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What Are Friends For?

Hmmm, I have two breasts but only one mouth, yet I want both nipples sucked at the same time. Hang on, Jane, my best friend in the whole world, if you could just scoot behind me then maybe you could…..Ahhh sorted!


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‘Boob Tube’ Cream Gives Breasts A Lift

BoobTubeBlogPicA cream called ‘Boob Tube’, designed to restore new mothers skin, has enjoyed a surge in sales as women follow celebrities who use it to make their breasts more pert. The cream, which was originally designed to to help mothers get back into shape after childbirth, has gathered a cult following among women as a way to lift gravity affected breasts.

Made to improve skin elasticity around the bust area, Boob Tube contains concentrated Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which help to plump dry or stretched skin. There is also a key ingredient which is CoQ10, an antioxidant found in young skin which helps prevent the loss of collagen and plumpness.

It has been dubbed the “Wonderbra in a jar” and it’s fans include Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and Sienna Miller. However word has now spread beyond Hollywood and the realms of celebrity, so much so that Debenhams department store has sold out of the cream this week. Beauty experts have claimed that the cream is so popular because it offers firmer, plumper, dewier-looking skin after just one weeks use, prefect for women about to embark on a sunshine holiday.

I thought the only way to improve breasts after childbirth would be surgery so I am a bit sceptical about this cream that lifts breasts. However anything that can improve the way a breast looks before or after childbirth has my vote. Anyone out there reading this tried the Boob Tube? Let me know what you thought of it if you have. You can see the full article here.

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Our New Secretary

Sian is so busy we’ve taken on a new member of staff as her assistant.


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Girls Of The World


Say hello to 26-year-old Selita Ebanks who is Caymanian! Hello there!

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Yam yam! <chomp chomp> num num num!

Stella Delcroix_01

Stella Delcroix_02

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Funny Durex Ultra Thin Condom Ad


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Red Wines Increases Women’s Libido

red-wine-glassSticking with a red wine theme, an article by the Telegraph has revealed the results of a scientific study, which found that a glass or two of red wine may increase a woman’s libido. Researchers concluded that levels of sexual desire were higher in women who we’re moderate drinkers of red wine than in their counterparts who preferred other alcohol drinks or who were teetotal.

In the project, doctors at the University of Florence recruited 800 women aged between 18 and 50. The women, none of who had reported a sexual health problem, were split into three groups – those who regularly consumed one or two glasses a day, those who consumed less than one glass a day of any sort of wine or other alcohol, and those who were teetotal. Woman who drank more than two glasses a day we’re excluded due to the possible confounding effects of drunkenness.

All the women then completed a questionnaire, The Female Sexual Function Index, which is used by doctors to assess women and sexual health with higher scores meaning better functioning. Overall the red wine drinkers scored higher than the less frequent drinkers and the teetotalers. One theory pout forward by the team of Italian doctors who carried out the study is that chemical compounds found in red wine may improve sexual functioning by increasing blood flow to key areas of the body.

Right, well that’s good to know, I’m off to order a few bottles of Savanna Samson’s highly praised red wine, grab a copy of The Art Of Sex and plan a Friday night in with a female and lots of blood flow to key areas. Schwing! You can read the full article here.

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Savanna Samson Leaves Nice Taste In Your Mouth

savanna-samson-wineNatalie Oliveros, better known to the world as porn star Savanna Samson (who I must admit has been through a few boxes of Kleenex with me), has expanded her repertoire to include wine maker amongst her many talents. And guess what? It’s apparently a very nice wine.

Her first wine, an Italian red called Sogno Uno (Dream One), garnered a score of 90 to 91 (out of 100) from one of the toughest wine critics in the world, Robert Parker. Any score between 90 and 95 denotes “an outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and character”.

Savanna Samson shares the same wine maker as the Pope, Italy’s Roberto Cipresso, to produce their private label wine. Savanna went to Tuscany and tasted dozens of Cipresso’s Italian grown varieties before selecting a mix and creating her own blend and a taste all of her own. Savanna now has plans to make a white Sogno Duo (Dream Two) and a third Sogno Tre (Dream Three).

As I’m in Portugal I have tasted one celebrity’s wine which was Sir Cliff Richards, which I have to say left a funny taste in my mouth, you don’t really expect a great wine from a celebrity. But Savanna has turned this trend on it’s head. For more information click here!

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Inspiring Ad

Pantene not only makes your hair silky smooth, it also makes very good adverts in the Far East. “Music is a visible thing. Close your eyes…you will see.” That is quite beautiful, and with Canon In D playing how can you not feel a little bit teary. Check it out…


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The Nipple Bra

nipple_braA vintage advertisement here for the nipple bra, giving you that “sensual cold weather look all the time”. Brilliant, they sure knew how to get straight to the points in the advertisements back in the 70′s.

The price seems a bit steep, I hope that’s $20 with a faded decimal point and not $2000, but what the hell. Although I must admit it would scare the daylights out of me if, when i removed her bra, her nipples seemed to come away with the material. Also imagine the disappointment if you then discover that her nipples are ‘innies’, that hide away like fugitives from your questing tongue.

It doesn’t seem to be the most attractive bra in the world either, looks to me like they’ve fired two bullets into a kevlar based bra shaped material and then left them in to represent your nipples. Nonetheless I’m sure this was a big hit with the ladies when it was released, and with the men also. Senior Spunk also swears that a couple of our make-up artists are also wearing one of these every time we shoot on location.

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Mum and Daughter


It’s nice when mum and daughter can just chill on the beach and work on their boob tans!

Far right (cut out of pic) is less loved brunette daughter with the small boobs.

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Twilight Tattoos

twilight-tattoo-1Now I am going to admit off the bat that I have never read any of the books, I did however watch the movie (with a girl who had read the books no less) and I can’t ever remember having to sit through such pathetic dross. It was hysterical. But that is one man’s opinion (mine!), I am not really big on movies about teenage vampire boys with big hair falling in love with lonely schoolgirls anyway.

Ok so it’s a movie which taps into the escapist la-la-land fantasies of teenage girls but what’s with all this “lion falling in love with the lamb” nonsense. I am slightly perturbed by the current trend to get this tattooed on oneself.

Anyway I’m off to have my Harry Potter tattoo, laters.

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More women are ‘okay’ with porn

chadhofney_e5b4b9From my memory, some women often have trouble admitting things to men, especially sexual things. They are quite happy to tell all their girlfriends how often us men venture south, how well hung we are, how good we are in bed, what our semen tastes like and all matter of other intimate things, but for some reason when it comes to admitting to men that they masturbate, watch porn or have twisted fantasies about the guy who makes the cocktails in “Le Bombo’s Cocktail Bar,” they are suddenly prude and all ‘oh such a good girl I am!’

Women are as human as men are (actually they are probably more human), although they come from Venus, and we from Mars.

Here is an article I read this morning by Violet Blue who is a porn reviewer for the likes of which takes a look at the latest scientific research claiming that loads of women watch porn. Shock, horror! Women watch porn! Surely not? What, women? Porn? Watch it? Yeah whatever. Next you’ll be telling me that women masturbate and that cocktail-guy’s phone number is only in my missus phone because she didn’t just take it for her single friend and hasn’t got around to deleting it yet, but for a more sinsiter reason.

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Sparking Up Your Sex Life

LightningSexBlogPicA couple came within inches of being fried alive whilst they indulged in some naughty nookie in the German countryside. Randy Jens Gottlieb and Lisa Gruhn had pulled into a parking space on a busy highway and decided to head into the bushes nearby for some privacy and a bit of the old ‘in out’.

However thier lovemaking was over in a flash, when a lightning bolt struck the ground inches away from the fornicating couple. Both terified they ran for cover in the ensuing flash flood of rain and soon got lost in the foilage and undergrowth. A passing motorist called police after spotting the naked pair blundering along the side of the highway, and they were soon picked up, given clothes and sent home unhurt.

Hopefully, if they were being responsible adults, at least there would have been a bit of rubber between them to earth the bolt, and at least they can claim the earth moved whilst they copulated. Enough bad jokes from me, feel free to add your own in the comments below. You can read the full article here.

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Shooting with Sasha


As some of you know this week we shot some new picture sets and video footage with two girls we’d never worked with before. Carie from the Czech Republic, and this girl – Sasha.

Sasha was born in the UK but has family roots in Mauritius, she has a beautiful and incredibly photogenic face as you can see, and such a great smile it just sends shivers of joy down my spine. I shot her in two girl/girl scenes, this solo scene (the full version will be on the web soon enough for members, and also includes a masturbation) and finally Viv shot her in what he has described as an “epic” scene focusing on her legs and feet, but also in which she cums twice using the trusty ‘pocket-rocket.’

An interview with both girls will also be on the site sometime soon, and also a little behind the scenes footage. So lots to look forward to for members.

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Indian Farmers Daughters Plow The Fields Naked

4nIWuyHzQjpy0xyscL5O1Bdwo1_500Staying in India for another blog, this year the country has suffered droughts during its worst start to the monsoon rains in eight decades.

In a bid to embarrass the weather gods, farmers in the east Indian state of Bihar have asked their unmarried daughters to plow the fields naked!

“Witnesses said the naked girls in Bihar state plowed the fields and chanted ancient hymns after sunset to invoke the gods. They said elderly village women helped the girls drag the plows.”

Apparently the villagers have vowed to continue this practice until it rains heavily, so I’ve checked out the price of flights to India at the moment and it’s not that bad. Lets hope the rain comes for them, but maybe waiting just another few days won’t do any harm?


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Is Savita Bhabhi A Threat To National Security?

stripAfter almost two millennia of traditional Indian erotica dating back to the Kama Sutra, modern India bans Savita Bhabhi – an online cartoon sex comic, whilst still allowing access to more conventional hardcore porn sites from around the world.

“The Savita Bhabhi site, which features a series of daily cartoon strips based on the "sexual adventures of a hot Indian bhabhi" (sister-in-law), was created by Puneet Agarwal, 38, a British entrepreneur of Indian descent. Before being blocked in India it was attracting 60 million visitors a month, about 70 per cent of them from India.”

The comic strip is a work of fiction and revolves around the sexual exploits and fantasies of a regular Indian housewife who just can’t get enough sex. I can’t help but feel that yet another country has taken a step back into the dark ages.

Source – Times Online.

strip savita1 cover savita Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Fetish – By Christian Louboutin and David Lynch


Back in 2007 Christian Louboutin and David Lynch collaborated to create a show called “Fetish,” which was exhibited in Pierre Passebon's Galerie du Passage, in Paris.

“The process began when Lynch commissioned Louboutin to make shoes for an exhibition he was hosting at the Cartier Foundation back in March this year. The pair quickly became friends and when Louboutin wanted to push the notion of extreme fetish in his work, by creating shoes and then playing with their creative representation in two-dimensional images, it was clear Lynch would be the man to translate his vision.”

You can see more images here.

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Girls Of The World


I don’t know why I’m in such a retro mood today, I also can’t remember how I stumbled upon images of Ester Cordet either, the Panamanian born model who featured as Playmate of the Month in the October 1974 issue of Playboy. She was aparently a flight attendant for Pacific Southwest Airlines at the time she did the shoot!

21574_197410_Ester_Cordet_01_123_970lo 35910_cc_BlackIsBeautiful_07_Ester_Cordet_7Miss_October_19741_123_1170lo 51513_197410_Ester_Cordet_20_123_71lo 35909_cc_bestofthe70s_10_ester_cordet_123_357lo Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Man Fired Because Wife’s A Porn Star


The town manager of Fort Meyers, FL, Scott Janke, has been fired after a city council meeting was held when it was discovered that his wife performs in adult films under the name Jazella Moore (Pictured above).

It appears that an article published on the Adult Industry News website ‘outed’ the porn star Jazella Moore as Anabela Mota Janke, the wife of Scott Janke. After receiving several media inquiries, the Mayor Larry Kiker decided to call an emergency meeting. Mayor Larry Kiker has said publicly that neither Mr Janke or his wife have done anything wrong or illegal, “But it’s obvious what the issue is”. Yep it’s crystal clear, your all jealous.

The council voted 5-0 to terminate Janke’s contract, which contains a clause to fire him without cause. Mr Janke will recieve a severance package and is at the moment at a loss as to what to do next. If I was Mr Janke I would personally challenge the clause as unfair and bring the matter up before a tribunal. Just because a clasue is present does not mean it is justifiable, and many unfair clauses have been successfully challenged over the years. So long as his wifes career did not affect his own working role then what business is it of anyone else. Why should he suffer for his wifes career path. This seems to be a narrowminded, old fashioned point of view that has led this man to the loss of his job. I doubt even Alan Sugar would have fired him for this reason. What do you think? We’re they right to fire him? Feel free to comment below. You can read the full article here.

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Airhostess’ in the 60s

Talking of air stewardesses in the 60s…!


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Playboy Models of the 70s


Playboy girls in the 70s were different, as were air stewardesses and haircuts.

08_playboy_72081 04_playboy_58605 12_playboy_57712 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail


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Shooting this week


We’ve really enjoyed working with two new girls this week, Carie (above) is a beautiful Czech girl with that special aura and a warm, open personality, she really is a lot of fun. Sean has been shooting some great picture sets of her, I made a lovely video with her yesterday and we also did some girl/girl scenes which were really great. In her interview she talked quite openly about a number of things, how she always felt like the “ugly ducking” at school (I think we made her feel beautiful over the last few days!), and how only more recently (she just turned 20) has she started to feel that sexual confidence in herself. She also told us that she often has sex with girls or sometimes with a girl and her boyfriend, in her home town of Brno. “So how do you pick up these girls?” I asked. “On the Internet, dating and sex websites,” she confessed quite casually. All I can say is that her boyfriend is one lucky fella.

This might be a little crude of me to say but Carie has a quite unique pussy. I’ve seen a lot of vagina’s in my time and I can’t ever recall seeing one quite like this, they are all different I know (part of their beauty) but hers is kind of remarkable. It’s really delicate looking, a little bit plump but with a small labia. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll get to see her nude soon enough. In her girl/girl scene she was quite visibley wet, testament to her profession of a love of girls. An exciting new girl I think.

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Quote Of The Day


“90 people get swine flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. 32.9 million people have HIV and no one wants to wear a condom.” anon

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Huge Market For Orgys In U.K.


Dutch organizers of a high-class swingers party in a stately home near Bristol, are looking for new venues after discovering there is a huge market for orgy parties in the UK.

The company called “Little Sins” will hold it’s second British party in an island off the south coast in September. Guests are being expected to pay as much as £500 a head which includes the costs of travel and refreshments, and all guests are asked to dress in white.

Mike Vooraart, the organizer of the parties has admitted that he was having trouble finding other venues following the controversy over the activities of 300 guests at a masked ball in Halswell House. The owner of the stately home was unaware of the nature of the party and was shocked when people started having sex everywhere. Mike Vooraart commented on how much British people soon got into the action of it all, adding, “I’m not easily shocked but you British really know how to get a party started…I don’t think you can say the British are a bit puritan at all”. Thanks Mike, means a lot.

I’ve never been to one of these parties although I must admit I would be intrigued to attend one. In my mind it’s exactly like the film “Eyes Wide Shut“, but I think I may have over romatacised it a bit for the reality of a British party. Is there anyone out there reading this that has been to one? I’d love to hear what you have to say about them, feel free to comment below. You can read the full article here.

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NSFW Ad From Germany

Below is a new, almost not safe for work ad, for a product that rhymes with “Shite”. Why can’t I tell you what the brand name actually is? Well the company that produces it, C**a-C*la, tries hard to project a wholesome, family friendly image in it’s advertising in the US. However this advert done by it’s German ad agency doesn’t seem to be on board with that image, and has decided to sell the product via sexual imagery.

So the company really didn’t like the advert, and it was pulled from You Tube for trademark issues. So in this video the trademarks have been edited out, tho it’s not too hard to work out exactly what “Shite” is, especially as the voice over bloody well says it at the end. I quite like the advert, and it’s close to the bone imagery, so I have decided to post it here. Enjoy!

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Check out her ass!


Not sure if this is another faux Puma ad, but it’s really got nothing to do with anything. I was just amazed at the delightful rump on the black girl, far right. Whoa-whoa-whoa!

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The Orgasm – Peak of human experience?

orgasmWhat is the most intense, positive life experience you ever had?

“Mine would be when my husband and I exchanged wedding vows we wrote in front of family and friends in a ceremony overlooking the ocean in Mexico. What made the moment even more beautiful was seeing my husband with a huge smile, tears running down his face, as I walked down the aisle.”

“Nothing beats the emotions that gripped me with the arrival of my first child. You always hear how wonderful it is, but nothing prepares you for just how great it is.”

“In my yoga/meditation practice, I regularly practice the Breath of Fire, where you rapidly pump the navel center while powerfully breathing through your nose. The energetic changes that take place with the final, deep breath are like nothing else. The natural high that comes from activating your life force is better than any drug you could ever take.”

These are the responses from people when asked that question. This info was then used as a part of a study to see if we are glorifying the big “O.” To be honest, I don’t think they’ve thought it through properly. If someone asked me that question I wouldn’t think about the last time I came either. But is the orgasm the peak of human physical feelings? I think this is a good opportunity to watch some nice French women talk about the female orgasm and a little about their fantasies. Oh oui! Source.

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Sex Tapes Clip – Jo and Eve Angel

SexTape_jo_eveThe time is approaching, the four “Sex Tapes” projects are soon to be released!

We’re hoping to have the first one available to download next month and then we’ll release a new one every two weeks, we’re not sure of the order yet. The 4 DVD versions will come out a little later, and will be tightly crammed with some new extra features, including some unseen scenes.

At the moment there is some subtitling work going on and some colour corrections being made, so basically they are all in the final stages. I for one am getting pretty excited about them. Back when we made the first Unfaithful movie there were calls for someone to film a project which allowed the viewer to really spend some time with just two girls, not just for one sex scene but a whole movie. Well this is exactly that – we spend an entire day with these girls recording everything they do, including making love (of course!).

Each one is a little different which I think is what is going to be the really cool thing about them. You can read about each tape in more detail in that link above.So I won’t say much more, I will just introduce this clip and you can post questions on the forum.

It’s December 12th 2008, Jo and Eve Angel are best buddies, they have been for years. We follow them around as an invisible observer for a day, the take the subway to a Christmas market, do some shopping and drink some mulled wine, eat some traditional Hungarian sausages, then they catch a tram to the local shopping center and go ice-skating. Eve hurts her back a little so afterward they go back to her apartment where Jo gives her an oil massage. Getting a little turned on, the girls begin to get intimate on the floor, then later they take it to the bedroom, where we get to spend some really personal time with them. Sounds good? Check out a random couple of minutes -

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Louise Glover

louise-gloverIts great to see a girl succeed. Especially when she has done a bit of work with us in the past.

Not so long ago on a wintry autumn morning in 2003, Louise Glover walked through our doors and did a few sets. Now she is swanning around with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion and is currently on location in the Bahamas doing a shoot for the Bahamian tourist board!

She has a list of achievements as long as my arm and then some, including beauty pageants, Playboy model of the year and check THAT: Miss Great Britain finalist!

* Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Finals 2007 Las Vegas Finalist-
* Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2007 Winner
* Playboys Model of the Year 2006 Winner
* Miss England = Miss World 2005 Finalist
* Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2005 Finalist
* Miss Merseyside 2005 1st runner up
* Miss St.Helens 2005 Winner
* Miss British Isles 2004 Finalist
* Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2004 Finalist
* Miss Earth Finals 2002 UK Winner
* Repesenting Great Britain for 4 weeks in Philippines, s/e Asia.
* Miss Great Britain 2002 Finalist
* Miss St Helens 2002 Won

That is a great journey and I am sure she has some interesting stories to tell. Well done, Louise!

Photo from her Facebook.

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Girls Of The World


Burritos, Corona, big hats, salsa, bullfights, tequila…we’re in Mexico of course, and this is Thaila Ayala!

thaila_mexico thaila Thaila 190537post_foto Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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New Lola Set


Beautiful, natural, pure, young, alluring, quiet, lovely, shy, endearing, unassuming; Lola is all of these things. We talked about how much we liked her during our live interview last week, in fact everyone here who’s meant Lola likes her. Now we have to somehow get you guys to ‘meet’ her.

There is a new Lola photoset up on the site, and she is currently our Babe Of The Month for July and co-stars in Portrait Of A Lesbian.

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Homemade Lesbian Sex Tapes

Here is another one of the videos which inspired the recently released Most Subscribed and the upcoming Sex Tapes projects.

I like how one girl keeps her socks on, I thought it was meant to be men who did that!

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Stella Stevens Tribute

StellaRimBlogPicStella stunning Stevens is divine. Her incredible body, with arguably the best ass in the business, deserves it’s own tribute post in our blog. I could talk for days about this woman’s body, but lets hear someone elses voice for a change. So I’m going to let forum member, moderator and good friend Holmesy tell us what he thinks of sultry Stella. Take it away Holmesy:

“I was watching Sole Collector again and it got me thinking about how good and how sexy she really was. If she was in a movie I knew her scene at least would be good, and I don't think she ever got the recognition she deserved. Everything about her was perfect, she had amazingly long legs, athletic body, pert breasts, her eyes, all were perfection, People use sex on legs a lot, but Stella really was. You knew when she was in a movie it was going to be good, I mean her scene with Sandra Shine in Butterfly was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. A few other great scenes that spring to mind are Stella and Lisa in Office Girls, Stella and Kathy in Sole Collector and Stella and Sandy in sole Collector.

And then you could see she was a fun person and nice to be around through seeing her in outtakes and Our Movie, and she is extremely photogenic too. One thing I keep coming back to is her athletic body and long legs, she is built for sex and she never disappointed Her photos on the site, everyone of them is fantastic, even her acting you could say was good, some of the little glances she gives to the camera just makes the viewer smile,

She really loved what she was doing, which made us love what she was doing.”

To read more and see the video clip click here:

Thanks for that Holmesy, I don’t think I could have put it any better myself, and thanks for choosing the blog picture also. You can find recent reviews and discussions about The Sole Collector here in this thread, including a recent review by the man himself Holmesy.. Below I’ve added a clip taken from Sole Collector where Sandy does to Stella something that I have dreamed about doing to her on many an occasion, lets just say it sounds like swimming. Enjoy the clip, and thanks for the tribute Holmesy.

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Viv Thomas on Tour

Beware: men on tour

Beware: men on tour

Recently Viv and a bunch of mates flew the flag down south, when “The MIGHTY Lions” rugby team (a melting pot of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish players) arrived in South Africa for a three test tour. Let’s just say it was a tough tour and South Africa came out on top.

In true rugby tradition Viv’s tour mates were made up of three parts lion, three parts Springbok and some little Welsh bokkie that no-one knew WHO’S side he was on. Viv being the gracious host made up some big warm jackets all in red in honour of the lion’s supporters and kept even the South Africans warm in the wintry chill of the Northern Transvaal. Viv and Co. managed to pop over to the wild African countryside and play golf with real lions, giraffes and hippos (see photo of hippos below – taken from the golf course).

Anyway, it was all good fun and no doubt many bewildered South Africans are clicking like crazy all over the internet, wondering what is – no doubt they will find out soon enough! Ellis Park Hippos from the golf course 2 You think thats an elephant? You're right! In the bush - Eastern Transvaal Viv gets his warrior face on Ellis Park Beware: men on tour Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Upcoming Shoot


This coming weekend we have two fabulous young ladies flying over to work with us at the VT mansion. First off there is the beautiful Sasha Kiss who is joining us from Brighton, England. And then there is the lovely Carie who hails from the Czech republic. Both girls are quite new to the business and we are very much looking forward to working with them. I have a feeling they will enjoy each others company.

Sasha Kiss Shoot Carie Sasha Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Tampons – They Came From The Sky

Its another day at the beach, your soaking up the rays, checking out the scantily glad women (and men, I haven’t forgotten about you ladies), and your pondering whether to dip a toe in the welcoming ocean spread out before you. You suddenly hear a low flying plane and as you look up, shielding you eyes from the sun, you notice the plane has started to dispense thousands of little pink parachutes. Is it an invasion, are they bombs?

Nope. It’s a marketing stunt by Libresse tampons. Each parachute has a little pink wrapped gift attached, a Libresse-brand tampon. A quite successful campaign that stormed this crowded beach as you can see from the video below as everyone scrambles over each other to get themselves a free gift with quite disappointing results for most of the boys, who no doubt began to try and soak the ocean up with their novelty gifts. Some women if they scrambled around enough may almost have secured a lifetime supply of these tampons.

Thankfully the marketing campaign had the right idea to release them with parachutes. thank god they didn’t launch them into the air via a rocket, they would have fell from the sky like a sheet of arrows, injuring all in their path, you can almost hear the ‘Unleash Hell’ command accompanying them. Anyway, you can see the video below for footage shot during the marketing stunt, although the video is not in English.

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EcoProstitutesBlogPicA Berlin brothel has come up with an idea to attract new business, negate the impact of the global economic crisis and to be environmentally friendly all at the same time. Well that’s bloody marvelous, so how are they doing it? By offering a discount to patrons who arrive on bicycles, or who can prove that they took public transport. Genius.

Thomas Goetz, owner of the “Maison d’envie” brothel has admitted that the recession has hit the prostitution industry hard. He adds, “Obviously we hope the discount will attract more people…It’s good for business, it’s good for the environment and it’s good for the girls”.

Customers who arrive on bicycle or who can prove they took public transportation get a 5-euro discount from the usual 70-euro fee for 45 minute sessions. Goetz has said the environment friendly discount has been working, with around 3 to 5 new customers cumming in daily to take advantage of the discount. By using public transport they have also alleviated traffic and parking congestion in the neighborhood.

This is a brilliant deal and if I was in Berlin I would take full advantage of it. Anyone with this oppurtunity should grab their helmet in one hand and their bike in the other and speed off to do your bit for the environment. Dont forget to wear a crash helmet also. You can see the article here.

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Regular Sex Good For Pupils

kissing1000NHS guidance is advising school pupils that they have a right to an enjoyable sex life and that regular sex can be good for their cardiovascular health. The advice appears in leaflets circulated to parents, teachers and youth workers and is meant to update sex education by telling students about the benefits of enjoyable sex..

The authors of the guidance have stated that for too long experts have concentrated solely on the message of the need for safe sex and ignored the principle reason that many people have sex, to stay healthy. The leaflet is entitled ‘Pleasure’, and carries the slogan “an orgasm a day keeps the doctors away”.

One of the authors of the leaflet, Steve Slack, believes that if teenagers are fully informed about sex and are making their decisions of their own will, in a loving relationship, they have an equal right as an adult to an enjoyable sex life. It could also encourage young people to delay their virginity until they are certain they will enjoy the experience.

What are your views? I like the mesage the leaflet sends across but I’m not sure of it’s repurcussions. Will it encourage more school pupils to get on the sex bandwagon? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You can read the full article here.

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Ugly Men = Double The Spunk

sperm-cartoonFor all the ladies out there who love being seduced by a good looking man, don’t expect to spawn much in the way of fruit from your loins. New research suggests that attractive men produce less sperm during sex than ugly men. Who’s your ugly daddy?

Scientists believe that like chickens and fish (Yes you did just read that right), attractive men contribute fewer sperm per mating, as there will be more females willing to mate with them. Whilst ugly people value their rare sex sessions and allocate most of their sperm to mating to make the most of their meager opportunities (Although I’m sure that if a girl does decided to mate with an ugly guy she probably ensures he’s all suited up below, I mean she’s probably after an orgasm and not ugly kids).

Of course lets not forget that what some people call ugly others find beautiful, so how this theory applies to humans is not really known. Plus if I was widely regarded as ugly (I know I’m not beautiful, I’m just lucky in finding girls with sight issues), I’d just make my fortune donating sperm and not bother posting a picture of myself. You can read the article here.

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Unfaithful 5 – Behind The Scenes


Spunk L Davis has given me this must see behind-the-scenes clip shot during the making of the highly anticipated movie Unfaithful 5. As it’s Friday and I’m in a good mood I’ve decided to share it with the world.

The Unfaithful series have been a huge hit and we’re very proud of them here at VT Towers, and this next installment in the saga is shaping up to be one of the best. Unfaithful 5 is packing a stellar cast, the jaded lovers Nelly & Lisa are present, but are accompanied by Jo, Zafira and Eve Angel. My god, this title is so hot it’s a wonder Spunk’s computer hasn’t melted whilst he works on it.

The following clip is a real treat, a little sample of life behind the cameras. Once again you can see how much fun the girls have whilst on location, and also how much work goes into producing these titles. Nelly is as fun loving as ever, and watching Eve Angel get dressed in preparation for her scene held me in rapture. Eve truly is an angel, an angel of lust.

Anyway enjoy the clip and have a great weekend. Clip after the jump

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Happy 40th Birthday Penthouse


American Penthouse celebrates it’s 40th birthday this month!


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Viv’s Calender Shoot in Nambia


I am sure there is a great story behind this image of Viv and two unknown models but I am not sure what it is. Click the image for a full size version.

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Teen Pregnant After ‘Swimming With Sperm’

SwimmingPoolSpermSome people are just absolutely stupid. A Polish woman is suing an Egyptian hotel claiming her daughter got pregnant from using the swimming pool. Yes love, I’m sure that’s exactly what happened.

Magdalena Kwiatkowska’s 13 year old returned to Poland from their holiday expecting a baby, and it is Maggie’s belief that the teenager conceived from stray sperm after taking a dip in the hotels mixed swimming pool. She is now seeking compensation from the hotel (although it is doubtful that her daughter will return her ‘deposit’).

This is sheer lunacy and I don’t know who I’m more annoyed at, the mother who clearly is looking to blame another for her child’s mistakes or the lawyer that took this case on. Sperm would not last more than a few seconds in a pool with chemicals in it, and besides sperm are not able to swim through the water of a pool. The whole notion is crazy. Can you imagine some guy dropping his trunks in a pool, releasing his sperm like horses from the gate, which then swim (probably breaststroke) through the water like vagina predators, dodging divers and rubber arm wings all the while accompanied by the Jaws soundtrack. Ridiculous.

You can see the report here.

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Clever Photo


I liked this photo and thought it was quite clever so I decided to share it with you. Nothing more, no witty comments, just thought you all might like to see it

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Bruno’s ‘Pornographic’ Cover

sachabaroncohennudegqmabarrefaeliesquirePictured is the latest cover of GQ, starring a very naked Sacha Baron Cohen portraying himself as the gay Austrian fashion reporter Bruno, which has been treated by American newsstand chain Hudson News as pornography. This means the cover will be sold with the lower half concealed. Yet compare this with the other picture below of this months Esquire with Israeli model Bar Refaeli, which is not being sold as pornography, but you will find the two side by side on Hudson’s shelves. Bit hypocritical there don’t you think?

There are some intriguing arguments waging back and forth at the moment, including the fact that women are meant to be objectified and ogled but doing the same to mans bodies is gross and pervy, and also that as Baron Cohen is a straight man playing a gay character, would the editors of GQ feel as comfortable putting an actual gay man in a similar pose on the cover? To read the full article click here for some interesting comments.

What do you think? Is this a case of double standards? Personally I hardly see the Bruno cover as being pornographic, I’ve seen more nudity in a Carry On film. I could see their point if he was standing on the front cover, hands on hips, sporting a perpendicular erection like pink steel, thus deserving of its lower half concealment and being branded as pornographic. But he isn’t, and Bar Refaeli may be covered in writing but she’s still showing as much flesh as Bruno.

On a slightly different note, I cannot wait to se this film when it comes out, if it’s half as good as Borat it will be hysterical.

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World’s Strongest Vagina

worldstrongestvaginablogpicA Russian woman has set a new world record by lifting a 14kg glass ball with her vagina muscles, and has made her entrance into the Guinness Book of Records as the possessor of the world’s strongest vagina.

Tatiata Kozhevnikova, aged 42, has been exercising her internal muscles over the past 15 years to the point where she can lift 14 kilos (just over 30 pounds) using specialized equipment. She states that after she had a child her intimate muscles got very weak and she learned that ancient women used to deal with this problem using wooden balls, not dissimilar to pelvic floor exercises. She has custom made exercise balls, with one being inserted into her vagina, which has a string attached to it with a little hook at the end, which you then fix a second ball onto.

The Russian recommends vaginal exercises to all women who want to improve their sex lives or that fancy doing some demolition work as they can stand on a high platform and swing a wrecking ball around using the grip of their vagina muscles (OK the second one isn’t true).

I wonder if her husband fels the pressure of her success? It must be like entering a vacum in space. If she wanted to she could keep you inside of her forever, even with all your friends pulling you by the feet. Well they do say sex is a vice…Ok enough bad jokes, you can read the article here.

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Miss Atom 2009

miss-atomNow I was not aware of this and the winner has already been selected for 2009, but did anyone know about the Miss Atom Beauty Contest?

This is an annual contest by Russia’s nuclear industry, with the goal of showing the general public that the nuclear industry is an industry like any other, and that ordinary people work in it, including attractive young women. Very attractive young women actually, check out 2009′s winner Yekaterina Bulgakova.

This really has challenged my perceptions, you don’t really think of hot women working as nuclear physicists. More than 160 women entered this years competition and there was a whole host of prizes up for grabs including week long trips to Croatia, Cuba and Morocco, as well as digital cameras, diamonds and cosmetics.

You can see the official website here (It is in Russian however), and the article that alerted me to Miss Atom here. So now that my eyes are opened I wonder what other professions are secretly harbouring stunning hot chicks? Any ideas anyone? Miss Geologist? Miss Ornithologist? Maybe, just maybe, there might be a few hot British women politicians. Then again…

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Portrait of a Lesbian – Duality


We are currently re-editing Portrait Of A Lesbian for Playboy TV complete with a new English language voice-over and remix of scene order amongst other things. It’s interesting to see how editing can really alter the pace, tone and feel of a movie. One thing which we didn’t emphasise too much in the original movie was the parallel between Jo and the character she has created and is writing about – Kyla.

Jo says at one point she feels like she might be writing about herself, and the otherworldliness and dreamlike quality of the end sequence where Kyla comes into Jo’s world where they make love touched on this idea. It was meant to be transcendental, like their souls meet in a spiritual realm where they are also able to be physical! We didn’t push this too much, at least not as much as we wanted to because we’ve been criticized in the last year for taking porn too seriously! In the original script all the characters from Jo’s book come to her (in a dream maybe, or they transcend worlds) and they all take turns to fuck her as she submits herself completely to them. When it came down to it we were worried it might not work for people, and because there was this real chemistry between Kyla and Jo (which kind of surprised us all to be honest) we decided to shoot a really romantic, deeply passionate and intimate scene between the two girls, which I was really happy with.

So we wanted to emphasise it a little more in the Playboy TV version and we cut this following sequence (which still needs some trimming) where Jo is away from her laptop because all this erotic writing has got her wet, so she lays down to masturbate. Then we splice in a sequence with Kyla where for the first time we see her without Jo breathing life into her while creating the novel in which Kyla exists – is Jo imagining or thinking about Kyla as she plays with herself, or does Kyla really exist in another world, where she too is masturbating? Is she Jo in a parallel universe? Am I on psilocybin mushrooms? No, I’m not, and by the way our next few movies, after Unfaithful 5, will be fun-lovin’ lesbian romps! Don’t fret. Here’s the rough cut of that clip…

Full Trailer.

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Haircut of the mons pubis


There is currently a thread on our forum about the mons pubis. It’s an old debate I know, hairy or trimmed or bald? Brazilian or landing strip or triangle? Etc. I just started answering the question this morning and it made me think about a couple of other things.

I still find it very interesting how the shaved look dominates porn and subsequently affects how every girl under 40 keeps their pubic patch. I mean, I’m going to throw this out there – I have often been surprised by the types of girls who I have had the great fortune of removing the panties of, only to find they are either a) completely shaved, b) almost entirely shaved, c) waxed. Not models, just normal girls of different ages, and different types of girls too, girls who looking at them you would never expect to shave their pussy hair. It’s kind of normal now to shave or trim, I do believe.

Are women really consuming that amount of porn, is it affecting their perception of how they should wear their hair down there? Or is that not even true, is it just a coincidence? Will sporting some hair ever come back into fashion? Is shaving a fashion thing or a health thing? Why am I asking so many questions? Does anyone even care? I’m not a fussy man to be honest, girls you can wear it however you like, it all makes me a happy man!

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Behind The Pink Curtain

2807268983_9bdaa12a12_oThis looks like a great coffee table book – Behind The Pink Curtain: The Complete History Of Japanese Sex Cinema by Jasper Sharp.

The adult genre, or porno as its more commonly referred too in the West is kind of relegated to the swamps and dark dirty alleys in the West – where we all fear our own bodies and desires, it gets little respect and is seen by many painfully uninformed folk as something fundamentally evil, abusive and disgusting. Not so in Japan, “…where many of the leading directors in the Japanese film industry today, especially those who entered it after the studio system collapsed in the early 1970s, learned their craft in the porno industry.”

Here is an interview with the author, and some information on the book.

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Deep Croak

DeepCroakAn elderly man died last week after a prostitute agreed to give him oral sex at a discounted rate.

The 80-year-old Croat man met the 30-year-old prostitute in the city center and agreed to the price of just under $6.50 for oral sex the Croatian Times reports. The two then went inside an abandoned house, and upon the man dropping his pants, he suffered a heart attack. The prostitute called for help but by the time rescuers arrived it was too late.

I’ve got to be honest but that really sucks, wouldn’t it be ironic if the prostitute exclaimed after settling for the bargain blowjob, “Your killing me here”, “Aha touche”, he’d cry as he keeled over to the floor.

Nevertheless, I must remember to stick to dominoes when I turn 80, and leave the receiving of the orals to the younger folk. You can see the article here.

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Prostitutes Tombstone Deemed ‘Too Slutty’.

domenicaniehoffBlogPicGermany’s most famous prostitute, Domenica Niehoff, who lived her life as a vocal advocate for the rights of sex workers, upon dying in February, has recently had her tombstone rejected for being “too slutty”. Domenica was honored by becoming the first prostitute to be buried in Ohlsdorf Cemetery’s Garden of Women, but when her longtime friend, illustrator Tomi Ungerer tried to honor her memory by designing her tombstone the cemetery immediately rejected the idea.


Ungerer’s design paid tribute to Niehoff’s 48-inch bust by incorporating two curvaceous pieces of pink marble into the tombstone, which cemetery officials said was inappropriate and too slutty, whilst Ungerer claims that Domenica would have liked the design as she was not ashamed of herself. But then I guess it’s not about what Domenica would have liked but whether it fits with the overall look of a cemetery. On the flip side of this of course is shouldn’t a person have a right to create their tombstone however they see fit?

Domenica was also partly responsibe for Germany legalizing prostitution in 2002, thanks to her efforts as advocate and her eye catching bust. You can read the article here.

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Cooking With Cum

cookingwithcumBlogPicOK you did just read the title right, someone has brought out a cook book called ,”Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes“. Nice. I’ll let the blurb do most of the explaining, it goes like this:

“Semen is not only nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all these positives qualities, semen remains neglected as a food. This book hopes to change that. Once you have overcome any initial hesitation.”

O.K. I have a few issues with the blurb, for instance comparing semen to cheese and fine wine is just plain wrong. Also semen remains neglected as a food because it is not a food, it is cum. Can you imagine the joys of going to a restaurant, ordering sea bass with a semen sauce, then sipping your drink whilst the chef takes himself in hand and begins to fire rope after rope of his population pudding all over your main meal. Delightful, would you kindly ask him to wipe his now flaccid penis around the rim of my wine glass so we don’t waste a drop? Marvelous, what’s for dessert, ahh chocolate eclairs…

The book has apparently attracted mixed reviews, one custmer giving extra tips such as, “…when the recipe calls for milk or cheese you could substitute breast milk and from-unda cheese. If the cookbook says to add water use saliva or sweat instead”, mmm yummy. Another rants on about why anyone would want to cook with cum when you know of all the possible diseases that are out there. You can see the product here and some reviews, however the book is currently listed as unavailable. Gutted.

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Girls Of The World


We’re still in Brazil at the moment becuase over the weekend I discovered a young girl by the name of Tassi Luckemeyer who I wanted to share with you here.

She doesn’t look particularly Brazilian I know, she’s kind of like a freckly version of Henrietta I think. Amazingly I could find hardly any information on her at all, which leads me to believe she is still quite new and yet to be discovered. But what a beauty!

tassi-0102 tassi-0104 tassi-0106 tassi-1005g tassi-0704g tassi-0907g Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Star In A Bra competition! is a lingerie company specializing in big bras for girls with big boobs! They also sell shapewear, maternity bras, swimwear and sleepwear, basically all those big-boobied needs are covered on this website.

Well Brastop is currently running an online model competition called Star In A Bra!

“Be the new face (and bust) of Brastop! Prove to us you have the confidence to look gorgeous in lingerie. We know better than anyone that women come in all shapes and sizes and we are committed to finding great fitting bras for naturally curvy women. So, who better to model our stunning DD+ range of products than the women who buy them! So if you are confident, gorgeous and naturally fuller busted enter the Star in a Bra™ modelling competition because we’d love you to represent our best assets!”

Voting closes July 27 so be sure to vote for your favourite girl! I have to say some of these girls are just lovely! They all get my vote, especially Lauren the student from Catford. I lived in Catford when I first moved to London, all I’m going to say is…I won’t be moving back.

leela Lauren Samantha G annabel Cat Daisy Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Sex Shenanigans On The High Sea

Navy6SexGamesBlogPicAn investigation is under way in Australia over claims that navy sailors competed with each other to bed their female colleagues for cash prizes. According to channel 7 news , sailors on board HMAS Success put a cash value on each woman’s head. Sleeping with a female officer, or a lesbian, or having sex in a strange place such as a pool table, won more money.

The contest came to light when the vessel was in Singapore and it’s said that the sailors recorded their efforts in a book called The Ledger, challenging each other to sleep with as many female colleagues as possible. A number of concerns raised by female crew members were “now subject to formal inquiry”.

Seems like these ‘semen’ are going to be in a lot of trouble if these allegations are verified. I’ll never understand why someone would make a written record of such a game. I also want to know if any one of these guys had sex with a lesbian, because that is quite an impressive feat. I wonder what the cash value of that was? You can read the full article here.

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Most Subscribed – A Clip


Most Subscribed has been out for a while now and I have read reports from people who think it’s “the best movie we have ever made,” to “best movie this year,” to “don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

For me personally, despite all that’s happened recently and the rather ugly situation surrounding the Peaches and Gina break-up, I still consider it one of our best and one of my personal favourites. I think the simple concept, the little scenarios, the personality of Peaches and her co-stars, the way we filmed it and the sheer raw, lustful passion of the sex scenes makes it a top title. But of course it doesn’t matter what I think! What you think is what is important to us so please keep the reviews coming on the forum because I take a lot from reading them (usually a lot of anti-depressants more recently.)

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Teachers Sex Tape Appears On School DVD

teachersextapeblogpicA school DVD that was meant to be filled with memories of the past for 5th graders, was instead filled with their teachers ass. A local teacher accidentally put home made pornography into the DVD and nobody caught the shocking error until after it was sent home, shocking parents and pupils alike.

The offending DVD starts with a menu screen that displays various school trips and functions, and when you click on one of them, you see kids in the classroom sharing stories. They start clapping and then the video suddenly cuts to Ms Defanti having sex on the sofa. Brilliant.

Crystal Defanti, the Isabelle Jackson Elementary fifth grade teacher starring in the DVD, has said it was a horrible mix up. She has called parents crying hysterically, profusely apologizing and asking every parent not to let their children see it.

It is understood that she will not lose her job over the mix up, just a ton of pride, the ability to walk into a classroom with her head held high ever again, and to have to take every pun going when she sits on the sofa in the staff room. This must be every teenagers dream to be given their teachers home sex video, and my parents would have to prize the DVD out of my cold dead hands before i relinquished it. I’d probably bury it in the local park along with my dog eared copy of ‘Big Jugs’ that I’d found in a bush (and which I’d almost separated all the pages), and my secret stash of rolling tobacco, awaiting an opportunity so that I could tip my concrete over it at a later date when all the commotion had settled down.

Then again I suppose it does depend on what the teacher looks like and her age, and of course how she kept herself. For all we know she could have been in her fifties, overweight and with a fanny like a guardsman hat. Anyway, you can read the full article here.

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Girls and the Beach

beach1I enjoy sitting on the beach in the summer.

Hanging out in my shorts, top off, that salty sandy feeling on my skin, watching the girls, drinking cold beers and showing off my hacky sack skills.

I don’t know why but when I get home from the beach I always feel like having a good fuck.

Anyway that’s more info than you need.

Tomorrow I for one will be heading to the beach at early evening time to drink mojitos and watch the sun go down. And watch the girls. Of course.

Girls on the beach.

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American Independence

usa copy

Since I won’t be in work tomorrow, I’d like to wish all our American friends a great day tomorrow.

How do you celebrate the 4th of July by the way? Fireworks? Sing Beatles songs? Go through the dictionary and randomly change the spelling and/or prounounciation of an original English-language word? Cast a British actor to play a bad guy in a Hollywood movie? Haha! No, I am just colorfully joshuizing with you.

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R. Crumb’s Sex Obsessions


Love or hate Robert Crumb and his sex obsessions (and judging from the bickering here there’s not much in between) you have to admit that Taschen make very beautiful and expensive books.

A signed, slipcased, age-resistant limited run of 1,000 of this latest tome (compiled by Dian Hanson who compiles all sorts of rude stuff) is available for a moderate £400 (£332.50 with amazon’s 17% discount). That’s a lot of hairy wimmin’, big legged wimmin’ and big, big, BIG wimmin’!

If you can’t stretch to that price tag you’ll be able to pick up a standard issue for around £15-20 near the end of this year.

Or if you really want to show off then go for the Champ’s Edition of GOAT which comes with (among other luxuries) the “Radial Champs” sculpture by Jeff Koons and weighs in at 75lbs & $10,000!

R. Crumb’s Sex Obsessions

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Jayne Mansfields Cleavage

sophia loren jayne mansfield

In the early 50s I suppose it was much less common for women to show this much cleavage. Is Sophia Loren’s look here one of disgust or one of outright jealousy?

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Sex With Fruit

SexWithFruitBlogPicA friend of mine sent me a link to a site where a scientist had been having a bit of trouble coming up with good ideas for experiments. But then in a sudden flash of insight he decided he was going to have sex with different types of fruit and report the results in a scientific paper. Yes, you did just read that right.

The scientist started by carving penis sized holes into the fruits and then having intercourse into the carved hole. He rates each fruit by certain criterion including the time it takes him to reach orgasm, the sturdiness and durability of the fruit, and the texture of the fruit, how it felt on his penis.

If you’d like to read the article and find out which fruit worked best for him and which didn’t (including which juices sting your penis and which fruit keeps cuming back for more), then you can read it here. He states that he has submitted the paper for peer review in the science journal Nature, which I’m 100% certain they will publish, along with any future publications this mad scientist decides to come up with. Here’s one for you Mr Scientist, how about doing an experiment on what’s the biggest vegetable you can stick up your ass. I’m betting it’s a marrow.

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Girls Of The World


Rather than stay around the Middle East where there is plenty more female beauty to appreciate, we’re off to South America now. Better to mix things up and jump around I figured, plus my Arnie plane-jumping-stunt went wrong when I landed in a secret military base and joined a team of covert ex-special forces agents, our mission was to rescue a group of downed airmen from guerrillas in a South American jungle but something invisible started hunting us…anyway that’s a whole other story…“GED DO DE CHOPPA!”

Fluvia Lacerda is a Brazilian girl who caught my eye whilst browsing around Brazil, where female beauty is in abundance. Wow, looking at this beautiful babe just makes all these seduced-at-sunset-with-mojitos-on-the-beach fantasies come to life. What with all the petite young models we surround ourselves with it’s nice to be reminded that beauty comes in all kinds of different guises. Beauty is not youth or a size 6, beauty is something far more complicated, layered and indeed beautiful.

Here’s a good interview with Fluvia.

Fluvia53 Fluvia59 foto2-fluvia fluvia-lacerda-11 Fluvia36 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Ukraine Bans Porn

UkraineBanPornBlogPicAll pornography has been outlawed in the Ukraine despite the protests of free-speech proponents and human-right activists. The law calls for strict punishment of people possessing, selling and disseminating pornography, as defined by police and courts.

The Ukraine has long had a reputations as a source for child pornography, and the passage of law has been seen as some as a move to protect childrens rights. However as is often the case with such laws, it fails to define pornography or include any child-specific language. Critics have urged President Victor Yushchenko to return the vague and overly broad law back to legislators for amendments, with many people fearing the vague definition of pornography in the law will spur abuse, allowing law enforcement to punish and possibly blackmail consenting adults for possession of nude images, with artists and galleries that specialize in nude art also concerned.

Many Ukrainians now worry they may have to throw away films images and works of art that could be conceivably be classified as pornography. According to the new law, those found guilty of possessing, selling or disseminating porn cold be faced with hefty fines and/or up to 3 years in prison.

I personally find this blanket ban, with a broad and widely left open to interpretation, definition of porn, a shambles. What are your views on this state ban of pornography, I’d be interested to hear. You can read the full article here.

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Getting me up in the morning


Recently I have been waking up to the glorious site of Mr Motivator’s new fitness side-kick, stretching and twisting her phenomenal body all over my TV screen. Her name is Deanne Berry and I only recently became aware that she was the star of the of that infamous music video “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz. She truly is a spandex treat and really get’s me pumped up in the morning as I scoff down a bowl of cereal and two boiled eggs. The 28 year old Aussie has won an army of fans who can’t get enough of her perky, energetic style and extremely sexual workout routines. She tries to get the viewers at home to join in with her. I join in but it’s not really the type of workout she’s doing.


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The Sole Collector

vt61-frontThe Sole Collector has been chosen on our forum as the older movie of the week to discuss. I wrote something this morning here.

I’ve just realized that this movie might not have been seen by half as many people as it should! Maybe the leg and feet aspect turned a few away? I’m not obsessive over womens legs and feet but these girls really do have incredibly toned, defined and beautiful legs which I can really appreciate. The thing about the movie is that it has so much more to it, as I wrote on the forum. Some of the scenes (which are all lesbian) are really, really great – see my post for descriptions.

The plot, which is kind of funny, sees Kathy Moore having to stay in Sandy’s house for three days before Sandy will allow her to buy off her a very rare type of handmade high-heel shoe. During those three days she intends to have her way sexually with both Kathy and her assistant in tow – Stella Stevens. Along with her two live-in maids Sophie Moone and Kylie the five girls have a series of bonks in the hot musky air – pussies are eaten out, arseholes are rimmed, saliva is swapped and orgasms can be heard all around the grounds!If you haven’t seen this movie it does come highly recommended, and even though it’s from 2005 it still holds it’s own. The amazing cast of girls shine throughout and there is more than enough to enjoy even if you’re not a die hard foot fetishist. Mind you, by the time you finish this one you might well turn into one! Here is the trailer…

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Keep The Sperm Healthy, Ejaculate Daily!

healthyspermblogpicFellas, if you want healthy sperm then it’s important to have sex everyday, new research has suggested. In a study of men with fertility problems, daily ejaculation for a week cut the amount of DNA damage seen in sperm samples. Previous advice for men had been to abstain from sex and for couples to have sex every two or three days when trying to conceive.

The theory is that the longer sperm hang around in the testes the more likely they are to accumulate DNA damage and the warm environment could also make them sluggish after a while. Sperm come under attack from ‘free radicals’ (sounds like a new indie band), which are molecules which can damage DNA and cause cell death, whilst in the tube that stores and carries sperm away from the testes.

However daily sex over a long period such as a fortnight would probably reduce sperm numbers too much, so advice given is to have daily sex around the time when the woman is ovulating. Also this advice may not apply to all men as those who have low sperm counts to begin with, if they have daily sex it may well reduce the sperm count even further.

Well I’m not currently trying to concieve with my partner but I know that I shall use selected parts of this arguement to try and get my daily portion, for example, “Come on love, you don’t want to damage my sperms DNA do you?”. Sold. You can read the full artcile here.

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Lola – July’s Babe & Portrait Of A Lesbian


In celebration of the release of Portrait Of A Lesbian, and Lola becoming our July Babe I thought I would leave this nice clip here – it’s taken from a longer solo scene with Lola which will be on the site for members.

The first part is an erotic nude sequence outside (nice navel shot for the navel people!) and the second part is Lola on a bed masturbating, which is a quite beautiful sight let me assure you…

You might remember me getting quite excited about Lola a while back, well I’m still excited about her. We’re hoping she’ll be back in September for a Mums and Daughters sequel, and also we’ll be seeing her again before the year is out in a still yet untitled project with Lisa.

Portrait Of A Lesbian trailer here.

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    Leslove 1 hour ago

    I've always loved that pose of a taller woman up against a wall being pursued by a shorter hungry woman. You see it in movies all the time. Elina is one shapely lady. Love that waist and legs. And Stacey still fresh in my memory and a great lady lover. Good back and forth and wow three inch difference makes me really hot. Please don't be strangers you two. Come back and come again and again. Beautiful Sandra very hungry sex.

    on Ready For You

    Rose 7 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Hi Baloo, the schedule is different each week! There will always be at least one or two movies, one or two photosets and a behind the scenes movie in each week.
    I agree Angelika is very hot :-)

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    Nightingale 9 hours ago

    Tired looking Elina de Lion does nothing for me and those pierced nipples are just awful.PASS.PASS and PASS for the next 3 days,

    on Ready For You

    baloo 9 hours ago

    Hi Rose,
    A question concerning the when the weekdays your films are released ? Since New Year I'm confused. And now when the updates have no date ! Please clarify. You may cut down on numbers of Behind The Scenes IMO. I'm afraid this is my opinion only. So forget it. I'll take a look more on Angelika Grey's films. I hope she'll be back.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    Rose 10 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Welcome to Stacy Bloom, better known on MetArt as Pammie Lee. Those curves, yum :-)

    on Ready For You

    Kristo1 1 day ago

    I enjoyed this, but still feel a lot of erotic potential is lost because of too many close-ups. especially, this time, in the undressing elements

    on Please Don't Go

    Nightingale 2 days ago

    Now that is a beautiful woman.

    on Private Orgasms Part 3

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location