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Lesbian beach movie on location – sand gets everywhere!

I was telling you about day two on location at our lesbian beach movie shoot – and after the volleyball and sunbathing, things started to get even hotter! While Jo and Gergo went off to film a naked surf scene in the waves for I Dream of Jo, the crew took Lana and Viktoria on a beach tractor to a more remote section of the island’s beach to shoot their lesbian scene.

I think all the semi-naked fooling around had really built up the girls’ lust and anticipation, because as soon as we were ready to shoot they tore into each other with relish. They seemed oblivious to the sun, the sand and the crew as they rolled around, licking and sucking and fingering the hell out of each other. We even managed to time the shoot with the sunset – it looked absolutely beautiful and the romantic setting seemed to inspire the girls to eat each other’s pussy to some powerful orgasms. It was only after they were totally done cumming that they asked me to help rinse the sand from all their nooks and crannies!

They were still kissing and cuddling as we drove back to the others. Meanwhile Hajni, our makeup artist, nearly fell off the tractor as she came face to face with this naked, rather well-endowed guy – she had not realized we were driving through the nudist beach!

I sprayed everyone up with insect repellant before a lovely dinner, and then Viv piloted us back on the boat. It was pitch black by now, but I spied Lana sitting on Eve’s lap! Hmmm, I think those two have taking a liking to each other…

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Day two on location at our lesbian beach movie shoot!

It seemed like we had barely caught our breath after the first day’s shoot for our as-yet untitled lesbian ‘Beach Movie’, and it was day two already! It’s a good thing our cast – Jo, Eve Angel, Lana, Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond – all have tons of energy and love outdoor sex! As we headed out to Tavira Island with all five of them, two makeup artists (Hajni and Gina B) and six crew members, the girls were snapping away like tourists and enjoying the beautiful Portuguese sunshine. They felt like VIPs (Very Important Pussies!) as we boarded a boat belonging to the owner of Sal Restaurant and Xiri Beach Bar, who was generously hosting us for the day.

It was pretty easy to forget we were supposed to be working as we played in the water, swam, surfed and had a few drinks at the beach bar. The girls were making a meal out of rubbing oil into each other’s beautiful semi-naked bodies (and who can blame them) so we distracted them with a game of volleyball – hey, who knew Jo was such a good player! Of course after that we all needed a siesta…

Eventually we could no longer delay getting ready to shoot Lana and Viktoria’s sex scene – they were practically making out right there on the beach, and it seemed a shame to waste all that passion! The toilets were closed and Viktoria was overheard to say, “Well, where am I supposed to wash my pussy?” like it was her little pet! We found some public showers and she and Lana took a naked shower together. The lucky gardener who had a prime view of that was transfixed… he must have thought he was dreaming as these two gorgeous blondes took their time washing each other. I’ll share some pics from their lesbian sex scene with you next time! For now I hope these location shots will put a smile on your face…

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On location for our sexy summer movie!

It’s hot. Damn hot. And I’m not just talking about the girls – even though you can’t deny that putting Jo and Eve Angel together with Nicole Smith, Lana and Viktoria Diamond equals one of our most scorching cast lists ever. But no, I’m just wondering whether starting to film our brand new summer blockbuster on one of the most hellishly hot Monday mornings in Portuguese history was the best idea? Luckily we have picked such a great bunch of girls – no moaners here, they are all so professional, so attractive and most importantly, so nice. The prospect of some skinny-dipping has put a smile on everyone’s face too!

Even though the airline managed to lose Eve’s bags, which meant the girls had not arrived until 2am, Jo and Nicole looked sparkly eyed and eager to have some fun as we set out to a gorgeous waterfall location to kick off what we are currently calling ‘Beach Film’, since we haven’t agreed on a title yet. A couple of our team who are locals led us there, after a few wrong turnings and wanderings in the blazing heat… we were so relieved when we arrived that it was a race as to who could dip their toes in first!

We had planned to shoot Jo taking a topless dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall, but had to ditch that idea as there were two couples swimming there, and we did not want to shock our audience! Never mind, we all enjoyed the water, shot some spectacular scenery (particularly Nicole’s awesome breasts!) and then moved location to our own lake for some much more raunchy lesbian sex in the sun. It felt reminiscent of scene 3 of our classic lesbian movie Prim and Improper, which can’t be a bad thing! Jo and Nicole were so amazing together, and when they vanished after the shoot nobody asked too many questions!

Later in the afternoon we put Eve and Lana on surfboards for Viv’s photoshoot and accompanying video. To say he was happy with the results would be an understatement – these girls are pretty, cute and sexy as can be! After that we all set off to a cool and shady restaurant for some well-deserved relaxation – and I even managed to track down Eve’s missing bags! It was a great start to what I already suspect is going to be one of our classic outdoor lesbian movies.

IMG_0140 IMG_0384 IMG_0053 IMG_0128 IMG_0091 IMG_0391 IMG_0033 IMG_0036

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Great content lined up for

Over the next two weeks we have an unbelievable array of goodness lined up for you on our main pay site:

  • Imagine seeing Zuzana Drabinova again in two extra sets (yes her… from THIS famous post – our all time most popular post on the blog).
  • Ok, that’s cool, but imagine getting a full on set from all time hottie, Aphrodite Night as well. mm mm mm, the BODY on that bird! As one of our site members comments:”Maybe my top all-time model. She is very slender, but those breasts and that smile, and she just always seems to love what she is doing.”
  • That’s not all because Lisa and Eve Angel are lined up in a wonderful lesbian video set,
  • Zuzana and Lola light up Viv’s wine tasting room,
  • Cathy Heaven does a solo video,
  • Vera, Antonya and Sandra Shine go crazy in a threesome photoset and…
  • the piece de resistance is Womans’s Touch – Breast Play finally making it’s way out of post-production and into the limelight.

If you don’t believe me, scope out our updates page, designed specially for these special occasions, and I’ll leave you with the BreastPlay trailer:

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Lesbian toy time!

There’s a scene from the imminent lesbian video release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that combines two of my favourite things – boob play and pussy pampering – as willowy lesbian hotties Elisa and Anita hook up for some passionate sex after a toy shopping trip. In my opinion, the only thing that could make this better was if we had filmed the entire shopping trip, complete with several hours of browsing and try-before-you-buy, but then that’s just me! For the rest of you less shopping-obsessed folks out there, I think you will find the focus on ‘real’ sex very enjoyable… seldom has a double-ended dildo been put to such good use!

I hope it will inspire you to explore your own toy collection, or even add a few new items. The nipple-pleasers have certainly got me wondering… What’s your favourite toy?

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Breast Play in the bathtub!

Some things are more fun to watch than to do yourself, and I think bathtub sex is one of those things. If you’re a tall and slightly top-heavy girl like me, the risk of slipping and banging your head is a bit of a passion killer! Maybe it’s because it’s not such a great success in real life that I like watching it so much on screen – especially when it’s two phenomenally sexy girls like Suzie Carina and Tea J. Their wet and slippery lesbian sex scene from the forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is a sensual, soapy triumph!

I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that this scene is a celebration of female beauty and sexuality. Let’s just say things get very, very wet!

What’s your take on bathtub sex – have you had any great experiences, or is it a spectator sport for you too?

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Does highbrow porn sound like fun?

Philosopher and author Alain de Botton has announced to the Telegraph UK newspaper that he intends to make ‘a better kind of pornography’, and intends to meet with leaders in porn and the arts in order to achieve this. We’ll be waiting for our call then. “Ideally, porn would excite our lust in contexts which also presented other, elevated sides of human nature - in which people were being witty, for instance, or showing kindness, or working hard or being clever - so that our sexual excitement could bleed into, and enhance our respect for these other elements of a good life,” he told the Telegraph.

Hmmm. When I want to be turned on, I’m generally thinking more about cocks, boobs and pussies than kindness, wit or hard work, but maybe that’s just me? Porn is escapism for me, not real life! But perhaps I’m just not intellectual enough to appreciate the need for a ‘better’ kind of porn. What do you think, folks? Does de Botton’s concept of highbrow porn sound like fun to you?

My personal take on intellectual sex is more along the lines of this lesbian video scene from Jo’s Sexy College Diaries (pics below). Jo seems intent on learning all about the contents of Natalie’s pants, and Natalie appears to be more than willing to teach her the finer points of pussy eating, in this classic photoset and scene! These two are certainly learning about sex in the best way! I’m not sure I actually need – or want – my porn to be any more highbrow than this…

teacher 2987-001 2987-002 2987-003 2987-004 2987-006 2987-007 2987-025

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Mainstream movie stars share lesbian kiss!

Now here’s a movie kiss I’m looking forward to seeing… the delightful Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace locking lips in Brian De Palma’s forthcoming erotic thriller Passion! I wonder how hot and heavy they will get – I’m hoping for a bit of steamy action!

What is your favourite lesbian kiss from a mainstream movie? How about from a movie? Who’s your favourite kisser of all time? And who would you cast for a lesbian kissing scene?

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Some classic Jo photosets from the archives!

I love Jo as much as you do. And I love the womanly, sexual brunette beauty she has become. But I also loved the cute, sweet and not-quite-innocent Jo we first worked with way back before she had become the global icon she is today. So, I’m very much enjoying some classic archives sets of Jo that we have been showcasing at lately.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out Jo and Sophie Moone (blonde on blonde deliciousness, and oh, that perfect bum!). Then there’s Jo and Ella (almost unbearably cute!) and Jo and Janine (outdoor dildo fun, yum!).

To date we have a massive 134 photosets, 53 films and 150 videos of Jo at - both lesbian and solo, blonde and brunette, sweet and sophisticated, so there is literally something for every Jo fan. And if you need more, there’s I Dream of Jo, her very own site in collaboration with us, one of the fastest-growing sites out there. Enjoy! I’d love to know, what’s your favourite Jo scene or photoset ever?

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Tea J loves lesbian Breast Play!

I’m a big fan of Tea J‘s breasts. Huge fan, in fact. They are just so enticing – natural, perky and the perfect handful! It seems I’m not the only one… Sandra Sanchez was so delighted to to hook up with Tea for their poolside lesbian scene in the imminent release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that I though she was going to orgasm before Tea even touched her. She was certainly on a hair trigger!

Sandra’s nipples were absolutely rock hard as Tea poured oil over them and then set about sucking them like a girl on a mission. She told me before the scene that her aim was to make Sandra climax at least three times, and although I don’t know if you can tell from watching the scene, Sandra said afterwards that she made it to six! She managed to focus long enough to give Tea’s spectacular boobs the fondling and licking they deserved though, and seeing them jiggle as Tea rode Sandra’s face was one of my favourite moments of a very visually pleasing pairing.

The whole premise of Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is to show genuinely lesbian girls enjoying the kind of intimate, playful and adventurous sex they would enjoy in private, and I think the guys captured some very erotic action on camera. Personally, I could watch Tea’s breasts bouncing all day… and probably will!

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Is porn damaging to a relationship?

For those of you who don’t know me….. Hi, I’m Lexi Lowe! I began modelling for in 2010 and have since appeared in films Story of She, Stockings & Lace and the upcoming Office Girls 3. But what on earth am I doing writing a blog? Well since I’m so opinionated Viv has decided to let me loose on the blog specifically to answer some spicy questions from a models point of view. Every week I’ll pop up to say my bit about something that has caught my attention.

This week I’m diving in head first with a controversial one. Is porn damaging to a relationship?

According to statistics, porn is cited by professionals as a major cause of divorce. Although I have never been married this is a situation I can relate to. From the age of 18-20 I was in a relationship that was eventually ruined by porn. My boyfriend at the time would rather leave me in bed and sneak downstairs to watch a DVD than try it on with me! Obviously I was hurt and had absolutely no idea what to do about it.

I was under the assumption that porn was “a man thing” and something that I couldn’t be involved in. The films he chose to watch all starred over the top, porny, non stop screamers that I had absolutely no idea how to compete with in the bedroom. Had I known at the time that existed I may have encouraged him to spend some time with me watching something we could both enjoy. Like Sex Games for instance, a seriously horny film that couples could enjoy together, but above all a film that shows REAL sex between loving partners.

This shot of Shay Hendrix and her fella from Sex Games is the epitome of what turns me on in a straight sex scene. Tenderness, Kissing and a hot girl taking a nice hard cock from behind. What more could you ask for?

Personally I don’t think porn has to cause a problem in a relationship. If used properly it can be a huge boost to a dwindling sex life or some added spice to an already sizzling one!

Until next time…

Lexi x

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Blue Angel and Viktoria Diamond Music Video

Artur shot some brilliant behind the scenes footage and when he showed me this I knew I had to share it with everyone. I think it shows what this company is all about. Blue Angel and Viktoria Diamond look to be having an absolute blast as they film their scene together for Shades of Blue, The girls are having Fun (As well as the crew). The full version will be going live soon (and in better quality).

Sit back and enjoy (by the way most definitely not safe for work)


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Victoria’s Secret Angels lust after sexy women!

It seems like everyone is putting their ‘sexy lists’ together at the moment… you certainly sit up and take notice when the delicious Victoria’s Secret Angels pick out their Sexiest Celebrities of 2012 though! I sure as hell want to know who Candice Swanepoel finds sexy… I’m still hoping it’s ME!

Okay, so some of their choices were a little generic – Beyonce? Brittney Spears? C’mon girls, use a little imagination – but I have to approve their choice of Charlize Theron as sexiest actress (and I’m hoping that means Candice really does have a thing for tall South African blondes!). Better yet, they picked the stunning Emma Stone as ‘Sexiest Sense of Humour’. Now, she is certainly a fine comedy actress (I lurve Zombieland!) but her sense of humour is far from the only thing I find sexy about her. It doesn’t hurt that she also has a beautiful face, great body, and seems like she would be so much fun to roll around in the hay with! Nice to know I share one of my not-so-secret crushes with the fine Victoria’s Secret stars.

One interesting thing… I can’t find any overtly sexy pics of her – and believe me, I’ve tried! Could Emma Stone be that rare thing, a gorgeous Hollywood actress who doesn’t take softcore porn style publicity photos? She’s welcome here at anytime, I would love to see Viv photograph her! Is she Hollywood’s sexiest natural redhead?

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Lesbian lovers are good enough to eat!

Yum! That does look delicious… and I’m not talking about the cake! When Elisa and Anita hooked up for a passionate lesbian video scene for the imminent release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play they certainly got my mouth watering!

These two girls are both a little below the radar – not stars yet, but girls with that certain something that really makes you want to watch them. The premise of the scene is quite naughty too – let’s just say Anita is a maid who really, really loves to please her mistress! And who could resist licking cream from Elisa’s perky nipples, or Anita’s perfectly pert bum?

I’m quite sure both of those pretty pussies taste sweet as candy, but the addition of the strawberries and cake frosting seemed to make the girls voracious… they were completely satiated by the time they had eaten each other to a sticky climax. This tasty match-up from Woman’s Touch: Breast Play has to be my favourite lesbian food sex scene ever. What’s yours?

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How often should women masturbate?

Ladies, be honest – how often do you masturbate? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour?! Apparently none of us are doing it enough, according to the resident sexpert at Your Tango, who seems to think we all need to put in a few more hours of DIY. Seriously, if us girls spent any more time diddling, nothing would get done around here!

Fellas, do you enjoy seeing your girl exercising her fingers, or would her hands be put to better use on your cock? I don’t really need to ask our lesbian and bi-girl fans whether they enjoy it, right?! Personally it’s something I love to see, which is why I’m an ardent campaigner for our solo masturbation movies such as the recent wankfest Wet and Dripping. What’s your favourite solo masturbation scene ever?

