportunity to enjoy such a lovely group of ladies as gathered here. I think my favourite bit is at 6:20 when they all disappear into their rooms simultaneously only to come out seconds later….in bikinis! Now I don’t believe that any of these girls can really change that quickly, but I don’t care, it looks brilliant.

source: Bikini Beat

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Victoria Cruz – the cowgirl

I just had to get this in before lunch. She looks fantastic – check her out inside the site today.

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I like self-portraits, from Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso to Helmut Newton. But even more than those relative unknowns I prefer self-portraits of random girls who take pictures of themselves half-naked and post them on their own blogs, some of them are actually quite good. There’s something truly erotic about them, something personal and private, like Hudgensgate.

When we filmed OUR MOVIE the girls took our camcorder and made their own film, but even before this we’d often give them our Sony Cybershot and they’d turn it on themselves for a self-piccy, as celebrated in these two pictures.

Gina B and Stella Stevens from The Making Of A Madame, and Sophie Moone and Ella from Pink Velvet 3.

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Not only is he the funny one, the clever one, the only one. Barack Obama is the candidate who will love you back. (if you vote for him) (please vote, Americans) (PLEASE)!

Check out this fine, TPR, Phthalate-free rubber 7 1/2 inch rendering of the (Hopefully) 44th president of the United States. This kind of souvenir will probably be worth a fortune when he is involved in a fatal “accident” or killed by a “quiet loner”.

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“…hot chicks having hot sex is good for ratings.”

The words of New York magazine contributing editor, author and REAL LIFE LESBIAN! (gasp) Ariel Levy whose birthday it is today.

In case you are not familiar she is the author of the book Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture which deals in part (haven’t read it by the way) with how “Porn creep” (the normalization of porn/its creeping into everyday society) has played a part in not just objectifying women, but encouraging women to objectify themselves.

She is an opponent of “lipstick feminism” and “loophole women” (those who succeed in the world of men being labeled as “acting like men”) she asks why they cannot be seen as confident women?

She wrote an interesting article a few years back about the then upcoming second series of The L Word (now confirmed for a 6th) and its portrayal of lesbians and also its links to Sex and the City.

“Despite the keg-party cliche that every man’s fantasy is to see two women make out, our more pervasive cultural fantasy about lesbian sexuality is that it is not all that sexual. In this formulation, lesbianism is about emotion, connection, sisterhood, herbal tea. It is about womyn loving womyn for various reasons, some of which are political and others of which are snuggly.”

I wonder what she’d make of our most popular title The Office Girls 2?

Happy Birthday Ariel!

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Uniform Lust

What is it about girls in uniform? When i think back to the first movie idea i came up with having just started work for the VT studio i remember it to be Maid to Fuck. There were French maids, wench maids, hotel maids, cleaning maids. Maybe it’s the whole servant aspect, they have to do what you tell them to do. Office girls, secretaries, studios library girls drive me nuts…or drive my nuts. Then there’s nurses…..they will do their best to make you feel better. Then there are the taboo-ish uniforms that are used such as school girls and nuns. I bloody love all of them and as long as there is porn these uniform fetishes will always prove popular.

It was the recent filming of Mums and Daughters: Secrets in the Suburbs that reminded me of just how much i like a girl in uniform. One of my favorite models at the moment is Zara. She has a really unique look and one of the best bodies i’ve seen in a long time. She has an arse that would fit into the palm of your hand and natural pert tits the size of bean bags. So when she slipped into a school uniform it was safe to say i was a happy man. When CJ whipped out a strap-on dildo and fucked Zara senseless it was again safe to say i was quite content.

You might think i’m slightly perverted and you’d be right. But if these images below don’t produce a slight cock twinge or pussy pulse then you aint human.

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For Your Eyes (and everyone elses) Only

When I was in University, Sean and I used to go to this local strip-club on Student Night when they did a dance for a fiver (I was a class act back then.) Ah, the strong perfume, the overbearing sense that it’s going to be a costly night, the walk home and realization that if I’d spent the night in the pub I might have pulled…ah the memories.

One time a stripper called Gail and I fell in love, she was a classical dancer trying to make some extra bucks for dance-school, nothing wrong with that, and I was a Puerto-Rican drug-lord trying to go straight. I’d served my time and we started to get our rocks on again. I was going to take her away from all the madness while I could still see the angles, point of no return. But some punk shot me in Grand Central Station. No hang-on, wait a minute, no I got this wrong, it wasn’t me it was Carlito ‘Charlie’ Brigante.

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Polynesian Sex and Strange Voodoo Encounters

I dated a 21-year-old French Polynesian girl when I was in London some years back, really beautiful girl, and an amateur gymnastic. It took weeks before she was ready to sleep with me and even then she made it a major deal, she wanted to go somewhere special so I took her to my parents cabin on White Sands on the Gower Peninsula for the weekend. She was ritualistic about the process and totally in control of how she wanted it to happen, the whole thing was pretty intense I can tell you, weird, emotional, powerful. Anyway I never knew what the fuck was going on until a friend of mine did a course in Tantric Sex and told me all about Friedrich Ulvan’s studies. Check this out…

“Polynesian Sex involves actual copulation only once over about five days. During the four days between sessions, couples only cuddle and touch each other during sleep without genital contact. When it comes to having sex, there must be a minimum of one hour’s foreplay, with lots of cuddling, kissing and stroking. Once the body and mind have completely entered a state of relaxation, penetration occurs. After insertion has taken place, neither the man nor woman should move for 30 minutes, but remain in an embrace. Mind you, the five-day period is only a guide and three days, or four days, or however many days in between each session is fine initially.

After the conjoined man and woman have embraced for 30 minutes without otherwise moving, it’s finally time to begin stirring. Even if orgasm has been achieved, the genitals should remain connected for a long time. Caress while remaining joined probably increases the pleasure felt. When conjunction reaches about the 35-minute mark, continuing to embrace and caress will bring about a powerful wave of feeling similar to an orgasm but experienced throughout the whole body. If you’re a woman, your partner need not ejaculate, your entire body may feel as though it is shaking. If that happens, don’t separate, but absorb the vibrations. At that time, the energy created by both bodies should ensure a complete fusion.

Creating perfect relaxation and fulfillmentMovement should only ever occur if the man seems likely to lose his erection or the woman starts to feel less sexual. Even if those cases, arousal remains at an extremely high level. Instead of making the feeling explode through orgasm, the partners should gently relax and allow their bodies to be absorbed by the energy. Put simply, movement should only occur if the guy looks as though he is wilting and can rectify the situation with a couple of thrusts.

Ulvan summed up Polynesian Sex along the following three points:

1) Both the man and woman are aware and conscious of each other.

2) While gaining stimulation from kissing and caressing, the lips, nipples, breasts, legs and arms should move toward a state of relaxation. During that time, genital contract or orgasm as it traditionally occurs is not necessary.

3) If the couple remains conjoined for at least 27 minutes, they can achieve complete comfort without having moved the penis and even if the male is prone to premature ejaculation.

Busy modern people with their many time constraints and lack of time may find it hard to enjoy the Polynesian Sex that Ulvan recommended. But, if it’s impossible to try and do everything outlined here, simply do what parts you can. Even trying to do that will allow you to go through the important experience of intentionally practicing slow sex. (By Dr. Kunio Kitamura, Special to the Mainichi)”

Madness looking back on that, I wish I still had her number. Next time I will tell you about my encounters with a voodoo girl. I actually haven’t yet recovered from that.

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Barbie Is A Pregnant Teenage Slut

I’ll never forget the moment Vikki Thomas turned up to out London Studio in a bright pink Mini Cooper with “Barbie Is A Slut” sprawled across the side.

She was there to do a nude weather girl report, actually I remember she was a lot better at reading the auto cue than most of the other girls we had turn up that week.

I saw this Teen Pregnant Barbie in my local Toyz R Us and I thought it a fitting girl-toy for contemporary society. I’m not sure what kind of sex education they teach in school these days but when I first had sex it was without a condom and we both decided I just wouldn’t cum inside her, not the wisest of decisions looking back but as a naive youngster I didn’t know at the time that a girl can also get pregnant by swallowing cum.

I guess it wouldn’t matter what they teach teenagers these days anyway as getting pregnant seems to be more of a fashion statement than a conscious decision to bring another mouth into the world. Just last week I bought myself some massive sunglasses and one of those low-crop tops to show off my beer belly and it worked a treat, I felt like Britney and Victoria rolled into one, I was positively glowing!

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VIDEO: Quick note

Hi there,

Sorry but the video web service we are using seems to have disappeared. We are currently trying to find out why, if we can re-instate it or if we have to build our own new service (which we would like to do anyway – unfortunately now is not a very good time!).

Please bear with us. For the moment all videos on the blog have been de-activated. Get your free fix over here

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Sandra is Shining

Another sneaky clip from Lesbian Encounters, Viv’s all-star Lesbian Opus. Here we see the incredible Sandra Shine and the gorgeous Judith Nero meeting after a long absence.

The filming of this scene was quite intense. The sun was blazing down and the sweat was dripping off the girls as they rolled around on the leather seats of the Mercedes convertible. Sandra took the lead and devoured every inch of Judith’s body.

They weren’t the only ones sweating believe me. I had sex in a car once…..not as easy as these girls make it look.

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When Photoshop Goes Wrong

In my most recent post I talked about a "beautification engine" that rearranged people’s faces to make them (arguably) more beautiful.

Whether you agree with their use or not, it is indeed remarkable what can be done with various computer programs these days to transform images into something quite different from the original.

But what about the flip-side of that coin? What happens when the software is grossly misused? Well, as PhotoshopDisasters points out…stuff like this.

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The Lovely Jenni

Here’s Jenni again, who has a new photoset on the site. There’s something about this girl, lush curves, bubble-butt, dark nipples, perky boobs, beautiful face. But then again there is something about all the girls I work with which causes the hairs to stand, the blood to flow and the loins to stir.

These are some softer highlights of a nice solo video I filmed of her. The full video can be seen on the website or on the Unfaithful 4 DVD (also available on DVD.)

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A Buda-ful Shoot

So i spent last week in Budapest shooting some fantastic new girls and i thought i’d share a couple with you. At the beginning of the week i worked with Bianca Golden, a 19 year old Hungarian beauty with one of the best bodies i’ve seen in a long time. Incredible natural breasts, peachy little bum and a stunningly pretty face.

Then a little later in the week i got the chance to work with Anita Pearl, oh my word….what an incredible girl. Not only a pleasure to work with but with a pair of legs that seemed to go on for about 3 and a half miles, she was just amazing and i’m sure we’ll be seeing alot more of her in the future as i hear she loves girls.

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Pussies Without Pink

Here’s another requested blog topic, and one which I think a lot of people would agree with, natural open-leg shots of beautiful girls where they are not spreading their pussy open with both hands. It’s debatable, but it’s almost the point where something artistic becomes crude or pornographic. I suppose it’s a fine line.

I like variety, but I’m also a big fan of more naturalistic erotic pictures, as opposed to the mens magazine style where the girls are more often than not too heavily made-up, and are put into rude positions in which they are either grinning unbearably or making an orgasmic-pleasure face while spreading their pussy lips wide apart. Don’t get me wrong I like nice poses, I like smiles and sexy faces, I just like it done more naturally, and especially with no airbrushing or physical manipulations done to alter the girls natural beauty.

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New FEATURE shakes!

Maybe I got a little carried away with this headline – but you know I have been watching FAR too much sensationalist news television these days, what with you Americans going about the process of voting in a new guy. Anyway the point here is that Dan Buzzcock and I are extremely pleased to announce something that I have wanted to have up for a very long time: a new video page! This just helps you to know exactly who is in the clip and what movie the clip comes from.

It also lays the groundwork for our new downloadable MOV, WMV and DivX AVI files (if this is all Greek to you, go on our forum and ask Panos, our senior moderator, for a translation) which will be ready as soon as our trusty little super computers can process them. We will also be adding new clips from each section, HD videos and all kinds of other funky technical goodies. So stick with us, we aren’t about to be left behind!

Let us know what features you really crave, want and desire? We can’t quite get Jo and her love buddies to jump out of the screen into your living room, but we can offer you an invitation to meet our girls in the flesh at the Babe of the Year party!

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You are b-eautifuuuuuulllwhooaahoohhhh!

Here’s a report from the NY Times on research published by Siggraph relating to a new “beautification engine” developed by computer scientists in Israel that geometrically rearranges the features of a subject’s face to make them what they have deemed through their research as more attractive. The eyes, lips, nose etc. are re-shaped and re-spaced on the face but the software maintains what the programmers call an “unmistakable similarity” to the original image. Something significant about this is that it “beautifies” a face without any airbrushing (or cosmetic surgery), the skin tone and quality etc. remain the same.

The issue of beauty, what makes one face, one person more beautiful than another has been debated for centuries. It involves a myriad of elements and is really quite unquantifiable. They tested images of beauty icons through the engine, actor James Franco‘s almost perfectly symmetrical and classically handsome face was hardly altered at all suggesting that it is what humans do indeed recognize as beautiful, while Bridgette Bardot‘s lips were reduced, her eyes made smaller and moved further apart resulting in a much less striking image than the provocative and full face that made us weak at the knees.

Personally, I prefer the original faces with their uniqueness and little flaws that help portray character and distinguish from the next person’s perfectly symmetrical face. I look in the mirror and I see my personality looking back at me, I wouldn’t want to look any other way.

What concerns so many of us these days is the mediated images of beauty that do not really exist and are completely unattainable.

The article finishes with a telling quote from Dr. Nancy Etcoff, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School “There is a whole generation of girls growing up who think it's normal not to look the way they really look."

source: boingboing

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Return Of The Spunk

I, Spunk L Davis, have returned to the social networking group Facebook – : here’s my profile.

I will also be trying to manage the company account from time to time, so check that out too.

I will upload my own personal pictures which I take while working, updating it from time-to-time with new stuff.

So please be my friend on there, until the powers that be decide to remove me because of my rather provocative name, which I stole out of a book by Martin Amis.

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Hugh Doubles His Pleasure

Reports indicate that Hugh Hefner, the 82 year old man made famous for becoming the face of Carl Jr.’s Six Dollar burger is dating two genetically modified 19-year-old blond-haired, orange twins.

The legendary Hef, founder of the Playboy enterprise, has dated a string of young models during his life (sometimes three at a time), got Marilyn Monroe naked for the first issue of Playboy, been arrested for selling ‘obscene literature’ after an issue featuring actress Jayne Mansfield was published, experimented with bi-sexuality, and is a keen democrate. So he won’t ever be short of an interesting story or two over a drink.

He’s shown he’s a good sport in the past by appearing as himself in both Curb Your Enthusiasm and Family Guy, as well as making appearances in Mel Brooks’ movie The History of the World Part 1. What a guy.

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Suicide Girls

This is an issue i’d like to bring to this blog. I absolutely love girls with tats. Now i’m not talking about the odd dolphin around the belly button or the common rose on the boob, or what seems to be standard these days, a gross tribal tattoo on the small of the back (which i like to nickname the Tramp Stamp), Hell no! i’m talking mahossive colorful designs across the chest, and complete sleeves, & leg pieces!

I think i qualify to go out with any of the girls below, (having clocked up quite a few hours myself in the chair getting ink done) & can fully respect the designs & of course the added bonus of them being totally hot hot hot!! check out SuicideGirls website, take a free tour & check out the pics & tell me you don’t disagree.

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Heart Shaped Boobs

I’ve heard of a heart shaped ass before but we don’t hear much about heart shaped boobs do we – like these lovely breasts.

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The Premature Problem

I was editing this scene earlier today and this out-take made me laugh. Tristan is the consummate professional in his line of work, and he takes his performance very seriously. So seriously in fact, that he is willing to punish his schlong if he thinks it’s not quite performing right. Take this clip for example, where he gets caught up in the passion of the moment with the delectable Carla Cox, and has to stop feeding her the dick as he is ready to blow his baby batter deep inside her, and it was nowhere near the time for the cum shot.

Fair enough, some women do have naturally tight pussies which can choke the sturdiest chickens and cripple the careers of many a male model. Also it’s not the first time it’s happened while we’ve filmed, in this clip James Brossman fails to hold out, and in this clip the male model declares that the girl has a magic pussy, of all things.

But Tristan blames his appendage personally and gives it, wait for it, the back of the hand! It’s true, check it out and laugh out loud, this clip made my day!

Needless to say Tristan carried on to deliver an outstanding performance and to fire a well deserved salvo of cupid’s toothpaste all over Miss Cox’s pretty face

This has also made me wonder if there is anyone out there, reading this blog, that has to punish their penis to stop it giving up the goo too early? I’d be fascinated to find out!

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Stella, Sandra and all doing the Flamengo!

While filming Butterfly and Our Movie in Spain there was a knock on the door one tequila-fueled evening from a man carrying a stage on his back…”I make Flamengo for your girls, and then I make love to them.” He wooed them with his sweaty Flamengo love that evening, although I can confirm he didn’t get to make any Flamengo lovin’.

Couple of things I noticed was that Stella and Sandra are great dancers, those girls can move! We later got Stella to dance for the movie Lust Fever and I used that same footage in Unfaithful 3 for the lesbian club scene at the beginning.

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Two on One Sex Crazy Lesbians

I’ve talked about contrasts before but don’t you think it makes an interesting dynamic if two very similar looking girls take on one very different girl.

I think I want to do this Amazons lesbian movie next year, maybe have some of our smaller innocent girls like Jo and Zara playing students on a field trip who stumble upon a undiscovered tribe of women played by some of our taller girls like Peaches and Vivien. Of course they would kidnap and corrupt our young girls, making them their sex slaves!

Damn I’m getting good at this! Bottom pic credited to Rodrigo Nunez.

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Unbepissed – Have you ever not been?

Many of you may be aware of this story, it being on the BBC and all. Apropos the exceedingly intriguing chronicle of a personage whose antecedent annum was utilized in cogitation of the OED.

He talks of the various emotions one goes through reading a dictionary and how they are equal if not greater than those evoked from an outstanding book.

“All the normal emotions – grief, happiness and loss – exist in a dictionary but not necessarily in the order that you would think.”

“If you come across a word like “remord” (to recall with a touch of regret) it’s impossible to read that word without thinking of things that you regret yourself, he says, or to read “unbepissed” (not having been urinated on) without a chuckle.”

Yes, “unbepissed”. I was not aware of this and even as I type it now, my spell-checker is telling me that it does not/should not? exist. But what a cracking word! And it got my mind wondering what kind of events occurred to necessitate such incredible words as “unbepissed”??? It also challenged me as far as “could I actually use this in a sentence correctly?”

It links to a topic with awesome potential on our forum that also ties in with one of my favourite books of reference “The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices” by Brenda Love (wikipedia, amazon) which sits in pride of place on the VT bookshelf, right next to the Collins thesaurus and formally the Viz Profanisaurus (until it left with Mates) all vital tools in the day to day runnings of a porn studio.

Thanks to Love I am now aware that Axillism refers to the use of the armpit for sex.

Now who already knew that?

And who knows something I don’t?

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Bottomless Girls

A friend of mine has put forward a blog request for a particular pose which I also find very sexy, but don’t see much of: women wearing a bra and nothing else!

Yes! Why is that sexy? I guess it’s because all the focus is on the girls bottom half, I don’t know? I love breasts but I do find pictures like this a turn on, perhaps just because they are different. As my good friend and colleague Stern pointed out, it turns the traditional method of undressing a girl on its head, it fucks with your mind! It’s like when your girlfriend is so horny, the moment so intense and fiery that she drops her bottoms leaving everything else on, presents you with her warm, moist rear and begs you to slip yourself inside her. I suppose it happens most when your outside and you can’t both undress. This girl, Tina, has tan lines too! She is an incredibly hot lady.

I will continue to post pictures of this sort on the forum topic which will be created automatically from this blog, so check there for more!

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Yazmin Daniels

Whilst exploring the universe of porn, i came across this hot girl from the uk.

I took a look at her website, & checked out her portfolio, which i thought was HOT!

Something about this girl gave me an instant cock twinge, could be her large breasts & oversized nipples (which stick out like fighter pilots thumbs) or could just be her pretty/dirty face which i’m a sucka for………

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Tan Lines

In an era where tanning salons are so common they can even be sprayed onto our bodies we don’t often see tan lines anymore, and I think it’s a damn shame! What we do see are more and more people walking out of ‘Tantastic’ off the high-street looking like they’ve been involved in a freak accident at a mahogany factory. What is it with these ridiculous orange tans, does anyone in their right mind think that looks good. I like white, I like dark, and I like everything in between, but orange? No thanks, I grew out of my female umpa-lumpa fantasy years ago, and it took hard earned money and twelve Uruguayan midgets to fulfill that one.

It’s extremely common to see girls sunbathing topless on beaches now, I also spend my days around girls who sunbath completely in the buff, so I don’t often see tan lines anymore. Which might go some way to explaining why I like them so much. It reminds me of another era when girls had pubes and Nixon made lying an art form.

In the Far East people spend millions each year on skin-whitening products, in the West we do the exact opposite with skin-tanning products. Funny isn’t it.

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Amazing number of shutter clicks!

Here is an interesting bit of useless information. We have (at this point in time) 140,301 images in our “online collection“. That is one hundred and forty thousand, three hundred and one photographs.

Bear with me for a bit here – that means that Viv has clicked that shutter over 140, 000 times, met 650 odd stunning woman (and seen the ring-hole of every single one of them). When you meet him you should ask him what his index finger looks like (after clicking all those shutters).

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Sex and Rock’n’Roll pt.1

Starting today, I’ll be making some regular posts about the connection between sex and music. I’ll start with one of my all time favourite punkrock bands, The Buzzcocks.

Coming from the grey Manchester, the buzzcocks had a pop approach on punkrock, writing songs mainly about love and heartbreaks. Orgasm addict was their first big hit, and was banned by the BBC due to it’s theme and bold lyrics.


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Real or Fake? You Decide.

A or B.

You decide. Which ones are real and which ones are fake.

Maybe you think they are both real? Or both fake?

If you feel passionate about the subject, you can join in the debate here.

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Vanessa Hudgens – Nude Rant

You know, I don’t understand why in this day and age we’re still being spoon-fed this idea that something as natural and normal as nudity is wrong, bad or something we should fear and protect our children from. Why on earth are we still buying this fabricated bullshit!? We’re talking about boobs, bums, and cocks, right? Or am I missing something?

I’m not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens, in fact until this morning I had no idea who the fuck she was. She’s apparently the 20 year-old star of something called High School Musical, which sounds like the kind of film I would avoid at all costs. Anyway, she’s a lovely looking girl who took some nude pictures of herself for a boyfriend, which were subsequently stolen. Then she’s made to feel bad, dirty, and disgusting by the same fundamentalist Christians who believe we should also be fruitful and multiply.

Read the absolute bollocks below. It sounds like she was caught with a satanic cult smoking liquid opium through her anus while being double-vaged by two donkeys, when someone took a picture of it.

Hudgens later apologized, saying that she was “embarrassed over the situation” and regretted having “taken [those] photos.” Disney Channel spokeswoman Patti McTeague (stated), “Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment. We hope she’s learned a valuable lesson.”After the scandal blew out, she quoted, “I’m much better now. But truthfully I don’t like talking about it. It was something that was meant to be private, and even though it isn’t anymore, I’d still like to keep it as private as I can. It was very traumatic, and I am extremely upset it happened. I hope all my fans can learn from my mistake and make smart decisions. But I wouldn’t have been able to get through it if it wasn’t for my family, friends, and fans, who supported me all along the way.”

What an age we live in. I hope you have learned your lesson Vanessa, and will never go nude again, not even to get into the shower.

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Download Viv’s Dream Team now!

We have just made the simply stunning babes of Viv’s Dream Team available for download.

This title features exclusive pairings of Sandy, Sandra Shine, Vera, Sophie Moon, Eve Angel, Peaches, Stella Stevens, Gina B, Bridgett & Jamie. They are arguably some of the most beautiful & most popular models to have graced a VT viewfinder.

The release ties in quite nicely with a recent poll on our forum about favourite scene pairings. My favourite ever pairing is Vera & Zora Banx in Confessions of the Make-up Artist. Seriously hot stuff! Or wait a minute, is it Stella Stevens & Zora Banx? Maybe that’s even hotter, the girls dripping sweat on each other and….

Uh-hmm! Anyway, Viv’s Dream Team is now available to download here for $14.95.

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A Line-Up Of Hotness

I came across this line-up of fashion models on the web and I got an instantaneous 10-man-trouser-tent with en-suite bathrooms, self-catering kitchen and a place to park my car.

So I thought I’d share the myriad of gorgeousness from around the world with everyone on this glorious Monday morning!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. (Pause to think) Yes. Yes.

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Summer Camp Secrets Trailer

The trailer for the long awaited Summer Camp Secrets is premiered here on the VT blog.

I reported before that the DVD was just about to go off for duplication which it has done and should be available before the month is out. Because of the delay on this title, we’re planning to make the download available by next Friday so keep your eyes peeled on our shop for its release.

If the trailer doesn’t sufficiently whet your appetite then you can check out some behind the scenes photos on my facebook.

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Real Vs. Fake

And here is the first opinion on this important debate. Are breast better appreciated in their original form or a bit of help shouldn’t be of any importance? Does size really matters? Where do you stand?

Place your vote, the ballots are opened here.

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Real Vs Fake……every vote counts

Well the head of the Fake Boob Front has pulled no punches in his efforts to win your vote. Some might say his in your face style and aggressive tan are not exactly voter friendly but he is passionate and stylish if nothing else.

Take a look at the party political broadcast and make up your own minds. It will certainly give the Real Breast Alliance something to think about.

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Sexy Smart

I love smart girls. Not just smart like she’s read the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and once watched a documentary about sharks. I mean smart like genius smart. Germain Greer smart, Carol Vorderman smart. The kind of girl who can do with numbers what I can do with the hacky sack, the kind that can speak six languages. Now that my friends, is fucking sexy.

Sexy 23-year-old Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk recently won the Womens World Chess Championship. Now I’d probably have beaten her as I am a grand master whizkid at drafts, and that’s pretty much the same as chess, right?

I’ve got the fantasy at the moment where she seduces me with her thick Russian accent, “…Bishop to Queen 5…” then I catch her cheating, so I zwischenzug her ass and it’s checkmate. She’s so overcome with desire and lust that we have furious sex over the table. Both exhausted, our hot sweaty bodies together as one, we rest and drink Chardonnay, eat Sushi, and watch The Corporation.

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Rubber Woman Ethnic Orgy

I personally find those real dolls quite disturbing, I mean for that kind of money you can actually have sex with a real woman, or two! I’m not saying I wouldn’t try one, far from it, I’m just afraid that in the midst of my rubber-woman ethnic orgy I would catch myself in a mirror, grimacing as I deeply penetrated a black inanimate life-sized doll whilst kneading the freshly lubed-up latex vagina of her rubber-Latino friend.

I like real. I like the warmth of a woman, the feel of her breathing, the sound of her voice, and her responses to my expert techniques. Even anime porn doesn’t really do it for me, although some of the ideas are mind-blowingly perverted. It’s the big eyes and the cartoon shrieks which put me off.

Yesterday a Japanese blogger introduced his new iPhone application called “paiTouch”. Pai being the Japanese slang for ‘breast.’ Check it out. Seems a bit weird to me, I mean has this guy ever felt or for that matter even seen a pair of breasts before, because in all my years of breast loving I have never come across a pair which react to the touch like this one. Apparently there are specs for nipple size, breast size and softness, so hopefully these are the wacky ones.

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Lost! Have You Seen My Shades?

This is an appeal to anyone out there who may have come across my shades (modeled here by sexy former owner Debbie).

They were passed on to me even before my time here as a member of the VTeam and were my pride and joy for several years until 2006 when I left them in a taxi I’d just taken from Bangkok to Pattaya and had fallen asleep in.

Needless to say, I was devastated. I’ve been through about 5 pairs since but none can compare. Well, one pair was alright but I left them in a restaurant.

So guys, especially in Asia if you see anyone wearing these or trying to sell you them please contact me and a suitable reward can be discussed.

Here’s another shot of my precious.

(focus on the glasses)

(i cant, it still upsets me)

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Just good Advertising

It happens all the time, a model decides to take a break from licking pussy to grab a drink or a bite to eat. In this case the lovely Vivien quenches her thirst with a Mango juice. I believe it was the late Bill Hicks who said that the ultimate commercial would involve a completely naked woman with a Coke can in her hand and the slogan would simply read ‘Drink Coke’. No we don’t know the connection but we are gonna be drinking a lot of Coke…..or in this case Mango juice.

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Summer Camp Secrets…..your not kidding

With Summer Camp Secrets hitting the shelves soon i thought i’d let you know just how secret the secrets actually are. I was on location during the filming of this movie and i witnessed Nice Slice and Stern Bigot from afar as they sprinkled some magic VT dust on what will no doubt be another glorious piece of lesbian erotic.

But what exactly is the movie about? This is a question i put to Nice Slice (the script writer) at the time. the answer – a journey into a self reflective ambiguous lesbian opius brought on through untamed, innocent rug munching. He doesn’t work for us anymore……i’ll leave it at that. One thing i do know though, thanks to Stern the movie looks beautiful and with the fantastic cast it’s sure to be special.

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Awesome Weird Sex Fantasy portfolio on ebay

If you’ve got $199 burning a hole in your pocket then you could do worse than splash out on this beautiful portfolio of Weird Fantasy parody “Weird Sex Fantasy” by Wally Wood brought to our attention by one of the guys in the office.

EC publisher William Gaines once stated, “Wally may have been our most troubled artist… I’m not suggesting any connection, but he may have been our most brilliant”

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Hairy Crack / Smooth Crack

Picture the scene, you’ve pulled this beautiful young girl, weeks of groundwork have paid off, finally the time is right and she wants you. She rips off her panties and begs you to eat her pussy, then she spins over and asks if you will lick her arsehole, who are you to say no, right? As you spread her cheeks you are confronted by wisps of coarse black hair, it’s like tonguing a monkeys ear hole.

Again another hair blog. You have to understand I’ve got nothing against hair, I like hair, even on a girls pussy I like it. Now it’s easier to shave one’s armpits than the crack of one’s arse, not that I’ve ever done either, so is it ok to leave a hairy crack? Would it put you off? Would you prefer that a woman waxes it? I guess if she’s going to ask you to toss the salad then she would at least be clean and freshly shaved around the rim.

Talking about this the last few days I have realised how much pressure is on women to groom themselves. I am sure that the next evolutionary step will be to make us all completely hairless.

Pictured – Lucky

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Gram Ponante – porn journalist

Gram Ponante is a name many of you may be familiar with:

From WIRED Magazine:

Gram Ponante is the nom de porn of a thirty-five-year-old Harvard grad who stumbled on “Porn Valley” while working as a freelance writer… he got a job as the managing editor of the website for the industry’s trade magazine, Adult Video News. He left the publication six months later, and began Porn Valley Observed…

Gram contacted us and requested a rather in depth interview, portions of which he has published in this article. It’s a must read! Hopefully we’ll hook up if or when we next get our leg over the pond :)

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    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

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    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

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    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

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    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

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    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

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    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

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    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

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