Hot off the press – new trailer for Story of She.

October 31, 2011 - by: Nick Spillum

The path to the release of the Story of She is getting hotter and hotter. Finally we have an official trailer and it’s great to see our production guys getting back into fully plot driven film mode. Hang on to your seats as you’ll be getting a lot more of this in 2012!

Do you have any thoughts on the Story of She which by the way stars Lexi Lowe, Sasha, Milfy Marlyn, Lisa (yes our very own Lisa is back and seducing the young babes again), the glorious Antonya playing a sad little student, who gets pretty damn happy! Sandra Shine makes a little appearance too.

Did I mention it’s a totally lesbian film?

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Sexy Halloween video!

October 31, 2011 - by: Avril

Happy Halloween, everyone! Personally I think Halloween is sexier even than Valentine’s Day – less romance, more naughtiness! What better way to celebrate than by indulging in a little video lust with our wicked witch, Tea J – she already has me hypnotized with her piercing eyes and lithe body. Her Halloween video has me spellbound, I just can’t stop watching it. Her pussy is so pretty, it looks absolutely delicious, and she obviously loves to tease and finger it. If I got any closer to the screen I would be licking it! I will never look at a pumpkin in the same way again…

There’s a very special offer today to help you celebrate Halloween in sexy style – join for half price! This offer lasts 24 hours only, so don’t miss it – Tea J is waiting to show you just how good it is to be bad!

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A sneak preview of Halloween 2011 on

October 29, 2011 - by: Nick Spillum

This year we have rented the services of a beautiful witch, complete with pumpkins, broomstick and her very own jet black cloak. She let us put out a few shots of her before she emblazons the pages of our official pay site (where there may just be a special little surprise for you on the 31st). Our wicked witch got so horny in the photo shoot that she begged our guys to video her before she got herself off, so watch out for that video too.

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Halloween sex queen!

October 27, 2011 - by: Avril

All I want for Halloween is… Megan Cox. Seriously, when I see that seductive look in her eyes, I’m pretty sure she could make me scream! She is a bad girl in the best possible way. You know how naughty English girls can be…

Halloween is the perfect time for sexy role play games. What girl doesn’t secretly fantasize about dressing up as Dracula’s innocent victim and letting the Count have his wicked way with her? Or even being the vampire herself and creating an army of willing male servants to cater to her every whim? I definitely see Megan Cox in that role!

I’d love to see make a movie based around a sexy Halloween theme… who would you guys cast as the seductive witches and vampires, who would play the ghouls and zombies, and who would be the innocent victims?

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Colette, anal video star of the year?

October 25, 2011 - by: Avril

You already know how much I looooooove Colette. I might have had a tiny bit to do with her being our Babe of the Month back in July 2011, simply by having an amazing pic of her sensational rack as my screen saver so everybody who passed by was reminded just how incredible she is!

I do like to see Colette with other girls, mainly so I can pretend it’s me! Her lesbian video scene with Eve Angel for Stockings and Lace showed off just how pretty she is, and I think her body is so perfect in sexy stockings. She has great legs and a fantastic ass, although I’m usually so mesmerized by those boobs I can’t look at anything else!

It’s clear where her true star quality lies though. Colette gives a blowjob that will bring a man to his knees, because she truly, truly loves to do it. She told me, “Avril, nothing gets my pussy wetter than to suck a guy’s cock, to know that at that moment there is nothing else in the world for him, that it’s the best thing he’s ever felt. I love to give pleasure.”

Blowjob skills like that would be enough to make Colette one of my favourite girls, but the fact that she’s one of our top anal video stars makes her unbeatable in my book. Her scene in the forthcoming release Anal Pleasure is a real keeper because she puts so much energy and personality into it. I want to look at a girl and think, Wow, she really loves anal sex! She’s totally into it! And with Colette, there’s no doubt about it. Physically and vocally, she lets her lucky partner (and the rest of the world!) know how much she’s getting off on having a cock plowing her tight little ass.

For me, Colette is the anal video star of the year so far. You’ll have to watch Anal Pleasure and tell me if you agree – or do you have another candidate in mind?

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Now that frame with Sandra Shine popping the champagne… naked. Well that’s just awesome! What’s your favourite section in this clip?

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Suzie Carina – leg fetish queen!

October 23, 2011 - by: Avril

I know I’m not the only huge fan of Suzie Carina around here. Pretty face, lithe body, long gorgeous hair – this girl has really got it going on! She always looks damn hot, but I think this fabulous leg fetish shoot may be the best I’ve ever seen her looking – what a heartbreaker! For such a petite girl (only 5’2″, and very cute and smiley) she looks like a total ice queen here. I can just imagine her towering over me in her sky-high stilettos, those perfect legs in their sexy black stockings seeming to go on for ever, leading up to that tempting lacy panty-crotch. Would I dare reach up to touch it, would she let me melt that icy demeanor with some fervent leg worship?

While I do of course adore girls who look fresh and sweet, this is one of my favourite ever transformations from cute sex kitten to rampant tigress! I would love to see Suzie Carina play dominatrix in a leg sex video scene. Wouldn’t you? And who else do you think could handle the transformation from sweetie to diva?

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Nicole Smith – new lesbian video star?

October 19, 2011 - by: Avril

If you haven’t yet checked out the overwhelmingly gorgeous Nicole Smith, I urge you to do so… she has us all in a spin here, with that slender but busty figure, seductive face and stunning come-to-bed eyes. YUM! That’s all I can think whenever I look at her. Nicole spent some time on location with us here in Portugal recently, and was the subject of many longing looks and flirtatious smiles from the other girls. You’ll see more of the fantastic pictures in the weeks to come, and even… dare I whisper it… her first ever lesbian pics!

Nicole is Hungarian and doesn’t speak too much English, but we all fell in love with her anyway. You can tell from those divine rugby pics adorning at the moment that she is as sweet as she is sexy! She comes from Sandra Shine’s model agency, which says it all – pure class. I think she has the potential to be a major new lesbian video star, as she has the perfect combination of looks, sex appeal and lust for pussy. What do you folks think – would you like to see more of her?

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Sexy feet!

October 18, 2011 - by: Avril

I know this subject is one that divides you into foot lovers – foot worshippers, even – and those of you who see fabulous feet and lovely legs as just a nice pathway to the main event. This shot combines the best of both worlds for me – sexy feet and a pretty pussy that’s eager to be filled!

If you really don’t get why feet are so sexy, maybe you never will. But if you feel a faint stirring in your pants when you see a hot girl walk by in sky-high stilettos, showing off her dainty toes, check out this lovely compilation of sexy feet and enjoy the sensations.

I’ll confess I love it all… having a pedicure, watching girls lick and suck each other’s feet, and especially having someone help me try on shoes! Foot sex and leg sex really get me excited. Don’t you folks agree it’s time for to make a new movie set in a shoe store, just for me? Who would be the stars? I’m writing the script in my head, right now…

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Art or porn?

October 18, 2011 - by: Avril

Only in South Korea could this possibly be considered normal, socially acceptable or even a popular destination for honeymooners! This is one of the 140 erotic sculptures from Jeju Love Land, a place which I thought could only exist in dreams (or possibly nightmares) but is in fact a real “amusement park.” Check out lots more pics at Laughing Squid, and marvel that such things do not exist in Europe or the US… Disneyland doesn’t count!

So, is it art OR porn? I’d like to think that at we manage to walk the fine line between art AND porn!

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