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New girl Mira brings fresh intensity to Touch of Spice!

Wow, this girl Mira has an intense gaze. It’s quite scary when it’s levelled at you in a “What did you just say?” kind of way, but I imagine it’s pretty damn arousing when the meaning is, “I’m going to give your cock a major sucking right NOW!”

Porn veteran David Perry was the lucky recipient of Mira’s full attention for this scene from new release Touch of Spice – the spice in this case being the fact that Mira was new to and we had no idea how she would perform! She barely spoke as the set was prepared, just kept shooting simmering looks at David, who seemed unsure whether they were an encouraging sign or not! But then… in front of the camera Mira seemed a different character altogether, unleashing her wild and uninhibited side to suck cock like it was her favourite treat on earth (which I suspect it is!) and then fuck in various energetic positions like a very horny vixen.

The thrill of seeing a hot new girl never gets old for me, and it adds some spice when something about her really stands out – like these arresting eyes. Any hey, the rest of her is pretty damn hot too!

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Birthday blowjob brings a Touch of Spice!

What do you want for your birthday? Chances are that whatever you want, you wouldn’t say no to a blowjob! That’s why James Brossman is such a lucky man, as Cipriana delivers the ultimate birthday gift. This pair are a real life couple who like to spice things up to keep their relationship interesting, so it seemed very appropriate to feature Cipriana’s thoughtful birthday present in our new release Touch of Spice.

It’s all about keeping things fresh and surprising, so James didn’t know what his girl had in store for him, only that she had told the crew what she had planned. So he may not have anticipated being the focus of her hot lips quite so rapidly, but he certainly wasn’t complaining! Of course Cipriana got her reward for her stellar cocksucking in the form of some good hard fucking over the kitchen counter, followed by a creamy treat to lap up.

This pair are no jaded porn couple – the sense of fun and chemistry between them makes this a feelgood scene in every sense! Touch of Spice is live at now, or you can get the DVD, SD download or Full HD download at our store. I hope it will inspire you to spice up your sex life too!

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6 reasons why we like Antonya’s new boobs

Have you seen how happy this beauty looks after her recent boob job? It’s a damn fine piece of surgery, I tell ya! We here at are not all that keen on the lip blowing, tit expanding life changing surgery that goes on in the porn industry but by golly… Antonya is a whole new girl. Look at that brand new smile!

Here are SIX valid reasons why Antonya’s new boobs are just fine with us.

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REMINDER – only a few days left of free postage

Yes, if you weren’t aware we have been offering FREE postage for most of the summer. However, this fantastic deal on all DVD’s in our online shop is coming to a close!

Get any of our 200 plus titles delivered FREE to your door, anywhere in the world! Go on, you know you need it!

Just order on the Viv Thomas Online Store before the deadline on the 31st August 2012 and no postage will be added to your order. Naturally this does not apply with our crystal clear Full HD digital downloads.

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FREE trailer for Touch of Spice

Viv Thomas contines the tradition of producing excellent, sensual hardcore porn. In our latest release, Touch of Spice, some incredible new girls make their way into the Viv Thomas Team’s lenses.

Lana, a ravishingly blonde Hungarian, with perfectly formed breasts prepares a snack in the kitchen, while Matt Bird swaps paprika for pussy and peppers Lana’s beautiful body with passion. It’s a beautiful scene as they pound away on the kitchen floor. Something you can do with your partner at home!

Who doesn’t like the ultimate birthday present? Cipriana delivers her well thought out birthday gift to her real life boyfriend, James Brossman. Good idea girl, now lets hope all girls around the world take heed!

The next set is traditional sex… porn style. Porn veteran, David Perry, shows Mira what its like to be spiced up, porn style! Shortly afterwards Kitty Cat goes for the backdoor option and opts for first time anal sex with Matt. Viktoria Diamond is just gagging for it and when she upsets her boyfriend she apologizes by showing him her spicy side.

All in all it’s a fantastic title and well worth the price of a monthly subscription to as you’ll get access to download our entire catalogue. You’d be crazy not to! Here’s a sneak preview:

You can buy “Touch of Spice” online in our store in the following formats:

  • DVD
  • SD Movie Download
  • FULL HD Download

or you can sign up to our membership site and watch it there along with tons of other incredible film from the Viv Thomas Team.

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Kitty’s first anal experience!

I love Kitty Cat – she’s a real bright spark with lots of energy, and having her on set gets everyone in a good mood – especially the lucky person who’s about to fuck her! Her scene for our new release A Touch of Spice was particularly arousing for us all, as it was Kitty’s first time doing anal! While I was dressing her in her pretty outfit for the scene, I asked her what had made her decide to do it. She said all her girlfriends had told her how good it felt, and besides which: “Avril, I really like the look of Matt’s cock! It’s very hard and smooth… I think it is a good choice for my first time!”

She was certainly enthusiastic when it came to shooting – Matt got her warmed up with some really intense pussy eating, which turned her on so much she was more than ready to take his bone in her little untapped asshole. It was a tight ride as she slid up and down on it, clearly savouring the new sensations coursing through her. I didn’t really need to ask her if she had enjoyed it, but I asked anyway!

“I loved it!” she said. “Best thing ever! I’m so glad it was captured on film – now I will be able to watch my first anal over and over again – that’s the best thing about making movies!”

What’s your favourite anal debut, and how do you think Kitty stacks up?

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Lana has kinky kitchen sex in new release Touch of Spice

Remember the first time you had sex in the kitchen? Was it bent over the kitchen table, or enjoying the good vibrations on top of the washing machine? Well, Lana and her lucky partner Matt Bird capture that same frisson of excitement in the latest release Touch of Spice. It’s all about spicing up your sex life, and Lana chooses to do just that by treating Matt to a mindblowing suck and fuck session, and riding him on the kitchen floor!

I’ve had a lot of love (or perhaps that should be lust) for Lana ever since our recent beach movie shoot, and Matt clearly feels the same… the amorous twinkle in his eyes and the twitching of his rigid cock betray just how damn hot this girl is! It could be her perky tits, the cute gap in her smile, her playfulness, her adorable Hungarian accent, her peachy bottom, or maybe the killer combination of all these elements, but Lana has made a major impression around here – and seeing her in action in a hardcore boy-girl scene is quite a thrill. Much as she evidently loves girls, Lana really lights up to the cock, and I don’t think she has ever looked prettier than with that thick bone plowing into her perfect pussy. Plus, she gives an awesome blowjob!

Touch of Spice is live at now, with downloads also available at the store and the DVD release coming soon. Time to spice up your life?

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Who is your favourite MILF?

Remember way back when MILF was a new term? Now it’s a concept we all warmly embrace, along with ‘Cougar’. It’s very seductive to imagine someone more sexually experienced than you, skillfully teaching you a few new tricks and guiding you through the most mindblowing orgasms of your life, isn’t it?

Although we don’t specialize in shooting MILFs at – we tend to go more for the naughty nubile newbies – we have shot a few legendary MILFs that are very dear to our hearts, such as Marlyn, Tanya Tate, and of course the legendary Lisa. Not only are their seduction skills beyond compare, but the camera loves them! The result has been some very memorable scenes – Marlyn ravaging Lexi Lowe in Story of She is a favourite of mine, while My Mum’s Best Friend and Mums and Daughters offer some racy lesbian action for MILF lovers!

Who is your top MILF star, and what’s your favourite scene?

4295-047 4206-019 4207-046 4295-040 3970-017 4316-044 4469-030 4295-079

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My sporty sex fantasy!

Watching all those hardbodied athletes performing in the Olympics has inspired one of my favourite chatty models (no, I’m not telling you who!) to share her masturbation fantasy with us all. I may have added one or two embellishments of my own…!

When I was working in a hotel in the city, it was quite common for the sporting celebrities to come in and celebrate their latest successes in the bar, and things could get quite rowdy. It was much more unusual for them to bring their girlfriends, though! One night I’d just finished work and was on my way out when I was waylaid by a very attractive girl who asked me about clubs in the area. I soon figured out that was just a ruse to get me talking though, and when her boyfriend joined us and they invited me up to their room for a nightcap, I realized they were looking for a bit of threeway fun.

I’m not usually into girls, but they were such a sexy couple that I didn’t think twice. A few minutes later I was being undressed by the girl, while her man watched. She was obviously very sporty too – muscular and athletic, with small but very pert tits and a perfect bum. She made such a contrast to me, as I’m curvy and very busty. We watched ourselves in the full length mirror as we stroked and touched each other all over.

Just kissing her had me so wet, and when she slid a couple of fingers into me the sensation was really powerful. She knew how to tease me, rubbing my clit but easing off whenever I got close to orgasm.

“I want you to cum with his cock inside you,” she whispered in my ear. That’s what I wanted too, more than anything, and as I got on all fours on the bed so he could thrust up inside me, the anticipation was almost too much to bear. His cock was rock hard from watching us, and as it slid into my hot, wet pussy it felt like every nerve in my body was tingling. The girl wriggled underneath so she could finger and lick my clit as he thrust in, slow and steady, and before long I was shuddering to a massive climax.

I’ll say something for these sporty types, they have amazing stamina! The guy fucked me long and hard, stopping to watch every so often as his girlfriend and I ate each other out, then ramming me until I was exhausted from cumming so much. I was happy to watch her ride him for a while, her strong athletic body powering up and down until he finally showered us both with cum, which we took great pleasure in licking off each other’s tanned skin.

I had no idea an athlete’s training session could include vigorous threeway sex, but now I wonder if that’s how they all stay so fit? I certainly hope so…

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Women stare at breasts as much as men do!

A new report has confirmed something I suspected all along – us women stare at boobs just as much as guys do! Let’s face it, when the tits are as spectacular as Zuzana‘s (above) or Chikita‘s (below) it’s hard to look at anything else! We even have a search facility at devoted to fabulous funbags, and I am one of the people who uses it most often, according to the web guys.

Anyway, a study by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln explains why, if you care enough to find out. Apparently it’s all to do with ‘local cognitive processing’, which means we view a woman’s body as a collection of parts (some of them very, very nice) while we view men ‘globally’, in other words as a whole. So, no explanation for crotch-staring then.

My explanation for why I stare at tits is that I really, REALLY love them. How about you?

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What makes the perfect tit wank?

I honestly had no idea this was called a ‘hotdog’. So that’s why all the guys in the office were laughing at me when I said I wanted one! To me, having lived in the UK for so long, it’s officially called a ‘tit wank’. My American friends say ‘titty ride’. Is there actually a proper name for it?

Whatever… if I was a guy it’s the first thing I’d ask for. Jessica Moore makes it look so good here, but then she has the most fabulous big funbags to wrap around a lucky guy’s boner. I’ve heard it feels like the ultimate tight ride – firm but yielding, hot and slippery, and with the added bonus of a lick at the top of each stroke! Unless I somehow come back as a man, I guess I’ll never know for sure. So, enlighten me, guys – what makes the perfect tit wank?

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Shaved versus hairy pussies?

One of my favourite things to do is to hold a heated debate over some point where actually neither side is right and then suddenly switch sides and argue the opposite to whatever I said in the first place. It never fails to confuse my opponent, infuriate Viv, and mystify onlookers! A case in point is the hairy pussy debate…

I really, really love to see a perfectly smooth-shaven pussy. You can see every delicious contour in pristine detail, watch it flush pink as it gets all puffy and aroused, see the first drops of moisture welling up… a succulent shaven haven like that of Kylie (above) is surely the most tempting sight ever.

And yet… hairy pussies seem so exotic and rare these days that an untamed bush really gets my attention. Pubic hair is said to enhance a woman’s natural musky scent, so when she gets turned on her aroma intensifies. Hair hides and yet frames the delights within… Lana‘s fluffy muff looks very appetizing indeed!

Maybe it’s fair to say I just love the sight of pussy, shaven or not! Which side do you support in the hairy pussy debate?

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Porn star lookalikes!

I do enjoy a good pornalike, especially when it’s of a mainstream Hollywood actress or singer that I would really love to see naked! Sure, I can use my imagination, but a little visual prompting can be very enjoyable!

Here are a couple from recent years at where the clue is in the name – Megan Coxxx (above) and Aneta Keys. Both gorgeous girls in their own right, but with a little added frisson from their looky-likey status.

Who’s your favourite pornalike?

The post Porn star lookalikes! appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Penelope Cruz’s sister models sexy lingerie!

Wow, I had no idea Penelope Cruz had a sister who is as sexy as she is… just imagine the steamy fantasies that has sparked! Monica Cruz is the star of the new Agent Provocateur campaign, and she looks so good in the naughty and somewhat kinky pics – something tells me this girl would make an amazing porn star!

Of course Penelope also looked incredibly sexy and playful in her lingerie scenes in ‘Nine’ – the only thing I can recall about that film, which tells you what an impression she made on me.

Are these the two hottest sisters on the planet? I feel inspired to watch our movie Sisters now…

mc-ap1 mc-ap3 mc-ap4 mc-ap2

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Olympic sex games on our livecam now!

Live Webcam Discounts and Promotions

Our fabulous livecam site features so many hotties that I have whiled away many a happy hour chatting to a sexy babe when I am supposed to be helping out in the office or planning a shoot. I just love the idea of finding someone who loves to flirt and talk about sex online – it’s so much fun!

To celebrate the Olympics, we are having a five day contest, starting today August 8th and running until Sunday 12th. Male and female livecam performers can compete in different events to represent their home country and win cash prizes. The events are:

  • Best anal
  • Best blowjob
  • Best cumshot/ squirt
  • Best fetish show
  • Best tits/ cock
  • Best ass

Which country do you think will win? I think I would have to back the Czechs for best blowjob – we have filmed some beautiful Czech girls who love to suck cock. I’m looking forward to seeing who does something extra special to win the Olympic sex games!

Join us NOW on our cams to watch.

The post Olympic sex games on our livecam now! appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


More sexy Olympic athletes!

Wow, London 2012 Olympics… with your sexy female athletes you are really spoiling us! Here’s part two of this fab video compilation of wall-to-wall sexy sporting babes. I’m feeling the love for Antonija Misura, Maria Kirilenko, and of course Leryn Franco’s boobs (but you already guessed that).

I would like to propose a few new Olympic sports that I think would showcase these babes even more effectively. How about Olympic pussy eating – the first athlete to bring her partner to an earth-shattering orgasm – now that would be one to watch! I’m sure getting tickets would be even tougher than it’s been for the 2012 Olympics though…

The post More sexy Olympic athletes! appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Should a porn star play the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey?

The cream of Hollywood’s mainstream actresses are apparently fighting to play Anastasia Steele in the movie adaptation of soft-porn blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Olsen, Amanda Seyfried, Zooey Deschanel, Hilary Duff and Kirsten Stewart have all been mentioned in connection with the lead role, with Emma Watson as the favourite. Hermione doing bondage – now that really is a shocker!

My vote has to go to former porn star Sasha Grey, an actress, model and musician who just happens to have filmed some major hardcore scenes and discussed her career choices with intelligence and seriousness. Not to mention that she’s extremely hot! If anyone can portray a smart woman with a dark side and a taste for mild bondage, it has to be her.

Now, I’ll confess I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. ‘Mommy porn’ sounds about as attractive to me as ‘chick lit’ and I’d rather watch gorgeous people having passionate sex at than read romantic fiction with a bit of humping thrown in. I’m prepared to be persuaded, though… Is it worth reading? And who would you choose to play the lead role?

The post Should a porn star play the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey? appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Porn cameraman gets cum on his face.

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan on a porn shoot.

You may think it’s a dream job, zooming into beautiful girl’s pulsating vagina’s while they squeal with delight and orgasm multiple times just inches away. Occasionally they may send you an odd “come on baby” wink, but sometimes the unthinkable happens.

It did this day on location with a long time ago… How could we ever forget this iconic scene?

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Eve Angel reveals something you don’t know about Jo

The photo above was taken the day after we filmed a warm and friendly interview while on combined location with the Viv Thomas and I Dream of Jo crews.

Among other things, Eve Angel discusses:

  • her history,
  • her web site
  • and aspects of her relationship with Jo.

It’s quite a different Eve to the quiet, sultry persona she normally exudes. In this interview she comes off relaxed and comfortable like the person she really is and yes she does tell a little secret about living with Jo!

Who knew all our models would end up loving Casal Garcia so much! Enjoy the ENTIRE 14 minute interview on our site - here’s a quick snippet:

Talking with Eve Angel from

The post Eve Angel reveals something you don’t know about Jo appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


The sexiest female athletes at the 2012 Olympics!

Can’t think about anything except the Olympics, what with the wall-to-wall hotties and so much semi-naked, tanned and muscular flesh on display. The sporting action is pretty amazing too, when I can tear myself away from my daydreams about what goes on in the locker room!

Here is a fab video featuring some of my favourites, including Stephanie Rice and Francesca Piccinini. Who’s your pick out of this gorgeous bunch?

Now, will one of you ladies out there who appreciate hot sporty guys as well as sexy girls make one of these featuring all the male swimmers and gymnasts please!

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    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

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    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

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