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Portrait Of A Lesbian – Coming Soon

portraitOkay, you’ve listened to the hype, you’ve waited patiently for the movie to arrive, and now after months and months of work it is finally in the UK at a distribution lab going through the final process of what is a time consuming and frustrating journey that a movie goes though from conception and filming to DVD and download.

It is an ultimately rewarding journey though, and when you see this one I’m hoping for some very positive comments. I believe it’s a winner, with a great cast of mostly new girls, some incredible scenes (lots of them) and a solid story, its a keeper.

Jo is grown up now, she’s no longer the innocent virgin who is unsure of her sexuality, experimenting and allowing herself to be dominated by older women, she’s a lesbian, she’s our lesbian!

So here is a clip from the movie. It features a scene between Babe Of The Year, Zara, and Jo – busy writing her novel, a local girl from next door comes to see who is staying in the cabin next to her house. The full trailer will be released in a week or two.

Since I first joined the team, Jo (now in her 9th year of working for us,) has pretty much summed up what we are all about. Her perfect form of femininity and female beauty encapsulates our idealism – someone liberated, not ashamed of her own desires and who she is inside. But Jo is real. She loves sex, she likes to experiment, she enjoys making love with men and women, she has desires, she has needs, just like any other woman or man, and why should she have to feel bad about them, she does what she feels is right, and embraces them. Even though Jo has a real-life job and career, she still loves to work with us, and its a testament to everything we like about her.

In the meantime if you didn’t already see it here is the teaser.

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Sex Tapes – Sandy & Anita


The Sex tapes are really taking shape and causing quite a stir in the VT office, particularly the Sandy and Anita tapes. The reason being that the footage itself was a mystery to us until we started reviewing the tapes given to us by the girls. Usually we know exactly what to expect because we film the stuff but the girls have done an incredible job capturing their filthy exploits. This project was somewhat of a gamble for us but so far we are extremely pleased with the results.

In this little snippet you are about to watch we see Sandy and Anita preparing for a night out. I have a feeling they've filmed themselves before in private because they really seem to know how to maneuver and play up to the camera without any direction. Anita Pearl's incredible arse almost upstages Sandy's. Don't worry, I said almost.

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Claudia Vieira – Portuguese Actress


Who said all the hot Portuguese girls are in Brazil? In Portugal there are tons of stunning girls on TV and they really mix it up on the party circuit. In the summer the Algarve is literally flooded with these incredible latina lovelies partying shoulder to shoulder with Europe’s rich and famous.

Claudia Vieira made a name for herself in the teenagers soap opera called “Morangos com Açucar” and after being picked as Triumph’s body of the year in 2007 or 2008 she moved into film and has recently done a few nude scenes in at least two movies: Contrato and Second Life Yeah! Now THATS what we need. Sometimes I look at mainstream sex scenes and they seem so fake compared to… well compared to real hardcore sex! They do titillate none the less.

claudiavieira claudia2 claudia_vieira_gq claudiavieira3 claudiavieira4

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Recycle Your Vibrator

recycleypurvibratorI’m sure that every household in Britain has a dead, retired or just unloved vibrator hanging around in a bedroom draw, in a box in the cupboard or even under the wonky floorboard in the cellar. In this environmentally friendly age we all find ourselves in these days, you know you should be recycling them just like all electronic devices. But finding the right facilities to dispose of them is not always an easy task, they may be hard to find but more than likely people just find it embarrassing taking ‘Old Faithful’ down to the skip, especially if it’s one of the larger scales of vibrators.

Well there is a solution, thanks to LoveHoney in the UK and The Sex Toy Recycling Program in the USA, both of which are offering a wonderfully discreet way to recycle your vibrators on the cheap. Simply wash your old toy and mail it to them (Or don’t wash it and mail it to me), and they’ll take care of the rest. It doesn’t just stop there either, LoveHoney will replace your old rabbit vibes with a new one at half price and The Sex Toy Recycling Program will email you a $10 gift card for use towards a replacement at their affiliate sites. See the websites for details and addresses.

So what are you waiting for, dig out those old war heroes and send them off to fight in the great green ecological war and get yourself a new orgasm buster. You’ll sleep well at night knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment and also because you just had a knee trembler of an orgasm that’s left you breathless and glowing all over like you’ve just eaten some Ready Brek. You can read the full article here.

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Sheryl Fenn’s Cherry

fenn01I’ve been watching lots of Twin Peaks recently, too much maybe. My life now has an unusual dreamlike quality to it even if I’m just ironing a t-shirt. Plus that jazz tune has become my theme, it plays in my head when I walk around, make coffee or get a bite to eat at lunchtime.

I’d forgotten just how sexual and erotic Twin Peaks was. The female cast is just incredible too, it’s ridiculous. So as it’s Friday and I just saw Sean trying to eat cherry’s in an erotic way (which he didn’t really pull off) here’s a clip of Sheryl Fenn showing us how it’s done properly.

The clip doesn’t start for about 10 seconds so hold in there.


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Sexy Striptease

evastripteaseblogpic1I’m currently editing up some striptease performances from some of the older shoot tapes ready for the new website, and I stumbled across this girl calling herself Jasmin. Needless to say I was mesmerized.

Spunk himself looked up at my screen and almost stumbled on his way over to get a better look. Not only is this girl incredibly cute, she’s got a great ass that you just want to grab hold of and lick from side to side, up and down, and a pair of breasts that look sensuously edible.

Check the clip out for yourself, I’ve taken a minute out of the final edit and put it up on this post so you can all see what it is that I’m talking about. I think this is the only scene we have of her, but there’s a lot more tapes to get through yet, I hope she re-appears soon. If she does, I’ll share her with you again guys and gals. Enjoy the clip.

Click here to view the clip

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Porn Tribute To Christian Bale

tanyatatemattbirdblogpicNow this is probably my favorite out of all the funny clips that I’ve posted on this blog, sheer comic genius. As a matter of fact don’t bother reading this text, just click play on the clip.

Still here, fair enough, you must be the kind of person who likes to read descriptions, instructions etc before you begin. I applaud you. Anyway I digress, in the following clip Matt Bird is giving the big titted Tanya Tate a workout in the gym. Then from out of nowhere, Matt decides to do a tribute to Christian Bale from his sex scene in American Psycho, the old pop your arm muscles whilst doing a bird doggy style and then shake a stern finger at yourself. Tanya is oblivious to this, concentrating solely on the pounding from behind.

At the end of the clip I’ve repeated it, slowed it down and inserted a picture to show you what character Matt Bird reminds me of when he points his finger like that. If you don’t recognize the character, your not watching the right comedy shows. Enjoy the clip.
Click here to view the clip

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Time to hit the beach


Yes folks, it’s that time again. Summer is here (well for us on the sunny Algarve anyway) and it’s time to dust off the flip flops and let those pasty limbs see daylight. The main thing i’m looking forward to of course is heading down the beach and grabbing an ice cold beer whilst subtlety observing the most exquisite of bodies in the tiniest bikini’s known to man. They just seem to get smaller by the day as you can see by the pic above. In my opinion they really shouldn’t bother but I guess that would then make the beach in question – nudist. And we all know those kinds of beaches generally consist of 55 year old couples with skin like a Rhino pensioner. Anyway i’m grabbing my mirror shades and heading towards the sand. Let the summer begin.

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Shot In His Pants

shotinhis-pantsblogpic27 year old Lukas Neuhardt, in an attempt to impress friends, stuck a loaded handgun into his pants and pulled the trigger. He thought the safety was on but very quickly realized it wasn’t.

The embarrassed German national told emergency medical technicians that he was the victim of a mugging, but police soon saw through his story, with a police source stating that his trousers were untouched,”Instead there was a charred hole in his pocket so either it was the shot of the century or he did it himself”.

Surgeons were able to salvage the remains of his manhood, but Neuhardt could face up to 3 years in prison for violating Germanys very strict gun control laws. Let’s hope his main weapon of choice is not firing blanks after his half cocked attempt to impress. You can read the article here.

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Classic Boobs – Pat Davis


Pat Davis is a lesser known nude model who flashed her incredible tits during the sixties when most people were off their tits. Thanks Pat, we really do appreciate it.

p1 p2 p4 p3

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Anal Jewelry

analjewelsblogpic1Just when I thought women could not find another body part with which to adorn themselves with expensive necklaces and rings, including clit jewelery, along comes anal jewelery.

Robert Huse & Son is offering anal jewelry in a selection of colors, with each piece consisting of a stainless (thankfully) plug with an interchangeable jeweled cap (in colors clear, crystal or red), and the crystals are Swarovski. A horse tail is also available for attaching to these plugs for even more variation. The cap also unscrews to reveal a hole sized for standard bannana plugs for electrical play.

My favorite piece of the website description page is where it states that they decorate the anus and, “always attract attention when worn in public”. I bet they do. So would anyone out there consider wearing some anal jewelry? Perhaps add a horses tail to it and take your partner for a ride around the room. Just make sure you send me the pictures.

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She’s worked for us for over 8 years

jo-coming-soonI was browsing through our local database of ALL the photos we have ever taken (imagine having access to all those images…) and came across a particularly beautiful shot of our 2008 Babe of the Year. She has been working with us since 8th Feb 2001 – thats over 8 years! She is still as stunning as the day we first met her.

Anyway, some of our fans may know that she will be featuring in another film soon. It will be released next month. What is it called?

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Mainstream scenes that should be porn

So last night me & Spunk were watching the absolute and undeniable genius that is Twin Peaks (season 2, episode 2 – NO SPOILERS PLEASE)! and up popped a scene that (even amongst its twisted, creepy, disturbing and hilarious world) stood out as being rather weird.

3 characters who were deeply affected by the murder of Laura Palmer sit in a lounge and share a song. James kneels by a chair and plays a guitar and sings at a really unbelievable pitch while the two girls Donna & Madeleine sit on the floor and provide backing vocals into a 1950′s style microphone. On top of this, there’s something odd about the positioning of the actors and the framing of the shot (as can be seen in the wide at 1:10) that makes James look like a giant. (You might not see this in a LQ youtube size clip, but trust me, it is so). In a word; awkward.

So as we sat there, feeling awkward, we started to joke about what would happen if this were porn and how it perhaps should be and easily could be. I’m sure a lot of us have done at some point or another, Hollywood movie, TV soap, there are thousands upon thousands of absolutely killer porn scenarios that have never seen their full potential. I will try to find some more good ones, please feel free to suggest your favourites. Unfortunately Lynch chose not to do this threesome here, indeed the way in which the scene actually concludes is FUCKING TERRIFYING, but I’d rather not go into that now…


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Say It Again Sam

sayitagainsamblogpicSammy-Jayne is not very good at remembering her lines. In yesterdays post we saw her fluffing some lines, but that was nothing compared to this clip. Let’s be honest, in the production Sam Gets Her Girl that this clip is taken from, I can’t imagine there is extensive monologues of Shakespearean standard, but Sam just can’t seem to get it right.

I’m currently going through the shoot tapes of this production and no doubt this won’t be the last post of Sammy-Jayne forgetting her lines and I’ll be sure to stick it on here for all of our entertainment. Sammy-Jayne, a true blond.
Click here to view the clip

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Guy’s First Glimpse Of A Real Breast


Bless him, I remember my first view of an actual breast, of course I was a bit younger than him and my teeth wouldn’t bite a hole in my chest if I sneezed like this poor chap. Looks like his mum had an affair with Mr Ed.

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Controversial Chinese Director Defies Ban

cannesLou Ye was given a state ban from making movies in 2006 for screening his love story Summer Palace at that years Cannes film festival without permission from the Chinese government.

Well he’s said to himself “fuck that” (or a Mandarin equivalent) and is screening his new film Spring Fever at this years festival (of which I wish I was a part of, but they said Most Subscribed was too long to be shown in competition and I refused to compromise our vision.)

Spring Fever looks like it’s going to cause even more controversy, as it’s a film about homosexuality, a subject still as taboo in China as it is at a Republican Gentlemans Only club.

You can read the full story here, at the bbc website.

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How To Talk To Pretty Women

soniaI’m not going to go all “Seduce & Destroy” on you here, but lots of guys have trouble talking to pretty girls, it’s a fact. They either clam up or they do everything wrong; they give too many compliments, they go too far out of their way to help, they buy gifts, they are generally too nice and agreeable just because the girl is attractive. Let’s face it, guys want to be intimate, we want love (and some of the things that come with love!), guys don’t want to be a big sister to a girl he’s attracted to.

Now we’re not all as handsomely chiseled, hilariously funny, well dressed or charismatic as I am, we’re also not all continually surrounded by pretty girls to practice on, so I understand that it’s not easy (does anyone hate me yet – LaVerne has a hater – I want one too), so sometimes a little friendly advice should be welcomed.

I found this article (links below) on and thought it worth a post, if for no other reason than it’s quite funny and offers some truths, like why women say they want a nice guy but feel for the asshole, learning how to use sarcasm and humour right, and learning how to say no to a pretty woman.

Part One here — Part Two here.

Pictured, a pretty girl called Sonia Red.

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Sammy-Jayne Gets Her Girl Outtakes


As it’s Wednesday and midway through the week I decided to post a clip with the beautiful Sammy-Jayne fluffing her lines on location for the production Sam Gets Her Girl, which we shot for Playboy.

There are several things I like about this clip. First I love the fact that in the background of this clip is a very sexy model who was underused by us in my opinion, Sophie, who later gets very horny by the poolside with Sammy. Holding a light reflector next to her is none other than our own diva Avril, and taking the photos is a younger, well toned Sir Viv, looking like a taller Matt Bird.

I think the fun these guys had on location is evident in the clip, with the cameraman asking Avril to point her toes (Which she actually starts to do before realizing he’s extracting the urine), and again with Avril interrupting Sammy doing her lines when it looked like she was actually going to get them right.

I also love the bikini Sammy-Jayne is sporting, very old school designed to make her legs look longer. Very sexy tho, and what an incredibly flat stomach this woman is showing off here, if she lay down you could use her as a very sexy spirit level. Anyway enjoy the clip, I’m going to watch the scene by the poolside that follows, now where did I put those man size tissues…

Please click here to view the clip

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Casting Call For Virgins

virginblogpicFilmmaker Justin Sisely is making a new documentary in Australia where he’s going to follow one man and one woman as they auction their virginity online and then lose it. The virgins who get cast will not only get to see themselves immortalized on the big screen, they’ll also get 90% of the winning bids plus $20,000.

This has caused outrage amongst some people, John Morisey, the head of the Australian Family Association has condemned Sisely’s recruiting efforts, saying “It really is just a form of prostitution with virginity as the prize”. Sisely has responded by saying he is willing to acknowledge the prostitution aspect, but the point is to look at the social attitudes that put high value on ones virginity. He says that right now, “…young people give away their virginity . Imagine if it was suddenly worth something – people wouldn’t throw it away”.

Sisely has so far gotten about 100 applicants eager to participate in the film, the oldest of whom is 26. I think it’s an interesting concept for a documentary, showing that virginity can be valuable and subject to the free market. What are your views? Would you consider saving your virginity for the highest bidder? Also the woman virgin I can understand wanting to sleep with, but who wants to sleep with a virgin male?

You can read the full article here.

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Classic Boobs – Cynthia Myers


Cynthia Myers was selected Playmate of the year 1968 and was also voted 10th sexiest Playmate of the century by Playboy magazine. I am going to assume her lovely, large Torpedo breasts had something to do with that. They remind of Eve Angel’s boobs, only much bigger.

The pictures for Playboy were shot in June 1968 when she was 17 years old, but it was Playboy’s policy at that time to wait until a Playmate turned 18 before her pictures would be published. According to Myers, she was 13 when her breasts began to develop to the size 39 DD they were when she posed for the magazine.

cynthiamyersclassic3 cynthiamyersclassic2 cynthiamyersclassic4 cynthiamyersclassic11

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The Biggest Ass in Brazil

No, I am not talking about Rivaldo, I’m talking about the bum which belongs to Andressa Soares. Her ass has become somewhat of a celebrity in Brazil, where big asses are meant to be common place. She’s been called Watermelon Woman because it’s impossible for her to stop shaking her ass, even if she stands perfectly still and holds her breath. One tap of her ass and it jiggles for up to 76 consecutive hours. You know that “butterfly effect” theory, well when Andressa Soares jiggles her ass, somewhere in Northern China a mountain crumbles. Her ass is an incredible 46 inches!

VBS are showing a three part documentary about this woman and her incredible ass, the first part of which is embedded above. Can I just add, that it is really great and very refreshing to see a larger woman like Andressa be sexualized like this, Robert Crumb would be a happy man.

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Gasper Noe Does Hardcore

701_gGasper Noe is the Argentinian-born French filmmaker who made the controversial film Irreversible in 2002.

News on ScreenDaily states that the director is planning his next movie to be “a joyful movie with explicit sex.” Although Noe can’t really be considered a mainstream director, he joins (amongst a few others) Vincent Gallo, Peter Greenaway, John Michell Cameron and Michael Winterbottom in the list of filmmakers who have made movies featuring explicit sex.

Although we’ve been trying to make sex positive films for years, ours are mostly dismissed as standard porn movies by the vast majority of people, Noe’s films find much bigger audiences than ours and he’s considered a serious filmmaker, so hopefully this new film will be thought of as art, and not merely disregarded as ‘porn’ by conservative critics who live in fear of their own sexuality. His newest film Enter The Void is currently in competition in Cannes, so I think this is great news.

Challenging the idea that explicit sex cannot be shown in film unless it is portrayed as being sterile, void of eroticism, grainy and disturbing or just generally leaving you feeling a bit uncomfortable and empty is so important. Depicting sex in mainstream cinema as positive, fun, and beautiful might just path the way for a new kind of (younger and more relevant) attitude when it comes to sex, sexuality and nudity, and I hope other filmmakers start growing the confidence to contribute.

Pictured – Benicio Del Toro and Gasper Noe.
Thanks to Chango for the heads-up.

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New Jersey scraps plan to ban the Brazilian

brazilianAccording to the Chicago Tribune, last March the state of New Jersey scrapped plans to ban “Brazilian” bikini waxes after two women had been hospitalized for infections caused by the treatment. The savior in this instance was New Jersey Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman who wrote: "I cannot agree to the complete prohibition ... banning removal of hair in the genital area."

It would have been interesting if every woman in the state of New Jersey had to let it grow. It would be like the whole city was stuck in some kind of timewarp. We have a few Jersey girls on the forum – I wonder if they heard about this?

Source here.

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Fancy A Fling – New Choclate Bar

flingblogpicSex and marketing have always successfully teamed up, with sex selling everything from cars to candy, but is there a point where sex and marketing just seem to go beyond good taste?

The Mars Company is introducing it’s first new candy bar in 20 years, the Fling, consisting of two chocolate covered ‘fingers’ wrapped in shiny pink packaging which invites women everywhere to pleasure themselves with it’s luscious 85 calorie goodness. The tag line on the package reads “naughty, but not that naughty”. Enough sexual innuendo already?

The blatant TV ad for the chocolate starts with what appears to be two people having sex in a dressing room, but it is soon revealed that the woman doesn’t need a man to make her moan (tell me something new already), but is in fact alone in the dressing room having a fling, those two fingers working their magic on a delighted female customer.

Whilst I don’t dislike the advert, I just think you can come up with a better advertisement for a chocolate bar without all the sexual innuendo. It’s a candy bar, not a vibrator, just show someone eating it and looking very happy, leave the pleasuring and fingering to our films. Maybe I’m being too harsh and reading too much into this, who knows, take a look at the advert below and you decide.


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Dave Chapelle – Female Psychology


I saw this last night I it made me laugh. I’ve been going on and on about something Chapelle mentions for ages – womens magazines! (It’s about 4 minutes into this clip.)

Beauty/fashion magazines are written and run by women, made for women, read by women, and mostly featuring pictures of very attractive, slim women (which are typically heavily photoshopped – and not just their face, facial features and skin, but also the shape and size of their bodies!) These magazines make the women who read them feel inadequate and insecure about their themselves, surely? It’s like secretly the women who make these glossy mags want to make all other women feel bad about themselves, feeling fatter and uglier at every turn of the page and subsequently disregarding their own unique beauty. But they still buy them, they seem to be as popular as ever!

If a man is flicking through a copy of ‘Mens Health’ or one of those other male equivalents then he’s probably gay, but if he is straight and he’s mistaken it for a copy of Nuts, (I can’t talk for gay men but I will for all the straight guys) he doesn’t feel bad about himself. He looks at the dude on the front and thinks “I’d easily fuck him up.” I mean I remember seeing those pictures of Beckham modeling pants and creasing up with laughter. We certainly don’t feel threatened or self-conscious by these images.

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China’s Love Land Demolished

chinaslove-landChina’s first sex theme park has been torn down even before it opened. Due to open in October, Love Land was aiming to improve both the sex education of it’s visitors and their sex lives. The park’s manager, Lu Xiaoquing, stated “Sex is a taboo subject in China, but people really need to have more access to information about it”.

The park was set to offer workshops on sex technique and safe-sex methods, but the plans seemed to be highly embarrassing to China officials, with them calling it “vulgar, ill-minded and misleading”. The China Daily reported one official saying that the owners were “interested only in profiting from sensationalism”.

Love Land was to have included displays of giant genitalia, naked bodies, a giant rotating statue of the lower part of a nearly naked woman and an exhibition on the history of sex. You can read the article here.

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Unseen Peaches Footage – Stockings & Suspenders

peachesstockingsAs I explore the mountain of tapes we have here at VT Towers I often stumble across a forgotten gem, and this is truly one of them. The clip below is of a young Peaches in a stockings and suspenders single girl scene, which to the best of everyone’s knowledge here, has not been used in any production yet. Therefore this is unseen Peaches footage. Brilliant.

My job now is to edit this scene up ready for the release of the new website, but as it’s Friday I decided to give you all a treat and put together a clip so you can all see what I’ve been drooling over this afternoon. This is seriously hot stuff, a very young Peaches with her ever nubile body, all dressed up in stockings and suspenders, and masturbating herself to a great orgasm.

I just love stockings anyway, and to see Peaches dressed in this way makes me hornier than a mutated rhino. Anyway, why are you still reading this, click on the clip and enjoy this teaser clip.

Click here to view the clip

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‘Hot Doll’ For Dogs

hotdoll1OK now I know the world has finally gone crazy, a blow up doll for your dogs, come on.

The French Website NeReinLouper (Which roughly translates to ‘Don’t Miss A Thing’), has found the latest must-have for your beloved pet, the Hot Doll. Apparently, the idea behind it according to this article, is that this doll will meet both pets and owners needs. It provides a respite from the owner from all the humping of pillows, childrens toys and of course your leg.

It is made of all organic materials and has apparently been designed to blend in harmoniously with any interior. It also come with a convenient cover for the hole so your dog wont decide to get laid if you have guests round for afternoon tea.

My personal opinion – For fuck’s sake, a dog does not need a blow up bloody doll, what a terrible, pointless thing. Anyone disagree out there? Also who the hell is going to want to clean this thing out, urgh the mind shudders with revulsion. Plus what are guests going to think if they see it the corner, just because I’m Welsh you know they’re going to think it’s a blow up sheep. Plus I’ll end up giving it a name and then wont want my dog to shag it. Hardly the dog’s bollocks in my opinion.

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Classic Boobs – Janet Lupo


A slight deviation here from Hugh G’s Best Breasts thread but definitely worth a mention. The lovely Janet Lupo had an incredible pair of natural 39DDD bazookas and very kindly shared them with the world when she posed for Playboy in 1975. I just love this Russ Meyer era of big breasts, sexy tan lines and hairy pussies.

janetlupoclassicii3 janetlupoclassicii2 janetlupo3 janetlupoclassicii4

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Spicing Up Emotionless Sex Lives

emotionalsex2Following on from Spunk’s post ‘Emotionally Intelligent Women Have Better Sex’, I stumbled across an article by psychologist Jo Maddocks and sexpert (What the fuck is a sexpert) Susan Quillam, who have come forward to give ladies with flagging libidos a boost.

The Sun quoted Jo as saying, “Everyone is born with a capacity for high levels of emotional intelligence, but this can change as we go through our general life, depending on what happens to us…We may lose touch with our emotions because they become too hard to address, stemming form our past experiences”

Some advice given include making small behavioral changes which will help you regain control throughout your life. Anxious people often can’t let go enough to orgasm, and people with anger problems , whilst sometimes ravenous for sex, can become so adamant on controlling the anger they stop feeling sexy. Jo explains that higher emotional intelligence means better relationships with others, which applies in the bedroom too.

You can find the article here for further reading, personally I believe that emotions are very important in the bedroom, and anything that can help a woman become more emotionally intelllignt has got to be worth a shot. I mean a better sex life for those women who are emotionally intelligent can only be a better experience for us men. Sold!

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Designer Vagina For O.A.P.

designervaginaoapA 75 year old woamn has stunned doctors by asking for a designer vagina operation to help her sex life.

The randy Russian, known only as Nina M, said she wanted the operation to help her sex life and so she could get herself a young husband. Dr Anna Uzunova said: “Usually such requests are from much younger women. But she wanted to have an active sex life despite her age so we agreed to do the operation and help her”.

The happy granny was delighted with the results saying she felt like a younger woman again (I bet she did). What’s everyone’s views on this? I’m confused as people are always saying old people are tight (Sorry I couldn’t resist). Maybe she should have gone for a breast job also, taken her boobs from her knees and put them back on her chest again. I guess one plus point in attracting a younger man is the oral sex point, I mean i bet those teeth come out, gummy granny blow jobs!

At least with a designer vagina she will be top of the G.I.L.F list. You can see the article here.

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The ‘Husband Hunting’ Bra

triumph-konkatsu-braStrategic marriage hunting enterprises have blossomed lately in Japan, as Japanese statistics show that nearly 57% of women under 34 are unmarried. This has led to Triumph striving to keep abreast of Japan’s single market by making a specially designed bra for women whose biological clock is ticking.

The “husband-hunting” bra features a self counter where you decide your target time or deadline until marriage and the countdown clock will start. Once you then find your ideal husband you insert the engagement ring into the slot, the countdown stops and The Wedding March begins. The bra also includes a holder for the family seal and a pen to sign a pre- or post-nuptial agreement.

Triumph publicist Keiko Masuda added, “Japanese women are becoming more aggressive than men, working actively to make marriage happen, whereas in the past it was men who led women towards marriage. The roles have switched completely”.

Some 3,800 firms have Japanese match-making businesses, meaning the market is out there. However I think this could only take off in Japan, where technology (over) rules everything. Also as you can see from the picture inset, it’s not the most attractive piece of lingerie I’ve seen and looks quite heavy. If i was undressing the lady I had just managed to miraculously persuade to have sex with me and she revealed a countdown timer strapped to her chest, I’d probably think she had a bomb or that she was sent from the future by Skynet.

I wonder if anyone’s looked at the market for camouflage briefs for men who can slip them on and escape unnoticed from the bedrooms of these female wearing husband-hunting bras.Click here to see the article.

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Don’t hate nothing at all except hatred.

Bob Dylan said that. I’m a firm believer in the idea live and let live. I’m not saying I love everything and everyone, there’s a lot of aggression and hatred inside me and I’m often disappointed with what I observe going on in the world, but I do try and surround myself with positivity, it’s good for the soul. Anyway it’s also no business of mine (or anyone else) how people choose to live their lives.

We make a lot of lesbian movies here as you know, and we constantly ramble on about sexual liberation, freedom and to love of our own bodies and accept our desires as something natural. So here is a video made by people from the YouTube community, who obviously aren’t willing to feel ashamed of who they are, as society would like them to.

Final note, I didn’t know until yesterday Lilly Allen was a pop star, I thought I was being fooled. Then I realized that since any talentless hack can scale the charts of mediocrity these days she was more than likely very popular in the music charts, you know the music charts, Top Of The Pops and all that? Hey, that’s just my own personal taste.

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28,000 Year Old Dildo Unearthed

launArcheologists have discovered a sculpted and polished stone phallus in a German cave (Hohle Fels near Ulm), it is among the earliest representations of male sexuality ever uncovered, researchers say.

“The prehistoric “tool” was reassembled from 14 fragments of siltstone, and its life size suggests it may well have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers, scientists report. Researchers believe the object’s distinctive form and etched rings around one end mean there can be little doubt as to its symbolic nature.”

So contrary to contemporary belief, prehistoric mankind did possess sexual thoughts and desires, just as we do today. So I’m also going to assume that like today this dildo spent most of it’s time hidden under a mattress and only came out when Mr. Prehistoric Mankind was out hunting Mammoths, and when Master Prehistoric Mankind found it Mrs. Prehistoric Mankind said it was for cleaning her ears. They also discovered a prehistoric fleshlight made from real flesh, rough carvings depicting a woman getting DP’d, and a figurine of the indigenous ’2 girls 1 cup’ video crafted from ivory.


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25 Hottest Women Of Business?

72979543GM029_NBC_UniversalI’m not sure where all the self-made, hardworking socialites, heiresses (Mini Trump pictured) and fashion models are (although Zombie Strippers star Jenna Jameson made the list), but here are the 25 hottest women of business according to Business Pundit.

I like how beauty equates to business sense in this list, which includes Christine Dolce who’s business genius amounts to managing to create a myspace page and making her own clothes (I’ve never made a myspace page, but I do make my own clothes – normally from bits of older clothes which no longer fit me), Jessica Chobot who had the insightful business sense to take a picture of herself licking a Sony PSP, and Tyra Banks who had the creative artistry to create America’s Next Top Model.

It was made in January so there’s no Michelle Obama – who’s incredible business sense saw her marrying the current Prez of USA, and strangely no Heather Mills, who had the business smarts to divorce Sir Paul of McCartney.

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Debut Pop Single In The Nude

A new French electro-pop duo, Make The Girl Dance, has launched the video for it’s first single “Baby, Baby, Baby” online and according to this article, has created a worldwide sensation.

The video consists of three young women who stride nude, one after the other, through the streets of Paris whilst being strategically covered by the song lyrics and has been viewed by more than 500, 000 people online in the last 24 hours.

I have to say that I quite enjoyed this video and I think it was quite a clever idea. All three girls are quite hot and seem unabashed at striding through Paris completely starkers. This was definitely a great way to launch your debut single, and cant wait to see the next video, hopefully it will be an instrumental without the lyrics! Enjoy the video.


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Candye Kane

candyekane_05021992 was a mixed bag of nuts. George H. W. Bush was president of the United States, Mike Tyson was on trial, riots broke out in L.A when the police were acquitted after been videotaped beating Rodney King, David Lynch was making his landmark TV series Twin Peaks, and Candye Kane was Top Of The Pops for 17 consecutive weeks.

Check out the music video below – as featured in the little known Alejandro Jodorowsky prequel to the Bob Fosse classic, Boobsville Caberet.

Some Candye Kane facts: She played for the President of Italy, her son plays drums in the band, she has been included in the Rolling Stone Guide to Jazz and Blues, Elwoods blues by Dan Aykroyd, she has large breasts.

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Olivia Wilde Tops Maxims Hot 100 List


Olivia Wilde is deemed to be the sexiest woman alive, according to the Maxim Hot 100 list.

House star Olivia beat off fellow actress Megan Fox to take the top slot in this years index. Olivia also beat supermodels Bar Rafaeli (No. 3) and Adriana Lima (No. 7). Olivia came to fame as Alex Kelly n the teen drama the O.C. In 2007 she joined the cast of House, playing the role of Dr Remy Hadley.

This years Hot 100 includes an inhabitant of the White House for the first time with Michelle Obama coming in at 93, with Maxim declaring that she is the “Hottest first Lady” in history.

The list of the top 100 hottest women also includes Jessica Alba (13), Angelina Jolie (26) and Scarlet Johansson (34). Congratulations to Olivia, who almost certainly deserves the top spot. You can read the article here.

olivia_wilde_13 oliviawilde3 olivia_wilde3 olivia1

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Best Bums


The blog has gone a bit boob mad lately so I want to balance things out a little with a new thread paying tribute to lovely ripe and firm bums. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good set of boobies but a great arse can send shivers down my spine. So I want to kick things off with a girl that has the whole package but her butt is quite phenomenal. Meet Cuban model Vida Guerra, I think I’ve found my next ex-girlfriend.

vida_2 vida3 vida-guerra4 vida_guerra1

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Female Body Builders

michele-levesqueI won’t name any names, but a few guys in the office here (Hugh G and Lime) like a woman with a bit of muscle, like the female wrestlers of the WWE for instance. I’m not really into it much, I love a toned body on a woman of course, but it’s not something which really turns me on, I prefer more feminine women. I have a friend who’s girlfriend can beat him at running, swimming, tennis and rowing, and whilst that might be hot for some guys, I kind of like to feel like a man when I’m with a girl, and likewise I think most women want a man in a relationship, not someone who they are going to have to protect on a Friday night at a particularly aggressive pub.

Now this isn’t a sexist comment, but I HATED that period in the UK some years ago, around the time of the Spice Girls, when suddenly the idea of equal rights for women started to distort and skew into something more awful than I could ever have imagined, it lost all meaning, and the original point had been corrupted. Women suddenly wanted to become ladettes, drinking pints of lager, swearing, farting, and generally imitating like the awful fucking behavior of men who they’d previously been disgusted by.

Anyway I digress. Here’s a very interesting clip in relation to men who are fans of female bodybuilders. I can’t embed the clip so HERE’S the link.

Pictured Michele Levesque.

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Inexperienced Video Shoot Model

awkwardsuzannablogclipFollowing on from my Abigail’s Insight post yesterday, about how some models prefer shooting stills to video and vice versa, I came across a single girl scene starring a woman calling herself Suzanna.

Now this is clearly a model who is not experienced when it comes to be being filmed, and like Abigail, I would say she would much prefer to be doing a photo shoot as opposed to a video shoot. Watch the clip below for some rather awkward moments captured on film, where instead of getting you the viewer turned on you start to wonder if the model is really comfortable doing this. This would be a pain to edit, every time the video cameraman asks her to smile she laughs, she wants constant direction (as you would get in a photo shoot), and she is clearly not relaxed.

I’m not sure if Suzanna went on to be a veteran of the video shoot and perform it with pomp and flair, but she does have a very nice set of breasts (although not quite up to this standard), and it would be shame if this was the one and only video shoot she ever performed in. Although judging from her performance here, I’d imagine it was.

Click here to view the clip

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Hack Attack


I haven’t got the first clue about computer hacking. It’s one of those skills that i think certain brains can pick up very easily, mine is not one of them. Somewhere out there right now is a 15 year school boy who should be cracking on with his geography homework but instead is tunneling his way into the FBI HQ just so he can pat himself on the back and boast to his underground cyber buddies.

Well some hackers are far less ambitious, instead they go for your average R&B diva such as Cassie here. She claims her computer got hacked, and her topless pictures are now floating around the internet. And because we live in the 21st century, Cassie’s already commented about the “scandal”-on Twitter. In the words of Cassie herself:


Well Cassie, i can’t see this little incident doing you any harm.


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She’s Going To The Chapel!


There’s been talk for years about us doing a lesbian “wedding” themed movie. We always wanted to do it, seriously, but we wanted to incorporate it into the right idea. It’s a great setting for an all-girl film, with bridesmaids, brides, a female vicar, more bridesmaids, another bride.

Well I’m going to say here and now that we really wanted to do this to end the Unfaithful series, where both girls become faithful after all. Of course many are aware we’re still in negotiations with one of the lead characters to star in the final episode. Hopefully everything will be sorted soon and we can plan our ‘one last fling and then the sexiest lesbian wedding party anyone has ever seen before having some great wedding night sex which spills over into the honeymoon’ final part of the series.

I was a little sad recently when newfieboy58 said on our forum that it had been so long he’d lost interest in the idea. Well to pick things back up here’s an article on about the ‘sluttiest’ wedding dresses! I like Mariah’s and No.2′s best. If we are going to do this I think it definitely needs to have a little class, more sexy than slutty. And finally, The Dixie Cups….

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Rat Snake Bites Trouser Snake

toilet-snakeA Taiwanese man is recovering in hospital after a snake sank its fans into his ‘mini me’ as he sat down on the toilet of his rural home. The unnamed 51 year old victim suffered minor injuries to his penis during the attack.

The China Times explains: “As soon as he sat down , he suddenly felt a knife-like pain and reacted instinctively by standing up. When he looked down he saw the big snake”. The snake in question was a black and yellow species of rat snake and was later shown on local TV being uncoiled and plucked slowly from the bowl.

I really feel for this poor fellow, the thought of anything happening to my todger really makes the tears well up in my eyes, and just the image of snake fangs buried in my helmet or lodged in my sack makes me wince like I’ve just devoured a bucket of lemons. Poor bastard.

Luckily the rat snake was non-venomous, but the director of the hospital treating the unlucky chap said, “As soon as he passes the risk of infection, he can go. A snake’s mouth isn’t always clean”. You can read the article here.

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Everyone Loves Boobs

custom_1241706231925_the-hulkIt’s true, we all love boobs. Yes you do, admit it. Big ones, small ones, pert ones, heavy ones, shapely ones, they’re all good.

There is something comforting about boobs, and they are very feminine of course. When I see a pair of nipples pointing at me I can’t help but suckle up for a lick around areola city and then a good suck on nipple village, when a boob drifts in my vicinity I can’t help but gently cup her in my hand and give her a nice squeeze, and when two of them come my way well I have to drop what I am doing and give them my full attention.

Anyway here is an article on boob products!

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Abigail’s Insight

abigailtoyneSpunk says we’re often asked here why some models are good at photo shoots but dont convey themselves very well on the video camera, and vice versa. Some models are great at both, and some suck at both but they usually have a preference for which one they prefer.

Whilst going through some older material here at VT Towers, I came across a soft striptease video starring Abigail Toyne. At the start of the video shoot the cameraman has left the tape rolling and we get an insight into this models views on whether she prefers stills to video and the reason why. It’s interesting to get Abigail s viewpoint and I’d thought I’d share it.

Personally I always get quite nervous whenever a video camera is pointed at me, so I’d probably pick still photo shoots as a preference, but who the hell is going to want to shoot me anyway. They’d sell about as well as plane ticket to Mexico right now. Too soon?

To view the clip click here

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Emotionally Intelligent Women Have Better Sex

n4fa7vzxdn6pd3o7mg1zmyoio1_500New research on over 2000 female twins (and why was I not invited) shows that those with greater emotional intelligence experienced more orgasms and led better sex lives. It states that “these women were able to monitor their own and others feelings and emotions.”

As anyone who has regular sex knows, you can be chewing, sucking, grinding or bumping away and if that something is missing then it can be a wholly forgettable experience. An intimate emotional connection and understanding of your partner makes sex so much more intense and pleasurable than just technique (this obviously doesn’t include my three-point-degree-rotating-slide-and-shift-technique.)

I guess this goes for scenes in pornography too, when that emotional connection occurs and the models start reading one another, responding appropriately and sharing this kind of sexual communication then sparks doth fly. I suppose those of us with more emotional inteligence can sense it. When you enter this zone and you’re on the same wavelength as your partner I don’t care how experienced or well equipped you are, or even if you somehow know my ’3PDRSS’ technique, you can give multiple orgasms to your partner and still leave her glassy eyed and looking at you like you just turned her body into the nerve center of sexual satisfaction.


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The Premature Problem cont…

dirtydogelle2Thanks to Spunk for pointing me in the direction of this outtake, featuring none other than Dirty Dog and Elle. The scene is from the production Sex@ctually, which in my opinion is a must see film, packed with some steaming hot scenes that will have you reaching for the fleshlight in no time!

I believe that Elle was Dirty Dog’s girlfriend at the time of filming, and she is one sexy minx, grinding away on Dirty Dog’s member for all she’s worth. It all begins to take it’s toll on the poor chap and he realizes that he has to stop or he’s going to shoot his load all over the room, ahead of schedule. But he almost leaves it too late so there’s no time to politely ask her to stop, he has to eject his member out of there and fast, hoisting her out of the way and throwing her to the side. Brilliant, nice moves Dog, that was a close call.

Also if your wondering why she moves Dog’s hand out of the way when she gets close to orgasm, it’s because she trying to save her orgasm for the hard shots, as Spunk informed me that she had already had one orgasm during the soft shots and he asked her to have her next one whilst a hard shot was being filmed. Nothing like a bit of trivia for these posts.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Enjoy the clip in all of it’s unedited and raw glory, it made me smile and feel horny, I hope it does the same for you!

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Girls of 2009 – Emily Browning

emily-browning1Someone's been paying attention because I recently watched a movie called The Uninvited starring Arille Kebell whom I blogged about last month. In the movie Arielle plays the sister to another attractive young Australian girl by the name of Emily Browning, who is 20 years old, (yes she is 20 I checked!)

The Uninvited is based on a Korean horror film from 2003 called A Tale of Two Sisters. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the original is probably much better (as those Asian horror films usually are), I wasn't impressed with the movie, however I was impressed by Emily Browning, she's a good young actress so I wasn't too surprised to see she's been nominated and won various Best Young Actor awards.

Anyway enough of her talent, just look at those eyes, those lips, that ‘come and get me' smile. Oh man I'm starting to feel like Randy Pan the Goat Boy...Goat Boy can make a bell ring in your tummy. Alright enough of that.

Emily will next be seen in Zach Snyder's Sucker Punch opposite Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish. Which sounds like it might have some, uh… promise. Ahum.

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The Best Breasts – Part 2

bestbreastspart2Chikita, Chikita, Chikita. Wow! What an absolutely fantastic set of breasts. As part of my ‘Best Breasts’ posts, there was no way I could not mention the beautiful Chikita, crazily good looking, great ass, in fact great body altogether, topped off with that awesome rack of man magnets. Incredible.

What I also love about this woman is the fact that her nipples are ‘innies’ as opposed to ‘outies’. This means you would have to tease them out with your tongue, gently nurturing them out of their hermit caves. You’d know when you’d finally got this woman turned on as they’d swell out onto the end of your tongue, reveling in your caress. The things I would do just to get a mouthful of her mammaries, to get the opportunity of coaxing her nipples to hardness and to suck on them all the while hearing her groans of pleasure…Ahem, anyway what was i writing.

To get back to the point, the clip below is unedited footage of her in two single girl scenes, taken from the forthcoming production Making Snow. Here’s what Spunk says about it:

“The making of Snow was a disaster, things fell apart during the shoot and we never finished the movie, we did however film one g/g scene, and quite a few solo scenes which were going to be in the movie as dream-like sequences. So lots of this content currently has no context. At a later date, I am going to put all this footage together, along with interviews with the crew documenting the shoot. It will be a kind of ‘Lost In La Mancha’ making of film. Including full scenes, bits of edited footage from the movie we did manage to finish, and some other bonus stuff too.”
Click here to read more and view the clip

So enjoy the sneak preview footage of Chikita and her two best assets, and we promise to keep you updated on Making Snow, more best breasts to follow…

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Stormy Runs For Senate

05Stormy Daniels might be challenging David Vitter in the 2010 Republican Senate primary, in her native Louisiana. Vitter, who is strict conservative, a pro-life, NRA and abstinence-only sex education supporter sounds like a real scum fuck, and that’s just from skimming through his Wikipedia profile.

This is a guy who “decries sexual freedom (straight and gay alike) while simultaneously hiring prostitutes.” In 2007 he was identified as a frequent client of a New Orleans escort service - one with a reported penchant for wearing adult diapers during the act.

I can not say anything on this story better than it was said here, so please check out the link, and lets hope she does run because lets face it anyone would be more welcomed than Mr. Dave ‘sucker of Satan’s cock’ Vitter.


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Richard Kern in Brazil

I love the beach, and I love Brazilian girls, and I love Richard Kern’s work and the mini documentaries VBS.TV show on his photography of women, so I’m just going to leave this here.

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Sexy Jaime Pressly

jamie-presslyfaceonlyI’ve been watching the new series of My Name Is Earl and I cannot get over just how damn horny Jaime Pressly is. In the show she plays the character of Joy, a trailer trash redneck with no morals, but this just seems to make her so much more damn sexy. There’s just something about this woman that makes my blood boil. Hell if she wasn’t even in the show I doubt I’d watch it with half as much zeal.

Jaime has also posed nude for Playboy in 1998 and 2004 and I’m about ready to see if I can order some back copies. One sexy woman with a mouth that looks like it could suck a golf ball through a hose pipe, and a body that was made to be devoured every hour.

jamie-presslyfaceonly jaime-pressly-pic2 jamie-pressly-pic5 jaime-pressly-pic3 jaime_presslypic1 jaime-pressly-pic4

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Hollywood salaries for Porn


Ok so I’m not talking about $20 million Big Willy / Tommy Cruise salaries but Vivid are starting to offer serious bucks for certain ladies they want to appear in their movies. Chairman of Vivid Steven Hirsch has offered Miss California Carrie Prejean 1 MILLION DOLLARS to appear in an adult film. He’s reported to have said – ‘We watched Carrie Prejean in the Miss USA Pageant and we were impressed with her talent and beauty. We're also aware of the controversy caused by her statement about same sex marriages and the topless photos of her that have appeared online."

Prejean was runner-up to Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton in the Miss USA Pageant, but was crowned a media sensation after expressing her opposition to same-sex marriages. The 21-year-old has since become the target of gay activist groups and a high profile spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage.

Hirsch stated in a press release that his business offer to Prejean is made "without any preconceptions about her religious or personal beliefs but simply because a film with her would be profitable and could be an opportune way for her to benefit from her recent celebrity."

Vivid recently made a million dollar offer to "Octomom" Nadya Suleman, but were turned down. Hirsch is trying to extend the Vivid-Celeb line which has titles starring Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Jimi Hendrix, and former Miss USA Kelli McCarty.

We could be in a slight bit of trouble if our models start demanding those kind of figures.

carrieprejean carrie-prejean5 cassie miss-california-topless-picture

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Male Contraceptive Jab On The Horizon

malecontraceptivejabA male contraceptive jab could be as effective at preventing pregnancies as the female pill or condom. A monthly tetosterone injection works by temporarily blocking sperm production, and could revolutionise birth control experts believe.

In trials in China only one man in 100 fathered a child while on the injections, and six months after stopping the jabs the men’s sperm counts returned to normal. Previous attempts to develop an effective male contraceptive have encountered problems over reliability and side effects such as lowered sex drive and mood swings.

Family planning campaigners have welcomed the news, but experts said more trials were needed to check the safety of the jab. If successful this would empower a man to make a decision which involves more than just a condom, however they must remember it is no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

You can read the full article here.

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Portrait Of A Lesbian – coming soon


In the run up to Portrait Of A Lesbian being released we thought we would post some nice clips and images from the movie. This one (after the click), is taken from the scene between Lola (our current muse) and Kyla.

Now this whole movie is just an erotic tour-de-force, but this scene was a really memorable one to film, mainly because it was twenty minutes into the scene (and that is in the edit!) before Kyla slipped off little Lola’s panties to sample her flavour, and when I nipped around for a close-up shot I was struck by just how wet she was! Off-camera Kyla was looking at me smiling, with a “can you believe this!” expression on her face, gently dipping her finger into Lola’s pussy to show her cum. It was hot, and this is just the build-up! The whole scene is great, they do loads of tribbing and after Lola has eaten Kyla’s pussy (Kyla does this great thing when she’s having her pussy eaten where she almost fucks the girls mouth, riding and grinds against her face) there is this moment where Lola comes up to kiss her and Kyla just starts licking all over Lola’s mouth and chin saying “I can taste myself…” and things like that.

Portrait Of A Lesbian is our next “big” title as far as we are concerned. It’s a really, really strong title with some incredible new girls, and a string of memorable, sensational scenes, and of course the iconic Jo, and Babe Of The Year, Zara!

Teaser here, trailer coming soon.

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Copulating Corpses Exhibition

gunthervonhagenA new exhibition opened yesterday in Berlin, which features preserved dead bodies having sex. Critics say that a maverick German anatomist dubbed Doctor Death has gone too far this time.

The dead copulating couples are all part of Gunther von Hagens exhibition The Cycle Of Life which, “offers a deep understanding of the human body, the biology of reproduction and the nature of sexuality”. Exactly what I was thinking.

The dead bodies are from four consenting donors and are plasticised, a process invented by von Hagens involving skinning bodies to display the naked muscles, nerves and tendons , and preserving them with a synthetic resin. The exhibits are also in a room only accessible to over-16′s.

Van Hagens is no stranger to controversy, in 2002 he conducted Britain’s first public autopsy in 170 years despite the risk of arrest. Critics accuse him of deliberately shocking people in order to gain publicity rather than furthering science as he claims. Michael Braun, culture expert, said the exhibition is the “low point in his tastelessness”. Kai Wegner, a politician, said breaking these taboos, “…is not about medicine or scientific progress. It is marketing and money-making pure and simple”. It appears to work, von Hagens touring Body Worlds exhibition is drawing millions of visitors from around the world.

What do you think about copulating cadavers being shown in this exhibition. Is it all about breaking taboos, and actually having no significance or gain to the medical world other than making one man money? I personally think this is rather distatseful, and not something that I would pay to see or go to see if it was free. Death doesn’t disturb me but I don’t think dead people shuld be immortalised in sexual positions. Let me know your views, I’d be intrigued to hear. You can read the full article here.

Picture above is of Gunther von Hagen posing with his girlfriend behind him :)

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True Love Will Find You In The End

Here’s a nice way to start Friday, with Daniel Johnston’s True Love Will Find You In The End.

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Paper Heart

_12411222911584Here is a nice new movie trailer for a film/mockumentary called Paper Heart, about a young girl who doesn’t believe in love, then unexpectedly finds it. It’s by the guys who are making some of the best comedies coming out of Hollywood right now.

Loving someone, and having them love you back is the best feeling in the world. Likewise losing love is probably the worst, but love is love, and as many will confirm, love gets lost and love gets found again, love puts it’s arms around you at the most unexpected of times, but sometimes knocks you down just as you’re on the way up. A crazy fool once sang:

“…True love will find you in the end, you’ll find out just who was your friend. Don’t be sad, I know you will. But don’t give up until, true love will find you in the end. This is a promise with a catch, only if you’re looking can it find you, because true love is searching too, but how can it recognize you unless you step out into the light.” Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You In The End.


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Midwest Teen Sex Show

Here’s a link to a website called The Midwest Teen Sex Show, and above one of their sketches about boobs! It’s a humorous look at sexuality for teenagers in America whose only other access to Sex Ed is either from Bang Bros porn or the 57-year-old God fearing R.E. teacher who has two kids and has only ever had sex twice.

I’m in support of anything which teaches youngsters that sex and sexuality is mostly healthy, fun and perfectly normal.

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The Best Breasts – Part 1

sandras-breastsI’ve decided to do a few posts in homage to some of the best breasts out there on planet erotica. I am a boob man first and foremost (although I am partial to a tasty looking ass also), so the following posts will be in my own opinion, some of the finest out there in porno land. I’m not saying I should be the master of mammary but I like to think I know a nice breast when I see one, well preferably a pair. Also to be in my best breasts posts does not mean the girls just have to have big boobs, the best breasts come in many shapes and sizes as we’ll see in the following posts.

Who to start with? Sandra Shine of course. This girl has an absolutely fantastic pair of full tits, firm and bold, they pack a punch without being overly large. They’re perfect for her body frame, with ripe nipples and a natural cleavage that just sends me drooling. Having those heaving bad boys in front of me wold mesmerize me like headlights to a rabbit.

I also happen to have the perfect video clip to show her assets off. whilst going through some shoot tapes from the production The Return Of Sandy I came across an introduction clip filmed for Reality Porn 2 that was filmed the same week. The shot required is for Sandra Shine to bounce topless up and down on a trampoline and introduce that episode of Reality Porn. Well here it is in all its unedited and raw glory, featuring the perfect Sandra getting breathless by the end of the final and third take.

To read more and view the clip click here

Sandra’s amazing personality and just how much of a nice girl she really is shines through here (see what I did there), but most importantly her amazing breasts bounce up and down lots of times. Enjoy the clip, more best breasts to follow…

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My Dishonest Heart


I was lucky enough to buy a print of Audrey Kawasaki’s last year, as they are very difficult to get hold of.

She has announced on her site that on 9th May, 12PM Pacific Time, a limited edition run of “My Beating Heart” (pictured above) will go on sale. For those interested I suggest you get in early, they will sell out within minutes.

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Don’t Touch The Breasts!

Don’t Ram the Boobs – Watch more Funny Videos

This Japanese game show is similar to the game Operation, but involves breasts. Genius.

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Lola Part 2….Pic Appreciation


I join Spunk L Davis as another member of the Lola fan club. She really is a gorgeous little bundle of loveliness who was an absolute pleasure to work with last week. Not only was she fantastic in the movie we were shooting, she shone like the little star that she is when it came to the pictures too. For some bizarre reason i took a ridiculous amount of pictures of that delectable little arse of hers, don’t ask me why.

lola6 lola4 lola1 lola2 lola3 lola5

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Bitten Off More Than She Can Chew

bittenffpenisblogpicThe Star online reported yesterday that a secretary has accidentally bitten off the penis of her employer whilst giving him oral sex in a car. The 30 year old woman was performing oral sex on the man when the car was hit by a reversing van, the impact of the crash causing the woman to bite off her lovers organ. Ouch.

To make matters worse, the woman was being watched at the time by a private investigator who had been sent to spy on her by her husband after he began to suspect she was having an affair. The investigator said he followed the woman and her boss to the Singapore park where they met after work, after arrival they did not alight from the car and it began to shake. After the car was hit by the van there was a loud scream (I bet) from the woman whose mouth was covered in blood. The investigator called an ambulance and the woman followed her lover to hospital with part of the sexual organ (hopefully not still in her mouth).

Can you imagine this happening to you, I would be crushed. I’d call that secretary into the office in the morning and give her a right mouthful, I certainly wouldn’t let her take notes by dicktation anymore. I’d probably fire her for being too cocky and for stealing her bosses equipment.Thats it, I’m out of penis puns :) You can read the article here.

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Lola and a new movie


As some of you might be aware, last week we shot a new production. You can read all about it here.

This blog is to basically share with you my enthusiasm for a new girl we have been working with called Lola. She is, I believe, a wonderful new discovery. For three days Lisa was giving me comparisons with one of her favourite girls, Jo, who she shares a long history with in our movies. Lola’s eyes, her soul, her smell and her taste were all that of a young Jo, apparently. Lisa’s words, not mine.

Lola not only encompasses young natural femininity and female beauty, but she is really great to work with too. I can’t say enough about this young girl right now, but I think she is something special and I hope it’s going to come across over the next few films she is in.

Below are a few quick snips of raw footage I threw together, just from skimming quickly through a tape while reviewing the footage. It’s nothing special, I just wanted to include something. Sorry I didn’t bring in a funny dialogue section or something like that, but I don’t want to give anything away about the movie just yet, as I said, this is just from forwarding through some footage this morning.

I couldn’t believe just how incredibly beautiful Lola’s face was, she didn’t need any make-up at all, all I had to do was point a camera at her and the shot just came alive. It was incredible.

Lola will next be seen in Portrait Of A Lesbian. Teaser trailer here.

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The Danger of Homemade Porn


Here is a funny reason why it’s ok to take naked pictures of your girlfriend, but why she should never take pictures of you.

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The flame that burns twice as bright…


Penny Flame, the girl we all know through a series of pornographic movies over the last eight years has now become Jennifer Ketcham again.

Her new blog as Jennie has her talking openly about some quite personal and intimate things, I guess it must be kind of cathartic for her. She’s a smart girl and I think it’s worth a read.

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How Does Sex Work?


There seems to be an endless amount of books and articles (mostly in women’s health magazines) about sex – how to have better sex, how to spice up sex, how often you should have sex, why you should have sex, positions to have sex in, how to perform oral sex…and blah blah blah. We all love sex, it’s a fact, even the pope has a fleshlight stashed away somewhere (probably), and however much we try to cover up the fact we all need and love sex there’s always evidence to the contrary, usually deep within the veins of our hypocritical mainstream media, the very source and inspiration of our own fear and hatred of our own bodies and desires.

Dr. Sharon Moalem (who is a man) has compiled his own painstaking research into book form exploring what sex is, because obviously no one really knows, and it’s appropriately called How Sex Works. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that there’s not much in there you couldn’t get from Wikipedia, but I suppose it’s a more socially accepted way of looking at soft focus pictures of breasts and bums. The book covers almost everything, from why men produce more sperm when watching porn scenes with two guys and one girl, the mysteries of female ejaculation, how Brazilian waxes are making pubic lice extinct, why girls are experiencing their first period younger and younger, and why a blokes nutsack hangs dangerously outside his body.

Time’s quick capsule reveiw: It’s a skimmer.

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The Warm Hug of a Fleshlight


I sometimes feel like I am living in some kind of parallel universe, someone will say something to me and I have no idea what they are talking about, they might as well be speaking some ancient language. This is what happened when the word “fleshlight” entered into a discussion a couple of weeks ago. What the fuck is a fleshlight you might ask? Well watch the video in that link and all mysteries will be revealed.

Personally, (and I’m no square, I’ll try anything), I don’t think it’s much of a replacement for the love and warmth of a good woman. Mind you, when times are hard most guys will be quite happy to stick their dicks into most things. I knew a guy once who would buy a watermelon, patiently wait for it to peak in juicy ripeness, then warm it up, cut a hole in it, and insert himself into the soft mushiness. Not sure if he’d eat it afterwards, it probably would have lost some of it’s sweetness.

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Virgin Lips Movement

virginlipsblogpicIn Knoxville Tenn, December 13th was Kathy Krugers wedding day, and also the day she had her first kiss. In a culture where casual sex is the norm, some Tennesseans have taken the purity pledge to a whole new level, through a practice that some teens call the “Virgin Lips Movement”.

Religious leaders say these examples of super abstinence deserve admiration and not derision, especially in a time when the only social taboo would seem to be violating the ‘third date rule’. When asked about how they know they want to get married if they haven’t even kissed yet, they reply I’m not going to marry someone because they’re a good kisser. Other arguments from super abstinence are put forward such as saving the first kiss for the wedding day to guarantee the marriage wasn’t based on “the physical”, but instead based in the emotional and the spiritual.

Not everyone agrees however, Jessica Valenti, author of ‘The Purity Myth’, notes that 95 per cent of Americans have premarital sex, and trying to save your first kiss for marriage may be an unrealistic expectation. If teens don’t succeed, and turn into a slobbering mess in front of 200 people, it would be a huge letdown leaving them feeling like failures.

I personally believe that so long as it’s the individuals choice, and not a view they are being forced to adopt by an influential figure, then so be it. If they and thier partner are truly happy to save even thier first kiss for the wedding day then who is anyone to say they are being foolish. With high divorce rates in this stressful age we live in, perhaps more marriages would benefit from not basing mutual attraction on physical satisfaction only. Not for me however, I quite like the idea of premarital sex and will be carrying on liking it for a very long time. Each to thier own, you can read the full article here.

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Worldwide Average Penis Size

worldwidepenissizeblogpicThanks to Solune for pointing me in this direction, she sent me a link which I found quite interesting about research done by Dr Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego, who has carried out detailed research to determine what the average penis size is worldwide.

Dr. Diego carried out a widespread research which apart from his personal experience in Andrology, included several studies published by prestigious physicians from all over the world. According to all this information he discovered that the worldwide average penis size in erection is 14 cm, or 5.5 inches.

You can click here to see his world penis size chart showing both flaccid and erect size, with France in the lead with a 6.2 inch average erect penis size (See Tristan Seagals one eyed monster), and South Korea measuring in at a poor 9.6cm or 3.7 inches. Strangely enough, United Kingdom is not on the chart, I guess the study didn’t want to piss the French off and take thier crown :)

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Lets Put A Show On For The Queen…

luvers_on_grass Unfortunately I’m not on about The Royal Variety Show, but what a couple must have thought before they were arrested a few days ago for having sex out in the open on the lawn of Windsor Castle, one of Queens Elizabeth’s primary residences.

Witnesses said the couple engaged in intercourse on the castle lawn for several minutes, in full view of surrounding stores and hotels. Another witness added that the castle guards were even watching it from the windows. A Thames Valley Police spokesman said the couple were issued a warning after being arrested.

I’m all for a little bit of exhibitionism but this goes too far surely, having sex on the Queens lawn, whatever next? You can read the full article here.

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Divas Of The WWE – Melina

melina-profileMelina began her career as a model and won a Miss California beauty contest before joining the WWE and becoming a professional wrestler. This woman has a certain flair for sexiness, and has the best ring entrance that I’ve ever seen, going down into splits and then pulling herself into the ring, rubbing and almost grinding her pussy into the mat (check the photo on the left out). Awesome, this woman can throw those pins of hers around, check the tribute video below to see exactly what I mean.

melinasplitsSo not only is she fit, has the best ring entrance ever seen, she’s also got an amazing set of breasts and an ass so firm you coud bounce a euro off it. The only thing that could cap it off for me was if it said bisexual in her wikipedia entry instead of bilingual (I had to take a second glance at that one). Melina also has been outspoken about her disinterest in posing for Playboy magazine, which is a shame as she practically wears next to nothing as it is, and it would be swell to cast an eye on her full figure completely in the buff.

Anyway enjoy the tribute video, and keep an eye out for the splits…


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    Supermodel2019 5 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

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    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

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    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

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    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

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    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

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    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

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    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

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    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

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    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations