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Femininity and Female Sexuality

joI’m not going to write some rambling blog about one of the things I love, I’m just going to post this video I filmed of Jo, our embodiment of femininity and female sexuality. I filmed this little sequence for The Art Of Sex but only some of it was used, along with her interview about sex. I just love this, everything about it just makes my heart pound. Now then, how could anyone call this porn?

Video after the click -

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Make Your Mind Up

makeupyourmindblogNow i know some of the models we work with don’t speak very good English, but I thought most of them had mastered the art of ‘yes’ and ‘no’. In this clip here we see Jenny Lovely, struggling to answer Tristan Seagalls question whilst they act out the beginning of a scene.

What makes it worse is that I know for a fact she speaks some English as she delivered some heavy dialogue just before this scene. Which seems to mean to me that she’s forgotten her line to the question he asks, but how do you forget a response line to a question that is a simple ‘Yes’.

To read more and see the clip click here

Anyway Jenny’s a cracking bird, good fun to work with and one hell of a shag. She also has a pert ass and could suck a golf ball through a straw. Enjoy the clip, it made me smile.

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Vendula – the 2nd floor obsession

vendula5Every now and then we get a little carried away by a girl. Usually ole Lime in the corner chirps up something like “PHOAAARW – she’s a right honey!” and then we all rush over to gather around his monitors and revisit old memories of that particular babe.

Well this week Vendula has been attracting a lot of attention and I thought I’d get her blogged. She was so much fun on location with us last year and was a real sweetheart with her mate Gina – even translating for her in the video interview I did. What a sweetie! vendula vendula2 vendula3 vendula4 vendula5

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Life Is Just A Ride

billhicksTomorrow it will have been 15-years since aliens came and took Bill Hicks away from us. Bill Hicks was 32-years old when he died of pancreatic cancer. His social commentary is still so relevant today he continues to find new follows from beyond the grave, they walk on the paths he created.

His untimely and tragic passing still upsets me today.

I like to think that Bill is in the 4th dimension somewhere looking down, waiting on the evolution bell curve for us all to catch up.


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Get me to the church on time…on second thoughts

hbfwhvvhfhc1p3ykbdwpnlzqo1_500Marriage today isn’t what it once was. Traditions and expectations led the older generations among us to marry earlier than perhaps they should have. Today people get divorced as much as they do married, it’s got to the point where getting married seems to be nothing more than a legal contract binding two people together temporarily. Not that someone needs a contract to prove their love for someone.

Someone once said to me ‘marriage’ isn’t a word it’s a sentence (it was Hugh G. Rection actually), well for 68-year-old Linda Wolfe it’s been 23 sentences. She broke records in 1996 getting hitched up for the 23rd time, and is still looking for love.

Her first marriage was at 16 to a 31-year-old, since then she’s been married to two homosexuals, two homeless men, and a convicted rapist. So she certainly knows how to pick them!

Story here.

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Eye 2 Eye

valentinanickthomaseye2eyWell it had to happen eventually, I mean you can probably guess from the picture what unfortunate incident is about to happen in the clip below. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and just say that my favorite parts of this clip after the unfortunate aiming are when the guy responsible (It’s either Nick or Thomas as they are the two with the pork swords), gives a little ‘Oops’ giggle around the 10 second mark. Then it’s when the guy who it occurs to, after it sinks in what happens, around 18 seconds in, desperately tries to wipe off the offenders wad onto the lovely Valentina’s cheek.

Click here to see the clip and read more

Top stuff, tho if I was in the guy on the rights shoes, as soon as those cameras stopped rolling I’d have knocked a bastard tooth out of the offenders head and sent him off for target practice.

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If music be the food of love….

a_funny_music_note_000…play on. So goes the Shakespeare quote from the play Twelfth Night. So what’s my point. Well according to this article from the BBC news website, listening to music with degrading sexual lyrics could prompt teenagers to start having sex at an earlier age, a US study suggests.

Researches from Pittsburgh University quizzed 711 teenagers (an odd figure indeed), about their sex lives and music habits. They found that those who listened regularly to sexually explicit and aggressive phrases in music, were twice as likely to be having sex. My favorite bit of this article coming up, they cited an example phrase rather than naming particular songs, and the phrase was, “I’m gonna beat that pussy up”. These sort of phrases describe sex as a physical rather than loving act and also where it is linked to power, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine reported.

Lead rersearcher Dr Brian Primack said parents should be talking to thier children about sex and putting these lyrics in thier context rather than banning the music. However UK experts were sceptical about the findings, with comments such as sexual behaviour could not be put down to one factor alone and that it is far too simplistic.

Personally I believe that teenagers are just aout the randiest creatures on this planet, while there bodies go through profound changes as they shift into adulthood. For that reason I think they will always be looking to have sex regardless if it’s Beethoven playing or Dr Dre. The key lies in better sex education so they are aware of the need for contraception and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

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On Location Making Snow

hiddenLast year we had a project fall apart on us, you might remember me talking about it. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong that week. It got to the point where I started doing wild and crazy things just to salvage something from the week. I’ve been wondering what the heck to do with all the footage we took, none of it makes any sense. We had a few cracking girls doing some particularly sexy things, but it has no coherency. Chikita, Lola, Zoe, Bianca, Gina B, all ended up doing some great work which I can’t bear to see sit on the shelf next to my desk! It occurred to me that we could make the project into a documentary with behind the scenes, interviews with crew and what we did manage to film all put together. So, question… What happens when you hide a camera in the bedroom of two models on location? Answer – they break the microphone.

Hawthorne, go fuck yourself.

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_mg_0024A Happy Birthday and lots of love from everyone here for our bestest lovliest funniest girl Peaches!

My my she is growing up fast! I remember the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when this once 18-year-old babe walked naked into the pool on-location as I was taking my midnight swim.

Most Subscribed will be out soon – so look out for that and an exclusive trailer in the next few days.

And please support the girls and check out their website and blog!

We love you Peaches!

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Natalie Martinez

natalie_martinez_08120703One of the guys from our office pointed me in the direction of Cuban-American model/actress Natalie Martinez late last week. And all I can say is, yes.

Now I’m not a big fan of movies like Death Race, and I am even less a fan of remakes of movies like Death Race, however I am a fan of women, especially Cuban American women.

Natalie has been modelling for Jenny From The Bloc’s clothing line which seems to have kick-started this over-night potential movie career. Let’s just hope she has the talent to move on, so she doesn’t have to star in any more films by B-Movie hack Paul W.S Anderson, and next time maybe gets to work for the brilliant Paul Thomas Anderson instead.

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Honey, Your Breasts Have Grown!

boobMy friend once told me that he’d read an article which claimed if women drank ale, their breasts would grow in size. Needless to say he was so caught up in the excitement of this claim that he began forcing his girlfriend to down pints of ale every evening. She gained 14kg over a two week period, unfortunately none of it on her boobs.

But now Dr. Tomobechi of Tokyo, Japan has figured out a way to swell the bosoms of women using mobile ring tones. Bullshit? Apparently not, at least according to this video from the Discovery Channel!

Source from BoingBoing.


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Samba Weekend!

2009-02-22-vivianecastroViviane Castro and her samba group danced the weekend away at the Sao Paulo carnival again this year, with the same strategically placed 4cm piece of tape which she wore last year (raising questions over how seriously the Brazilian authorities take their public nudity rules). Lucky, the tape in question forces the press to use the phrase “nearly nude” when we all know what they’d prefer to write.

She also had U.S. leader Barack Obama on her right thigh, his finger supporting a flame to keep her little cooch warm, and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on her left thigh, who looks like he is praying that he will be allowed to hold the flame next.

Vivien’s stomach read “for sale” - a message she said represented the sale of Brazil’s Amazon to the U.S. Many Brazilians fearing that the U.S. wants to control the resource-rich region.


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freckles1If you like girls with freckles, red heads, or girls playing instruments while (mostly) nude then this is the tumblr micro blog for you!

I like nice light freckles on a girl, it can be cute. I wasn’t aware there was really a fetish for it although it seems most things have some kind of fetishistic following these days. The person updating this blog can’t have an easy time finding pictures of freckle-faced girls playing instruments nude but I suppose that is the beauty of our world wide global community!

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Eating Pussy Makes Me Cum

eatingpussyDirty Dog is becoming a bit of a star in my posts lately, although I doubt he’d thank me for it. This post is linked to the ‘Close Calls‘ post and the ‘Oops He Nearly Did It Again‘ post, where Dirty Dog keeps coming close to cumming too soon. Well in this clip, taken from the production Dirty Dog 3, the man cannot stave it off and has to erupt like Vesuvius.

What makes his cock twitch like a rabbits nose? In case you hadn’t guessed it yet it’s eating the juciy pussy of the ever-so-horny Destiny Deville. Dog goes to town on her holiest of holes like a drunk attacking a fish supper, practically burying his face while his tongue lashes like a dominatrix whip. He gets so turned on by devouring her dish that after only a few strokes inside her he has to unleash the man juice. Watch till the end of the clip to see Destiny having a spot of trouble swallowing what just happened!

Click here to see read more and see the clip

They say every dog has its day, but this was not to be his, check this clip out from the same scene, when Dog decides to have a second go and he ends up breaking his penis. I shit you not! Enjoy.

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Five-a-Side Match

sexy_soccerOur UK distributors played Soho Books in a five-a-side football tournement this week. They braved extreme pitch conditions but ended up losing 25-12 to the younger team.

Here’s a picture of our boys (and girls!) in their VT Sponsored kits! Looking good guys!


Soho will now go on to play this team in the final.


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Coming soon…..

sophie in spain

Whilst on one of my excavations through our picture archive, i unearthed this gem. A picture-esq set of an alluring young lady named Sophie! i grabbed it made an impressive forward roll past Spunk L Davies & commando crawled under the watchfull gaze of Stern Bigot, to share this set with you…..all this & i still kept my hat on my head. You can call me Indiana Lime ;D

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Eager Eve

eagereveblogclipThis is a clip taken from the same scene as this post, but it is behind the scenes footage from the video shoot, not the photo shoot. Lewis in this clip is filming the video scene for the production Sex Wives & Videotape, and is going for a soft shot. However the luscious Eve Angel, so horny and turned on from the previous photo shoot, is just dying to get hold of Dirty Dogs swollen member and suck the skin off it.

Click here to see the clip and read more

Watch as she undress the lucky Dog and tries to bare all, not content with leaving his pants on for the soft shot (and a terrible pair of pants they are too). Enjoy!

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Penis Extensions

penisextensionNow this is completely new to me but apparently you can now buy penis extensions. These can be used to lengthen your penis or thicken your girth. They can also help you sustain an erection and increase the pleasure you give to your partner. Penis extensions are hollow and are simply placed over the end of your penis. These can also come with straps and harnesses to really hold them in place over your old boy. An important fact for you to note here is that these are for use with or without an erection as you just slip your dick in soft or hard (why the fuck I would be shagging a girl with a soft dick inside a hard hollow penis enhancer is beyond me, I’d rather go for a pint with the boys if there’s no big ‘O’ in it for me).

You can also get penis extension condoms which you place on the glans of your penis and then roll down like a normal condom, but it’s giving you extra inches. It’s also re-usable (not a factor that I would put as a plus in an advertisement), and of course, easy to use. Another thing you can buy is the penis thickener, which you place next to your shaft and then slip the condom over them both. It’s about 6 inches long but can be trimmed down to size.

Click here to read more

I have found some down sides to these products. This article points out that they do affect penile sensitivity as it’s equivalent to wearing four or five condoms (although it does also add that a vibrating option is available). They are also not considered an adequate measure of birth control or protection from STD. A more problematic issue for me would be if the lady in my life bought me one I’d instantly think she thought i was inadequate downstairs, and the idea of it being fun for role playing just wouldn’t cross my mind.

Not the kind of product I’d be interested in but maybe I’ve pointed a way forward for some men who feel like like they could do with a few extra inches. Also I got to write the word penis more times in one post then I thought was possible, so there’s a bonus for me too.

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Fun On Set

sexwivesblogclip2As I’m sure you all know constant reader, from this previous post, I am currently trawling through hours of behind the scenes footage, searching for hidden gems.

I came across this clip earlier today which made me chuckle and I decided to post it. Basically this a a clip from a photo shoot starring Dirty Dog, Eve Angel and Dixie, filmed during and for the production Sex Wives & Videotape.

Viv wants Dog to act surprised for when the camera clicks, but old Dog feels a bit silly and all parties end up chuckling. My favorite bit is at the 9 second mark where Dog starts to try to look cool after pulling his little ‘Oh my gosh’ pose. And just looks a bit stupid.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I also tacked onto the end Dirty Dog receiving a blow job from Dixie, just for you to hear Viv’s ‘reality check’ words to Dirty Dog, as to a reason for him to crack a smile. Viv you really are a legend. You can check out another post I did with a clip from this same scene here. More to come.

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Polaroid Images

eil0hrp2rdok3zdqbmnndxbv_500Stern and I were working through some ideas the other day and we started talking about memories and how they become fragmented, how the pieces of the mosaic fade over time, distorting and changing your memories.

Memories of old girlfriends and moments you shared together, memories of what she was wearing on a specific day, memories of lost love, a fight you had over something, trying to recollect how it started and where it went wrong, it’s the basis of a new movie we are working on for this year. How much truth is left in our memories as the months and years go by, how real are they?

I always thought there was something special about Polaroid images; the way they look, the way they develop in your hand, the noise the camera makes as it captures the moment. They feel more special to me than regular photos especially in the digital age we live in, they somehow appear more real and authentic than any image on a Sony Cybershot. One Polaroid image can bring back a flood of memories leaving you nostalgic, happy, sad and reflective all at once.

Sexy Polaroids.

honolulu_semansco_sexy_1394546_l 169002931_b84e3b5db8 eil0hrp2rdok3zdqbmnndxbv_500 2pgr6ttvphet2lqsmhhacclio1_400 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Sport Filly continued…Leryn Franco


Getting firmly back on track here after some criticism concerning the sporting credentials of my last filly. Leryn Franco is not only the hottest Javelin thrower I’ve ever seen, she’s also one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought such a stunner would pop up in a sport that consists of women that could arm wrestle bears…and win.

