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Something extra hot and spicy from Viv Thomas!

For those of you who didn’t already know, filming and photographing beautiful lesbian girls is not the only hot action we enjoy here at We also love golf (everyone except me!), gardening (mostly me!), shoe shopping (yup, me again!) and eating (all of us!).

Viv is such a fan of the hot sauce that rules our cuisine back in South Africa that when we relocated to Portugal he set out to grow a few chilli plants, with the intention of making a classic Mozambican sauce to tingle everyone’s tastebuds. Several massive bumper crops later, Chilli Boy Piri Piri was born! Viv has proudly achieved everything himself, from harvesting and crushing the chillis to creating the perfect secret recipe and then bottling his creation. A spicy dipping and salad oil has now been added to the range, and both are enjoying their travels around the globe – see the latest news on the Chilli Boy Facebook page!

Chilli Boy could be just the thing to spice up your life in the kitchen as well as the bedroom – just check out the video to see the effect it has on gorgeous women!

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Sexy Halloween special offer – a whole lot of bang for your buck!

We love Halloween here at – any excuse to get girls dressed up in sexy outfits and have a bit of a party is fine by us! So to celebrate this year, we’ve put together a very special offer to drive away those winter chills and get the party season started with a bang!

Here it is: all three Office Girls DVDs for just $29.99, plus free shipping!!! That’s a whole ton of sex! A lot of bang for your buck. A load of lesbian licking for your lolly. A pile of pussy for your pound. An avalanche of eating out for your Euro. A mountain of muff-diving for your moolah. You get the picture…

The deal will only be available for 24 hours on Halloween itself (that’s October 31). We’re on Central European time but don’t worry, we’ll take care of all you folks in different timezones and make sure you don’t miss out.

Need a little refresher to tempt you further? Well, the original Office Girls is a true classic, showcasing favourites such as Vera, Lisa, Nella and Stella Stevens among a stellar cast. Office Girls 2 adds Jo, Peaches and Cindy Hope to the mix! As for Office Girls 3… well if you’ve missed the buzz surrounding Lexi Lowe, Paige Turnah, Suzie Carina and Rebecca More around here, you must have been on another planet!

This little lot should keep you busy until xmas… Happy Halloween!

Love, Avril


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Babe of the Month Suzie Carina is so sexy in Office Girls 3!

Czech cutie Suzie Carina is one of those girls who subtly wriggles her way into your affections. I remember thinking she was sweet – if a little shy – the first few times we shot her. The more I saw of her, the more captivated I became by her pretty smile, not to mention her awesome body – often described by Viv as possibly the best bum in the business. Nine movies and umpteen photo sets later, it’s become apparent that Suzie is more than just a gorgeous girl – beneath that sweet exterior beats the heart of a true vixen!

It’s apt that Suzie is Babe of the Month to coincide with her appearance in the release of two major new movies. In Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story she stands out in a red-hot free-for-all lesbian orgy scene. And in our brand new blockbuster Office Girls 3 it becomes obvious why all the girls want to work with Suzie – she genuinely loves eating pussy, and getting eaten in return! Check out these new pics of her with Paige Turnah on set to see the sizzling evidence.

Suzie’s energy, charisma and all-around perkiness make her a very deserving Babe of the Month – surely there can’t be anyone on the planet who doesn’t want to squeeze those cute cheeks (face cheeks or bum cheeks – you choose!). And like Jo, she’s maturing from sweet and not-quite innocent cutie to sophisticated woman on camera – lucky us, that we get to watch!

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Lesbian babe Paige Turnah makes a splash in Office Girls 3!

Featuring horny Brit babe Paige Turnah in a starring role in our new release Office Girls 3 was such an inspired idea, I wish I could take credit for it! Paige is quite different from the lithe eastern European girls we so often shoot, with her luscious curves and cute freckles. And those natural breasts are more than a handful (trust me, I checked)!

It seems I wasn’t the only one lusting after Paige on the Office Girls 3 shoot, as costars Lexi Lowe and Suzie Carina both did their utmost to please her – and be pleasured in return. Paige’s bathtub scene with Lexi might just be my favourite of the movie, as a business negotiation quickly descends into a slippery, soapy, nipple-sucking, finger-sticking, orgasmic mess! Paige is certainly what I would describe as a real woman – sexually confident, voluptuous, and so seductive. I think you’ll enjoy watching her in action!

Office Girls 3 is available from our store now on DVD, download and HD download, and you can find the scenes, photosets, behind the scenes interviews and much more to come at

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Lesbian Sex Diaries – juicy all-girl action available now!

I promised you another sneak peek at new release Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story, and here it is. I love the premise of this movie – six friends reuniting to relive the lesbian fun of their college days and rekindle their dormant love of pussy with some very wet, finger-licking juicy fun! There are some hot girls here too – Ariel, Tea J, Micha, Lola and Suzie Carina have all featured in our own movies in the past, and so to see them brought together in this arousing new release is quite exciting – I love to see how other directors shoot ‘our’ girls!

There are enough interesting angles, sexy little moments and beautiful touches to really pique the interest of those who love erotic, artistic porn (myself included) and also enough full-on hardcore, ass-banging, pussy-sucking debauchery to satisfy those who love it really down and dirty – yup, myself included! Not forgetting the final, mindblowing lesbian orgy that I told you about last time.

Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is available on DVD, download and HD download from our store now – enjoy!

New Image 4 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 20 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 25 Episode 2 Claudia Angel 11 Angleina 75 Episode 1 Julia. 3JPG Angel 19 Episode 2 Claudia Angel 35 Angel 23 Episode 2 Picnic 5 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 1 Angel 7

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Breathtaking orgy scene in new release Lesbian Sex Diaries!

It’s funny, we were only discussing the perils and pitfalls of filming orgy scenes recently, and now along comes a lesbian orgy that literally takes my breath away! Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is an erotic tale of six college girlfriends who reunite to awaken their deep lesbian lust, culminating in a torrid orgy scene that leaves no pussy unexplored. It was filmed by talented director John Chalk, a name you will recognize if you’ve been a Viv Thomas fan since the nineties – John was responsible for shooting much of our video action back then, and so we’re incredibly proud to be official distributors of this exciting movie.

Now I’ll admit to being somewhat partisan – I usually prefer Viv’s movies to everyone else’s (I guess the man just knows how to turn me on!) – but this film is pretty special. The girls are hot, the camerawork is sexy as hell, and there’s enough pussy and ass-reaming to satisfy my most carnal urges! And the orgy scene – wow! Beautifully shot, filthy, hardcore lesbian sex, I love it!

Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is available from our store on DVD, download and HD download now. I’ll show you some more tasty tidbits from it presently, but for now, here’s a sneak peak of that remarkable orgy scene to whet your appetite…

VT229_LesbianSexDiaries_JuliesStory-blog Episode 6 Orgy 36 Episode 6 Orgy 49 Episode 6 Orgy 58 Episode 6 Orgy 104 Episode 6 Orgy 110 Episode 6 Orgy 114 Episode 6 Orgy 127

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Pornstars share their secrets with us!

Have you checked out the interview videos at lately? I love to ask our girls naughty questions, and it thrills me when they reveal juicy details about their sex life, so I really appreciate it when they give candid answers to our probing questions on camera. I think it shows you a little more of their personality, and for me those intimate moments are so arousing!

Our most recent interviews include Jo, Samantha Bentley, Viktoria Diamond and Eve Angel, and coming soon we have Lexi Lowe on the set of new release Office Girls 3 – that’s one you won’t want to miss! Lexi is not shy when it comes to talking about sex, and if you find her as sexy as I do, you will lap up every word!

What’s your favourite interview moment so far? And who would you like to see open up to us on camera next?

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Suzie Carina – lesbian kisses start Office Girls 3 with a bang!

Viv always says Suzie Carina has the best ass in the business – not to mention perky tits and a very pretty face – so who better to get us twitching with anticipation at the start of our new release Office Girls 3? I also have it on very good authority that Suzie is an excellent kisser, which might be one of the reasons she has so many girls eager to shoot lesbian scenes with her…. another being that she loves to eat pussy!

Imagine you go to a business lunch with two impeccably professional female colleagues, then catch them making out in the bathroom. That’s exactly what happens to Lexi Lowe at the start of Office Girls 3, as she finds Suzie kissing Rebecca More in the ladies room at the restaurant! It’s a downright naughty teaser that tells you a little of the hot and horny lesbian sex action to come, and you’ll be able to watch it at this week, closely followed by the full hardcore scenes, revealing interviews and photosets that I’m pretty sure will get you as excited as we are about this movie. Of course if you can’t wait that long you can buy it now on DVD, download or HD download from our store.

Meanwhile here are a few shots from the archives of Suzie smooching with some other lucky ladies, just to get you in the mood… and you know that with Suzie, sexy kisses always lead to red hot pussy-licking, finger-banging, juicy lesbian fuckery!

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Preparing for the Office Girls 3 release on

Exciting times! We have released Office Girls 3 in our store, where you can download the film in both SD and Full HD or buy a physical DVD.

We’re now preparing for the release on where you’ll be able to see all the behind the scenes photos and video footage that we took on location with all four gorgeous girls. Additionally there is an interview that coincides with each smoking hot scene. So be prepared and sign up now, it’s going live next week.

Here are a few off set snaps taken as Suzie Carina and Lexi Lowe arrived on set, and were shown the script.

VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0008 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0009 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0010 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0012 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0013 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0014 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0018 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0017 VivThomas_Office-Girls-3-BTS-Part-One_Lexi-Lowe--Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_by_Viv-Thomas_low_0015

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How do you know if you had an orgasm?

Yes, you read that right. We all know that some girls have mastered the art of the fake orgasm (that classic scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ must have clarified it for doubters). But this article about how a girl can tell if she’s had an orgasm herself has got me deeply confused. Is it possible for a girl to climax and not know it? Surely if you’re not certain whether it’s an orgasm, it’s not? And if you don’t know whether or not you’ve had an orgasm, how the hell is your partner supposed to figure it out, presuming you are not flying solo?

It did get me thinking though – we all know what it feels like (unless you don’t know whether what you’re experiencing is actually an orgasm!) but it’s quite hard to describe, isn’t it? Do you think everyone feels the same sensations, or is it different for all of us?

Here at, we do like the girls to have real orgasms on camera. The theory is that if they’re enjoying themselves, so will you – and if they have that much fun, they will want to work with us again! I am enjoying these pics of the gorgeous Gina B getting herself off while I ponder this theory…

Do you have a favourite on-screen orgasm from one of our movies? And is there a girl you like to watch climaxing over and over again?

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Mila Kunis is officially the sexiest woman alive!

I don’t often agree with mainstream magazine polls (hell, how can you tell if a girl is really that sexy unless you’ve watched her scorching the sheets in a full-on lesbian lickfest?) but for Esquire magazine’s 2012 Sexiest Woman Alive poll winner I will definitely make an exception.

Mila Kunis is possibly my favourite Hollywood star EVER. For one thing she’s gorgeous, but not in the stereotypical apple pie way. She’s way more exotic than that, thanks to her Ukrainian heritage, has a wicked twinkle in her eye, and I think she looks hotter dressed down than dolled up – but best of all when she’s not wearing much at all!

She also manages to be sexy and funny at the same time (another favourite of mine, Emma Stone, also has that talent). It’s another reason why guys will happily watch her movies, even if they are meant to be chick flicks – I loved ‘Friends With Benefits’, and I bet you secretly did too! Better still, her lesbian scene with Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’ was super-arousing. She was totally believable, and totally hot. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who filmed the XXX-rated version of that scene in my head!

So, today Mila gets my vote for world’s sexiest woman too, and I haven’t even seen her totally naked… except in my dreams!

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Is it time for a lesbian orgy?

Last night I dreamed I went outside to find Viv and the crew orchestrating a giant lesbian orgy on the lawn! I knew it was a dream because there were girls I hadn’t seen or thought about in years, all tumbling about in a tangle, arms and legs everywhere. Viv was trying to organize them into an immense daisy chain, and was struggling to get everyone in frame because no lens was big enough – and then he decide to get a hang glider and shoot it all from the air! I wonder if anyone has ever tried that?

Okay, so my dreams are pretty crazy, but that one was rather erotic! In reality though, nothing can look more awkward on camera than a group sex scene. Unless the girls have terrific chemistry between them, I think too many players can detract from the intensity of a scene. Of course if the chemistry is there, you get something utterly gorgeous, like the awesome lesbian foursome of Jo, Sandra Shine, Vera and Blue Angel in Prim and Improper. Now, there’s a scene I can watch over and over again!

What do you think? Do you prefer to see two girls eating pussy, totally focused on making each other orgasm, or do you think it multiplies the fun when you add a few more babes into the mix? Who would you pick for the ultimate lesbian orgy scene?

4347-053 3518-017 2614-034 2512-024 2614-019 3518-025 4347-013 3518-038

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What girls think about when they masturbate – anonymous sex!

This fantasy was shared with me by a girl who only ever films lesbian scenes – I thought she was a total lesbian in her personal life too! Apparently not…

I have never shared this fantasy with anyone before, I think everyone would be shocked to know this is what I masturbate over! I rarely have sex with men, I prefer girls, but in my fantasies I am the kind of girl who will got to a swingers’ party and let two total strangers blindfold me and fuck me in every hole.

To tell you the truth, I have never had anything bigger than a finger in my asshole, but in my fantasy I let a guy with a huge cock stretch out my pussy and then my ass, while I suck on another man’s cock – and I love every second of it! Maybe being blindfolded allows me to lose my inhibitions and just savour the sensations flooding my body. Every nerve ending is tingling as I feel my asshole open up for his hard cock, which is so wet and slippery from my pussy juices that it seems to glide in and out easily. Sucking the pulsing prick in my mouth is getting me so aroused the juice is pouring out of my pussy and down my asscrack, adding to the lubrication. There’s a finger on my clit, adding to the stimulation, and I can feel the waves of a massive orgasm building, making my ass grip the cock more tightly…

I always plan to dream up more scenarios and details for this fantasy, but I can never get past this point before I cum! I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to live out my fantasy, or will it just remain something for me to imagine while I masturbate?

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Mylene Klass in super-sexy lingerie!

Back when we lived in London, I never went lingerie shopping in high street store Littlewoods – it was better known for granny panties (or ‘apple catchers’, as my girlfriend calls them) than sexy little frilly things. But now, wow! These naughty knickers, modelled by the delicious Mylene Klass, are absolutely gorgeous.

I want these panties! And if they arrive with Mylene still inside them, that’s absolutely fine.

I’m going to watch Stockings and Lace now, Mylene has really got me in the mood to see some horny girls strip each other down to their lingerie for some classy lesbian action!

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Zdenka Novotna – the sexy blonde who got away?

Remember Zdenka Novotna? There are only five photosets of her at – the first shot way back in 1999 – and yet I remember her vividly. Those pouting lips, the haughty, slightly challenging look in her eyes, and of course those amazing tits – yum! How could I forget her?

Zdenka was the first Czech girl to become Penthouse Pet of the Year, in 2001, and certainly did her bit to put Eastern European girls at the forefront of our dirty minds. Now known as Zdenka Podkapova, she was apparently a professional gymnast for ten years before starting modelling – she had the strong, toned physique to prove it, but surely those spectacular boobs got in the way?

Sadly Zdenka never filmed solo video for us, let alone lesbian sex scenes – although I can’t imagine how another girl would have been able to handle her, anyway! I really wish we had shot more on her though, back in the day… she had that classic ‘sexbomb’ look that never gets old.

Of course we have our favourites here at, girls like Eve Angel that we will happily keep shooting over and over again – they mature like fine wine. But can you think of any other classic beauties you wish we had shot more of – or any promising little hotties you hope we do?

4086-022 4196-021 4194-031 4153-022 4197-017 4086-007 4197-031 4153-018

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    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

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    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

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    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

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    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

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