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Private Lesbian Sex Tape

I saw this video a while back – it’s a homemade lesbian sex tape – and it kind of inspired Most Subscribed and also the new Sex Tapes which are currently being finished. If you like this kind of thing you might enjoy this. Thanks to the girls (who ever they are) for sharing it!

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Girls Of The World

Moran Atias

Hello everyone. Still in Israel because there are many, many beautiful girls here, like Moran Atias and Amit Freidman! Wow. There’s so much beauty in the world, sometimes I think my heart can’t take it. amit freidman Moran-Atias-Hot Amit-Freidman-1100310 moran a moran_atias_Sexy Moran Atias amit-freidman

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Classic Boobs – The Soares sisters


Yep, that’s right….sisters. Alana and Leilani Soares, both 5′ 2″ and born in Redondo Beach, California. In March 1983 they modeled together in a Playboy spread that is still very popular today. Alana was the more prolific of the two in terms of modeling success but for me it really is difficult to pick a favorite. Their stunning looks come from a Hawaiian-Japanese father and a Spanish-Irish mother, now there’s a combo that should be entwined more often if these are the results.

sisters2 sisters1 alanasoares1 alanasoares2 alanasoares3 alanasoares4

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3D Porn

I am haunted by something a colleague (he will remain nameless - Mr. SM) wanted to film some years ago. He wanted to take a piece of glass which he’d film through, and then have a man jerk off and cum on the glass, to give the viewer the experience of having a man ejaculate on ones face – or a facial as we call it. We never did it, as we were so disturbed by the idea, but I suppose some gay porn company utilizing 3D technology is going to beat us to it anyway.

Here’s a report from on 3D porn. This clip made me laugh at times actually, and also features Sandy.

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The C**t Coloring Book

cuntcoloringbookBlogPicSo I was browsing the internet, looking for a new book to peruse at my leisure, when I found this delightfully titled book, ‘The Cunt Coloring Book” by Tee Corinne.

It’s exactly what it says in the title, forty two pages of picture perfect pussies all waiting to be coloured in by your loving hands. So what are you waiting for? Purchase it and bust out your crayons, and start bringing those sketched pussies to life with vivid strokes of your hand.

What I found especially funny was the reviews posted here on the amazon website, including one guy who was most disappointed with the book, stating, “I was gutted to find that many of the geitalia on offer were closed, reserved affairs, prompting me to color in with mostly pink felt tip pens”.

Another review includes the rather witty response of, “This book is just page after page of squiggles. Not a single picture of Bernard Manning, Richard Little john, Paris Hilton, Piers Morgan…I’m tempted to ask for my money back!”. Hilarious.

The coloring book is available from all good, bad and downright seedy bookshops, but is not published by Disney.

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Zippora Seven Controversy

Zippora SevenMore nude controversy in Australia, this time surrounding the decision by Russh Australia (which is a lifestyle and fashion magazine) to hire 16-year-old Zippora Seven for a provocative 18-page editorial fashion spread and publish said pictures in their magazine.

The problem-pictures seem to be the ones which show Zippora (don’t know what’s with her name by the way) topless and in a bubble bath surrounded by empty champagne bottles.

It is the second time this year the magazine has published topless pictures of her, the first taken with her spawled out on a horse.

It all seems to have been done legally but opinions are going to differ on this one for obvious reasons.

You can read some opinions and judge the pictures for yourself by clicking on the above link.

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Edible Anus

edible-anusFollowing close on the heels of anal jewelery comes a new product from the UK, a handmade Belgian chocolate anus. Available from Coco De Mer in London and Los Angele’s the chocolate comes in sets of three, one dark chocolate, one milk chocolate and one white chocolate, each shaped as a perfect rosebud anus. Each box costs £7 and there is a minimum order of 5 boxes.

They proclaim that their, “…anus range can dissolve cultural boundaries of race, gender and sexual orientation”. Mmmm, precisely what I was thinking. I do know that there is at least one forum member who may be interested in making a purchase for some incredible edible anuses.

They are also selling a limited edition solid silver anus made from 55 grams of hallmarked silver and for the steep price of £260, calling it a “…unique and thought provoking gift”. I’ll agree with the unique aspect but then couldn’t a solid silver turd also be called ‘unique’.

So not for me, but then I’m not a choclate person, and when I do fancy one I’d rather it didn’t look like an arsehole. However if you fancy chewing on a chocolate sphinter, feel free to order from the links above.

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Pfeiffer Is Pro Prostitution


Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates have been quoted by as calling for prostitution to be legalized, after playing historical hookers in a new period movie.

The pair play 1920′s courtesans in the film Cheri, and “the risque subject matter has prompted them both to question why the world’s oldest profession has been banned throughout most of their native America”.

Pfeiffer says “There is an argument to be made for providing some protection for prostitutes. It would solve a lot of problems for them. They’re going to do it anyway”. Not a brilliant argument Michelle but I’m sure it was from the heart. Her co-star Bates agrees, saying, “For health reasons, it would be better for people to enjoy these pleasures”.

Whilst I don’t think their outspoken views will change the law in America at a rapid rate, what are your views? Is it time we legalize and offer protection to prostitutes? It’s a tricky question, not as cut and dry as you’d first imagine, and I’d be intrigued with your views, feel free to comment below. You can read the article here, and if your interested you can view the trailer below for the film.


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Sex with Sandra Shine

sex-with-sandra-shineI don’t know why I get this feeling but Sandra Shine is one of the most incredible girls we have ever worked with and it sometimes feels like she is sidelined on our site. I guess because she is off working on her own projects now and running her own web site – hopefully very successfully. In honour of all her work with us, the guys compiled her greatest scenes in one DVD: Sex with Sandra Shine.

Do you think we chose the right scenes or do we need to do a version 2 as well? I have added the trailer after the break and you can buy the DVD here or pay for the download if you need it NOW! :)

The mighty Fleshbot just published a review on Sex with Sandra Shine by the equally renowned Gram Ponante of Porn Valley. Thanks guys!

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Cat Power

13702103-13702105-largeHere is a song for a Friday, from Cat Power and her album The Greatest.

The song also features in Wong Kar-wai’s English language movie My Blueberry Nights, which incidentally stars Norah Jones. Not a bad movie, although not as good as his others.

By the way I know it’s a rather depressing way to kick-start a Friday but the King Of Pop did die last night. Maybe we’ll liven things up a little later.


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Portrait Of A Lesbian


Stern and I have been working on finishing off Portrait Of A Lesbian for a couple of weeks now. I know we’ve been fairly quiet about this one but finally here is the full trailer for the movie.

The minisite will be up next week, around the same time that we are going to simultaneously release the film on DVD and as a download. A date will be announced on our forum very soon. This trailer will also be available to watch in a larger size in the trailers section of our website.

Portrait is one of our most polished movies I think, when we were making it we wanted it to be a super erotic piece so even though there is a story and a strong setting it’s quite visual. Once again it’s different, and coming after something like Most Subscribed (which is very different in style) it will be interesting to see what people think.