This 26 year old Paraguayan princess was runner-up Miss Paraguay. She also participated in the Miss Bikini Universe pageant so it’s quite clear she doesn’t mind showing off her incredible body. Long gone are the days of Fatima and Tessa, long live lovely Leryn.

laur leryn_franco_nuda4 leryn1 lar3 leryn2 leryn-franco Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Nude Avril Pic of The Day


Since she was kind enough to make the staff some chocolate cake yesterday, here is a nice pic in her honour, as featured in the New Nude section of our website.

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522 people in London hate sex

84205922PM002_CONTROVERSIALIf you were ever wondering what the exact number of staff at the Daily Mail was, now you know. 522 complaints (from the millions of residents) have been made against billboards by the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) who offer treatment to men with sexual problems. The phrase on the billboard reads “Want longer lasting sex?” with “sex” in big letters. According to the ASA, the offended, inhibited few apparently feel the message was “impossible to avoid” and made them feel “uncomfortable”.

Surely the message is impossible to avoid anyway? I know I think about it all the time. Thankfully I was prepared for such shock by seeing the word “sex” sprawled on numerous pavements, walls and garages near my primary school as I grew up. If anything, I’d say that was a more inappropriate place for it. Except it was written by kids.

According to the AMI the adverts (which unusually feature sex in a way that relates to the product) have been very successful in reaching men with a problem who otherwise, would be “suffering in silence” and I say fair enough. I prescribe a seat on the atheist bus for the “uncomfortable” minority.

Story at the BBC

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The Joy (shame) of Sex

abonly2To follow on from Spunk’s post featuring some highly accurate sex education films, here’s one from 1949 courtesy of Dear Old Blighty.

In this melodramatic clip it is revealed that Joan (on a holiday by the seaside whilst her partner Ken is away fighting honorably for his country) has confused “being in love” with being drunk and horny (hey, who hasn’t) and has gone and contracted syphilis while pregnant with Ken’s baby.

From BBC: “All the quintessential ingredients of ‘women’s films’ are called upon to drive home the message that marriage and motherhood is the right path to follow,” says Katy McGahan, curator of non-fiction at the BFI national archive.

“The expressive lighting and exaggerated performances – and the raging marital accusations and bread-knife brandishing that goes on behind closed doors at No 19 – align more to contemporary Gainsborough melodramas than to other, more sober, state-sponsored health warnings of the time.”

The clip comes from this rather interesting magazine piece on sex education films from the BBC’s website.

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Sport Filly continued…Elisabetta Canalis


I’m not surprised most footballers want to end up playing in Italy. It increases their chances of meeting the likes of Elisabetta here. What is her connection with the world of sport you might ask? Well, she used to date famous football player Christian Vieri, and she also became the presenter of a football TV program. That’s about it, she’s still a sport filly in my eyes.

eliz2 eliz3 elisabettacanalis1 eliz4 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Behind The Scenes With Maneater

sammyjayneblogpicOne of my main roles at the moment here at is to plough through the vast back catalogue of behind the scenes footage from all the productions we have filmed over the years. It’s a huge task, hundreds of tapes, hours of footage to be sifted through and all for two main goals. Firstly to discover a lot of unique and never before seen footage ,and secondly so we can put this footage along with some classic behind the scenes (From now on called BTS) moments onto the forthcoming, newly revamped website.

At the moment I’m currently panning for gold through the reels of BTS footage for the production Maneater, starring the stunning Sammy-Jayne. Sammy-Jayne is a perfect Playboy model and it’s no wonder they commissioned this film to star her, fucking an array of men and women. With her perfect fuck-me-face, stunning legs and a pert ass that deserves to be committed to celluloid. Her posh accent has my balls trembling like a rookie soldiers hands holding live grenades with the pins pulled. I’ve always had a hard spot for Sammy since seeing her in Sex Analyst, which also has a load of accompanying BTS footage.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Check the clip out below for a quick compiliation of some of the BTS footage I’ve stumbled across. The thing about Sammy J is that whilst she loves the fucking (as proved by her very naturally juciy pussy in this post), she sometimes pretends not be into the scene as much in case her boyfriend ever sees the tapes! Nevertheless a funny girl and top body mean you should stop reading now and click play on the clip. Enjoy!

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Do Those Teeth Come Out?

oldpeoplesexI know a lot of younger people don’t like to think about it but old people do still have sex. That’s right, your grandparents could be hiding the salami right now. According to an older report mentioned in this article, most Americans remain sexually active into their 60′s, and nearly half continue to have regular sex into their 70′s. Well I never!

Experts said the,”..survey provided the first clear and complete picture of sexuality in later life and it should give older adults a sense of where they stand compared with their peers”. They add that there is a perception out there that sex somehow does not occur in the later years, due to vaginal dryness, diminished desire and erectile difficulties. This report however blows that perception out of the water.

As I climb the ladder of life it’s nice to know that I can still be having sex at 70 and even 80 years of age. Also thanks to the invention of Viagra, erectile problems for older gents are not as insurmountable a problem as they used to be. Follow the link above to read the article.

And if you do go visiting your grandparents today, ring ahead and let them know your coming, just in case they’re planning some wrinkly love! And yes, that is a gummy blowjob reference for a headline.

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Grandad’s porn stash

3_low-01This is some seriously old porn. We’re going back further than 70′s German action here. Vice features some images from a secret stash discovered at the bottom of a toolbox after someone’s Grandfather had kicked the bucket and shuffled off this mortal coil.

Pictures at VICE (after mature content warning)

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In a previous post by the one and only Spunk L Davis, he commented on how long nails do nothing for him apart from cause him fear for his sensitive bits and others. I understand where he’s coming from, to quote the man himself, “I've seen some girls with nails so long they are almost curved over like talons, like weapons of male destruction”. Indeed, long nails and genitals just don’t belong together.

On that note, can you imagine this woman, Lee Redmond, reaching for your manhood/womanhood, with these talons. Doesn’t she look attractive with those satanic hooks. Lee has not cut her nails since 1979 and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the worlds longest fingernails, until recently. BBC News website reported that she has recently been involved in a car crash which broke them off (nope, she wasn’t driving).

Their combined length previously was 28ft (8.5m) and according to a Guinness spokesman, were damaged beyond repair in the car crash. Why anyone would want to grow their nails to such a ridiculous length is beyond me, and would seem to me to be a handicap which would stop you doing so much more in life.

Whilst I’m sure we all wish her the best in recovering from her accident, I do have one piece of advice for her when she is fully recovered. Enjoy a wank and flick that clit like you used to in the 70′s, when you didn’t have to risk russian roulette masturbation!

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Coming Soon…..

NEW Peaches & Sophie Moone lesbian set coming this way!

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Happy Birthday Silvia Saint

silviasaintbirthdayYep, today is the birthday of the most famous European porn star in the world, Silvia Saint. Now I’m not a religious man but i do tend to think of Silvia as a deity. She’s 33 today, and still remains one of my favorite, and in my opinion, one of the best looking porno stars in the world.

Since she started her porn career she has left a legacy of hard core fuck flicks which have included interracial, double penetration, anal and fetish. Her body is simply stunning, with a beautiful (albeit fake), pair of breasts, perfectly toned leg muscles and an arse and pussy that are irresistible. The contours of her face were meant for sperm races and her mouth is a glistening entrance to heaven.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I was chatting to Sean the other day about Silvia, saying how funny it was that I would spend hours throwing myself around my room with the latest Silvia Saint flick. I’d get home, slip the video into the VCR, settle down in my wanking chariot, and shoot thick ropes of potential people all over the place. It was funny in the sense that I never thought one day I would be editing her video footage, and in my opinion, doing a much better job then the editors back in the day.

One of my favorite VT films of her is Searching For Silvia, and as a treat I’ve put some snippets together of Silvia and Tara‘s scene in the pool together. Anyway, Happy Birthday Silvia and may you continue to keep me a shareholder in Kleenex for many years to come. Enjoy the clip.

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Pube Slip

It’s amazing how just the slightest hint of a celebrities naught bits can cause a real stir. Take the lovely Miss Alba for instance. She’s a celeb we would all love to see completely naked, legs open and…..alright, no need to go down that road. The fact that she has somehow been able to keep her lovely naked bod out of the paps viewfinders has to be commended. Sometimes though she let’s her guard down, or in this case her low cut jeans. This pic was taken during The Teen Choice awards in the US, a great time to go commando Jessica.


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Lesbian Encounters – Anal Fury

analI know a lot of you out there like analingus. It can be somewhat of an acquired taste (sorry, couldn’t resist). There seemed to be one or two of you that were a little miffed at the lack of tongue on ring action in the movie itself. Well you’ll be pleased to know that there is plenty to enjoy in the unseen footage included on the DVD release. Here is a little taster (couldn’t resist again) featuring Jo’s probing little tongue and Angelika Black’s delectable little arse.

Take a look

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Salma Hayek’s Heroic Boobs

Regent Beverly Wilshire HotelWhile on a humanitarian mission for UNICEF in Sierra Leone, Salma Hayek came across a hungry baby and took immediate action – with her breasts. Take note, Angelina Jolie. NY Daily News reports:

Hayek, 42, discovered the child, whose mother was unable to produce milk, during a tour of a hospital in the war-torn country.
"The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother did not have any milk," she later recalled to USA Today. "He was very hungry – I was weaning my daughter Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breastfed the baby."
"You should have seen his eyes," she said. "When he felt the nourishment, he immediately stopped crying."

Not only is that true heroism on the part of Salma Hayek and her quite marvelous breasts, but hopefully that little boy will take inspiration from this, study hard and grow-up to fight for human rights and human development in his poverty stricken home country, and also have a great pub story about the time he sucked on Salma Hayek’s nipples.


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I’m not saying anything…

But a link does really say it all, doesn’t it?


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The Invisible Lover

maneaterthomas7dixieNow I’m not 100% sure what Thomas is actually thinking or doing, but he appears to be simulating sex in this behind the scenes clip, filmed during the production of Maneater.

As the main camera is not on him maybe he’s helping Dixie stay in character, as she is supposed to be masturbating whilst watching him feed the dick to Sammy-Jayne (who is absent for whatever reason).

To see the clip and read more click here

However his ‘air sex’ isn’t as good as the real deal, with him throwing random shapes out and generally looking a bit silly. Watch till the end for a cracking one liner thrown out by someone about Thomas’s moves. Comedy gold.

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Lesbian Encounters – Fluffing their lines


I was originally going to name this post – Lesbian Encounters – Fluffing. But the use of the word ‘fluffing’ has a very different meaning in our world. Apparently that is just a porn myth anyway. To be honest if i ever witnessed a porn actor getting sucked off before a scene just to make him hard enough to go and have sex with the actual actress i’d punch the lucky fuck in the head quicker than you could say ‘If you can’t get it hard in the first place then get the fuck off my set.’ Hope that makes sense, it made me angry just writing that sentence.

So anyway, let’s move on to what this post is actually about – Lesbian Encounters. Viv insisted on all the actresses speaking the Queens English. Not surprisingly our beautiful Czech and Hungarian starlets usually required more than one attempt at delivering their lines. Here is a snippet of the gag reel (not that sort of gag Stern). The full version will be included on the the DVD release along with plenty of unseen footage.

See the clip click

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You Strip

youstripEven though the top rated babe looks suspiciously like Eufrat, I like the concept of this site. “YouStrip is a place where women of every shape, size and color can express their sexuality and where originality rules….It’s all about creativity and self-expression.”

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Penny’s Filthy Feet


As seen from my post yesterday, Miss Flame is hilarious to work with on location. Another comment from the biography of her states, “Her confidence also means she is a great improviser”, and this can be seen from the following clip

This was once again taken from the behind the scenes footage shot during the production of The Art Of Kissing 2, and she is in top form as the man himself, Sir Viv, washes her, apparently, filthy feet.

I enjoy her mischievous nature and impish grin, and from the comments on the last post I can see the crew are eager to work with her again in the future. To be honest, I can’t blame them. It would be a pleasure going on location with such a laid back, witty porn princess who has a body that screams out lust and fun.

Penny Flame we salute you, a 100% genuine sexy funny girl!

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The Mozart of porn

images_utrechtstudioNo, not Bingo Ming, not Greg “chili beans” Lusted, I’m talking about Klaus Harmony who scored some absolute classics of the 1970′s. There is a nice website with images, filmography, discography, some mp3s to check out and more. On Wikipedia they describe him as “a comic fictional composer” but that’s obviously bullshit.

If Klaus doesn’t do it for you, then check out Gert Wilden, who composed music for over 50 movies in various genres but most famously the Schoolgirl Report series (available on Crippled Dick Hot Wax). Music which has been described by Shakin’ Stevens as “lovely stuff”.

More “Dirty Beats” here

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Evelyn Gets Physical


If you read my previous post about how highly erotic i find a woman’s gym and aerobic wear, and how much I love to watch them work out in their tight t-shirts, panting and sweating, slight jiggle of tightly contained boobs…..I digress.

Anyhow you would have seen the attached clip showing the ever lovely Silvia Saint working out on a running machine. If you, like me, enjoy watching that sort of thing I have a treat in store for you. Also from the behind the scenes footage of The Art Of Kissing 2 comes some footage of the sexy Evelyn, limbering up as part of her everyday routine.

To read more and see the clip click here

Now this is one sexy woman with a beautiful ass and an incredibly toned body, Spunk mentioned to me that she was absolutely gorgeous in the flesh, with a really nice personality also. If you’d like to see more of her (literally), she’s in the above mentioned The Art of Kissing 2 and also stars in Silvia Saints Leg Sex Friends.

So if this is your cup of tea, be my guest, click play and drink your fill.

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Avril’s Crotch!

avrilAvril once promised me that she would open up on this blog, something I was genuinely hoping she would do. Alas it seems the whirlwind of her life has got in the way; what with three dogs, a very, very big house to attend to, her various beauty appointments, and all the Portuguese nick-nack markets around it seems she hardly has time for anything these days, let alone write her location diary or blog.

However Avril does turn up in the Making Of Most Subscribed (the full 30min version of which will be online next month) and she has a cameo appearance in Unfaithful 5 (released this summer.) Yippee!

In the meantime, (and no one email Avril that I have put this here!) this is her first ever appearance in a VT Production, the VERY FIRST film from our Studio – LEG SEX. Although Viv’s hair steals the show, the (even) young(er) Avril can take a bow for her confident performance as Samantha, the leggy leg-obsessed agent!

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Spot the Porn actress

boogieI love it when porn actresses pop up in mainstream movies. It actually makes me want to go and revisit their contribution to porn. Their little cameos seems to boost their appeal somehow. I remember when i first saw Boogie Nights. I knew i recognized the woman that played William H Macy’s wife but i couldn’t figure out from where. After discovering is was Nina Hartley it suddenly all came flashing back. In her hay day she had arguably the greatest arse in the business and used it to great effect in over 400 adult movies. Now at the not so tender age of 49 she is still in the business and on the receiving end of modern day schlongs belonging to the likes of Lex and Mandingo.

Another memorable cameo came from Devil in Miss Jones star Georgina Spelvin. When she popped up in Police Academy i didn’t actually know who she was (as i was only 8 years old) but i’ll never forget the scene in which Mahoney hides her under a podium whilst Commandant Lassard is giving a speech. She decides to suck him off and his slide show commentary still makes me laugh today.


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Bitch Slap

bitch_slap_posterBitch Slap claims to be a “modern throwback to the B-Movie/Exploitation films of the 50s-70s, mixing hot girls, fast cars, big guns, nasty tongues, outrageous action and jaw-dropping eye-candy…with a message!” Not sure what the message is but from the trailer it looks like it took it’s inspiration from the recent Tarantino/Rodriguez double-bill Grindhouse, who nailed the sly parody of those genres perfectly, with hilarious and exciting results.

Bitch Slap stars America Olivo, Julia Voth and Erin Cummings in the lead roles, and features a cameo from Lucy Lawless as Mother Superior. When they get this kind of thing right it really can be a lot of fun. I have to confess that at one stage in my life I was really into the kind of B-Movies which this is sending up, until eventually they took my video shop membership away from me after I kept sending movie scripts to Brian Bosworth and Jeff Wincott. A court-order soon put an end to my dreams of teaming them up for the ultimate action movie.


Thanks to IGGY for the heads-up on this!

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A word about Walleria

Walleria created quite a storm on our Forum when we first announced that she was Babe of the Month for February 2009. The reason being that she was a relative unknown in the world – that she certainly is, but what a stunner! Straight jet black hair (are jets actually black?) flows over a perfectly taught body and being fairly tall (5’8″ or 1.73m) she really does it for me ( I’m 6’4″ or 193cm!).

Walleria on

It seems like she “really does it” for quite a few people… What do you think?

Click through for our YouTube video featuring the one and only Walleria (and that isn’t a Prussian Province – she’s a GIRL!)


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Playful Penny


“Brash, confident, cheeky, funny, and very playful, even whilst she is working”. This is how the biography of Penny Flame describes her at, and after seeing this behind the scenes clip filmed during The Art Of Kissing 2, I couldn’t agree more.

Watch how mischievous she is whilst she is having her makeup applied, most models would sit there patiently, but Penny just cant help herself, playing up for the camera and generally being a zany American.

More behind the scenes from the beautiful, and not so typical porn princess, Penny Flame, later.

Click here to see the clip

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Concept Art – Girls Bum In Panties?

unborn3You have to love the horror genre sometimes. Here is a movie poster for a new movie starring Odette Yustman (well hello there!) from that real-life alien invasion tape they found and codenamed “Cloverfield.” I’m quite impressed she went on to be a movie star to be quite honest, that experience must have been quite traumatic. Only joking, the Cuban/Italian/French actress was born in Bogota, Columbia, and raised in Nicaragua, and she has tread the boards before this, most notably in Kindergarten Cop.

So…The Unborn, I’m not sure what it is about but they have me sold with this girl-in-vest-and-panties poster. The marketing execs must have had a raise for this one. Now then, look at the poster closely and see if you can spot the ‘horror’ aspect of the design. It will take a few minutes but once your eyes settle on the poster, you might spot a small reflection in the mirror. “Evil Will Do Anything To Live,” including hang around girls bathrooms! Now that is what I call living.

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The Art of Norman Saunders

nsbookwebA new book has just been published featuring the work of one of the most prolific artists of Men’s magazines, pulp novels and trading cards. Written by his son David; The Art of Norman Saunders collates his work from the 1920′s through to the 80′s.

He has an undeniably manly feel to his work – I love the terrifying covers of “Man’s Life” in this gallery, and like others, he had his way of drawing idealized women that he never strayed from. This has brought criticism from some but I feel this lack of variety is compensated by the sheer variety and volume of genres he worked in.

In addition to Batman, Comics, Men’s Adventure Magazines, Paperbacks, Pulp and Sci-Fi, he also painted the insanely brilliant trading cards of Mars Attacks and the first 16 series of the hilarious Wacky Packages. His work is a vital element of Pop Culture.

The book at the publisher’s website, (and on Amazon) (thanks! Boing Boing)

See also:

* Awesome Weird Sex Fantasy portfolio on eBay

* Secret Identity The Fetish Art Of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster

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Let’s Get Physical

eric-prydz-call-on-meEver since Olivia Newton John graced us with the song “Physical“, which stirred the beast in my loins, I’ve always found woman’s gym wear and working out clothes extremely erotic. Adding to the erotic factor is that this sort of clothing usually comes hand in hand with gasps, moans and a lot of sweat, which means I’m usually in Utopia whenever I see women working out. I love the whole range available also, from leotards, tight shorts, tight tops, even gym socks and headbands, I love it all.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when i first saw Eric Prydz ‘Call On Me’ video (probably my favourite video of all time), and so you can imagine my joy when i stumbled upon some behind the scenes footage featuring Silvia Saint working out on a running machine. This footage was shot whilst filming The Art Of Kissing 2, and what a gem it is. Click here to read more and see the clip

Watch as Silvia with her toned legs and stunning body first starts walking and then speeds slowly up. Then try not to be captivated as her ass quivers and shiver with each leg placed forward, her derriere bouncing with an abandoned joy. Her firm breasts taut within her….. I’ve got to go now as it’s all been to much for me today, enjoy the clip and I’ll see if I can find another tomorrow.

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Lesbian Encounters – To Fist or not to Fist

poster_lesbianencountersThat was the decision we had to make when it came to the final edit of
Lesbian Encounters. At the end of filming the ‘Caught in the Act’ chapter starring Eve Angel and Lauryn May we found ourselves trying to answer a difficult question. The lovely little Lauryn, fresh from giving Eve an earth shattering orgasm wandered up to us and softly said ‘Would you like me to fist my arse now?’ We had already wrapped on the scene but thought why the hell not.

The problem we faced was that it had no real place in the context of the story. We didn’t just want to throw it in or tag it on. So when it came to the download version we chose to cut it. This meant of course that because of BBFC guidelines concerning fisting there was no way we could include it in the DVD version either. I’m not revealing the full story though. The five minutes of fisting footage that we captured that day has a twist in the tale which helped cement the decision to cut it. You will soon be able to see exactly why this decision was made when the full version of this clip is in the members section. Here though is a little clip of how it began.

Clip after the jump…

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Monika Christensen

monika_christensenI don’t know anything about this new Danish supermodel except her name, and the fact that she is absolutely lovely.

From her slightly exotic looks I am going to guess that she’s not entirely Danish, as is everyone in Britain’s bacon.

I know another Danish supermodel, Helena Christensen (pictured with a drunk Harvey Milk), who’s mother is Peruvian.

monika_christensen monika_christensen7_smagazi monikachristensen Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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“Most Subscribed” Coming Soon!

cindyI’m finishing off MOST SUBSCRIBED at the moment. We’re planning on releasing the download in March, and the DVD in April, so that is something to get excited about!

Although this latest release will come in the midst of the Lesbian Encounters whirlwind, we still want to release it sooner rather than later because it seems to be quite an eagerly anticipated title, and anyway it is quite different to Lesbian Encounters, less vintage VT gold and more the contemporary styling of recent years.

Not only is Most Subscribed quite different, but it’s got an edge to it I think will really thrill people. I really am excited about the reactions to this one – the scenes themsevles are longer than usual (around 30mins), they are filmed a little differently, and the whole thing has a realistic context which seems to give each scene an intense authenticity to it. The sex is also just spot-on, there are plenty of things to get worked up about!

On top of this, the whole Gina B/Peaches relationship dynamic comes into play, Gina being the make-up artist on the film and having to sit by whilst a myriad of younger girls eat out and getting eaten out by her lover. Gina also stars in the last scene of the movie with Peaches (I personally think it’s the best scene on there and one of the best scenes EVER!) Lots of great stuff was captured on the making-of documentary with regards to this, which will give the film a whole other dimension.

At just a scratch over 180mins, it’s a big title! DVD extras will include alternative angles on some of the orgasms, and also some deleted footage/outtakes. These extras can also be seen on the website, along with a 30minute making-of documentary (I’ve taken a short clip from this for below.)

Oh yes and did I mention Peaches is absolutely fucking hilarious in the movie.

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Mums and Daughters SOLD OUT AGAIN!

vivthomascom_74034As a celebration of our current quickest-selling DVD title – “Mums & Daughters” being sold out once again(!), I thought I would post a little behind-the-scenes snippet of Zara recording her telephone voice-over for her scene with CJ.

Thanks to everyone so far who bought this title be it on DVD-or-download, in this midst of this global recession it’s success has in part allowed us to continue our work this year! We’re already talking about a sequel!

Mums and Daughters will be available again very soon!

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Sex Education

nhu1ykserj448p0xi3tgcljdo1_500It is little wonder that so many of us have an unhealthy and puritanical hatred of our own bodies and our desires when you see films like this. I wonder how many oppressed generations this ideology was passed down to. I’m not going to ramble on too much here because I really just wanted to post this clip from a 1950s British Sex Education Video, which really did give me a good giggle this morning.

“A cosy evening at home together, can be profitably spend, practicing the correct technique, for the use of a condom.” Genius. Remove dentures before fellatio (what age group is this aimed at?) and of course “…in a healthy man the ejaculate is quite fulsome…” yeah! I can see that!!! Christ!

If only our sex education classes had been more like this one – from Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life.


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Saucy Love Names

hands-loveYou know when your in love and in a relationship, you sometimes start to develop pet names for each other. You know what I mean, saucy nicknames you only call each other when the two of you are alone.

Well I came across this article earlier in the, which revealed the UK’s saucy nicknames. Believe it or not but Britons are apparently quite original in their nicknames, rather then the usual fare of Bambi etc. Customer insight by High Street Jeweller H Samuel found this out after they reviewed their anonymous online gifting service for Valentines Day.

Among the more popular nicknames this year are Sexy Pig, Squidgy and Poo Face. This, according to the article, shows that the British self-deprecating humor prevails amongst couples. This seems true when you look at some of the others mentioned such as Chubby Cheeks and Fatty Bum Bum.

Nicky Brown, head of e-commerce at says, “When it comes to romance Brits are less Casanova and more Carry On”. Check out the link for the article above to see what the top 10 funniest love names were.

My personal favourite love name for a woman is Sweet Cheeks (played it rather casual there I know, you don’t want to kow the real one lol). So if your reading this and you have a funny love name for your partner, lets hear it, and lets all have a good giggle.

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Lesbian prime minister

hughNo, it’s not Margaret Thatcher finally coming out aged 83. Johanna Sigurdardottir was named as Iceland’s prime minister on the 1st of this month. The BBC says she is “the first openly lesbian head of government in Europe, if not the world – at least in modern times.” Which is a bit uncertain by their typically high standards of fact-based broadcasting.

Anyway, she’s gay and the people of Iceland don’t seem to bothered about that. They are more interested in the fact that (compared to the people who’d gone done fucked up with the financial crisis) she seems to be quite good. As a minister, she polled the highest approval ratings of the entire cabinet (78%) and was the only minister to have improved these from the previous year.

It does appear that her sexual orientation has not been an issue. Different countries have different cultures and different levels of exposure to other cultures and some are more tolerant than others. Iceland add a strong woman to the legions of strong men they’ve produced.

Story at the BBC

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Latest Nelly Scene

nellyeveangelblogInspired by the comments on the ‘O Nella Where Art Tho‘ blog, I’ve decided to do another. In the first blog I showed you a few clips from one of Nelly’s first ever scenes, for this one I’m going to show you a few clips taken from her latest scene to come out on DVD, from us here at VivThomas. And what a scene it is!

Nelly is paired up with the simply stunning Eve Angel, in this smoking hot scene taken from the recently released production Club Girls Lesbian. And what a dream team this pair make. Soft kisses, expert lovemaking and genuine pleasure being taken from one another bodies. I couldn’t help but get aroused as I compiled a couple of clips from this scene, what with both girls being stunningly beautiful and gifted in the art of sex.

Click here to read more and see the clip

So without further ado, please click on the play button, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to get turned on by two of the best in the business.

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Sports Filly – Spunk Style

exerciseI try to keep fit as much as the next person, but Sean is always jabbering on about sports filly’s and athletic girls even though he eats six Yorkie Bars with one cup of tea.

Well he’s gone back to Blighty this weekend so I thought I would fill in for him and post my own sports filly.

Whoever this is, she is my kind girl.

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Only In Japan

I love the Japanese, it’s the only country in the world where someone can invent a toy baby which you can shave to suit your hairy-baby taste, and not be prosecuted.


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Sex education vs porn education

mlnpTechnology, Entertainment, Design 2009 (or TED as the invitation only conference is otherwise known) is happening this week and porn was on the agenda! Cindy Gallop made a presentation about a website which is aiming to debunk the “myths of porn” as it has supposedly “become a de-facto substitute for sex education. Children have access to it younger and younger.” and obviously these children would rather assume that what they view online is true rather than considering approaching a parent or teacher who is clearly too terrified and embarrassed to discuss “it”.

The website pitches the sex “myths” of porn against the real life “facts” and encourages users to submit their own. (Tips, not sex acts. There’s already enough websites for that). The website also rather over simplifies porn movies with some sweeping generalizations that I personally think insult not only us but the user. I don’t believe that people, even kids are so naIve they believe all that they see in porn to be true and all that they see in porn to be the same.

Sorry TED, but if you claim to have “the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers…challenged to give the talk of their lives” then I say Cindy disappoints like a boy displaying his feeble 9 inch penis to a porn educated girl.

Source: BBC

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Oops He Nearly Did It Again…

2685-40Sorry Dog, don’t mean to pick on you lol. In case you haven’t guessed it, this is a clip of Dirty Dog having another close call. This time he is with Angie George, the woman with a stupendous set of tits. What I wouldn’t give to feast on one of those bad boys.

Anyway, the clip is taken from the production Dirty Dog Volume 1 and up until now Dirty Dog has been roasting Angie George all shapes. However as the clip starts he’s on his back, and, as we’ve seen in the other close call clips, when he’s on his back he has trouble keeping his mind off the job lol. Not that I can blame him, after being ridden by such a sexy lady. And this woman knows how to tackle a cock from on top.

To see the clip and read more click here

Anyway, enjoy the clip, I know I did.

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Eco-Sex Guide

greenpeace-logo1I stumbled across this rather old article from the greenpeace website entitled “Getting it on for the good of the planet”. Ahem, indeed. They then proceed to list some completely absurd ways in which you can save the planet whilst enjoying your sex life to the maximum. Some examples are needed here I think to show you the stupidity of the author of this piece of nonsense.

First example is where they say do you like to include food in your sex life, and if so could you please make sure it is genetically engineered free. Apparently because there haven’t been enough studies of GE foods, and “…let alone the effects of using it for more intimate activities”. It makes, for example, a GE cucumber sound like a splinter terrorist cell, who upon insertion, starts fiddling with your DNA whilst scowling and cursing like a jaded pirate.

Another example is that it says why don’t you make love outside in your garden, after making the switch from pesticides and chemical fertilizers to natural fertilizers and pest management. Your killing two birds with one stone here (not literally Greenpeace), as you wont have the light on in the bedroom if your outside. Can you imagine if everybody started copulating in their front gardens and yards. How strong an arguement in court after you’ve been arrested for indecent exposure would the arguement be, “Your honour I was saving the enviroment”. Great defence that.

There’s a few more points of desperate measures in their Eco-Sex guide if you’d like to take a gander which had me staring at the monitor with an incredulous look upon my face. You can also find Stern’s blogs about Porn going green here and here, which i found highly entertaining.

I’m going to leave you now with last quote from the above article. It talks about role playing games in the bedroom (or outside on your front yard of course). It suggests an S&M stlye game where your roles are “George Bush and Corporate America at the Earth Summit”. I popped a boner as soon as I read that one. Stick to saving the Whales Greenpeace and let me take care of my sex life!

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O Nella Where Art Thou?

nellatorihelena1Ahh Nelly, we do so miss Nelly. A great performer, lovely girl, fun pleasant and beautiful are just a few words the crew here use to describe her. It is always a pleasure to work with her, she’s almost the quintessential VivThomas girl.

Nelly has been a part of many stand out scenes over the years, and the crew have had some very intense filming experiences with her and various girls over the years. Spunk would often come back from location, trembling with lust after he had just filmed the latest scene with Nelly and partner. This is a girl who loved her work.

Sadly she’s moved on to do softer modelling now. We always wish her all the best in what she chooses to do, we’re all very fond of her here and it’s like she’s part of the VT family. Nelly will be sorely missed by crew and fans alike.

So i decided to dig out her very first scene that the crew worked with her on. Starring her then real-life girl-pal and fuck-buddy Tori, this scene was totally natural, erotic and brilliant. I’m pretty sure these girls forgot the camera was there and just went for it, passion and lust erupting from them both.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Since this scene she has gone on to star in over 15 productions with us here at VivThomas including the highly acclaimed Unfaithful series. As a matter of fact she is soon to be seen in Unfaithful Part 5, and the crew is still hoping that she will be a part of Unfaithful 6.

Anyway, press play and enjoy the clip showing Nelly in her first ever scene, taken from the production Girl On Girl 2. A bit of trivia for you actually, they both turned up originally to debut in Office Girls, but because the crew could see the chemistry between them, they decided off the bat to film a seperate scene first for Girl On Girl 2. Enjoy!

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Close Calls

tateclosecallsLinked to the premature problem blogs I have been doing I decided to show you a few clips of close calls. This is where the male actor has come close to shooting his wad before its needed, but has managed to control it at the last instant. Pull himself back from the brink of the abyss as it were.

The man featuring in this collection of clips is none other then Dirty Dog, the guy from the magic pussy blog. You cant really blame the guy from coming close to eruption, what with shagging the darlings you’ll see him with in this collection of clips (including one of my personal favorites, Eve Angel).

The first outake clip is from the production Sex Wives & Videotapes, the second from Sex@ctually and the third from Hot Babe Seduction.

To see the clip click here

So click play, sit back and enjoy watching the Dog trying not to spill his seed.

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Lights On or Off?

lightsonoroffNow this might seem like a mad question, but do you prefer sex with the lights on or off? Seems simple enough doesn’t it, some people will be indifferent to whether there is light or not. But some people are so morbidly shy they wont undress unless its pitch black. Other reasons for the lights being off could be to hide acne or scarring some people may have.

In one poll on the topix forum, 80% stated that they preferred the lights on, with one poster adding “I like to see what I’m eating”. Some other posters have added the thought that it depended on who they were with. If the partner was good looking then they wanted the lights on, but if the partner was unattractive then they wanted the lights off.

Personally I’m a kind of in between kind of guy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll take sex anytime, anyplace, whether its as bright as a spring morning or as dark as my ex-girlfriends soul. But preferably i do like a kind of medium, soft candlelight for example, or just low lighting in general. Although complete pitch darkness does give you the excuse to try and pot the brown (“Sorry luv, it’s so dark i thought it was the right one”).

I’d be intrigued for your views guys and gals, what you prefer and your reasons why. Submit a comment and slaughter the fire breathing dragon that is my curiosity!

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The Premature Problem cont….

cherryjulcruzOkay, this has to be the best clip yet. Not once but twice does this young chap cum before he’s done. He also cums close to shooting from the hip a third time, as can be seen by the third part of the clip, but he manages to stop shagging and delay, though how he had anything apart from pure salt left to ejaculate by this point we’ll never know.

This clip stars the delightful Cherry Jul and Cruz, who according to Stern, looks a bit like Paul Ince the football player. Now this girl is such a hot piece of ass I can understand that every cry from her mouth would start your sack twitching like a rabbits nose. But this man is meant to be a professional, a cum on demand kind of guy. Yet watch the clip and it’s all too much for the poor chap.

Click here for the clip and to read more

I especially find funy the second part of the clip where he grips the bedsheets in an effort not to shoot, but to no avail. Needless to say the fella needed a cup of tea and a slice of toast before we could finally film the money shot we wanted.

If you liked this clip check these others here, here and here.

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Snowman Porn

122011Seeing as the UK is currently experiencing the heaviest snow storm in six years I though I’d share this creative picture that someone posted here.

I’m glad there’s still creative people out there who are deviating from traditional snowmen and women to create classic imagery such as this. Anyone out there want to show us any creative snow sculptures that they have made?

I think this one is pretty good, although she looks a bit frigid, she does have tits to die for!

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You gotta hand it to Hefner


When i’m 385 years old i hope i’ve still got the same kind of energy he seems to have. You’ve got to hand it to the bloke though, he’s certainly made the most out of life.

Recently he split from 28 year old Holly Madison because he couldn’t provide her with the family she craves. So just like any normal fella would do, he’s moved on. But how does an 82 year old pensioner move on? Easy, he got himself a set of 19 year old twins. Kristina and Karissa Shannon are now the Playboy mansions latest residents. Hefner has said ‘They will probably become my girlfriends’. Don’t get too excited will you Hugh….no seriously, don’t, your pacemaker will pack up.

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Silence Is Golden

blogbianca-golden-carla-cI was editing this scene the other day and it made me chuckle. The scene stars Bianca Golden & Carla Cox, and the intro to the scene requires a little bit of acting. At first i thought she couldn’t speak or understand English, but it turns out she does, a little anyway, it seems to me she’s just shy whilst speaking dialogue in a sex scene (where I would be more shy about tonguing a girls asshole on camera). I can assure you she certainly wasn’t shy after the acting and dialogue part was over, devouring Carla like a T-Rex eating a sheep.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I don’t know whether it’s the bewildered look in her eyes at first, or just how cute she appears and how quiet she is when she finally says her lines, but I smiled throughout this clip and I hope you all enjoy it too. I know that Stern Bigot who is filming this, has the patience of a saint. Keep an eye out for this scene which will be appearing on a future Viv Thomas title.

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The Premature Problem cont. . . .


Welcome to the continuation of a topic started by Senior Spunk and followed up by yours truly, this blog is carrying on with the premature problem suffered by male porno stars. This time it’s James Brossman who is about to cum before he’s done, in the clip below. This isn’t Jimmy’s first time gracing this topic either, check the previous clip where he lost his load whilst being ridden by Mya Diamond, or as we like to call her, ‘The Body’. Understandable I suppose.

Anyway onto today’s clip which stars James pairing up with the sensual Kristi Klenot, who happens to own a cracking set of tits and by the looks of it, an incredibly tight pussy. Spunk tells me he thought James might have his work cut out with this fine lass. For instance in the first part of the clip James is in love with the view he has in front of him, enough so that he calls the cameraman to film from his angle instead, which he duly does, and it certainly gets my balls boiling.

For more and the clip click here

The second part of the clip is where it all went wrong. No money shot was called for at this point, but as James pummels Kristi senseless you see him stop sudddenly and pull out, before realizing he cant stop his own orgasm, and he sprays a fine portion of population pudding all over the impressive chest of Kristi. Amazing stuff. I tacked a bit on at the end of the clip where poor James is told he has to do another cum shot for the photographer, who failed to prematurely press his button on the camera, to catch the unexpected delivery.

If you enjoyed this there’s another clip here of Dirty Dog trying not to cum when he’s with a woman with a ‘magic pussy’. O.K. Dog, whatever you say. Anyway enjoy the clip, there’s more to come . .

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Lesbians Out And About

outEveryone knows we are all very fond of Gina and Peaches here. They have been trying recently to promote their new site but the poor girls have had all kinds of troubles, first financially (*which is now all sorted*) then from someone trying to throw mud on them for no reason. It’s really unfair. I don’t understand why people just can’t accept these two and let them get on with things, they are adult models, of coure they have strange lives, but they are also really honest and down to earth girls and that is why people love them.

I’ve been enjoying their blog and At-Home videos, they have a certain charm which I find very appealing. Anyway I saw this video below and it made me think how difficult it must be sometimes, when they are out if they hold hands people stare, if they have a little kiss people scorn, some men get jealous – especially since neither girl has ever done any straight modeling work. I know that some people don’t like public displays of affection (usually those who either aren’t in love or aren’t getting any) but it must be horrible to actually have to hide your affection for someone you love.

I’ve never had to do that, so it made me think. I wonder what our female forum members feel about it? Is it common to keep your affections at home, or do you get to the stage, possibly like Gina and Peaches have, where you don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks and if anyone is going to frown upon your affections for your partner, then it’s their problem.


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Orgasm Face


Spunk and I we’re having a few jars of the good stuff at an Irish bar the other night and somehow we got round to talking about orgasm faces.

We’ve all got one, and they usually aren’t pretty. Sooner or later your going to show yours to someone ,as your body and facial features contort, with the beautiful agony of an orgasm.

You will also go through most of your lives without seeing your own, but your partner will see it, and they will probably never be able to forget it. Although having not witnessed this, apparently I contort my features in such a way, that I turn into Rik Mayall. Yes thanks for that gals.

Apparently women have orgasm faces also, but I’ve yet to see one. There are however plenty of examples here at, a website that is, I quote, “…dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm. This may be the most erotic thing you have ever seen, yet the only nudity it contains is from the neck up. That’s where people are truly naked”. A bit tame for my standards, and i keep wanting to pan the camera down to where the action is (Only on the women obviously), but it seems to tick some peoples boxes. Right I’m off home to practice my Rik Mayall impersonation!

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Superbowl interrupted by porn

sbvtI didn’t see the game, apparently it was one of the best, a thriller. Although their team ultimately lost, viewers in Arizona must have been absolutely shocked when they came back from 13 points down to lead by 3 with only 3 minutes left. Well, probably not as shocked as when this comeback was immediately followed by porn! No, not a “wardrobe malfunction“, full-on porn.

Tuscon-based cable KVOA-TV said it was “dismayed and disappointed” that people saw a woman unzipping a man’s trousers, followed by a graphic act between the two. Was this a genuine “cock-up” or was it some kind of bizarre reaction/reward for the people of Arizona as the greatest Super Bowl victory comeback seemed inevitable? Or maybe a clever way to circumvent the colossal TV advertising fees?

Story at the Beeb

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Music by VT: Dirty Beats

It’s Monday morning in Portugal and I just found what I thought to be a pretty funky feature. Some time ago we made a music CD of your “not-so-average” (read BRILLIANT!) porno tunes. After a lot of soul searching, brain storming and heavy beer sessions we eventually came up with the name DIRTY BEATS and the collection of composers who forged this incredible soundtrack we named “The Pink Room”.

Back to the future present and Monday morning. We have signed up for a sweet service called iLike which, if you’re into music on the web, you may well have heard of. They do a great music app on FaceBook and sent out a mail this morning with news of their player-on-your-web-site-app – anyway have a little listen, because here is: