I am so excited that the new vivthomas.com release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is almost here! This much-anticipated movie will be available on the website before its DVD release this month, to celebrate the fact that our many forum members and supporters pitched the idea for a ‘breast play’ movie so enthusiastically we were convinced to shoot it!

Woman’s Touch: Breast Play has an appealing cast and a lovely variety of beautiful boobs, from itty bitties with very perky nipples to voluptuous curves you just want to bury your face in! I think it’s one of our most visually interesting movies too, with soap, oil, food, water and ice all coming into play. It’s the sensual focus on the giving and receiving of pleasure that does it for me though – we picked girls who genuinely love lesbian sex, and let them express themselves naturally! Of course we don’t neglect pussy pleasure, but the bountiful breasts are the focus… check out the rather arousing trailer for a little taster!

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Naked rider!

April 28, 2012 - by: Avril

Hahaha, hahaha! I literally cannot stop giggling over this shot of a naked motorcycle rider snapped in Romania (and kudos to the photographer, who had amazingly steady hands!). According to the UK Metro newspaper, this rather attractive nude pillion rider was pulled over by police and ticketed – for not wearing a helmet! – before being allowed to continue on her way, stark naked except for the helmet.

Now, we have attempted some unusual filming feats here at vivthomas.com, but we do generally draw the line at blatant public nudity, which can get you into a whole heap of trouble. This lovely lady evidently had no such qualms! Are you folks fans of the public pubic display, boob or fanny flashing, or any such naughty acts, or do you think nakedness should remain behind closed doors?

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From the university of Tell Us Something We Didn’t Already Know, here is an academic study that demonstrates that women who are ‘easily aroused by erotic stimuli’ are more likely to engage in impulsive sexual behaviour. On the other hand, women who are easily aroused by pictures of food tend to eat more pies…

I have to confess to not being utterly amazed by these findings. I am a horny woman who finds sexual images arousing, therefore I am more likely to have sex? Well, duh! I think we all know that vivthomas.com exists precisely to cater for our very human desire to watch erotic images and be stimulated by them. Without the ability to become aroused, I imagine we would soon become extinct… or at least very, very bored!

I’m a visual person, so I find sexy images, both pictures and movies, turn me on the most. Today I am very much enjoying these new pics of busty redhead Jana, who has a lot of the assets I find extremely stimulating – great boobs, pretty pussy, fantastic bum – she’s got it all going on! I’m guessing it’s the same for most of you folks – or are there times when your other senses come more into play?

Just wondering… I am easily aroused by shoe catalogues, does this give me a scientific way to justify my outrageous shopping habits to Viv?

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Recently a Portuguese blogger did an e-mail interview with Viv Thomas which is transcribed below. Viv has also done a fairly extensive video interview in 2010 (30 minutes long in total) which we have chosen to share here for free.

Interview – Viv Thomas

Have you ever thought that you'd become a Pornographic Producer?

No I came into it quite by accident - literally! I was convalescing after a car crash and my brother lent me a a few books on photography. My wife was pretty hot (and still is!) so I began to experiment on her. I loved it and soon I was shooting calendars in the South African bush and flying top British girls over for shoots to South Africa for the local girlie mag: Scope Magazine.

Did you have other dreams? What were the ones that you couldn’t accomplish?

I always wanted to be a pro golfer. I was a 6 handicap once and the dream was to go on circuit. I still play golf as often as I can though. I love the game and have instituted a yearly golf tournament with friends and business partners. It’s been going like clockwork since 2008.

Do you feel like you're still missing something in your movies? That you still need to accomplish something?

Absolutely. I feel we have so much potential to create incredibly compelling adult content with real loving sex. Most of the porn out there is either fake or boring or both. We have just finished shooting a film that we believe is going to turn the tables once again and catapult the brand to a new level.

Do you feel like, being a producer, you could have a work on the subject matter "sexual education"?

Yes, I do and in a way we are already achieving that goal. Our best selling title "The Art of Sex" was not a film about sexual technique, but it exhibited those sexual techniques on film with really beautiful models. It is a showcase for how to have incredible sex but it flows so well…. you don’t feel like you’re watching a text book "paint-by-numbers" style of film.

How many different nationalities actresses' have you worked with? I've read an interview where you say you prefer Hungarian girls, although, don't you like American girls too?

We found the Hungarian girls in the late 90′s after I got fed up with the attitude of some of the British porn stars. They were unreliable and difficult to work with. Someone suggested a trip to Hungary and we couldn’t believe how many stunning girls there were all very keen to work. The Hungarians were really easy to work with and it gelled really well. We discovered Sandy, Sandra Shine, Peaches, Sophie Moone and many others who went on to build very successful careers in the industry.

We would love to work with American girls but it is not always practical to fly them over for one shoot. We have done a trip to America in 2006 which resulted in a great title called "In the Family". We’re trying some British girls again as it’s easier for them to act in English, and they seem a lot more professional these days.

Since you work in Portugal, haven't you ever wanted to pick Portuguese girls for your movies?

Certainly, we would love to shoot Portuguese girls, but the reality of the fact is that we make pornographic films and many of the girls here are only interested in doing soft Playboy style work. If you know of any willing Portuguese girls, we would be interested to have a look.

What did you like the most about Portugal to live here?

The lifestyle is fantastic: the weather, the food, the golf, the people. Personally I feel I have integrated fairly well (although my Portuguese is not good) but I play golf regularly with a group of local Portuguese businessmen and that has opened many doors for us. I also make my own Piri Piri oil which is naturally an incredible Portuguese invention!

Do you have any international actress that you wanted to work with and never accomplished that?

No not really, although I do regret not working more with Jenna Jameson. I did a few sets with her a long time ago in London which are still on our web site http://www.vivthomas.com/model/jenna-jameson/ . I would also like to work with Stormy Daniels - that is one seriously beautiful woman.

From all the actresses and actors with whom you've worked with, have any of them disappointed you in some way? Did you have any that stood out the most?

Yes, quite a few have let us down at the last minute! It’s tough because we used to book flights for them and then we have a whole crew and a location ready to shoot and no models. Sometimes it has been incredibly difficult but we have adapted. I would prefer not to mention any names.

Have you ever watched a movie that surprised you negatively and that you'd like to change?

A movie of ours? Sometimes I have had to step in and tell the guys to re-edit a project as it hasn’t come quite up to scratch but that has happened extremely rarely. We have a great team and the guys we have at the moment are all from a mainstream film and advertising background which really helps on set and in the editing room.

Have you ever watched any Portuguese porn movie? What is your opinion about it and in what way should we make it better?

I’m sorry I haven’t, but if you send me one I will watch it :) I have heard about the parody on the architect from Lisbon, who used to do all his female clients from Cascais in his office. It would be interesting to see that.

What's your opinion, in general, about american porn movies? Are they well developed? Do they have good directors and actors?

In general I think the Americans have a certain style (as do the English) of portraying porn as something dirty and tend to go as extreme as possible (i.e. Fisting, gaping and all manner of things which they seem to invent every day). On the other hand, these days there are a lot of production houses which are springing up and making great content.

My policy has always been to try and display real loving sex on camera. There is something exquisitely beautiful about the act of making love between two people and we will always try to capture that sensuality, bearing in mind our customers also have certain requirements and at times we can spice things up a little too.

You know your movies are out on the internet, right? So, have you ever tried to fix this leak problem? Why do you think this happens? Do you think there can be a way to prevent piracy?

Yes we know our movies are being pirated and for years we have contracted so called "Take Down Piracy" companies to try and decrease the flood of pirated content. It’s an ongoing battle that I don’t think we will ever win, however we need to try and do our bit to fight it.

I firmly believe that the only way to stop piracy is to make it easier to buy the product than it is to steal it. However, in practice that is very expensive and difficult to do. Steve Jobs managed to do a great job with the music industry but the film industry and porn is a more difficult nut to crack. We need to work on it collectively and there are many initiatives which the adult industry is coming up with to attempt to stop piracy. Trust me, it really affects our business and therefore our ability to make more great films.

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The best VivThomas.com model ever?

April 23, 2012 - by: Avril

People often ask me who is my favourite girl, of all the beautiful and sexy models we have worked with over the years. That’s such a tough question… it’s like asking me to name my favourite flower, or puppy, or pair of shoes… they are all so gorgeous!

It’s not remotely difficult for Viv to answer that question, though. Without a second’s hesitation, he will tell you, Diana van Laar. Ahhh, Diana… We first shot her back in 1993, when she was becoming known as one of the top girls in the business – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only was she beautiful, but this long-legged Dutch stunner was probably the most elegant woman we ever worked with. Looking at her pictures now (even with that distinctive nineties styling!) she still looks so fresh, so naturally sexy.

We became such good friends with Diana – we even went to her wedding! – and she also has a special place in our hearts because she was the star of our first ever movie, Leg Sex, shot in 1995. Her co-star, Nikki Tyler, became a Vivid Girl, but it’s Diana you look at!

Diana could have done anything she wanted, but she enjoyed working with us the most, and we always had a whole lot of fun. If you’re not familiar with her, check out that perfect doll-like face, fantastic boobs, pretty pussy, pert bum and of course those long, long legs to see why we were all a little bit in love with her.

As for my favourite vivthomas.com girl ever? Well, Diana is certainly a contender. But then there’s Sandy… and Jo… and Vera… and Sandra Shine… Who would you choose?

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Revealing interviews at vivthomas.com!

April 22, 2012 - by: Avril

One of the things I enjoy most about working on sexy movies at vivthomas.com (apart from the shoes… oh yes, and the sex!) is chatting to the models, getting to know them a little bit better – sometimes a whole lot better! It’s always interesting to hear someone reveal personal things about themselves, especially sexual things! That’s why we love to film behind-the-scenes interviews and candid chats, so you can get to know them a little bit better too.

I was browsing through the interviews today, thinking about some of the girls we haven’t worked with in a while, and they brought back a lot of funny, sexy memories. So many of the models have shared their thoughts with us, from favourites like Vera, Sandy, Sophie Moone, Lisa, Stella Stevens and of course Jo, to rising stars like Blue Angel and Lexi Lowe. There’s also an amusing chat with James Brossman, not to mention our main man Viv Thomas himself sharing a few secrets over a glass of vino! Thoroughly entertaining stuff…

Who would you most like to see us interview? And what would you ask them?

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The gist of the story in Office Girls 3 is this: A team of three very ambitious business-women have just got wind of an exciting (and lucrative) new project in the pipeline. A super rich chick, Paige Turnah, having recently arrived in the Algarve, Portugal, has contacted the boss, Rebecca More.

Paige lets Rebecca know that she found out about her architectural firm through one of Suzie Carina’s distinctive designs and now wants to meet with them. Rebecca sends Lexi Lowe over to iron out the details and to build a project specification.

Lexi arrives to find a beautiful, yet arrogant women, naked in a jacuzzi (bath tub in the photo set, jacuzzi in the video) and not all that interested in a working meeting. Glass of wine in hand she forces Lexi into the jacuzzi with her. Typically no bloody work gets one and Rebecca sends over Suzie herself.

Suzie and Paige tour the prospective site and settle into Paige’s home cinema for an intimate little presentation which doesn’t quite go the way Suzie intended.

All the while Rebecca is playing with her two employees who are trying to get in with the boss to shortcut out their path to the top. Like I said, these girls are ambitious!

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Do you ‘Like’ us?

April 18, 2012 - by: Avril

If you want to tell us how much you like us, don’t forget you can ‘Like’ us in cyberspace on Facebook now! Yes, even your Avril has managed to figure out her way around this social networking malarkey, much to the amusement of the guys, who persist in believing I am useless at anything that doesn’t involve shoes. I have to say, the vivthomas.com FB page is pretty damn nice. It’s packed with interesting little snippets and tasters of things to come, not to mention Lexi Lowe singing, boobs, babes, toe sucking, Viv’s restaurant recommendations, and basically whatever else pops into our heads!

Check out our page at http://www.facebook.com/vivthomasvideo - I hope you ‘Like’ us!

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Pussy Printing Problems

April 18, 2012 - by: Hugh G Rection

I thought you may be interested in this reblog from a few years ago, now that we are in the midst of creating Office Girls 3. – Spillum

veraphotocopierblogpicWhilst getting the footage for this post, I came across this outtake from the original shoot footage of Office Girls. They say in show business never to work with animals or children, well I’m going to add photocopiers to that list. The premise was simple, Vera is to sit on the photocopier and copy a picture of her sweet pussy and firm ass. But do you think that photocopier is going to comply?

Try as they might, the crew and the lovely Vera cannot fathom how to get it to work. One of my favorite lines is said by Vera when she says “It was choosing the paper size”, ah, right then Vera, jolly good.

Patience and perseverance pays off in the end and the crew get the shot they need. I wonder whatever happened to that photocopy of Vera’s ass and pussy, surely they could have auctioned that off online, especially if it was signed. Enjoy the clip.

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