A lot of you have requested more pics of Leryn Franco since I featured her on the blog a couple of days ago. The 30-year-old Paraguayan athlete is surely the hottest thing ever to happen to javelin throwing! She tends to attract more attention for her stunning looks (particularly those spectacular boobs) than her sporting prowess, but to be fair she has had a very successful career, and just to qualify for the Olympics implies that she takes her training seriously. Personally, if I looked like that I would be too busy fondling my own breasts to find time for sport…

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Sluts and whores

July 31, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

I’m constantly amazed at the way many of the girls, particularly in the UK adult industry market themselves as filthy, dirty sluts and whores. Originally when I entered the adult industry over seven years ago I was convinced that it was the money grabbing men behind these girls who were pushing them to degrade themselves and go on about how FILTHY they were.

You know what, there’s nothing filthy about sex. It’s the most awesome natural act we can do with our bodies. Some people will argue that exercise produces a great rush too, but the intense feeling from an orgasm is without doubt the world’s greatest natural high. So why is it filthy? Why is it dirty? Is that what these girls think men want to hear?

Sadly those girls in the UK (and also in Porn Valley, USA) are spot on… it’s EXACTLY what the majority of men want to hear, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Porn is getting more romantic and we here at VivThomas.com have undeniably been at the forefront of that movement in trying to depict sex on camera as a healthy loving act - The Art of Sex was a huge breakthrough. As Sophie Moone once said in an interview with a little giggle – “I have been making love stories with Viv for a long time, and it’s the best experience ever”. Maybe we’re in the minority but other companies have been picking up on the move and the whole “New Nude” movement is now graduating to depicting full on sex in a romantic light with great production values.

That’s all good and well, but where is the light at the end of the tunnel in the UK porn industry? All those girls are still marketing themselves as filthy hardcore sluts.

Have you seen any evidence of production companies (or models) trying to produce quality movies and market them in a non-degrading manner?

Sophie Moone

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Jo hits a century!

July 30, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

It wasn’t long ago that Jo, Viv, Gergo and I got together and discussed the beginnings of www.idreamofjo.com. Since those early exciting days the site has evolved and Jo has shone out as a true artist. The entire team of

  • Jo (model and concepts),
  • Gergo (photographer)
  • and Ricardo (editor)

have been totally committed and produced some outstanding work. Now every week we wait with bated breath to see the next installment of super erotic Jo-sex!

However this week we had a special update. Apart from the radically different beach location where Jo ended up rubbing herself all over editor Ricardo’s surfboard and sliding about in the surf – I Dream of Jo celebrated her 100th update!

Now that’s not to say there are only 100 videos and another 100 photo sets on the site – there is a ton of other goodness from her over her 10 year porn career.

Have you taken a look yet?

P.S. Thanks to super fan Ruehl for the images.

surfs-up idojwall100 idojwall49

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Top five sexy female athletes!

July 29, 2012 - by: Avril

I’m enjoying the Olympics very much so far… watching all those fit, sexy athletes getting hot and sweaty has my head in a spin. I thought I would share with you my top five sexy female sportswomen, in no particular order – I’ll leave it to you to rank them!

1. Italian beach volleyball player Marta Menegatti. Thanks to one of our forum members for bringing her to my attention. Pretty face, perfect bum!

2. British heptathlete Jessica Ennis. I’d love to lick her six-pack!

3. Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco is not shy about posing semi naked, which is the second reason why I love her. The first is those tits – WOW!

4. Canadian soccer player Lauren Sesselman – so pretty and not-quite-innocent looking, I’d love to roll around on the pitch with her!

5. Australian swimming star Stephanie Rice. I would definitely enjoy getting wet with her!

Who’s on your list?

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Blast from the past – a blonde Jo

July 27, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

Jo's Secret Video

Back in 2004 Jo took a trip to London for work (and to try and pick up girls). See in the clip below, how sneaky she is when faking an injury here :)))

It was taken from Jo’s Secret Video – which is a timeless romp through some gorgeous English girls from the perspective of our most popular Hungarian: Jo!

Blast from the past – a blonde Jo from VivThomas.com on Vimeo.

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The world’s sexiest sportswoman?

July 25, 2012 - by: Avril

With the Olympics about to start, 19-year-old hurdler Michelle Jenneke has taken the internet by storm with her sexy warm up dance at the Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012. Sadly the adorable Aussie won’t be representing her country at this Olympics, but has a bright future as a sportswoman, not to mention a model… If you haven’t seen this yet, I guarantee it will brighten your day!

The guys are shooting some material for our forthcoming sports movie on location in Budapest this week, and this really has me in the mood!

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Blue Angel invites Sandra Shine over for a swim

July 25, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

Naked Impulses 2 is a great lesbian porn film – I mean if you include two of Europorn’s all time girl girl legends: Blue Angel and Sandra Shine what do you expect?

The gist of this video is as follows: The guy down the road with the big house and swimming pool has gone away. Blue Angel and Sandra Shine decide to jump the wall and make full use of the amenities!

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While I’m slaving away in the office this week (in other words, watching lots of porn), Viv and the shooting team are in Budapest, creating lots of hot new action for us all to enjoy. The roster of girls they are shooting is so amazing that I do really wish I was there, even though I get to abuse my shopping privileges while they are away!

Nicole Smith and Lana have already shot some extra material for our beach movie, now titled Tides of Lust. Two lesbian beauties together make that a must-see for me as soon as they return, I don’t want to wait for the edited version!

There are also some fantastic girls shooting boy-girl scenes for the follow-up to the Art of Sex, probably our most popular and successful hardcore boy-girl title ever, including busty babe Cathy Heaven, naughty Ivana Sugar, and rising superstar Blue Angel! It seems like quite a while since the guys have shot some really hardcore, downright filthy cocksucking and fucking, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing this!

But don’t worry if you’re more of a fan of erotic lesbian action, as the plan is to shoot plenty of that too. There are some new girls scheduled as well as a few favourites, and it’s always arousing to see newbies getting naked and nasty!

You can follow the guys’ progress on twitter and at the Forum, and I will endeavour to pass on any juicy gossip as I hear it. What would be on your request list?

4338-092 4302-067 4595-036 4338-052 4375-060 4557-065 4564-093 4631-019

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In praise of naked redheads!

July 21, 2012 - by: Avril

Ginger, firebush, flame-haired, auburn – call them what you will, but I have to confess I have a passion for redheaded beauties. I don’t think it’s a myth that redheads have fiery personalities to match, and I love the sexual intensity they bring to a scene, especially in hot lesbian action!

Search for redhead at vivthomas.com and you’ll find all manner of flame-haired babes, from busty Jana (a particular favourite of mine!) to ethereal Ariel, and Evelyn Lory, who looks uncannily like a young Tera Patrick. Who’s your favourite redhead?

3883-057 2869-024 2997-095 3173-070 4052-033 4089-027 4215-070 4437-014

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Novel uses for sex toys!

July 18, 2012 - by: Avril

Ever wondered what to do with your sex toys when you’re not using them? Homemade Sex Toys has the answer! Why not use that butt plug as a handy doorstop, or make a coat hook from that double dildo?

I’d rather see two gorgeous girls put some sex toys to good use, as Gina B and Stella Stevens are doing below, but hell, in these recessionary times it’s good to get added value from your household objects! What’s your favourite vivthomas.com scene that uses a sex toy as the manufacturer intended?

toy-one 3365-066 3365-070 3365-068 3365-067 3365-053 3365-060 3365-050

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