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Lana and Viktoria Diamond have sandy lesbian sex in Tides of Lust!

Okay, I’ll admit it – ever since we filmed this scene from our new release Tides of Lust, I have been quite seriously smitten with Lana. Viv is getting tired of me asking when he’s shooting her again (I ask at least three times a day!). Not that he is reluctant to book her, as she’s an absolute dream to have around – pretty, funny, and so sexy that all the other girls are clamoring to get their hands on her.

Viktoria Diamond (or VikkyD, as we call her) loves to play the sexual predator, so taking the role of the pussy-hungry vixen who seduces Lana behind her girlfriend’s back came very naturally to her. It’s great that Lana seems so shy and sweet as VikkyD put the moves on her – but when the two are alone on the sand, you see the look in Lana’s eyes change from submissive cutie to pure tigress! I’m absolutely convinced that these two had forgotten the camera was even there as they devoured each other. Lana is a sexual tease but knows how to please too… and how to take pleasure. As VikkyD rubbed Lana’s clit while fingering her hard, these two were totally in the moment, no acting required, and both assured me later that those powerful orgasms were one hundred percent real.

Check out the rest of the pics of these two hotties – and if that doesn’t tempt you to watch the full scene, you must be made of stone! The whole movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store. It’s what I call a ‘proper’ film – interesting plot, beautiful locations, and of course five gorgeous girls having very hot sex!

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Candice Swanepoel in sexy lingerie… again!

Tuesday night saw the TV airing of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 in Manhattan, an important event on the calender for fashionistas, as well as for those of us who just really, really enjoy watching beautiful girls walking around in skimpy underwear.

The stunning Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr were among the roster of supermodels, and Rhianna, Bruno Mars and some kid named Justin Bieber all performed too. But of course I only had eyes for South African beauty Candice Swanepoel, my favourite Angel ever. There are some things I can’t imagine ever getting tired of, and feasting my eyes on this slice of blonde heaven in lingerie that leaves very little to the imagination is one of them. I’ll admit to practically licking the screen each time she appeared.

My all time favourite fantasy is to find a girl who looks like Candice Swanepoel but is willing to get utterly naked and nasty on film for Naturally I would be the director for her adult movie debut, and would be sure to give her plenty of personal coaching to make sure her supremely slutty side was fully expressed on camera. Until then I guess I will content myself with watching Cindy Hope and Lexi Lowe strip the sexy lingerie off each other ready for a juicy lesbian fuckfest in Stockings and Lace. They may not be supermodels, but they are Super Hot!

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Cathy Heaven makes hardcore sex so seductive in Art of Sex 2!

Cathy Heaven is one of the hottest Hungarian babes on the scene right now. She’s known for her enthusiastic love of cock, although her lesbian scenes are pretty damn hot too – her performances in Naked Impulses 2 and new movie Lesbian Playmates, coming later this month, will certainly convince you of that.

But right now, for me, Cathy is all about hot and heavy hardcore, as I’ve been getting maximum enjoyment out of her boy-girl scene with Renato in the Art of Sex 2. This is a movie to reflect and inspire intimate, sensual, passionate lovemaking, and Cathy brings that to the scene, but she also has a certain raw, earthy quality that makes her compelling to watch. She’s like that off-camera too – this is no shrinking violet who only comes alive on screen! Cathy is a total tigress, flirts with everyone (male and female), and gives the impression she has a harem of willing studs at home just waiting for her command.

I love to watch someone so confident and powerful in her sexuality, and I think you’re going to enjoy seeing her in action as much as I do. Art of Sex 2 is coming soon – watch this space!

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Nicole Smith and Lana have gorgeous lesbian sex in Tides of Lust!

Gorgeous. That’s the only word to describe it when two stunning girls have really hot, passionate sex. Perky blonde Lana, as you all know, is my major new girl crush – she’s pretty, naughty, fun and downright horny. As for Nicole Smith, her lovely face and curvy body are as close to faultless as I’ve ever seen – her breasts can literally stop conversations, as everyone just stands, openmouthed, watching her! These two made it fairly obvious that they found each other attractive – there was so much flirting going on during the filming of Tides of Lust that the place was buzzing with sexual energy – so putting them together was like lighting the fuse to a particularly explosive device!

Although the scene is a slow burner, with lots of gentle caressing and kissing leading up to the hot stuff, you can feel that every touch is making them tingle. As Lana’s pleasure starts to build she is quite assertive, rocking her pussy on Nicole’s fingers and then grabbing her hand to direct it, making sure she gets the powerful orgasm she’s craving. Once she’s got off, she gives Nicole’s nipples and then her clit a thorough licking. I guarantee Lana’s pussy-fingering skills will get any girl who watches squirming in her seat! And watching Nicole’s boobs wobble as she rides Lana’s face is quite mesmerizing…

You can see more photos of these two beauties getting hot and heavy, watch the full yummy scene, or get the whole movie on download, HD download or DVD from our store. I might be biased seeing as I’m utterly smitten with every girl in this movie, but I think Tides of Lust is our best release of the year. Do you agree?

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Dita Von Teese launches sexy lingerie line!

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese and sexy lingerie go together like champagne and strawberries or me and Manolos, so it’s not so much a stroke of genius as an obvious (albeit excellent) move on the part of UK retailer Debenhams to have launched her vintage-inspired collection in time for xmas. I can’t imagine a woman’s figure that wouldn’t be flattered by these seductive retro designs – what better way to tempt her into stockings and suspenders?

My lingerie collection is known to be somewhat epic, and these stunning shots have me wondering if I can persuade the crew to schedule another lingerie-themed movie. What’s your taste – do you love basques, corsets, stockings and suspenders, or do you prefer boy-shorts, white cotton panties or babes going commando? I know which floats my boat – time to watch Stockings and Lace again!

The post Dita Von Teese launches sexy lingerie line! appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


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    Leslove 2 hours ago

    Nata has a world class beautiful round ass. I just had to come back and say that. It is all I look at now and it's all Luna concentrated on. It's so useful in so many aspects of sex. But it's also aesthetically pleasing.

    on Nightcap

    baloo 1 day ago

    Vicky Love at last. It has been a while since Winter Warmers welcome back. you're so hot and your lovely wet Pussy is taken well care of by Amaris until you orgasm in the most beautiful way. It felt so real and endearing in a breathtaking way. Love to see more of you. I know that the buyer is not the headline in this movie but I think we could have seen a shot with her hand on the her Pussy with an aroused stare like Talia can give you. But I really liked this film.

    on Vine 2 Episode 2 - Carefree

    Lord John Whorfin 2 days ago

    I think there's a bit more intro than is really needed, but once Linda and Emylia start in on each other, it's all gold from there. Love the unkempt bush on both women, the way Linda meticulously explores Emylia, the subtle sense of control she has over the encounter as she slowly walks around the table while Emylia catches her breath and then straddles Emylia's face, the way Emylia gets Linda to climax in about a minute, and then does it again. Super hot stuff!

    on Home Sweet Home Episode 3 - Morning Kiss

    Jannice 2 days ago

    How cute is Lovita with her freckles!

    on Behind The Scenes: Lovita Fate And Victoria Puppy On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    OK, now, let's bring all the girls at the vineyard together ...

    on Vine 2 Episode 2 - Carefree

    Sniksoh73 2 days ago

    Lovely film, delicately shot and Vicky Love is hot, hot, hot!

    on Vine 2 Episode 2 - Carefree

    Rose 2 days ago

    Cute and sexy... and having Stefany watching makes it a little bit naughty too, in the nicest way :-)

    For those of you who enjoy my true confessions on our free site, I hope you'll like my latest, it's called "Wearing his shirt..."

    on Vine 2 Episode 2 - Carefree

    Leslove 3 days ago

    You know the real value in your system is to get Sex Art and Viv Thomas, because one seems to perk when the other is sleeping and vice versa. I realize Viv has an advantage because they can take two days to do what Sex Art does in one day. But to think these mixes and matches Viv is doing on women is just too hot sometime. But Luna with Emma Button, holy crap. All Luna will have to do is look into Emma's eyes and she's hooked. Followed by Katana who looks like the devil playing around with a new fave of mine Sarah Cute. It's really going to explode, I swear. That's got to be a great office to work at. Every secretary is a possibility. Not to mention the janitors who clean up.

    on Perky

    freeborn2a 3 days ago

    so right! and they enjoy their work...

    on Home Sweet Home Episode 3 - Morning Kiss

    Rose 3 days ago

    Thanks Leslove, I have amended those stats slightly, they did not look quite right to me either! I chose the description "cute" advisedly because the scene is just adorable, it's one of those fun, playful, sexy encounters Sandra films so well. Coming tomorrow – hope you enjoy it!

    on Perky