The cast is almost entirely made up of girls making their debut in a movie – for me it’s Lola and Kyla Fox who come out on top.

There will be a lot more to say about this movie on the forum a little later. For now, enjoy this trailer.

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Girls Of The World

barI landed in the Judean desert on my tour around the globe to rejoice in the myriad of forms female beauty takes on, so now here I am in Israel.

Meet 24-year-old Bar Refael, a young Jewish-Israeli girl.

Hello Bar!

Fuck off Leonardo haven’t you got some films to make where you play a 14 year old boy.

Alright so she’s a fashion model so she obviously pretty hot, but don’t worry we’ll be mixing up the beauty soon enough!

Right, I’m off to catch that plane again.

Hopefully I’ll land somewhere cooler next time.

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Movie Sex Scenes – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (1990)

tie-me-upI saw this film for the first time last year in a run off Pedro Almodovar movies I was watching while drinking cerveza, eating jamon, and killing bulls.

It stars Antonio Banderas as a mentally ill orphan who kidnaps porn star and former heroin addict Victoria Abril in order for her to fall in love with him. Now although kidnapping a woman and tying her to a bed normally won’t send her into a love-inspired lust frenzy, this is the movie world and a black-comedy at that, so it eventually does.

The film, which explores the sexual side of relationships and how sexual desire and lust affects everything, pretty much builds up for over an hour to this scene, so when it comes it’s quite a relief. I wish the first part of the clip was included here, where she finally takes pity on him and is moved to embrace him, instead it’s just straight to the sex here. There are also no subtitles in the clip I found which is a disappointment because it makes the scene unusually non-glamorized – “..did that hurt…” “…don’t pull it out…” “…did you cum…” etc. There’s a romantic awkwardness to it which I found pretty funny and quite cool.

Last thing is that we’ve been discussing female fantasies a little on the forum and I guess this movie might fit somewhere into that. Ladies, enjoy Mr. Banderas prematurely ejaculating.

Victoria Abril & Antonio Banderas Have a Sex ScenceThe funniest videos clips are here

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Live Cam Girls


For many years I have viewed LIVE CAM GIRLS with some scepticism. It always seemed like a seedy corner of the Internet where exploited Philippine girls were trussed up and bundled into a big sweaty office and forced into doing unspeakable acts in front of a live audience.

I did some research and the inevitable route to a REAL live chat was somewhat arduous – click this link here! – so I did. You get taken to another frigging site (and another and another) with reams of hot babes just waiting to show their silky pussies for ya and you never get anywhere! Normally I just gave up and went for a real shag. So when we were presented with an idea to provide you with some real live girls to chat to, I groaned and thought “That’s not really our thing”. Then I tried it.

The guys had to yank me out of the chat rooms – it really is compelling. The girls are pretty damn cute too and are from all over the world. Apparently they are quite different to traditional porn stars, who if left unscripted often just stare boringly at the wall. Yesterday I was lurking in a chat with a girl called Josette and she had the entire room going wild – showing her bare naked ass to roars of approval. It really is good clean fun (but can get pretty messy if you want it to :) ) So if you haven’t tried it, go and see what its all about (you’ll go straight to a list of live babes – not to some shitty other site).

Let us know what you think in the comments. You’ll see we have put up a few ads (one on the right here in this blog and another on the forum).

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Zara & Eve Get The Giggles

zaraevesmilegigglesblogpicWe’ve all been there, we all know what it’s like, your trying to perform a smoking hot lesbian scene and you just get a fit of the giggles. Bugger. In the clip below the very horny Eve Smile and Babe of the Year Zara, just can’t seem to stop laughing, giggling like nuns in a cucumber patch.

The clip is taken from a rough edit I was doing of a scene which will feature in a series of productions entitled ‘Family Affairs’, here’s what Spunk has to say about it – “The new Family Affairs series is a joint PRO and project and stars a host of beautiful girls including, inter alia, Laryne La Roche, Erika Angel, Bianca Golden and Debbie White. They are a mix of lesbian and straight scenes, each one with a nice set-up giving the sex some basis for happening. All of the scenes revolve around cheating wives and husbands, curious sons and daughters, older/younger seductions, it’s all in keeping with the ‘suburban secrets’ theme we explored in Mum’s and Daughters but this time the scenes are not quite as ominous – it’s an all round more fun affair”.

Thanks for that Spunk. Family Affairs will be released later this year, and what a series it’s shaping up to be. Just from the rough edit of this scene I had to have twelve fans blowing on me to keep me from boiling over with lust. These two lovely ladies are great together with some memorable moments from the edit being watching Zara lick Eve’s pussy like the cat that got the cream and Eve feasting on Zara’s splendid and plentiful bust.

It’s nice to see that ultimately all the girls on location with us have a great time, and that our cameraman has the patience of a saint as these girls try to shake their laughing fit. Enjoy the clip and keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming ‘Family Affairs’.

Click here to view the clip

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Girls Of The World


I thought it would be cool to do a little tour around the globe this week so we can meet some beauties from around the world.

We’ll start in Japan and zip Bond-style around the Earth so we can all rejoice and celebrate the beauty of femininity in all it’s shapes, colours and sizes.

So first up meet 22-year-old Miyu Sakurai.

Hello Miyu!

Right, I’m off to catch a plane, next stop, well we’ll see…

I’m going to have a sleep, then jump randomly out of the plane Commando style see where I land.

Hopefully on something soft.

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Loudest girl in Tennis


Over the years some of the best women tennis players in the world have grunted and squealed their way to victory. Who can forget Monica Seles or more recently Maria Sharapova. Well now a new girl has emerged who makes these girls sound like librarians. Meet 16 year old Michelle Larcher de Brito. This Portuguese tennis sensation has come under plenty of criticism due to her incredible yet somewhat distracting vocals on the court. I have to be honest, i’m not sure how much of it I could take just watching her on TV. Oh well, there’s always the mute button.


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The History Of Homosexuality

A new program coming to Current TV on 2 July.

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10 Foot Cock & A Few Hundred Virgins

Here’s a very funny song by Tim Minchin about sex and religion entitled ’10 Foot Cock and A Few Hundred Virgins’. Enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Meryl Streep!

meryl-streepHappy Birthday to one of the greatest actors of all time who turns 60 today and I’ll be honest, I still find pretty damn sexy.

My favourite Meryl Streep movie is Adaptation, Out Of Africa is good and I love Kramer Vs Kramer although she is kind of a bitch in that. So instead her is a montage of scenes from Still Of The Night, with Rob Scheider, my favourite actor ever to play the Rob Scheider role in Jaws.

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tampopo_coverTampopo (1985) is a Japanese comedy by Juzo Itami. I remember watching it some years ago and something recently made me think about it again. I tried hard to remember the title with no avail, eventually it took a Twitter buddy to help me out.

It’s typically off the wall (it’s a Japanese comedy, come on!) much of the movie focusing on consumables, something which is said to be a reflection on the almost compulsive nature Japanese culture has for food, especially Ramen noodles.

There is an odd sexual undertone throughout the movie, I guess if you have a food fetish this one would send you to fetish heaven. This sequence staring Ken Watanabe and a disturbingly young looking girl was the one I remembered – part one featuring a raw egg, part two featuring an oyster.


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Antichrist Passed Uncut By BBFC

acpost_thumbEven though our films are often scrutinized (and often require cuts) by the British Board Of Film Classification for their sexually explicit content, I have to applaud some of the decisions they make when examining more mainstream films.

Lars Von Trier is an exciting filmmaker and I always look forward to watching his movies. His newest, Antichrist, tells the tale of a couple coming to terms with the loss of their son who died while they were having sex. The controversial film contains scenes of pornography and torture but was passed uncut with an 18 certificate.

The decision has been condemned by some including John Beyer, director of Mediawatch-UK (I assume it’s some kind of book burning organization) who has said “films of this sort … should not be classified for public exhibition anywhere” at which point I assume he added “…won’t somebody please think of the children!”

Von Trier was also booed at Cannes, even though the main actress in the movie, Charlotte Gainsbourg (who won Best Actress in Cannes for the film) defended Von Trier against accusations that the film exploits women.

The film is released on July 24, at which point adults be allowed to form their own opinions.


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Vintage Sexist Ads


Here’s a vintage sexist advertisement from the days when political correctness was a crazy notion and the ‘good old boys’ ran everything. You can see more classic advertisements from back in the day in this thread here.

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Unfaithful 5 – A Sneak Clip


The guys and girls on our forum are a demanding bunch. Unfaithful 5 will arrive at some point this summer, I’m not going to say much about it, although I have written here on the forum some information. In the same link is a request for everyone to come up with ideas for Unfaithful 6. Nella wants to see a script before she agrees to do it, so please help me out.

Also if you really feel like helping me, I am gathering ideas for a new set of projects based around female fantasies. Now I could just do some googling, but I have been speaking to some girls recently and when you hear honest accounts of female fantasies, it’s a lot different than just reading on google something a bloke probably wrote anyway. If anyone would like to contribute anonymously or on the forum then please PM me or write something in the “Female Fantasies” thread. Your fantasies can be gay or straight, filthy or romantic, realistic or completely imaginary and you’d never want to really happen – they are all welcomed, just try and be honest and give all the details. You never know they might be realised on screen by myself and the team and starring some of our amazing models.

Ok on with the clip for Unfaithful 5 – which is after the jump.

This clip is taken from near the beginning of the movie. Lisa, Eve and Jo have arrived in Portugal at a villa where they are staying for the week. Lisa is still struggling to come to terms with losing Nella, despite Jo and Eve’s effort to take her mind of things. After having unpacked and listened to Jo and Eve making love in the next room – Lisa lights up a joint and sits outside listening to the birds and looking out at the view. She begins to think back to her first holiday with Nella, when they were having the best of times and their relationship was intact. A major part of the movie revolves around Lisa’s fragmented memories of the time she spent abroad with Nella. In this sequence Lisa remembers back to when they arrived at the villa she booked, and Nella keeps teasing her because it’s so rustic and in the middle of nowhere.
Sorry for the size of the clip and the quality – as I say it’s not finished yet – so this is all you’re gettin’!

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Be Kind To Your Vagina And Your Vagina Will Be Kind To You

pussyFunny thing is I was just wondering about this the other day – health spa’s which are dedicated to the care and grooming of vagina’s!

The first of it’s kind opened last April in Manhattan, and it’s called PHIT (Pelvic -why not Pussy I don’t know- Health Integrated Techniques).

Gynecologist Dr. Lauri Romanzi, who came up with the idea, charges $150 gynecological exam — “in which a client contracts her pelvic muscles around Dr. Romanzi’s fingers — to determine by feel whether muscle tone is weak, moderate or strong.”

Phit Website – check it out – this Dr. Lauri Romanzi is quite a looker! Images are coming to my mind of her going in without the glove!

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Like A Virgin For The Sixth Time

sixthtimevirginVirginity is usually something that you lose and then you go through the rest of your life without. I’ve known some women who have told me their virginity was not such a big thing, and they first slept with a guy to get it over and done with. Some women and men are even thinking off auctioning off their virginity online.Then again I’ve also heard of women who preserve their virginity like a treasure chest, either waiting for Mr Right or at least a bloody big wedding, and some even go the extent that they will not even kiss their partner until they’re married.

A Russian woman known only as Natalia K, has now ended up in intensive care after restoring her virginity for the sixth time using the wonders of modern technology. But why do it? It appears that Natalia married her husband at 24 years old and after the wedding Natalia’s husband confessed to her that it upset him that he wasn’t her first man. Boo hoo buddy, is that really all that important? Anyhow, Natalia decided to make it up to him by having an operation to surgically restore her hymen for their first anniversary, so that her husband could at last pop her cherry and feel better. It was such a success that she did it for him the next year and the year after, for a total of six hymenoplasty procedures.

On the sixth operation, after signing a waiver after being advised by doctors not to go ahead with it as her immune system was weakened from the previous operations, she has now wound up in intensive care after developing an infection.

I don’t understand the husbands mind set, I mean at the end of the day it’s just a fantasy isn’t it, both parties are still very much aware that he is not the first one to steal her virginity, so shouldn’t the once have been enough? Why does it bother the husband so much anyway, generally everyone has previous lovers, isn’t it more important that as you are now married, that you have against all odds found the love of your life and can now cherish every day you have left on this crazy planet together?

Hopefully Natalia and her husband will celebrate thier seventh anniversary with a meal in a nice restaurant instead. You can read the article here.

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The Ancient Book Of Sex And Science


The Ancient Book Of Sex and Science is a collection of mid-century styled paintings and other works of art by Pixar animation designers. In the style of the Maths, Biology and Chemistry books of the 60s, the theme of this one is sex, robots, sex, aliens, sex and maths.

Via BoingBoing.

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15 Korean Models

seo-you-jin-01As far as I am concerned there are not nearly enough girls from the Far-East represented here. So on that note here are 15 Korean models you should know. I haven’t ever been up on the industry in the Far-East (it’s mostly Japan I guess) even though they seem to have some totally amazing babes and make some incredible movies.

At one stage a couple of years back I was trying to organize a trip to Tokyo with Jo or another one of our Euro babes to make a movie with Japanese girls, it was going to be our Lost In Translation.

Unfortunately restrictions on budgets changed our plans, still it is something I still would really want to do at one point. Just imagine a EU/Asian crossover movie done with some taste and style.

Link courtesy of

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Jo and Silvia Saint

Jo and Silvia Saint

Jo and Silvia Saint – Just because they’re HOT! Here’s the set for MEMBERS only :)

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Boy Crushed By Megan Fox


Check it out. This was the moment Megan Fox emotionally crippled a young man. It’s called rejection my boy, get used to it. It is a blindingly honest shot, because despite the idle chit-chat, the waving, the smiling and posing with the fans, these people really couldn’t give two-fucks about them as individuals. Just smile and take the fucking rose Megan, you cold hearted Fox.

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Eating Kate Silverton for breakfast

0460f602-8023-4174-8019-077205555632 One thing I have noticed recently is that I have been getting the horn (big time) every morning over Kate Silverton. She seems to flirt outrageously with guests both male and female which leads me to believe she is a repressed sexual minx.

I just know she’s that clever girl at school who was only into studying and always so well behaved, then one day when she’s 16 the hormones kick in with such ferocity that she decides to have her first sip of alcohol, she then suddenly becomes a raging temptress who is so horny that the faintest of touches sends electrified orgasmic thunderbolts through her entire body. We had a couple of girls like that at my school. There’s something behind the eyes, it normally sits dormant but every now and then you catch a twinkle.

So she loves being physically challenged? She doesn’t get to do it as often as she’s like? I would love to get involved Kate, please drop me a line if you’re reading this.

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The Chopsticks Bra

chopstickbra01Each year in Japan 25 billion (around 90,000 tonnes!) chopsticks are thrown away.

The chopsticks bra is lingerie makers Triumph‘s latest concept bra designed to raise awareness of these kinds of environmental issues.

Triumph lingerie model Yuko Ishida, who ordinarily carries around a pair of her own chopsticks, says she hopes people think of the environment when they see this bra, adding that "the chopsticks on the sides help add a little extra volume to your bust." To be honest, as much as I care for the environment when I see a girl in a bra it’s not at the forefront of my mind.

Other bras include the No Shopping Bag bra, the Solar Powered bra, and the Warm Biz bra.

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Ladies’ Day At Royal Ascot

delicateleavesToday is “Ladies’ Day” at Royal Ascot – which means there will be lots of upper class chicks of varying ages cavorting around wearing the most absurd hats you’ll ever see. They will wear these hats without any hint of irony, sipping champagne and Grey Goose vodka and eating caviar and wasabi-cream canapes.

There’s a good fantasy in here somewhere. An older aristocratic woman from the elite classes in an unsatisfying marriage to a closet homosexual, generations of inbreeding in her family, the young stable girl…

Charlie Brooker on hats at Royal Ascot.

delicateleaves zaraphilips 2089651_10_1 pinklady

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Chinese Girl Becomes Working Class Hero

na-ax935_cscand_g_20090527181127There seems to be a couple of conflicting reports on this news incident involving Deng Yu-jiao, a 21-year-old Chinese girl who was attacked by two government officials who tried to rape her at her place of work.

In an attempt to defend herself she stabbed one assailant repeatedly with a fruit knife and he later died on the way to hospital.

After initial fears that she would be convinced of murder she gained huge public backing from around the world. It’s common for officials and members of the elite classes to be protected in these instances, especially in the Far-East, but after such widespread calls for an open and fair trial she has now been released and walked out of court a free woman.

Sources: Times, NY Times, China Digital Times, Guardian.

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So I Almost Married A Pornstar…

soimarriedpornHayle Hocking , 27, has found out weeks before her big wedding day that her 30 year old fitness fanatic Jason Brake made adult films, resulting in her canceling her wedding and country house reception.

Jason Brake was described by his fiance as romantic, thoughtful and a passionate lover (I bet), and after eight months he proposed and bought her a diamond engagement ring. He often went away at weekends, telling her he was training client in a gym, when he was making money from porn films as a sideline.

Jason was rumbled when a friend of Hayle organizing her hen night, searched for a male stripper online and spotted Jason in a porn movie with a woman. After he admitted he was earning money from porn she pulled the plug on the wedding. In his defense Jason said he had been making occassional films before meeting Haylie and that the sex was purely for the camera and that Haylie could not understand he was only acting. He also added he wold have stopped if she’d asked him to. Well she didn’t actually know did she buddy?

I can see Haylie’s point here, this guy was clearly having his cake and eating it, engaged to a woman he loved yet unable to quit having sex with models on video. Jason makes no indication that he would have quit making adult films after they were married and so it’s understandable that he states at the end of the article that he would be honest with women in future relationships. You can read the full article here.

What’s your view? Should Haylie be more forgiving to her thoughtful and passionate fiance and give him another chance? Or is she right to kick him into touch? It will be interesting to see men and womens views in the comments below.

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Mona Lisa Posed Nude To Fund College


Napoleon’s ambassador to the Vatican, Cardinal Joseph Fesch, once owned this portrait of a semi-nude woman which bears a resemblance to Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting. It will form one of the centrepieces of a new exhibition at the Museo Ideale in the Tuscan town of Vinci – where he was born.

It is thought that Leo might have painted a similar portrait to this, which might have later inspired the creation of this newly discovered piece.


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Ever Wondered What You Look Like When Your Watching Porn?


Filmmaker Robbie Cooper has put together a fascinating short film for interweaving people talking about their relationship to porn, with shots of them in the throes of enjoying it. Be aware that whilst this is an interesting watch it may make some viewers uncomfortable and is not easy titillation.

The film was done exclusively for, and as the website states, it does, “..throw up any number of questions about voyeurism and exhibitionism and makes clear the incredible nakedness of the solo sex act“.

You can watch the video here.

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Sweating and Grunting with Sir Cliff

tennisgirl_450x675It’s almost that time of year again, next Monday will see the likes of Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic, Martina Hingis and Martina Navratilova all wearing tight white tennis gear, grunting and sweating as they hit a small ball at one another at terrific speeds.

I enjoy the tennis, as does Sir Cliff, but we all know why the rock and roll virgin likes Wimbledon – he likes the smell in the ladies locker rooms (to which he bribed an access key for in 1976), he likes burying his head in the used towel basket and breathing in the oestrogen, then smearing himself in strawberries and cream and parading around the showers in Steffi Graffs old sports bra which she left behind after her 1989 win – allegedly.

Hot Female Tennis Players to watch out for.

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X-Rated Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s


There is something about these classic adult movie posters I love. They are so much more appealing and erotic than most contemporary adult movie covers, I can’t put my finger on it, but there seems to be more love and passion in these posters, as there often is in the classic adult movies compared with the wham-bamery of modern smut.

Hot Lunch starred Desiree Cousteau, a porn actress in the 70s and 80s. Below is a clip of her in “Sweet Alice,” which also starred John Holmes.

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Abby Winters Gets Arrested

abbywinters_r_maddy057The offices of, the Australian porn site dedicated to working with amateur teens, students and backpackers has apparently been raided by the police in Melbourne.

They are investigating material that was shot in Victoria, where it is illegal to produce adult material, and also allegations that some of the models on the site are under age.

The director of the company, Garion Hall, was arrested at his home and later released facing charges which carry a maximum jail term of two years.

Seems the Aussie government doesn’t look to fondly on naked girls having sex with one another, or even on their own.

Source via fleshbot.

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Cheeseburger Pussy!


Now I don’t know if you’ve seen this video or not but I found it funny and very horny all at the same time. It’s a short clip of a woman whose pussy looks spot on to a cheeseburger when squeezed gently by her partner.

Obviously it doesn’t look anything like the humorous pic above that I found whilst perusing the web, but it does look damn tasty and I’d eat it with relish. The bird who owns this remarkable pussy is also very hot herself which just goes to add to the magic of this video clip.

Enjoy, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m starting to feel very hungry indeed, now do I go for a kebab or a fur burger? Decision, decisions!

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Scrubs – A XXX Parody


Now I’m a big fan of the show Scrubs, and I was chuffed when the series was commisioned for another season recently. Now I’ve stumbled across a trailer for ‘Scrubs – A XXX Parody’, which is exactly what the title implies.

Scrubs XXX closely mimics the feel and look of it’s inspiration, from the opening credits to copying the pacing. humor and jokes. However don’t expect an in depth storyline, but if you enjoy porn parodies which come close to getting the feel of the original comedy series whilst also being packed with hot hardcore American sex, then this could be for you.

Not really my cup of tea but you can see the trailer here to judge for yourself, and if you do fancy it you can go to the official webpage to purchase it.

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Sammy-Jaynes Outtakes Cont…

sammyjaynebogpicouttakesconYou know it’s getting harder and harder to write introductions for these clips, there just seems to be a bottomless pit of her outtakes in the shoot tapes for the Playboy production Sam Gets Her Girl. Not that I’m complaining, they are quite amusing and it’s always a pleasure to see Sammy-Jayne gracing my screen, but if they don’t end soon I’ll probably have to resort to just posting the videos with a one liner introduction instead. This just seems lazy however.

Anyway, Sammy once again has trouble remembering her lines as in previous posts, and the cameraman once again shows incredibly good patience, bless him. I wonder if she wasn’t so good looking whether he would have resorted to vent his frustration on her by now. Who knows? Anyway enjoy the clip and I daresay there will be at least a couple more to follow.

Click here to view the clip

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Peaches is horny


This picture highlights just how horny Peaches was during her Sex Tape experience with Zara. Their marathon hotel sex session never looked like ending. Mind you, who could blame Peaches when Zara is on the menu.

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Classic Boobs – Diane Webber


In the history of glamour photography few women possessed the combination of beauty, grace and wholesomeness that Diane Webber did. It was more than just her ample breasts with remarkable nipples. Standing only 5’2 she had a curvaceous fit body (39D-23-37), thanks to her ballet dancer’s agility. She was photographed by some of the most famous names in glamour and nude photography, including Bunny Yeager, Peter Gowland and Russ Meyer. She was Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month in May 1955 and February 1956. According to several sources, she is not only the first model to show her pubic hair in Playboy, but also the first to be shown in a full frontal nude pose.

diane1 diane4 diane3 diane2

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Sammy-Jayne Outtakes Cont…

sammy-jayneouttakesagainSammy-Jayne, you are outtakes heaven, every shoot tape is filled with your exceptional ability to not get your lines right. I think though that what comes across in every Sammy-Jayne outtake that I have posted is that she is good fun to work with. Frustrating but good fun.

The cameraman has the patience of a saint, probably helped by the fact that an incredible body is straight in front of him, and how much he fancies her helps his patience very well I’d imagine. Anyway, enjoy the outtakes clip, I’m very confident that there is more to follow! Sammy-Jayne = Outtakes Gold.

Click here to view the clip

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New Catholics and the Sexual Revolution

Here is a man who understands “the ache.”

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Sexy Monique Striptease

moniqueblogclipI’m currently going through some single girl striptease footage at the moment from back in the day and I came across this absolute darling that I just had to post a clip on here for all of you to see.

Monique is her name, and looking smoking hot is her game. What an incredible body this woman has, firm pert breasts, stunning legs, toned stomach and an ass that begs to be worshiped. She has a very sexy look to her and did I mention her ass. Now I’m a breast man as you have all probably guessed by now, and Monique has undeniable near perfect boobs for her physique, but what blows me away with this girl is her spectacular rear end. The things I would do to this ass, wow!

Anyway enjoy the clip of this stunning girl who has made my weekend complete, I’ll be burning her to disc and placing a ‘Do Not Disturb‘ sign on my apartment door as soon as 4pm rolls around.

Click here to view the clip

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Celebrity ‘Art’

artSome of you might be aware of the controversy surrounding the Annie Leibovitz photo shoot of Miley Cyrus when she was just 15. The red corner (which included Germain Greer - that link leads to an interesting article) said it was art, the blue corner said it was pornographic and obscene.

Many celebrities have done so called ‘artistic’ photo shoots in the name of art, but you have to question the motives of the celeb, the photographer, and the publishers who are to distriubte the pics, were these shoots just a marketing ploy to titillate and promote? Does it even matter if were they genuinely beautiful and tasteful pictures? It’s hard to know for sure. As we can see from the recent Helmet Newtun photo shoots (see left) of Scarlett and Jessica (I am on first name terms with both) only an artist could capture this kind of raw, unadulterated art.

The clip below is from Brass Eye, a satirical British news program. In the beginning of this clip, Chris Morris questions an expert, who seems to have all the answers.


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Sammy-Jayne Outtakes Cont…

sammy-jayneouttakescontblogThis girl is just giving us gold all the time. We’ve seen in previous posts that Sammy-Jayne is just not the best at learning or delivering lines. Again whilst this is quite common in porn, it should be slightly easier for someone whose main language is English. If girls like Peaches and Nelly, can remember their lines from scripts as detailed as the Unfaithful series why the hell is Sammy struggling with dialogue that is overly simple.

But I guess we don’t really watch her for her acting skills, more for her incredibly sexy body. When Sam does get her lines right she oozes sex appeal, and the outfit she’s wearing in this outtakes clip is fantastic, I’d love to peal it off her and devour her body with my eyes, before tasting with my mouth.

It also makes for funny viewing however, and once again I’ll reiterate that I’m sure there’s a lot more left in the Sammy-Jayne fluffing her lines tank, for a few more posts. Enjoy the clip taken from the shoot tapes of the production Sam Gets Her Girl, and look forward for more to follow…

Click here to view the clip

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Cheeky Crackdown On Thongs

thongblogclipOfficials in the city of Yakima in Washington state have passed a law that has made it a crime for women to be seen wearing see through dresses and G-strings in public. Women caught wearing what officials called “cleavage of the buttocks”, face being fined up to $750 and thrown in jail under new laws.

Yakimas Mayor Dave Elder has proposed the law in response to at least three coffee shops in the city, who have recently opened and use attractive ‘baristas’, who serve customers wearing bikinis or skimpy clothing exposing their thongs. Critics are calling it ‘sexpresso’ and say the businesses are using sex to sell coffee. Although the law is aimed at the businesses it will also affect other women. Also the punishment increases if the person exposes themselves to a child under 14 with up to a year in jail and £3000 fine.

This seems a little bit crazy to me, why is it such a bad thing if a woman exposes a thong? These new businesses are still going to sell coffee whether thier staff have thier thongs on display or not. This seems to me to be one persons repressed view affecting everyone else as they are in the position to impose thier view on the general public. Hell, thongs are sexy, show them off, it certainly makes my day to see a sexy thong slinking out of a pair of tight pants. Mayor Elder, you are a very cheeky, sad guy. You can read the full article here.

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The Butch Wing

caged_heatLoose-fitting clothes, short hair, masculine looks, all the hallmarks of a lesbian according to a womens prison in Virginia.

For more than a year the 1,200 female inmates of Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women were segregated by officers and guards in an attempt to stop sexual activity. Apparently some straight women were mistakenly sent to the “Butch Wing” because of their appearance.

I’d never really thought about it much, but of course the powers that be try and stop any lesbianism in womens prisons to stop them having any kind of fun, obviously, but also to stop the spread of diseases. I kind of want to make a film based in a womens prison now. Might have to re-watch Caged Heat – that is one of the best trailers ever! Timeless. “…My name is Craaayzeee, honey, what’s yours?”

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More Outtakes from Sammy-Jayne

moresammy-jayneouttakesWe’ve seen in previous posts that Sammy-Jayne just isn’t very good at remembering her lines. Now whilst this is quite a common problem on set for models, it’s usually because they speak very little English and have trouble saying the lines let alone remembering them. So what’s English rose Sammy’s excuse then?

Even speaking in her mother tongue she just can’t seem to remember a few lines of dialogue. I mean we’re not expecting her to recite the entire works of Shakespeare, but a few lines, before she buries her face in the juicy pussy of the girl sitting next to her. On the flip side of that though, it’s not really her acting skills that we are probably watching her for, but instead to see her tongue probing another vagina while her pert ass sticks high in the air and her stiff nipples are being caressed to ecstasy by another woman’s touch. Although on the flip side of that she has such a nice posh accent, if she can just get her lines right my balls would tighten like they were on a choke chain.

Anyway, it makes me giggle and I have no doubt this is not the last we’ve seen of Sammy-Jayne fluffing her lines, as I continue to plough ever onward through the mountain of shoot tapes. Enjoy the clip taken from the production Sam Gets Her Girl, and hopefully there’s more to come…

Click here to view the clip

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Condom Credit Card

condomcrditcardblogpicThe British Government are now starting a national campaign to make condoms available to teenagers which appears to be well concieved. The program will allow boys aged from 12 to 20 to get ‘C-Cards’ after attending a sex-education session. Then by presenting these cards at certain locations such as youth centres and pharmacies, the teens can get packs of condoms free with no questions asked.

Sexual health charity Brook who have been asked by the Government to draw up guidance for local public health chiefs, have said that C-Cards have helped cut Britain’s teenage pregnancy rate over the last decade, and added “There is no evidence that it begins sexual activity earlier…but these schemes are providing them with context and access to service so that when they’re ready to start having sex, they do so safely”.

The growth of C-Cards has horrified family campaigners who believe they send the wrong message to impressionable teenage boys about underage sex. Josephine Quintavalle has stated “We used to talk about recreational sex amongst 18 year old’s – now it it 13 year old’s”.

Personally I beleve that seeing as Britain has the highest teenage preganancy rate in Europe, this scheme can only be a good thing. If the 13 year old decides he’s going to have sex, he’s going to have it whether or not he has a condom so it seems a good idea to let him have access to condoms with no questions asked, and he at least has to sit through a sex education classs first also. The cards may even become a status symbol among young boys. You can read the full artcile here.

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Life Celebrate Marylin Monroe

picture2The 1st June this year would have seen Marylin Monroe turn 83-years-old. Life magazine celebrates her tragically short life this month with the release of a series of photos, which until now have never been seen before. Taken by photographer Ed Clark in L.A’s Griffith Park they show the 24-year old star in a series of poses, she was on the brink of becoming the biggest sex symbol in the world.

Via f-listed.

Article and more pictures at LIFE.

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Classic Boobs – Marilyn Lange


Marilyn Lange is a prodigiously endowed model chosen by Playboy magazine as the Playmate of the month for May 1974, and later the 1975 Playmate of the Year. Just one month after her high school graduation she married a classmate from that same high school, Jeff Pelosi, who also was the drummer in the 1960s rock band The Critters, who had hit records that included “Younger Girl”.

Apparantly Marilyn had quite a talent for football / soccer. As a publicity stunt the Chicago Sting of the men’s North American Soccer League selected her in the final round of the 1976 draft. Jim Walker, general manager of the Chicago Sting said, “We liked what we saw”, no kidding Jim. Lange was picked for the Sting’s sixth draft choice. In the end she only did some promotional work for the team and the North American Soccer League. Marilyn was quoted as having said “I wish I were a guy so I could really play”. Well I for one am glad you’re not.

cover marilynlange013 marilynlange019 marilynlange005

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Ida Ljungqvist in trouble again

ida_ljungqvist_wet_in_the_pool_004Half Tanzanian half Swedish (whoa) Playmate of the Year 2009, Ida Ljungqvist has been named in a suit filed in the L.A. County Superior Court.

A woman named Katrina Kantner is alleging that her husband gave Ida $90,000 in cash and gifts while skipping out on his own child support, which Ida was apparently aware of. Still, not so sure why a suit has been filed against her and not Mr. Kantner, but anyway…

This isn’t the first time Ida has been in trouble with the law. In November 2008 she was invloved in a custody battle with one Joshua Lang over their pet chihuahua, Bonnie.

I just love these bad girls.


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Beauty Salons

hai_fingersOn the subject of womens pubic hair, here’s an idea for Office Girls 3 maybe?

On the forum we talked about the idea of various business women from different international companies coming together for meetings in Europe to talk about a major takeover/investment of some kind.

Well maybe they are building an elite 7* spa on a remote island, the first of it’s kind, which is exclusively for women. Rich and famous women will come from all over the world to experience the special health and beauty treatments which are said to leave them in a state of euphoric bliss.

Clients are not only bathed, pampered, cleansed, manicured/pedicured and trimmed, but there are said to be special oil massage techniques which leave women feeling exhilarated as if they had experienced intense multiple-orgasms over and over again. There would be a character in the movie who the office girls have hired to run the place, she would come from a remote part of South America where these techniques have been developed over centuries and she would be teaching carefully selected young girls her secrets.

Of course all the office girls would want to give it a try, but maybe only the top girls of the pack are invited to spend the weekend there.

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Playboy Hierarchy of Hair Down There

hdtgalleryI like how women have all different kinds of pubic hair, and also have options presented to them. Us men don’t really get these options, I shaved mine into a Superman symbol once but it didn’t go down well in the shower room of my local Badminton club.

Actually it’s just nice to know that there are more options for women for the crowning of their beauty-spot than just completely shaved (which I see far too often these days) or wild and free.

There is something incredibly exciting about getting to know a girl over time, and then finding yourself in that moment where you are peeling off her panties for the first time. What are you going to find!? I suppose it must be tantamount to The Goonies finding One-Eyed-Willy’s treasure ship. You look down to see a tidy black triangle of pubic hair above her glistening yoni. How can that not send shivers of excitement through you?

This little ditty on the Playboy website is pretty cool. It allows you to click on each pubic-patch style and see the original photo which inspired it, and so contains a myriad of Playboy girls from different era’s.

It also has a short video on some of them, of the artist making the drawing.

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Revisiting Spunk Fiction

revisitingspunkfictionYou should all know the deal with these revisiting posts by now but just in case heres a brief explanation: Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are like. To help them out I'm posting clips from the titles they've mentioned so far so people can have a peek at the film as well as read up on them. Today's clip is from the production Spunk Fiction.

Spunk Fiction is a tremendous film with a quality cast of hot models and an engaging storyline about a frustrated novelist. Out of all the scenes present in the film I’ve taken a clip from the Jo and Sophie Moone scene, and from the James Brossman and Alexa scene. Just watching Jo and Sophie Moone oiling each other up makes my groin pound, and watching the incredibly horny Alexa take James sapling like cock up her puckered asshole makes me gasp with sensuality.

An incredible two scenes and a lot more to be seen in the film itself including Mya Diamond and Tera Bond playing two demon whores who could come and take me to hell anytime they wanted. Anyway, enjoy the clip, I’m off to watch Jo oil up Miss Moone…
Click here to view the clip

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Lord of the Pheromones

ywstpl0adlvb72kdcqcjzxogo1_500Sometimes, you know, when I’m bored in a waiting room or something like that, I often flick through women’s magazines to see if I get any ideas or inspiration. On one such occasion I was ideally flicking and I came across a section which was giving advice to women who were having difficulty getting their men to make love to them.

One suggestion was for the woman to sexually arouse herself, and then take some juice from her pussy and dab it behind each ear as if it were a perfume. Apparently the pheromones would get their man going. I used this idea recently in a new movie we shot, with Lisa. I actually think it was pretty hot when she did it.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well there is a new ring on the market which releases a scent laced with pheromones. No idea why someone would buy something like though when all you have to do is smear yourself with your own juices. I for one am going out tonight to the local watering hole, covered in my own cock-smell, to sink a few drinks and chat to the local honnies.

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Scarlett’s breasts


You can’t really blame someone for sneaking a peak.


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The Feminist Sex Wars

6da6gxzdij1i9k2zglxflbdjo1_500I have this vision, and it crops up time and time again. Some day in the future sex will be de-stigmatized, and people will look back at our oppressed social attitudes to sex and pornography and laugh. They will be shocked by the almost anti-feminist views of the anti-porn, conservative (so called) feminists who condemn women who want to express themselves sexually. These doctrines will be looked down upon like past racial attitudes are today.

Everyone will be liberated and pro-choice, sex between consenting adults will be accepted as a part of life and a part of humanity. People won’t judge each other because they have a certain sexual preference, parents won’t be embarrassed to explain sex to their kids, people’s porn collections will be jumbled up with the DVDs on the higher shelves and the magazines in the rack, in fact – sex will be in mainstream movies, people will hang beautiful nude pictures on their wall, people will be open and honest with one another about sex.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Right, what was this blog going to be about before I started writing that. Oh yeah, this Wikipedia entry. I’ve kind of worn myself out now though. Have a read of it.

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Red Light District In The Red

redlightdistrictblogpicSeems like no-one is safe from the global recession we currently find ourselves, including sex workers. Amsterdam’s world famous Red Light District has seen a dramatic drop in business with tourists and businessmen becoming scarce in the once busy sector.

Two sex workers who share a storefront window, Oxana and Eva the Estonian say their revenue has dropped by 50% in the past six months, yet their rent on their window has been increased by 25% since January. The escort agencies and brothels have also been hit hard. Hugo Snoep, head of an escort agency for the past sixteen years, notes “Before I had twelve to fourteen girls working each day. Now it’s sometimes only three”.

So what are we all waiting for, I feel it’s my duty to take a trip as soon as possible to help out these troubled workers by giving them lots of buisness. See how unselfish I am. I’ll help them out of these hard times with my own hardness. You can read the full article here, I’m off to book a flight and help a pro prosper!

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Revisiting Hot Slots 1


I’m sure you know the drill by now with these revisiting posts, but just in case, here goes: Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are like. To help them out I’m posting clips from the titles they’ve mentioned so far so people can have a peek at the film as well as read up on them. Today’s clip is from the production Hot Slots 1.

This title will always be a special title for me. Not only is it a 100% smoking hot lesbian film, but it was the first title that I edited shortly after joining the team here at Viv Thomas. This film has everything you could wish for including an all star cast, great lighting, stunning locations and a maelstrom of fingers, tongues, hot slots, tight assholes and breathtaking orgasms.

In the below clip you can get a taste of how incredibly horny this DVD is. The models I’ve featured in the clip are Nikki Case (Who has one of the best asses I’ve ever seen, I just want to touch, taste, squeeze, lick, probe, delicately enter and eat every meal I ever have again off it), Sonia Red and the Queen of lesbian erotica, Nelly herself. The film itself features even more darlings including Eve Angel, Zafira, Stella Stevens, Jo and Peaches. Wow, I fucking love this film!

I’m just going to daydream for the rest of the day about Nikki’s ass and pussy, two slots hotter than the sun.

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Funny XXL Durex Ad

funnydurex-adNot sure if this is a real campaign by Durex or just made up by some random Joe, but I found it whilst perusing the web, I thought it was funny and I thought I’d share it with you.

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Daggering Dance Danger

daggeringdancedangerblogpicA new dance craze in Jamaica known as ‘daggering’ has resulted in a threefold increase in fractured or broken penises among Jamaican men. The dance which is know as ‘dry sex’ on the dance floor, includes them simulating various sexual positions and rough sex to the beat of the music. Then because of the sexual nature of the dance, it’s not surprising that it has become a popular activity in the bedroom also.

A Kingston doctor has said that during very rigorous intercourse a man can hit the womans pubic bone and sustain a fracture. There is a loud popping noise, excruciaiting pain and swelling. The violent thrusting of the dance has also resulted in an increased number of ruptured vagina’s.

The problem has become so widespread that the Jamaican government is considering a ban on daggering, including music with daggering lyrics. Check the clip out below for an example of some daggering dances, and you can read the full article here.


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Revisiting A Weekend With Vera


As explained in an earlier post, some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread, and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are actually like. So I’m posting some clips from the titles they are revisiting so people can have a peek as well as read up on them. Todays clip is taken from the production A Weekend With Vera.

This title has it all. Vera alone would be worth watching but sticking her in a movie with Aphrodite Night, Kylie and Kathy Moore just makes this an unmissable watch. I’ve included in the clip each of these girls getting down and dirty with the vixen Vera, including in the first part Vera paying a lot of attention to Kathy’s bum hole with no complaints from the ever ready Kathy.

Enjoy the clip, I think I’ll be digging this film out of my collection this Friday and spending a weekend with Vera and her friends myself.

Click here to view the clip

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Daniel Craig Popsicle

danielcraigpopsicleA lot of women who’ve wanted to stick a part of Daniel Craig in their mouths after seeing him play Bond, can now do so with the release in the UK of the Daniel Craig Popsicle.

Del Monte is clebrating National Ice Cream Week by releasing the DC Popsicle, molded in the shape of Craig in bathing trunks as seen in Casino Royale. The choice of Craig was arrived at after a poll of over 1000 women and is available this week only, in blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry flavors.

I reckon this ice cream is ‘Bond’ to be a success, especially when his torso glistens when he begins to melt. Now if only they’d commission an Olivia Wilde Ice cream mold for the guys! You can read the article here.

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Jellyfish Crop Circle


A 250 meter long crop circle of a jellyfish has appeared on farmland causing £600,000 worth of damage. The owners of the land in Oxfordshire have urged visitors not to come see the circle so as to avoid further crop damage.

Funnily though the owners are not concerned about tracking down the culprits (Scully & Mulder are far too busy), and the incident has not been reported to the police. The owners have even commented that it is beautiful but the flattened crops are now useless. You can read the full article here.

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The Best Breasts – Part 3

bestbreastsmya2Welcome to part 3 of the ‘Best Breasts’ posts and have I got a treat in store for you today. Today’s fine clip is concentrating on the almost perfect rack of Mya Diamond.

Mya Diamond is without doubt absolutely bloody gorgeous. Beautiful legs, an ass so tight you could open a bottle of beer with it, and then that wonderful pair of breasts. Wow! Whilst not overly large they are a good handful, and are perfectly formed, they’re just the right size to slide your member between. As you will see from the clip below, it doesn’t matter what position she’s in, they always look amazing. A perfect shape for a perfect body. They bounce well with a natural weight and they sit pertly on top of her chest, begging to be consumed. Even the nipples fit and help create that perfect breast, with nice stubborn numbers, pointing out, begging for tongue and lips, to caress, nibble and flick.

Mya is without a doubt one of my favorite models, and this is an awesome scene that is taken from the production Pussies On View Volume 2. Enjoy the clip and don’t drool on your keyboard too much, I know I did.

Click here to view the clip

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Smodnoc – Safer Oral Sex

smodnocblogpicHas oral sex been leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Has the fear of AIDS and STD’s meant that oral sex has become more than you can swallow? Well fear not, the Smodnoc is here.

The Smodnoc, which is the word condoms spelt backwards, is perfect for the man or woman who wants to give oral pleasure without contracting anything nasty. A Smodnoc is a disposable latex-based product which fits comfortably over the mouth area of the face, and the textual tongue further increases stimulation during oral sex. It is designed not only as a practical product to reduce the amount of contact with bodily fluids but also to increase stimulation of the genital area.

I guess anything that can help reduce the risks of sexual transmitted diseases is a good thing, it just doesn’t look very sexy to me. It looks like a surgeons mask with a tongue piece. It also looks like something that would be used in a heavy bondage session, but hey don’t knock it till you’ve tried it is what they say. Has anyone reading this post ever tried one? Maybe they can give us a review in the comments section. There’s also a ‘Smodnoc Vibe’ coming out soon which has a small vibrator within the tongue portion.

View the clip below to see how to apply and use the Smodnoc.


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Revisiting Bubblegum Babes 4

bubblegumbabes4blogpic1Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread, and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are actually like. So I’ve decided to post some clips from the movies they are revisiting and today’s turn is the classic Bubblegum Babes 4.

This title may well be old but it does have some quality models in it, including Jo in a ballerina dress, Jamie in a schoolgirls uniform, and Ella and Olivia getting it on in the garden. I’ve included a sample of these three in the clip below, so watch it and enjoy. Although the quality of BB4 is nowhere near the standards that Spunk and the team have achieved in their modern classics such as the Unfaithful series, it was an important step in the progression of the company and a learning point for all those involved.

LeVerne has already revisited Reality Porn, you can see his post here. Enjoy the clip.

C lick here to view the clip

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Man’s Penis Blown Up By Jaded Ex

firecrackerpenisblogpicA Russian woman known only as Kira V, suggested marriage to her boyfriend of two years, known as Alik D. He declined (wise man), and informed her that he intended to get back with his ex-wife and their son. OK, fairly amicable so far. Kira V seemed to take it well and proposed a farewell meal.

Now comes the nasty bit, after consuming his food and indulging in a few glasses of the good stuff he fell asleep and Kira V put her plan in action. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his member and proceeded to tie firecrackers to it. She then lit the fuse and and sat back to watch the display, which was more than likely mesmerizing. Even the Jackass boys would balk at this.

Alik D is now in intenisve care and doctors remain cautious about his prognosis, whilst Kira V now faces up to 12 years in prison. Christ thats what i call an explosive relationship, a woman scorned and all that. Why is it that women can get very devious once jilted. I don’t think guys would do it. I mean your always hearing about guys have thier penises cut off or mutilated in some fashion, but you never hear of a jaded male blowing the tits off his ex. Strange. Although I’m sure it has and does happen, yet remains unrepported. You can read the full article here.

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Classic Boobs – Roberta Pedon


What better way to kick off a Monday morning than to enjoy the delights of Roberta. This American lass made a big name for herself in the 70′s appearing in men’s magazines across the country. She soon had a fan base equivalent to her massive bazookas and went on to appear in the sexploitation film Carnal Madness aka Delinquent Schoolgirls. Sadly Roberta fell victim to drug and alcohol abuse and died at the age of 28. Many regard her as the best nude model of the 1970′s.

rob1 rob2 rob4 rob3 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Anal Pleasure For Men

analpleasurefbigI’ve never much been into girls touching my ass. I’m not sure why but I don’t find it remotely exciting. I’m not against it, in fact I like the idea of turning the dominance and power over to the women – but this seems an extreme way of doing it. I mean if she has too, just slip a finger in during a nice BJ for Christs sake. The thought of having my girl strap-on a fake cock and fuck my heavily lubricated anus just doesn’t make the blood flow south.

Guys, just imagine looking over and seeing yourself in a mirror – on all fours, legs akimbo, a girl behind you thrusting away. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s an image you’d have to live with forever, it would revisit you at the most inappropriate of times – during a lunch with your parents, at an important meeting, at a dinner party, during the rugby.

Tristan Taormino makes some nice movies for couples though. Check the clip at fleshbot.

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    Leslove 5 hours ago

    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

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    baloo 7 hours ago

    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

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    Excellent! Beautiful girls with knock-out bods coming together for some intense sex ... that's all I need! Some great "OOHH" faces here. Love the surreal-sexy outfits; that blue sweater dress is outrageous : )

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    Nicole Smith is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body ….. so sensuous Bring more of her !!!

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    Make that four ; )

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    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

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    Leslove 2 days ago

    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

    on Squeeze Me

    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 4 days ago

    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

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    Porgie 4 days ago

    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

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