Happy New Year from vivthomas.com!

December 31, 2011 - by: Avril

Happy New Year from all of us at vivthomas.com – hope 2012 finds you healthy, happy and horny!

We have lots of things in store for 2012 that are sure to make you pop your cork, so stay tuned!


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Sex and technology at vivthomas.com!

December 30, 2011 - by: Avril

I admit it, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to figuring out stuff on my phone… although I’m told I’m a pretty good sexter!!! I did have a giggle when I spotted this Cameltoe app though… who doesn’t like to see a cute pussy straining at the confines of a tight pair of pants? And no, even I am not gullible enough to think it’s for real – more’s the pity!

It did get me curious though, wondering how many of you use your phones for sex-related activities… and I’m not just talking about having it permanently vibrating in your pocket! Do you use sex-related apps, or do you prefer laptop action? I’m guessing most of you are way ahead of me in the technology stakes and have no problems with streaming videos and online dating… I’m just about mastering it, so any tips would be appreciated! what’s your favourite sexy use for modern technology?

Oh, and do any of you have any favourite cameltoe pics from vivthomas.com? I might just pick one as my new screensaver! This is an old shot of Jo which I think does the job admirably – I’m a big fan of cameltoes in white cotton panties. I would love a close up of this pretty crotch-shot!

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Your review of 2011 at vivthomas.com!

December 28, 2011 - by: Avril

I was going to give you my review of 2011 here at vivthomas.com, but you know, my memory is shocking! I have total recall of those juicy little moments that I replay over and over again in my head… but I’m not so great when it comes to remembering exactly who did what to who, and when! Maybe it’s because my life is such a blur of sexy girls getting naked and naughty…!

So, I need your help. Put the year back into focus for me by sharing all your favourite bits, and hopefully it will remind me of what a fabulous year it’s been!

Who was your favourite girl this year?

Best newcomer?

Best lesbian scene?

(I loved Jo and Brandy Smile in Prim and Improper, and Sandra Shine and Blue Angel in Naked Impulses Vol 2, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten some key scenes!)

Best boy/girl scene? That’s if you like boy/girl action at all… I know some of you are divided on that!

Best movie?

And most importantly of all, what would you like to see from vivthomas.com in 2012? This is your chance to make it happen, folks!

Thanks for the help – I can’t wait to see what you think. And this coming year, I will make notes!!!


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The sexiest santa outfits…

December 27, 2011 - by: Avril

Here’s a little something to bring you some post-xmas cheer, whether you’re into gorgeous girls (Scarlett Johansson)…

Gorgeous guys in hilarious gay porn poses – what IS that monster in his pants? (Ryan Phillippe)…

Or grumpy cats dressed up in silly Santa outfits!

Ho ho ho indeed! Whatever (and whoever) you were doing, hope your Xmas went with a bang!

Love from Avril and the rest of the vivthomas.com gang XOXOXOXOXO

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Merry sexy xmas from vivthomas.com!

December 22, 2011 - by: Avril

Now here’s a blast from the past to get you in the mood for some festive frolics… the era of cheesy seasonal photosets may be long gone, but Eve Angel‘s perfectly peachy bottom always makes me feel like celebrating!

Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you a very very very Merry Xmas from me (Avril) and all at vivthomas.com… I hope your holiday is packed with sexy fun!

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Santa baaaaaby… all I want for xmas is this girl, in this outfit, delivered to my door please! I am a big fan of the sexy Santa outfit – Ann Summers have some super-cute ones this year. I would be only too happy to play Santa’s little helper!

Then what could be nicer after some festive role play than to curl up together and watch a sexy movie, recharge our batteries and get inspired to start all over again? It’s a perfect time to download something new to watch with that special someone! With that in mind, vivthomas.com have made available a whole bunch of Playboy TV titles in SD Download format which were previously only available on DVD – so now you don’t have to wait for your fun!

The titles now available from the Viv Thomas store include some great lesbian videos and boy-girl videos:

Girl on Girl on Girl

All Girl Seduction

Boat Rides

Sex @ctually

Interview With A Sex Maniac


Secret Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho

Jo’s Sexy College Diaries

Sordid Secrets

The Making Of A Madame

Kinky College Sluts

Kinky Sex Sluts

Skin Deep

La Corsetry La Femme

There’s something to inspire everyone here! Merry Xmas!!!

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Machomedia.hu coming to VT

December 20, 2011 - by: Holmesy

One question we find popping up on our forums from time to time is what happened to Machomedia.hu?

For those that don’t know Machomedia.hu was a site Gergo would post his pictures on and MANY of them were VT related. Though the site may have gone along with all his pictures people still asked about them. So Nick set about trying to get hold of them for our website and succeeded (some anyway for now, with more arriving when Gergo has a chance to go looking).

So we were sent quite a few and I set about creating them into some sets and now I’m done. The pictures will go live from January 1st and feature Stella Stevens, Sandy, Sandra Shine, Mya Diamond, Eve Angel, Jo and Peaches all taken in 2005. So what a way to start the new year!

All our photosets are here.

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Why Aletta Ocean is my blowjob queen!

December 18, 2011 - by: Avril

I am knee-deep in gorgeous lesbians here. I mean, literally as well as figuratively… There always seem to be beautiful girls getting up to all sorts of naughty things right under my nose, and believe me, I’m not complaining!

But sometimes, just sometimes, what I really want to see is a bit of good old fashioned fucking – I mean, with dicks and everything! Fingers, tongues and of course toys can only do so much for a girl (although I’m sure some of you out there will instantly disagree with me on that point). Let’s just say, they only do so much for this particular girl.

On days like this, I turn to my favourite cock-crazy girls, the ones I actually prefer to see riding a guy than making out with another beautiful babe. Top of the list has to be Aletta Ocean, with Madison Parker coming a close second. Both have only done a small amount of boy-girl work with vivthomas.com, yet that’s what sticks in my mind when I think about them (and I think about Aletta a lot!). What I love about them both is that they are nasty, NASTY girls who know how to lavish attention on a cock, and they are both incredible in a group sex scene, surrounded by a veritable forest of boners!

I’m all for equality in and out of the bedroom, but a blowjob should be all about cock worship. The guy should feel like master of the universe! Look into Alexa’s eyes and they tell you everything you need to know – she’s sucking it, she’s loving it, and that lucky man is experiencing the greatest blowjob of his life.

Guys, it’s the only time we’re ever likely to get on our knees for you, so make the most of it! Be vocal, show your appreciation, and let us know exactly how you want it. I’ll let you into a little secret – it’s the one time we LOVE being told what to do! It turns us on. It gets us wet. That’s what Aletta’s trying to tell you, with those sexy eyes… and that’s why she’s my blowjob queen. Who’s yours?

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The perfect sexy xmas present?

December 16, 2011 - by: Avril

Now, I presume you’ve already bought lots of red hot new vivthomas.com releases for that special someone in your life, and you’re wondering what else you can buy to spice up the festive season – am I right? My hot tip is the We-Vibe 3, which you can use while you’re having sex, without one of you getting cramp in your hand from holding it down there… I do love gifts that benefit the giver as much as the recipient!

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Here’s a very yummy early xmas treat for you – Jo’s Sexy College Diaries is now available in SD download format from the vivthomas.com shop, along with some other classic titles which have previously only been available on DVD.

We’ve all relished watching Jo develop from naughty little blonde college girl to the confident brunette bombshell she is today, and it’s such a pleasure to view some of her early lesbian video action once again – it brings back a lot of memories, both fun and sexy! Jo has always had the ability to capture the camera’s attention, she’s just so damn adorable! The other girls clamour to work with her, as it’s no secret that this sweet little sex kitten is not just into being pampered until she purrs – she’s also no slouch when it comes to giving pleasure, and can reduce her partner to a quivering wreck, all the while looking just as innocent as can be!

Jo has some delicious lesbian video scenes with Tiffany, Natalie, Sarah and of course the inimitable Vera (in her brunette days!) in Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, which has been a fan favourite since it was filmed. There really is nobody quite like Jo when it comes to making us all hot and bothered…

CORRECTION from Avril:

Silly me! These pics and cast list refer to the DVD version of Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, which is an entirely different movie! Sorry for the confusion! The Playboy TV download version, which is newly available, actually stars Jo alongside Ella, Jamie, Judith Fox (yum!), Jessica, Pauline, Delores, Passion… and… (drumroll!)…. Lisa! The scenes where Lisa plays an art teacher who seduces Jo is very passionate, I know you will love it!

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