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Christmas Break

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting much of late. Well this is beacause we are all off around the world on holiday and will only start getting back to work around the 5th Jan 2009.

You could always take this opportunity to browse throught the past year of posts that we have accumulated. Have fun and Happy New Year!

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When cherries are red, they’re ready for plucking…

dupreggw2…when girls are 16 they should be prepared to wait another 3 years on top of the current 2 they’d legally have to wait before they can consent to performing in hard and soft core pornography according to feminist blogger Garance Franke-Ruta. That’s not nearly as catchy as what I remember from school!

It was way back in May 2007 that she published the article here but I’m in a festive review-of-the-year kind of a mood (or last year – whatever) (plus I only read about it today). Her suggestions for legal revision are inspired by an influx of giggling, inexperienced out of control drunk girls as preyed upon by the Girls Gone Wild site but surely if they form the criteria for an age bump of 2 years to ensure “a girl (is) ready to make that decision” then wouldn’t enforcing a “sober consent” law be just as, if not more effective?

I was about to write a frightfully witty assessment of it until I saw that Jon Swift had written one better than I ever could.

Did anything ever come of this? (I feel a bit weird blogging something that is such old news)

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Sport Filly continued…Brazilian ‘Women’s football team’

Some things are better in Brazil: bikini bottoms, steak, football. And, as internet postings proclaim, in 2002 the Brazilian women’s football team took the sport to a steamy new level with their spread in Brazilian Playboy.

Not only did the lovely, toned ladies show off their country’s waxing skills, they posed in the showers, locker room, and on the field. We also saw the teammates exhibiting good sportsmanship: massaging one another, and if that sports bra chafed a bit, they weren’t too proud to get down on their knees and lick the tickle away.

Upon closer inspection, it would seem Playboy assembled a bevy of models who posed as the Garotas da Copa (World Cup girls). As a spokeswoman said, the magazine featured “a world team with Brazilian models.” We feel so used.


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Lesboa – lezzing it up in Lisbon

View all Lisbon events at Eventful

Dan Buzzcock, our Portuguese porn consultant, picked out this prolific gem of journalistic info. Apparently the lesbian scene in Lisbon as alive and throbbing and they are holding a New Years Party at a hilltop location.

Trust me, Lisbon is a stunning city and if you are into a sexy little getaway check it out. We were thinking … mmm. Maybe the organizer would like to screen some proper Lesbian porn? Then we thought, just because people are lesbian it doesn’t mean that they are into porn. Am I right?

Check out the Lesboa blog for more info and related Lisbon blog.

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True Porn Clerk Stories

blogA rather humorous blog that I found whilst perusing the web earlier. It’s about a woman who works in a video store and her everyday encounters with all kinds of people who come in to rent porn. Her journal started circulating around the internet via blogs, emails and chat rooms and it peaked at number two on the Daypop Top 40. It made me chuckle, check it out here…

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Rom-coms ‘spoil your love life’

youvegotproblemsThank fuck someone finally said it. I always knew something was wrong with these hour and a half loaves plopped from the anus of Satan, but I thought it was simply a case of them raping your belief in cinema out of your eye sockets as they steal time and money you’ll never, ever get back. But there’s more.

Relationship experts at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh have blamed this deluge of acidic vomit for “promoting unrealistic expectations when it comes to love.” Apparently fans of the films fail to communicate with partners, believing that if someone is meant to be with you, they’ll know what you want without you telling them. This is of course, highly unrealistic and why I persist in dating exclusively psychics or failing that, keeping a set of handy cue cards around the house for my dearest; “cup of tea”, “steak”, “blowjob” etc. etc.

Films reviewed included “You’ve Got Mail” (and it reads don’t watch any more Meg Ryan films), “Maid In Manhattan” (and hated worldwide), The Wedding Planner (would have planned this movie better) and “While You Were Sleeping” (someone made this piece of shit – sorry! Coffee?) The study also got 100 people to watch Serendipity (2001) and a further 100 to watch a David Lynch drama. The Serendipity viewers were later found to be more likely to believe in fate and destiny while the other 100 believed that a dwarf would break into their house in the past, creating an alternative reality in which they were killed by their bisexual doppelgänger after being accused of a murder they didn’t commit.

Dr Bjarne Holmes said “We now have some emerging evidence that suggests popular media play a role in perpetuating these ideas in people’s minds.” Which also opens up an interesting debate of what role pornography plays in perpetuating ideas of sexual relations in people’s minds (people that watch an amount comparable to the mainstream).

Relationships work because of work. Trust and commitment develop over time. Not because some bumbling toff once stuttered at you in the pissing rain or because someone you rather fancy guessed that “Private Dancer” was your favourite Tina Turner song. Personally, I’m glad I’m not desperate or naIve enough to take relationship lessons from a former Harrow head boy looking to finance a new wing on his holiday home with 90 minutes of sheer hell.

story at the beeb

take part in the researchers’ online study of media and relationships

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Sport Filly continued….Alina Kabaeva

It honestly took me a few minutes to actually work out what was going on in some of these pictures, it’s just mind blowing. Alina is a 24 year old rhythmic gymnast from Russia. She is know for her extreme natural flexibility (your not kidding). Alina is actually Russia’s most successful rhythmic gymnast to date and has been romantically linked to Vladmir Putin. I bet he cracks open the Vodka and they have all kind of flexible fun.



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Extra special Christmas Present – The Raunch Report

autumn-08-raunch-reportWell this quarter we have decided to go with an extra special Raunch Report and it’s completely dedicated to our latest film: Mums and Daughters. Packed inside this FREE digital pdf edition:

  • How it all started – Background in creating this film
  • All four scenes in detail
  • Bios of all ten great babes featured in the film
  • An interview with the film makers

FREE Download here (1.4MB pdf)

A few comments from our forum thread reviewing Mums and Daughters:

after this film, you realize once again who the leaders in lesbian erotica are.

I have to agree with everyone’s sentiments and say this is a fantastic movie.

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Holmes is where the heart is

katie-holmescruiserSorry about that. That pun has actually made me feel a bit ill. Anyway, it’s her 30th birthday. Happy Birthday Katie!
She’s alright, I wouldn’t say no. I know Sean wouldn’t either, she completed the NY marathon last year which impresses me a hell of a lot more than anything she’s ever done in front of the camera.
When she married real life midget Tom Cruise they sparked off a worldwide media sensation that I couldn’t give a festive fuck about, but she did say something about having his Top Gun poster on her wall as a kid and dreaming of marrying him or something which really creeped me out and kind of stopped me from finding her desirable ever again. I’m a child of 1978 too and the film had a similar effect (genders reversed) on my pre-teen loins but I don’t think I’d be going down to Moss Bros for Kelly McGillis anymore! (No offense love).
Anyway, happy birthday Katie! You’ve come a long way baby! From being the only thing that stopped me from vomiting blood whenever Dawson’s Creek was on TV to a lame but timely excuse for me to feature this interview with The Cruiser about his unique beliefs.


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Sport Filly continued…Tatiana Grigorieva

The sport of pole vaulting is so complex and physically demanding that unless you are supremely fit, agile and fearless your not gonna be any good. Tatiana is all of those and then some. She was born in Russia, but she competes for Australia and more recently became a Gladiator in that much loved TV series (no one will ever equal Jet in my opinion)

Her rock hard body, pert boobies and gorgeous face certainly make pole vaulting much more watchable.


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Sport Filly continued….Francesca Piccinini

Francesca is an amazonian Italian volleyball player, and a lovely one at that. At a height of 6?1, she is able to spike at 304 cm from the ground (equivalent to 9?11) Impressive… i bet she’s handy to have about when you’ve forgotten your keys and your trying to get in through your bedroom window. She has also played over 330 official matches with the Italian national team and has become their star attraction…i can see why.


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Blow me!

Okay, here’s a wonderful and hypnotic clip of a very talented girl blowing 3 massive bubblegum bubbles inside one another. Now, I can’t even make one the size of the smallest one so I was as impressed as I was oddly turned on by this clip.
I’m fully aware this has scant connection to anything in our realm but watch the clip and judge for yourself if it was worth the blog or not.

source: boingboing (Serving Stern cool stuff on a plate since something like mid-2006)

Update: I just watched this clip again and there’s actually 4 bubbles in total!


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Vanessa and Zac….at it again

You’ve gotta love these two. The perfect couple in many a pre-teen eye, Zac and Vanessa of High School musical fame are at it again. First we were treated to some nudey shots of Vanessa and now they have been snapped in a sex shop looking for the latest edition of the rampant rabbit series i presume. Those marketing moguls at Disney pictures will really have their work cut out for them in trying to spin this story. I say good luck to Vanessa and Zac. They are obviously having fun together, although i don’t envy their fans parents when trying to explain what their heroes are up to.


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New feature on

dvdclipsThis may not seem to be a huge new fan-frigging-tastic deal, but when you are trying to find some good clips from one of our (fan-frigging-tastic) DVDs sometimes all you need is a cool little bar to pull down and navigate from.

So thats what we did today. We built you a fan-frigging-tastic bar to pull down, so you are always one step away from the best porno videos on the web. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Check it out here (psst… look for the dark grey DVD bar with a pull down box in it half way down the page).

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Sport Filly continued…Laure Manaudou

This not so innocent 22 year old French lovely seems very comfortable in front of the camera. She is also incredibly talented, being the current holder of the world swimming records for the 400m and 200m freestyle. Recently her popularity soared thanks to an ex-boyfriend who wanted to share his pics with the rest of the world…..thanks mate. My word she has a big vagina.


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Lola! Lo-lo-lo-lo-Lola!

sean1I remember when we first met Lola in a club down in old soho, we were all drinking champagne that funnily enough tasted just like Cherry Cola. Anyway, to cut a long story short she walked up to me and asked me to dance, I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said “Stern, what the fuck are you going on about? These are the lyrics to a song by The Kinks, we’re actually in a villa in the Algarve, now what am I wearing for this scene…a Raincoat?…

More after the jump…..

Now, myself Spunk & Sean are not dumb but we couldn’t understand how after so many shoots, so many girls, there we were consumed with Lust Fever for this little chunk of sexual chocolate. She doesn’t have a dark brown voice like the object of Mr Davies’ affections (I’m not sure what that means) but she does have dark brown eyes and a tiny bum that could put Paul McKenna out of business for good.

I’m struggling to continue as I think about her, so I’ll just leave it at that. She’s our BOTM, you can see some nice photos of her here, she’s got the same name as BOTM July ’07 and we all love her.

Here’s a little clip of her getting worked up by Kyla in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian.

More to follow…

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Ladies Legs and other fetishes

vivthomascom_87460I like legs, I like feet, I like to use my own to walk and run, and sometimes bust some moves on the killing floor. But for some, womens legs and feet and not just a love and a passion, they are an obsession. In this sense I can not consider myself a foot fetishist. I remember talking to a male actor once who had a deep foot fetish, he told me he would use mental images of women’s feet to keep himself aroused, and that he would pause a DVD on the right shot of a woman’s foot to masturbate. It was, as they say, ‘his bag.’ I am not going to delve into the psychological reasons for why certain men (and women!) can be intensely aroused by these kind of things alone, because I am not an expert.

Viv is a certified leg man, I remember first meeting him in his office at our old London Studio and there were pictures on the wall of feet in high-heeled shoes, something that as 21 year old man who had only ever experienced the basic sexual experiences of anyone that age (orgies, heavy bondage, auto-defication, watersports, asphyxiation,) I found rather strange.

Viv: “There are dozens of fetishes, people like tits, nipples, bums, arseholes, navels, pussy hair, large pussy lips, arm pits and a host of other parts off the female anatomy. However most of these delicate parts of their bodies remain a secret and hidden, unless you’re lucky enough to get the lady undressed. The reasons for having a particular fetish are so wide and varied, it’s virtually impossible to define.
If you try and perv over your favourite fetish/fantasy without the ladies knowledge, you could get caught and end up in prison, lose your job or even get a dam good hiding.
Feet, legs, ankles, toes on the other hand are there for all to see (except if it’s bloody winter.) Women spend millions of dollars, pounds and or euros every year to make sure that their feet and legs look like a million dollars when they go out. For example, I take great delight in being able to sit on a pavement cafe in a busy walk way, with a bottle of vino and just sit there and perv. Nobody can do anything about it, I have no doubt that the Ladies just love the attention. I love the female form, tits, bums, arseholes, juicy pussies, the lot. But if I can see the lady has nice attractive feet, that she takes care of them, no hard skin on the heels, nice painted toenails, you just know the rest of her is going to be delightful and the game is on.”

I’ve made a number of foot/leg fetish films with Viv over the years, but acting simply as a cameraman and letting Viv direct the proceedings, and also all my angles and shots. I learned then that there are specifics to the fetish, certain angles, wrinkles in the ankle, the gap between foot and shoe, the curves, the contors, the calves, they all have to come together the right way to complete the picture. There are also a lot of accessories to the fetish which makes it interesting, not just high-heeled shoes, but pantyhose, stockings, suspenders. It all makes for a very intersting fetish indeed!

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Sport Filly continued – Anna…..of course

It was inevitable really, she was gonna turn up sooner or later so here she is. Despite crashing out in the first round of pretty much every tournament she played in, she made women’s tennis watchable again. She has made millions of dollars from endorsements rather than the sport she occasionally partakes in but she’s always lovely to look at nether the less. Even though she is dating that Spanish fuck nut Enrique Inglesias we still can’t get enough. Anna Kournikova we salute you.


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Christmas Combos!

vivthomascom_48630No, you can’t have Jo and Eve as I did one Christmas many years ago as they accompanied me out of hospital after I was injured rescuing a young woman from a cyborg sent from the future and programed to kill her.

The kind of Christmas Combos we’re offering to our beloved supporters are DVDs packaged together at massively reduced prices. Check the shop for other newly reduced prices.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Goodbye Bettie Page

bettypagebydavestevensSadly Bettie Page, the iconic American model and pin-up from the 50′s died last night at age 85.

Bettie was chosen to feature as the centerfold in Playboy Magazine in 1955, when the magazine was just two years old. This was an era when nude images were often deemed as pornographic and obscene, such a far cry from today where….oh hang on wait a minute.

“While she faded into obscurity in the 1960s after converting to Christianity and serving as a Baptist missionary in Angola she experienced a resurgence of popularity in the 1980s and had a significant cult following. Her look, including her jet black hair and trademark bangs, has influenced many artists.” - from Wiki.

Rest In Peace Bettie.

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Portrait of a Lesbian

It’s one of our titles currently in post production and tells the story of a frustrated novelist struggling to follow up a sexually charged best seller with a narrative fueled by the more darkly perverse thoughts she has become obsessed with since her debut.

In many ways it’s kind of a cross between Spunk Fiction and Butterfly but also something quite individual. A story guided by a self reflective and brooding voice over, regaling tales of sexual discovery and awakening.

I will regularly post clips and information so watch this space and the forum for updates. Tomorrow, a clip of BOTM Lola.

I decided to kick things off now with a little teasing clip of the main stars Kyla & Jo because the other day I suddenly had a sense that Kyla reminds me of Lola, star of Sirens and I thought that would be of interest. (I’m not saying they look the same, it’s a general sense of err…womanliness. You’ll see what I mean when you see more of Kyla….)

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Sport Filly continued – Natalie Gulbis

You’ve gotta love this girl based on her stretching technique alone. Before each shot this top female golfer pushes out her natural charms for all the world to see. Natalie…’ve charmed me.

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Nude Painting

Isn’t this great!? What with all the talk of oil painting Jo I thought I’d post it.

Unfortunately I have no idea of the source, otherwise I’d give the artist credit where credits due. I do know one thing about her/him, and that is s/he likes a nice, big, rounded rump!

That girl makes me horny…baby!

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I saw an article on Fleshbot about this new movie “Champion” and I thought it worthy of a post here. Looks interesting, obviously not the kind of thing that we do here, but perhaps in some way closer to a previous, more common perception of lesbianism, fundamentally where girls are less ‘girly’ and romance is just the name of some French movie.

Shine Louise Houston has created what has been called an “indie lesbian film which happens to have sex in it,” and from the looks of things, pretty damn strong, intense sex.

Check flesbot for a clip.

I think people like Shine Louise Houston might not be on the same path as us but we’re certainly walking in the same direction, both trying to break ground in erotic film, and as it says here (where you can buy the movie) “transcend the level of ordinary porn.” I’m in full support.

Pink and White Productions.

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 7

Welcome back to the last in this series of ‘Who’s The best Kisser?’, which was started by the result of the poll from this thread, and from which we have seen Lisa in several steamy scenarios with various stunning girls.

Today’s lucky lass to get tongue trussed with Lisa is the quite simply beautiful Sandy, a long time vixen veteran here at VT Towers. This clip is taken from the production Pink Velvet 3, and is the perfect clip to end this series of blogs on.

We open this clip with luscious lips Lisa lying on her back as Sandy devours her mouth with lip smacking, probing ferocity. Lisa soon decides to take control and returns the kiss with zealous passion, and soon the girls are in a world of their own as both bodies become afire with ardent passion.

I love this clip, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs, exploring Lisa’s finely tuned art of kissing. I noticed on the comments that quite a few people have argued that they believe Nelly to be the finest kisser yet captured on VT film. Maybe people would like to see more clips of Nelly kissing in a future series of blogs, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige. For now, enjoy the clip, I’m off to grab a cold shower!

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Sport Filly continued….Ashley Harkleroad

Ah the lovely Ashley. Not only is she one of the best female tennis players around at the mo but she also loves to get her sporty bits and pieces out for all the world to see. This 23 year old made the cover of Playboy recently and apparently the magazine flew of the shelves. From the pictures below i can see why.


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Blondes With Brown Eyes

They say eyes are the window to ones soul. A combination I’ve always liked is blonde-haired girls with deep brown eyes, I don’t know what it is about them but it’s a great contrast. Brown eyes on a girl are wonderful, sometimes they kind of glimmer and shine, almost like there is a wet film on them. Some people call them “come to bed eyes.”

Of course eyes of all colours are great, in fact eyes are great, period. When a girl locks eyes and stars into you as you make love to her it’s powerful enough to crumble mountains and knock down entire forests (ok not quite.) But when a blonde-haired girl has those deep dark eyes it really accentuates them in a way which stirs my loins and beats my heart.

More girls with brown eyes after the jump….


top – Bianca and Lola

Alissia, Dorothy, Jenny, Linda, Nikki, Sandy

all sets on the website.

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Sport Filly continued……Bia & Branca

No, you are not seeing double. They are actually twins. These two 20 year old blonde beauts come from Brazil, and they represented their country in the 2007 Pan American games at synchronized swimming. I’m in love…..twice.


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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 6

Welcome to part 6 of this series of blogs started by this thread, which by poll voted Lisa as best kisser in the VT universe.

So far we have had quite an eyeful, watching Lisa locking lips with the likes of Sandra Shine, Eve Angel and Ella to name but a few. Today’s clip is taken from the award nominated Unfaithful II, and star’s the one and only, Nelly.

A few of the comments that I have read on the previous Lisa kissing clips, have all said they disagree with the poll and have put forward their view that Nelly is in fact the greatest kisser out of all VT models. This is why i decided to pick this clip today to see these two battle it out with their tongues.

I have to admit that after seeing this clip, I was astounded by just how amazing these two particular models are together. I almost feel like I’m intruding on a very private lovemaking session. These girls are hot for each other, and with Nelly’s pure passionate kissing and Lisa’s demand for more of the same, I defy anyone not to get turned on by this footage. I still can’t really tell who the better kisser is tho, I think I’m still going to stick with Lisa but Nelly does cause pause for thought. Enjoy the clip, I know I did.

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Fake Euro Porn

Now this cracked me up when I found this article, concerning fake porn euro notes, being sold as a gimmick in Germany, are being successfully passed off as real cash.

The notes have a ring of 12 hearts instead of the usual EU stars, and feature hunky men and nude big-breasted women. Instead of the word ‘Euro” being printed in the corner these notes have ‘Eros’ – the Greek God of Love.

A newsagent shop accepted one of the fake 600 euro notes from a customer who bought two cartons of cigarettes and walked off with 534 Euro’s in change. I imagine that guy blew a wad that day lol.

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Message From Peaches and Gina

We were in Budapest last week shooting some new experimental projects, and on Sunday we had the pleasure of a visit from Gina and Peaches, who brought us some good news about their site!

So the main announcement is that will go live again tomorrow, on the 11th December.

They have not split-up as rumors started, the reasons were more mundane and less exciting, but that can all be put to rest now and we’re all looking forward to seeing what the girls are going to be coming up with over the next months. They assure us that they continued to film their exploits, adventures and dramas while the site was down, so we’ll finally be able to spend some more time at home with the girls and their various girlfriends.

Video message from the girls after the jump……

The site is a mix of scenes the girls have filmed themselves, some reality stuff, behind the scenes clips and pictures, and their own private sex tapes which is very exciting stuff. They have a strange and open relationship (of course!), so it really does make spending time with them quite intoxicating and addictive. They are also really great, wonderfully fun girls! I wish them the best of luck, and it’s a pleasure for us here at the Studio to be able to help them and work with them.

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AVN awards: 9 nominations

As Sean mentioned in a previous post, we are really proud of our 9 nominations this year at the Oscars of porn: The 2009 AVN Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada (as if there was any other Las Vegas!).

Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene
Sirens, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video, Nella, Zoe & Charlie




Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene
Inside Peaches, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video, Eve Angel & Peaches




Best All-Girl Release
Sirens, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video
Unfaithful 2, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video




Best Director - Foreign Feature
Viv Thomas, Unfaithful 2, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video




Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release
Pantyhose Erotica, Viv Thomas/Metro




Best Foreign Feature
War & Sex, Viv Thomas/Metro




Best Solo Release
Sticky Fingers, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video




Best Solo Sex Scene
Peaches, Sticky Fingers, Viv Thomas/Lezlove Video




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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 5

Carrying on today with this series of blogs, started by this thread, we will be watching Lisa devour the succulent Sandra Shine. This clip was taken from the production The Art Of Kissing, and it is a steamy scene indeed.

Being a big Sandra Shine fan, I loved her in Butterfly, i was looking forward to selecting this clip and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. Sandra and Lisa just look good together, an almost natural chemistry that comes across in their performance. The sensuous kissing between these two really turned me on, and makes for great viewing.

So click play already and watch two beautiful women sharing some spittle, top stuff! More tomorrow.

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New simplified Film Download System

We are seriously happy to announce that the buying a DVD Download from our DVD Shop just got a whole lot easier. No longer do you have to wait for a manual authorization by us, the download will be verified immediately after our system checks your credit card for funds.

Not only that but you will be offered a link directly to the film in order for you to download. So all you have to do is fire up your favourite download manager and “Save the link”. The files are still being accelerated and cached by Velocix all around the world so some of you should get blistering speeds!

If you do buy a download from today onwards, I would be really keen to hear about your experiences – you can post a comment below. How long did it take? It’s currently about 2-3 hours from our office here in Portugal.


  1. NEW Fast authorization of your download – it’s almost instant.
  2. No more fiddly download managers or zip files – just a link to your film.

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Porn Download Piracy

I came across this interesting article today concerning the illegal downloading and sharing of hardcore porn movies. It seems that people across the UK have been accused of using file sharing networks to get hold of dozens of adult titles without paying for them.

A German company called DigiProtect claims the users are breaking copyright law and is demanding £500 to settle out of court. A 20 page legal letter lists the name of the film involved along with the time and date of the alleged download.

Now generally I am all for the stopping of illegal downloads, especially pornography, as I’m sure plenty of VT titles are shared illegally every day, which has negative repercussions for us as a company. However in this case, it would appear, that this is a money making exercise. Michael Coyle, a lawyer who is acting for people who have recieved letters, says that, “If you send out 10,000 letters and ask for £500 each time, you only have to get half to pay up and you’ve made a significant amount of money…Because it is porn, the person being accused won’t want to go to court and is more likely to pay up to make the matter go away even if they are completly innocent”.

DigiProtect refused to coment directly for the article but it’s legal representative Davenport Lyons says that the lawyer representing people accused who say this is a money making scheme is simply wrong.

Follow the above ‘article’ link to see the full article and counter arguments by Davenport Lyons. Do you think this is a money making scheme? What are your views on porn piracy?

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 4

As you will all know by now this series of blogs all started with this thread and it’s poll result of Lisa being voted the best kisser. Well in part 4 today I have a tongue twisting treat in store for you, let’s begin.

Todays clip is taken from the production The Art Of Kissing 2, and features Lisa kissing the heavenly sent Eve Angel. I have to admit to not seeing this scene before, but believe me I’ll be watching it again.

This scene to me defines the word horny. I love the way they are locked in an embrace, passion oozing out of every pore. I love the way Lisa turns round to give Eve better access to her body and then spins round again to devour more of Eve’s mouth. Also unlike previous clips, where I have mentioned that Lisa seems to take control of the kissing, I’d say in this one that Eve is the dominant one. She seems to control Lisa, hands pulling her closer and tighter to her, with Lisa following her lead.

Anyway, stop reading, click on the play button, sit back and enjoy one of the most erotic and passionate kissing moments caught on camera. More to come. . .

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Who's The Best Kisser? Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our blog series concerning who’s the best kisser that was started from this thread, which as you can see, Lisa is the clear winner of the poll.

Todays kissing clip is one of my personal favorites, and features Lisa smooching the filthy, horny, one and only, Ella. This will be a new clip for some of you due to it being an exclusive bonus, extra feature, on the acclaimed Pink Velvet Trilogy box set.

What I really like about this clip is the passion that is evident between the two. This evident by the way Lisa breaks away from Ella’s kiss to caress her chin with her tongue and mouth, the arms caressing the sides of each others bodies, and the way they break apart occasionally to grin mischievously at one another.

Also if you’ve seen Ella in the production Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers, you’d know what I mean by Ella being one of the horniest and most unabashed women I’ve ever seen on film. yet once again, to me at least, it is Lisa that is in charge of this kiss, almost seeming to make Ella seem shy and, dare I say it, innocent.

I hope you enjoy the following clip as much as I did, more tomorrow.

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Female Wetness Starring Angie

I was reading an older blog by Mr. Spunk L Davies entitled ‘Female Wetness‘, and i was immediately reminded of a scene from Sticky Fingers 2, starring Angie George.

In this scene Angie gets down and dirty in the kitchen, as you do, and gets herself sopping wet. What I love about this is the actual scene from the film lasts just under 20 minutes so she slowly builds up to her orgasm, teasing herself until she’s wetter than a shark’s dinner.

Take a look at the following short clip and you’ll see exactly what I mean, slick pussy lips, soft moans and the squelching sounds of a well oiled pussy. Superb! There would be no need for lubricant with this beauty.

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Blog videos – a technical note

Some people have mentioned that they see the incorrect video in the post. As far as we can tell, the problem lies with Apple’s Safari web browser (and also Google Chrome as its built on the same engine).

If you view the blog in those browsers the videos will be unrelated to the post (it looks like it shows the previous video posted). If you view it in Firefox or Internet Explorer you won’t have a problem. We will check this out but in the mean time Safari and Chrome users just have to click on the title of the blog post to see the correct video.

If you misunderstand me, just post a comment.


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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 2

As you may remember from yesterday Sr. Spunk started a news series of blogs entitled ‘Who’s the best kisser?’. The winner clearly so far in the polls of this thread is Lisa, so we have decided to explore some of her best kissing scenes to see if she deserves the tongue title.

This second part involves a scene between Lisa and the drop dead gorgeous Stella Stevens. This scene can be found in the bonus scenes of the Pink Velvet Box Set, and quite frankly had me all hot and bothered within the first few minutes. I like the way they get more passionate as the clip progreses, with what seems to me, Lisa taking control of the kissing, almost sucking the face of the young Stella. If Stella had dried off with that towel it’s clear to me that she’d soon be pretty damp again after Lisa kisses her with such vigor.

I also love Lisa in pigtails and can’t wait to finish writing this so i can carry on watching the scene with one hand. Visit this blog again tomorrow to find out who Lisa is going to do oral battle with, and to see if she does deserve her title of best kisser in the Viv Thomas universe.

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A word on Spunk Fiction

As Pete H pointed out on the forum, there is a glowing review of Spunk Fiction over at – As it has been recently made available on download, here goes:

Pornographic films, by the nature of the way their target audience consumes them, and in turn by the production values and intentions of those making them, tend to be, by and large, disposable and ephemeral products.

They also tend to be completely disregarded as forms of art. There are very few pornographic films which are regarded as rising above (no pun intended) the dross. Films like Deep Throat, Debbie Does Dallas and now, I contest, Spunk Fiction, do so.

Spunk Fiction is the tale of an over-stressed erotic fiction writer (Jimmy Grossman), who has, in order to stay awake for long hours and finish his literary magnum opus, taken to the extreme and desperate measure of drinking a ghastly cleaning product called Specs. The writer has become heavily addicted to the vile green chemical, and begins to hallucinate strange sexual fantasies. We jump in and out of these fantasies, and into sequences from the book he is writing, which in dizzying harmonious resonance with the main plot of the film, is about a dyslexic erotic fiction writer (Clark W), who writes (in amusingly mangled prose) of his own ridiculous sexual encounters.

This narrative is conveyed to us through an inspired combination of voice over and complex on screen graphics. This film is in turns hilarious, frightening, suspenseful and erotically charged. It does many interesting and unusual things, which porn should not really do, and in the process of pushing outside the boundaries of the genre, establishes itself as an original and artistic masterpiece.

For instance, the main character is ultimately killed by the culmination and embodiment of his most fervent sexual fantasies into the form of a sadistic super vixen. She strangles him as they have sex, and he is killed before he can ejaculate. An astonishing and shocking ending to a phenomenal tale. But as the rules of porn demand the final ‘money shot’ we do get it, but only after the end credits have rolled, technically therefore outside of the narrative of the film. A disembodied ejaculation, presumably taking place in whatever twisted afterlife Grossman’s troubled writer finds himself in.

My praise, no matter how considered, cannot convey to you the genius of this film, and there is so much I have not told you, so many surprises and clever jokes to delight you, and hold your attention for a much longer duration than almost any other erotic film could. Most consumers of pornographic DVDs find themselves skipping through the slim story elements to get to the sex, however, with Spunk Fiction you are truly more likely to find yourself skipping through the sex scenes to get to the plot points (and that is in no way to denigrate the allure of the eroticism in this film, it is simply a ringing endorsement of the effort that has been put into the story line on display here).

As the wonderful tag-line sums it all up much better than I can;

“When words fail; F**k”.

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Avatar Sex Causes Annulment

I stumbled across this article whilst browsing the BBC News website earlier and i have to admit to being gob smacked. A couple who met in an online chat room in 2003, got married and shared their interest in ‘Second Life‘, a virtual world in which users create avatars to interact with each other

However the marriage has subsequently ended after the wifes online character saw her husbands avatar having sex on a sofa with a female prostitute.

I mean perhaps I’m not getting this but surely this can’t actually be classed as cheating. I’m unsure as to what sexual dialogue might have accompanied these clunky looking characters rubbing awkwardly against each other in a vain attempt to simulate sex, but surely it could not be used as grounds for divorce. I could understand if they’ve met up in real life for a secret tryst. One explanation from the article is that, “In Second Life, all the characters are real people somewhere in the world and that’s why there’s always such betrayal felt”. I just can’t agree with this. I was playing the game Fable II on the xbox 360 the other day and i got married as well as raised a few kids, and that charcter represented me. My girlfriend didn’t then decide to split up with me, but just thought i was a little bit sad for staying indoors and playing games whilst she went to the beach. Each to thier own i say.

The article goes on further to say people customize their avatars with enormous phalluses, and that their is a range of male genitalia on offer to buy including skin colour control, ejaculation and urine. Wow!

I just think it’s a bit crazy when people can’t distinguish their real lives from their characters and avatars online. Maybe I’m wrong, having never played Second Life, let me know what you think!

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Worlds Biggest Barbie Orgy

Unfortunately ignored in the national news, last weekend in Miami, Florida hundreds of Barbie’s from around the globe got together to take part in the biggest plastic safe-sex orgy the world has ever witnessed.

Not present was Ken, who was in in San Francisco taking part in the worlds largest Ken orgy.

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Who’s The Best Kisser?

According to this thread on our forum Lisa is the ultimate kisser in the whole of the VT Universe. It’s debatable, of course, but she is currently winning by a clear three votes, and she is, I can assure everyone, one of the best kissers in the biz.

So in this series of blogs Mr. Hugh G. Rection and myself will explore the lovely Lisa and her kissing expertise over the years. First up is one of the most famous kisses in any of our movies: the very first smooch between Lisa and Jo in the Pink Velvet series. Amazing how young and virginal Jo comes across in this clip, a testament to her acting ability!

To make the blog series a little more interesting we’ll try from here on in to find some original footage, or some rarer material of Lisa lip-locking with her various female chums.

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Sport Filly continued….Lovely Alicia

This past summer i spent most of my time on the sofa enjoying the Olympics in Beijing. There were so many fantastic moments but one in particular stood out for me – watching the lovely Alicia Sacramone in action. This 20 year old, 5′ bundle of supple splendor kept me glued to the tv and from that point on i became a big fan of womens gymnastics.

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Going Commando

Hopefully this lovely lady is not shopping for underwear.

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Japanese Women’s Badminton Team Play “Who’s Got The Best Pubic Patch.”

Featuring one trimmed in a heart shape, one a Playboy bunny, one the rising sun and one of Michelangelo’s The Creation Of Adam.

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It WAS Zara!

Well done Sensogirl in winning a $14,95 gift voucher in our DVD Shop. She guessed the girl behind the banner in this post. You can see the original image of CJ and Zara above, taken from a supporting photo set during filming of our latest Late Night Film: Mums and Daughters.

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