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Peaches Video Link

peachesvideolinkSpunk has asked me post this video because he has just had to run off to play golf with Viv, so here it is.

Peaches is back in Budapest and since she was on our forum just an hour ago we thought we’d try and get her on a new videophone link-up we have set up in our Budapest apartment. We wanted to ask her a few questions regarding her movie Most Subscribed and her experience of making the movie.

She did briefly say one or two things today on the forum here and the reviews so far have been very positive, the buzz around the office is a good one on this. We have high hopes for it. You can see the trailer for MS here, and what a trailer it is! My dick was so hard after watching this it could have cut diamonds. Watch it and tell me your not aroused afterward.

Click here to read more and view the video

Oh and on a side note, Spunk also told me to mention that you can now follow him on twitter which he updates daily with breaking production news and he’s promised some honest industry secrets and also some on-location pictures as they come in too. Sounds good. Next production starts at the end of April so we’re all looking forward to that.

So enjoy this video, I just hope he doesn’t leave Peaches waiting there all night.

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The Art of Jo


Jo loves to draw and suggested in her thread on the forum that we run some kind of an art competition. So we hopped in and donated a few prizes for the best piece of “Jo Art”. Check out her thread in the forum, and see how happy Jo was for this:

“Yessss, great!!!! I am so happy because of this little competition I hope many of you will join it. Maybe you don’t believe, but I would be really curious for the different results…”

You’ll have to be registered to enter the competition. Cheers and good luck!

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Google Street View Catches Cheaters

googlestreetviewAn upset wife has called in the divorce lawyers after she found her husband cheating on her through Google, according to this article by the Sun newspaper.

The husband had pretended to be away on business, but her suspicion aroused she decided to use the new Street View provided by Google to spy on an acquaintances house. Only to discover that her husbands Range Rover was parked in her drive, easily recognisable because of it’s easy to spy blinged up hubcaps.

Google’s controversial new 360-degree search which covers 25 towns and cities all over the UK has had a lot of complaints since it’s launch on March 20th. Google has removed some images after complaints including a man caught sheepishly leaving a sex shop and an office worker seen smoking next to a ‘No Smoking’ sign. More examples can be seen in the pics above where people have been caught unawares.

I’m sure it will be a long time before Private Detective’s will find themselves up against Google Street view for the services of jealous and paranoid couples the world over who will try and catch their spouses out with this new technology. On the help section of the Street View website it states that, “Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth. Google Earth acquires the best imagery available, most of which is approximately one to three years old”. It also adds that whilst they strive to update their data regularly they’re not able to provide detailed information about when a specific are will be updated. Therefore it’s not yet at a point where it’s able to offer live updated images so you could check on your partner tonight when they say they’re going to the theater with their friends, when they’re actually off to meet your best friend for some hot adultery action

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Fast food is NOT Sexy, or is it? No it’s not. Or is it? No.

padmaIt’s not easy to make fast food sexy, when I think of fast food I think of stinky, greasy, unnatural food and Ronald McDonald with a loaded automatic weapon aimed at a child’s heart. It’s also not easy to make a woman eating a burger look sexy, when I think of a woman eating a burger I think of an overweight whale chowing down on her BigMac in a pair of baby-pink flannelette pants smeared in barbecue sauce and french fries lard. So it seems this is yet another instance of advertisers using sex to sell a product which is in no way connected to their marketing campaign.

The execs working with Carl’s Jr (never heard of him) have decided to go with something original and add a little extra sauce to their adverts this year – paying shill-for-hire (she’s meant to be a fucking chef!) Padma Lakshmi (yes she is painfully beautiful) to spice up their Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger. I think the Indian cook / ex-Miss Salman Rushdie / ex-vegetarian really does herself proud on this one. However, she is undeniably sexy, and as Bill Hicks would say – we will see that ad one day yet.

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Cheeky Symphony


I’ve been editing some scenes which are not our material recently, and whilst editing the scene this clip is from, starring Satin and Carl, I noticed the fascination this guy seems to have with playing some beats out on the girls ass. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone likes to tap a girls ass during foreplay, but this guy seems to get completely carried away, like he’s training to be in a new Um Bongo advert.

The taps he gives her loosely follows the beat of the electronic music the original rough editors have playing throughout the whole scene and this gave me an idea. I began to play around with the footage, looping it in the first half and then adding some special sound footage to the second half. It cracked me up and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Click here to view the clip

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Lego – Not Just For Kids


It never fails to amuse me how creative some people can be. Just check out the sado masochistic bondage scene in the picture done using the most creative tool of children, Lego. I especially like the two red patches on the Lego man’s bottom as tho they have been whipped raw by his dominatrix, and the array of fiendish tools at her disposal on the back wall.

I dont think you’ll be finding this particular one on display in Legoland however.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 4

vtnightsixdayswithverablogpIn this introduction clip filmed by the guys for the Viv Thomas night shown on Playboy TV UK, Viv is introducing a scene from a film that I’ve always enjoyed watching, which is Six Days With Vera.

This introduction clip starts off on a funny foot as the crew ask Viv some very personal questions which he seems a bit reluctant to answer, especially in front of the lovely Sophie Moone and whilst once more on a golf course.. Viv then becomes more serious after washing his car (this man does get about in his clips), and provides some insight into why they filmed Six Days With Vera in the way they did.

Enjoy the clip, more to follow…

Click here to view the clip

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Jessica Biel Strips

jessica-bielblogpicThe gorgeous and sexy Jessica Biel is to play a stripper in the upcoming film “Powder Blue“, also starring Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker. But who cares about the guys right, I mean Jessica Biel is going to be playing a stripper! Awesome. I love strippers.

The film is going to be one of those ones about a group of people who’s lives become intertwined on Christmas Eve due to a mixture of circumstances, and Biel’s character is trying to raise money for her terminally ill son. Perhaps not the feelgood movie of the year then but did I mention that Jessica Biel is going to be a stripper in it.

Check the trailer out below to see if it’s your cup of tea or not.


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Smith Claims For Filth

jacqui-smithpornfilmpicHome Secretary Jacqui Smith “mistakenly” claimed for a TV package when billing for a web connection under her second home allowance, and it was discovered that it contained the cost of watching two adult pornographic films. Oops!

Jacqui Smith made a decision to claim at least £116,00 in second home allowances for her family home in Redditch since becoming an MP. If that wasn’t enough to be investigated as dodgy the two pornographic film purchases were then discovered in the claim. MP’s can claim for subscription television services but they have to be wholly, exclusively and necessarily to perform their duties. Whilst the name of the films are unknown I cant really see a title such as ‘Swallow My Yellow Thick Load’ fitting in as part of the Home Secretary’s duties.

Apparently however they were watched by her husband Mr Timmey, who incidentally is employed by Jacqui as her parliamentary aide on a salary of up to £40,000 a year, all paid for by the British tax payer. That sounds like one big fat jolly to me, another waste of the hard earned tax payers money.

Jacqui and her husband have both apologized for the incident and all money for the television package will be paid back in full. Gordon Brown, PM, has also added that her use of Commons expenses for the two adult films should be a personal matter and not detract from the great job she was doing. Bugger that, the tax payer was about to fork out for the Home Secretaries husband to have a quick one off the wrist. Maybe she should spend a bit more time at home before her husband blows his wad of cash on pay per view porn, and then tries to get someone else to pay for it!

Click here to read the article.

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Portuguese Bishop Talks Sense

popecondomblogpicSince we live and work in Portugal it’s nice to see that this country and it’s proud residents are not afraid to speak their mind against, in my opinion, out of touch views held by others.

A fine example of this happened on the weekend just gone, when on the Saturday a Portuguese bishop openly contradicted Pope Benedict XVI’s controversial stance on condoms. Pope Benedict drew criticism last week for stating to reporters whilst on his way to Africa, that condom use could be aggravating the AIDS crisis. What a load of nonsense when condom use surely is helping to prevent the spread of the disease, with thousands of people being infected with the HIV virus in Africa everyday.

Therefore I applaud the Portuguese bishop Monsignor Illidio Leandro, when he wrote in a message published on the website of the Viseu diocese, that a person with AIDS “who cannot avoid having sexual relations is morally obliged to avoid passing on the disease by using a condom”.

Well said and a brilliant use of common sense being applied by the Portuguese bishop in light of, what is my opinion, the misguided viewpoint of Pope Benedict XVI. Click here to see the article.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 3

vtnightconfessionsblogpicOK I’m assuming you all know the story behind these ‘Viv Thomas Night’ posts and how Playboy TV UK wanted us to film some introduction clips, so I wont keep reiterating what I’ve already said, but if you don’t know you can get the background info from this post or this post.

So Viv in this clip is introducing a scene from the excellent production Confessions Of A Make-Up Artist, starring, amongst others, the ever lovely Vera and the heavy breasted Zora Banx. This introduction made me smile for several reasons, mainly the fact that this man is living the dream having the stunning Stella Stevens fetching him a beer and then sloppily pouring it into a glass with her tits standing proud and pert a few feet away. You can also tell Viv had a great time filming these introduction clips as can be seen from his laughter midway through.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the introduction clip, more to follow…

Click here to view the clip

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“Nice butterfly tattoo…hang on…wait a minute…”

butterflytattooblogpicThe last post I did about a tattoo showed a woman with a vagina on the underside of her arm. This one as you can see is another female who has decided to get a bizarre tattoo on her back which at first glance you may think, aha, it’s a butterfly. Before you realize actually it’s two female heads (carefully crafted into the butterfly wings) licking a penis with spunk shooting out of the bell end.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a clever design with the body of the butterfly consisting of the cock and the spunk trails looking like antennae. This however does not answer the question, why the hell would you have it on your back as a tattoo? I wouldn’t even have it as a screen saver on my computer let alone inked onto my body for life.

What do you the readers think about it? Lime was quite informative about the last tatoo post I did, what’s your opinion of this one buddy?

Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday for more…

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Position Of The Week – Sideways 69′er

powsiodeways69blogpicFollowing on from this earlier post by Sr. Spunk, I have decided to add my own position of the week, which as you can guess from the title is the sideways 69′er. The best example of this position in my opinion is in the scene between Anouska and Ella in the production Pink Velvet 2.

In this scene the big titted Anouska and the sultry Ella get up to all kinds of sexy shenanigans, before Ella rearranges herself on the bed in the above mentioned position, which is where the clip starts. What I love best about this position is not only is it pleasing to look at, but they also get full access to each others gorgeous looking pussies. Some people may be unaware of this sideways variation of the classic 69, and all I can do is try and encourage them through this post to try it. It’s a lot easier as one persons weight is not on the other, being the one underneath can be quite hard as you strain your neck upwards to reach those delicate folds. Sideways is a lot more comfortable and you can get hands and mouth to work straight away.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Which is what these two do, wasting no time they go to town on each others bodies. Anouska is straight in there, devouring Ella’s tight gory hole with relish, whilst Ella also laps away like the cat that’s got the cream (Lets hope her tongue isn’t as rough). Anyway why are you still reading this when the clip is a click away. Sit back, draw the curtains, and watch these two beautiful bodies getting intertwined sideways as they strive for orgasms.

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Finger Lickin’ Good

fingerlickinggoodblogpicI think my job is affecting me outside of work, just look at the way I prepared my dinner last night.

Just kidding, I found this highly amusing picture whilst surfing the web a few moments ago, there are certainly some creative minds out there.

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priapusblogpicNow your probably wondering, as I did when I first saw this word, what the hell does it mean? Well Priapism is named after the Greek fertility god Priapus, and is the medical term for an erection that lasts hours or even days (This post definitely belongs in the Eternal Erection category), and while you may well think this sounds awesome, it’s actually no laughing matter.

A healthy erection is a matter of good blood flow and priapism occurs when blood does not drain as it normally would but instead gets trapped in the penis, depleting oxygen levels and resulting in unwanted and often dire consequences. Oxygen poor blood can become toxic to tissues, damaging them and can result in scarring, disfigurement or permanent erectile dysfunction. The is a painful and tender condition and can happen to males of any age including newborns.

If your wondering what causes priapism there is a long list of medical malady’s that can cause it including recreational drug use, spinal cord injury, carbon monoxide poisoning and even poisonous venom from black widow spider bites. Treatment depends on the cause but may include ice packs to reduce swelling and medications to reduce blood flow to the penis.

The good news is that priapism, whilst being an emergency, is uncommon and when treated in a timely manner the prognosis is very positive. View this article here for a full list of causes and treatments.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 2

vtnightpart2blogpicAs mentioned in Viv Thomas Night Part 1, Playboy wished to do a Viv Thomas night on their channel Playboy TV UK, for which they asked us to film an introduction for each selected clip starring none other then Viv himself. I’ve decided to post these clips for you all to see as I found them very entertaining and they haven’t seen the light of day for a good few years.

In Part 1 we saw Viv introducing the clip from The Secret Video Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho. In this part Viv is introducing a clip from the production Porn Academy. It’s nice to see just where future VT starlets started out such as Peaches & Gina B, knowing that without these casting shoots and auditions for this production we may never have been graced with titles such as Inside Peaches & The Making Of A Madame.

Anyway enjoy the clip, more to follow…

Click here to see the clip

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Vagina Tattoo


Found this pic online just now of a lady who appears to have had a vagina tattoed on the underside of her arm, very strange indeed. Now why anyone would have this done is beyond me but there is always the possiblity it could be shopped. Sadly tho, I have the sneaky feeling this is probably very true. This is obviously her party trick after the fifth keg has been opened and she says “Wanna see sumfink kool hehheheh…..”.

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Adult Sex Games

adultsexgamesblogpicO.K, now I stumbled across this blog earlier on in the day and in it the author (who is a female and calls herself Nellioness), has decided to suggest some sex games you can play together with your partner in order to create some passion in the bedroom. In it she includes stuff such as ‘The Feast” and “Under No Circumstances”.

In ‘The Feast”, you more or less treat your partners body as a plate and eat all kinds of sticky and wonderful things off each others naked bodies. I know this is not a relativly new idea but how many people have actually taken food into the bedroom? Not many that I know. Nellioness suggests a slightly diffrent twist in that you should lay a blanket on the floor next to the open fridge door and take turns pulling items out of the fridge to consme on each other. I can imagine my partner looking a bit wary when I pull the whole watermelon out of there.

The other game she mentions is called “Under No Circumstances”, which is a game of willpower as whatever your partner does to you you simply cannot touch them. Now this is an underused idea I believe and it can be incredibly frustrating, but exciting, being unable to touch your partner as they can do whatever they like to you. She suggests a penalty incurs if you fail to keep your hands off your partner, say you grip thier head whilst recieving oral sex you must pay the price. Obviously the penalty must be set before the game begins.

Nellioness (I wonder if this could be our very own Nelly writing under a ghost name), also mentions some more games to try including “Kinky Game”, and “The Recycled Virgin”, so check the link out above to the site if your interested in learning more. I wonder if any of the blog readers out there have some exciting sex games which they like to play out with thier partners. Please let us know in the comments if you have, I’d be intrigued to discover new ones and maybe get the chance to try them out myself.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 1

vivthomasnightblogpicA good few years ago, well before my time here at VT Towers, Playboy decided to do a Viv Thomas night on their channel Playboy TV UK, using certain scenes from select movies. They asked us to film an introduction for each selected clip featuring the man himself, Sir Viv.

I’ve recently discovered these introduction clips and i found them quite entertaining, so I’m going to post one clip a day over the next week or so, as I’m sure many people have not seen these intro’s, just as I missed them when they were aired so many moons ago. Also who knows after all the clips have seen the light of day I may even post all the outtakes from the clips for everyone to have a good chuckle at.

This 1st clip is Viv introducing a clip from the production The Secret Video Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho. He’s on a golf course and can you guess what starlet is given the job of his caddy? Enjoy the clip, more to follow.

To see the clip click here

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sexercisesNow I’m pretty sure we all now that sex is a good form of exercise, but take a look at this article to see what other benefits it can give and also some tips on lovemaking positions which can let you stretch the most important muscle groups in your body.

Some examples of other benefits given by the article are that sex reduces depression, tranquilizes the mind, leads to glowing hair and skin and can bring relief from headaches (not so sure about this last one, see here for an explanation). It’s also true that many sexual positions double up as easy workouts.

However anything that is done for the body should be done for at least 15 minutes so you have to prolong the activity from foreplay to the climax state, therefore meaning quickies dont quite cut it in the health stakes (but they can still be awesome so dont deny yourself a quickie now and then).

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More Sexy Nature


Here’s another sexy nature pic, which looks a lot more natural and un-shopped then the previous one. This to me reminds me of a female dancer piroetting with arms outflung and all the right curves. I think it stands out more because its been taken at night and may have been easily missed during the day. Simple and elegant design from natures paintbrush.

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Rooster Booster

rooster_boosterNow this is a wacky product which aims to revolutionize male swimwear and is brought to us by Mr BusyBalls (great name). It’s all about keeping your male pride whenever you leave cold water after a swim, and with the added bonus that it can create the discrete illusion that your packing more then you actually are.

It’s all centered around what cold water does to the male genitalia, which if your a man, you’d know that it tends to shrivel up and retreat like the Russians did in the summer of 1915 during World War 1, whilst employing their scorched earth tactic. This leads to you hastily trying to rearrange your junk and trying to stroke some warmth into it to bring it back to life so it at least partially fills your trunks. This problem is universal for all men, we all feel like Rick Moranis is standing next to us shouting “Honey I’ve Shrunk His Dick”.

So how is the rooster booster the perfect solution? Well the patent is a simple and effective pocket at the front of the swim shorts, underpants or even board shorts which allows a removable and breathable padded cup to be inserted. The wearer can decide the appropriate size whilst it is still being discrete and you no longer have to worry about obviously retracted genitalia behind wet lycra. It works in more or less the same way that a padded bra does in that it enhances and shapes the groin area, with the benefit of providing an extremely comfortable space for the groin. Exiting the cold water therefore means no adjustment is needed to hide their embarrassment.

It all sounds a bit vain to me but there you go, if you think it may solve your pool and beach worries then you can check the Rooster Boooster here. At the moment it’s only available in black but more colours and designs will be available during the summer.

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Do You Live In Sexual Sin?

sexual-sinWe are all doomed aren’t we.

This is from Robbert Poppers blog who saw the clip on channel “DBN.’ Unreal, if you didn’t know you’d swear it was a spoof.

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“I Meant A Weathervane When I Said I Wanted A Cock On The Roof…”

cockonroofblog1Everyone enjoys hearing about a good prank, especially when it’s played on those figures of authority know as ‘parents’. Well check this prank out, an 18 year old secretly painted a 60 foot crude drawing of a penis on the rooftop of his parents £1 million mansion near Inkpen in Berkshire.

Apparently it was there for almost a year before his parents found out, and they’ve said he will have to scrub it off when he gets back from traveling. If i was him I’d stay on the road and give his parents a few more years to cool off.

I wonder how the parents eventually found out it was there, maybe one of those aerial photograph salesmen called round to see if they wanted to buy a print of their beautiful house as seen from above with a 60 foot dick and balls on top. Genius.

Well done anonomous teenage prankster, you certainly had some balls to pull this off (you can see them on the roof!). We salute you.

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Sexy Nature

sexynature Not sure if this has been shopped or not but I think it’s cool. Anyone else I wonder have natural sexy images formed by natures hand? Lets see them if you do!

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Spray-On Condoms

spray-on-condomI know that my last post was about safe sex and protection but when I read about this I had to post it. A German inventor has invented a condom that allows men of all sizes to have safe sex. The spray on condom prototype measures a man’s size and then covers his penis in liquid latex providing him with a proper fitting condom. Sounds as easy as spray on tan right?

It’s apparently fairly simple to use as they male places his penis in a chamber and then presses a button and a pump squirts out the liquid latex through some nozzles onto his penis in about 20 seconds. The rubber dries quickly once on and is then ready for action. When it has served it’s purpose the spray-on condom can be rolled off and disposed of.

Sounds great right, lets do away with packaged condoms for good. Apparently the downside to this is that the machine itself could be a passion killer as the guy stands there making small talk for 20 seconds whilst his penis is sprayed on, with some people maybe even getting a little soft, meaning the condom isn’t going to fit quite as snug. The machine also makes a hissing noise whilst in action and it is unknown how much the liquid latex refills would be.

To read the article and find a link to the video just click here.

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Lesbians at home


Look at these two lovely lesbians – under the expert tutelage of Peaches they were both taught how to play strip liar dice and ended up naked really quickly. You have to admit that Anita Pearl with her jet black hair is a stunning little chica?

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Middle Earth liberalize attitude to prostitution

iplfn49gsk0xg6q5lm5breeko1_500As Europe tightens the laws on the age-old profession of prostitution, New Zealand continues to liberalize theirs.

Six years after the decriminalization of prostitution in NZ legitimate businesses have popped up everywhere like Bon Ton in Wellington, which also features in Yellow under “Adult Entertainment,” and have established good reputations: “…a haven where gentlemen can come and be pampered in every way. We aim to provide you with an escape from the pressures of everyday life. Place yourself in the hands of our experts for an experience of pampering and relaxation you won’t forget. Bon Ton’s aim is to provide a tasteful and discreet haven for gentlemen to enjoy the attentions of elegant, beautifully groomed, intelligent women. Our ladies are carefully selected for their femininity, style, grace, and most importantly for their ability to pamper gentlemen. You can be sure to experience a level of service you won’t forget. Bubble baths, massages, caresses and attention to detail are all things our clientele experience when they visit us in our impeccably appointed apartments.”

It makes sense, surely? Any rational-minded person knows that the best way to protect the girls who chose to do this kind of thing is to empower them, allow them to work for businesses or set up their own, pay tax, have a health plan. Punters would feel more comfortable in those environments and thus it would help put an end to the horrific things which happen to girls caught up in illegal sex-trafficking.

All it is going to take is for us, the people, to change our attitudes towards sex and the adult industry. There is no point closing your eyes to this kind of thing and hope it goes away, it won’t, ever. People love sex, they love having it, watching it, talking about it, you only need to look in the free-ads to understand the lengths consenting adults will go to feed their desires, yet still today we’re made to feel guilty for these feelings and hankerings. We have to keep hidden a major aspect of our lives because we’re too ashamed to admit to it, or too afraid of what people will think of us. What a sad state of affairs.

Anyway I’ll be off over the next few days because I have my parents coming next week, so the porn collection is going in the secure underground basement I built last year.


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Makeup Mishap

verapeachessmudgedlipstickThe following clip made me laugh, and it also reminded me of this topic on the forum where one of our forum members said it was such a turn on for him to see, in the production Butterfly, girls lipstick being smeared over each others faces whilst kissing. He asked Lewis why it wasn’t shown more and Lewis replied that often the girls couldn’t help laughing at each other and they disliked the ‘clown’ look it gave them.

Here is just such an outtake involving the voluptuous Vera and the perfect Peaches as they do a kissing scene whilst filming the production Forbidden Fruits. In this behind-the-scenes footage the girls get into some sexy passionate kissing and as Vera breaks away to catch her breath both girls stare at each other and………..begin to piss themselves laughing, as they realize that they have lipstick smeared all over each other.

To see the clip click here

I have no idea what Vera says after they cut to get their makeup sorted, so translations would be welcome. Enjoy the clip!

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Safe Sex Underwear

thongs1A new innovative line of underwear aimed at teens and advocating safe sex has been introduced called Swanky or Spanky. Swanky or Spanky is a UK clothing line, and according to this article, it focuses upon educating teens about safe sex , so when they’re ready to engage in sexual experiences or sexual intercourse, they make smart choices by using protection.

How does it achieve this? Well it offers thongs or bikini style panties for women and boxer-briefs or briefs for men, with the unique addition of a built in pocket, which is perfectly suited for a condom. The idea behind it is that in the heat of the moment you don’t have to go rummaging around for a condom and chance breaking the sexy mood. Also of course as the condom is there it can act as a reminder of safe sex and lead to a decline in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancys. I disagree with the artticle however when it adds it can, “…even be incorporated into the sexual foreplay with a sexy striptease”. Nope I don’t think so, condoms never have and never will be part of a sexy striptease.

While this seems like a good idea it is not yet known whether it’s safe to keep a condom in such close conditions, as storing condoms in wallets and other small pockets can reduce their effectivness. So maybe don’t throw that mars bar wrapper out just yet!

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What’s up Gina?


With the Babe of the Year awards just around the corner i thought i’d post a pic from last years ceremony and let you guys have a go at coming up with the most entertaining caption. So let your imaginations run wild. What is going on between Gina B and Jo?

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Most Subscribed – Download 25.03.09

most-subscribed-frontMost Subscribed, the eargely anticipated new Peaches film will be available to download from our online shop on the 25th March 2009.

The 3 hour movie sees the lovable Peaches start a video blog which she becomes rather obsessive about, first revealing herself to her subscribers in the most intimate of ways, and then inviting girls back to her room and recording pretty much everything which happens there.

A lot of people have been asking for something with less cuts and longer takes, something more natural, playful, unscripted, and where we not only get to see hot, sweaty, flowing lesbian sex but also where the girls real personalities are allowed to shine. Well…here it is!

Most Subscribed is a little more explicit than our last few features but it’s all done in our own unique way, I think even in during the most extreme close-ups the fun attitude of the project elevates it above the usual unpleasant porn where girls are just raw flesh, the type that leaves a bad taste in the mouth and most of us here try to avoid. I found myself getting really turned on during this one and as a consummate professional that is something that doesn’t happen all that much.

Cindy Hope, Vivien, Lucy Bell, Nikita and Gina B co-star in the movie. Every scene is great actually, with a lot of really funny moments, outtakes left in the scenes, some insanely hot orgasms (some of the girls cum two or three times a scene!) with the final scene being unmissable! Seriously. The sounds of slippery wet, juicy pussies and the girls voices is also the only music in the movie, which I think adds to the naturalistic feel behind the whole thing.

Anyway enough rambling, check it out next week and please be sure to report back to us with your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate that. In the meantime here is a clip from the behind the scenes feature which will be in the members area of the website, also next week.

For more information see this thread and for details on the DVD check here.

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Fairy Tale Porn

This was actually released the year i was born (1976) so i was a bit young to appreciate it at the time but this is fairy tale classic porn at it’s best.
After the success of the softcore sci-fi spoof Flesh Gordon, young producer/actor Bill Osco continued mixing juvenile pop culture with smut for an equally ambitious follow-up, a naughty musical version of Alice in Wonderland. As with Flesh, it was filmed as an effects-laden narrative film with a handful of explicit sequences which never made it into the final product, though in this case a subsequent reissue through Essex Films added back those few minutes of graphic close-ups.
Upon its original release, Alice in Wonderland carried a self-imposed X rating and was definitely softcore, with much of the dialogue hilariously referring to eye-popping activity happening just outside of the frame. It’s distribution was handled by several parties over the years (including under the radar handling by 20th Century-Fox!), and its success prompted Osco to reinstate a few seconds of graphic oral DeBell footage as well as some juicy insert shots (mainly at the end). DeBell herself is a treat having previously been a Playboy cover girl and it’s worth watching this crazy pornographic fairy tale for her alone. Check out the softcore trailer below and the hardcore version here.


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Sex Headaches

sexheadachesNow I was always of the opinion that the old “Not tonight darling, I’ve got a headache”, excuse was now antiquated as it has been proven by the good old reliable science that sex actually releases endorphins which can make you feel better, your bodies own natural painkillers.

Well, meet the sex headache! That bloody unreliable stupid science has now confirmed that there is a link between sexual activity and headaches. as well as migraines. It’s called coital cephalgia (a sex headache), and can last up to 24 hours. Christ this means there can now be a new term of “Not tonight darling, i don’t wish to get a sex headache”.

It’s not as alarming as it sounds tho, about 1 in 100 people will develop a sex headache at some point in their life. The headaches which are caused by exertion can happen prior to sexual activity, during sex, during the orgasm or following the orgasm. This actually makes a lot of sense to me as my brother a few years back said to me, “I had a wank earlier today and I’ve had a bastard headache ever since”. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Men are also three times more likely to get them, and they can also be caused by whether your lying down having sex or standing up. To read more about this interesting article, please click on this link here. The article also includes situations where you should be concerned about sex headaches, as if you have a new severe headache during sex, it may require medical attention. Why you ask? Because these headaches can be due to the rupture of an abnormal blood vessel. Since the heart rate and blood pressure are elevated during sex, walls of abnormally weak blood vessels may burst or leak during sex. Ahh so there may be something to worry about after all…..Enjoy your weekend sex!

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Tokyo International Amine Fair 2009

35700__448x_tokyo-anime-fair-cosplay-11The Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 is currently being held at Tokyo Big Sight through until Saturday. For those who don’t know Anime is huge in Japan as are most European people, especially the Dutch. And whilst all this sounds like a good excuse to stare at small, cute Japanese girls dressed in crazy outfits, I actually love the Studio Ghibli movies, if you haven’t seen any get Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoru or Porco Rosso, and you’ll be addicted.

I know very little about Anime porn unfortunately, although I know there is a huge market for the genre and they tend to get away with a lot more that you can on video or film.

Some pictures from this years fair are already online – and some more here. Below is a clip of some lesbian Anime porn.

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Roll with the L.A Derby Dolls

rollergirl_lg1As much as I dislike rollerskates, I very much like girls in rollerskates.

I was introduced to the L.A Derby Dolls website this morning and I thought ‘yeeeaaaahh!’ what a bunch of cool, kick-ass girls these are! It’s kind of like that James Caan movie only with less James Caan, less motorbikes, and less balls.

It must be great fun going to one of these games, any of our L.A residents been before?


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Fun But Professional

funbutprofessionalOnce again whilst sifting through the behind-the-scenes footage detritus I came across a clip worth posting. This was again taken from the production Sex Wives & Videotape and starts the smoldering Mia and lucky bastard Clark.

As you can see from the opening clip Mia and Clark are amusing each other as they wait for Lewis to roll the camera, with Mia messing around with a rough example of what she’s about to do to Clark’s old boy, and Clark decides to amuse her back with his version of the invisible string magic dick trick (see clip).

What I liked about this was the stark contrast afterwards in the second part of the clip. Here the camera is rolling and all messing about is out the window as they continue on with their scene. They’re such consummate professionals at what they do that they don’t even as much as blink let alone look round when a loud noise is heard from off camera (Lewis included doesn’t move an inch but continues the shot). Me, personally, I would have spun around and tried to help whoever had just fallen over flat on their face. I actually did spin round in my chair here at VT Towers as the noise was so loud I thought Sean had fallen off his chair to the floor, I’d seen him two minutes earlier standing on his chair trying to reach a copy of ‘Swallow My Sludge 4′ off the high shelf beside his desk (purely for research purposes obviously).

To read more and view the clip click here

Anyway, Sean turned out to be fine, still sitting in his chair and at the end of the second chapter. Whoever made that sound in the clip however I guess I’ll never know how they fared. Didn’t look like any of those three were going to rush to find out what the noise was. True professionals, I salute them!

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Position Of The Week – Face Sitting!

_art-of-kissing_3Face sitting, it’s a good oral position because the girl who is getting her pussy munched can control things a little bit. There is a great face sitting scene in The Office Girls between Vera and Stella, she really grinds away on her face, pushing herself onto Stella’s mouth while pulling her head hard into her pussy.

The only danger of this position is that the face-sitter can sometimes get carried away close to orgasm, I almost suffocated once when all this juice started going up my nose and I couldn’t breath, she wouldn’t let go of my head either so I no choice but to carry on and get her to cum as quickly as possible. I looked a bit like this afterward.

Main pic is from The Art Of Kissing 3 – Lucy (face sitter) and Mya (face sitee).

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Behind Convent Walls

2556204108_cc1871883a_bROME, Italy, a 45 year old gay man is planning a sex-change operation to become a nun, but in a quite shocking and and uncharacteristic act the church has failed to back his plan.

“I talked about my wish with a priest but I was misunderstood. A conversation with a bishop was even worse,” he told to an Italian news agency. What he obviously fails to realize is that anyone who questions our all-loving-all-forgiving God’s infinite power will burn in the fires of Hell, gays and non-believers included. It would be easier if the Church was just allowed to burn these sinners at the stake while they were still alive, wouldn’t it?

If only the church was like it is in the Porn World, where sexuality and desires are dealt with properly. Here is a clip starring Anoushka and Olivia (I really liked her) from Hot Babe Seduction.

Talking of religion, I haven’t seen Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Source of news article.

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A new/old set of Jo


Shot in 2001 here’s a set which is new to the site but an old series of photos – coming on the 22nd March! Did you miss Jo?

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Fun On The Beach

beachpicblogdixiemiaevevivHere’s a fun behind-the-scenes clip of the girls enjoying some quality time off location and on the beach. In this clip Vivien, Mia, Eve Angel & Dixie have been given a well deserved break from filming to go and frolic in the surf (Clark is also there, but gets minimum screentime). The ever aware Lewis had grabbed his camcorder and followed them down to the beach, and as you will see, gets almost soaked for his efforts, when a big wave comes from nowhere as he innocently keeps the camera rolling. It reminded me of the film The Blair Witch Project as when he legs it out of the water the camera moves erratically as he escapes the surf.

I believe this was taken around the time of filming the production Sex Wives & Videotape, and if like me, you enjoy beautiful girls relaxing and having fun on the sand then please click play on the clip and enjoy.

To read more and view the clip click here

Plus keep an eye out for the ever filthy Mia as she says her sopping jeans are as wet as her pussy. That a girl Mia! But then we’ve known how sexy and filthy this girl can be from this previous post.

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Do BBFC examiners dream of erected sheep?

malenkyThe BBFC stands for “The British Board of Film Classification” or “Banning British Freedom of Choice” depending on which way you look at it. They decide, based on government laws, what is acceptable or unacceptable for people in the UK to watch (like pissing). But with the availability of uncensored porn via mail order and the internet are they really relevant?

When we submit a film to the BBFC we have the option of ticking a little box where it says “Please tick box if you are willing for this work to be viewed by BBFC examiners at home.” Now I can never make up my mind how I feel about this, I used to think; “No. I don’t want them to be enjoying this, maybe cracking one off” imagining some casual, unprofessional who had just the other day been turned down for the positions of Beer Taster and Condom Tester. Nowadays I just tick it for a laugh.

But I still wonder and worry about these people. The unfortunate few who have the burden of viewing obscene and illegal acts, then spending their lives corrupted and tormented by what the rest of us are not allowed to see. What happens to them? How can they survive what they deem the rest of us can’t?

Index on Censorship have interviewed BBFC examiner of hard-core porn Murray Perkins so you can attempt to find out.

Download the pdf of the interview from this page.

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Leave us alone Dad we’ve already heard the one about when you got herpes!

schoolgirlSteve Russo of Bethlehem (!) has taken the embarrassing Dad syndrome to new heights.

Known for holding great parties for his son and school chums, the 36-year-old was caught last December when he had a group of 14-16 year-olds in his basement drinking beer, vodka and rum, as he entertained the youngsters with tales of his sexual exploits and urged the girls (some of whom were dressed in cheerleader outfits) to dance on a strip-pole he’d had fitted. One of the teens also told police Russo had a room for hook-ups he called "the cave."

Russo was caught when a teacher from Freedom High School took some Facebook pictures of the party to police. He has also been arrested and charged with nine counts of endangering the welfare of children, eight counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and nine counts of corruption of minors. What a twat.

Source – MSNBC.

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Happy St Patrick’s day


The lorry has just dropped off my quota of Guinness for the day.

Sexy Guinness Ad – Watch more

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The truth will set me free, but so will a fire!

gra_h_kirara-a078More news from Japan…40-year-old Tatsuhiko Kawata of Tokyo needed to buy himself some time to make some pretty big decisions, he was about to marry his girlfriend of three years except there was one thing he hadn’t told her yet – that he’d been married since 1994.

The solution? Of course! Delay the wedding on the eve of the ceremony by spilling seven litres of petrol in the hotel and setting it on fire!

It’s funny how some people’s minds work isn’t it.

Personally I would have just kept it simple, legged it across the border, faked my own death, had facial reconstructive surgery and start working for the government as a secret agent with no identity traveling from one country to the next taking down bad guys and having casual sex with various women who helped me along the way…but that’s just me.

Source –

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“You can not get pregnant by swallowing spunk…”

vivthomascom_44084Wise words there, spunk ingested orally is simply a source protein and enjoyment for whomever’s spunk it is.

Private Practice was a sex-comedy we made in 2004 for Mayfair Magazine. I’ve blogged about it before, but since the download version has just become available I thought I would post one last clip. This is from a scene filmed between Stella and Sandy.

It’s done with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek so please no comments about Stella’s young schoolgirl acting or her costume, yes they are both colourful exaggerations of reality; although if you went to my school in South Wales you wouldn’t know it. This question she asks Sandy in the scene was actually asked by a 16-year-old girl in my Sex Ed class causing me to burst into spontaneous and hysterical laughter and saw me removed from the class and spending the next 45 minutes waiting outside until everyone had finished their various lines of questioning. <Video Clip after jump>

Anyway – wow, check out Stella’s soft wet pussy, I was so close to her filming that I could feel the warmth coming from it (insert big smiley face grin here.)

Other Private Practice blogs: The nurse, premature ejaculation and Outtakes

Buy now.

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Taking The Piss. . .

dirtydogangiegoldenshowerAs I rummage through the archives of behind the scenes footage, I stumble across some absolute gems which I feel the need to share. This is one of those moments. The following clip is taken from behind the scenes camera filming Dirty Dog & Angie Scott, in a scene from the production Sex Wives & Videotape.

Now for some background info before we begin. Angie Scott had mentioned whilst filming the scene that she needed to use the toilet to urinate. Dirty Dog, who has a bit of a fetish for golden showers tells her to pee over him. This is something that the crew had noticed before that the Dirty Dog loves women pissing on him. It’s not really something I’m into, I’m unbepissed, but he loves it, check how rock solid his erection is whilst she pees all over him.

There are quite a few funny moments in the clip, at the beginning when she cant quite go Dog is so desperate for her to do it he prods her stomach and whispers encouraging words. Then when she gets going he actually goes in close and starts to drink and lap up that urine like it was apple juice. Now for me that shit is just plain wrong. Funny tho!

I also love how sweet Angie Scott is, she actually apologies to Dirty Dog after the deed is done when he was the one who requested her to do it. He even has the audacity to ask Lewis at the end of the clip if he can get out of the bath now as he’s starting to ‘prune up’. A girl just pissed in your mouth and your worrying about getting wrinkly fingers. Glad you got your priorites straight there mate. Anyway, I digress, enjoy the clip and watch out for Lewis asking the Dog if he’s happy now!

To read more and see the clip click here

Plus if your into peeing women you may want to pay a visit to this website!

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Italian Penises Grow By Third

The typical man handles his junk, or his rod, or his cock (or however you feel comfortable calling the penis) up to 167 times in a day, not counting pee breaks. I like my own penis, he is quite strikingly beautiful, so I doubt whether I would be happy taking part in this experiment which took place in Italy last week.

penisThe only Italian penis I have ever seen is Michelangelo’s David’s, which isn’t the biggest but does have one of the best pubic haircuts I have ever seen.

21 “highly motivated” men were involved in Turin using The Andro-Penis device which consists of a plastic ring, two extender rods and a silicone band (sounds like a slingshot kit I had when I was 9), which they used every day for six months. The article goes on to reveal five patients failed to complete the course for various reasons, including “pain and penile bruising.” Results were successful however, lengthening (re: stretching?) each flaccid penis by up to 36%.

Now I don’t know about you guys, (the women will have to believe me when I say this), but the very thought of anything even remotely harmful ever happening to my fella literally makes my eyes water. And if some Italian urologist even came within 10 meters of my wang with two plastic rods a silicone band and a plastic ring he’d have a telephone cord wrapped around his neck before my pants ever came off. “What I am a shmuck on wheels?…Fuck him in the ear…wha’s a matta wit you?”

Photo from Taschens Big Penis Book.

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BotY – Zara?


We know most of the girls in the running for the Babe of the Year competition by their boobs and asses, but what about their personalities? I thought I would try spice things up a little by posting some footage of some of the nominees where you get to see them laugh, giggle, chat to the camera, just anything a little more natural and a little less sexy (not easy as I think most of these girls could look sexy eating spaghetti with their hands!) We’ll start with front runner Zara…

When I first met Zara I thought there was something different and special about her, she is a fairly new girl to the business and hasn’t done that much work, you don’t really see many of her pictures or scenes for other producers and there is a reason for that. She is not working in this business purely for the money, she is working because she loves girls and it’s a good way for her to explore that. It makes her presence in our movies much more interesting and exciting. Her first scene was with Vera in Female Liaisons and her inexperience shows through, next was Nella in Unfaithful 4, then CJ in Mums and Daughters, then Jo in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian (clip taken from below), and more recently Peaches in one of the Sex Tapes we made (what a run!)

Since I started working here I always liked to show the girls personalities in our films (see Our Movie, Six Days With Vera, Jo’s Secret Video etc), that is why I always write characters to suit the girls own personality, I’ve always done that, even in the Late Night Films we make. Zara has a naturally coy and quiet demeanor, but she likes a good giggle as much as anyone, and once you start talking to her she opens up more. I think her lack of confidence stems from her lack of English, because in Hungarian she is much more talkative, and of course once she climbs into bed with a girl and the cameras are rolling, shy Zara steps aside and the young sexual minx Zara comes out to play!

Other similar posts:

Cindy Hope clip here.

Lucy Bell and Angelika Black here.

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Multitasking Masturbator

naked-nude-runner-running-jI came across this funny short article whilst perusing the world wide web earlier this morning. Apparently a woman from Fort Walton Beach has complained to the Sheriffs office after opening her back door to let her dogs out, and saw about a foot away, a man masturbating wearing only a plain white T-shirt.

The bit that cracks me up is that when she screamed, the man ran towards a wooded area, still masturbating! Now that’s impressive. wanking and walking i could maybe manage, but wanking and running? No chance. If he manages to shoot one off the wrist and it lands on a person as he runs past them, could this be classed as a hit and run? At least he’s not in a car so it can’t be classed as a drive by shooting.

He’s apparently exposed himself four times in the last week, so lets hope the Sheriffs department catch thier man soon, before he teams up with a partner and evolves into a wanking relay race. I wouldn’t want to grab that baton!

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Female Orgasms Part 8

nellytorifemaleorgasmblogpNow we’ve seen some great orgsams so far in this series of posts, but this next one is a bit special. It’s taken from the hit title Office Girls, and stars the ever poular Nelly and the delightful Tori. The reason it’s so special is because Nelly after her intense orgasm becomes ‘cum drunk’. This phrase was mentioned by one of our forum members Just Like Honey, who mentioned it in this thread on our forum about the best orgasms. JLH described it as “confused, disoriented, in a stupor, and/or made temporarily insane as manifested by excessive laughter or maniacal giggling”.

As you can see from the raw unedited footage that forms the clip, after Tori laps away like a thirsty dog on a hot day, Nelly’s orgasm is very intense and she does appear to become ‘cum drunk’, writhing around on the desk and almost falling over Tori when she sits up, almost like she’s inebriated. She also has to hold tightly onto Tori whilst kissing her as she appears to be disoriented and in a stupor. This is no doubt due to Tori’s superb cunnilingus skills and magic digits.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Office Girls is available to watch as a streaming video in the members section of our website, or is available to download or purchase on DVD. It’s a great title and was such a success it spawned a much clamored for sequel which was just as good. Anyway, stop reading and start watching, and hats off to JLH for coining the phrase ‘cum drunk’. Enjoy!

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What do your breasts say about you?

lew-girl Sternomancy is NOT a divination practice that involves reading me, it is “a divination practice that involves reading markings on the area of the human body from the breasts to the stomach” and was used as a method of fortune telling in 18th century Spain, as recently featured in Russian newspaper Pravda.

The article explains the different meanings of what I’m calling “fruit breasts” (the shapes) for example; if one desires more diversity in bed then they should date a woman whose breasts look like lemons but if one were after a hard working housewife then rounded, apple-shaped breasts should be sought out!

A well shaped, protruding nipple is the mark of a powerful, dominating woman who likes to be on top, while small or inverted nipples indicate private and reserved women!


Or bollocks, you decide. I can imaging the “Fortune Tellers” of the past now: “So, Miss Fox. You’re having trouble sustaining relationships? Well, if you’d just let me look at your tits….”

Check out my source for a round-up of the article.

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The Contagious Laugh


Lewis was saying in this thread here that Gina B has what can be called a contagious laugh. Whilst i was looking at the raw footage for this scene from Pink Velvet 2 starring Ella & Peaches, I noticed that Ella also has one too.

In this clip Peaches is sitting astride Ella and whilst fingering her bum hole decides to suck on Ella’s toes. This goes OK at first until Ella cant seem to take it anymore and begins to laugh, also causing Peaches to giggle. Ella then has the giggles every time Peaches licks or sucks her toes. What I find endearing is that you cannot help but laugh when she laughs. You know what I mean, when someone is laughing and you are laughing with them only because it’s so funny that they’re laughing. I think I’ve confused myself now. I’m sure you get the gist. Watch the clip and i dare you not to smile and chuckle.

To read more and see the contagious clip click here

As I’m feeling very saintly today, I’ve also snuck a quick clip at the end where peaches sits up on the bed and watches Ella remove her top. Why have i put this in you may ask? Simply so you can admire the pertness of Peaches 18 year old tits as she is sitting up. God damn, what an amazing pair of breasts that woman has, they’re sitting there like two alert sentries with bayonets affixed. Magnificent!

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Nella, Lisa and Unfaithful 5

nellaOk, calm down. I am only posting this clip because it is a special day today, it’s the birthday of one of our forum moderators, Kim, and it features her favourite girl, Nelly. So this little behind the scenes clip is for you Kim, Happy Birthday!

Unfaithful 5 has a lot of Nella and Lisa together in lots of different places, as people were hoping! But it is still in the early stages of post-production, so please don’t ask me for a release date just yet. This scene of them in the shower will feature in the movie and of course it gets a little more raunchy than this! I’m just showing you this little taste because I caught them a little off guard and acting natural. We filmed this piece in the shower after they made love, so they really were just showering together and washing down each others sweaty bodies.

Clip after the jump…

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Grown Up Peaches!

peachesFollowing on from Hugh’s Ripe Young Peaches blog here is the now grown-up Peaches in all her womanly glory, having just turned 25 last month!

I guess she’ll be coming into her prime as a woman over the next few years, confident, sexy, sassy, Peaches has really become something much more than just a beautiful young girl, she’s attractive in so many more ways than just physically, which is hard to admit since she does have such a fucking knock-out body! Over the years we’ve had the privilege of watching her develop not just as a model but as a person too.bum

She has a movie coming out with us soon called MOST SUBSCRIBED. She also has a website with her girlfriend Gina B, and they are currently filming lots of very intimate sex tapes for the site which will hopefully go up over the next few months. Some of the things they are filming are so hot, it’s something that only they could do together. The video below is a small example (I’ve cut out the tasty parts for obvious reasons and watermarked it) but it’s still really enjoyable to watch this kind of thing, and even though they are filming these videos for their site they still feel really private.

There’s much more on their website at the moment including my favourites where they interrupt each other in the shower or wake each other up to cunnilingus! It’s intimate stuff.

So please support the girls and their website as I think this year they could make it a place quite extraordinary and very different to the host of other porn sites out there. They have the opportunity to offer something different and hopfully people will dig it. All the videos they have filmed themselves, and they use all their friend and favourite models so there’s a myriad of babes of there! They also have a free blog which they update regularly.

By the way, they filmed more things around this shopping center and eventually a security guard had to come and tell them to stop! Well done girls! I love it!

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First Shoot at the VT Palace


Well i’m happy to announce that earlier in the week we were able to shoot for the very first time in the newly constructed home to Viv Thomas himself. It was an absolute dream to work in and all of the crew are looking forward to shooting there more in the future.

We had a lovely Czech girl by the name of Connie with us this week and she happened to have one of the nicest pairs of breasticles i’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t think of a finer pair to take the Mansions photo shoot cherry.

viv2 viv3 viv4 viv1 house

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Cindy Hope for Babe of the Year?


Cindy Hope! What a gorgeous lithe young thing. She is currently coming FOURTH in the Babe of the Year competition. Where are her fans? Get them to VOTE on

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Private Practice

ppSo Jimmy Brossman is concerned that there is a bend in his penis when it’s fully erect, so he goes to this surgery run by Mayfair Magazine for concerns of this kind and is checked out by sexy, (hang on let me put that in capitals,) SEXY nurse Mya Diamond. Oh man, imagine a nurse like Mya handling your balls, you really would spurt accidentally, and as the guys reading this know once your past the point of no return there is no holding back. This is a pretty funny clip I think.

Talking of holding back, this is the scene where James Brossman genuinely couldn’t hold back, he came far far too early as seen in this other blog. I can’t blame the bloke really, two men have told me that Mya Diamond has a pussy like ‘silk.’ I have yet to confirm that myself, so it’s all hearsay.

Private Practice is available on DVD and soon to be available to download! Check the forum for more details on this. It’s a recommended title and stars a great array of girls including Sandy, Stella Stevens, Vera, Judith Fox, Mya Diamond, Sandra Shine and big boobed Susane.

There are outtakes from this film here.

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Ripe Young Peach

youngpeachesblogpicFirst of all I’d like to congratulate Peaches on becoming Babe of the Month for March. In honor of her attaining this, I’ve decided to put a clip together of the early years of Peaches, when she first came to work with us here at VT at the tender age of 18.

The first part of the clip is taken from the production Pink Velvet 2, and I chose it just to show the incredibly nubile and breathtaking body of Peaches. She shines with innocence in this clip, and I love the fact that this is unedited footage that you are looking at. This raw shoot tape footage of Peaches looking at her body in a mirror had my face about an inch from the monitor, and as she unveils her ‘peachy’ boobs and delicately exposes her thatch of pubic hair, I was making strange gargling noises which had my colleagues looking in my direction. Wasn’t long before they were clambering round my desk making the same noises that I was.

The next part of the clip is taken from the production Pussy In Paradise co-starring Gina B and it is again taken from unedited raw footage. Now this is the first time these two adorable girls worked with each other and I think it shows that this was lust at first sight. I love the relaxed way they fondle and kiss each other, clearly desiring and willing to explore each others bodies and wanting to satisfy each other completely. It’s funny to think that some years after this Gina B and Peaches would be a couple in real life, with their own groundbreaking website. This is where the magic of their relationship started, and it was all captured by the cameras of Viv Thomas.

To read more and see the clip click here

I hope you enjoy looking back at the younger days of Peaches when she first started to work with us. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and has entrenched herself as a fan favorite, well loved by fans and all of us here at VT Towers.

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Pink Velvet Box Set

pvtri-boxSadly we will no longer be printing our landmark series in it’s Box Set form – The Pink Velvet Trilogy, containing the entire trilogy, all the extras, and even two exclusive bonus scenes.

There are 10 remaining copies available at the time of writing this. So the next 10 sent out will be personally numbered and signed by the boss, Viv Thomas.

Thanks to everyone who bought this box set, it was a real special series for us and I have to say we had some great times making these movies. Great times!

Pink Velvet Series Mini Site.

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Win a $20 gift voucher

Name the movie that this photo supports. First person to comment correctly wins and you will be given a gift voucher for $19.95 in our DVD Shop where it will be valid for a month. Cool beans, huh?

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Oil be damned…

ginabsandymassageblogpicI had to post this when i saw it earlier. This is some footage shot during the production Making Of A Madame, with this scene starring the blue eyed goddess Gina B and the owner of one of the most toned and supple bodies ever, Sandy.

This was shot with a behind the scenes camera, hence the jerky footage, but it still aroused me earlier. This is a massage scene where Gina B is set to give Sandy a massage and ends up giving her a whole lot more for no extra charge. Sandy’s body could only be made more perfect by covering it in oil, and Gina’s deft hands caress and fondle Sandy beautiful bum till its as slick as wet raincoat. Also what a phenomenal outfit Gina B has on, must get one for the missus!

Click here to read more and see the clip

I found this almost amteur footage very sexy and i hope you lot do too, enjoy and let me know what you think of Sandys oiled up posterior!

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Japanese Ex-Porn Director Wins Oscar


At the 81st US Academy Awards, Yojiro Takita’s film Departures beat odds-on favorite Waltz with Bashir for Best Foreign Language Film. Takita began his career directing soft porn films for the Nikkatsu Studio, as Variety reports:

“53-year-old Takita rose through the ranks of Japan’s massive adult film industry, directing a popular series of porn comedies about commuter-train molesters. In 1985, he made his first straight feature, the black comedy “Comic Magazine,” but his first big hit was “The Yen Family,” a 1988 comedy about an avaricious brood.”

Article here.

Trailer for Departures below.


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Zara is pulling into the lead!


I wonder how long she can hold on – it looks as if Angelika Black is racing up behind her – tell your friends to VOTE!

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Christina Lindberg

christina-lindberg_2I have had a crush on Christina Lindberg, the Swedish actress and glamour model ever since I saw her featured in a magazine article in a Japanese Magazine we used to subscribe to here at the Studio called “Dick.” (I am not lying about this magazine.) It was about the movies she made in the 70′s, including Anita, The Schoolgirl Report 4, Maid In Sweden, and Exponerad.

I can’t really explain why, you know how girls can sometimes have this affect on you? Seriously she has been on my office pin-board for about 7 years.

So here are some trailers to enjoy, they really don’t make them like they used to.

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Can I just rub it on your bum..?


I literally stumbled across two male performers this week who have developed a strange way of making love to their partners. In the first scene, you won’t be surprised to know that it’s Coky Ice, who we already know can get creative from this post, paired up with Aletta Alien (Yes we know it’s a strange name, no we didn’t pick it). This was taken from a forthcoming Club Girls production.

As you can see in the clip, whilst sawing away into the ravishing pussy of Aletta, he pulls out merely to rub his schlong on her ass crack and buttocks. That’s right he doesn’t put it in her bum hole, but rubs on top of it instead. Strange indeed. Could this be a delaying method, a chance to cool his heels and to prevent him from appearing in a future premature post. Or does he think it’s generally erotic?

Next up then is Bob Terminator and sex mad Missy Nicole. To my surprise Bob then does the exact same thing as Coky, and starts to rub his cock up and down the crack of Missy’s fine ass. However i quickly discovered that this is not a ball cooling moment for Bob, he actually has his orgasm this way and coughs up a fine wad. If anything this seemed to push him over the edge, so he obviously finds it very erotic and sexy. You can see the scene in it’s entirety in the production Daughters Of Desire Vol 1.

To read more and see the clip just click here

Personally I would rather keep the bug in the rug then rub it over other parts, or at least go for a tit wank as opposed to a bum rub. Any readers out there that have this need to pull out and start rubbing? Let me know.

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Half a century of Barbie


If my wife looked this good when she turned 50 I’d be happy. Actually, if my wife looked anything like this I’d be seriously freaked out and wonder if that Spex I drank this morning is going to make me see things this way forever!

Today is Barbie’s 50th birthday and over those years the fantasy figure’s master race features and impossible physique have come under much criticism and controversy, principally for “representing an unrealistic and potentially damaging idea of what a modern adult woman looks like”. Well, what a toy doll version of an adult woman looks like.

Her “S & M” outfit (based on Black Canary) of 2008 was labeled “filth” by Christian Voice but when she dressed up like Tippi Hedren it was labeled “genius” by me. So there. Can’t wait for the “Psycho” edition.

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Female Orgasms Part 7

sandybridgettorgasmblogpicNow we’ve seen Sandy giving out some great orgasms with some expert cunnilingus over previous posts in this topic. So I thought why not get a clip where the stunning Sandy gets an expert tongue bringing her to a shuddering climax.

I picked the following clip, from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur, where the beautiful Bridgett in 69 position, licks, sucks and savors Sandy’s succulent slit (try saying that after a few drinks). This was also shot with a behind the scenes camera and catches the raw passion of the scene. I love how it slowly builds up, Sandy trading licks at first but soon becomes too consumed with lust. Bridgett’s labored breathing as she lashes her snake like tongue ever quicker along Sandy’s hot spots, pummeling her with passion. It’s not long before Sandy cannot contain herself and the inevitable orgasm hits her hard.

To read more and see the clip click here

I have to admit that the best angle to view this orgasm from is the one used in the movie, but it’s nice to see a more amateur, blurry and shaky view that concentrates solely on the face. It’s also cute to see Sandy thanking Bridgett at the end, causing the crew to erupt into laughter, as her kness still seem to be turned to jelly from Bridgetts expert licking. Enjoy the clip, more to follow…

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Womens Day 2009

0ld-pornYesterday was International Women’s Day, 2009. What did you do for yours?

This is a day unlike any other, when a woman’s needs and wants become the focus of every relationship in the world. Hang on, that sounds like everyday, right?

At least it should do fellas! I’m talking to all the lazy, self-absorbed men here who take their girlfriend or wife for granted, yes, you! You know who you are. Now when you go home tonight give your gal a big hug and a kiss, pay her a nice compliment, perhaps come home with a small gift – just a token of your love, or even ask her if she wants to go out tonight to eat and drink something nice. And when you slip into bed with her tonight, hold in that fart, touch her gently, then work that jaw as succulently and lovingly as you can on her wonderfully warm cooch until she cums, no stopping and slipping it in, you need to devour your darling till she climaxes! Then when she is all fuzzy and feeling good, kiss her behind the ear and tell her you love her.

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Nora Tschirner

271And why did none of my German friends tell me about this babe!?

Nora Tschirner is a German television and film actress.

She is lovely.

I have no more to say.


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Love Your Vagina

cardNow as anyone who follows this blog knows, I am a man who loves all the women. I’ve been in good and bad relationships but I’m not giving them up, I might even be a pussyholic. “Hi I’m Lew, and I’m a pussyholic. I like the way it looks, I like the way it smells, and I like the way it tastes.” To which I’d get the reply “…you’re in the right place buddy.”

It appears that Christina Camphausen and I could hold a good conversation over a glass of vino or five. She has a book available which celebrates the Yoni. What is a Yoni, you ask? Well Yoni is an ancient Indian term meaning “origin”, “source”, “womb”, “female genitals” and is as Christina explains “…to my knowledge, the most respectful word available for naming what our modern languages refer to as vulva, pussy or cunt; or other equivalents.

I am sure we all love the various types of vagina here, after all we’re brought together by the oyster, the flower, the orchid, and their various haircuts.

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Female newsreader can’t stop saying penis


Here’s an amusing little clip that’s becoming popular on your “internets”. A CNN newsreader is reporting the shocking news that some airline somewhere is selling peanuts on their flights. Stop the press!

Newsworthy now however, because instead of saying “peanuts” she says “penis”. Twice. I wonder what she’s thinking of for when she finsishes her shift? Honestly, how difficult can it be to say “peanuts” a few times? You’d be surprised.

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Female Orgasms (Part 6)

sandrashinesandygreatorgasContinuing on with Spunk L Davis ‘Female Orgasm’ posts, I’ve taken up the baton and decided to add this clip to the collective. In this scene, taken from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur, Sandy and Sandra Shine are consuming each other in the bedrooom. Now this have got to be two of the most hottest and popular European porn stars ever, and you can see why in the performances below.

What I love most of all about this clip is Sandra’s orgasm, brought about by Sandy’s expert cunnilingus skills. This behind the scenes camera catches the raw footage of Sandy sucking and licking Sandra’s pussy before zooming out to catch Sandra have a extraordinary powerful orgasm. I love the way Sandra gasps with pleasure, pulling Sandy’s head into her mound and her stomach undulating as the waves of orgasm radiate out from her twitching pussy.

To read more and see the clip click here click here

What I also like about this clip is how it catches the fun the girls have as they work together, with Sandra eager to return the sweet favor of an orgasm right back at Sandy. It’s evident these lovely ladies fancy the panties off each other and are eager to get down and dirty to deliver pleasure back and forth!

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Cover Yourself Up, Hussy!

lewgirlIn September 2007 a woman called Kyla Ebbert was asked to get off a Southwest airlines flight in New York because her outfit was deemed “too sexy.” This newsworthy item later enabled her to land an interview on NBC’s ‘Today’ show, and a Playboy shoot! Result!

Well it’s happened again, this time Setara Qassim was the unlucky lady with the great body and boobs to match, and again South West Airlines were the poor unfortunates to have been so rudly offended by the sight of a fit girl in a green dress.

What is this world coming to people? Did I miss a meeting? Can someone explain to me when a lovely girl looking lovely and radiating loveliness became an offensive site. I mean alright I can understand if she was wearing a wet t-shirt which said “Eat My Cunt” or “GAP” on it and there were kids around. What’s the matter with these morons.


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Leave it out love…I’m trying to sleep


After a hard day at work there is nothing worse than a smoking hot fuck machine like Judith Fox trying to suck on your old fella when all you want is a bit of shut eye. Here we see poor Frank Major having to deal with that exact problem, what else can he do but fuck the living daylights out of her. This is actually a scene from Lust Fever, Judith was always a highly sexed nymph that loved a good hard slamming and she definitely got one on this occasion.

fox fox3 fox2

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Coky Gets Cocky With New Move…

cokyicelindashaneblogclipI’ve seen quite a few daft things in my time, but what happens in this clip strikes me as plain stupid. In this clip, Coky Ice is pounding the luscious Linda Shane, and it seems in a moment of inspiration, he decides to whip his old boy out and try to stimulate her by rubbing his cock against her ‘little man in a boat’ (her clit).

Unfortunately this doesn’t look as good as he probably thinks it does. Instead I’m left with the impression that he is unaware that he is fruitlessly fucking thin air. It just looks highly unerotic and made me chuckle insead of splashing one out. Furthermore when he finally decides to pop it back into the snug looking pussy, instead of thrusting aimlessly into the air like a blind man trying to hit a pinata, he almost puts it into the wrong hole.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Now I’m no expert but I can imagine this blog clip would have been a lot funnier if he had stuck it up her deaf and dumb by accident, as she’d have probably yelped and scrambled off rerady to give him a pounding instead. Maybe he could learn some moves of Thomas from this earlier post. Or maybe not. Enjoy the clip!

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Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina

peekYes, it was hilarious in Kindergarten Cop when that little boy said it and all the kids laughed and Arnie got mad and then Jesse Ventura burst in with Old Painless and blew the little shit away, hang on, I’m getting confused.

But there’s a point, why did they laugh and what does it mean for their future? Here’s a story that relates quite closely to the writers here in the office as we struggle with a script or dvd blurb to find a new or an appropriate word for the, um…you know…what women have in the….errrr….I’m getting all flustered now! The article relates specifically to what name parents find appropriate to use for their children’s genitalia that is not “too twee, euphemistic or overly anatomical” and results in a puritanical hatred of their own bodies.

When they grow up of course there’s an abundance of generally obscene names for the “only two syllables in this whole wide world worth hearing; pussy!

Annalisa Barbieri of The Guardian says “it’s much easier in Italian”, they call them little flowers, butterflies or birds or peas depending on gender which makes perfect sense and explains why an Italian can grow up without shame and produce something like The Little Adventures of Penis and Vagina.

What would you call it if you were a parent? What do you call it if you are a parent? What do you prefer to call it when it’s all grown up?

Story at The Guardian.

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Hot News – Melissa Theuriau


When this girl is reading the news who is really listening?

Melissa Theuriau has become an internet phenomenon with fans uploading YouTube video compilations receiving millions of hits from admirers. Theuriau is reportedly surprised by this phenomenon, stating, “I cannot explain it…I am absolutely not seeking this publicity”.

In 2006, the Daily Express voted her the world’s most beautiful news reporter. She was similarly voted “TV’s sexiest news anchor” by readers of the US edition of Maxim. In May 2007 she was voted most beautiful woman in the world in the French edition of FHM.

As Del boy would say – Bonnet de douche.

mel1 melissa_theuriau03_small melissa_theuriaun_2


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Joydick Atari game controller


Don’t know why someone didn’t think of it before; combining the 2 most popular adolescent male pastimes to bring new meaning to the word “joystick”.

According to SF Media Labs, the Joydick “is a wearable haptic device for controlling video gameplay based on realtime male masturbation. Through the use of a carefully designed strap-on interface, the user's penis is converted into a joystick capable of moving the character onscreen in all four cardinal directions. For games requiring the fire button, a separate ring can be worn which converts hand-strokes into button presses.”

Now you can fap while you zap, sin while you win and even win when you lose!

Instructions for how to make your own here.

Source: BoingBoing.

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Sex Patch Not Recommended

sexpatchblogI came across (not literally) this article on the BBC website which I found quite interesting. It involves the falling away of sexual desire after the menopause which is know as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and what was thought was a cure for HSDD. There is some evidence that the condition may be linked to low levels of the sex hormone testosterone, so some bright spark decided to address the problem by creating a patch which is worn on the lower abdomen, which then releases a daily dose of testosterone through the blood stream.

This could have been seen as a savior for some women’s sex lives, but unfortunately the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin have stated that. “We cannot recommend Intrinsa for use in women with sexual dysfunction”. This is despite the makers, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, saying Intrinsa had been shown to be effective and had been thoroughly tested.

The Journal gives a list of reasons as to why they cannot recommend this product, which you can see by clicking on the above link, and they include the fact that trials of the treatment lasted for a maximum of six months, which meant the long term safety of the patch was not clear. The Journal also noted the fact that the patch was associated with side effects such as acne, hair loss, skin reactions, weight gain (any excuse eh ladies?), migraine and insomnia.

So back to the drawng board for women suffering from HSDD, with a top medical journal casting doubt on the patch the search for a cure goes on…

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Still waiting for Stella


It’s that time of year again when i suddenly realize just how much i miss Stella Stevens. So once again we need to rally round and beg the athletic beauty to come back.

You can see from these pictures below that she is equally appealing with or without make-up. I love the pic of her wearing her ever so slightly wonky glasses with a look of pure innocence on her face, irresistible. These shots are from Our Movie, and there are plenty more in the members section.

stella1 stella2 stella3 stella4

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Lucy Bell – is she worthy of the Babe of the Year?


I say YES!! Look at those gorgeous legs and not to mention what a fun babe she is. By all reports the set of Mums and Daughters was an absolute gas and everyone enjoyed working with her. However the proof is in the pudding – would YOU vote for her for the Babe of the Year?

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Seagal Almost Spills…

tristanjennyblogpicRemember an earlier post i did, where Tristan Seagal has to punish his penis, to stop himself giving up the goods too early? Well in a scene I was editing today he doesn’t punish it as such, but he does come very close to spilling his seed ahead of schedule.

Not that I can blame him of course. If I had the aptly named Jenny Lovely bouncing up and down on my shaft, pert breasts jiggling in front of my face, the sound of that lovely ass slapping against my thighs as she took every inch I could give, then my sailors would probably have jumped ship about 20 minutes earlier.

What I also liked abut this clip is the way he reigns her in to stop her bouncing on his balls, gives her a naughty slap as if to say ‘Easy’, and then gives a yelp to express how good it was and how close he was. I also put in a clip at the end of Jenna Lovely producing a fanny fart which almost seems to propell her across the seat into her next position. Just for fun.

Click here to read more and see the clip

If you enjoy the clip check this post put also for more premature clips and near misses!

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They give me another six inches

legs_heelsThey make a woman look taller (not good if you’re under 5’8), they lift her bum, they can make her feel sexy, and for some they are something to put your cock into, I am of course talking about high-heels.

Dr Maria Cerruto, and Italian Urologist apparently has research which shows wearing heels can “improve pelvic floor muscles, assisting sexual performance and satisfaction.”

“Women often have difficulty in carrying out the right exercises for the pelvic zone,” Dr Cerruto says, “and wearing heels could be the solution.”

SOURCE here.

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Sex with Sophie Moone – ready for download


It had to happen – as we prepare our entire library for digital download we came across this thrilling gem of a movie: Sex with Sophie Moone. If you are new to and haven’t heard of Sophie Moone, you HAVE to check out her body of work (sorry about that pun, I know… I know… it was really lame). Seriously though, although rumour has it that Sophie has packed her bags and moved onto pastures anew, we had a great time working with her and happily all of that excellent footage is preserved forever in our archives.

So technically this isn’t a NEW new release, just a re-release in download format. We trust you will enjoy it, and remember with all our DVD Downloads it’s possible and HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED to back them up to DVD, as we can’t give you access again.

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Vote now for YOUR Babe of the Year


The voting has opened on and this is YOUR opportunity to vote for the most stunning VivThomas Babe of the Year. If you’re lucky you may well be coming along to the Babe of the Year awards ceremony, but at the very least you will be able to see photos and a video of the event after the fact.

We may just feature one babe of the year candidate every day for the next few days while , so here is Angelika Black who is a really exciting choice to kick off with. From her page on Viv

It may seem like this exotic looking beauty has been performing on the adult stage for quite some time as she is now one of the most recognizable faces in Europe. Angelika (or Black Angelika as she is also known) has worked tirelessly over the last 2 years to really make a name for herself and the effort has paid off. Still only 21 years of age she has done everything from hardcore double penetration straight scenes to beautiful lesbian erotica. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, with sun kissed skin and a perfectly proportioned body she almost looks too good to be true. Her natural beauty is mesmerizing and her 32C natural breasts are simply incredible. Read more on her page…

We have prepared a video for you after the break


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Sex Party Down Under

53With Australia recently scrapping it’s absurd internet ‘porn-filter’ idea, Mossman, Australia is the place to be this month. The White Cockatoo are hosting a month-long sex party with over 250 people coming for the Adults Only no-rules swingers sex romp, clothing optional!

I wonder what the ratio of men to women normally is at these things? I just have this image of 238 single men hanging around bollock naked and drinking beer, while ogling the six unsatisfied wives of six poor husbands who’ve been dragged along by the missus because they don’t go south of the border west of the sun often enough.

Pictured – the sex party I had in my apartment this weekend.

Source –

Top 10 Nude Resorts.

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Ok make pink, Mum…

phonemumI am not sure quite what has happened in Ohio this week, but a woman from Sheffield Lake is under investigation for allegedly asking her children (aged 8, 11 and 12) to take photographs of her in various states of undress, including nude, on her mobile phone camera (that’s a cell phone for our American friends.)

Her three children have temporarily been taken away from her by Lorain County Children Services.

Source – Chronicle Telegram Online.

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Ma’am Do You Know Why I Stopped You?

nipsA woman in Ohio could face up to 180 days in jail and a $1,800 fine if convicted of endangering her children while driving. 39-year-old Genine Compton was spotted breast feeding and talking on a mobile phone while dropping her kids of at school. Now I don’t know about you, but if she can drive, talk on the phone and breast feed at the same time surely she should be given a job doing something which demands extreme multi-tasking, because while that is utterly irresponsible and totally stupid, it is also quite impressive.

Pic related – breasts I would like to suck on.


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Worlds Youngest Transsexual Completes ‘Change’

article468x681Last year the Telegraph reported that a young boy in Germany had become the World’s youngest person to begin a treatment of potent hormone injections which would artificially arrest male puberty, and initiate the development of female features such as breasts. Tim (or Kim as she is known) was diagnosed as a transsexual at the age of 12, when doctors and psychiatrists concluded that his claims to be “in the wrong body” were felt deeply and profoundly. She convinced doctors that she should have the operation before the legal age of 18, and was legally registered as a girl at the age of 14.

Well the greatest most intellectual British paper (that is sarcasm, it’s not even worthy of being used to wipe the arse of your dog) has followed up the story. Kim, now 16, completed Gender Reassignment Surgery in November last year. The most interesting aspect of this story is that in the past year she seems to have become a German pop-star.

You look at her picture and it does beg the question doesn’t it?

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