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Sexy shenanigans on location for Office Girls 3!

This week’s shoot for the new movie Office Girls 3 has me exhausted already, and it’s only Wednesday! Maybe it’s because the week started so early, with Rebecca More going out for a run at 5:30am on Monday morning… of course I didn’t have to watch her, but who could resist ogling that delectable bottom in tight little running shorts?

By 9:30am we were already on location at a pretty riverside restaurant, with the girls dressed up to the nines – these pics from someone’s iphone will give you a sneak preview of how hot they were looking. Yum! And since everyone was all warmed up and in the mood to get sexy after that, we dashed straight back to the house to film Suzie Carina in a solo scene out on the verandah. Now, gorgeous Suzie Carina masturbating makes for pretty compelling viewing, but what were those distracting little noises coming from inside the house? I had to tear myself away to find out… Oh! It was Rebecca More and Lexi Lowe warming up for their lesbian sex scene… in my bedroom!!! Check out Rebecca’s Twitter pics to see why I couldn’t resist peeping!

Rebecca and Lexi have some scorching chemistry going on between them, they were whispering and giggling and fondling each other right through the scene and then shooed us all out of the room immediately afterwards… and yes, it was my bedroom! No nap for me then… Just had to amuse myself by taking a dip in the pool with Suzie, and yes, she really is that gorgeous close up, and yes, she does look good soaking wet!

It’s been even more hectic since then… I’ll tell you a bit more when I’ve caught up on my sleep. Suffice to say, these girls are very, very sexual, they like to have fun and they’ve probably had more orgasms in the last three days than you’ve had hot dinners. We’re off to paint the town red now – I don’t think the locals will know what’s hit them!

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On set with the Viv Thomas crew

Monday saw the first day of shooting for Office Girls 3, with the girls being woken up super early and whisked down to a fairly swanky Riverside Restaurant. The owner was dead nervous and twitching like a bird watcher as the crew set up their equipment.

The weather was chilly but sunny and the girls rattled off their lines like clockwork. I have a feeling about this film. A GOOD feeling!

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Butt Sketch Artist!

Now here’s an idea I can really get behind… The Original does exactly what it says on the tin… yes, Krandel Lee Newton and his team do nothing but sketch bottoms, and I have to say, they do it rather beautifully. Who knew specialization could be taken to such an extent? Apparently it’s all the rage at celebrity parties, which makes me want to take it up myself – what a great way to get to stare at, say, Jennifer Lopez’s behind uninterrupted!

Don’t suppose you’d get much sympathy though if you claimed to have had ‘a bad day at the office’. Actually it’s like that at No point complaining that you’ve had to watch beautiful girls have sex all day, or repeatedly make them put on and take off underwear so you can see what suits them best. Nobody cares.

Imagine if the guys here only photographed and filmed bums though. (I think some of them would quite enjoy it!). But we wouldn’t get to see spectacular boobs, like those of the lovely Lexi Lowe. We will be lavishing plenty of attention on her magnificent rack (and the rest of her) in the next few days – and so will her costars!

So my thought for the day is… bums rule, but so do boobs. I know you’re all looking forward to Woman’s Touch – Breast Play, but would a ‘Bum Play’ title do it for you too?

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Blue Angel’s hot anal scene for Sex Games!

I always have such a sense of anticipation when Viv tells me we’re going to shoot Blue Angel. For those of you who aren’t already huge fans, she’s a pretty, willowy blonde who brings a sense of fun to her scenes and can get into some astonishingly supple positions! She’s also what we can an ‘equal opportunities fucker.’ She loves working with guys as much as girls, and whoever you pair her up with, she smiles and says, “I can’t wait” – and she MEANS IT!

We’ve worked with many girls over the years who really enjoy sex, but Blue Angel has to be one of the most genuinely overtly sexual girls I’ve ever met. Even an innocent phrase like “Can you pass the coffee please?” sounds like a naughty invitation when she says it. As a result, I’m hot and flustered whenever she’s around – and I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who feels that way.

So no doubt you can imagine my excitement when we shot Blue Angel for the new hardcore boy-girl movie Sex Games. She makes no secret of her love of anal sex, and Frank Major makes no secret of his love of Blue Angel’s perfectly pert little bottom! It was a tight squeeze for her to take such a hefty cock up her tightest hole, but with some oiling and wriggling she managed to cram it all the way in. I was filled with admiration that Frank managed to hold back his load for as long as he did with this horny little minx riding him!

You can see some more pics from this red hot scene here, to get you in the mood. I think Sex Games will be well worth the wait. Meanwhile, what’s your favourite Blue Angel scene so far?

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The editors have some fun with I Dream of Jo

Our top model, Jo (as regular readers would know), has her own web site over at and for a change, we decided to show you what happened BEHIND the scenes.

Be warned, there are some hilarious sound effects. If you want to see the full 8 minute video in crystal clear HD, join her site already!

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What REALLY happens on a porn shoot?

Have you ever wondered what happens on a porn shoot? I guess this depends on what type of smut tickles your fancy and to what level you delve into the industry. There are many people who are committed fans of certain girls, hang on to their every tweet and jot down where she is going when, what she had for brekkie and why she just can’t stand JUICE!

There are others who religiously follow the porn production companies and their web sites (like OURS for example, :) ). But do you know what the models get up to on a porn shoot? I’m talking a PROPER porn shoot, like a fly-out-to-paradise porn shoot, not an hour down the M4 to some skanky barn.

With all this following, tweeting and fbooking – do you actually get to know what’s up? Or do you just see the manufactured version of porn stars lives? Are you getting fed the hay they want you to graze?

Next week, as is pretty damn usual for us, we have a shoot on, and yeah we’ll do the usual tweet this, ooops gotta Tumblr that one (as it’s damn smoking NUDITY – thanks Tumblr, don’t change your T’s and C’s anytime soon!) and Facebook that babe. Yes FACEBOOK her, because she’s hot and she’s snacking on some awesome crumpet.

So pick your channel and be prepared as four girls are arriving at one of the swankiest spots in paradise. Yes, the Viv Thomas Mansion is filling up with:

  • Suzie Carina (long time Euro babe and a pretty cheeky little Czech to boot)
  • Paige Turnah – winner of best newcomer at some poncy British Awards show last week :)
  • Rebecca More – yes MORE as in, I want more of that!
  • Sexy Lexi Lowe – who we have got to know pretty well. She seems to love the word filth (we don’t even know what it means)

So, the Mansion awaits. The girl have got their boarding passes, but have you?

  • Find us on Twitter- here’s an easy list and maybe we’ll show you what really happens on a porn shoot. If we don’t tell you, ASK US! Please.
  • In depth discussion on our forum, but then you’ll have to deal with our regular fans on there… hehe.

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the girls, who are currently packing their bags and checking out the weather online in order to see whether they need g-strings or full on bikini bottoms. What a choice.

The Viv Thomas Mansion Paige Turnah Rebecca More Lexi Lowe Suzie Carina The Viv Thomas Lake

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Condom delivery service!

Now here’s a truly great way to show all the laydeez what a responsible fellow you are, and simultaneously avoid embarrassment at the supermarket checkout. Subscribe to and you can create your own personalized condom collection and have it delivered to your door. No more fumbling for your preferred size and style at the counter (you can save all your fumbling for under the sheets, haha!).

Ladies, you can subscribe as well, and avoid the judgmental stare of that shopgirl who clearly thinks you’re a slut! Ten percent of every purchase goes to humanitarian causes too, which practically makes it your moral duty to have sex as often as possible. Who knew there were so many brands and styles of condom to choose from? Ribbed, studded, coloured and flavoured… it could be a whole lot of fun working your way through this collection!

Folks, what’s your personal preference when it comes to condoms – plain and functional, or funky and fun? And would you like to see use them in boy/girl sex scenes or not?

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An open invitation to play golf with Viv Thomas and friends

Every year we invite friends and business colleagues over for four days of fun in the sun, and this year we’d like to extend the invitations a little further. So, if any of you reading this would like to make some new connections, bring customers along for a special thank you trip or just come over for a fantastic golfing holiday, we’d love to host you this summer in Portugal.

There are more details and photos on our Viv Thomas Masters Blog at but the gist of it is this:

  • June 17th – June 21st 2012
  • 4 days of fantastic golf on three different courses
  • All inclusive (except for flights to Portugal) $850/£720 which is about $1,100 at today’s rates

Let me if you’d like to come through the comments (or leave a ticket on our Help Center if you’d like to do it privately) and we can get you all the info.

Many thanks,

Nick Spillum

P.S. If you don’t play golf and know someone who does, please let them know and feel free to repost this wherever you want.

Jo (1) Jo (2) Jo-and-Sandra-Shine (1) Jo-and-Sandra-Shine (2) Jo-and-Sandra-Shine (3) Jo-in-the-bunker golf Viv Thomas and Sophie Moone

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Shay Hendrix loves kinky Sex Games!

Who better to enter into the spirit of our forthcoming boy/girl release Sex Games than busty blonde bombshell Shay Hendrix? This welsh wonder has become a firm favourite with us because of her party-loving, rock chick attitude. She always shakes things up around here with her raucous laughter and hilarious anecdotes, but when it comes to sex, she has the awesome ability to make a guy feel like he’s the only man on the planet.

It also doesn’t hurt that she gives a stellar blowjob! The intensity of her scene in Sex Games, where she’s blindfolded as she lavishes her attention on Andy Mann’s cock, is quite something to behold. Afterwards she told me, “Wow, Avril, it was such an incredible sensation… I totally forgot about the cameras and the crew, because I couldn’t see them. The only thing I was aware of was Andy’s cock twitching and throbbing in my mouth. After a while though, I wanted to see it while I sucked it!” It seemed only fair to switch things around and blindfold Andy so he could savour sucking on Shay’s ample boobs uninterrupted. And we all enjoyed seeing Shay’s bum jiggle as she rode him hard and fast!

Shay’s scene in Sex Games definitely reflects her fun personality, and reminds me why we all like hanging out with her so much. Which of the models would you most like to spend time with, and what would you do (apart from the obvious!)?

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Behind the scenes with Europe's top undiscovered porn star

Porn fans in the US are blessed with plenty of homegrown product, but may not get to hear much about Europe's vibrant emerging porn community. Those in the know have already been won over by the naturally beautiful girls, funloving attitude and super-hard action coming from the cream of Europe's directors.

Established high-class porn production house is supremely proud of their unique collaboration project with Jo, universally acknowledged as their best model ever. The Hungarian beauty has consistantly topped model stats and fan polls, and has been voted Babe of the Year numerous times since she began modelling ten years ago.

One of the most attractive things about Jo is that she still believes she's "just an ordinary girl," so it took a little persuading to strike a deal with her to launch her own website - but the results have been nothing short of amazing. blurs the boundaries between art and porn and succeeds in delighting discerning connoisseurs of both genres. It's a testament to Jo's creativity and candid sexuality (not to mention her exquisite beauty) and has proved a massive hit with the thousands of fans that form the backbone of her membership.

We asked Jo a few questions about the site and her life. If you have more you can catch her on Twitter, but first here is a little sample of what you can experience on her site.

5 questions for @idreamofjo

  1. You have sex on average once a week for your site, do you ever find time for non-professional sex? Do you masturbate a lot?
    Even that I enjoy to work for the site, to do sex in private life is totally different :) If I masturbate a lot? Usually my private sex is satisfying, so I don’t need ‘more’. But there are periods when I have to find other way to get pleasure :)
  2. Photos of you and Eve Angel seem to tell a story. You have incredible chemistry with her, do you see her out of work? Have you ever had an affair with her?
    I know Eve for a very long time, we travelled a lot together, we have a lot of nice memories of our trips. There is a strong connection between me and her. We are still good friends, we meet each other out of work. Regarding the affair you asked: we never liked to speak about this, we were always shy… maybe we are shy to confess our feelings. Who knows ;)
  3. How do you feel when you’re naked on set and a stranger walks in? Tell me about the crews you have worked with.
    Hmm. I think a stranger never bothered me on a set. I can be more embarrassed in front of people if there is no camera. With my current production team, it is great fun to work and we all get along really well. My photographer, Gergo, is a very talented man and it seems we work well together.
  4. From your site I see you are an accomplished climber (in the ALPS!), an animal lover and enjoy painting. How did all these passions come about?
    I have no idea :) They just came…I can say that these things always relaxed me. I always need something in my life that can relax me.
  5. What’s the biggest thing you hope to accomplish in 2012?
    First of all I attach great hopes that IDOJ will be more popular, mostly because I would like to know what is in me. How creative I can be in different things. Maybe this can be a big base for something bigger, where I can be more free than I am in the office job :) Secondly I would like to have the possibility to climb a lot in many different places, this really is my new passion.
Brandy Smile and Jo (2) Brandy Smile and Jo Jo and Antonia Jo and Eve Angel (2) Jo and Eve Angel in Paris Jo and Eve Angel Jo blue Jo hillside Jo wheat Jo-babe-of-the-year Jo-hiking Jo-in-the-bunker Memories from Tisza Lake Reflections Sophie Moone and Jo Jo climbing

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Rihanna’s sexy tweet

Rihanna is fast becoming one of my favorite girls (Shakira will always be #1 though).
Whats not to like about Rihanna? she is sexy, amazing legs and seems to be a little dirty.
Lastnight though she caused a bit of a fuss when she tweeted this.

More Oral, Less Morals. Now as you can imagine a lot of parents are fuming about this, ”She is a role model to my daughter, she shouldn’t be tweeting things like this.” Personally i think Rihanna is just trying to achieve world peace, the world after all would be a much better place.

One thing is for certain, if she was offering their would be a queue for that, and it starts behind me. get in line boys and girls.

What do you think of Rihanna’s tweet? should she keep things like that to herself?

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Quotes for Paddy’s Day from hot Irish guys!

Here are some quotes from some of the silver screen’s top Irish lotharios…

Colin Farrell: “Kissing is lovely, so any time I get to kiss someone, that’s great… When the clothes start coming off, though, that’s when it can get a bit uncomfortable. And then what do you fall back on? Humour. That’s what we do as human beings don’t we? We laugh, we joke, we try to poke fun at an embarrassing situation. But there’s never been a bad day at the office.”

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: “I’ve only had one girlfriend who I didn’t cheat on. Men are like that. No matter how many times you eat pasta, some night you’re going to want steak.”

Pierce Brosnan: “I know most actors say otherwise, but I like sex scenes. Bond was supposed to be this great lover, but I always found the love scenes in those movies a little dull. It’s lovely to work out the fantasy of it all in celluloid and then go home to my wife.”

George Clooney: “I fucked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth.”

Now, who’s got some sexy quotes from hot Irish girls for me?

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Love, Avril XOXOXOXO

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Galaxy Porn Awards Step Up a Notch

This year the Galaxy Porn Awards are stepping up a notch by including a whole week of festivities, instead of the previous year’s purely virtual awards. It’s a Spanish based programme and takes place in Barcelona.

We’re lucky enough to be past the pre-nomination rounds and are nominated for:

  • Best Girl Girl Scene
  • and Best European Website

(which thanks to you, we won last year… <VT takes a bow>). So get on over and have a look see (only after you have had a gander below at THE best girl girl scene this year of course).

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Home sex tape fun with busty Colette!

When we were planning the new hardcore boy-girl release Sex Games, it was my favourite busty bombshell Colette who suggested the theme for her scene with Dexter. It seems Colette loves to make home movies of herself getting fucked – especially in her tight asshole – and thought having our cameras capturing the action at the same time would make the experience even more exciting.

The result is a pretty special scene, as Colette teases and flirts, flashing that spectacular rack, before lavishing a wet blowjob on Dexter’s rigid cock and then riding it hard and fast. She’s such a hot girl it wasn’t too surprising when Dexter relinquished the camera so he could concentrate all his attention on slamming up into her pretty bum as she bounced on him. She has a lot of stamina, and loves drinking cum too! I think her scene for Sex Games might just be her best yet – I love feeling like a peeping tom watching a private moment!

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One for the boys!

It’s not often your Avril is lost for words, but I’m struggling to say anything about this sensational underwear… because I’m laughing too hard! Technically I suppose it is still winter, so these would certainly serve to keep your nether regions nice and cosy. Maybe your gran could knit you a pair?

Suffice to say, these will not be putting in an appearance in any shoot in the near future (although you have to admit, the detail and craft involved is quite impressive). Viv usually lets me have my own way when it comes to styling, but I’m not sure he’d allow these – although it would make it very obvious when the guy had an erection!

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Less than 2 minutes of pleasure – Wet and Dripping the new trailer

You can spare two minutes can’t you?

Actually it’s only a quick 1m31secs to get you into the mood of our new trailer for the next release from Wet and Dripping. A solo masturbation film with, you guessed it, tons of water and hot, dripping, beautiful, pink pussies.

On sale now!

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Sunny Diamond shines in masturbation classic Wet and Dripping!

What a lovely way to start the week – I have just spent the past ten minutes (okay, the past hour!) staring at Sunny Diamond‘s boobs. They are certainly worthy of the attention, and I have to say they look especially good when wet and slippery… perhaps ready for a hard cock to slide between them?

Sunny’s scene for the upcoming solo masturbation movie Wet and Dripping is a thing of beauty. Everything was just right that day – the light, the mood on set, and of course it helps that Sunny really is a ray of sunshine, who gives you the impression that getting naked and fingering her wet pussy for the camera is just the most natural thing in the world to her. She cums really easily too – I do like that in a girl! You can see more of the gorgeous photos from this scene here.

Between Sunny and the ample charms of the equally busty Carmen Croft, there is a lot to please lovers of big boobs in Wet and Dripping - and I find it particularly enjoyable to see the camera make love to a girl I’m really attracted to, without anyone else there to distract me! Now, excuse me while I just watch Sunny’s scene again…

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Katie Price’s new garter tattoo – hot or not?

Subtle, it’s not. Although I have to confess it’s a nicely executed tattoo. But if you ask me (which I realize you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you what I think anyway!) Katie Price’s new garter tattoo is just a teensy bit… obvious.

Surely if you advertise how sexy you are, that automatically makes you somewhat less sexy? I like to think the girls we shoot at, even though they are getting naked and having lesbian sex on camera, understand rather more about the mysteries of sexual chemistry than Ms Price. Take Eve Angel for example – a girl who manages to look poised, elegant and just a tiny bit unobtainable even when she’s fingering her juicy pussy for the camera in our new solo masturbation movie Wet and Dripping.

So what do you think, folks – is Katie’s new tattoo hot or not? Would you kick her out of bed? Personally I’d rather spend an hour or three with Eve Angel any night of the week…

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Blue Angel has the (S+C) x (B+F) / (T-V)

For me the best (S+C) x (B+F) / (T-V) belongs to the lovely Blue Angel. Now for the explanation.

Think you’ve got a booty to rival Beyonce’s? Now you can find out - with scientific certainty.
A team of British academics has developed a mathematical formula to determine just how perfect your posterior is.
“The perfect female derriere has firmness to the touch and a resilience that prevents undue wobble or bounce, yet looks soft with flawless skin,” said Dr. David Holmes(No relation), a psychology lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, who devised the formula for measuring one’s moons.
And the code of bootyliciousness is: (S+C) x (B+F) / (T-V).
While it may look complicated, getting to the bottom of the formula is easy, Holmes insists.
First, a woman assesses her assets on a scale from 1 to 20 (1 being worst and 20 best) in the following categories:
* S = overall shape (a ripe peach being just about right)
* C = circularity (rounder is better)
* B = bounciness (less wobble is preferred)
* F = firmness (too much push to that cushion loses points)
* T = skin texture (no cellulite, please)
Then calculate this:
* V = the ratio of one’s hips to waist. Finally, do the math.
While everyone may aspire to cans of J.Lo or Jessica Simpson proportions, balance is key to achieving the perfect score of approximately 80.
“Slender thighs and hip-to-waist ratio of 0.7 will frame the perfect bum, well, perfectly,” Holmes said.
“Kylie [Minogue] would score amazingly well on sphericality and symmetry. Her bottom is perfect in those categories, more so than the likes of . . . Jennifer Lopez, who has a more curvy posterior,” he said.
Interestingly, a poll of 2000 people across England found that while women sided with J. Lo’s rump as the best, men preferred Minogue’s.
But science really settles nothing, says booty expert Sir-Mix-A-Lot.
“They got to be juicy, round, with a little jiggle to it,” the “Baby Got Back” rapper told The Post yesterday, laughing hysterically. “The bubbliness does matter.”
But there’s only one way to measure the most desirable derriere, he said.
“You know it when you see it,” he said. “We could debate this all day.”

So who has the best Bum?

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Kate Moss topless!

Here’s another pic to fuel our recent debate regarding breast size and boob jobs… Kate Moss topless!

The shot is a collector’s edition cover for an arty magazine. I do find it hilarious that shooting anything in black and white makes it art! Maybe we should shoot all our movies and photoshoots in black and white? Anyway, I digress…

The point is that Kate isn’t my type at all. I like somewhat busty girls, and she’s flat as a pancake. I like exotic brunettes, and she’s an English blonde. And yet… I find her sexy as hell. Her voice, her face, and her skinny body all make me feel a bit warm and tingly. Great nipples, too!

Does this just prove the point that attraction is utterly unpredictable and individual? I hope so – that’s why we like to shoot lots of different types of girls for – blondes, brunettes, slender willowy types, busty beauties, nubile newcomers and mature cougars. Are there any girls you can think of who don’t fit your type, and yet you find them inexplicably hot?

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Stunning newcummer Nicole Smith stars in Wet and Dripping!

There’s no need to ask why we all believe new starlet Nicole Smith is one to watch. I’m quite certain her solo masturbation scene in the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping will make converts of you all. The camera totally adores her as she strokes her pussy and cups her shiny wet boobs, all the while looking like a sultry sex kitten who knows how to make herself purr!

Nicole isn’t merely a pretty girl, she has a certain quality that makes everyone – men and women – stop and stare. When she looks at you, you feel like she’s undressing you with her eyes… and you don’t want her to stop. Even the most experienced girls seem to get a bit shy and giggly when Nicole is around, so we’re really looking forward to shooting her some more and seeing the sparks fly! Who would you like to see her paired up with?

Meanwhile, Nicole’s solo masturbation scene in Wet and Dripping will give you a long, lingering look at her beautiful face, perfect breasts, pert bum and silky smooth pussy. It’s one of my favourite scenes from a very arousing collection of erotica self-pleasure. Yum!

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8 more shots of Ivana Sugar, our March babe of the month

Diminutive Miss Ivana Sugar is one of the newer models we have shot bouncing around on set like a bundle of energy, excited about who she can get her claws into next. At just 20 years old, this beautiful Ukrainian has a long career ahead of her if she wishes it, because she really does love what she is doing!

We have quite a few video scenes coming out soon with the lovely Miss Sugar and she certainly has caught the eye of the crew. When she is not on set it seems Ivana is addicted to twitter often tweeting pictures of herself in various situations (including on set pictures).

She had a pretty awesome set with Zara, don’t you think?

ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian7 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian6 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian5 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian4 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian3 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian2 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian ivana-sugar

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Another one for the ladies!

Fitness expert Stefan Pinto’s advert for Voskos Greek yogurt manages to be hilarious and yet really rather sexy at the same time. Yes I confess, while I’m very partial to the beautiful lesbian girls we tend to prefer filming here at, I probably would lick yogurt from Pinto’s naked body given half the chance. There, I said it.

We’re breaking from our usual pattern of erotic lesbian releases to bring all you fellow hetero-sex fans a boy-girl title later this month. It’s called Sex Games, and I’ll tell you more about it later. If only I could get Stefan Pinto to make a cameo appearance, my life would be complete! Don’t worry though, all you ‘girls-only’ fans – there are plenty of new lesbian titles coming too. Here’s a shot of the gorgeous Eve Angel, from new release Wet and Dripping, just to make you feel better!

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Olivia Wilde jiggles her boobs!

Oh my goodness, have I died and gone to heaven? Seeing my latest girl crush Olivia Wilde jiggling her spectacular breasts for the April issue of British GQ has me so excited the guys are considering locking me in the basement until I calm down (of course the basement is where we have the wine cellar, so they may not have thought this one through!). Olivia’s boob-jiggling clip is part of the promo for the comedy issue, and trust me, those chest puppies look eminently stroke-worthy!

Olivia manages to be funny, sexy and intelligent – an extremely alluring combination. I’m sure I’m not the only one who bought the House boxset just for her? I enjoy the scenes where she’s using her brain almost as much as her bisexual sex scenes!

Who’s your current TV crush?

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Models and their Playboy Tattoos

Haven’t you ever noticed how many models these days have Playboy tattoos? Quite a few of our own models sport them on their skin, namely Carmen Croft, Antonya and Natalia Forrest.

Have you seen more of our models who have Playboy tattoos?

Natalia Forrest Antonya Carmen Croft

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Macho Express Male Enhancement

You may or may not have noticed that we have started selling Macho Express natural enhancement pills in our store. I reckon the first thing people say, when they see these things is “PFFFT, I’ll never need that!” or “that’ll never work”.

Apparently they do work! Check out Jamie who had been boning Bellina and Cathy Heaven for 5 long scenes and as he said: “it’s still pointing up”.

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Carmen Croft’s fabulous breasts play a starring role in Wet and Dripping!

There’s a tradition around here that whenever someone mentions Carmen Croft‘s name, someone else will interject ‘Great rack!’ or ‘Amazing breasts!’ or ‘Fantastic boobs!’ Seriously, you can’t talk about Carmen without those funbags popping up – they really are a standout feature, in all senses!

Carmen’s sexy solo masturbation scene for the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping is simply stunning. She looks the best I’ve ever seen her – just gorgeous! And watching the water cascade off those perfect breasts as she caresses them sensuously is quite mesmerizing. I think we were all a little bit in love with Carmen by the time she had reached a breathless climax.

The only sound in the room was the water splashing down onto those dangerous curves. She looked up and smiled, as if she’d only just realized she was being watched, and asked, “Did you enjoy that? I did!” Yes Carmen, we all enjoyed watching you masturbate very, very much indeed. I think you will all enjoy Carmen’s scene in Wet and Dripping too. Do you think she’s one of the hottest busty babes we’ve ever featured?

The post Carmen Croft’s fabulous breasts play a starring role in Wet and Dripping! appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


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    Leslove 5 hours ago

    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

    on Caught In The Act

    baloo 7 hours ago

    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

    on Caught In The Act

    JOHANNES BLT 9 hours ago

    Excellent! Beautiful girls with knock-out bods coming together for some intense sex ... that's all I need! Some great "OOHH" faces here. Love the surreal-sexy outfits; that blue sweater dress is outrageous : )

    on Caught In The Act

    Duffer 22 hours ago

    Nicole Smith is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body ….. so sensuous Bring more of her !!!

    on Nicole Smith

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Make that four ; )

    on Squeeze Me

    aspan 2 days ago

    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    Leslove 2 days ago

    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

    on Squeeze Me

    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 4 days ago

    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    Porgie 4 days ago

    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

    on Sexy Lesbian Kisses