By the way, the gorgeous girl in these pics is Kylie, she looks like she masturbates a LOT. Just sayin’…

The post How often should women masturbate? appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Who is the sexiest woman in the world?

I must confess, I do love a good poll. It’s always fascinating to see how your own secret crush measures up against other people’s lust objects! I think mine are pretty obvious to regular readers, and also pretty varied – I’m sure you don’t often see Jennifer Lopez, Candice Swanepoel and Katherine Moennig (Kate from the L Word) mentioned in the same sentence!

I’m not particularly feeling the love for Tulisa (below), who topped the FHM top 100 this week, although I definitely do have a hot wet spot for Mila Kunis (above), who was voted top of the Sun’s top 100 poll. Maybe we should do a poll? Who would be your winner, and how do you think they stack up against the best Hollywood has to offer? It amuses me that celebs are happy to shoot such ‘soft porn’ looking shots these days… You certainly get a whole lot more intimate with our girls though!

The post Who is the sexiest woman in the world? appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Beautiful blonde Sandra Sanchez sizzles in Woman’s Touch: Breast Play!

I love girls that can look really fresh and sweet in one scene, and yet incredibly sexy and sophisticated in another. That’s what really turns me on about Sandra Sanchez, one of the stars of the forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch: Breast Play. Sandra’s lesbian scene with Suzie Carina is a scorcher!

Sandra’s just so damn pretty that I can’t help staring at her all the time, and she has such a naturally sunny disposition that she just giggles whenever she catches me. Seeing her become so incredibly sexual and vampish for her scene with Suzie took me by surprise though. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off her, and the way she shot me a naughty little smile let me know that she had definitely noticed my attention and was enjoying it! I really fell for Sandra that day, and I think Suzie did too… watch the sneak preview of their scene in the trailer and see the sparks fly!

4578-235 4578-099 4578-024 4578-012 4578-081 4578-104 4578-019 4578-025

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Viktoria Diamond is the Viv Thomas May Babe of the Month

Viktoria Diamond is one of the new wave of Hungarian hotties we here at VT have fallen for. Thanks to Jo for alerting us to her on I Dream Of Jo! Her amazing body and natural perky breasts quickly caught the eye of our video team, and they proclaimed her as a future star.

Viktoria turned up on set in Hungary looking stunning. Busty blonde babe, Colette, was instantly attracted to Viktoria, and there was no stopping her as she tucked into luscious helpings of Viktoria’s delicious pussy. It comes across so clearly in the video that she WANTED Viktoria and also wanted to give her pleasure.

Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond

We were all so impressed with Viktoria, that when Antonya couldn’t make it due to illness, we called Viktoria back to do another scene with Nicole Smith. Most of you will have seen this iconic lesbian scene (which we released on our site in all it’s 40 minutes of unedited glory), and it did not disappoint. Both girls were wildly attracted to each other and both couldn’t wait to get at each other.

Tall, currently blonde and leggy, Viktoria will no doubt be apart of VT for years to come along with the new talent we have unearthed. Not only is she sexy as sin, she is a wonderful person to have on set – always smiling as you will see from the BTS and always trying to get the best performance possible.

Wait until you hear her talk! You will love her sexy accent. Viktoria really enjoys what she is doing, as she is a smart girl so doesn’t need to do it, SHE WANTS TO DO IT. Away from the business she is in college doing her studies and is a big fan of the band Rammstein and so can often be found hanging around the various rock clubs in Budapest.

Get to know her, you won’t regret it, and I’ll leave you with a short little video from her and Nicole Smith’s legendary lesbian 40 minute scene.

The post Viktoria Diamond is the Viv Thomas May Babe of the Month appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


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    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

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    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

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    Excellent! Beautiful girls with knock-out bods coming together for some intense sex ... that's all I need! Some great "OOHH" faces here. Love the surreal-sexy outfits; that blue sweater dress is outrageous : )

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    Nicole Smith is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body ….. so sensuous Bring more of her !!!

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    Make that four ; )

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    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

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    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

    on Squeeze Me

    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 4 days ago

    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    Porgie 4 days ago

    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

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