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Is Leryn Franco the world’s sexiest Olympic athlete?

A lot of you have requested more pics of Leryn Franco since I featured her on the blog a couple of days ago. The 30-year-old Paraguayan athlete is surely the hottest thing ever to happen to javelin throwing! She tends to attract more attention for her stunning looks (particularly those spectacular boobs) than her sporting prowess, but to be fair she has had a very successful career, and just to qualify for the Olympics implies that she takes her training seriously. Personally, if I looked like that I would be too busy fondling my own breasts to find time for sport…

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Sluts and whores

I’m constantly amazed at the way many of the girls, particularly in the UK adult industry market themselves as filthy, dirty sluts and whores. Originally when I entered the adult industry over seven years ago I was convinced that it was the money grabbing men behind these girls who were pushing them to degrade themselves and go on about how FILTHY they were.

You know what, there’s nothing filthy about sex. It’s the most awesome natural act we can do with our bodies. Some people will argue that exercise produces a great rush too, but the intense feeling from an orgasm is without doubt the world’s greatest natural high. So why is it filthy? Why is it dirty? Is that what these girls think men want to hear?

Sadly those girls in the UK (and also in Porn Valley, USA) are spot on… it’s EXACTLY what the majority of men want to hear, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Porn is getting more romantic and we here at have undeniably been at the forefront of that movement in trying to depict sex on camera as a healthy loving act - The Art of Sex was a huge breakthrough. As Sophie Moone once said in an interview with a little giggle – “I have been making love stories with Viv for a long time, and it’s the best experience ever”. Maybe we’re in the minority but other companies have been picking up on the move and the whole “New Nude” movement is now graduating to depicting full on sex in a romantic light with great production values.

That’s all good and well, but where is the light at the end of the tunnel in the UK porn industry? All those girls are still marketing themselves as filthy hardcore sluts.

Have you seen any evidence of production companies (or models) trying to produce quality movies and market them in a non-degrading manner?

Sophie Moone

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Jo hits a century!

It wasn’t long ago that Jo, Viv, Gergo and I got together and discussed the beginnings of Since those early exciting days the site has evolved and Jo has shone out as a true artist. The entire team of

  • Jo (model and concepts),
  • Gergo (photographer)
  • and Ricardo (editor)

have been totally committed and produced some outstanding work. Now every week we wait with bated breath to see the next installment of super erotic Jo-sex!

However this week we had a special update. Apart from the radically different beach location where Jo ended up rubbing herself all over editor Ricardo’s surfboard and sliding about in the surf – I Dream of Jo celebrated her 100th update!

Now that’s not to say there are only 100 videos and another 100 photo sets on the site – there is a ton of other goodness from her over her 10 year porn career.

Have you taken a look yet?

P.S. Thanks to super fan Ruehl for the images.

surfs-up idojwall100 idojwall49

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Top five sexy female athletes!

I’m enjoying the Olympics very much so far… watching all those fit, sexy athletes getting hot and sweaty has my head in a spin. I thought I would share with you my top five sexy female sportswomen, in no particular order – I’ll leave it to you to rank them!

1. Italian beach volleyball player Marta Menegatti. Thanks to one of our forum members for bringing her to my attention. Pretty face, perfect bum!

2. British heptathlete Jessica Ennis. I’d love to lick her six-pack!

3. Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco is not shy about posing semi naked, which is the second reason why I love her. The first is those tits – WOW!

4. Canadian soccer player Lauren Sesselman – so pretty and not-quite-innocent looking, I’d love to roll around on the pitch with her!

5. Australian swimming star Stephanie Rice. I would definitely enjoy getting wet with her!

Who’s on your list?

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Blast from the past – a blonde Jo

Jo's Secret Video

Back in 2004 Jo took a trip to London for work (and to try and pick up girls). See in the clip below, how sneaky she is when faking an injury here :)))

It was taken from Jo’s Secret Video – which is a timeless romp through some gorgeous English girls from the perspective of our most popular Hungarian: Jo!

Blast from the past – a blonde Jo from on Vimeo.

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The world’s sexiest sportswoman?

With the Olympics about to start, 19-year-old hurdler Michelle Jenneke has taken the internet by storm with her sexy warm up dance at the Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012. Sadly the adorable Aussie won’t be representing her country at this Olympics, but has a bright future as a sportswoman, not to mention a model… If you haven’t seen this yet, I guarantee it will brighten your day!

The guys are shooting some material for our forthcoming sports movie on location in Budapest this week, and this really has me in the mood!

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Blue Angel invites Sandra Shine over for a swim

Naked Impulses 2 is a great lesbian porn film – I mean if you include two of Europorn’s all time girl girl legends: Blue Angel and Sandra Shine what do you expect?

The gist of this video is as follows: The guy down the road with the big house and swimming pool has gone away. Blue Angel and Sandra Shine decide to jump the wall and make full use of the amenities!

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This week’s shoot in Budapest – lesbian and boy-girl action galore!

While I’m slaving away in the office this week (in other words, watching lots of porn), Viv and the shooting team are in Budapest, creating lots of hot new action for us all to enjoy. The roster of girls they are shooting is so amazing that I do really wish I was there, even though I get to abuse my shopping privileges while they are away!

Nicole Smith and Lana have already shot some extra material for our beach movie, now titled Tides of Lust. Two lesbian beauties together make that a must-see for me as soon as they return, I don’t want to wait for the edited version!

There are also some fantastic girls shooting boy-girl scenes for the follow-up to the Art of Sex, probably our most popular and successful hardcore boy-girl title ever, including busty babe Cathy Heaven, naughty Ivana Sugar, and rising superstar Blue Angel! It seems like quite a while since the guys have shot some really hardcore, downright filthy cocksucking and fucking, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing this!

But don’t worry if you’re more of a fan of erotic lesbian action, as the plan is to shoot plenty of that too. There are some new girls scheduled as well as a few favourites, and it’s always arousing to see newbies getting naked and nasty!

You can follow the guys’ progress on twitter and at the Forum, and I will endeavour to pass on any juicy gossip as I hear it. What would be on your request list?

4338-092 4302-067 4595-036 4338-052 4375-060 4557-065 4564-093 4631-019

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In praise of naked redheads!

Ginger, firebush, flame-haired, auburn – call them what you will, but I have to confess I have a passion for redheaded beauties. I don’t think it’s a myth that redheads have fiery personalities to match, and I love the sexual intensity they bring to a scene, especially in hot lesbian action!

Search for redhead at and you’ll find all manner of flame-haired babes, from busty Jana (a particular favourite of mine!) to ethereal Ariel, and Evelyn Lory, who looks uncannily like a young Tera Patrick. Who’s your favourite redhead?

3883-057 2869-024 2997-095 3173-070 4052-033 4089-027 4215-070 4437-014

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Novel uses for sex toys!

Ever wondered what to do with your sex toys when you’re not using them? Homemade Sex Toys has the answer! Why not use that butt plug as a handy doorstop, or make a coat hook from that double dildo?

I’d rather see two gorgeous girls put some sex toys to good use, as Gina B and Stella Stevens are doing below, but hell, in these recessionary times it’s good to get added value from your household objects! What’s your favourite scene that uses a sex toy as the manufacturer intended?

toy-one 3365-066 3365-070 3365-068 3365-067 3365-053 3365-060 3365-050

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Behind the scenes on “Simply the Best”

Some great old behind the scenes video from my iPhone has been unearthed. I hope you enjoy it! Imagine Sandra Shine, Jo, Eve Angel, Antonya and Vera all naked in YOUR pool? Awesome.

Filmed on the set of Simply the Best.

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Watching girls kissing!

It doesn’t surprise me that the Art of Kissing movies are three of our most popular titles. Who doesn’t love to watch beautiful girls touching gently, moving in for a more passionate kiss, and getting lost in the hot wetness of each other’s lips? Sure, I love to see sexy lesbian babes getting down to the nitty-gritty, sucking nipples and eating pussy, but if there’s no chemistry in the kissing then it’s not a classic match-up.

Some perfect pairings that are particularly memorable for me are Jo and Nella in Art of Kissing 3, Eve Angel and Lisa in Art of Kissing 2, and Sandra Shine with Lisa (again!) in the original Art of Kissing. But then I may be biased in picking girls that I love, so I can’t say for sure that these are the hottest kisses! Maybe it’s time for a fourth edition…

What do you folks think? Is Lisa the best kisser ever? And are there kissing scenes from our more recent movies that stand out?

4524-007 9140-009 9140-033 3898-004 9140-023 9140-064 4308-005 3898-074

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A snippet from Mums and Daughters 2 with Blue Angel and Antonya

Just in case you had forgotten about our award winning lesbian title “Mums and Daughters 2″, here’s a little reminder of the Blue Angel and Antonya lesbian video scene. Enjoy!

Antonya and Blue Angel kiss in Mums and Daughters 2 from on Vimeo.

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My Office Girls fantasy!

Watching the amazing Office Girls 3 shoot inspired me to share this fantasy with you. It was told to me by one of my favourite models... enjoy!

I'm sure the new girl at work is flirting with me. I've had too many glimpses of her creamy thigh above her stocking top for it to be accidental. Now I can see her silky panty crotch as she sits at her desk, occasionally glancing up to smile at me. I'm definitely not imagining it.

She comes over to my desk, leans in so I get a perfect view of her cleavage, and asks me to show her where something is kept in the storage room. I know it's just a ploy to get me alone, and my pussy is getting so wet as I follow her, watching her firm ass sway in her tight skirt.

She closes the door to the stock room behind us and I expect there to be some teasing and flirting but no, she just pushes me up against the wall and slides her hand up my skirt with no hesitation. Her fingers wriggle into my panties to find my dripping wet pussy and within seconds she is sliding her fingertips along my clit, making me squirm with pleasure. My head is spinning, I can't quite believe this is happening, and it only seems like a moment before I am cumming.

Now she gets on her knees, her fingers pushing right into my pussy hole as her tongue flicks against my clit. My skirt is pushed right up around my waist, my legs are shaking, as she fingers and eats me to a shattering climax. She stands, kisses me once on the lips with her sticky mouth, and leaves me there, leaning against the wall, gasping and quaking. I haven't even touched her! But I know there'll be a next time...

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Sex for girls – cartoon

For girls, sex isn’t about the end result. It’s ALL about how you get there.

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The world’s biggest natural tits!

How big is too big? This is Annie, whose breasts are size 102ZZZ and weigh 85 pounds. That’s BIG. Annie loves her bazookas, and directs adult movies under the name Norma Stitz (love it!).

I was just wondering, who pushes the boundaries for breast size here at Do you love Chikita‘s chest puppies and rejoice in Jazmine Bloom‘s kajooblies, or is more than a handful a waste?

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In search of the perfect blonde!

We were talking about designing the perfect blonde in the office today (yup, that’s the kind of conversation we have all the time… don’t you wish you had my job?). Anyway, I was trying to describe what I like best in a blonde – tall, statuesque, with big firm breasts, lovely long legs, a pert bottom, a tight pussy and a pretty face. And then I realized I was describing an actual person, not just a fantasy girl!

Remember Bianca? I just spent the last couple of hours poring over her photosets (see, I told you I had the best job!) and sure enough, she has all the attributes that make her a classic blonde beauty. Viv loved her too, because of those gorgeous legs and cute feet – he even shot a leg sex shoot with her! She was amazing in lesbian sets, and we also shot one boy-girl set, where she sucked cock very enthusiastically!

So what do you think, folks? Was Bianca one of your favourites? And is she the perfect blonde, or can you think of one that tops her?

4118-043 4120-062 4128-060 4124-023 4122-070 4122-010 4494-064 4495-042

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More cartoons from Avril

As I mentioned the other day I found a treasure trove of cartoons that Avril has made. Here is what I found…

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Cartoons from Avril

I was going through some old photos and found a few cartoons that Avril made. What do you think, should she do more?

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Five things I love about Jo!

Of course there are a lot more than five things I love about Jo, there are thousands, but if I started to list them we’d be here all day! So here are the first five that popped into my head…

1. She loves to cook. Witness the behind-the-scenes video from our recent beach movie shoot. What’s not to love about a gorgeous girl who will pick you up, bang your brains out and then cook you a slap-up breakfast the next morning? It’s enough to turn any straight girl into a lesbian…

2. She’s funny. She tells a mean joke (usually in Hungarian, unfortunately) and loves to clown around on set. She’s also a bit of a practical joker, which creates a great atmosphere on location… although I still haven’t quite forgiven her for putting my new sunhat and scarf on the potbellied pig! The girls all love to be around her, because she’s so much fun (and also because she eats pussy really, really well!).

3. She’s not shy when talking about sex. “I like all my orgasms to be real,” is her mantra, “the camera can tell the difference, and I don’t want to waste my time having bad sex!” When she’s filming a scene she will direct the girl, “Lick a little bit harder, press harder with your finger,” and the result is explosive orgasms, happy Jo and great footage! Her recent scenes for new release I Dream of Jo 2 saw her becoming much more confident and vocal about what she wanted, and so the sex is scorching!

4. She’s ambitious. She won’t rest until I Dream of Jo is the best website in the world! She gets such a buzz out of planning shoots, working with new partners and old favourites, exploring new locations and trying different sexual moves. “I learn something new from every girl I have sex with, and every girl tastes and smells different, makes me orgasm in a new way, challenges my own ideas about sexuality… I love it!” she says. “I want to share with my fans the excitement I feel each time I have sex with a beautiful new girl. That first touch, the way her pussy feels, her soft skin – it’s the most thrilling thing to reveal that on camera.”

5. She’s beautiful, sexy, sweet, warm and utterly adorable. But then you knew that already!

What do you love about Jo?

4393-005 4348a-045 4515-081 4524-049 4350-042 4391-086 4397-015 4365-060

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Office Girls 3 cover has been designed

Our chief in-house designer, CiscoKid, has sweated and toiled over this cover for the last few days and we’re happy to say, it’s ready. It’s just another chapter in the production of Office Girls 3 that has been completed. The title is queued up for quality control and will be sent off for certification soon.

It’s not long now, before we’ll all be able to see Paige Turnah, Lexi Lowe, Suzie Carina and of course the boss, Rebecca More, in action on our very own screens.

vt226-back-800 vt226-front-800 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Lexi Lowe is shooting with this week!

What a great way to start the week – one of our hottest ever models, Lexi Lowe, has arrived in Portugal to shoot with us! The wicked Welsh wonder is developing quite a following among discerning porn fans, and when you look at her impressive body of work – not to mention her impressive body – it’s easy to see why!

Lexi has filmed a few sterling scenes for us so far. She’s very pretty and has an awesome pair of tits, which the other girls really love to fondle and suck, as her nipples are very sensitive! She made a particularly strong impression in her starring role in Story of She, and her passionate lesbian video scene with Cindy Hope in Stockings and Lace. Office Girls 3, coming soon, promises to set the bar even higher – Lexi really loved filming it, and it shows!

I wish I could tell you what we’re planning to shoot with Lexi this week… it’s not that it’s a big secret, it’s just that I got so excited when I heard she was coming that after hearing her name I stopped listening and went off into my own little dream world, involving me, Lexi and a jacuzzi… Anyway, I know the guys have some top class ideas, as they all love working with Lexi – she’s so much fun to have around, and effortlessly, naturally sexy. She’s the girl you would go up and chat to at the bar, have a great time talking to, and feel like king of the world if she gave you her number! So, sitting here having a coffee with her before we start work is quite a treat for me!

4326-064 4468-033 4469-037 4475-024 4467-065 4474-087 4424-050 4422-025

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Nicole Smith’s Private Orgasms!

If I were to design my perfect woman, she would probably look a lot like Nicole Smith. Beautiful face, gorgeous come-to-bed eyes, fabulous tits, a perfectly pert bottom and a very pretty pussy – what’s not to love? I am crazily attracted to her, and luckily she told me that she loves female attention and finds it quite amusing that I can’t keep my eyes off her!

Nicole’s lesbian scenes have been scorching hot – she’s a big hit with the other girls – but her solo masturbation scene in Private Orgasms is probably my favourite so far. The camera loves her, and she really gets off on the teasing, before she surrenders to the sensation of utter pussy pleasure! Then she gets down to some doggy-style finger-fucking that has me virtually licking the screen each time I replay it…

I might be biased due to my unbridled lust here, but I’m convinced Nicole is going to be a huge star. Are you folks loving her too?

4564-012 4564-018 4564-037 4564-052 4564-063 4564-072 4564-093 4564-091

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I Dream of Jo 2 available on DVD now!

Nothing is more likely to make our hearts skip a beat than fresh footage of our dream girl Jo in action. The much-anticipated I Dream of Jo 2 will be available for download soon, but there’s no need to wait – you can get your hands on it right now at our DVD store, and there are bonus trailers and outtakes on the DVD to please all you superfans out there!

We’ve all enjoyed Jo’s journey from sweet young thing to sophisticated seductress, and her lesbian sex scenes and solo masturbation scenes have just got more and more erotic as she’s grown more sexually confident. Her threeway with naughty blondes Antonya and Brandy Smile is a particular treat here, as is a steamy and intimate bathroom tryst with her special friend Eve Angel. It’s classy, stylish and extremely arousing, with beautiful camerawork and enough juicy pussy-eating to make your head spin! I think it’s an instant classic – the array of perfect bottoms on display has me in a state of feverish excitement! What’s your favourite new Jo moment?

4391-086 4391-094 4391-105 4516-136 4604-126 4612-138 Jo_Eve_07 Jo_Eve_06

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Sexy lingerie for Private Orgasms!

It’s no secret that I have a thing about sexy lingerie – especially when it’s on a pretty girl! So you probably already guessed that I am loving Elisa‘s scene from Private Orgasms, which has just gone live at There’s something very pleasingly kinky about her black lingerie, all straps and see-through panels, and sexy stockings which make me imagine those lovely long legs wrapped around me!

I’m a big fan of solo masturbation scenes, and watching Elisa pull those naughty panties aside to finger her pretty pussy, before cramming it full of plastic cock, certainly brought a flush to my cheeks. The movie is wall-to-wall hot girls – Suzie Carina, Nicole Smith, Tea J, Anita and Sandra Sanchez also show you their favourite masturbation techniques in some intimate and exotic settings – but right now I’m replaying the moment where Elisa’s fingers dip into her wet coochie for the first time. Damn, she’s gorgeous! She told me she really loves to imagine thousands of pairs of eyes on her while she wanks, and I’m sure you won’t let her down…

4580-010 4580-002 4580-008 4580-012 4580-014 4580-059 4580-070 4580-073

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Supermodel Anja Rubik launches erotic magazine!

I always love to hear supermodels using the word ‘vagina’ in public – although why don’t they just come out and say ‘pussy’? That would be hot. Anyhow… I am quite excited by the news that supermodel Anja Rubik has just launched a new magazine, 25, which focuses on erotica from the female viewpoint.

You can read the whole interview in the New Yorker if you can be bothered, but I couldn’t get past the sentence, “You have all these plastic surgeries, implanted breasts, and implants in the bottom and implants in the mouth, so much that the mouth starts to look like the vagina.” Hmmm, tell that to all the fashion freaks with enhanced fish lips!

Let’s face it, there is a fine line between ‘erotic art’ and ‘pretentious twaddle’, and I would be interested to see which side of the line 25 falls. Have any of you folks seen it? What’s your take on ‘erotica’ – titillating fun, or a waste of good time that could be spent watching porn?

For now I will be sticking with straightforward, honest-to-goodness lesbian and hetero porn courtesy of I do like erotica, but I like it really filthy!

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    Supermodel2019 5 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 10 hours ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 1 day ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Christa P 2 days ago

    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

    on A Night of Passion

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations