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Sport Filly……..Sean’s girls part 1

Spunk likes to stick his favorite chicks up for all to see so i though i’d do the same. I sway more towards the lovely toned, athletic bodies of sports women though, just can’t resist them. When i was a youngster i enjoyed partaking in many different athletic disciplines, one of which was pole vault. So that’s where i’m going to kick this thread off…….ladies and gentlemen i give you Allison Stokke. I’ve got the perfect pole for her.

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In The Family – Secret Revealed!

When we made In The Family there was a young girl called Delilah who joined the cast after the disaster we had with post-AVN-party no-shows. It was meant to be Sarah Blake eating her pussy that afternoon, instead it was Angela ‘the squirting queen’ Stone, who was kind of finding the whole thing rather amusing.

So Delilah was really getting into the swing of things, she understood what we were after and wasn’t confused by “the strange English (I’m not even English) guys who don’t want us to cuss and spit and fuck each other like possessed sex demons.” Which is exactly how we were known in L.A.

Angela was doing a good job of eating out Delilah though (it was a real ‘eyes roll into the back of the head orgasm!), so much so that after she came she had to tell Angela to stop, causing the squirting queen to give a look to the camera like “uh, did I just make that girl cum?” I cut it out of the final movie with some clever editing, but here it is in it’s uncut glory complete with the behind the scenes clip of ‘what happened next,’ courtesy of Hugh G Rection.

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Ok we seem to have gone a little off the wall with getting more titles into the DVD download section – yes thats three “new” titles: Butterfly, Spunk Fiction and Girl on Girl 4. And all uploaded today too.


Quick look:

  • Butterfly - stunning Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens take on a bevy of beauties in summery Spanish locations. One of our all time best.
  • Spunk Fiction – Big bendy meatpipe maestro Jimmy Grossman plays a frustrated novelist desperately trying to complete his latest erotic masterpiece.
  • Girl on Girl 4 – Seven brand new scenes, fourteen beautiful girls including Jo, Eve Angel and Gina B.

Win a $14.95 voucher to buy one of these films free if you can guess who the girl is in the download fest banner (above) – answers in the comments below – first one to get the right girl wins.

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Keep your eye on the ball

Good advice when playing the beautiful game. It seems obvious, just like ‘stay goal side’ and ‘don’t dive in’. There is another little rule that we men keep under our hats but try to abide by if ever found in such an unfortunate and rare situation – ‘don’t play with women that are better than you, especially if you are rubbish at football……you will look like a stupid pastey fool’.

Ex VT staffer Matesy chose to ignore this advice when having a kick about with the lovely little Kirsty. After this fiasco he decided to hang up his boots and i decided to include it in Reality Porn Series 2. That’ll teach him.

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Costumes In Porn

Trinny and Suzanna have nothing on us when it comes to style and fashion, especially when it comes to women.

Unless it’s a specialized project like Sirens (when we have to call in Fashion Guru Avril who then makes the arduous trip to NY to go shopping) we normally ask the models themselves to bring a good selection of their own clothes and then chose what we feel is suitable. It’s good that way because the girls feel comfortable in their own gear, it adds a little realism to things, and it also gives you a genuine glance at what the girls own tastes are.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip from Most Subscribed – of Sean and I choosing clothes for the lovely, 19 year old Nikita.

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Full length films on

Did you know that we are now offering full length films on in our Members Section? We kicked off with Mum’s and Daughters and Summer Camp Secrets. Now Pussies on View is coming up soon. Our idea is to chop each film up into 5 minute clips and encode them at the best quality/file size ratio we can find. You now also get the option of either watching them in Flash on the site or downloading them as DivX AVIs, Quicktime MOVs or Windows WMVs.

It’s just another reason to try out a membership at our “cheap as chips” rate of $19.95 – which today is an astonishing £13.11 or $15.55! I bet you spend more than that in ONE night out. Sound crazy to me, I think we better hike up the price soon (especially when you look at what all the other sites out there charge).

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This is Cassidy, a young Hungarian beauty who features on our website. When I first met her at a casting I had to use the one knee up technique which Sean talks about it a previous blog. She is a tiny little beauty, everything is so petite on this girl it makes you shudder with lustful enthusiasm.

I hear that she doesn’t do any insertion pictures at all now. But I’m going to try to get her in a video people. I’m going to try.

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A Mans Life Summed Up In A Photo

No words are needed.

Thanks to Sian for the picture.

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Nipples that defy logic

Continuing on from Spunks post, here’s a lovely lass catching a few rays on the beach. But there seems to be two things that are attracting most of the suns attention…..those incredible NIPS. I’ve never seen anything like those before, neither has the bloke sunbathing behind her by the looks of things. I know that trick mate, put one leg up to hide the semi, soon to be full wood. He’s probably regretting throwing those Speedos on.

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Breasts Which Defy Gravity

You know I’ve seen quite a lot of breasts in my time and I’ve heard the expression “…wow, her breasts defy gravity” on a number of occasions, I might even have said it myself from time to time.

But these….these really do defy gravity and whilst doing so give the ‘fuck you V’s’ to Newton and his bullshit theory.

I mean this pretty girls boobs really do deserve a “wow!!!” and the triple exclamation mark. Large, pert, perfect. I have nothing more to say.

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Spanish Main

I wouldn’t mind being the chorizo sausage in a Spanish baguette (them being the bread) with these two darlings. I had a crush on Salma Hayek ever since I saw her in Desperado.

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Viv Thomas Team Sighting

One of the guys here was reading his monthly Portuguese technology mag when he suddenly spotted this image, taken during the Tales Of The Clit shoot.

It’s a staged shot by the way, I do not film the same time as Sean shoots picutres, and Viv does not stand in the corner with his hands in his pockets…oh hang on wait a minute.

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The Porn Oscars are upon us again

Yes folks it’s that time of year again. In a little over 7 weeks the creme de la creme of the porn world will find themselves in the middle of the Nevada desert enjoying rapturous applause for winning ‘I fucked you and Yo mama 3 (not as good as 2 in my opinion) as well as many other outstanding contributions to adult entertainment this year.

I have to say i don’t envy the judging panel for this years AVN awards. With 128 categories and over 1600 nominees it looks like the show will finish just in time for the next one to start in 2010. The organizers may realize that 8 different versions of what is essentially the same award can be subject to slim lining in the future.

Some categories however are just too good for words. The one that really caught my eye was ‘Clever Title of the Year’. I’m rooting for ‘Get that black pussy, You big dick white bastard Mutha Fucka‘. Although it will face stiff competition from ‘I was 18 50 years ago‘. I’m not joking folks, check out the full list here.

I’m happy to say that we have been nominated for a few gongs also. Our lovely Peaches and Eve Angel are both up for female foreign performer of the year so good luck to them. As for the others, here we go -

Best All-Girl Release: Sirens & Unfaithful 2

Best Director - Foreign Feature: Viv Thomas, Unfaithful 2

Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release: Pantyhose Erotica

Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene: Inisde Peaches, Eve Angel & Peaches

Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene: Sirens, Nella, Zoe & Charlie

Best Foreign Feature: War & Sex

Best Solo Release: Sticky Fingers

Best Solo Sex Scene: Peaches, Sticky Fingers

Now, i’m off to buy a new DVD…….what was the name of it again?………big dick bastard mutha… will come to me.

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Girls With Pigtails and Bunches

Girls with pigtails, we all love them, yes we do don’t lie.

It’s a style of wearing one’s hair which has been synonymous with youth, innocence, purity and fresh-faced virginal girls. And so it’s been adopted by the teen/rookie sex fantasy to such an extent that the forty-year old mum from next door goes to the Christmas Party each year dressed as a school-girl complete with mascara freckles, one-inch skirt, knee-high socks and yup, you guessed it, pigtails!

What is it about youth that we’re all attracted to I wonder? The “Just 18″ market has always been a popular one, girls with puffy nipples, puppy fat, shaved pussies, it’s a common fantasy.

Anyway here are some clickable pictures of girls with pigtails, all sets on our website.

Top: Rosie

Thumbs: Alexa, Angelina Crow, Cassidy, Monica, Jennifer Love, Pocahontas

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Porn Set-Ups (3)

Now if only The Bill would broaden their horizons we might actually see some more interesting things which happen during arrests, you know more realistic things. Things which probably really happen, like this set-up we filmed back in 2002 with Vera and Sadie for Hot Babe Seduction.

Anyone ever seen Bad Lieutenant. See that’s always the impression I got of the police, that they were all a bunch of crack smoking, sordid, greedy, crazy, drunken nut jobs who pull girls over and make them do things for their own masturbatory purposes (“…show me how you suck a guys cock, show me with your mouth!”)

That’s when you realize that porn is not afraid to tackle reality! My guess is that the following is exactly how it happened….!

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To is a preposition; Come is a verb

The words of course, of one of the original sane men the late, great Lenny Bruce. But what does it mean? Have you ever felt the blood suddenly rush from your genitals to fill the rest of your body, your muscles relax, your legs wobble a bit and you feel dizzy and then wondered “what the fuck just happened?” Then you’re probably not too familiar with what an orgasm is. Well luckily for you and anyone else who is yet to discover the joys, the good people over at women’s advice site have provided a little online guide including what they are, how they feel, how to get one and in what position.

Fantastic! Thanks for that, but why so brief? That’s my main reservation. (Not wanting to be immodest but there’s a few more volumes of tips that I could give ‘em). I was searching for a reason, trying to work out who was behind their content and why it seemed to be directed at women with the attention span of an illiterate youth browsing youtube and then I found it; they endorse the sinister, hate monger Jeremy Kyle . “Share your secret“. With you Jeremy? Fuck off mate. The only thing I’m prepared to share with you is the back of my hand. And possibly my boot.

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Frank Miller’s The Spirit

I always liked Frank Miller, and not just because of his brilliant Sin City graphic novels. Frank finally has the technology and the inspiration to make movies the way he wants (much thanks to Robert Rodriguez for that), so now the lady-loving Miller is directing his first film The Spirit, an adaptation of Will Eisner’s graphic novel, and it looks set to be the hottest comic book movie ever.

Frank Miller knows how to cast films I will give him that. He casts Eva Mendes (who’s bare arse also makes a cameo) and Paz Vega, Jamie King, then writes a role specially for Scarlett Johansson. Good man, that is the way to make your first film!

Oh yeah and some dude called Samuel “Motherfucker” Jackson is also in the film.

The Spirit is another greenscreen movie shot in 48 days and in post-production for for over a year, almost as long as our own post-production epic The Return of Sandy.

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Lesbians: Nature or Nurture?

Apparently nature. That’s according to over 60% of the 5,000+ respondents to the poll on Pink Sofa, one of the largest lesbian communities in the interworld. The nature or nurture sexuality debate has been going on since, well…. at least since last Thursday or maybe even sometime before that.

Some people think they “became gay” because of how they grew up or (a) significant event/s, some think they made a choice (which is the least plausible and most inappropriately whimsical way to decide something a little more serious than “shall I have 2 Weetabix or 3 this morning?“) while most seem to feel they were born that way. Ah, and then there’s bisexuals, but that’s just greedy.

The church of course don’t agree, they think people are born heterosexual and then THE DEVIL (in which ever human form he chooses to take) makes that particular “lifestyle choice” for them. When they voted “YES” on Proposition 8 recently, Melissa Etheridge said "Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away," but I’m sure they’ll try somehow, maybe the pro-life wing could do some research into how to identify and abort a “gay foetus” if that in fact does exist. But then that would make them monumental hypocrites. Again. Today.

Incidentally when I just did a Google search on Firefox for “lesbian” it didn’t come up with ANY results! It suggested “lessbounce”. What the fuck is that about? (not the actual list after you hit enter but the preemptive Google suggestions in the drop down box from the search bar as you type the word).

The story at NewsMaker.

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JAV Idol – Emily

I love Maria Ozawa, this is her on the left. She’s the pretty well known Japanese/Canadian – French JAV Idol who has pretty much done everything there is to do now, not that that puts me off her, quite the opposite.

Anyway I stumbled upon Emily today, an American/Japanese girl who has done some work in Japan, but I think only the really soft stuff where they lie naked around their houses dwelling on life and contemplating the meaning of life as tame Japanese music sounds in the background and everything glows a weird heavenly white.

I glanced at her youtube page and it seems she has a lot of stuff on there, she is a real nice looking gal and I like it when she’s talking Japanese, but boy she’s hyper. She’s one of those girls who just can’t keep quiet for a single second, it’s like listening to a long gush of random, stream-of-consciousness dialogue which relentlessly keeps on going, and going, and going. And the painful thing is she never seems to talk about much at all, there’s no point to anything. Not that that puts me off mind, I guess she’s doing it for her own self-promotional reasons.

So, my point is…no, sorry don’t have one, just thought you might be interested in seeing a nice looking girl speaking two quite incredibly different languages. That in itself is interesting enough for a blog in my opinion. And if anyone has any good erotic pictures of her, let me know.



Emily’s Japanese blog.

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Natalie Portman Gets Spunked

…and not that stupid bullshit American trite where they pretend to play a prank on some TV celebrity who no one outside of the US knows who the fuck they are. No. This time Natalie Portman (allegedly) has semen all over her face.

It really does look like a moment from a celebrity sex tape though right? Albeit one filmed with the light on and in some kind of digital format. She looks asleep in this picture. Anyone ever done that, spunked on your girlfriend while she was sleeping? I think they made a movie like that with Bull Pullman and Sandra Bullock some years ago? Except he didn’t cum on her face, although I always thought that’s how they should have ended it. Maybe with him eating her out for 60minutes. Now that I would have added to my DVD collection.

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I Am Smoking A Fag!

I’m not much of a cigarette smoker. I don’t mind the occasional Bob Marley and I have been partial to a small cheroot every now and then but I’ve never really liked kissing girls after they’ve just had a cigarette, it reminds me of drunken Saturday nights at the local rugby club snogging some random girl, a vodka and coke spilling out of one hand and a burning stick of tobacco hanging between the v’s of the other.

I’m not going to condone it, I used to be a smoker myself although I never really developed a habit. Anyway I saw this picture from and I just though, nahhhh thanks….

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Real Man vs Modern Man

I was reading my new Total Film magazine and there was an article on the blue-ray transfer of Dr. No which caught my attention. Apparently all they found on the new, sharper, crystal clear version was hair; Connery had hair on his chest, hair on his hands, on his fingers, on his neck, hair coming out of his nostrils and ears, even on his arse!

Calvin Klein’s now iconic (or as I call it, load-o-bollic) sexualized image of a poster ‘man’ (or as I call him, Marky Mark) was one of a hairless goof with a body which says “I do fuck all with my life except for work-out, eat and shit.” These are guys who either shave their chest or haven’t gone through puberty yet! I work with male models who spend so much time each day shaving their entire body; their chest, their arms, legs, their pubes, balls and even the crack of their arse, that they can’t have time to do much else.

What happened to the old school heroes like Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Burt Reynolds, and Tom Zenk. When did a little brown sugar on the chest become unfashionable? Alright, so we’ve got Chris Evans (giving his best Blue Steel look), Robbie Williams and Chuck Norris, but come on! Is every male actor born hairless these days. What’s going on?

There are some women who do love it (this article sums it up quite well I think), but they act like it’s a fetish or something. Also according to a new study stroking hairy men lowers blood pressure. So read that and weep you bald chest loving women! I have to say I am getting tired of these images in the media of hairless men. It says only two things to me – homosexual.

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Cindy Hope’s new Boob Job

We can add Cindy Hope (our September ’08 Babe of the Month) to the cosmetically enhanced list as reported by Sean via EuroBabeIndex’s forums. I just thought I would show you how they look (so don’t treat this as breaking news!).

You know… this debate has been raging for some time (maybe even decades now) whether girls should have boob jobs or not. Something that is clear to me, it is totally their choice and whatever decision they make, I am convinced it will make them feel better about themselves.

As we know from the countless discussions on this subject some girls are really stupid and get these huge, hideous cosmetic enhancements. Cindy has been really sensible and I don’t think they look that bad. Well done to her and we here at wish her all the best.

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Watching Girls

I like observing people who aren’t aware they are being observed, but I’ve never been much into voyeurism. I’m more a participating kind of guy, except when I have a camera in my hand and I’m working of course!

I know a lot of people love to watch women undressing, Kern does a lot of that kind of photography, but I’ve never really been able to tap into it, I feel kind of perverted if I’m watching an unsuspecting girl undress. Saying that of course it is erotic, I remember when I was about 15 my neighbour (a forty-something lady) used to sunbath topless in her garden and I used to watch her from my bedroom window when I got home from school. I learned later that she actually knew I was watching her. I came home one day to find the old man had left me a list of chores. When she saw me over the garden fence she sat up to say ‘hi’ and after a moments small-talk she asked (with a smile) if I liked watching her from my window. I bottled it and made my excuses, something I later regretted.

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Porn Set Ups (Part 2.1)

As Spunk blogged recently, porn set-ups are a fascinating entity and have also recently provided inspiration for an article by Guardian journalist Tim Dowling. It’s a vaguely amusing (for your average reader) yet incredibly narrow and one-sided piece that takes its reference from a bunch of cheap porn movie images and then speculates on the action therein in a rather trite manner that seems (un)informed from either a mediated subconscious knowledge or having viewed no more than 4 or 5 shit pornos about 10 years ago. Unfortunately for us, he doesn’t take a moment to acknowledge superior producers and we get tarred with the same brush. And the brush stinks of shit.

I’m not sure what “porn movie (made) with a camera phone in a Topshop changing room” he’s talking about and I still can’t make up my mind if I want to see it or not. But it seems pretty obvious he’s not viewed any of our Late Night Films, particularly Unfaithful 2 which AVN say “genuinely elevates lesbian porn to a new level” and of which ETO say “It'd be wrong to say Thomas' latest transcends porn, but…”

Maybe we should send him a copy and get him to review it for his next column?

By the way, anyone notice someone familiar in the photo above?

Dowling, his article, the pictures he’s talking about and where he got ‘em.

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Oh God Oh God Oh God!

It’s kind of ironic that “Oh God” is phrase we hear all the time in porn – especially American porn – where society (especially in religious circles) has made people inclined to see the naked body as strictly erotic and therefore too rude to just be thought of as beautiful.

In the New International Version of the Bible (a translation preferred by many conservative Christians,) the number of references to nakedness was altered, “perhaps because they find nudity too embarrassing.” I also heard about a Pastor who thought yoga was only about being able to put your own genitles in your mouth so banned it from Sunday School, (and before anyone says anything that yoga session I booked for tonight is only because I have a bad neck.)

I really wish these Christian fundamentalists would stop being so fruitful and multiplying, they have created an exceptionally negative attitude about sex and sexuality which has led to unnecessary guilt and oppression, and I think subsequently inspired the Blackzilla Is Splittin’ That Shitter series.

There was a new idea submitted on our forum set in a nunnery. I’ve always liked that taboo aspect of porn scenes with nuns and priests, it’s never been done quite right though. Hmm…might have to give it another go.

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What God gave them

One of the first things i saw this morning was Cindy Hope’s new breasts. Straight away my mood dropped. This is not something i need to see first thing on a Monday morning, thanks for that Spunk. On closer inspection i realized that it wasn’t just her breasts that had changed in size but also her lips. Now all i have is my opinion and i am just one person and i know i don’t speak for everyone but WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING THROUGH THESE GIRLS MINDS? I apologize for my language but i just don’t get it. Yeah i’m sure they will spout this self confidence, my decision, what makes me happy bullshit but at the end of the day i’m not buying it.
These girls are bloody gorgeous already. Most women would kill for such natural beauty. Ah well, it’s just my two cents. Unfortunately with the more people having cosmetic surgery the more acceptable it is becoming. Here’s a before and after pic of the UK glamour girl Jodie Marsh. Now you tell me which one you prefer.

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Spunks Girls – Kim Basinger

While trying to find a blank VHS tape to record Cobra one evening back in 1987 I discovered that someone in my house had taped Nine 1/2 Weeks. I remember it clearly, I took the VHS upstairs and hid it in case someone taped over it before I’d finished watching it, which incidentally took about nine and a half weeks.

Kim Basinger (pronounced Bass-in-jer in my house) or Vikki Vale from Batman, was probably one of my earliest lustful crushes. The former fashion model featured in Playboy in 1983 (see pics below) and went on to forge a successful Hollywood career, including playing a Bond girl and an alien in My Stepmother Is An Alien.

She’s one hot babe, even today at 54 I’d let her be my girlfriend. I had this picture on my wall when I was about eight, before my mother ‘accidentally’ threw it away while cleaning my room.

If you haven’t already seen it, watch The Getaway remake, it’s a shit movie (unlike the McQueen/Peckinpah classic) but there is a pretty decent Hollywood sex scene between her and then-hubby Alec Baldwin. I bet he had some stories for his brothers!

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Prisoner Cell Block L(esbo)

I always wanted to do an all-girl movie in a female prison, a bit like Scum but with less male rape and more lesbian loving.

Amanda Knox, who despite being accused of murder I still find extremely attractive, is currently in an Italian jail and receiving sexual offers from her cell-mates, one of whom is Monica Bellucci – currently serving time for various traffic violations, (ok I made that last part up.)

I have to say this is making the jailhouse lez fantasies I stored away some years ago pop to the surface.

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Brassieres For Him And Her

I know some men like to wear womens underwear, I was once into wearing a old girlfriends panties but they had a rather manly elephant on them and anyway it was strictly for comfort reasons.

Now the crazy geniuses over in Japan have come up with a new line of men’s brassieres. Damn it they think of everything don’t they!

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The Perfect Tan

I think it was Spunk that blogged about women with tan lines some time ago. I think they can be very sexy but nowadays most models will do all they can to get that all over tan. I remember not so long ago we were shooting in Spain and a ‘not so Lucky’ model decided to ignore our advice about how hot the sun was and what factor sun cream to use. And how did she end up? Well, everything apart from her sexy bits resembled Mac from Predator. And those other bits……burnt to a crisp.
I’m happy to see the bikini’s are getting smaller though.

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Nipples That Could Cut Diamonds

Ever notice those girls who don’t wear a bra and you can see their nipples through their t-shirts? No, of course you don’t.

There are a couple of girls I know who’s nipples are so strong and defined that even if they wore a plate of armor their nipples would still be poking through, like two babies dummies watching you wherever you go, or like two little monkey fingers pointing at you!

Make-up artists Hajni and Gina B are two such girls who possess nipples so powerful that were a stray boob to bounce up and hit you in the eye during pre-sex-breast-orientated-foreplay that you might end up having to pay a visit to Hollands Of London.

Proof will be posted in this topic on the forum!

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One Of The Girls

The relationship between straight woman and gay men has been interesting me quite recently because I think it could be the basis of a good movie.

The traditional characteristics of this kind of relationship are outlined here and contain the usual “he’s one of the girls…doesn’t try to fuck me…I don’t need to impress him…he’s got great style and comes shopping with me…he doesn’t like football…he knows what kind of tampons Victoria Beckham uses…” lah-de-dah which would normally be associated with a straight-woman-gay-man friendship.

But then I started to think of ideas which might make for an interesting movie. This isn’t one, but I once knew a guy who said he often pretended to be gay to bed women, but I always thought it was bullshit, I mean what straight man would go to all the effort! A woman would spot a fake a mile off anyway, the moment his neck rotates 180 degrees to follow the hypnotic jiggle of a female bum drifting past, as he gulps his pint spilling it down his creased t-shirt, then scratches his balls and suggests they ‘go back to hers,’ the game would be up.

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Porn Set-Ups (Part 2)

Back in 2003 we met northerners Tara English, a bloody horny attractive bi-sexual lass, with a proper northern appetite (for sex) and a hot body. And Big Tony, who at the time was writing a novel about The Meaning Of Time, and was pretty jazzed that he’d made a breakthrough.

Again we were filming for British Hardcore Fuckfest 2 and it was a funny start to the day, the guys really enjoyed playing this scene through before they got down to the nitty-gritty. Watching it back now it feels something like Casualty meets Coronation Street meets Twin Peaks. Although the doctor-patient dynamic is a classic porn-set up I feel we added something to the mix with this one. Of course it’s more fantasy than reality, but then we all have to escape once in a while don’t we.

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Where has her Belly Button gone?

This was something I’d never really thought of before, I just assumed everyone had an “innie” or an “outie”, but according to this article, stunning Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova’s absence of a belly button was noticed recently as she graced the US catwalk for lingerie giant Victoria Secret.

Belly buttons are the result of our umbilical cords, which fed us in the womb being cut, and seeing as we all have umbilical cords why hasn’t everyone got a belly button? Reading the aforementioned article provides a lot of apparent answers such as the umbilical cord being left to detach naturally, but Karolina Kurkova has not yet explained the absence of hers.

The other part i found funny was apparently she has had a belly button airbrushed in for some photo shoots, as though this was a disfiguration of some kind. Personally i found it strangely kind of sexy, at least she cant get it pierced, which every woman I’ve met lately seems to have. To me it makes her stand out from the crowd. It also doesn’t seem to be damaging her career, Forbes magazine ranked her as the eighth highest paid model in the world last year.

What does everyone else think, does anyone reading this blog have a lack of a belly button? Like I said I’d be intrigued to know, as i always assumed everyone had one!

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Morning….Fancy a Brew?

I like to start my day with a nice hot shower followed by a mug of Columbia’s finest (coffee that is….it’s a bit early for their other finest export). And then my usual 3 weetabix and a banana. All of which is carried out while i am completely naked..naturally.
Looks like this lovely lass has got the same idea.

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Porn Set-Ups (Part 1)

Years before people cared what happened before the hardcore sex in a porn film, the set-up was normally a lazy afterthought for producers. “Who cares why people are having sex, let’s just see them doing it!” was generally thought to be the attitude of porn-consumers.

Of course we now know that to be wrong, and have since gone of a journey of exploration and discovery which took us to the northern mountains of Thailand and the Brazilian amazon where we smoked peyote through banana leaves. The God Of Sex came to us in a vision and told us that adult features should have a story like a normally movie, where characters learn things and make profound choices, where things happen for a reason and where stories draw us into an erotic world of fantasy.

Actually, we have always tried adding a little context before the pussy-eating and cock-sucking commenced, even if it wasn’t part of a movie. Not only did it amuse us immensely but it actually gave the performers something to work with, and after twenty minutes of on-the-spot impov which we’d direct the performers through, they were normally pretty worked-up and horny for each other.

Here’s an old classic from the London Studio, and featured in British Hardcore Fuckfest 2.

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Mums and Daughters – Outtakes

We have a lot of fun on our sets as can often be seen in the behind the scenes videos and outtakes on the DVDs. I think it’s mostly that we enjoy what we do and we want to have fun while we work. It is good fun being around lovely women, and we’re filming sex which is meant to be enjoyable isn’t it? At least I enjoy having sex, even when it’s intense and passionate.

We’ve been able to diffuse even the most difficult of situations in the past, like when one girl reveals quietly that she “absolutely hates” the other. But I have to say that most of the girls that we work with turn up with big smiles and ready to have a good time.

Here is a selection of outtakes (not all of them) from Mums and Daughters.

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Say “Blue Cheese”

I once asked Peaches during an interview if she ever used a mirror to practice her photo-faces and she burst into embarrassed, hysterical laughter (interview is on the site and in Inside Peaches.)

It can’t be easy to retain some sense of normality if your job is to let people take hundreds of pictures of you everyday. Eventually you’d get to learn expressions and poses so well that every time you hear someone say ‘ok…1…2…3′ you instantly arch your back, point your toes and make your sexy face. It’s like those male porn stars who have their hands on their hips when they fuck their girlfriends in the doggy position.

When I’m hanging around the set and Sean or Viv are clicking away I constantly hear the “natural please” cry. I know a lot of people have mentioned these ‘porn faces’ before on our forum, and it’s actually become something I really look out for now. To be fair to our European girls, it is not yet quite as bad as it is in America, where the porn faces range from “one more gag and I might die” to a “this really hurts” to “please no more I want to go home” expressions. Here’s a nice natural picture of Eve to balance out the above Eve porn face.

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Sexy Birthday

Today is Chloë Sevigny‘s birthday. You might love her, you might not. You might think she’s sexy and again, you might not. I personally fall into the first category each time.

I have had a trouser tower for her since I saw her in the video for Sugar Kane & then Kids (She was 20 okay!) where she starred alongside the Uber fit Rosario Dawson. She’s only 34 today but has already been in enough controversial films & TV efforts (like Kids, The Brown Bunny, Boy’s Don’t Cry, If These Walls Could Talk 2, Big Love etc.) to cause considerably prolonged debate among the users of our forum. She’s also in The Last Days of Disco which I had to watch at uni and almost put me off her but luckily she is as fit as the film is terminally boring.

She was dropped by the William Morris Agency because she gave the always humble Vincent Gallo a real blow job in The Brown Bunny and she once gave my penis a hypothetical one when she said; “I’ve questioned issues of gender and sexuality since I was a teenager, and I did some experimenting. I always ended up getting involved with my close girlfriends, and that was really bad … I love women — they’re beautiful. What more can I say?”.

I say make a wish Chloë! Mine is that you continue to “experiment” and make a tape of that available to me somehow.

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Gay, gay, not gay, gay, gay as a window…

According to this article gay men and women are better at spotting other gay folk than straight people are, as if they have some kind of built-in ‘gaydar,’ like Mel Gibson in that film where he starts shaving his legs.

Now I always thought I was a pretty observant guy, but surely you can’t tell just by looking at someone if they are gay or not; well sometimes we can obviously (see left), but it’s not something you’d be able to tell from a still picture of a persons face.

Apparently “when gay and straight men and women sniff the underarm odors of others-unsullied by deodorants or perfumes-gay men strongly prefer the smell of other gay men…Lesbians, as well as straight men and women, find the scents of gay men least appealing.”

Quite how they can conduct that experiment using pictures and videos is anyone’s guess, but I assume the smells are a cheat anyway – just sniff out Joop or anything French and voilà – we have a gay man.

Article found courtesy of Thefurfamily on lezlove forum.

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She’s got a great assssssssssssssss

I do love a good bum me. There’s nothing better than a lovely round, pert rump. My favorite amongst the VT starlets at the moment has to be Zara’s. It looks so good i wanna eat it, smother peanut butter on it and go to town.
But what about the best arse in the World? Just recently Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak (say that after a few) received the award for Worlds Best Bottom. I have to agree it’s quite special. No surprise she is from Brazil, she could crush conkers with those cheeks.
Not sure about the fella in this vid though, my clench is better than his.


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How Do Lesbians Lez?

Courtesy of Thefurfamily on the lezlove forum I saw this article published two years ago by Sandra Bell, claiming that some people don’t know how lesbians make love, and kindly explaining the process in a brief readers digest manner. Although I have to admit it sounds more like she doesn’t know how lesbians have sex.

Now I have to confess as a youngster I did wonder myself, was eating the pussy enough, because like many, when I first discovered sex I wrongly thought it was all about penetration. Maybe one girl inserts a breast into the others vagina, is that even possible? Of course in later years I realised that there was more to cunnilingus than I had originally thought or seen in straight porn movies -( two brief laps – hock, spit – make a noise like ‘ahhhhh come on baby take my cock yeeeeaaahhhh’ – job done). It was like discovering another world when I finally knew what to do – like Columbus must have felt when he landed on the moon.

I did wonder what else lesbians did together, surely it can’t be that simple I thought? What about fisting and golden cocktails, dippoldism, loveless orgies and partner swapping, auto-fladgulation and self-coprophilia? Of course now I know the truth, women make love to each other slowly for 90 minutes having an all-body, psychological bonding experience. I don’t know, does this really reflect the truth? I saw a Belladonna lez video once and it wasn’t like that at all.

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Spunks Girls – Carol Voderman

Carol Voderman is a 48 year-old Welsh maths genius, an MBE, a detox expert, lover of Richard Whitely and Des Lynam, one of Britain’s highest paid women, and now she is also one of Spunks girls, talking to me in her Welsh accent saying things like “…oh Spunk that is bloody lovely that is, you are going to make me cum now in a minute, I’m going to have more orgasms than decimals in pi…” etc.

Carol also has the same reverse-aging disease which Brad Pitt has in his latest movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, and now the super smart lady is looking lovelier than ever.

I don’t know why but Carol has always reminded me of my old English teacher Mrs. Cunningham, who was a tanned, naughty little thing. The kids used to call her “butter legs” because they were frequently spread. She was eventually fired for having a five-way with four sixth form boys on the common room foosball-table. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky four, who later became known as the ‘Foosball-Flora-Four.’

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Who has a GREAT one? Who has the best one?

Stella Stevens? Sandy? Nikky Case? Keyra Agustina?

The answer is none of them, not right now. Today it belongs to the beautifully named (until you get to the last bit) Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak who’s just won the Sloggi competition for the world’s most beautiful one. It was quite a big contest with 11,200 entrants and over 31 million votes cast by the public! She’s grabbed an underwear contract, insurance for her bum and $15,000 prize money to stick in her back pocket! Nice.

I think they did it for blokes too which was won by some fella.

Story at

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Do You Get An Erection When You Film Girls?

It’s a question I am often asked, along with “…how many models have you fucked?” “…are there really fluffers in porn?” and “…is there a God?”

I’ve never been able to answer these kinds of questions without feeling a little dirty, so I will just post this clip of me filming Jamie and Peaches, while my buddy Mates holds a sunlight reflector on the girls. Watch the reflector.

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Their Talent knows no bounds

There is a huge misconception that girls only decide to work in porn because they are either too short to be a fashion model or lack the talent to be an actress. Some girls we work with have an abundance of talent – check out these two beauts. First off a quite incredible impression of a small to medium sized dog. And in the second Vid the lovely Suzana replicates the exact noise of a British Rail Intercity 125 train going at roughly 110 mph as it sounds it's horn. Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie eat your heart out.

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How I met my wife…

Vice TV runs a great series called “Shot by Kern” where the models he shoots and the man himself give really candid interviews mixed with some cool footage of his working method. Sasha Grey gives a particularly insightful one in 3 parts.

Today I stumbled across another 3 parter which reveals the story of his photographic colleague-turned-model-turned-wife pictured here.

I’m a big fan of Richard Kern’s photography; I love the intimate and natural quality of his images. He also directed a video for one of my favourite ever bands Sonic Youth WAY back in the day and was responsible for the cover of their album EVOL.

Vice TV also runs a series “The Vice Guide to Sex” which I’m sure will interest some of you!

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Mums and Daughters…….with a twist

Not what your thinking but still very relevant to our latest big release – Mums and Daughters: Secrets in the Suburbs.

I was watching a bit of tv the other night and came across a show called Crowned. It is billed as the mother of all pageants. In the show, 11 teams of mothers and daughters compete for the top prize of $100,000 in a beauty pageant for TV. Judge Shanna Moakler tells the contestants, “We’re celebrating modern women, where spirit, intelligence and heart are as meaningful as a pretty face.”

Once some of the pairs reveal themselves to be catty, shallow and a little bit dumb, “Crowned” becomes more entertaining. The only real reason i kept watching was to get an eyeful of the young lovelies and their MILF mums in the bikini round. I’m still yet to fulfill this particular fantasy but this show certainly fed my desire to do so.

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Spunks Girls – Katie Melua

So there I was one Sunday morning – having been rudely woken up by the neighbour asking me to move my car from his front lawn – sitting on my sofa in my boxers trying to get the taste of alcohol out of my mouth by drinking Spex, when Katie Melua came on Sunday Life to do a short interview. Who the hell is this I wondered? What a darling.

Katie is a Georgian-British, (now) 24-year-old musician (who does a lot of work for charity but doesn’t like to talk about it) with an £18 million fortune, a world record for the deepest underwater concert and a fan of Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah” (one of her biggest musical influences.) ‘Ok’ I thought, this is too good to be true. I could already see us together on a Sri Lankan beach at sunset, having spent the day rescuing small children from corporate evils, making love on a hammock.

But then I spotted the mosquito in my soup – her music is shite, she sings songs with lyrics like “…feeling 22, acting 17…” and she is 19. That’s just confusing. She also thinks Paul “Sir Twat” McCartney is the Greatest Living British Icon. I have no more to say on the subject. Except that I’d still let her be my girlfriend.

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Ryanair’s scantily clad cabin crew

To continue from where Sean left off I’d like to propose another great thing about Ireland; Ryanair. They’ve just produced a charity calender which has (as wittily phrased by moral panic stokers and racists the Daily Mail) caused them to “fly into a storm“. The calender features some absolutely stunning cabin crew (who look more like page three pinups than plane staff*) wearing little more than a loosely fastened seat belt and has been accused of being “sexist” by The Institute for Women in Spain. Now, I’m not one to jump to conclusions but I think it’s a simple case of a telephonic misunderstanding and they confirmed the calender (coincidentally shot in Spain) was “sexy”. (Groan).

If they’re serious then why didn’t they complain last year when Ryanair raised over $70,000 for a special needs children’s charity by doing exactly the same thing!? Probably because another group from Spain got there first.

It is not the first time the budget airline has got into trouble involving sexy images (or a hundred other things). They recently hit the news when out of 3.5 million newspaper readers, a whopping 13 mental people with nothing better to do complained about an advert featuring a woman in a school uniform! Thankfully, sanity prevailed at Ryanair and they laughed in the face of their best friends the ASA’s ruling and the farcically pathetic minority.

This time round, a spokesman (that’s sexist) for the angry Spanish women who are considering legal action but not, apparently donating up to $100,000 to the homeless charity said ‘If there had been men in the calendar I’m sure there would have been no controversy.’ Personally, I’m not so sure, I might have been a tad offended:

* copyright; the Daily Mail 2008 & 2009

Full story (and pictures) at the DM

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Super Pussy

Let’s be honest, if your Superman then you can pretty much take your pick when it comes to the ladies. If i was Superman for a day first id take a nap…then watch a couple episodes of only fools and horses…then i’d go into the bathroom and have a super shower then probably make a super sandwich…then i dont know…save the planet i guess. That would take me up to about 4pm, then i’d bed as many Gladiator chicks as poss, starting with Jet. The reason being that they’re probably the only women that are strong enough to deal with my super strokes and super semen.

One thing i could never understand when i was younger though was why Clark/Superman had the hots for Margot fucking Kidder aka Lois Lane in the first three films with Christopher Reeve. What a bollocks piece of casting that was. I mean the woman sounded like she smoked 80 a day and gave Clark nothing but shit. If i’d have been him i would of said – ‘listen you wrinkly little piece of shit, i’m Super Fucking man and in any real world you’d never get the chance to grasp my super cock so get on your knees and open wide’.

Thankfully Lois Lanes that have followed have been much more suitable as Superman arm candy. There was the now desperate housewife Teri Hatcher. Then Kate Bosworth took Lois back to the big screen. And now we have the lovely Erica Durance in the tv series Smallville. All much more fitting as Super pussy. By the way, no offense Margot.

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Spunks Girls – Rosario Dawson

In this new series of blogs I will be looking at all kinds of different women and what’s hot about them and what’s not about them. From actresses, politicians, musicians and that girl who works in our local BBQ fish shack.

First up for my own personal brand of inane judgment is Rosario Dawson, a Puerto Rican Afro-Cuban Native-American Irish girl born in The Big Apple and star of numerous films including Kids, 25th Hour and Alexander.

I like her. She’s kind of got a kick-ass-coolness about her, she’s fucking beautiful, an out-spoken supporter of various charities and support groups, parties with Asia Argento and winner of MTV Awards Best Kiss 2006. Great you might think, it’s all adding up nicely.

But wait, not only has she worked for that hack Kevin Smith but her Wiki page says she’s dated a series of chumps including two teenage shills from Sex And The City and Dawson’s Creek, ah…but who hasn’t been in bad relationships and worked with self-indulgent directors (looks around shiftily), she has to be forgiven for that. I’d have to get to know her a little better first but I’d probably let her be my girlfriend.

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Nail Me To Your Headboard

Girls love to dress up don’t they, I suppose it’s just something in their nature. Just like a scarf, a handbag or a small toy-dog, nails have become a decorative accessory over the centuries, and subsequently the fashion for long painted fingernails has spawned over 61,400 websites dedicated to ‘nail art.’

I don’t like these long nails, especially if they are too long, I’ve seen some girls with nails so long they are almost curved over like talons, like weapons of male destruction. Just look at the jilted Connecticut woman who was so angry at catching her lover in bed with another woman she employed her manicured hands like a female Wolverine carving up a turkey, leaving the cheating bastard with scrotum wounds needing 24-stitches.

Personally I don’t know what is wrong with simple, short French Manicured nails, classy, clean, elegant, natural, safe. For men, to have a girl wrap both hands around your shaft while delicately kneading your penis with her lips is all well and good, but to have that done while she has 10 small daggers glued to her fingers feels closer to nervously watching a drunk Edward Scissorhands shave your testicles.

Likewise if I am filming girl/girl and one girl has claws I’m always scared for the other poor girl, who must be dearly praying that her vagina doesn’t get shredded from the inside. If you are sexually active then one would assume that you are going to want to make sex comfortable and enjoyable for your partner, I mean I don’t chew glass before going down on a girl, apart from that time I was living with a Chilean family on Isla Sala y Gomez, but that’s a whole other story.

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Eyes Wide Tight

There is no denying that Nicole Kidman is an attractive woman. In fact I was watching Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant Eyes Wide Shut on the weekend and when that shot in the mirror came on I caught my internal dialogue confirm that she was “lovely.”

But what the fuck is this all about? It looks like she’s been intravenously fed botox, it’s hard to tell if her expression is one of happiness or extreme physical agony. I get so upset when these celebrity stars do this kind of thing to themselves. I so much prefer her natural look.

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$2 Million for Sarah Palin to star in porno

If the incredibly faint similarity between Hustler’s “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin star Lisa Ann and the real thing doesn’t quite satisfy your political perversions, you’ll be pleased to know that somebody has come forward with a serious offer for the hockey mom.

Miami director Cezar Capone who confidently declares himself as “the king of all MILF films” will throw $2 million her way if she agrees to appear in one of his works (and $100 grand & a snowmobile for her fella to co-star). I wonder if God will “speak to her” and tell her to go into the porno game just like he did with the politics.

Doubt it.

Potentially one of the most infamous job offers ever:

November 6, 2008
Governor Palin
Alaska State Capitol Building
Third Floor
P.O. Box 110001Juneau, AK 99811-0001

Dear Governor Palin:Please let this writing serve as an official request.

In light of the recent election results, Cezar Capone Productions would like to make you a formal offer of $2,000,000 to star in an adult “MILF” production. I am sure you are unaware that Cezar Capone is the KING of all “MILF” films.

This one time offer also guarantees that you can walk away from our beautiful set with a newer and sexier wardrobe to make up for the $150,000 worth of clothes you had to give back to the GOP. You may be asking yourself why you should even consider such a crazy proposition? The answer is simple; this film will be shot in high definition, and be a glossy, adult production starring a beautiful mother recognized by all of America as well as the rest of the world -the most desirable woman over 40!

The film will be distributed internationally on DVD, as well as the website will reside on Please do not take this offer in jest, as it is completely legitimate, we at Cezar Capone are prepared to put the money in escrow immediately.

We have taken into consideration that there may be some hesitation to star in an adult production with male talent other than your husband so we are also prepared to kick in an extra $100,000.00 for your husband Todd to star in the movie with you, along with a brand new Arctic Cat snowmobile for him to sweeten the deal.

We are anxiously awaiting your reply.

Cezar Capone

story at

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Can’t resist what comes natural

Not many political leaders suddenly decide to do a complete u-turn on their beliefs and policies but that’s exactly what i’m gonna have to do. As leader of the Fake Boob Front i was sure them lovely big football tits were for me but i’m afraid the lure of natural plump puppies has proved too great.

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Vintage Porno

As everyone knows, porn was invented in 1981 by the Germans. They made one movie at first, duping it over 100,000,000 times and hiding VHS copies in the bottom bedside drawer (fathers side) of every family home in the Western world.

This was of course before the digital age and the discovery of the internet (unearthed in the keyboard of an Atari in 1990 by Bill Gates).

There’s something about these old vintage porn clips I like. I think it was because there is, dare I say, a kind of innocence about them, before the porn industry started getting nasty, sterile and plastic. We see happy smiles, pubic hair, natural bodies, and sex which is somehow strangely similar to the sex we have in our bedrooms at home, we’ve all been subject to a mother/daughter blowjob lesson at some point, no?

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Cat Fight!

When I was a lad the most brutal schoolyard fights were between the girls. Biting, kicking, stomping, hair pulling, scratching, eye-gouging and tit slaps were all fair game. Not like the boys, where Queensbury rules would strictly apply over 25 ten-minute rounds.

Just before the making of Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist we had our two stars Henrietta (who later pulled out of the movie) and Vera vent their pent-up artists aggression on one another just after they started to bitch over a black mascara pen. The verbal GBH doesn’t end in a physical fight though, instead they went to a room and had hot, intense, sweaty make up sex with each other, as one does.

Ella and Nikki can also be seen in the video, as this was when we were filming Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers.

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Fat Bottomed Girls

That’s a Queen song obviously, but here’s the lovely and voluptuous Diana from our website, who also features in a bonus lesbian scene (but as a brunette) on the soon-to-be-released Girl On Girl 4 DVD, with another plus-sized model Angel.

So many girls seem to have weight concerns these days, and what with the array of wafer thin super models gracing the back of Cosmo who can blame them? I have heard many a skinny model say that she thinks she needs to loose some weight, and some of these are girls are already so tiny that losing more weight would mean they’d be in the ‘dangerously thin’ category, and risk having every fragile bone in their body brutally shattered during rough sex like if John Goodman sat on a matchstick model village.

Here’s a nice website of an artist who draws big beautiful girls.

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Irish Charms

There’s no denying Ireland is the single greatest country on earth but if you needed reminding of the fact then let me introduce you to Claire Tully. She happens to be the first ever Irish page 3 girl with lovely 30E boobies and a cracking face to boot. And by that i don’t mean anyone should try and kick her in the head, no no… fact that pretty little Irish head of hers has also enabled her to gain a degree in Biochemistry and an opportunity to study for a PHD at Oxford University.

Lucky for us she decided to take her clothes of instead….good girl. This 24 year old has literally got it all in front of her so i’d like to wish her the luck of the Irish in whatever she decides to do. So I’ll now add her to my ‘Great things about Ireland list’

1: Guinness
2: Guinness
3: Leprechauns
4: The Coors (minus the brother)
5: Claire Tully

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Mums and Daughters: Scene 2 starts now

This scene really is above par – you should know the story by now, but if you don’t here goes. Picture a gorgeous young thing called Zara, skipping home from school and getting attacked by bullies. She rushes off to her rather tough buddy, CJ.

Shaved head and dope lying around her apartment, she is clearly something of a rebel. She starts to rip into Zara and telling her to stop being such a sissy and do this and that. CJ shows her a few moves, smokes a bit and then gets on top of Zara and really starts putting the moves on.

The subtle music, the tension in the air and Zara’s soft confused murmurings to stop (but please don’t really stop) all heighten the eroticness of this scene, and it’s ONLY getting started…

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It pays to be the Boss

All the hard work of producing top notch lesbian erotica does come with it’s rewards. If anyone deserves to be the filling in a mega babe baguette then it’s Viv. Good on him.

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Dancing With The Devil

Ok, so I originally saw this on fleshbot (I love fleshbot) but I’m making this post in the hope that you will watch this video and like I did, laugh your ass off.

Now forget about guessing the Wii game and all those other bullshit excuses made-up so we feel less guilty about watching a girl prance about with her tits out…..and instead watch the video and imagine she is dancing to the tune which they are playing in the background. She is busting some seriously good moves, check the arm swings.


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything but I thought it freaky enough to include in this blog.

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Good Vibrations

Sex toys have crept into everyday consciousness to the point where electronics giant Philips have entered the market! (For couples of course).

Well how about this; the world’s first iPod compatible sex toy has been developed. The “OhMiBod”. You can plug it into your iPod and then turn on tune in and rock out! A load of extensions and accessories are available, but the G-Spot stimulator is tested here by Kasidie Labs. Created by a former Apple employer, the product’s design and packaging certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to some bose speakers, sennheiser headphones, some funky socks or a protection plan!

Plug the OhMiBod into a signal splitter and its speed and intensity reacts to the music. Beat driven music is predictably more effective. I’m guessing Drum ‘n’ Bass would be good, unfortunately (because this does look pretty cool actually) I’m a fella so will never know.

Check out the product’s home page and their kind of lounge thing “Club Vibe” where you can download tracks and share experiences and musical recommendations with one another.

Source: Kasidie Labs.

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Porno Evolution

If like me you were a child of the 80s you will have noticed a slight change in porn over the years.

I clearly remember watching my first porno movie, a dodgy ninth-generation das pornograph VHS stolen from my friends dad, complete with dubbed moans and a terrible English voice-over spoken in a thick German accent.

I wish I could put a clip up, truly. That thing lasted me for years, in the end the tape snapped so I was forced to speak with real girls in some vein hope that one day I would be invited around to fix the shower and her twin sister would be undressing in the bathroom, then both girls would suddenly need sex. Isn’t that how it normally happens?

The girls were so ropey though, really just not something fantasies are made of. Perhaps my memory is skewed because of ‘the now,’ but I remember them all looking like middle-aged housewives on crack, with knotted cotton-wool pubic patches, saggy boobs and long dehydrated nipples which had been siphoned so much by her bastard children that they resembled two scorched babies dummies. And the guys, well I won’t bother to go there.

Anyway it’s a big change to modern-day porn where not only could the girls run in a Miss World contest but is high-quality, and available on digital versatile disk or download. Of course I still get my porn from the Mr. Softy ice-cream man who comes around every Friday, he’s got a side-line in ‘adult art’ and he’s got the lot.

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Mums and Daughters – Scene 1 done!

So the first scene of Mums and Daughters is up and live for members in our web site. Its the first of four Secrets in the suburbs entitled: “The Babysitters”. Angelika Black and Lucy Bell baby-sit for Dorothy Black and Sean (yep the lucky bastard is her husband in the movie – all he gets to do is lie around and act drunk though :)

The web team is extremely proud to have presented the video in flash with MOV, DivX and WMV downloads as well. This sets the trend for all the videos on our members site: Soon all video will be presented this way!

Along with the completion of the first scene is a brand new trailer for all those of you who are unfortunate enough not to be a paid up member of our world.

The SECOND scene will be on the site by Tuesday 11th November!

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How right you are Nelly

I had to laugh at this photo of Nelly during the filming of the Unfaithful series. She seems quite shy as she covers up her not so private – private parts. And next to her sits a shopping bag with the words ‘Made for Pleasure’ written across it. I couldn’t of said it better myself.

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Kuala Lumpar bans lesbian sex!

Okay, to continue with my theme of sex being banned. Here’s a rather odd story from southeast Asia where the council of Kuala Lumpar have banned women from “dressing or behaving like men and engaging in lesbian sex” because apparently it’s forbidden by the Islamic religion.

The problem is, apparently it’s not. According to lawyers. Yes, I know that they could probably convince a group of random people beyond a reasonable doubt some complete bullshit like Angelika Black is actually not that fit but I’m gonna go with them on this one. They say “homosexuality is technically permissible as there are no provisions for it under the law.” Would you Eve & Eve it?

Another interesting element to this story is that the Fatwa Council who’s pushing this does not have jurisdiction in civil law!

Story at The Straits Times

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Christmas is Cumming

Ok so i know there are still a fair few weeks to go before we pig out on mince pies, turkey and politely laugh at questionable cracker jokes but i intend on getting Christmas fever going now. I don’t know about you but i absolutely love the festive period. We eat and drink more in 1 week than we’d usually do in a month and exchange gifts that we’ll probably never use past Boxing day but it all contributes to my favorite time of the year.

So here’s my question to you guys – what would you like to find under your Christmas tree this year? For me it would have to be Eve Angel. She is one present i wouldn’t get bored of. I’d tear open the wrapping paper and play with her until new year, i don’t think she’d need batteries either.

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Sexy elections?

So you think there was no sex in the US elections? Well, Sarah Palin may be a real Maverick but she sure is one sexy momma… So sexy that you can buy the “ This Is not Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll” – thats after you get the Head of State dildo of course! Check out how sexy this uber-milf has become. And we haven’t even go to her very own porn movie yet!

Here some bright spark documents McCain’s love for her :)


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    Supermodel2019 6 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 10 hours ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 1 day ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Christa P 2 days ago

    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

    on A Night of Passion

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations