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Man attempts to have sex with raccoon and has his penis severed

Now i know Raccoons are cute and cuddly but this takes it too far!

A shocking incident took place not so long ago in Russia's Tver region. A 44-year-old man, named only as Alexander K. attempted to have sex with a raccoon. The predator bit a big piece of the man's most cherished organ off.

"We could not believe it when we had a call from a hospital inquiring about a specialist to conduct the autopsy of a raccoon who had choked on a man's penis!" a vet doctor said. "The man has had a hard time, of course, but this story cracks me up every single time I think about it," he added.

Alexander K, a native of Volgograd, could never imagine that his outdoor weekend with his friends would have the most terrible ending possible.

It was a men-only party, with lots of vodka and dirty jokes. In the middle of the party the men had a guest from the natural world - they noticed a beast, which looked like a cat, they later said.

"It was a cute black and white fluffy animal with huge green eyes and a gorgeous tail," the unluckiest of the men said. "We decided to have fun and caught the beast. A friend of mine told me that the raccoon was a kind and caring animal. Since we had no women in the company I thought that the raccoon could take care of me," the man said.

Alexander pulled out his penis and got down on his knees in front of the animal. The vicious raccoon suddenly attacked the man's penis and bit off a large piece of the man's pride.

Alexander lost almost a half of his penis. Blood was gushing out of the lacerated wound. His friends did everything they could to help their wounded brother and called the ambulance.

Surgeons said that they would not be able to do anything to recreate the penis. They only managed to stop the bleeding and sent the man to the Moscow-based institute of urology.

"We were shocked with what we saw. How could anyone ever think of doing anything like that? He was lucky that the beast was healthy. We examined the body of the raccoon and did not find rabies. We told the man that he could have a plastic surgery of the penis to have it recreated. On the other hand, he obviously needs to have his head examined, not the penis," a doctor said.

If the man was trying it on with a women like the one in the picture than i could understand but to try and have sex with a Raccoon that’s just deranged

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Eve Angel and Colette share hot lesbian scene in Stockings and Lace!

If I was going to make a list of girls who look incredible in sexy lingerie (and believe me, I’ve done this in my head many, many times!) then Eve Angel and Colette would definitely both be heavily featured. They each have the kind of physique – womanly, curvy and decidedly busty – that looks quite incredible showcased in pretty underwear. So it gave me quite a thrill to put them together for a lesbian scene in the forthcoming release Stockings and Lace. It helps that Eve has become quite vocal about her preferences lately, and had expressed a strong desire to get her hands all over Colette’s voluptuous breasts!

Colette is perhaps better known for her super-hardcore boy-girl scenes – this girl is a bit of an anal freak! – but you can imagine how excited she was to discover she’d be shooting a lesbian sex scene with the legendary Eve Angel. And it turned out Eve was more than happy to wriggle an inquisitive finger into Colette’s tightest hole to give her the anal stimulation that seems to get her off the hardest.

Colette did manage to tear herself away from Eve’s bounteous rack in order to worship her perfectly peachy bum – who would not like to see that pretty bottom framed by stockings and suspenders, right in their face? Be assured, ass aficionados, the camera lingers over those splendid curves just as reverently as Colette did! It seems I’m not the only girl to get totally aroused by the sight of Eve Angel in Stockings and Lace! If you were casting a lingerie-themed movie, who would you pick?

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Who do you think should win our competition?

On Friday the 27th January we started a little competition on Twitter. The prize is 7 free days on and the question is: give us your best caption for the image above.

We had a response on Twitter from some of our good friends and followers, but I am not sure which one should win! Who do you think should take the prize, or if you have a better caption, let’s see it in the comments. The competition is still open. Come on, give it your best shot!

Here are the first responses:

1. Papsmon (1st girl to 2nd girl, in czech) Why does he always have to sit in the doorway like that in a chair? I can’t get my girl-wood on!

2. Davefromengland When you said we could make in the pool, I thought we were gonna get all sensual and erotic under the stars, but this is shit!!

3. Juan Kerr WAIT A MINUTE, there is no pink in pool! ;)

4. Furfamily Oh look There’s a queue for your pussy

5. tv65000 Wait till you see my screw shot ;-)

6. DJPizdets Shall I really chalk these shoes before kicking balls?

Who do you think should win (or can you do better)?

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We have been nominated for another award

Rabbits Reviews, a super huge porn pay site review site has nominated us in their “Rise 2012″ competition for an Oscar Quality web site. That’s a pretty nice category to be in.

They’re dedicated to honest adult site reviews, so lets hope they find an honest winner and that winner is us! They have more info on the competition over on their blog and you can also check out own review on their site.

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Name these models and WIN!

Name these three models and you can win a free 7 day membership to Answers will only be valid if they are in the blog comments. Good luck!

pool nude pool nude sofa shower-girl

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Ill-timed Erections

When i saw this picture at first I laughed, poor guy, but then it got me thinking about how embarrassed he must have been and many people saw it, then it got me thinking of my own past.

Every guy has gone through it, its like they have a life of their own, you don’t want an erection but its coming anyway (usually in the most inopportune of times)

Your sitting there in school minding your own business then it pops up, its like its saying ”Hey I’m bored I’m just gonna see what happening round here” and at that time is when your very good looking english teacher (and she knew it) would ask you to come up to the blackboard, dumb luck huh.

Worse still sitting on the back of the bus. Something about sitting on the back of a bus (and i know its happened to a few people) for no reason what so ever. I am sitting there trying to think of as many footballers i can before my stop arrives.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen anymore (thank god)

How about you guys are you willing to share any stories of it happening to you?

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Blue Angel shoots new lesbian movie with

Great news for all you fans of Blue Angel - that’s everyone, surely? Viv and the guys are off to Budapest at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning, for a week shooting her new lesbian movie for! Does that mean I’m in charge here in Portugal?! No, luckily the team here are more than capable of running the show while Viv’s out of town, so I will just get on with my usual tasks (making coffee, playing with the dogs and watching lots and lots of lesbian porn!).

I won’t spoil the surprise just yet by telling you what the guys have in mind for Blue Angel, mostly because I have no idea! I can’t wait to see what they come back with, as this little minx is known for her limber body, dirty mind and fast fingers. She can get into some extraordinary positions without them looking unnatural, and she loves to spread her long legs wide as only a former gymnast can do!

I wish I was there to watch the filming first hand and tweak her puffy nipples (she likes it when I do that!). Never mind, I’m sure I will find plenty here to keep myself entertained, especially as the guys are hard at work editing a few new titles and I always have to give each edit my special seal of approval (several times, if it’s a particularly juicy scene!) before it’s allowed to be used.

As an interesting aside, if you put Blue Angel‘s name into the search facility you get 25 results – girls with either Blue or Angel in their name. I wonder if that’s a record? Who is your favourite angelic or blue star? There are a few obvious candidates, but I’m going for Natalli DeAngelo, mostly because she’s a really pretty, sweet girl who just happens to love taking a big cock up her ass!

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Which is better – beautiful lesbian porn or legal brothels?

The Mustang Ranch Resort, one of the world’s most famous legal brothels, is aiming to become the “Ritz-Carlton of brothels” according to its owners, with luxury facilities including a spa, cabaret and deluxe suites. Meanwhile, the renowned Moonlite Bunny Ranch is going for a fantasy theme, with sci-fi costumes! Hmmm, whatever floats your boat…

I’m all in favour of people doing whatever makes them happy sexually, so long as it’s safe and doesn’t hurt anyone else. My reservation with brothels is whether the experience would ever match up to the anticipation – although I have to admit, some of those girls are beautiful! For me it would take the enjoyment out of having a girl flirt with me and touch me, if I knew I was paying her to do it. But then again, it is much less complicated than trying to pick someone up, just because you’re feeling horny!

Personally, I would rather watch a beautifully shot lesbian movie starring absolutely gorgeous girls – from naturally - and indulge in a little DIY. That way I know I won’t be disappointed! What do you think?

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AEBN Awards Arrive in the Post

It’s really an honour getting awards and especially when they are from the viewers themselves, not some trumped up board of judges who all have an agenda. These two AEBN awards are a true reflection of what people feel about our films.

Thanks once again to the AEBN customers for voting! They awarded us Best Lesbian movie and Best International Movie and these awards are now sitting proudly on Viv’s shelf.

Mums and Daughters 2 was quite a different kind of film, as it doesn’t follow a strict 5 scene sequence and instead jumps all over the place. It’s a fascinating watch – watch Mums and Daughters 2 on our site.

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6 sexy images show how Simply the Best jumps off

The girls go down for cocktails after unpacking on location at Viv Thomas’ little cottage in the country. As Sandra Shine shows off her new assistant, you can start to see the affects of one little cocktail. Before you know it Eve Angel and Jo have seductively split off up to their bathroom and Vera, Antonya and Sandra Shine are getting seriously frisky in the lounge…

Simply the Best is now live on the Viv Thomas pay site.

4522-001 4522-005 4522-008 4522-012 4522-016 4522-018

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This is a RANT! xxx parodys

Seriously, who buys them?

I was looking through various porn news websites to see if I could come up with something to blog about and unknowingly they did!

Everyone of them had lots of advertising for various xxx parodys:

  • Not Rocky xxx
  • Mork and Mindy xxx
  • Seinfeld xxx
  • Anchorman xxx

These are just a few that I came across whilst looking for news. It seems that creativity has gone out of making a porn movie now and they just rip off a successful series/movies.

Has anyone here seen them? Are they as rubbish as they look? Did you enjoy one?

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Simply the Best – new lesbian release set to become instant classic!

The eagerly anticipated new lesbian movie Simply the Best will be released by on January 25th – that’s Burns Night of course, though personally I’m more interested in gorgeous naked lesbian sex than haggis and whisky!

We’re all immensely proud of Simply the Best, and off the top of my head I can think of five good reasons why I think you will love it too.

1: Jo. Everyone’s favourite sweet little temptress turned sultry siren, she seems to get more confident in her sexuality with every passing day and there’s no question she’s all woman now!

2: Vera. Explosive sex bomb in a tiny buxom package, Vera is always full of fun, mischief and upfront carnal pleasure.

3: Sandra Shine. Knockout body, lovely face, terrific personality – Sandra is almost regal in her bearing, but very down to earth when it comes to sex!

4. Eve Angel. Beautiful, ethereal, but also very physically warm and with a deft touch which leaves her partners purring!

5. Antonya. Stunning girl who has risen to the challenge of matching these more experienced girls with relish and won their hearts!

I could give you a hundred more reasons why I think you’re going to love the intense and passionate lesbian sex, superstar hook-ups and intimate moments of Simply the Best. But actually, I’m looking forward to having you tell me which are your favourite bits!

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Simply the Best, our new lesbian film, launches tomorrow

If you weren’t counting down the minutes before the release of our new lesbian video, Simply the Best, then you wouldn’t know that it is launching tomorrow, the 25th January 2012.

This is just a quick reminder that Simply the Best is all about the best girls of Viv Thomas reuniting for some more girl on girl action. Sandra Shine, Vera, Eve Angel and Jo all star in this brand new film with Antonya making an appearance as the sexy young assistant to Sandra Shine.

You’ll be able to see it on our pay site when it is released, or you’ll be able to buy it in our store.

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Dildo’s can hurt

Entertainment for Peter Rolih's pre-wedding buck's party was inspired by that famous scene of the woman expelling the ping pong balls in the comedy film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. But this time the projectiles were not little celluloid objects but something rather more solid. And when the scantily clad exotic dancer performed her party trick - shooting dildos at the guests from her private parts, best man Darwin architect Jure Skumavc, 31, found himself in the firing line. As the Rupert Murdoch ownedNorthern Territory News reports this morning, Mr Skumavc was injured by the bullet-shaped, pink, sex toy - measuring about 12cm in length.
Mr Skumavc was still sporting a scar on his forehead at Mr Rolih's wedding nearly three weeks after being dinged by the artificial dong. The darting dildo drama unfolded on December 28 in a rented two-bedroom unit in Brisbane.
Mr Skumavc said about eight other friends joined Mr Rolih for the party. ...
He said the pink projectile was flying an impressive 7m across the room and looping about 2m high.
"It wasn't a strong shot (when it hit me in the head)," he said. "It probably just landed on an awkward sort of angle."
"She was shooting it through the room from one corner to the other," he said.
"Other people got it in their chest and knees. I was the only one bleeding. It was my turn and it landed straight on my forehead.
"She started apologising straight away but I just said it was fine ... then I touched my forehead and there was blood."
Mr Skumavc had difficulties describing the tearaway toy in detail.
"I don't have a massive experience with dildos," he said. The scars left by the offending object have since healed, but Mr Skumavc said the story was still very much alive.
"People keep asking how close my face was (to cause that sort of injury)," he said.

So out of curiosity have any of you been injured in any sexcapades?

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Congratulations Aleska Diamond

Congratulations to Aleska Diamond who won best foreign female performer at the AVN awards. Aleska is a deserving winner having worked hard this year being in multiple productions. We at are hoping to have her work with us again some time this year. I know the guys downstairs (the editing crew) were mightily impressed with Miss Diamond when editing her footage.

So what do you think?
Are you guys fans of Aleska?
Do you like her scenes?
Should we get her back again soon?

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Jo and Vera star in Hot Wet Lesbians – new release from

I love it when a movie title tells you exactly what to expect, and we’ve got three imminent releases from that do just that! Simply the Best reunites some of our all-time favourite girls and will blow your mind with its star power. Stockings and Lace is a special treat for all you lingerie lovers. And Hot Wet Lesbians… I think you can guess what that’s all about!

Ten knockout girls in bikinis get soaking wet and enjoy juicy lesbian sex under the blazing Portuguese sun – you’d better believe Viv Thomas Mansions was a fun place to be while we were shooting this one! I don’t like to grumble, but with naked, nubile, tanned girls running around all over the place I did find it pretty hard to get anything done!

There was one quieter day though. Jo and Vera asked for a ‘closed set’ when they shot their lesbian scene… Jo said she found all the playful, chattering girls a bit of a distraction, and wanted some privacy so she could totally focus on making love to her longtime girlfriend, Vera. Of course, we all adore Jo and will do anything to make her happy, so the other girls were packed off to go shopping and our stunning lesbian lovers were able to pour all their pent-up lust into shooting a very steamy scene!

I was prepared to make myself scarce too, but Vera said, “Please stay, Avril – it turns me on to know you are watching when Jo eats my pussy.” She’s such a tease! There was a very hushed atmosphere as they began to kiss passionately, seemingly oblivious to the camera. I really did feel like I was watching a tender, beautiful lovemaking session, albeit a pretty erotic one with lots of hard orgasms! And needless to say, things got wet… very, very wet! Jo and Vera could be my favourite Hot Wet Lesbians ever.

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2 minutes behind the scenes with Carmen Croft

Carmen Croft is a big girl but definitely one of my favourites of the hordes of new super hot babes we’re shooting here at Mark my words, this year is going to absolutely bubbling over with beautiful porn stars shedding their clothes and shagging like crazy.

So why is Carmen Croft so hot?

  1. She has enormously large breasts.
  2. Stunning Eastern European look.
  3. Fantastic boobs.
  4. Did I say how incredible her breasts were?

We shot Carmen Croft last year and one of our photographers was spying on Viv Thomas while he photographed her (and very kindly ran a bath for her). What a gentleman!

Check her out!

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Lucky Antonya gets the lesbian licking of her life from Vera and Sandra Shine!

If a girl who was relatively new to filming was invited to make a list of girls she’d most like to shoot a lesbian scene with, who do you think would be on there? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Vera and Sandra Shine would be at the top of the list. But Antonya was even luckier than that, as she didn’t have to ask. Her fairy godmother (that’s me – Avril!) had the genius idea that she should shoot a threeway scene with both of them at the same time, for the much anticipated forthcoming release Simply the Best. And that’s exactly what happened!

I guess a lot of girls would have been a bit overwhelmed at the idea of being sandwiched between two such total lesbian legends, but not Antonya. Oh no. This girl loves sex, and was so thrilled at the idea of getting an expert pussy-licking from two girls she had masturbated over many, many times (she confessed as much to me) that there was no room for nerves. As for Vera and Sandra, I think they were quite aroused at the idea of giving Antonya a very thorough working over – and of course they are really into each other too, so I was anticipating fireworks.

No disappointment for me, as three very wet and puffy pussies were licked and fingered and pampered to perfection. Antonya has a really pretty pussy (as well as great tits and a fabulous rump) and her new bosom buddies lavished plenty of attention on it. Naturally they made sure they got their fair share of the satisfaction too – and Vera indulged in the anal stimulation she frequently craves!

A few people have asked why we decided to include Antonya, a relatively new face, in our round-up of superstars for Simply the Best. Watch this lesbian threeway scene and it will become blindingly obvious why we picked her – she’s damn hot!

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Eve Angel and Jo – they have hardly changed

Looking at some recently published behind the scenes photo sets from one of our older lesbian videos: All About Eve, you can see the difference between Eve Angel then and Eve Angel now: not much! This beautiful lesbian model has hardly aged a bit, and… if anything, she has got more gorgeous with age.

I could say the same for Jo, who has got even sexier as she has progressed with age and her lesbian video performances are just mind blowing these days. The reviews she is getting on her solo and lesbian web site are just astonishing to say the least!

Check out I Dream of Jo.

Eve and Jo now Jo in make up a few years ago Eve way back when Eve Angel making "All About Eve" Eve Angel and Jo kissing in the old days

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Newly Discovered Insect named after Beyonce

A newly-discovered horsefly with a prominent golden backside has been named after singer Beyonce.

Bryan Lessard, 24, of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, named the insect Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae.

He said Beyonce would be “in the nature history books forever” and that the fly now bearing her name is “pretty bootylicious” with its golden backside.

The species had been sitting in a fly collection since it was captured in 1981 – the same year Beyonce was born.

Mr Lessard said he was unable to find any live specimens when he went looking in 2010 in north-east Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands, where it was captured.

However, at least one member of the public has alerted him that he was recently bitten by what’s locally called the “gold bum fly.”

Mr Lessard said he has not heard from Beyonce but hopes she will take his scientific gesture as a compliment.

I’m not really sure that Beyonce will be too happy to have an insect named after her.
What do you think? Will she be happy? Are there other celebrities you would name an insect after? Or even one of our models?

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Hot Wet Lesbians – New Film Coming Soon

Hot Wet Lesbians are coming soon to your screens.

The sweltering heat of summer sends these lesbian girls into a sexual frenzy, pushing all of their carnal buttons. In a bid to cool down they get wet and slippery but this merely intensifies their lesbian desires as they slide and glide across each others bodies, seeking sexual sustenance from each other. There’s nothing more exciting and erotic than hot wet lesbians.

Looks good doesn’t it?

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Lucie – Jennifer Connelly Lookalike?

That IS amazing! Our gorgeous lesbian porn star that we call Lucie has managed to clock up an incredible amount of model names: Denise, Felicia, Ketty, Kety, Kety Pearl, Lucie.

However this still doesn’t deter Lucie from being an incredibly beautiful model. She has amassed quite a following on our forum over the years and many people compare her to the American actress Jennifer Connelly.

Do you think she looks anything like Jennifer Connelly?

3856-001 3856-007 3856-010 3856-012 3856-014

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Lesbian superstars Vera and Eve Angel get hot and wet in Simply the Best!

Picture the scene. It’s a gloriously sunny day in Portugal and I’m watching two of the most beautiful girls ever, Vera and Eve Angel, having passionate lesbian sex in the pool. It actually doesn’t get much better than this! Putting Vera and Eve together for the forthcoming lesbian movie Simply the Best was an obvious choice, as these two are crazy about each other. They spent a lot of time whispering and cuddling before the scene, which gave me the distinct impression they were planning not so much to fuck each other’s brains out as to ‘make love’.

Of course that doesn’t mean they didn’t go all out to make each other cum – far from it! We all know how much Vera craves anal stimulation, and Eve had a wicked glint in her eye as she fingered Vera’s tight pucker vigorously, to a chorus of rapidly escalating gasps and moans from our pint-sized sex queen. The challenge with Eve is always to shatter her air of serenity, and Vera was certainly able to make her lose her composure with some very focused licking and fingering!

This was one of the most beautiful lesbian scenes I’ve ever witnessed – the girls both looked so pretty, the blonde-on-brunette contrast was delicious, and the chemistry was palpable. Could Eve and Vera’s scene be the most classic lesbian match-up ever?

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Zuzana Drabinova and her incredible breasts

Zuzana Drabinova (or Suzana Drabinova) was an incredible, but difficult find. She has been hugely popular mostly because of her incredible natural breasts. She did a solo stripping scene for Mayfair’s Private Practice (and prominently featured on the cover) where she slowly stripped out of a nurses uniform that hardly contained her huge breasts.

The reason I say she was a difficult find, is that we tried to work with her afterwards and this busty beauty and her gorgeous breasts kept on cancelling. As much as we wanted to work with her and her breasts again, it was impossible.

Have you seen anyone with similar looking breasts to Suzana Drabinova? She is just so phenomenally well built!

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6 perfect lesbian images from today’s lesbian photoset

Lesbians Blue Angel and Antonya in a perfect photo set. Both girls are all warm and snug inside Viv’s apartment in Budapest and make the most of a snow day off.

It is unbelievable! Whether Antonya’s pert natural boobs are floating around in our pool in Portugal or being fondled by Blue Angel’s loving hands in our apartment in Budapest one can’t help but get turned on by these two lesbian beauties. They thrive on each others bodies and end up blindfolded with a strap on…

Check out the full photo set in our lesbian photo section.

VTPreview-4603-001 VTPreview-4603-010 VTPreview-4603-019 VTPreview-4603-034 VTPreview-4603-039 VTPreview-4603-062

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Lexi Lowe makes Cindy Hope cum beautifully in Stockings and Lace!

Cindy Hope does everything beautifully. She can’t help it, she looks amazing every second of the day, even when she’s just drinking her coffee or painting her nails. She loves posing for snaps on my camera phone too, and will always flash a bit of panty crotch or nipple, just to tease me. I’m pretty sure she knows I have a massive crush on her, and finds it amusing!

Cindy has an incredible knack of bringing out the best in other girls too – possibly because she’s permanently horny, and believes in wringing out every last drop of pleasure from every sexual encounter, onscreen and off! Lexi Lowe was so excited before shooting a lesbian scene with Cindy for the forthcoming release Stockings and Lace that she could barely speak – and she’s normally quite a chatterbox who keeps us entertained with a stream of filthy anecdotes!

The girls both looked absolutely stunning in their sexy lingerie, and were shooting admiring glances at each other as they got ready for their scene. They don’t know each other particularly well, and I think Lexi was a little taken aback as they started shooting. Cindy is very sweet and friendly off set, but when she’s having sex she’s very direct about what she wants. There’s no pretense or false politeness, she will quite happily give directions until her partner’s tongue is hitting the exact spot she needs to get off. To my delight, Lexi took it as a challenge, and gave Cindy a tongue-lashing in the very best sense of the words!

Cindy seems to instinctively know what her bedfellows desire, and lavished attention on Lexi’s very sensitive nipples, whipping her up into a froth before letting Lexi ride her face. She was literally quivering all over by the time Cindy was finished eating her pussy.

I never get tired of watching Cindy shoot lesbian video action, and she and Lexi seemed very well matched in energy and appetite – their lesbian scene for Stockings and Lace turns me on as much watching it back as it did watching it live!

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Jo and Eve Angel – lesbian lovers reunited for Simply the Best!

I find it really arousing to watch a lesbian video scene where the girls clearly have genuine chemistry. And it enters the stratosphere when you know the girls well, have seen them develop into sexy, confident women, and have watched them make passionate love many times!

Putting our dreamgirl Jo together with fan favourite Eve Angel for the forthcoming release Simply the Best was a no-brainer. These two have so much history, and create such sparks when they shoot together, that it was a natural decision to pair them up when we decided to shoot a movie with our all-time most popular girls. However, it’s not like we had a choice, since Eve put two conditions on appearing in this movie – first was that she and Jo wanted to shoot a really classic scene together, and second was that they wanted to share a room!

So it was that when we started shooting Jo and Eve together in an elegant bathroom setting, we had the distinct impression that they had already ‘warmed up’. Eve can often be so ethereal and dreamy, but she was touching Jo in a very direct and almost dominant way. And Jo looked less innocent and sweet, and more frankly sexual, than I have ever seen her before.

It almost felt like the camera was intruding on a private lovemaking session, but I’m such a voyeur I was perfectly happy to bask in every sultry moment. I can assure you, it wasn’t just the steamy bathroom that was making me feel all hot and flushed! Just watching was reward in itself, so the sweet little gift Eve gave me for granting her wishes was the cherry on the cake! Simply the Best has such a stellar cast it’s hard to choose a favourite scene, but I’ve certainly watched this one a few (dozen) times since it was shot…

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Viv Thomas radically changes online presence in their second decade of being online have shown their resilience by releasing their best web site ever. "After 11 years online and quite a few redesigns this one is by far the best", stated Viv Thomas. "The boys have done us proud with this one!"

Advanced search features enable you to drill down in to the huge catalogue of sensual erotica, lesbian video and choice photos of some of the world’s most beautiful porn models. "Lesbian video has been our focus for the last decade and the lesbian genre in particular has proven to be a great hit for us. This new site showcases our content beautifully and I am proud to see how much dedication our staff has put in here".

Almost the entire Viv Thomas catalog of compelling high definition films are available to stream and download and you’ll love the new site because of

  • — 720p high definition downloads
  • — Daily updates
  • — Fast Online streaming video
  • — Free trailers to see what our films are all about before you buy
  • — Smooth photo slideshows and downloadable zip files

The best thing about the site is that it is fully open so you can see exactly what you’ll get when you buy access. There will be no disappointments in viewing an incredibly slick tour only to login and find a really sub par site - we’re all about transparency, honesty and we want our thousands of members to have the best experience ever.

Have a look at the newly re-designed and accompanying blog and forum.


Based in Portugal the team produce tasteful, sensual and high quality erotica focussing on lesbian, boy-girl, leg sex and solo porn productions. Viv Thomas, himself has been shooting since 1984 and continues to enhance the world of porn through high end production values, shotting in lavish locations and working with the most beautiful models he can find.


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5 photos to lift your day

Blue Angel and Brandy Smile could lift anyones day from boring drudgery to a smoking hot delight. Don’t these photos conjure up incredibly horny and exciting visions in your head?

If these 5 photos aren’t enough you’ll have to see the full lesbian photo set.

4601-055 4601-054 4601-050 4601-034 4601-028

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Vera is so sexy in Stockings and Lace!

I’ve always been a fan of Vera‘s beautiful bottom, and it has never looked finer than when perfectly showcased by sexy stockings and suspenders. The forthcoming lesbian video release, Stockings and Lace, does a fabulous job of presenting Vera’s peachy rear view, and an equally fine job of letting those ample tits spill from the confines of her pretty lingerie!

Alexa Candy clearly thinks so too, as she worships Vera with hot kisses and fervent caresses, before zeroing in on Vera’s pussy for some ardent finger and tongue play. The juicy lesbian action reaches a crescendo as Vera’s puckered asshole is stretched to receive a fat dildo, while Alexa lavishes licks on her clit.

Longtime fans of Vera (that’s everyone, surely?!) know that our favourite pint-sized Hungarian is a bona fide pussy-lover. She packs a whole lot of passion, personality and pure fun into that tiny frame. Frankly I envy any girl who gets the benefit of Vera’s experience – she’s been working with for over a decade, and I honestly think she’s prettier and sexier now than she was the first time we saw her. She’s more confident too, and never holds back in front of the camera – believe me, witnessing a Vera orgasm at close quarters is quite a memorable experience! Alexa has been smiling like the cat that got the cream ever since they shot this scene…

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Stunning new photo set on the new site

Tea J and Suzie Carina enjoyed a sensual bath a few weeks ago on location with us and it has made it onto our web site. You have to have a look at this one, it’s a spectacular lesbian photo set.

Do you agree?

4572-001 4572-002 4572-005 4572-006 4572-007

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New Film about boobs called Breast Play – who doesn’t love boobs?

At the moment our forum members are burning up the wee hours discussing whether this delicious new “boob-a-licious” (sorry about that, I HAD to put that in) title should be called “The Art of Breast Play” – or “Art of Breast Play”. If you ask me I don’t really mind what it’s called, I just want to see those incredible breasts jiggling about all over the place.

If you see this trailer you’ll want to shout out BREASTS all over the internet, or BOOBS if that’s what you’d prefer to call them. Actually we have never focused so much on boobs as we have in this boob fest. I think people will have a hard time trying to find fault with the subject matter.

The Art of Breast Play – a woman’s touch will be coming out later this year. Enjoy the trailer…

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Jo’s hot lesbian scene with Sandra Shine in Simply the Best!

Putting our dreamgirl Jo together with the legendary Sandra Shine for the much-anticipated release Simply the Best gave a lot of us here at sleepless nights. It’s not that we were worried about how it would turn out – we’re talking about two of the sexiest girls on the planet here – it’s just that we were all too excited to sleep!

Jo confessed to me that she felt the same – if it looks like her pussy is already juiced-up with anticipation at the start of the scene that’s because it really was (and the fact that she’d been masturbating to try and calm herself down a bit may have added to the wetness!). Sandra, meanwhile, was cool as a cucumber, despite the heat. She’s so confident in her sexuality, which is one of the things that makes her so arousing to watch.

Let’s not forget that Jo is no longer the sweet little sex kitten we first saw though. She has developed into a beautiful woman with a genuine love of sex. When girls film a lesbian sex scene with Jo for the first time they always seem surprised at how adept she is – she can please a pussy very skillfully with her fingers and tongue, and I’ve seen her reduce another girl to quivering jelly in mere seconds!

Putting Jo and Sandra together was quite explosive – we wondered who would take control. Sandra drove Jo wild by trickling ice-cold champagne down her overheated pussy crack and then lapping it up. I would have happily pushed my face right in there at that point! Seeing Jo with her fingers knuckle-deep in Sandra’s ass a little later though, it was clear she was equally happy to give pleasure as to receive it. Sandra came so hard every inch of her body was trembling.

I needed a cold shower and a glass of champagne myself after watching the filming of this lesbian sex scene! Meanwhile Jo and Sandra were not to be seen for some hours – and when they finally emerged that evening they both had a rather satisfied glow about them!

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Sandra Shine is Simply the Best lesbian video star!

No question about it, the much-anticipated new release Simply the Best is doing a great job of feeding my Sandra Shine obsession. Firstly, she looks absolutely awe-inspiring, which is nothing new for Sandra, but the thrill of watching her having lesbian sex sure as hell never wears off for me!

Secondly, she has some incredible partners in this movie. There’s a wet and wild session with Antonya in the pool that I have watched dozens of times already and still keep returning to view ‘one more time’. There’s a delicious match-up with Jo that sees Sandra trickling ice cold champagne down Jo’s pussy-crack, and then Jo giving Sandra a vigorous asshole fingering – yum! And there’s a threeway between Sandra, Antonya and the lovely Vera – let’s just say I found this scene very ‘satisfying’, and I’m sure you will too!

There might be a hotter woman than Sandra in the world, but if there is, I haven’t met her yet! She really is Simply the Best.

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Nicole Smith – Babe of the Month at!

I know I’m not the only one around here who’s got a bit of a crush on our January 2012 Babe of the Month, Nicole Smith. For starters, have you seen that exquisite face? She looks like a supermodel to me. Then there’s that fabulous body – long legs, perky boobs, peachy bum – I’m just longing to get my hands on every inch of her!

But the best thing of all about Nicole is that she doesn’t act like a model. By that I mean that she doesn’t fuss about her hair and make-up (unlike me, ha!) she isn’t obsessed with shoes (also unlike me!) and she doesn’t expect to be treated like a little princess (you get the picture!). She’s just a well-balanced, happy girl who happens to be crazy for pussy, and considers herself very fortunate to be able to indulge her tastes on camera.

It’s amazing to think Nicole had never been with a woman on camera before she came to (although she had experienced lesbian sex in her private life). She was so natural and passionate from the first moment of her first lesbian video scene that we all just sat and watched, open mouthed and utterly aroused. And she loves to kiss – which makes her the girl of my dreams!

Nicole throws herself into everything 100%, whether it’s an impromptu rugby match or a steamy sex scene. And I love that she manages to look sexy and sultry even when she’s fooling around. When she’s on set, eating pussy and as horny as hell, this girl is so hot she could melt the polar ice caps! No wonder the other girls are all clamoring to shoot a scene with her…

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Viv Thomas lesbian video wins Best Lesbian Video Award

It’s great to win industry porn awards, and this industry porn award is even more meaningful as the folks at AEBN say that it’s purely chosen by the fans: “as chosen by the viewing habits of the millions of fans who visit AEBN’s global network of theaters”.

Our lesbian video Mums and Daughters 2 won two awards – Best Lesbian Video and Best International Film, so thanks very much AEBN fans. We’ll be producing some more smoking hot lesbian videos this year, so keep your eyes on our blog!

The lesbian video Mums and Daughters 2 is available on our pay site. This is what made Mum and Daughters 2 so hot – the girls! Check them out.

Mums-Daughters-2 (2) Mums-Daughters-2 (3) Mums-Daughters-2 (4) Mums-Daughters-2 (5) Mums-Daughters-2 (6) Mums-Daughters-2 (7) Mums-Daughters-2 (9) Mums-Daughters-2 (10) Mums-Daughters-2 (1) award2012 vt192-front-300d

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One for the ladies…

Guys, you’re going to hate me for this, but I just had to share this with all my girls. I’m sure by now you know that I am sometimes distracted from all these gorgeous naked girls by pictures of MEN in very tight pants! Cue another sexy campaign by David Beckham, this time for H&M. Click here for a very funny piece about his rather prominent bulge (and lots more lovely new pics!)

Guys, if you now feel like washing out your eye sockets, don’t forget there are brand new uploads of sexy naked girls every day at that will make you feel much better!

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Hot Wet Lesbians get soaked on video!

I’m quite partial to dripping wet lesbian action… I mean watching it, of course, before you start getting any naughty ideas about me!!!

Really, what could be nicer than seeing two pretty new girls in bikinis that show off their beautiful figures, hosing each other down and getting dripping wet in readiness for some slippery lesbian sex? I love it!

Kelly Cat and Cipriana are two of the girls that caught my eye in the forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians. This is a movie packed with big name stars – Sandra Shine, Blue Angel, Jo, Vera and Eve Angel, to mention a few names that I know will get you trembling with anticipation – but it’s cool to see a couple of lesser known girls in there too. And believe me, these two were way too busy exploring each other’s dripping wet pussies to care how famous they are!

It was really quite arousing to see how much fun they had fooling around together – and then how they warmed up and very much enjoyed teasing, touching and tasting each other, getting more and more aroused until fingers were squirming into assholes and strumming juiced-up clits like there was no tomorrow!

They do say variety is the spice of life… and these two provide a very tasty little treat to distract from their much-loved co-stars. Yum!

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Dr Sandy – qualified nice arse specialist

A few photo sets from @machogergo have made their way on to our site. As you know he is the primary photographer for the lesbian video site,, and has always done a fantastic job of taking fascinating behind the scenes photos for us.

When Sandy became a “qualified nice arse specialist” or the lesbian crazed Dr Sandy, Gergo was on hand to capture the fun. Stella Stevens and Sandy had so much fun with this lesbian video, it was almost a surprise that they got paid for all the giggling and laughs they shared.

Catch Private Practice on our site.

Private Practice Film Trailer

Photos from the filming of this lesbian doctor scene.

Stella Stevens and Dr Sandy 4615-057 4615-056 4615-090 4615-083 4615-080 4615-074

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Three new Sandra Shine movies for 2012!

Have I mentioned how much I love Sandra Shine? Only six or seven hundred times, right? Of all the ‘classic’ stars, she’s still the one that takes my breath away every time I see her. I’ve spent many a happy hour watching Sandra shoot lesbian video scenes – and then watching those scenes over and over again!

So it’s a pretty massive understatement to say that I’m excited we have three new movies starring Sandra Shine to release in the very near future (and you know what happens when Avril gets excited, huh?!)

Hot Wet Lesbians has a rather delicious pairing of Sandra with the most famous ass in the west – yes, I’m talking about Eve Angel‘s fabulous derriere! Of course the rest of Eve is there too, but I could not tear my eyes away from that beautiful bubble butt. Sandra and Eve certainly are hot, they most definitely get wet… and I was hot and wet too, by the end of that scene!

Stockings and Lace sees Sandra getting it on with another big favourite of mine, Cindy Hope. These two look absolutely stunning together, and were quite clearly feeling the love for each other too – or should that be intense lust? Cindy is such a sexual girl, and the two of them together make for a dynamite lesbian video scene.

Then of course there is the much-anticipated Simply the Best, possibly the most classic cast we’ve ever put together. There are so many highlights to this I don’t even know where to start, and Sandra features heavily in my favourite moments! Seeing her lick champagne from Jo‘s pussy is definitely one, and I don’t think Antonya has ever recovered from the pool workout Sandra gave her!

I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year for Sandra Shine fans… and previewing these scenes for you has put a smile on my face and a tingle somewhere else! Tell me, fellow Sandra lovers – which of these pairings are you looking forward to most?

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    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

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    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

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    Nicole Smith is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body ….. so sensuous Bring more of her !!!

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    Make that four ; )

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    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

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    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

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    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

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    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

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    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

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