Is Iwia the hottest new girl of the year?

November 28, 2012 - by: Avril

Iwia, or “gorgeous little thing” as she’s known around here, has a remarkable effect on the crew. They are all utterly besotted with her – it’s a good thing she’s way too nice to take advantage of them!

This Czech hottie (it’s pronounced Eee-wee-ah if you’re wondering, attempts to anglicize it just won’t stick) may well be the prettiest new girl we’ve met this year, but our collective love for her is not only based on looks – she’s also scorching hot between the sheets! She got the seal of approval from Lexi Lowe no less, on the set of Story of She 2, and you’ll soon be able to see her worshipping the cock in our imminent release Art of Sex 2.

Iwia looks absolutely stunning while she’s approaching orgasm – it really makes you wish it was you getting her there! I haven’t yet seen a photo that quite captures her ethereal beauty, but here are a few shots from the set of Art of Sex 2 to whet your appetite… do you think she’s going to be your favourite new girl of the year?

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Let’s admit it, we’re all pretty enthralled by the lesbian romance that we’ve watched unfolding between Jo and Eve Angel over the years. Individually, they are two of the hottest girls ever to get naked and nasty for our viewing pleasure, and the fact that they are genuinely crazy about each other intensifies that hotness by a factor of around a gazillion.

So, it was no accident that we brought these two beauties together for the opening scene of our new beach movie, Tides of Lust. Their chemistry really sets the tone for the whole film – stunning girls having real (and very, very passionate) sex. I love that the camera lingers on those two perfect bottoms for long enough to satisfy all of us bum lovers, before moving on to capture every smile, sexy kiss and tender caress. Our course, it’s not just soft and girly but also gets pretty filthy, as Jo humps Eve’s leg, then rides her expert tongue to what looks like a powerful orgasm. Eve then gets a vigorous fingering and licking as payback. It’s juicy stuff!

I could watch these two go at it all day (I’m pretty sure I have, on occasion) and this is a worthy addition to the collection – I’m thrilled to report that watching Tides of Lust on screen is just as arousing as watching it being filmed was, especially since I missed the shoot the day this scene was shot. Jo promised me I would enjoy watching it, and she wasn’t kidding!

You can check out the full photoset and watch the scene at now and the full movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store.

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Here’s another little sneak peek of Ivana Sugar‘s scorching scene from the much-anticipated Art of Sex 2. Despite from very stiff competition from a mega-hot selection of girls, I think this must be my favourite scene, because I just can’t stop watching it!

The whole point of Art of Sex 2 is to show couples with genuine chemistry between them and capture the intimacy of each little touch, look and gesture. Ivana has told me on several occasions how much she likes Matt Bird (okay, so she mostly talks about his cock, but his totally ripped body and terrific personality feature in there too!). And Matt can never stop staring at Ivana like he wants to rip her clothes off, so it’s safe to say this is a couple that generates a lot of heat. It almost feels intrusive to watch them together, but that’s okay because I love to peep!

I’ve already raved about the enraptured expression on Ivana’s lovely face as she works Matt’s dick to rigidity, but I’m also blown away by the sheer passion and physicality as he fucks her into a froth – she floated around on a cloud of post-orgasmic bliss for hours after that! To me, the Art of Sex 2 represents ‘couples porn’ in the very best sense – it’s sensual and tender enough to share with a partner and let it inspire you, but also hardcore and explicit enough to satisfy those animal instincts!

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A sexy Thanksgiving feast!

November 21, 2012 - by: Avril

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US (and the rest of you too, I don’t see why we can’t all celebrate!). I hope your Thanksgiving feast somewhat resembles this! Nothing enlivens a feast day more than watching some gorgeous girls eating pussy and licking food off each other, right? And of course, if one of them just happened to be the delicious Rita Faltoyano, so much the better! Remember Rita? What a hottie!

Food sex always gets me thinking about that classic scene from Nine and a Half Weeks where Mickey Rourke teases Kim Bassinger by feeding her food straight from the refrigerator, finally drizzling honey over her outstretched tongue – after that, things get very sticky! Those iconic images have no doubt inspired many kitchen floor sex sessions around the world. If you haven’t tried enhancing your sex play with food then maybe now’s the perfect time – I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at – whether or not you choose to spend it humping on the dining room table!

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Let’s be honest here, I really like thinking about cocks. One of my favourite things about my job is that I can spend hours at a time perusing hardcore photos, or trawling through the movie back catalogue, and if anyone asks what I’m doing I just sigh and mutter, “Working…” I’m not sure whether that actually makes me a penis expert, but here are a few useful tips I have learned about perfecting your erection from the male porn stars we shoot…

1. Don’t smoke or drink too much. Smoking affects your circulation, so it may restrict blood flow to your johnson – besides making her feel like she’s kissing an ashtray. And while a drink or two can get you both in the mood, drinking excessively may lead to the notorious ‘brewer’s droop’ – not something you’ll care to remember in the morning.

2. Let gravity give you a hand by choosing positions where you are on top, like missionary or doggy style. Increased blood flow will ensure a harder erection than in positions where she’s on top, as well as giving you control of the thrust rate.

3. Ever tried a cock ring? It’s one of the most fun sex toys for guys, as slipping it around the base of your boner keep the blood pulsating and guarantees a rock hard rod.

4. Eat zinc-rich foods like liver, seafood, pumpkin seeds and peanuts – or take a supplement – to increase testosterone. High fat meals will have the opposite effect, decreasing libido and making erections more difficult to maintain. And drink pineapple juice if you want a blowjob – it makes your cum taste sweeter!

5. Strengthening your abdominal muscles will lead to firmer erections and greater power in the bedroom – as well as creating a physique the ladies will love! Regular exercise also boosts testosterone and gives you a sense of well being, which enhances your attractiveness. Why not try a few kegel exercises too?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, The Art of Sex 2 is on the way – follow-up to our most popular boy-girl movie ever, and packed with the kind of intimate, passionate sex that will rock your world and hopefully introduce you to a few new moves too!

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It’s not often I come over all serious, but I’m going to take a moment here to direct you to this excellent interview with James Deen in the Daily Beast, regarding Measure B. Deen is one of the Los Angeles porn industry’s most popular performers and directors; he is also said to be in the running to play the lead in the movie adaptation of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, which might just be enough to make me consider watching it! In the interview he makes the case against California's recently passed Measure B, which will require all adult industry performers to wear condoms while filming. He presents an intelligent argument that takes in wider issues of safe sex, constitutional rights and industry testing, called into question by the LA syphilis scare.

Just remember folks, to quote Deen: “Adult films are not real sex. It's entertainment. So just because we're engaging in physical sex doesn't mean it is normal sex.” Play safe in your personal life – use a condom!

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This confession was shared with me by a very sweet-natured, soft-voiced, giggly model. You would never guess her secret fantasy is to dominate another girl! I hope we get to see it happen on camera one day…

I think about lesbian sex most of the time when I masturbate, even though in my personal life I like to fuck guys too. For some reason it makes me cum much faster and harder when I fantasize about having my pussy licked and fingered by another girl. My biggest turn on is an image of myself playing the aggressor, pinning down a sexy babe and eating her out until she screams with pleasure.

In my fantasy I am dressed in thigh high boots and a latex corset – classic dominatrix gear – and I am acting quite butch and masculine as I tell this submissive slut what I want. She is wearing delicate lingerie, which I practically tear off her writhing body. She’s shivering with lust and anticipation, but I make her wait, make her beg for me to touch her. When I finally relent, it only takes a few hard swipes of my tongue to make her cum for the first time, but I don’t let her recover, I plunge my fingers inside to rake over her G-spot as I hammer her clit with my mouth, making her convulse with pleasure over and over.

My master-stroke is a spiral-ribbed dildo, which I grease up with her pussy juice before jamming it into her ass, making her squeal with ecstasy. As she rides the waves of her climax, I sit on her face and grind myself off to a powerful orgasm, smearing my cream all over her pretty lips.

I always cum all over my fingers at this point!

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The Art of Sex 2 – coming soon!

November 13, 2012 - by: Avril

You know how sometimes just a second or two can sell you on a movie? Well, for me that moment comes about 38 seconds into the trailer for Art of Sex 2, when the gorgeous Ivana Sugar (looking far more sophisticated than we’ve seen her before) gazes up lovingly into her man’s eyes as she strokes his rock-hard cock in front of her lovely face. It’s just one of those classic moments that I know I will be replaying over and over again.

It looks like she’s either really, really in love with her man… or she’s just so utterly cockstruck that it’s making her eyes sparkle like that. Either way, to me it’s a magical erotic moment. Watch the trailer and tell me if you agree.

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Outdoor sex at!

November 12, 2012 - by: Avril

One of the chief advantages of being based in Portugal (apart from the excellent wine) is the long, scorching summers, which seem to inevitably lead to long, sultry sex scenes. And I have to report that this summer has been a classic when it comes to shooting steamy, sensual outdoor sex.

Witness our barnstorming new movie, Tides of Lust, which is packed with sandy, sweaty, soaking-wet lesbian encounters of the juicy kind. A handful of stunning girls – Jo, Eve Angel, Lana, Viktoria Diamond and Nicole Smith – get their kicks on the beach, under a waterfall, in the pool and even on a boat, making it a classic celebration of the kind of summer holiday you might wish you’d had too! Not that shooting outdoors is without its perils – sunburn, sand in sticky crevices, a plague of mosquitos and a bout of seasickness all threatened to derail Tides of Lust at various times, but I think the hugely arousing end result is testament to the amount of good dirty fun the girls were having.

Tides of Lust isn’t our only recent movie to celebrate summer; Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story, shot by the mega-talented John Chalk and released by, features some very naughty outdoor frolics (okay, so the climactic lesbian orgy is set indoors, but believe me, you won’t be looking at the location at that point!). Our brand new release Office Girls 3 also has an amazing hot tub hook-up starring Lexi Lowe and Paige Turnah that seems to be getting everyone talking (or in my case, letting my fingers do the talking!).

So what do you think, folks? How does this amorous outdoor action rank against some of our former classic al fresco scenes? Does Silvia Deluxe getting royally ravaged in Summer of Lust, or that naughty lesbian fourway in Prim and Improper, still take some beating? Or do you have a new favourite outdoor sex scene?

Hard-001 4336-087 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 25 Hard-003 4681-154 Hard-002 Hard-007 Tea-J 4347-052 4683-127 4684-140 Hard-005

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If you haven’t yet watched the breathtaking hot tub sex scene from Office Girls 3, here’s something to whet your appetite. Check out Lexi Lowe and Paige Turnah having a naughty naked chat with the crew immediately after filming their lesbian scene – they both look incredibly cute and a little flushed after their full-on fuckathon!

Lexi talks about the fun she had eating pussy underwater, and reveals how much she enjoyed being dominated by Paige. Her cute Welsh accent gets me every time, especially when she says “pussy”. Although I enjoy hearing her moan with pleasure even more…

Meanwhile Paige explains why a scene has added intensity when both girls are really into lesbian sex. Maybe that’s why fans have been telling us this is one of the best scenes of the year! Paige really relished her rich bitch role, finding Lexi the perfect submissive playmate to dominate and then fuck into a frenzy. Of course it doesn’t hurt that both girls are stunning, and super-sexual – the chemistry between them is explosive!

You can find tons more interviews, behind the scenes pics and of course the full hardcore scenes from Office Girls 3 at

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