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A preview of Lexi and Lisa’s sexy kissing in Story of She!

I’ve been teasing you all with tales of the kissing in forthcoming lesbian video release Story of She. And yes, the sex is supremely hot – but it’s the kissing I keep watching over and over again! Is there anything better than watching Lisa kissing another girl? Well, as Lexi would tell you, it’s actually being that girl!

The scene has a great intro, as experienced Lisa picks up bi-curious Lexi Lowe in a cafe, takes her home and treats her to a mindblowing sexual awakening. Lisa is one of the finest pussy lickers – make that pussy lovers – around, and so it’s not suprising that she gives Lexi a shaking, shuddering climax. Turns out Lexi is a quick learner, as once she’s come back down to earth she brings Lisa to not one but two powerful orgasms! I love the way this is filmed. You feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one to have my face pressed so close to the screen I was practically licking it!

I wanted to see what would happened when one of‘s veteran lesbian superstars hooked up with an incredibly hot but relatively inexperienced starlet, and now I know – fireworks! Lisa can do no wrong in my eyes, and this is one of her most arousing lesbian scenes to date, due to some bonafide chemistry between her and the boobilicious Lexi. Yum!

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Aletta Ocean and her rise to fame

Aletta Ocean, previously known as Aletta Alien on our site (and now changed to keep up with her new Aletta Ocean persona) is rising the ranks. On Freeones she is currently the most searched babe of them all, which is quite a statement as they have categorized over 22,000 porn stars.

Aletta Ocean worked with us back in 2007. We were filming Unfaithful 4 in Budapest during a super hot summer and she ended up doing an incredible threesome with Nella and Peaches – here’s a quick reminder of that scene and a few photos of Aletta Ocean after the video.

See her on

Nella, Aletta Ocean and Peaches Peaches, Aletta Ocean and Nella Aletta Ocean - incredible legs! Aletta Ocean before her breast implants Aletta Ocean and Peaches

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Lexi Lowe’s best lesbian video role?

I find Lexi Lowe a very interesting girl. I don’t just mean sexually, although she is definitely a lesbian video star to watch. I mean, she has a very engaging personality, with lots of opinions, and funny stories and plenty to say, which makes her great fun to have around. We have struck lucky with Welsh girls a few times, it must be something in the water! I do like the way she is very direct and upfront, and she’s just the same when it comes to sex. She’s not too shy to say what she wants and what feels good.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of her starring role in the forthcoming Story of She. There is quite a contrast between Lexi, who is tall and lean (although with fabulous natural boobs and a curvy bum!) and her petite costars like Antonya and Lisa. She might have a bit less lesbian video experience than them, but you wouldn’t know it. There was a lot of heat on set, and I think it really translates to the screen!

I’d never actually sen Lexi eat pussy in the flesh, so to speak, so I enjoyed being on the set of Story of She. I had watched her flirting with Lisa and building up the sexual tension, so that was the scene I was most looking forward to, and I wasn’t disappointed. All the kissing, touching and licking was very arousing to witness! I asked Lisa afterwards if the orgasms were as powerful as they appeared, and she said yes, they most certainly were!

Can’t wait to see which scene you like best, but for now, I am enjoying replaying that scene in my head, as well as on screen!

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Cindy Hope and Blue Angel show us how lesbian hardcore is done!

Sometimes it’s so refreshing to try something new. Abseiling, learning a language, fisting… hang on, FISTING!?! Yes, that is what I said! These incredible new pics of Blue Angel and Cindy Hope have convinced me it could be fun and fulfilling!

Cindy is the kind of girl who always likes to take things too far, and I mean that in the best possible way! She had been begging to show off her wilder side, and so you have her to thank for the sexy rock chick styling. It’s far from my usual taste, but you know what, I really like how they worked it – these chicks rock!

Blue Angel is far from being a passive, lie-back-and-take-it type of girl when it comes to lesbian action, but Cindy was so into the role that for once Blue Angel was more than happy to let herself be totally dominated. It seems like Cindy knows how to push her buttons, because after licking and fingering her to one wet climax, she did manage to wriggle her whole pretty little hand in there and rock Blue Angel’s world! The only problem was getting them to stay still for long enough to take pictures…

Check this photoset out!

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Antonya stars in two new lesbian videos!

Antonya is such a hottie it’s no wonder we are featuring her in two forthcoming lesbian video releases – two that we’re very proud of.

First, there’s Story of She, in which she plays a sad young girl who gets sexually awakened. It’s a great role for her, as she is genuinely a shy and introverted sweetie – which is why it’s such a treat to watch when the other side of her personality emerges, which is quite a sexually expressive one!

The other is the much-anticipated blockbuster, Simply the Best, which also stars Jo! and Vera! and Sandra Shine! and Eve Angel! That’s all I’m allowed to tell you right now, but check out the trailer and you will see why we are all so excited about it (especially me, and “excited” doesn’t even begin to describe it!).

Seeing Antonya blossom into a bonafide sex bomb has been quite a revelation. Maybe going blonde was all part of it, though I liked her here, when she started out as a brunette, too. She sure as hell has the body for it – boobs and bum that won’t quit, and such a pretty face. But it takes some coaxing to get to her wild side. Luckily we are patient here at, and we could all see she had the potential to match some of our all-time favourites blow-for-blow (or lick-for-lick) in a lesbian video scene. Now she is a little more aware of just how hot she is… but she still blushes when the other girls flirt with her off set! To my mind, that just makes her even more sexy!

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Girl on girl on girl – photos from the lesbian threesomes


A quick look at this, our latest title from Playboy TV, before we release it on our store. It is an unbelievably hardcore horny romp with the top girls in Europorn. I think you’ll like it.

See the trailer here.


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A 7 minute history of

Viv, Avril and the video team took some time out this autumn to film a promotional film about the company. Essentially it is designed for our prospective business partners, but we thought it would be great if you had a look as well.

Feel free to share it with your friends – the embed code should work perfectly - let us know in the comments if it doesn’t!

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Hot for teacher?

Californian high school teacher Heidi Kaeslin is in hot water for running a bunch of porn sites, including the superbly-named While not condoning the actions of Ms Kaeslin of course – and maybe using her school-issued laptop to run it was adding insult to injury – I do have to say I think she’s pretty hot! She has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. The URL now takes you to a generic porn site so the whole thing may well have been a publicity stunt, but a funny one at that.

I’ll admit, I am a bit of a sucker for the college-girl themed videos, and wouldn’t mind seeing venturing down that well-worn path, with a bit of a twist naturally. I think the delicious Marlyn would be the perfect fit for the role of naughty college professor, since she loves teaching girls how to eat pussy! For now, I will have to content myself with watching her stellar lesbian video scenes in the forthcoming Story of She, which has definitely got me all hot and bothered!

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READ MORE releases lesbian threeway video!

Girl on girl action is awesome, but sometimes Girl on Girl on Girl action is even better! I’m a big fan of lesbian threeways done right, and there is a lot in this new release to get my pulse racing and my panties damp!

There are five threesomes here, featuring a roster of girls that reads like a who’s who of hot lez babes. Sandy, Cindy Hope and Aleska have a wet and soapy time washing the car in a fun scene, and the boobilicious Cathy Heaven stars in a photo shoot threeway, but there are two real standout scenes for me.

The first is Sandy, Blue Angel and Madison Parker on a boat out at sea. Normally Sandy commands the attention in every scene she appears in, but she has some tough competition here! Madison Parker is a girl I would describe as a slut in the very best way – she totally loves sex and lets her enthusiasm show. I’m a big fan of her boy-girl scenes – she always looks stunning with a cock in her mouth! – but it’s nice to see her in some lesbian video action with two equally hot girls.

The other scene I love is Aletta Ocean with Brandy Smile and Logan. Actually, I couldn’t care less who she’s with. I could watch Aletta Ocean read the phone book and still get turned on. She’s another really nasty-but-nice girl. I know some of you will think the action is a bit “porny” – it was shot by Andrew Young for Playboy TV, and has his very definite style – but it’s porny in a way I find very arousing! Sometimes I like knowing that the girl is playing for the camera and enjoying her sexuality in a very overt way. Seeing Aletta spread her pretty asshole so it can get crammed with plastic dick is just fine by me!

I have been having triple the fun watching this new lesbian threeway release. Let me know which combo floats your boat!

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Girl on girl on girl

Now that sounds like a threesome because it IS a threesome. Early next week we’ll be releasing this exquisite mixture of girl flesh – feast on this trailer for the time being.

See if you can recognize any of these babes!

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Lisa is an amazing kisser in lesbian video Story of She

I know many of you who are big fans of‘s lesbian video work are devotees of Lisa. Me too! and yet I have to confess, I didn’t see it at first. Of course, she is very attractive – I would say elegant rather than pretty, with a classy and confident manner. But since I tend to go either for cute little blondes or exotic Hispanic looking brunettes, Lisa slipped under the radar for me at first. Note that I said “at first”. Because of course once you’ve seen Lisa in action in a lesbian video scene, you can’t get her out of your mind.

Lisa loves kissing girls. She seems like she’s ready to taste, then devour any lucky girl she sets her sights on. Just watching her kissing is enough to get me very aroused. I can only imagine what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a passionate kiss from her. In fact, when she and Lexi Lowe were filming their scene for the forthcoming lesbian video release Story of She, Lexi caught my eye and said, “Avril, when she kisses me I can feel it all the way down to my pussy… I can even feel it in my toes! She’s incredible!”

Lisa is one of my favourite ever lesbian video stars now, and I think working with her shook Lexi to the core. The orgasms are as real and as powerful as they get! But it’s the kissing I keep watching over and over again…

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World’s most expensive vibrator?

No, I’m not talking about some stud-for-hire who shows up, screws you and then leaves. I’m talking about an actual vibrator – the Little Platinum Eternity Vibrator – which costs a rather breathtaking $3,250! While I do rather love the idea of a diamond-encrusted vibe, which brings a whole new depth to the phrase “posh wank”, I’m pretty sure I could think of something better to do with the money… and no doubt your battery going flat at the crucial moment is going to be just as frustrating, no matter how much your vibrator cost!

As you can imagine, we get through an awful lot of toys when we’re filming lesbian video scenes at, and the girls all have their particular favourites. We try to use lots of different ones to keep it visually interesting, although me being me, I tend to care more if the colours look pretty with the styling! I dare say cheap and cheerful toys get the job done just as well – what do you folks think?

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Sandy and Stella’s lesbian video scene!

This shot combines so many of my favourite things, but top of the list must be Sandy‘s ass! Yes, Sandy’s perfectly peachy bumcheeks hovering above another delicious blonde’s face – in this case the fantastic Stella Stevens, who is another of my all-time favourite lesbian video starlets. You can see Stella is really intent on licking Sandy’s juicy pussy, as Sandy obligingly spreads her cheeks wide so we can see her tight little asshole too! These two are great friends – and we’re talking friends-with-benefits, of course! – so their on-screen chemistry is utterly natural and genuine.

Sandy and Stella are great together in The Sole Collector. Shot in 2005 and imminently available to download for the first time, it features such top-notch girls that it is hard to single one out, but Sandy brings such energy to any lesbian video scene, and she and Stella are very compatible! There were always fun and frolics with these two, both on-screen and off! I’m talking panty raids, impromptu midnight skinny dipping and one memorable occasion involving a remote controlled vibrating toy in a restaurant…

Sandy’s bottom should receive its own star billing in the Sole Collector – is it the most perfect one ever?

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My Top 5 Viv Thomas Babes

Hi, Spillum here and let me get this over with right up front… this selection is a personal choice. Please note, this isn’t’s 5 hottest babes, its My Top 5 Viv Thomas Babes and here is the disclaimer: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I generally base my selection on the girls I have met. So it’s more of a personality thing than their actual performance on camera.

Sonia Red

She is just so unbearably cute and has a rare European look that is sensual, horny and playful at the same time. Sonia Red’s husky voice, smoky accent and lust for fucking about on set combines into this little package that you just have to love!


You can see Vera’s spunky personality shine through in our on location section and it is nowhere more prevalent than in her latest title: Vera Unleashed. She is gorgeous, that there is no doubt of, but at the same time she is short, cheeky and full of shit which is unbelievably endearing. This clip of her making up My Mum’s Best Friend star, Marlyn, has been watched by half a million people on YouTube – it’s got to be good!

Sandra Shine

How could I not include Sandra Shine in this? Apart from a being a supermodel who has risen to the very top of the pile in Europorn, Sandra is an incredibly polite, fun and pleasant person. Don’t get the impression that just because she is hot, she is arrogant and cool. On the contrary, she is great fun and a seriously hard worker – even when she has to dive in the pool on a chilly autumn evening.


Most of you will know her and if haven’t seen her naked before, you are in for a serious treat! She’s the kind of girl most people fall instantly in love with. Nella is another model with a husky Czech accent and flawless little body. The fact is, she is really into girls and rumour has it that she actually fell for Lisa’s strikingly poised and beautiful presence. It certainly looked like they were really in love, the way they played around off camera whilst shooting the Unfaithful Series.


Sasha is just crazy fun and if you have watched Revealing Sasha you’ll know what I am talking about. This girl is mad, mad, mad in a wonderful way. She is just so chirpy and fun it’s tough to imagine her getting really angry. I don’t think we ever saw her grumpy and there was never a complaint from her about jumping around on slippery rocks, diving into murky waterfalls and posing for hours on end.

Who is your favourite model? Choose one from our huge selection and let us know in the comments.

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Sophie Moon’s lesbian toe sucking video!

There’s a very special place in my heart for Sophie Moon. This is a girl that lights up a room when she walks into it, who connects with the camera with that sexy little smile, and who makes every girl she touches feel like the only girl in the world! There’s no question every lesbian video scene featuring Sophie is pretty special, but I think she looks particularly knockout in the Sole Collector, a classic which is soon to be available for download for the first time.

Sophie’s in three scenes – a killer fourway with Sandy, Kylie and Cathy Moore, a threeway with Kylie and Cathy, and this girl-girl scene with Kylie, which I think is just delicious! It’s a perfect example of what I love most – pretty lesbian porn!

Sophie always looks so classy, even when she’s getting really down and dirty. She’s a very enthusiastic pussy-eater, who knows how to please! She loves to pamper pretty legs and feet, suck toes and look up with that lovely smile that tells you she’s really into it. Another thing that makes her such a great lesbian video star is that she cums very easily!

Sophie is one of the most popular girls ever, and rediscovering some of her classic lesbian video action in the Sole Collector has got me all hot and bothered! I think these are some of her best scenes ever – what do you think?

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Sandy’s sexy lesbian video!

Whether you are into sexy foot and leg action or not, I am one hundred percent certain the Sole Collector will go straight to the top of your favourite lesbian videos list. Shot in 2005, the Sole Collector is without a doubt one of‘s best ever videos, and it’s soon to be available to download from the paysite for the first time ever! It’s a real treat for those of you who love story-led movies, packed to the gills with beautiful and very horny girls.

It’s an incredible collection of babes – Sandy, Stella Stevens, Sophie Moone, Cathy Moore and Kylie… I actually get very excited just thinking about watching these classic beauties getting up to such naughty things together. This shot is from the opening scene, starring Sandy, Kylie, Sophie and Cathy. Many words have been written in praise of these topnotch favourites, all of them justified! If there’s a more delicious sight than these four gorgeous blondes licking, sucking and eating each other’s succulent pussies then I would like to know about it! This must be one all the all-time greatest lesbian fourways…

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Pick your favourite anal video scene!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of new release Anal Pleasure… I am very excited to hear your feedback, I have all my toes and fingers crossed hoping that you don’t just like it, you LOVE it! I still can’t decide which is my favourite scene. Alexa Candy and Teena Dolly are both super cute as well as super sexy. Colette is absolutely knockout, I just can’t overstate how arousing I find this busty beauty.

I have to confess though, I keep returning to Cathy Heaven‘s scenes. She’s not just one of the most incredibly accommodating, enthusiastic and energetic anal video stars ever – although that would be enough to capture my interest! She’s also really pretty, and she has AWESOME blowjob skills. I don’t think we’ve celebrated Cathy’s love of sucking cock enough. Any lucky guy who gets her full attention lavished on his dick is bound to be so far beyond rigid it’s a wonder he can ever wear pants again! No wonder by the time he gets to fuck her in the ass there is no holding back and he just has to jackhammer her to a sticky finish!

So, I think my vote for best anal video scene goes to Cathy this time around – although I reserve the right to change my mind after I’ve watched them all again (and again, and again…). Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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Blast from the past

Vera is back, but only for the weekend! Did she really say fuck my ass? This delightful romp is making a debut on our pay site in full scenes. I honestly can’t believe that this little gem was never there before, but it’s just another reason to join up and view about 150 of the best porn titles you have ever dreamt of… or spent a weekend with!

Watch this space – Vera will be back… soon.

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Sexy Cheerleaders!

I freely admit to preferring the exotic, European look to the all-American cheerleader type, but wow! I’m feeling the love for Made Man’s Hottest Cheerleader round-up! Sorry sports fans, I am not in the slightest bit interested in the NFL, but could quite cheerfully tear my attention away from the players in order to feast my eyes on these stunning girls! As a somewhat buxom blonde myself, I wouldn’t mind them teaching me a few moves… and I’m sure I’d fit in quite well if the post-match shower got a little steamy! Don’t you think it’s time made a sports themed movie?

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My favourite MILF!

Have I mentioned how much I love sexy legs and feet? Mmmm, yes I may have done once or twice! One of my very favourite pairs of sexy legs belongs to the gorgeous Marlyn, who is surely the best of the more mature models these days. Much as I appreciate seeing a beautiful fresh-faced 18-year-old nymphet, Marlyn is a totally stunning MILF who brings something extra to her lesbian video scenes – a whole heap of carnal knowledge which she is happy to share!

Marlyn was amazing in the movies Vera Unleashed and My Mum’s Best Friend, and I’m really looking forward to hearing your reactions to her in the forthcoming Story of She. Nobody can play a sexy seductress quite like her! She gives off this total aura of sophisticated lustfulness which I can assure you is extremely arousing to be around. I often have to restrain myself from throwing myself at her divine feet for a spot of worship, not that I would remain in the prone position for too long when those lovely legs lead up to such tempting goodies! And I have the utter conviction that she could teach me a thing or two…

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    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

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    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

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    Excellent! Beautiful girls with knock-out bods coming together for some intense sex ... that's all I need! Some great "OOHH" faces here. Love the surreal-sexy outfits; that blue sweater dress is outrageous : )

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    Nicole Smith is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body ….. so sensuous Bring more of her !!!

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    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

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    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

    on Squeeze Me

    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 4 days ago

    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    Porgie 4 days ago

    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

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