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Revisiting Sonia Red

soniaredblogpicAs Sonia Red arrived here in Portugal yesterday, all set to join the crew in making a brand new movie, I thought I’d remind myself and everyone else of exactly how much of a sex kitten Sonia Red is. So I compiled the following clip from the production Inside Peaches.

In this scene Sonia and Peaches are playing the roles of two schoolgirls discovering each other. This is a highly erotic scene, and Miss Red certainly knows her way around a pussy. I love the way that when she’s licking Peaches pussy she keeps glancing upwards, watching Peaches expression and maintaining eye contact. Then when it’s her turn for the orals we get to see her beautiful body, spread out on the bed sheet as she rubs her full breasts while Peaches tongue probes her inner goodness. Then Sonia’s back to doing what she does best, skillfully fingering and rubbing Peaches pussy, bringing her closer and closer to climax.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Sonia is a very horny girl, who genuinely enjoys her job and is very much into girls. I can’t wait to see the results of her latest photo and video shots, I may even have to take them home for a private screening. You may also be able to catch Sonia wandering round on or having sex on location with our live web cam here. Anyway enjoy the clip of Sonia Red, it’s great to be working with her once again.

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Lisa on location


Lisa is one of our top models and has been since the says of Pink Velvet. She seduced young Jo back then… Nelly fell in love with her in the Unfaithful Series and she is now with us on location in Portugal. The webcam has been working overtime capturing thousands of images a day and it was on while Lisa was checking her e-mail.

It’s a really innocent slide-show but seems somehow really voyeuristic and creepy. What do you think?

Read more for the video.

Lisa on location – April 2009

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Blast from the past

As Viv has been taking erotic photos since 1984 or “glamour” as it was called in those days, we have stockpiled a large amount of photos. Many people gloss over the old images and focus on the latest stuff – if you’re a member, why not take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the great glamour pics of the 80s, 90′s and early 2000′s – Blast from the past photo section.


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Glow In The Dark Puppies

glowdog1I know you thought about breasts when you read the title, right? I do whenever someone mentions puppies so I understand. I would have thought how cool, a glow in the dark pair of breasts, now my mouth will always find its target in the dark of night. Sadly however, this post is actually about glow in the dark dogs.

glowingdogScientists in Korea have created the world’s first transgenic dogs, who all produce a fluorescent protien that glows red under ultraviolet light. The Beagles were brred to be models for human disease. If your interested you can read the full article here, with all the science bits about how they did it and why they did it. Me, I just cant stop thinking about glow in the dark breasts now, why cant the bloody scientists do something cool like that?

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Divas Of The WWE – Candice Michelle

candice-michellelingerieCandice Michelle is one of my favorite divas of all time, this girl is one dirty sexy wench. Candice was hire by the WWE in 2004 after she participated in the WWE Diva Search, and is the only Diva Search contestant to win the woman’s title.

This woman has it all, style, smoldering looks, awesome ass, heavy full breasts, sassy walk, toned body and one of the sexiest, naughty attitudes that you can have for a woman. She’s a playful minx, and in case you hadn’t noticed I’m slightly infatuated with her.

candice-michelleI’m pretty sure that this woman would be dynamite in the sack, one wild wanton woman. Plus this is one of the diva’s that has done a nude photo shoot for Playboy, so seek those pictures out and stick them on your desktop. Enjoy the tribute video.


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Priceless Wedding Photo

You’ve made it through your wedding ceremony out onto the church steps and the photographer is waiting to take some photos. Following your family tradition, both of you hold white doves, ready to release into the air together when the photographer gives the signal. You are standing next to your newly betrothed, your friends and relatives eagerly awaiting, and the photographer gives the signal and you open your hands towards the sky. Not a dry eye in the house, the camera flashes and the moment is saved for eternity…


Priceless :)

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Unseen Squirt Footage

squirtblogpicLogging some shoot tapes earlier this afternoon and I stumbled upon a scene that said ‘Dawn & Georgette – The Squirt”. Upon further inquiry I was informed that actually they didn’t think the squirting footage contained within had been used before as it couldn’t get classified by the BBFC. Right, I thought, I’m blogging it then!

In this scene these two classy British birds are doing all the things that,we have learnt as a company over the years, are just wrong for porn. Cheesy dirty talk, over-the-top fucking, almost trying to be American porn (Remember this was early days for the company, way back in 2003). This was soon phased out for the style we have today, genuine orgasms, tender and passionate lovemaking and high end adult erotica (A cut above the rest). This was also the reason we started working exclusively with Eastern European Models, as the British models just couldn’t cut the mustard, not providing us with the scenes we wanted.

Anyway, in this clip I’ve kept in a bit of the cheesy dirty talk etc so you can see how bad it is. The model in question apparently squirts 3 times during this scene but the only one clearly caught is the third squirt. There is a funny little outtake midway where she sucks in more than she can chew whilst receiving a strap on doggy style.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Anyway before I sign off, can anyone tell me whether there are women out there who genuinely have a female ejaculation whilst orgasming. I’m dubious as to whether it’s a myth or not, as to me it just looks like they’re pissing. I’d love to have my opinion turned around on this matter, feel free to leave comments below.

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Scorching Hot Summer Glau


Kudos to Dan The Man for pointing my ever twitching nose in the direction of this feisty beauty. Summer, who is best known for her recent role in series Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, was originally trained as a ballerina and has been a professional dancer since aged 12, hence the flexibility you can see in the pics.

summerglaublogpicThere’s just something uniquely hot about this woman. Maybe it’s the fact she played smoking hot characters who also kick a lot of ass that attracts me to her, having sex with her would be like a danger fuck, you don’t know if you’d make it out the other end alive. But then would you care? Tear me apart Summer, just make sure I’m conscious to see you doing the splits over my poised member.

Summer whose dancing career was cut short by an ankle injury, also starred in the series Firefly and reprised her characters role in the movie sequel Serenity. With an incredibly toned body from years of dancing training, I hope we see a lot more of this darling in the near future, a bit more nudity from her in roles wouldn’t go amiss either.

Check out the clip below taken from the Sarah Conner Chronicles series, where she dances and we can see all her suppleness in all it’s glory.


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One Eyed Monster

oemblogpicOne Eyed Monster is the new Ron Jeremy film, described as a tribute to The Thing and Alien. The storyline goes that Ron Jeremy plays himself and he’s stranded on the set of a new porno film that they’re making. Then an alien menace slays Ron, possesses his large member, detaches itself and goes off on a killing spree. It’s then down to the rest of the cast and crew to trap and destroy the penile predator before it takes more lives.

This film actually looks like it could be quite fun with it’s tongue firmly held in cheek homage to some classic sci-fi horror titles. Watch the trailer below and make your own minds up, but it made me chuckle a few times and I basically enjoy these horror comedy’s quite a lot. Horror films can and should be entertaining and I believe this could reach a cult status.

It also stars Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Amber Benson, who payed Willow’s lesbian lover in the hit series. Enjoy the trailer.


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Divas Of The WWE – Lilian Garcia

lilian-garcia-sexy-diva-3Lilian Garcia is not a wrestler, but instead has been the ring announcer for RAW since 1999, and what a tasty dish she is. Lillian is also a singer and is one of the two singers to have sung the opening song at Wrestlemania more than once, the other was Aretha Franklin.

Now this is one sexy woman, always wearing classy but sexy outfits whilst in-ring, showing off her stunning figure and toned abs. Just watching her in the video photo shoot below, in her clinging bikini bottoms gets me all hot and bothered. Nice small firm breasts and what I can imagine to be an outstanding vagina hidden beneath those sexy undergarments. Add to this an ass that looks tight and firm, just made for reverse cowgirl sex and we have an almost perfect package

lilian1Lilian is not your typical American blond either, she is fluent in both Spanish and English and comes across as intelligent and fun loving. Unforunatly she has not done a nude phtotshoot as of yet, but we can dream, we can dream. Enjoy the clip below where she is on a photoshoot, wearing lots of skimpy clothes and just being a darling.


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On Location – PORTUGAL

lola's breakfastWell we have been on location since Sunday night when Lisa, Lola and John arrived for some hot-loving in the sun. The weather has been playing along except for some fluffy cirrus.. FUCK this isn’t a bloody weather report – its a PORN report :)

The long awaited, dreamt-about personal pad of our founder Mr. (now Senhor) Viv Thomas is finally ready for action and it’s paying off in droves. The models love it, our cameramen really enjoy the space and the potential for locations are amazing. We have even brought along a mobile webcam that the crew are tugging along to every cavernous room they shoot in. For the rest of the week we will be attempting to put up some of these low-res webcam images – however the network connections aren’t great and it’s free so don’t complain if it breaks.

Check out the gallery of past shots we have prepared and let us know what you think in the comments. Any features you would like to see in there? We’re listening!

I hope you enjoy watching the babes do their thing. Don’t forget you can also read in the forum what our loyal fans have to say about the girls – everyone’s invited. We’re all pretty excited about Sonia Red coming back to work with us tomorrow too.

lola's breakfast cam_1c cam_1d cam_1e cam_1f cam_2

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No Naked Hiking

nakedhikingblogpicThe tiny Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden has voted to prohibit the phenomenon of naked hiking. Anyone found wandering the Alps with nothing on apart from a pair of walking boots will now be fined.

Locals have apparently been outraged by an apparent upsurge in hikers who believe the best way to hike is without a stitch of clothing on. However some Swiss lawyers are describing Appenzell’s decision to prohibit naked hiking as akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Lawyer Daniel Kettiger stated, “I estimate that there are only around 20 to 25 naked hikers in the whole of Switzerland”.

What’s even funnier about this ban is that no-one actually seems to have seen a naked hiker. Tourist officers were concerned to discover that Appenzell was regularly appearing in the internet chat rooms of German nudist groups, describing it as the best place for naked hiking. But none have yet been spotted.

You can read the full article here. Me, I’m off to change my flight tickets from Appenzell to neighboring canton Glarus, where I can walk freely naked with nature (and probably freeze my bollocks off).

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Woman Banned From Noisy Sex

noisysexbanblogpicA woman has been remanded in custody accused of breaching an Asbo (Anti-social behaviour order) banning her from being noisy during sex.

Neighbors complained of hearing Caroline Cartwright, 48, groaning and her bed banging against the wall at her home in Washington, Wearside. Caroline was given a 4 year Asbo banning her from making excessive noise anywhere in England, but appeared in Court on Monday charged with three breaches of her Asbo in just 10 days. She was remanded in custody until 5th May and has elected to be tried by jury at a later date.

Do you think this is unfair? I suppose it depends on how excessively loud the woman was. Her husband must have a dick like King Kong’s finger and know how to use it. Maybe her neighbors were just jealous that she was having some obviously quite pleasurable sex on quite a regular basis. Also if she was banned from making excessive noise in England she should have popped down to Wales for a few sessions, tried some cunnilingus in Cardiff.

It will be interesting to see the jury’s decision in this case, and the arguments proposed by her barrister advocating loud and noisy sex. What she has done in mitigation would also be interesting, maybe she tried stuffing socks and pillows in her mouth but to no avail. I look forward to finding out! You can read the full article here.

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Divas Of The WWE – Mickie James

mickie-james-redMickie James is one of the bounciest female wrestlers I’ve ever come across with a stunningly toned body, cute looks and curves built for tongue exploring.

Mickie appeared in the WWE in October 2005 and was in a storyline with Trish Stratus with her playing the part of an obsessed fan. Since then she has established herself as a formidable opponent in the ring and has held the WWE Women’s Championship a total of four times, not an easy feat.

mickiejamesblogpicWhat I like about her apart from the fact I’d give my right arm to check her temperature with an all meat thermometer, is the fact that she comes across as a fun personality. The best part, and I’ve saved this for last, is that she has posed naked for Leg Show, to supplement her low salary whilst she was starting off her career. Your no longer reading this page are you, I bet you’ve instantly started googling images of her naked set. I don’t blame you.

Enjoy the video of Mickie James talking about her photo shoot and the WWE, and looking smoking hot in all manner of skimpy outfits, phew!


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Levonelle Causing Hell

levonelleblogpicThe first TV advert for the morning-after-pill will be broadcast soon and will be shown after the watershed of 9pm across a range of channels including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. Viewers will see a woman waking up next to her partner and later asking for Levonelle One Step at a pharmacy.

Whilst most seem to welcome this step, a campaign group has warned that young girls will be particularly susceptible to this controversial advert. Dominica Roberts, of the ProLife Alliance, has also added that “It is advertised inaccurately as emergency contraception, when in fact it’s major function is to cause the abortion of an embryo that has already been conceived”. Strong views there Dominica!

However on the other side of the coin, sexual health charity Marie Stopes International welcomed the first screening of the advert, stating that they are, “…delighted that emergency contraception, a vital component in the prevention of unintended pregnancies, will be advertised on TV”.

What are your views on this constant reader? I personally believe that it is a good thing to make women aware that emergency contraceptive options are available and where advice can be sought out. Condom breakage can be a nightmare with some women crossing their finger and hoping for the best, chancing an unwanted pregnancy. I also believe that it it is up to every individual women to decide whether to have a baby or not, groups such as ProLife cannot and should not make that decision for you, and providing you with a means to stop pregnancy after a condom breakage can only be a good thing for women.

This however is my humble opinion and I would be interested to hear yours. You can read the full article here.

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A History Of Sexual Myths

sexualmythsblogpicI found a very interesting article online this morning concerning a host of absurd beliefs that were at some point in our history regarded as truth. These include once held beliefs that your genitals are connected to your nose, masturbation leads to insanity and menstrual blood is actually sperm gone bad. These were at one time all believed to be true by medical science and looking back at the reasoning behind these sex theories shows that they often came about through bias and prejudice.

For example, Aristotle believed women were infertile males, writing that, “She is female because of a kind of inadequacy being unable to concoct semen from nourishment…owing to the coldness of her nature”. There is also the misheld belief that a vagina has teeth, which dates back to Greek mythology, rooted in the idea that the female form has hidden and dangerous secrets.

According to the article other beliefs held included ideas that masturbation was thought to bring menopause later in life and leave you flat chested, and that if women experience pleasure during sex then they would be exposing themselves to harm. You can read the article here for a full account of these historical sexual myths, and for the reasoning’s behind them such as economic class prejudice.

What I found intriguing is the article closes by saying that maybe in the future some of the dogma about sex which we think is true now, may well turn out to be false in the future. I sure hope they don’t dispel the sperm protein shake fact that I’ve been using to get girls to swallow my load for the past few years, with a cheeky wink and a, “It’s good for you” patter.

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Spring Raunch Report Available Now

zaraThe Spring Raunch Report is currently available to download free if you click this link.

It features articles on new upcoming movies, the Babe Of The Year party, interviews with the composers who create the music in our movies, an interview with April Babe Of The Month, Sandy and Avril’s on-location report during the filming of Most Subscribed, as well as a few other little bits and pieces.

It also includes lots of nice pretty pictures, like this one Zara showing off her natural feminine beauty and her girly little socks! So check it out!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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Like Mum Like Daughter

_45696419_burnley_longTalking of satirical news, the BBC found a newsworthy item today from Burnley: Janet wants to look like her daughter Jane so she has spent around £12,000 on plastic surgery. Now with matching clothes, matching peroxide blonde hair, matching make-up and (much) bigger tits, she now looks like Jane’s (much) older sister

I don’t know, they still look like mum and daughter to me. I’m not quite so sure if mum’s got the right idea to be honest, usually when you get to that age trying to look younger by copying your 29-year old daughter is only going to accentuate your age, especially if your daughter got her own unique look from whichever celebrity socialite is currently gracing the pages of some middle-shelf porn-rag in WH Smiths. You’re just going to end up looking like an aging porn star who’s smoked too much crystal meth over the last five year.

Young Jane can’t be that striking or attractive as no one can even remember her name in this clip.

Anyway all this is immaterial and begs the much more important and yet unanswered three-part question, 1a) have they fucked one guy together, 1b) have they done any porn fucking a one guy together, and if not 1c) are they going to do any porn where they fuck one guy together.

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Grafuck is dedicated to “erotic work from artists around the world.”

The books are a mix of illustration, photography, fine art, and graphic design, all coming together in an intriguing and provocative collection of images and ideas.

If you’re based in California you might have visited the exhibition which ran at Gallery Nucleus last week for Grafuck Book 4, sponsored by Nerdcore.

The pieces which were on exhibition can be viewed here.

There are some great contributors including one of my favoutite artists at the moment, Audrey Kawasaki (this is her work on the left.)

Check out the work in these links above.

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Is sex fun or humiliating and frightening?

____sdvAlongside The Day Today and Brass Eye, satirical news source The Onion is the best, most honest, objective and accurate source of news information we’ve had in recent years, despite being entirely fabricated.

I recently saw this video and I really wanted to post it here. It’s very funny, obviously, but the clip reflects the attitudes of the general media and certain corners of society with such painful accuracy that it’s almost depressing.

By the way if you haven’t seen the Sex Episode of Brass Eye, please watch it. Here is the first part on YouTube.

Picture in this blog is completely unrelated. I just liked it. And it’s Friday. So yarbles.

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2008/2007 Babe of the Year Awards

In April 2008 the crew flew over to present Jo with her award for the “Babe of the Year 2008“. Let’s just say we had a few problems with the actual trophies which were all arriving from the U.S.A and hadn’t cleared customs in Budapest by 6pm on the night of the awards!

A driver screeched to a halt just barely missing a few limo’s as the girls arrived for the glittering event and off-loaded the precious statuettes. We all breathed a little easier and whiped a slow trickle of sweat from our foreheads in the spring heat of early evening… Here is what happened:

[flv: 500 400]

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Haruki Murakami: 100% perfect girl

murakamiFor those of you not familiar with the work of Haruki Murakawi, I respectfully suggest you familiarize yourself immediately!

He is currently one of my favourite novelists. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle just fucking blew me away when I read it recently. It’s outstanding work.

His books are mysterious, hip, sexy, social, political, fusing reality and fantasy and creating literature which inspires. He is considered by critics as an important figure in postmodern literature and Guardian praised him as “one of the world’s greatest living novelists”.

While on twitter I found a link to a short story of his. Check it out when you get a moment. And get one of his books to read!

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Kusanagi Hits The Saki

kusanagihitsthesakiA Japanese pop star has been arrested for public indecency after being found drunk and naked at a park in Tokyo. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, of the boy band SMAP, was found alone and shrieking at the top of his voice in the early hours of Thursday according to media reports. He even apparently asked the police, “What’s wrong with being naked?”.

Kusanagi shot to fame almost 20 years ago as a member of the popular boy band SMAP, whose five members have gone on to star in numerous films and television programs. Kusanagi seems to have pissed on his chips with this stunt however, as Toyota Motor Corp have pulled commercials that he stars in and Japans minister has expressed anger because the actor was the face of a government campaign to get the public to switch digital (not to get naked and blind drunk in a public park).

Never mind Kusanagi, the way the media works these days this will only increase your exposure and make you even more poular in Japan, and the job offers will be flowing in. Well worth the drunk birthday suit escapade! You can read the article here courtsey of the BBC News website.

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Our Movie Outtake

vivthomascom_33382I’m going to post this outtake from OUR MOVIE because I saw it the other day while scanning through some footage and it cracked me up!

It features Bridgett in her scene with Stella Stevens – who performed so much cunnilingus that week on-location filming Butterfly that by the time she was to go home she could care for the specific, individual needs of each girl we had with us. She knew what Sandra Shine’s little pussy needed to bring the lovely lady to orgasm, she knew that Britney liked a little anal-stimulation while having her clit sucked on, she knew that Sophie Moone likes to have her whole pussy, labia including chewed and sucked on while also having the opening to her vagina gently kneaded….Anyway, enjoy the clip. Bridgett has one of those contagious laughs that’s for sure. I have no idea why she starts laughing, I guess something just tickled her.

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Guess Who?

m_11695This is the Danish ad for H&M’s Spring Collection. Nah only joking.

Rodox is a magazine website dedicated to uploading the best of 40 years of vintage Danish hardcore.

I’m blogging it because I love this picture – just a normal Sunday afternoon setting, the fellas are playing a little trick on the lady in the picture here, the rascals! Look, he’s got his semi-erect cock on her shoulder! He’s such a joker! But it’s all smiles, which I like.

It doesn’t feel like they are about to throw her around, verbally abuse her and violate every hole in her body, it just feels like the three of them are going to have a nice, wholesome three-person orgy. Followed by a Tuborg shandy, a few slices of Danish Blue and a couple of Frisbies each.

Check out their vintage lesbian stuff!

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Bizarrely Named Sexual Antics

predator-picI was talking with my friend on the phone the other day and he was mentioning some sexual positions he was trying out with his new girlfriend, and truth be told, he had me doubled over clutching my stomach with laughter. It’s more the slang names given to these positions rather than the positions itself that I found so funny, for example one position he said he was trying was the ‘Dog In The Bathtub’. Now I’m pretty sure he was pulling my leg with this one, as the explanation he gave me was, “When you attempt to insert your nuts into a girls ass”. He went on to say it’s called that because it can be just as hard as keeping a dog in a bathtub whilst giving it a bath. Needless to say it cracked me up.

So it got me thinking what other slang funny names for bizarre sexual positions/antics are out there, so I did a bit of research on the internet and found quite a few others including the Woody Woodpecker (While a girl is sucking on your balls, repeatedly tap the head of your penis on her forehead), the Rusty Trombone (While a girl is masturbating a guy from behind she is also tossing his salad) and the Spiderman (Just as your about to cum, pull out and jerk off into your hand. Now with the load in the palm of your hand, open your hand and throw it at her whilst saying “Go web go”). There’s also the Hot Monocale when you accidentally cum in a girls eye.

Women have their own versions also, there’s the Face Hugger (where a woman wraps her legs around a mans head almost smothering him), the Angry Llama (Where when a woman lets you ejaculate in her mouth and then she spits it back out at you) and the Aussie Kiss (Similar to a French kiss but given down under). There’s also the Screwnicorn where a woman puts a strap on dildo on her head and proceeds to anally penetrate the man like a crazed unicorn. Last but by no means least is the Predator, where a woman lets her man loose in a jungle with a 5 km head start. She then smears herself in camouflage, tools up with an assortment of blades (and one stick) and hunts her man down. Upon finding her prey she cuts off his penis, holds it above her head with an enraged roar of triumph and grief, licks the helmet twice and then braids it into her hair as a trophy of lust.

Remember these positions and the names are all tongue in cheek humor. I’d love to hear some more so please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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Divas Of The WWE – Stacy Kiebler

In following up on Hugh G Rections Blog I’d like to also add the stunning Stacy Kiebler to the fray. Keibler is known for her forty-two inch long legs. She has been known as both “The Legs of WCW” and “The Legs of WWE”. During her time on Dancing with the Stars, she was nicknamed “The Weapon of Mass Seduction” because of her dancing skills and long legs. What a stunner!!! I know some of these girls have stared in porn films & would love to be told which ones & actually Witness the Fitness ;D




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Avril’s Modeling Past

avrilAs some of you might be aware, Avril used to be our regular stylist and make-up artist here at the Studio. She has worked for many renowned photographers over the years and applied her brushes to some pretty well-known girls including Jenna Jameson (before she became a porno institution unto herself) and also Jordan, who is on the books at Avril’s close friend, Samantha Bond’s, London Agency.

Avril is also Viv’s wife of 27 years, and although she used to flirt outrageously with models as we worked on set and keep a location diary for the forum, she has since had to back-off and oversee the building of the new VT mansion and take care of her three dogs.

However little is known of her modeling past. She was the runner-up of Miss South Africa 1979, and she has featured in a host of early Viv pictures, lots of which have only more recently been discovered. We might even have enough for a small set on the website if she agrees. In the meantime, here’s a little tease.

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Divas Of The WWE – Trish Stratus

trish_stratus_sexy_back_dooYes I know the WWE is scripted, fake and cheesy, but it’s also bloody good entertainment and full of Diva goodness. In the following series of posts I’ll be looking at the Diva’s of the WWE, and sharing their stunning toned physiques with the world.

In this first post I’m looking at Trish Stratus. Trish who is of Greek descent, began her career as a former fitness model before moving onto the WWE. Trish has always been a fan favorite and has often been involved in sexually themed storylines and titillation. However don’t let this fool you, she is a very gifted athlete, with her wrestling skills gaining her the WWE Womens Championship 7 times and even winning the WWE Hardcore Championship title. Trish has also been Woman of the Year in Pro Wrestling Illustrated for the years 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 and has won the WWE Babe of the Year (not to be confused with the VT Babe of The Year) a total of 3 times.

trish-stratus-0038Trish has an absolutely stunning figure, gorgeous full breasts and an ass tighter than a closed vice. I would give my left nut for an hour with this darling, she’d certainly give me stratusfaction. Trish also comes across as a nice person, and she has even turned down a Playboy shoot preferring to be remembered for her wrestling career. A lot of WWE Diva’s have done playboy shoots, we’ll get to them in good enough time.

Enjoy the clip below where she is on a photo shoot for winning the WWE Babe of the Year (again). More Diva’s to follow…

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Rachel ‘The Body’ Evans


This Czech beauty can be seen in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian, which looks amazing by the way. I know I’m biased but I don’t care. Rachel has an incredible body, her boobs deserve an honorable mention for being…well….lovely and she also possesses a refreshing amount of pussy hair, by today’s standards. The pictures speak for themselves, to see this set in it’s entirety check out our latest section.

Also check the Portrait Of A Lesbian topic on the forum for more pics and info.

rachel1 rachel3

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Retro VT Porn Discovered

vintage1Last night we unearthed a mountain of retro Viv Thomas porn from the 80s/90s here in the office. We found folders of Viv’s early career work in South Africa, including this medium-format set of Louise Freeman shot in 1981 and published in Mayfair Magazine, the first set Viv ever sold to the Paul Raymond Organization. Of course almost 30 years later we still have a great relationship with PRO, having collaborated on movies, pictures, websites and various other things over the years, including the odd pint or two in Soho’s finest watering holes.

We also found tapes of early work shot by Viv, his pre-Spunk pre-Stern cameraman John Chalk, and even Lindsay Honey AKA Ben Dover, who shot Viv’s infamous foot movie Every Woman Has A Foot Fantasy. All very interesting and these things will make great additions to the Blasts From The Past Section of our website.

We also found some very interesting early pictures of Avril Mouton AKA Marylin Mouton AKA Avril!

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Great Arse….odd setting


The girl in this picture has a phenomenal arse – fact. It’s a shame she decided to pose for the picture on top of a public toilet. Surely such a fine behind deserves a more fitting backdrop. Anyway, just thought i’d share.

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Need Some Dating Advice From The Experts?

picture-174I was on a plane one time and I looked behind me, and there was this guy reading a self-help hardback book with the title in a huge font filling the entire cover, it said: “How To Deal With Low Self-Esteem.” I smiled at the sheer irony, then he caught me looking, our eyes met for a second and I could see him just kind of sink in his seat.

Here is a funny list of genuine dating advice books, including How To Date A White Woman, Women Who Love Psychopaths, The Layguide: How To Seduce Women More Beautiful Than You Ever Dreamed Possible (No Matter What You Look Like Or How Much You Make), and The Black Man’s Guide On How To Cheat On Your Woman: The Book.

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Lesbian Encounters DVD Release


I’m happy to announce the DVD version of Lesbian Encounters is now available in our shop. You’ll be able to sink your teeth into bonus goodies including all the outtakes and unseen footage. Here’s a little taster to wet your appetite.

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Lesbian Encounters – Now on DVD


Great news! The long awaited DVD has arrived. Many of you reading this may already know that this movie is the last one that Viv will be involved with from start to finish. This doesn’t mean that he is going anywhere, just that Spunk L Davis takes the reins, but don’t worry, we will still keep him in check :)

Now how cool is that cover? Soon some of you may have that actually wrapped around the DVD. Personally I think it is the best cover that our man, Cisco has done to date. What do you think?

Buy the DVD

Buy the Download

See the trailer

Read all about it on our forum

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Can’t Cum Won’t Cum

cantcumwontcumI found this clip earlier whilst logging some old shoot tapes and I think it dispels a popular myth about porn. You always imagine, especially after my premature posts, that it’s hard work for a male model, fighting the desire to cum and thinking of anything else apart from whats going on in front of him so he doesn’t shoot his load too soon. Well check this out.

In the clip below we have the stunningly filthy Sarah (who also looks awesome in a nurses outfit), with a model called Simon and, for whatever reason, Simon cannot pull off the money shot. This scene is from the production 100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 1 and Sarah, who I believe was his girlfriend at the time, does everything imaginable to help this guy take the safety catch off his nuts but to no avail. She sucks him, licks his coin purse, whispers dirty talk to him, hell I think she’d toss his salad if that’s what it would take for this guy to produce the protein goods. It’s a funny clip for all these reasons, I especially love the bit where she takes control telling him to “Let me do it”.

Finally after a lot of footage, 70% of which I’ve had to cut out of here (as like the Duracell bunny it goes on and on), he finally builds up his head of steam. Look how eager Sarah is to take the shot, pushes her hair back, eager look on her face, an almost, ‘Really? Wow’, expectant look on her face, probably glad just to get off her knees. Then comes the money shot, and this guy has been going at it so long he doesn’t just have one money shot, but two. The first one looks weak, must have drained his left nut first, because the next ones a beauty, up one nostril and down the other, her top lip looking like she’s just feasted on iced buns.

To read more and see the clip click here

Anyway enjoy the clip and I hoped you learnt that blowing your wad in front of a camera, is not such an easy thing to do…

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Plastic Surgeons and dangerously small breasts

400_shershey_fffhousewife_080509_falkimaginginternationalYou know by now that I love women, I love women of all shapes and sizes from all corners of the world. Feminine beauty has always been something I find compelling and enchanting, so much so that I sometimes feel an unnecessary desire to protect it’s organic, natural beauty.

On that note, I would like to see all the plastic surgeons who have given Sheyla Hershey her eight breast enlargement operations (recently putting her in the Guinness Book Of Records) stripped of their medical licenses, their BMWs, and their big bank accounts, and then rounded up and given two choices; either drink the same amount of silicone they unnecessarily injected into her body, or spend the rest of their working days using their plastic surgery skills for the UN in poverty and war stricken countries.

But that won’t happen. What will happen is that as the media project more and more digitally manipulated images of what constitutes beauty upon us, these crooks will continue to take advantage of generation after generation of insecure and vulnerable young girls, and their wallets will just keep getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter.

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Paws For Thought

pawsforthoughtblogpicGet this, a woman allegedly admitted videotaping herself having sex with two dogs (greedy bitch), and won’t be charged with bestiality!

How so you may be asking yourself? Allow me to explain. It’s because Florida is one of 16 states that do not specifically ban bestiality. Even though federal obscenity codes ban animal porn, and state animal cruelty laws effectively ban, what this article calls, “man-on-critter sex”, lawmakers in Florida are now thinking it’s time to take stronger action.

The article quotes state Rep, Nan Rich who was addressing ABC news as saying, “There’s a tremendous correlation between sexually deviant behavior and crimes against children and crimes against animals….This is long overdue. These are heinous crimes. And people belong in jail”.

Many Floridians are surprised it’s taken so long, in one particular disturbing story a Floridian man allegedly asphyxiated a family goat during sex. The incident became such a media circus that T-shirts began appearing with slogans such as “Baa Means No!”.

It would seem therefore that Floridians need to stop ‘horseing’ around and bring in stronger and more clear laws banning outright bestiality, making it a crime fewer would be willing to commit.

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Smart Amy

crank_bts_01We all know that strip clubs can be an unsanitary cesspool of germs, disease, limescale and evil thoughts, that’s why I normally wear one of these when I want to enjoy a night out watching girls wiggle their bits at me.

Reports from the set of drama -action movie Crank 2 tell that method actress Amy Smart (seen throwing Corey Haim onto a car in that pic) had the poles in an East LA strip-club sanitized before busting any of her moves on them. Obviously no one wants to touch anything that a dirty crack-addicted stripper has been rubbing herself over, least not a Hollywood star.

I am joking of course, although I do consider myself a very clean person I only have one rule when I go out and that is not to eat the peanuts at the bar. Or lick the toilet seats.

By the way Crack 2 was shot with one of these cameras!

Source: Weird News.

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10 Crazy Paternity Stories

paternitybizarrestoriesI stumbled across this article earlier this morning and I though it was worth posting a link to it, as it made for an interesting and humorous read. It concerns the 10 most bizarre paternity stories.

Included in the ten and some of my personal favorites were the twin brothers who didn’t know which one is the father, as they were having sex with the same woman, the “man” who fell pregnant twice, and the man who has to pay child support even tho he isn’t the father. Also don’t forget the one about the President who admitted to be the father of a child conceived while he was still a Catholic bishop.

I do love the zany world we live in sometimes, where situations arise that all the odds should be against. Follow the link above to peruse the top 10, and feel free to comment if you know of a tale that’s not on the list.

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The Girlfriend Experience

girlfriend-experience-posterOn May 22 The Girlfriend Experience will be released in America, it’s directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars porn star Sasha Grey as a high-end prostitute who gives her clients a special, more intimate service, hence, ‘the girlfriend experience.’ There is an interesting review of the movie from Sundance here. I’m interested to see the film when it’s released this side of the pond. I like Soderbergh, he’s the kind of filmmaker I really admire, especially the way he likes to work.

When I was still in London I used to hang around with a model (who will remain nameless,) who used to do this kind of thing for high paying clients. One time we were eating in a restaurant and she asked me if I would come shopping with her afterward to buy some new panties, because she wasn’t wearing any. She told me her last client, who she had left that morning had wanted to buy her panties off her for keepsake, he gave her £500 for them!

We went to H&M and she bought a new pair for about a fiver. Smart girl.

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Legs that go on for Miles

adriana‘Mmmm…..i don’t care if they are like Greek columns or secondhand Steinways. What’s between them….passport to heaven.’ It seems Al Pacino wasn’t too fussy when it came to women’s legs. Personally i like lovely long toned and tanned columns….hoo ha. But our vertically challenged bundle of shoutyness did have a point – who cares when you consider what’s between them. Well we’ve had blog posts on lovely breasts, lovely bums and now i feel it is time to praise lovely legs.

Some academics have argued that leggy lovelies such as Adriana Sklenarikova (left) who possess excessively long legs are not so attractive, as they may indicate a small torso which means potential childbearing difficulties. Don’t worry Adriana, those boffins are just lashing out over the fact they’ll never get the chance to sleep with a girl like you. Current record holder for the longest legs is German uber-babe Nadja Auermann who has 44″ legs. You’d be able to wrap them round the back of your neck and tie them in a bow. Listen to me son, i’m giving you pearls here.
adriana nadja-auermann1

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Guess Her Muff!


Could you guess in what state a girl keeps her pubic-patch just from looking at a fully-clothed picture of her?

No, neither could I.

Play Guess Her Muff

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Behind Most Subscribed


By now many people will know a little bit about the rather ugly situation surrounding Peaches, Gina B, and their ex-website. Reactions to the whole debacle have been mixed, but this being the entertainment industry, and them being pornographic models who have sex freely and with multiple partners as part of their job, most people aren’t taking it too seriously.

Moving on, we have a movie some of you might be aware of. A really, really good movie which stars both Peaches and Gina, as well as a couple of other young girls, lovely nubile young girls. It is a real shame that the movie will now in many ways be associated with this fiasco, because it is a top notch movie which I wanted people to love and enjoy. It’s called Most Subscribed and you can currently download it here or watch the free trailer here.

We are currently showing a behind the scenes feature of Most Subscribed for members of our website, which will show in parts over the next couple of days, starting today (read more for short clip…)Below is a short snippet (the full feature is about 30minutes long), highlights including a cute arse-jiggle from the lovely Nikita, a quick flash of the elusive Avril, Gina B wearing MC Hammer’s trousers and blow-up ball keep-ups from Sean and I, samba style.

It will be interesting to see what members think of the full on-location feature because there are a lot of interesting moments between the two lovers, which is the key word here.

Whatever anyone says, Peaches is a great model and this really is her movie. She shines in almost every frame, captivating you and pulling you into the scene with her. She shares a strong chemistry with each girl in the movie, and in regards to her scene with Gina B, which I still rate as the best in the movie and amongst the top scenes we’ve ever done, …well watch it and you decide what you want. Boyfriends, drama, only models or not – it’s a fucking great scene and beyond that who really cares?

Mini Site is coming soon, as is the DVD (sorry I can’t be more specific, as the censors have had their scissors out!). You can read reviews for Most Subscribed here or find information and ask questions here.

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Babe of the Year video 2007/2006

In April 2007 we got excited about the awards dinner and put out a red carpet, got a limo and a whole bunch of honeys arrived, much to our surprise. Peaches, if you recall got voted the best model contributor to the forum, collecting a bottle of champagne along the way as well.

Sophie Moone brought along her stunning new work buddy, Zafira (Sophie actually introduced us to Zafira) while Mya Diamond after receiving her award for Best Hetero (Boy/Girl) performer proceeded to trash Viv’s glasses. I had to lead him all the way back to Portugal, reading for him as we went!

Jo and Eve Angel were raising questions of a possible relationship and Nelly was the star of the evening, kick-starting the now dying tradition of a model’s acceptance speech. If you haven’t seen her speech and you’re a fan – you can’t miss it. Here’s the video compiled by Big Dave.

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She’s No Angel

no_angels-gal-girl_groupsIn a quite remarkable display of verbatim, it seems that one of the “No Angles” or as I like to call them, Demons Who Have Come To Lower The Standards Of The Planet, really is no angel. Nadja Benaissa (far right – notice how she is the only one not blowing a ‘kiss of death’) stands accused of having sex with three men without telling them she is HIV positive. Police arrested the glamorous singer just before she hit the stage at a nightclub in Frankfurt.

No Angels are the German equivalent of the Spice Girls, proving that the Global conspiracy to manufacture mediocre hacks into pop bands to take peoples money and distract us from all the other, much more important things going on in the world is still in full swing. Since these girls have been chipped with the celebrity micro-chip I would imagine the German tabloid press is currently having a field day.

I work in an industry where people are regularly tested for HIV and STD’s, where people know without doubt that they are clean. It is no joke. Never have unprotected sex with someone you don’t know.

Source: TIME.

HIV website.

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Position of the Week – The Oil Drill


Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet male performers that ooze creativity from their very souls. Lads that will happily share their sexual wisdom even without being asked and in doing so feel like they have helped their lesser, inadequate man to one day compete on their level with the ladeeeeez. Pete Le Meat aka Peter Mogridge was one of these fellas. When Spunk L and i were still very much wet behind the ears we filmed Peter and his girlfriend Taylor for 100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 1. He proceeded to call Spunk L a sheep shagger and school me on how to use a camera – ‘what you wanna do here mate is kick the back end out’. After informing Mr Mogridge that my camera was in fact a camera and not a Suburu Impreza rally car we cracked on with the scene. When it came to the blow job he decided to jump up on the sofa in a horizontal position and dip his cock into her open mouth. Comfortable? No. Natural? No. Sustainable? No. Ludicrous? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely, and so the Oil Drill was born.

It’s those little things that stick with you in this game and always make us chuckle when we think back. So we thank you Mogo, you big northern simpleton. Without guys like you our position of the week blog could struggle.

Click here to see the clip

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Polaroid Appreciation

Spunk L Davis posted a cracking blog entry about Polaroid images back in February of this year. There really is something quite special about these types of images so i just wanted to add my own appreciation to an in decline but much loved way of capturing life in pictures.

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Hot Girls Of 2009 – MylEne JampanoI

mylene-jampanoi_mainMylEne JampanoI was born July 12, 1980 in Aix-en-Provence, France to a Chinese father and a French mother. I saw her the other night in a film called Martyrs, a film of such intense horror and disturbing brutality that I couldn’t possibly recommend it here, a place seen through the eyes of love, not fear. But she gives a quite remarkable performance in the film.

Not only is MylEne Jampanoi a really great actress who I think we’re going to see a lot more of in the future, but she also possesses an unusual, devastating beauty. You might like to check out The Chinese Botanists Daughter (clip below), a tender movie about a lesbian romance, and also Valley Of Flowers, a wonderful, soulful movie about the mystery of love (a second clip below.)

Here’s a small gallery of pics too.

mylene-jampanoi_main mylene-jampanoi-9 mylene-jampanoi-8 myliene mylene-jampanoi_21 mylene2sm2

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Revisiting Reality Porn Series 1

heniThe guys over on our forum have started to discuss some of our older productions, in particular the first Reality Porn series we did back in 2003.

We had so much fun making these productions. Basically it involved us guys messing around with a bunch of models as we went about our daily routine of filming pornography. There were never any scripts, never any elaborate set-ups, we just filmed what was in front of us.

Of course what was in front of us was hot naked chicks so it was always going to be interesting. I personally love watching those moments that most people don’t get to see – the castings, the models getting ready before they shoot, the crew doing their job. The edited clip I have posted here is taken from the first series and is probably my favorite episode.

Former VT staffer Mates shows us why he is no longer with us and Lew does a stellar job in eventually convincing our make-up artist Henrietta to do a masturbation scene. It turned out to be one of the best solo masturbation scenes we’ve ever filmed. There was genuinely fire in Henrietta and this scene is just incredible.

Anyway here is a short clip from that episode..

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Sport Filly continued – Amateurs


We all know just how many gorgeous, trim and toned famous sports women there are out there. But let’s not forget the millions of women who just like to partake in a little bit of exercise every now and then. Those who during the week might be sat behind a desk in an office. When the weekend rolls around however the business suits are replaced with Lycra hot pants and sports bras and every male dog walker down their local parks are treated to spandex treats, huffing and puffing and doing all they can to keep those gazes aimed at them. That’s still one of the main reasons i go to the gym, fit sweaty women…booya.

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Morning Wood Toilet Troubles

morningwoodblogpic1OK this one is kind of for the guys although I’m sure the ladies are all well aware of it. The morning wood is when a guy wakes up in the morning and he’s usually sporting a fantastic erection, one he likes to rub on his partners back whilst still half asleep (hence why the ladies are aware of it). Now this isn’t a problem for guys, there’s nothing quite like starting the day with an alert mind :) But there can be a hidden problem.

Urinating (and I’m not taking the piss). You wake up in the morning and your bladders as full as a builders lunchbox, those ten pints last night all heckling you to be let out and you are sporting a perpendicular cock trophy. You stumble to the toilet, the floor as cold as a penguins ass, and then you are faced with the dilema. Just how do you pee when your penis is standing straight up. All guys have struggled with this dilema, you need your penis to wilt so you can empty your bloated bladder, but your penis wont wilt until you’ve emptied your bloated bladder. Conundrum!

Up until now I’ve dealt with it by force, bending it down and doing a kind of lunge movement. Today however i stumble on a blog post which offers various solutions to the problem, positions and stances all done tastefully with tongue firmly in cheek. Check them out here, and if any one of you guys pulls off ‘The Flying Wallenda’ or ‘The Superman’, I want to hear about it!

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Are Boobs Getting Bigger?

vivthomascom_06843Reports from the New York Times indicate that cup-sizes are on the increase, as is my erection.

But why?

According to the report there might be several factors, obesity is on the increase, breast augmentation is becoming more prevalent, the Japanese are inventing great new ways to naturally enhance bosoms, or can it simply be that it is cup-sizes which are changing and not breast sizes, a sly move by manufacturers and designers?

For instance three years I was a 29 waist, this year I’m a 34, and it’s not like I’ve put on any weight! Is it? No really have I? What are you trying to say? Fuck you then. No don’t apologize I’m offended now. No. No. No. Forget about it.

Pictured Chikita, cup-size 28B.

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zipperdressHere’s a rather sexy little number that raises the bar in adjustable clothing. The “N3″ Zipper dress is made of 120 zippers providing a simple method for any woman to present the dress in any way she desires. I imagine it creating a rather sexy striptease but if I were the woman I’d double check I didn’t miss anything on my last trim!

It’s designed by Sebastien Errazuriz, some chap who put a pretty tree in the middle of an ugly stadium.

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Amazonian Ant Dispenses With Sex

asexual-antblogpicAn amazonian ant has dispenesed with sex and developed into an all female species (sounds like fun), researches have found.

The ants reproduce via cloning, the queen ants copy themselves to produce genetically identical daughters. This species, which is the first ever to be shown to reproduce entirely without sex ,also cultivates a garden of fungus which itself reproduces asexually.

Asexual reporduction of males from unfertilised eggs is a normal part of some insect reproduction, but asexual reproduction of females is rare in ants. There are advantages to life without sex in that it avoids the energetic cost of producing males, but it also comes with disadvantages such as without sexual reproduction you become less diverse and more susceptible to parasites and diseases.

To me however a life without sex is not a life at all, but then I don’t actually know if ants have orgasms. Now that’s a very strange thought to have on a Wednesday morning. Perhaps the male ants were too busy scratching thier antennae in the morning and fucking up the fungus so the females decided to phase them out. Who knows why this species evolved it’s own very unusual mode of reproduction. Click here to read the interesting article courtesy of the BBC website.

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Babe of the Year video – 2006/2005

While our video geniuses re-arrange their incredibly busy schedule to assemble, edit and create this years video of the Babe of the Year awards, I thought I would just showcase the previous years videos we have. This one is from way back when in April 2006 when Peaches clinched the first award. It was a real bit of voyeurism when no-one had a video camera and Gergo whipped out his mobile phone and clicked the red button…

Amongst the beautiful girls who arrived were Eve Angel (dealing out hot smouldering mouth sucks to Peaches), Gina B, Hajni (our ravishing make up artist), Lisa and Sandra Shine. But now WHO was the blonde in the kissing tri-fecta with Peaches and Eve Angel?

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Babe of the Year 2009


Well the VT team are back in the office now after spending a week in sunny Budapest for the annual Viv Thomas Babe of the year awards. The sold out event meant that myself, Falcon and Stern had to stand at the back, proving just how popular this evening has become. There was a great atmosphere and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, especially our valued forum gents – Holmesy, Daiguard and Venpao who were fantastic company.

Lots of our favorite girls were in attendance including Sandy, Lisa, Ella, Jo, Vera, Peaches, Eve Angel and Nelly. The lovely Zara took top honors but the two definite stars of the night belonged to Antonia, a 19 year old newbie who i hope we will work with in the future based on her breasts alone. All in all though it was a fabulous night, roll on next year.

boty3 boty4 boty2 boty1

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Marilyn Chambers Dies Aged 56

marilynMarilyn Chambers was one of the first adult actresses to shave her pubic hair, pierce her genitals, and perform double or triple penetration, interracial, anal and bukkake scenes.

In 1972 the Mitchell Brothers cast the innocent-looking 20-year old in their now classic porn movie Behind The Green Door, perhaps the role she is now best known for. At the time the film broke taboo’s in the porn industry, which had a liberating effect on the future of adult entertainment.

In 1977 she starred in David Cronenberg’s low-budget horror movie Rabid, this was one of the earliest occasions of a porn-star transcending the adult industry, but her mainstream career never took off.

Marilyn Chambers had battled with drug and alcohol addiction, and sadly died on 12th April 2009, aged 56.

Below is an interview taken with her in ’77.

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Carma Sutra

carmasutrablogpicA Norwegian man faces a hefty fine and a driving ban after being caught having sex with his girlfriend while speeding on a motorway in Norway. Officers noticed the car swerving from side to side whilst driving at 20 mph, and soon became aware that the erratic driving was due to the woman “sitting on the man’s lap”.

The officers filmed the exploit for evidence (I bet they did), before pulling them over at a rest area. The mans punishment will be decided in the next week but he could face a fine of several thousand Norwegian kroner and a lengthy driving ban.

To me it defies logic to think that whilst your driving your car you may as well engage in sex. Driving requires a serious amount of concentration, and even something such as receiving oral sex whilst driving could be life threatening to you and other drivers (not to mention you run the risk of your partner chomping off your vital organs as you find yourself forced into an emergency stop by a crossing deer) . Yes car sex can be fun, and put some spice back into the relationship, but pull over, find a secluded spot and enjoy. Check this link out for a variety of sexual positions in a stationary car with all the plus and minuses of each position.

By the way despite her prominent role in the incident , the 21 year old woman was permitted by police to drive her lover home – Now that could be even more dangerous :) You can see the full article here courtesy of BBC News website.

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Border Control Refuses A Pro…

bordercontroldeniesaproblogA Brazilian woman has been refused entry to the UK when she arrived at Newcastle Airport with luggage containing only T-shirts, a dressing gown and lingerie. UK Border Agency officials said they suspected the 32 year old of being involved in the sex industry.

Airport staff became, in my opinion rightly so, suspicious when she could not say what she would be doing in the UK other then “seeing Newcastle city center”. This girl was not the brightest when it came to making excuses at airports by the looks of things. Checks then revealed that she had been refused entry to the UK at Belfast City Airport three months earlier, after a baggage search revealed a collection of sexual paraphernalia and details of escort agencies and sex sites. I’d pursue another line of work if I was this lady. You can read the full article here.

This made me wonder if other countries are as stringent as the UK Border Agency. I mean what do Hungarian Border Agencys think when the crew travel abroad to film a production with a suitcase full of dildo’s and sexual paranphenalia? They have to go throught the X-ray machines surely. I could just ask Spunk this by turning around on my seat, but I’m sure you’d all, including myself, be interested in his reply. Let’s see if he leaves a comment.

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Tit To Clit

tittoclitblogpicNow here’s an unusual clip of sexual activity that I spotted whilst going through the behind-the-scenes shoot tapes from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur. I’m sure it’s not unheard of but I cant say that I’ve come across it very often either. It involves rubbing the breast against the clit, whilst at the same time almost using it as a big soft dildo, dropping it on the pussy and pushing against it.

In this clip, Sandy is on her back and Sandra Shine is in between her spread legs. Watch the clip to see how Sandra grabs her perfectly formed breast and rubs it all over Sandy’s pussy, she even attempts a kind of thrusting motion with it, moving her body up and down so it lifts and drops into Sandy’s succulent sex. Sandy then spreads her lips wide, exposing her pussy, for Sandy to try and penetrate with her hard bullet like nipple.

I’m intrigued as to whether or not any of our female readers have ever thought of rubbing their breasts into their partners pussies. I’m sure the nipple clipping the clit would provoke quite pleasurable results but is there something more to it, is it that when your breasts then get sucked by your partner that they are coated in their own juices from their own bodies, the fragrant scent fuels more lust?

When it boils down to it tho, whatever the reason behind this, it’s still hotter then pissing on spark plugs. Enjoy the clip and let me know your views in the comments below.

Click here to view the clip

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Hot Girls of 2009 – Mary Elizabeth Winstead


I wasn’t too keen on Death Proof but the one thing which did stand out (apart from the awful fucking dialogue) was a girl dressed in a bright yellow cheerleader outfit. It turns out that girl is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a 24-year-old American actress from North Carolina. She was also in Die Hard 4.0 Live Free and Die Hard (although I don’t remember her in that, I switched off the exact moment Kevin Smith appeared on screen.) I’m getting another Joe Eszterhas moment here, I feel a screenplay coming on….Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Sonia Red play sisters….hang on we’ve been here before haven’t we…?

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Orgasm Advert Before 11pm Is OK!

An interesting article caught my eye earlier today which you can see in full here. It concerns a new Durex advertisement featuring a montage of women seemingly achieve orgasm to the Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart’s Magic Flute, which ran on Channel 4 at 10.05pm despite it being given a post 11pm restriction by the TV ad clearance body Clearcast. This prompted a complaint to the ASA that it was “offensive and overly graphic”. The ASA however said that despite the ad being run earlier than Clearcast’s scheduling advice it considered the ad was “Unlikely to cause offense to viewers”. The ASA also added, “We considered that this ad was not overtly graphic, contained no explicit material and was unlikely to cause offense, provided it was scheduled properly.

The ad is advertising a Durex female ‘pleasure gel’, and the ad industry says that the ruling by the ASA, proves that the regulatory system will be effective in controlling any explicit ads when a ban on condom commercials before 9pm is waived. Channel 4 has said it ran the ad as it was deemed that it should be run next to appropriate programming earlier in the evening.

I personally applaud the ASA ruling, and believe at last that commen sense has won over the narrowmindedness of a minorty view. View for yourself the advert below and you can see that it was a very clever idea, getting the message across whilst not being offensive in any manner whatsoever, a very classy and stylised advert. Let me know your views in the comments section below.

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VT Nights – The Outtakes

vtnightsblogpicsWell as promised yesterday, here are the hilarious outtakes from the filming of the introduction clips for Playboy TV UK’s Viv Thomas Night. I’ve had a great time going through this series of posts, I had never seen these clips before and it was a pleasure to dust them off and post them here on the blog for all to see.

But this clip is by far the longest and the best of them – the outtakes. Everyone loves to watch gag reels and bloopers, you can’t help but laugh watching someone stress out and fluff their lines over and over. Plus if you’ve been following the series of posts you’ll recognize from which introduction clips each outtake has been taken from.

And the bonus is that normal outtakes do not usually contain the likes of Sophie Moone, Kylie and Kathy Moore. Plus there’s more ‘fucks’ in this video then in all 2 hours and 26 minutes of the film Goodfellas. If anyone wants to try counting them, be my guest. Anyway, stop reading and start laughing, enjoy the clip…

To view the clip please click here

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Lindsay Lohan’s Career Nosedive

lindsaylohan-blogpicAh whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan? Once the star of such hits as Freaky Friday, Herbie Fully Loaded and of course Disney’s The Parent Trap. Everyone thought she was Hollywood gold. Then she became one of Hollywood’s most notorious party girls culminating in May 2007 with being arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after her third car crash in two years. In August 2007 Lohan pleaded guilty to cocaine use and driving under the influence. Lohans personal life has been a frequent subject of celebrity and tabloid journalism.

But there are other celebritys out there who walk on the wild side and yet this does not seem to affect their careers, so how can I justify my post headline. Easy, by pointing you in the direction of this article. It seems that Lindsay Lohans latest film released this summer is not even being given the shame of “straight to DVD”, it’s actually going “straight to cable”. That’s right, this summer her movie Labor Pains will premier, “…sans red carpet, screaming fans and dignity, on ABC’s Family channel”.

Oh dear. When questioned on the breaking story by E! News, Lindsay replied, “If people would just leave my personal life alone – because it’s really not that interesting – then I could land a great role. But all the sicko fans and the noise is so distracting”.

Well I can offer Miss Lohan a glimer of hope, as we here at Viv Thomas could offer her a great role, especially since she recently in her personal life has been involved in some girl/girl action. I’d ove to see her and Babe Of The Year winner Zara in action together. Give us a call Lohan, I can see the title now, ‘Mean Lesbians’.

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Hot Girls Of 2009 – Arielle Kebbel


Arielle Kebbel is a 24-year-old American film and TV actress. Apparently she got her first gig in Hollywood within the first week of moving to LA, quite a tiring feat I would imagine. She hasn’t really done much of interest yet – so I call all directors and writers and I give you this idea for free: Arielle and Jessica Alba are sisters. … That’s it. And they should probably make out at some point. … What? You expect me to do all the work? Christ. Grab a pen what are you waiting for?

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A Candid Interview From Sandy

sandyinterviewblogpic1Whilst going through some behind-the-scenes tapes for the filming of Sandy Agent Provocateur, I came across an interview with Sandy (who incidentally is Babe of the Month this month), that had been filmed using the very same behind-the-scenes camera.

The clip below is a snippet of that interview (the full 5 min clip will be available in the members section of the new website when it launches), and I think Sandy’s lovely and honest personality shine through here. I love the way she pokes fun at the first question, and then seriously goes on to an answer a question that she has been dreading answering. I think she comes across as frank and honest in her answers. What do you guys and gals think? Let me know in the comments.

To read more and view the clip please click here

Anyway enjoy the clip and check the blog tomorrow for all the outtakes from the ‘Viv Thomas Nights‘ posts in one clip, which I assure you are hilarious.

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British Government Keep A Close Jap’s Eye

0hxkqcklpet361tdf3lvp7a8o1_500I think the British government are subliminally trying to tell the general public something.

First it is discovered that Mr. Jacqui Smith (husband to the Home Secretary) masturbates, which would be fine as long as he didn’t charge the British public for it, meaning that politicians too have blood running through their veins.

Now Britain’s interior ministry homepage has mistakenly linked to a Japanese pornography website. It sounds like the equivalent to a “oops how did that get in there joke!” Like they were just trying to spice up the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism page. I can’t see it affecting’s traffic rankings I have to be honest.

“Working together to protect the public.”

BBC article here. There is a horrifying video reconstruction of the moment this error was discovered on this page.

ps – sorry for the awful Baz Bamigboye-style headline.

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Share The Meat To Get A Regular Treat

chimpsmeatblogpicDan Da Man sent me an interesting link earlier, concerning chimpanzees and how the males will enter into deals with females whereby they exchange meat for sex. According to this article from the BBC Website, male chimps are willing to share the proceeds of their hunting expeditions mate twice as often as their more selfish counterparts. This is also a long term exchange with males continuing to share with the females even when they’re not fertile, and then reaping the rewards when they are.

Cristina Gomes and her team studied and observed the animals as they hunted and monitored the number of times they copulated. Meat is important for the animals diet because it is so high in protien. Since females do not usually hunt, Dr Gnomes explains, “They have a hard time getting it on their own”. Dr Gnomes thinks that her findings could even provide clues about human evolution, exploring the link between “good hunting skills and reproductive success”.

I’m not sure what the fuss is all about, I’ve always shared my meat during sex. Hang on I’ve grasped the wrong end of the chop here haven’t I. Well in that case I’ve often bought a few drinks in exchange for a drunken sex act round the back of a nightclub, especially when they’re not fertile. But then that’s evolution for you isn’t it :)

Follow the link above to read this interesting article, or there’s an alternative article on the same subject here.

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56 Asses

lewsassNo, this isn’t a new Adam Sandler film or the movie Al Pacino should have made instead of that one about him talking on a cell phone and fucking girls a quarter his age.

I just feel it my duty to post this link from Coed Magazine of pictures from the AVP Crocs Beach Vollyball Tour which took place last weekend at Panama City Beach, Florida. Anyway, click the link if you like to look at girls bums, you bloody perv!

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VT Nights Part 10

vtnights10blogpicWelcome to the final part of the ‘Viv Thomas Nights’ posts and I hope you have all enjoyed this series of posts as much as I have. Whilst there are no more clips the good news is that I have a whole string of outtakes from all these introduction clips, compiled by Spunk himself, to post here tomorrow, and they are absolutely hilarious. It’s quite long also, and I just couldn’t help cracking up with laughter watching them.

Anyway, today’s introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, is introducing a scene from the production The Making Of A Madame. We’re back on the golf course again for this clip and the stunning Sophie Moone, Viv’s ever faithful caddy, is also present. We learn from Viv here that this production, starring Porn Academy winner 2004, Gina B, is one of his favorites, featuring a lot of lingerie and high heels.

Click here to read more and view the clip

I’ve also tagged on at the end the short clip which was aired at the end of the Viv Thomas Night, after what I can imagine was a lot of orgasms in a lot of households, where Viv thanks the viewers for watching before taking one of his personal ‘best’ shots at the flag. Hope you enjoy and watch out for the outtakes post from this series tomorrow.

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Boyfriend Arm Pillow

picture-1_2I am sure there are many funny things which can be said about the Boyfriend Arm Pillow, but right now all I’m getting are ideas for a horror movie about a woman who murders men, mutilates their torso, then dresses the left over carcass in her ex-husbands disco-shirts and spends snuggley nights at home with a Rom-Com and a bowl of sweet-popcorn.

I think it’s the photographers fault. He should have told the model to smile or laugh playfully at the camera in a hey-what-a-great-joke-gift kind of way, not snuggle up to the thing and close her eyes as if drifting off to the comfortable memories of a life “before Charlie fucked my sister.”

Best movie night you ever had?

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Megan Hates Being A Fox

meganfoxblogicI read in this article that Transformers star Megan Fox, who is always top of the worlds sexiest women’s lists, says she hates being a sex symbol. Like so many unfortunately good looking women actresses, she wants to be know for her acting skills rather then her DNA pool.

She told Empire magazine, “You can’t be a sex symbol 24 hours a day…I just want to work and make the right choices, and study and develop as an actress”, also adding, “I don’t want to be on the cover of every magazine that exists”. Well, bit of advise for you Megan, I wouldn’t accept the role of Lara Croft when it’s offered to you as you seem to be the favorite to portray the daredevil tomb raider in the new movie.

Funnily I also saw this article earlier where another darling of Hollywood, Scarlet Johansson, has said it’s horrible being a curvy woman. The actress is frustrated by the unwanted attention she receives because of her looks and hates the way Hollywood is obsessed with appearance, adding, “I’m a healthy person and I take care of myself”.

To read more please click here

Well again this may sound unfair, but if you stopped wearing figure hugging and revealing gowns to premieres, maybe the attention you recieve may diminish. Me personally, I’m just glad to see these two smoking hot stars whenever I can, nothing wrong with watching beautiful women on screen, hell I do it every day :)

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New Spray For The Fast And The Furious

newsprayfortheffblogpicMen who suffer from premature ejaculation who used a topical spray five minutes before intercourse were able to delay their orgasm six times longer than normal according to a study in the April issue of BJU International.

Three hundred men with clinically diagnosed life long premature ejaculation from 31 centers across Europe were split into two groups. Two hundred using the PSD502 spray and 100 using a placebo spray with no ingredients. The couples then measured the time from vaginal penetration to ejaculation with a stopwatch and the time increased from from an average of 0.6 minutes to 3.8 minutes in the medicated group and just 1.1 minutes in the placebo group.

Lead researcher Professor W Wallace Dinsmore from the Royal Victoria Hopsital in Belfast UK, says, “Premature ejaculation can be a very distressing condition for men and can cause distress, frustration and make them avoid sexual intimacy”. No significant side effects were recorded either during the trials, and hopefully this product will go on to improve the quality of lots of men’s lives. Previous research suggests that as many as 40% of men will experience premature ejaculation in their lives at some point.

To read the full and informative article follow this link here.

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Viv Thomas Nights Part 9

vtnightspinkvelvet2blogpicWelcome to the penultimate post featuring the introduction clips filmed by the crew for Playboy TV UK and their ‘Viv Thomas Night’ evening many moons ago. Today’s intro clip is introducing the scene between alluring Ella and the ripe young Peaches taken from the incredibly sexy production Pink Velvet 2.

Viv is getting a massage off an unknown darling as he talks about his reasons for choosing the scene, seemingly oblivious to the naked woman that saunters past, which was chiefly the only thing I noticed as my eyes shifted to the right. I did catch something that he said as drool spilled over my bottom lip, about how he loves the slow build up in the scene, but I’m going to have to watch it again and concentrate on the man himself and not the naked gorgeousness walking past.

Click here to view the clip

Enjoy the clip…

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Repent, Sinners!

blanca_modelReligion has come a long way since the days of stoning and crucifixion. Nowadays the church offers us more forgiving options to wash away the sin that was our life and embrace the loving clutches of God. After all, you wouldn’t want to burn in the fires of Hell for being an “ex-gay” would you?

Here are some tees for all you evil masturbators, atheists, diva’s, porn addicts, homos, bi-sexuals, fornicators and hypocrites! Come together and rejoice in your new found Godliness – wear it proudly on your body and show the world how you too was once blind, but now you can see.

Visit p4cmtshirts.

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Viv Thomas Nights Part 8

vivthomasblogconfesionspartToday’s introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, is again for Confessions Of A Make-Up Artist, and the only reason I can think of for filming two intro clips is that two scenes must have been shown throughout the Viv Thomas Night from this production.

Viv starts off again on a golf course in Portugal, with the stunning Sophie Moone minding the flag in the background, as he reiterates what he has said a few time before, about changing the style of the movies each time they go onto a new production. Then he’s back sitting with the naked Stella Stevens, who seems to be chilling out after successfully pouring Viv’s beer. I personally think she’s eying up his remaining sandwich, ready to snatch as soon as Viv’s attention is distracted.

To read more and view the clip click here

It’s interesting to note that Viv says the girls took charge of the sex in thier own scenes in this production, which he says can be seen clearly from the scene the audience is about to see. I wonder which one it was that was to be aired?

Enjoy the clip, more to follow.

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Be sure to stretch


Recently a good friend of mine who will remain nameless (Happy Birthday by the way mate;-) joined me in lifting a few weights in our effort to look like Arnie and Franco. He chose not to stretch up before hand and spent the next few days walking around like an incontinent 85 year old who’d forgot to put his nappy on.

It reminded him just how important it is to stretch before exercise. One thing that i love to see is a hot girl stretching, especially if she is supple. So i’m gonna use that random example as a link to posting a hot girl stretching and bending like crazy. Why not, it’s Friday.


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Eight Day Hard-On

vivthomascom_50981I read here that a Peruvian farmer had to undergo surgery after severe pain caused by an eight-day erection due to priapism.

Eight days! Fuck, how did no one notice? How did he urinate? How did he plough the fields? How did his wife feel after eight days? Tired I would imagine.

Attached-a picture of my penis.

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National Cleavage Day

ncdblogpic1What a day, what a day, what a day, what a mighty fine day! It’s national cleavage day. Just let that sink in for a minute. National cleavage day. You can stick pancake day up your ass, I now have a great new annual celebration. And who have I got to thank for bringing me this day, none other then Viv’s countrymen, the South Africans.

National cleavage day (abbreviated NCD) started in 2002 and is sponsered by none other then Wonderbra and the Cosmopolitan magazine. According to Samantha Paterson, the brand manager for Wonderbra, the NCD is started according to a design to solemnize women’s independence and power in all facets of life from careers, relationships and even destiny. Anita Meiring, public relations consultant for Wonderbra explained the event, “It is a day for women to realize that their cleavage is something unique and they should be proud of it”. Well I don’t know about all that waffle but I do know that thousands of women will be wearing low cut tops and exposing cleavage much to the delight of males (and females) everywhere.

NCD is celebrated in offices, restaurants and bars throughout the nation, and any gross revenue made is donated to the Sunflower Fund, a non governmental and non profit organization with a stated aim to help South African citizens diagnosed with life threatening blood diseases.

Now how the hell do I get this ball rolling in Portugal, well I’ve got a year to try and make it happen, wish me luck!

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Happy Birthday Spunk


I’d like to wish the one and only Spunk L Davis many happy returns for today and may his creative juices, that have given us such classics as the Unfaithful series and the Pink Velvet Trilogy, forever flow free. Spunk is an inspiration to many and is constantly striving to get the best shot and sound, no matter what the consequences to his body and mind (as can be seen from the pic).

So can we all raise a glass, wherever we are in the world tonight, in a toast to the most electrifying man in adult entertainment, Spunk! We salute you.

Incidentally Spunk shares his birthday with Marlon Brando and Eddie Murphy, two other people greatly admired in thier fields.

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Portrait of a Lesbian teaser trailer

jopoalHere is the official teaser trailer for the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian starring Jo, Kyla Fox, Rachel Evans, Jenni M, Angelica Heart, and the newly crowned Babe of the Year Zara. The movie is at the bbfc now and is scheduled to be released on DVD early May. The download will be available shortly before this. A full trailer will be available in a few weeks so watch out for that!

You can view the teaser now in the trailers section of the website (RECOMMENDED) or in lower quality by clicking on the link that follows here.

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Controversial Channel 4

channel4Channel 4 is facing controversy with plans to air a sex eductaion series discussing issues such as masturbation, contraception, having sex, sexually transmitted diseases, bisexuality and ‘coming out’. It will be aimed at 14 to 19 years olds and your probably wondering why is this so controversial? Because it’s airing on weekdays at 11am.

The 10 part series features two cartoon teenagers who investigate a different topic each week such as “Operation Penis”, and the program also examines marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. There is an outcry in that parents of young children are afraid that they will see it as it is on just before midday. Chanel 4 has said that the series will be heavily sign posted so parents could switch it off. Channel 4 will be broadcasting “KNTV Sex” later this year.

This follows earlier controversy with Channel’s 4 current “Sex Education Show” which is being shown at 8pm on Tuesday nights, and resulted in viewers complaining to OFcom about the show being too explicit to be shown before the 9pm watershed.

What is your opinion? Do you think Channel 4 has the right idea, trying to promote sexual awareness amongst teenagers in a format they appreciate? What I’m not sure of is the 11am showing, I mean how many 14 to 19 year olds are actually in the house at this time on a weekday? Let me know your thoughts and you can read the article here.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 7

vtnightpinkvelvetblogpicThis introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, Viv is introducing the groundbreaking production Pink Velvet 1. This clip is a little more serious then the others, but we do get to see a slice of Sophie Moone at the beginning and watch Viv hit a very nice drive up the fairway.

It’s interesting to see the reasons why Pink Velvet came about, and as Viv himself says that with this particular movie they raised the standard for lesbian movies, as far as their competitors go. With a stellar cast including Lisa, Jo, Ella & Eve Angel, Pink Velvet 1 was destined to be an extraordinary movie and is still one of my favorite VT films to this day.

Enjoy the clip, more to follow

Click here to view the clip

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Position Of The Week – Cowgirl Tribbing

cowgirltribbingblogpicThe clip below is a snapshot of two scenes from two productions, each showing the beauty of the position chosen for this week from different viewpoints. Before I talk about the clip tho I want to talk a bit about the actual position first.

Why have we chosen this position and whats so good about it? Well this position is highly liked for possibly several reasons. Firstly it’s almost a heterosexual position, so a male viewer can really get into the scene watching the two lovely ladies grinding away at each other. Secondly it could be seen as a dominant position, with the woman on top taking more control as the other lies on her back, in a helpless sort of manner. My own personal preference for liking this position is that I love the idea of two pussies rubbing against each other, moistened lips and folds pressing and catching, creating their own wet friction as their juices mix and mingle whilst their engorged clit’s are caressed by their naturally lubed soft skin. All the while accompanied by the sounds of wet membrane on membrane. Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom…

Okay I’m back lets talk about the clip. In the first part we see the much loved Nelly with the tempting Tori, taken from the production Girl On Girl 2 (fantastic film by the way). Nelly’s bum is slightly raised here and I love the way she undulates her groin upwards, desperately seeking contact with Tori’s damp sex. Both girls are getting quite a lot out of this position, their groans and gasps escaping them Tori’s free hand reaching down to squeeze Nelly’s perfect breast. This position also allows for kissing as we can see when Nelly gets up on one elbow to mingle other juices whilst they still grind away. Phew!

To read more and view the brilliant clip please click here

The second part of the clip features two hall of famer’s, Eve Angel & Sandra Shine, taken from the superb production Pink Velvet 3. We get different angles on the position here, ad some quality close ups of the two gladiator pussies battling it out for the orgasmic prize. Fuck this is a horny scene, you can imagine Eve’s coarse pubic hair setting Sandra’s sensitive skin on fire as their pussies juice up and Sandra’s absolutely fucking fantastic tits are squeezed and groped by Eve in their mounting passion.

To summarize, before I head off to the bathroom to fire another web from the wrist (call me Spiderman), I think this position is one of my all time favorites for lesbian shenanigans. For all the reasons mentioned above and also because their hands are free to tweak nipples, stroke bodies and generally stoke the fires of orgasm. I mean the idea of one girl on top, pussies rubbing together….just watch the clip, I’ve got to go…

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In Space Supermodels Can Hear You Scream


There she was in Milan having her hair styled in Tommy Hilfiger’s flagship store, just a normal day-in-the-life of “super” model Helena Christensen. Suddenly the sound of Raining Blood reverberates around the salon in muffled 128K-MP3 quality. She reaches into her $3000 Gucci handbag, past Coco-Channel the Chihuahua and the shit-stain he left on the Italian leather that morning, and she pulls out the latest Motorola V220 Special Edition. It’s a call from outer space.

No, aliens have not come to lift her up out of this illusion we all live in and heal her perception that one day morons will inherit the earth, it’s actually a call from a friend of hers: software-cum-space tourist Hungarian billionaire Charles Simonyi, just checking-in from a space station orbiting our solar system. Quite how the conversation went I don’t know. Maybe his wife needed the spare key to their helicopter, maybe he was saying “…have a guess where I am right now.” Maybe he wanted to know the scores from last night. I don’t know, and quite frankly I couldn’t give one of these.

Here’s the source of this information. I love how this article digresses to an issue far more relevant and important to their website. As I am about to do.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 6

vtnightellasdlfblogpicIn this introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, Viv is introducing the very horny production Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers. This is one of my favorite introduction clips so far, just keep an eye out for the stunning Kylie’s entrance.

It’s interesting to note as Viv points out, that they selected the particular scene aired for that night, because it starred Danni who came close to winning Porn Academy. This is a very hot scene and all I’m going to say is James Brossman is one lucky fucking bastard.

Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers is almost certainly a gem in the VT vault, and I would give anything to get a piece of Ella’s ass. What an incredible fuckable woman, with a body meant for fucking and a mind as filthy as a tramps vest.

Click here to view the clip

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Flying Fuck

flyingfuckblogpicHere’s a very geeky cool toy that my Portuguese comrade know as ‘The Piece” pointed out to me this morning. It’s a remote controlled flying fuck. Literally. It’s a r/c helicopter in the form of a giant hovering fuck, with a two channel control meaning it’s always moving forward slowly, letting people know that you don’t give a flying fuck.

In the above picture taken from the website the word fuck is blurred out but when you get the real copter it’s not blurred. I can just see myself piloting this little gem over my neighbors fence to let him/her know how I feel. Maybe it could have a use in a nightclub as I fly it over to my intended target to let her know what my intention is. Even better, just think of the potential future designs, you could do, an add on r/c helicopter in the form of a ‘?’, the word ‘OFF’ , ‘YOU’, ‘IT’, or even ‘ME’, and get a buddy to pilot it. Imagine those combination’s soaring through the sky together.

Check the product out here.

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It Can’t Be That Hard, Can It?

dirty-dogA lot of people ask us how they can get into the industry, mainly men who think they have a chance at fucking an endless stream of beautiful women. Most guys think it must be easy, although maybe that’s a male-ego thing, I wrote a little on our forum about it a few weeks ago (but I can’t find the post). But with all the premature ejaculation blogs I thought I’d add this one for kicks.

Basically, it’s not easy. So I dug out this clip from Dirty Dog 1 (the best Volume) of Ian Tate and Lucy Law, who was a really horny girl, but I was convinced would make the Dog struggle. First she started laughing at his pants, really laughing and making fun (as seen in the clip below) but he recovered well and ventured south, chewing on her pussy for what seemed like ages until she’d lost all capability for mick-taking. Later someone knocked on the door interrupting them (it was the gas man) then someone else knocked on the door ten minutes later and he actually got up and answered, cradling his hard-on like a baton. At the end of the scene we faked a piece where Lucy is really pissed off at him and she was throwing herself at him and flicking his own spunk on him, which was quite funny at the time until some of it got on the camera and then an argument ensued as to who was going to clean it off.

So enjoy the clip, and if you like a bit of fun in your straight gonzo porn this title comes highly recommended.

Another Dirty Dog blog here – this time where he just can’t quite keep it together. The cool thing about Dirty Dog is that he is a very likable and down to earth guy who doesn’t pretend like he’s too cool for school or wave his ego around in everyone’s face, that’s why we used to use him so much. The girls seem to much prefer guys like this too, Tristan Seagal is another good guy.

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MPAA says Bruno Too Gay

brunoblogpicSasha Baron Cohens new mockumentary Bruno has earned an NC-17 rating from the MPAA‘s Classification and Rating Administration, partly because of a scene depicting anal sex with another man. This basically is a ‘banned from theatres’ rating, all because the charatcer appears to have anal sex with another character.

Baron Cohens previous outing with Universal Borat, initially earned an NC-17 as well but was re-edited so it could achieve it coveted R rating. Baron Cohen has appealed and apparently the film will go back to the editing room to try to come up with a more palatable version.

What are your views on this? Do you think the MPAA should be able to restrict your access to a movie in theatres for something you, personally, would not find offensive? Shouldn’t it be your decison to see a film if it was clearly labelled as containing offensive materials? Isn’t this meant to be a tongue-in-cheek movie? In the UK we have enough trouble with the BBFC. You can see the article here.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 5

vtnightmaneaterblogpicThe production being introduced by Viv in this clip, filmed for a Viv Thomas night shown on Playboy TV UK, is Maneater starring Sammy-Jayne. I’d always like Sammy-Jayne since seeing her in Sex Analyst, so when Maneater was released I quickly snapped it up and I must admit I thought it was well wank worthy.

However Viv does not seem as impressed with Sammy-Jayne as I am, but then I didn’t have to work with her, I just saw the finished product that Spunk and the boys cooked up in their cauldron of cum. Watch the clip below to see the reason Viv was far from impressed with her. If your also wondering what Viv is laughing at in the above picture, again watch the clip for Viv’s so bad it’s funny simile.

More to come…

Click here to view the clip

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Weird Websites

peanutbutterI’m at a loss here, I don’t know quite what to say. I’m all for natural, come as you are, love your own body etc. But this is…I don’t know? Just weird. I’ve never really been into girls farting, although when I fart it’s hilarious, is that a double-standard? I’m joking of course, we all fart, apparently it’s good for you.

Anyway take a look at this website and let me know if you were aroused (maybe this is more your bag Bruno?)

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    Supermodel2019 5 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 9 hours ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 1 day ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Christa P 2 days ago

    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

    on A Night of Passion

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations