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On Location

Be still my beating heart, for yesterday it was in overdrive.

The reason? Nicole Smith, this lady is absolutely STUNNING, wonderful long legs, magnificent bum and amazing breasts, not to mention a beautiful face, the woman is gorgeous, just wait until you guys see her, I predict she will be a new VT star, simply stunning.

Sunny Diamond is the other girl we have with us too and she is a cutie. Curvaceous, firm breasts and nipples like strawberries.

So I arrive at the shoot at about 12:30 and am greeted by the site of a naked Nicole on the bed while Zoomzoom shoots her. I was stunned by her beauty, she had legs that just went on and on, in stockings too so you know I was happy.

Up next was Ivor to do the solo scene with Nicole and boy did she know exactly what she was doing. Ivor told her what he wanted from the scene before starting the shoot, and she took over from there. Walking sexily wearing a short skirt, stockings and glasses, she looked damn sexy, already I was salivating at the mouth. Sitting on the bed and crossing her legs, I could feel my temperature rising, good god she was slowly and sexily moving her legs, and I was transfixed. When she undone her top button and I could see her cleavage I could feel everyone was transfixed by now, she was seducing us all. Lying back touching her own perfect body, she was enjoying herself, there were no shouts of cut to ruin a flow, she was able to lay back do as she would on her own, the way she would get herself off. She moved her hand down to her now very moist pussy and started to masturbate, you could her the beautiful sound of her fingers sliding into her pussy, bringing herself to climax, and a beautiful giggle when she was done saying ”I enjoyed that” as we gave her a round of applause, never seen that before a round of applause, but she was amazing and she was really happy about it.

After a break it was time for the girl/girl scene between the two girls. Once again Ivor told them what he wanted from the scene before hand and let the scene flow, and it made for what I believe will be a very good lesbian scene. The kissing between the two girls was outstanding I was in awe, it really was some great kissing, deep, passionate and most importantly long. Sunny went to work on Nicole’ breasts, sucking and licking, Nicole’ nipples went rock hard, you could actually see them getting bigger the more Sunny licked and sucked on them, back to more great kissing. The pussy licking between the girls was truly erotic, these girls really went for it, they where enjoying themselves no direction needed just go with the flow and my god did these girls go with the flow, I’m sure they forgot we where there too, they just wanted to pleasure each other as much as possible. I am sure once you see it you will agree that this is a very good scene.

Nicole Smith who is new to the industry I think will go a very long way, she is gorgeous and likes what she is doing I think we will see a lot of her on from now on, and Sunny too is a nice addition to the VT family, cute, giggly and loves what she is doing too.

So a great start to our short 2 day shoot (more next week) not a bad way to spend a Thursday afternoon

IMG_0893 IMG_0890 IMG_0883 IMG_0867 IMG_0865 IMG_0861 IMG_0852 IMG_0849 IMG_0830 IMG_0827

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Eve Angel’s lesbian video seduction!

The story behind Eve Angel‘s dripping wet scene with the gorgeous Zuzana for new lesbian video release Naked Impulses 2 makes me smile every time I remember it. The girls were fooling around on set while everyone worked around them, and Eve suddenly grabbed a camera – not something we usually encourage, but I think we all wanted to see what would happen! She started giving Zuzana the most explicit direction, pretending to be an outrageous lesbian video director: “Now stick your fingers in your pussy! All of them! Rub your clit, I want to see you cum hard!!!”

We were all quite shocked to see the usually sweet Eve become such a sexual aggressor, while Zuzana, usually quite dominant, meekly did exactly as she was told. It really seemed to ignite a spark between them, and I think you can see that from the eye contact in the scene. You can tell from Zuzana’s pink, puffy pussy that she had already cum before we started shooting, too!

Eve was happy to let Zuzana take charge once filming began, and submitted to some expert tongue and finger work. The wet, transparent clothes clinging to their perfect bodies made for a beautiful and very erotic scene. Sadly, I can report that Eve would make a useless lesbian video director – she was evidently so turned on that the shakey camera work was appalling! It was quite a thrill to see her get in touch with her inner dominatrix though, if only for a few minutes! I hope we get to see more of it.

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Photos from the new Viv Thomas lesbian film: Naked Impulses 2

Eve Angel and Zuzana fell in love in the third scene of Naked Impulses 2 – how could you resist either one of these beautiful girls? Especially as they are kissing in a beautifully lit bathtub, dressed in light white (and WET) dresses.

What do you think? Good, bad or ugly?

4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_011 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_038 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_054 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_156 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_168 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_174 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_221

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Competition time – win a $19.95 voucher

We’re back on location today, Nicole Smith and Sunny Diamond having flown in late last night.

Viv Thomas let them have a lie in before cracking on with the day’s graft. Later, while Nicole was sliding around the bed in some stimulating poses, Ivor Hitchcock (our chief camera-man) snapped an interesting shot.

Come up with the best caption (only in the blog comments) and you could win yourself a quick $19.95 voucher for any film in our online store. Go on then, give it your best shot! :)

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Could you take a better photo?

This has to be one of Gergo’s better photos. Occasionally he sends us a few that he and Jo have cooked up and then Gergo throws a couple into Photoshop and has a play. I think this one came out really well.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how this lesbian photo set turns out on I Dream of Jo (if you weren’t aware, we run a site in partnership with our top model). Would you be interested to see how it turns out?

Quick quizz – Who is the other model? Answers on the blog only please.

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So following on from the other Blogs of Naked Impulses 2, I thought i would share my favorite scene. You would think that a movie which has Sandra Shine, Blue Angel, Vera and Eve Angel that my favorite scene would involve one of these ladies, but you would be wrong, the scene I really liked involved Cathy Heaven and Bellina. The kissing between the two of them is simply gorgeous, deep and lingering. There is a bit of breast sucking between the two girls all the while Bellina has her hand down Cathy’s panties. The girls go at each others pussies with relish, the chemistry between them pulsating. As you can see from my picture the big talking point will be Bellina fisting Cathy (which will be available only on download and the website). Cathy enjoys every second of it lapping up every drop of juice from bellina’ fingers, its a scene you have to see as its the hottest not just in this movie but its the hottest VT scene i have seen in awhile

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Face riders in upcoming steamy lesbian video!

I really love to see a girl grinding hard on another girl’s face. Especially when the face is as pretty as Danika‘s! It was quite a special thing to watch a sweet blonde like Teena Dolly (silly name I know, but she is actually just like a cute little doll) riding Danika and soaking her face with girl juice. They were filming for Naked Impulses 2, my favourite lesbian video so far this year as the girls in it are top class and the orgasms are quite spectacular!

At first I thought it would be nothing special – Teena is a little bit shy, and seemed in awe of Danika, who is just so knockout S-E-X-Y that I find myself blushing whenever she looks at me. Oh, if she could read my mind…! But of course, Danika is an amazing seductress too, which is a thrilling and arousing thing to see in such a beautiful lesbian video starlet.

As we started filming, I heard her murmur to Teena, “You are so pretty… is your pussy this pretty too? Is it wet for me already?” The answer to that turned out to be a resounding YES! And after Teena had proved that by riding Danika’s face until she was shuddering with pleasure, you can see Danika’s fingers were soon buried up to the knuckle in that dripping honeypot.

Naturally, Teena repaid the favour with interest, and watching Danika cum hard, seeing the cream trickle down the crack of her peachy ass, was pure delight. I’ll be replaying this ultra-juicy lesbian video moment from Naked Impulses 2 over and over on the screen, as well as in my head!

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Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones as lesbian couple in new movie

I am ever so slightly in love with Zooey Deschanel, I just find her so cute, alluring, kooky, something about her just melts me, she is so adorable, and Rashida is a very hot women too, so when I heard they where to play a lesbian couple in a new movie (Our Idiot Brother starring Paul Rudd) my interest piqued.

Here is how Zooey described the kiss: ‘‘It was a little weird at first but I thought it was awesome because she's cool," Deschanel said. "I mean, it's better than kissing a stranger. And she's really cute”.

So lets hope its a full on kiss or do you think it will be (as I think it will) a simple lip kiss nothing more? One thing is for sure I cant wait to find out.

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Intense kissing in new lesbian video!

Fans of intense kissing in lesbian video action should brace themselves for the first scene of Naked Impulses 2… Blue Angel and Sandra Shine, two of the hottest girls ever to appear in a Viv Thomas production, share a long, lingering moment of passion that you will feel in every nerve of your body, from head to toe!

Being the naughty peeper that you know your Avril has always been, I was watching the action from a very privileged vantage point, as Sandra and Blue Angel made out in the hot sun and then moved to the pool to get each other even wetter! Sandra is always a sexual tigress, but she clearly has a thing for Blue Angel, as the pair of them refused to stop even when the camera was not running.

I was afraid their best orgasms would not get captured on film (yes girls, I was watching you fingering each other in the kitchen before we even started shooting!!!) but never fear – Blue Angel is such an exhibitionist that knowing she is being filmed seems to kick up her sexual heat a few more notches! I like to see genuine energy and mutual lust in a lesbian video scene, so I’m happy to say these pussies were dripping wet long before they moved into the pool, and both girls were quivering, sensitive and satiated by the end. In fact, Sandra Shine slept for about ten hours after the scene finished, and now she can’t say Blue Angel’s name without smiling!

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Our new lesbian video is waiting in the wings

The team at Viv Thomas have feverishly been putting the finishing touches to an excellent new lesbian porn film: Naked Impulses 2 – a series of lesbian video scenes featuring some of the very best girls we have ever worked with. These honeys just keep getting more and more beautiful and better and better at lesbian lovemaking.

For example take a look at Vera as she lets Danika kiss her her longingly. She is Malaysian with a skin so moist and smooth it’ll leave your tongue flapping. Vera’s enjoyment is tangible as she lets a few little giggly smiles slip out before slipping her tongue deep into Danika. Seriously if you like lesbian porn, you have come to the right place!

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Sexy Michelle Rodriguez

I find Michelle to be very attractive, she could probably kick my ass but still she is sexy, watching Machete a few weeks back and seeing that Jessica Alba was meant to be the “Hot Chick” personally for me i couldn’t take my eyes off of Michelle.
The Resident Evil series is a guilty pleasure of mine, i know they are not the best movies but i do enjoy them, and with he last one being the most popular one yet, a 5th was obviously on its way. One thing i read today to much suprise and happiness is that Michelle Rodriguez is to reprise her role as Rain Ocampo, who in the first one dies!!. So im thinking what can they do is it flash backs, is she a zombie? one thing is for sure and to steal a phrase if she is a zombie, she will be Zombie Hot!

Dreams of a love triangle between Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez(if not a zombie) start now

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Asian Girls

Following on from Ivor Hitchcocks thread HERE. I thought I’d do a short blog on it. I am a huge fan of asian cinema, action, horror, gangster, you name it and i enjoy it, and the one thing that always sticks out to me is just how attracted i am to the girls. I’ll be enjoying an action movie and a really sexy girl will come on screen and i find myself transfixed by her, just hoping against hope some flesh would be exposed (but as most asian movies they don’t). Almost every movie their will be atleast one girl who i cant take my eyes off.

The girl in the picture is Japanese porn Saori Hara. I think she is stunning and would love to have her in a VT movie. If only she decided to come to Europe on a business holiday.

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I love this picture of Antonya; she really does have an amazing body. Take a look at this photo and look at the shape of her breasts, they are perfection.

Not only does she have a body most women would die for she is a genuinely lovely girl too… very shy and unassuming BUT when a camera is pointed in her direction her whole demeanor changes. Gone are her inhibitions, the quiet and shy Antonya has become a siren, those who gaze upon her are instantly under her spell never to leave (not that you would want to). When its over she is back to her quiet, sweet self, but us? Well we are still under her spell.

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Sonia Red’s best ever scene

Sonia Red is one of my all time favourites. I just thought you might remember her from some of the more “interesting” porn films we have made, both lesbian video and boy-girl porn. Did you see Frango and Gash? Did you see Triangle – Affairs of the Heart? Her best scene may very well have been the pool side lesbian encounter with Nella in Hot Slots, do you agree?

What do YOU think Sonia Red’s best scene was?

sonia red IMAG0555 IMAG0556 IMAG0558 IMAG0563

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So im going to start blogging and what better subject to start than my Favorite Fetish!.

Who would have thought that back in the 1920′s when women stopped wearing them for comfort and more for showing of their legs they would be the big turn on they are now. Their is something infinitely sexy about a sexy women with sexy legs wearing stockings to excenuate them. Of the VT models their are alot of girls wearing stockings but for me one girl stands head and stockings above the rest and that is Mya Diamond. This lady has a body to die for and legs that are perfect for stockings, Go through all her photo sets on VT and you will notice in pretty much all of them she wears stockings. If you look though movies, music, T.V, you will notice a certain girl and like her and when you see that girl again wearing stockings it heightens the sense of attraction to that girl. Do you agree?

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Sudden new lesbian porn shoot announced

That headline is not ENTIRELY true – the porn shoot is sudden, but it won’t be 100% lesbian video (and photo sets), we will do two solo girl sets as well at the end of this month. The PLAN at this stage is to do something with a very special and topical theme – let’s just say at this stage that it may involve mud and grass…

We have booked two super hot beauties from Hungary who will be winging there way over to us here in Portugal on the 28th September. Stay tuned to this blog (and our twitter) for coverage of their visit with us.

Nicole Smith is from Hungary and apparently hasn’t done any girl/girl on camera before. Her only lesbian experiences have been in her private life which sounds exciting. I hope she speaks English so we can nab a few words with her for our interview section. Sunny Diamond, we don’t know much about bar the fact that she is blonde, beautiful and loves to get naked for the camera.

nicole-smith sunny-diamond

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On the beach? This is what those girls look like without bikinis.

Viv Thomas is RENOWNED the world over for our excellent choice in simply beautiful porn stars. More to the point we are renowned for the sapphic love mistresses in our lesbian videos. Well, we are releasing one of those lesbian videos which is a little different to the normal Viv Thomas style:

All these lesbian girls are wearing the tightest, hottest, skimpiest bikinis you can imagine, and they’re chomping at the bit to slip those little threads off. As the blurb on this summery lesbian sex fest reads:

“A bikini is a thing of beauty, taught fabric barely covering the sensual parts of a woman that leave little to the imagination. Bikini Babes goes beyond the realm of dreams and exposes every inch of sun tanned skin. As the sun gets hotter the girls get wetter and its not long before the bikinis are gone, replaced by hungry tongues and slick fingers. Featuring a host of stars including Sasha, Blue Angel and Zara, you’d be crazy to miss out on this summers hottest slots.”

Feast your eyes on the trailer in the mean time and I’ll add some links in here when we release this scorching new lesbian video later this week.


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    Supermodel2019 5 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 9 hours ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 1 day ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Christa P 2 days ago

    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

    on A Night of Passion

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations