Christmas Break

December 28, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting much of late. Well this is beacause we are all off around the world on holiday and will only start getting back to work around the 5th Jan 2009.

You could always take this opportunity to browse throught the past year of posts that we have accumulated. Have fun and Happy New Year!

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dupreggw2…when girls are 16 they should be prepared to wait another 3 years on top of the current 2 they’d legally have to wait before they can consent to performing in hard and soft core pornography according to feminist blogger Garance Franke-Ruta. That’s not nearly as catchy as what I remember from school!

It was way back in May 2007 that she published the article here but I’m in a festive review-of-the-year kind of a mood (or last year – whatever) (plus I only read about it today). Her suggestions for legal revision are inspired by an influx of giggling, inexperienced out of control drunk girls as preyed upon by the Girls Gone Wild site but surely if they form the criteria for an age bump of 2 years to ensure “a girl (is) ready to make that decision” then wouldn’t enforcing a “sober consent” law be just as, if not more effective?

I was about to write a frightfully witty assessment of it until I saw that Jon Swift had written one better than I ever could.

Did anything ever come of this? (I feel a bit weird blogging something that is such old news)

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Some things are better in Brazil: bikini bottoms, steak, football. And, as internet postings proclaim, in 2002 the Brazilian women’s football team took the sport to a steamy new level with their spread in Brazilian Playboy.

Not only did the lovely, toned ladies show off their country’s waxing skills, they posed in the showers, locker room, and on the field. We also saw the teammates exhibiting good sportsmanship: massaging one another, and if that sports bra chafed a bit, they weren’t too proud to get down on their knees and lick the tickle away.

Upon closer inspection, it would seem Playboy assembled a bevy of models who posed as the Garotas da Copa (World Cup girls). As a spokeswoman said, the magazine featured “a world team with Brazilian models.” We feel so used.


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Lesboa – lezzing it up in Lisbon

December 22, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

View all Lisbon events at Eventful

Dan Buzzcock, our Portuguese porn consultant, picked out this prolific gem of journalistic info. Apparently the lesbian scene in Lisbon as alive and throbbing and they are holding a New Years Party at a hilltop location.

Trust me, Lisbon is a stunning city and if you are into a sexy little getaway check it out. We were thinking … mmm. Maybe the organizer would like to screen some proper Lesbian porn? Then we thought, just because people are lesbian it doesn’t mean that they are into porn. Am I right?

Check out the Lesboa blog for more info and related Lisbon blog.

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True Porn Clerk Stories

December 22, 2008 - by: Hugh G Rection

blogA rather humorous blog that I found whilst perusing the web earlier. It’s about a woman who works in a video store and her everyday encounters with all kinds of people who come in to rent porn. Her journal started circulating around the internet via blogs, emails and chat rooms and it peaked at number two on the Daypop Top 40. It made me chuckle, check it out here…

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Rom-coms ‘spoil your love life’

December 19, 2008 - by: Stern Bigot

youvegotproblemsThank fuck someone finally said it. I always knew something was wrong with these hour and a half loaves plopped from the anus of Satan, but I thought it was simply a case of them raping your belief in cinema out of your eye sockets as they steal time and money you’ll never, ever get back. But there’s more.

Relationship experts at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh have blamed this deluge of acidic vomit for “promoting unrealistic expectations when it comes to love.” Apparently fans of the films fail to communicate with partners, believing that if someone is meant to be with you, they’ll know what you want without you telling them. This is of course, highly unrealistic and why I persist in dating exclusively psychics or failing that, keeping a set of handy cue cards around the house for my dearest; “cup of tea”, “steak”, “blowjob” etc. etc.

Films reviewed included “You’ve Got Mail” (and it reads don’t watch any more Meg Ryan films), “Maid In Manhattan” (and hated worldwide), The Wedding Planner (would have planned this movie better) and “While You Were Sleeping” (someone made this piece of shit – sorry! Coffee?) The study also got 100 people to watch Serendipity (2001) and a further 100 to watch a David Lynch drama. The Serendipity viewers were later found to be more likely to believe in fate and destiny while the other 100 believed that a dwarf would break into their house in the past, creating an alternative reality in which they were killed by their bisexual doppelgänger after being accused of a murder they didn’t commit.

Dr Bjarne Holmes said “We now have some emerging evidence that suggests popular media play a role in perpetuating these ideas in people’s minds.” Which also opens up an interesting debate of what role pornography plays in perpetuating ideas of sexual relations in people’s minds (people that watch an amount comparable to the mainstream).

Relationships work because of work. Trust and commitment develop over time. Not because some bumbling toff once stuttered at you in the pissing rain or because someone you rather fancy guessed that “Private Dancer” was your favourite Tina Turner song. Personally, I’m glad I’m not desperate or naIve enough to take relationship lessons from a former Harrow head boy looking to finance a new wing on his holiday home with 90 minutes of sheer hell.

story at the beeb

take part in the researchers’ online study of media and relationships

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Sport Filly continued….Alina Kabaeva

December 19, 2008 - by: LeVerne Valdez

It honestly took me a few minutes to actually work out what was going on in some of these pictures, it’s just mind blowing. Alina is a 24 year old rhythmic gymnast from Russia. She is know for her extreme natural flexibility (your not kidding). Alina is actually Russia’s most successful rhythmic gymnast to date and has been romantically linked to Vladmir Putin. I bet he cracks open the Vodka and they have all kind of flexible fun.



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Extra special Christmas Present – The Raunch Report

December 19, 2008 - by: Nick Spillum

autumn-08-raunch-reportWell this quarter we have decided to go with an extra special Raunch Report and it’s completely dedicated to our latest film: Mums and Daughters. Packed inside this FREE digital pdf edition:

  • How it all started – Background in creating this film
  • All four scenes in detail
  • Bios of all ten great babes featured in the film
  • An interview with the film makers

FREE Download here (1.4MB pdf)

A few comments from our forum thread reviewing Mums and Daughters:

after this film, you realize once again who the leaders in lesbian erotica are.

I have to agree with everyone’s sentiments and say this is a fantastic movie.

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Holmes is where the heart is

December 18, 2008 - by: Stern Bigot

katie-holmescruiserSorry about that. That pun has actually made me feel a bit ill. Anyway, it’s her 30th birthday. Happy Birthday Katie!
She’s alright, I wouldn’t say no. I know Sean wouldn’t either, she completed the NY marathon last year which impresses me a hell of a lot more than anything she’s ever done in front of the camera.
When she married real life midget Tom Cruise they sparked off a worldwide media sensation that I couldn’t give a festive fuck about, but she did say something about having his Top Gun poster on her wall as a kid and dreaming of marrying him or something which really creeped me out and kind of stopped me from finding her desirable ever again. I’m a child of 1978 too and the film had a similar effect (genders reversed) on my pre-teen loins but I don’t think I’d be going down to Moss Bros for Kelly McGillis anymore! (No offense love).
Anyway, happy birthday Katie! You’ve come a long way baby! From being the only thing that stopped me from vomiting blood whenever Dawson’s Creek was on TV to a lame but timely excuse for me to feature this interview with The Cruiser about his unique beliefs.


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Sport Filly continued…Tatiana Grigorieva

December 18, 2008 - by: LeVerne Valdez

The sport of pole vaulting is so complex and physically demanding that unless you are supremely fit, agile and fearless your not gonna be any good. Tatiana is all of those and then some. She was born in Russia, but she competes for Australia and more recently became a Gladiator in that much loved TV series (no one will ever equal Jet in my opinion)

Her rock hard body, pert boobies and gorgeous face certainly make pole vaulting much more watchable.


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