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Jo talks about “Broken Mirror”

Spillum: How did you get inspiration for this scene?
Jo: As you might have noticed, I really like mirrors. Many of my sets include a mirror somehow :) I think this idea I have in my mind for a long time. First I was thinking about a place with big mirrors around me, but that would have been difficult to achieve. So finally this came into my mind.

Spillum: What were you trying to achieve with this scene?
Jo: Reflection of broken mirrors :)

Spillum: Did you have a long and tedious shopping excursion?
No, by the time the idea has born, I knew where I can buy cheap mirrors and black sheets.

How did you prepare the set?
1 day before the shooting with Tamas, we went to the location to prepare the mirrors, so the next day, on the shooting day, we did not have to loose time with that.

Why did you choose to film in that exact situation?
Because of the dark, black background, it was ideal for the scene.

What problems did you have?
It was very difficult to break those mirrors. We had a lot of pieces which we could not use. And during the shooting, I had to be careful with the broken mirrors.

Fishnets were an interesting choice. Why?
I think simple, casual or romantic cloths would have not matched with this set.

Thanks Jo! It was great chatting with you and it was good to learn a little bit about how you produced this scene :)

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Jennifer Lopez flashes her bum on live TV!

Wow. So, now we all know exactly what it’s like to have JLo’s famous rear right in your face. Not to mention having her barely-covered crotch so close I was tempted to lick the screen.

The sexy singer’s skintight, buttcheek-revealing leotard and overtly sexual performance on TV show Britain’s Got Talent caused a storm of controversy, with critics blasting it as inappropriate for family viewing. Judge Amanda Holden was a fan though, saying: ‘JLo’s arse… I just wanted to bite it!’

I loved it, naturally… although I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction!


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Classic lingerie lover!


Is there anything that screams SEX louder than classic lingerie, as expertly modelled here by the beautiful (and very sexy) Sophie Moon? Long legs in stockings and garters do it for me every time, as do perky tits spilling out of figue-hugging basques – not to mention my obsession with panties and high heels!

If you’re a fan of sexy underwear, you’ll be thrilled to know Stockings and Lace 2 will be released very soon. Packed with super-hot girls including Eileen Sue (freckled fantasy figure), Nicole Smith (this girl rocks my world) and Lexi Lowe (busty Brit beauty), it’s a must-see for lingerie lovers everywhere. Check out the trailer here, but be warned – it’s a scorcher!


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My hot screen saver for today!


I like to change my screensaver pretty often – so many girls, so little time, y’know? (Not to mention the occasional cute puppy, kitten or pig photo).

This is the one I picked for today, from a gorgeous photoset at I love how fresh, relaxed and naturally sexy Jo looks, as she stretches out, gets horny and lets her fingers do the talking!

Of course, I don’t have to worry about my screen pics being “safe for work” – sometimes I like to choose something like a totally graphic close-up blowjob shot, just to see how people lose their thread mid-sentence when they catch sight of it. I do like to keep it classy though. I think this sexy shot might keep me happy for a few days…

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Blue skies and sexy girls!


I’ve heard some of our loyal fans, particularly in Northern Europe and parts of the US, are enduring some miserable spring conditions – so I thought I’d share some of our Portuguese sunshine to brighten your day! One of the great advantages of having our base in Portugal is that the climate makes everyone feel free and frisky, so we tend to have naked, horny babes frolicking about the place for most of the year!

This classic photoset of Kylie is one of my favourites – I just love the intense blue sky and the way the sun makes her skin glow. It doesn’t hurt that Kylie is a beautiful long-legged stunner who flirted with the camera like crazy as she spread her legs and pulled aside her silky panties to flash her pussy. What a hottie! I hope she raises your temperature…

VivThomas_Kylie_Kylie-A_low_0007 VivThomas_Kylie_Kylie-A_low_0017 VivThomas_Kylie_Kylie-A_low_0030 VivThomas_Kylie_Kylie-A_low_0042

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Eufrat bares all in our sexy interview!


Fans of the lovely Eufrat – of which there are MANY, this girl has an incredibly loyal and vocal following – can now enjoy a brand new interview with her at Viv Eufrat, the star of our new movie Intimacy, has a very arousing, sexy voice, and a refreshingly frank manner. She shows off her excellent English as she reveals some hot secrets and answers our probing questions.

You can find a whole bunch of interviews with some of the hottest girls we’ve shot – including Jo, Sandra Shine, Blue Angel, Nella, Silvia Saint, Sandy, Eve Angel, Vera, Lisa and so many more in our video interview section – at It’s a great way to get to know your favourites a little more intimately…


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In praise of Vera!

She’s our favourite pocket rocket, a pint-sized portion of full-on sexy fun. Vera is surely one of the most popular girls we ever shot, thanks to her adorable personality and utterly fuckable body.

Here are a few pics to remind you just how knockout Vera is… and you can find a massive 79 scenes, 31 films and 84 photosets of her at – or check out our store to find her starring roles on download and DVD!

VivThomas_Vera_Vera-A_low_0012 Vera, in her good old days. VivThomas_Vera---satin-sheets_Vera-A_low_0014 VivThomas_Vera--Niky_Nikky-A--Vera-A_low_0044 VivThomas_Vera--Danika_Danika-A--Vera-A_low_0091 VivThomas_Vera---satin-sheets_Vera-A_low_0034 VivThomas_Vera--Danika_Danika-A--Vera-A_low_0043 VivThomas_Nelly-and-Vera-on-the-set-of-Office-Girls-2_Nella-A--Vera-A_low_0047 VivThomas_Vera_Vera-A_low_0019

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Brand new lesbian movie Intimacy – Eufrat and Tess share their passion!

That sense of spying on a private moment is so arousing. When the camera truly captures the intimacy, tenderness and mutual lust between lovers, the result is very special. And when those lovers happen to be two stunningly attractive girls, magic happens!

Intimacy – A Lesbian Affair, starring new sensation Tess and fan favourite Eufrat, is going live right now. Here are a few behind-the-scenes and on set moments, to whet your appetite…

03-4826-080 03-4819-102 06-4819-128 17-4818-213 18-4818-245 09-4826-088 12-4826-093 05-4819-075 20-4818-278 11-4818-088 18-4818-102

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Skinny Dips – something even you can do

Skinny dipping in the lake

The scene is beautifully set. It’s a hot, lazy afternoon and the girls are drowsy after a tasty lunch up at the house. They come for a walk and settle down in the cool shade of a tree to relax, chatting about their innermost thoughts.

Jo seizes on a pause in the conversation and asks all innocently: “Do you mind if I swim in the lake?” Both girls know the entire afternoon has changed it’s purpose and sex hangs in the air as Jo strips and casually saunters down to the water’s edge…

Personally, think it’s one of our best scenes. Am I the only one, or do you find this setup incredibly… ummm…. stimulating too?

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Pre-production on lesbian porn film: Waves of Desire

Restaurant Sal on Tavira Island Xiri beach bar Perfect beach - sadly the clouds won't be around in summer Tavira Island beach concession Tavira Island, Portugal VIP lounger

Lesbian porn shoot preparation

We don’t normally reveal anything about our pre-production phases of film making, but it’s a fairly intensive time.

There is a lot of organizing to do, and for the bigger Late Night Films we need to prepare:

  • a basic script
  • prop lists
  • choose and book models (complete with backups for when they cancel at the last minute!)
  • scout locations
  • and decide what the girls need to wear.

This spring is no different, as we prepare for a new summer film: tentatively entitled “Waves of Desire”. All I can say about it at this stage is that it involves beaches, waves and lots of (lesbian) desire. You may be thinking it’s just going to be a rehash of Tides of Lust, but we’re attempting to do much more than that.

Yes, we’re pushing the envelope on this one and we hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s released in the later part of 2013.

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Erotic art or porn? You decide!


Sexy Lexi Lowe is not shy when it comes to spreading her lovely long legs for the camera, but for this recent photoshoot she allowed Viv to indulge his artistic passion to the full and create something which I think straddles the boundary between art and porn.

Lexi’s voluptuous curves are perfect for this atmospheric shoot – reminds me Venus rising from the waves (okay, the swimming pool)! What do you think, folks – do you want to see fingers plunging into juicy pussies every time, or do you think there’s a place for something a little more restrained and artistic like this too?


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New TITLE! Stockings and Lace 2


Stockings and Lace 2

Are you all ready for another Viv Thomas “Stocking Spectacular”? Next month we’ll be releasing Stockings and Lace 2 with a typically great cast (I mean come on people, this is, remember :) )

Viv Thomas' best girls, in our best stockings. Thigh high full of pleasure, Stockings and Lace 2 embraces the beauty of long shapely legs, encased in glorious stockings. Marvel as legs writhe in pleasure, while their pussies get pounded by lesbian tongue thrusts, deep wet fingering and orgasmic caresses.

Lesbian pairings in Stockings and Lace 2

Stockings and Lace 2 trailer

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New erotic pics and video of Jo!


I totally LOVE this new photoset at – the sense of being allowed into Jo’s private life, to share in her most intimate moments, is unsurpassable. The scene that goes with it is every bit as erotic.

If you haven’t been following the unfolding story of Jo’s love life at I suggest you check it out right now – you’ve got a lot of catching up to do!


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Some fun changes to our blog

registerYou know… we really want to chat to you and to read your comments about our work, the fun we have on the job and the other interesting things we post about the models we work with.

So, we have decided to make it a little easier for you to interact with us. You can register on this blog and then you’ll see an activity stream, where all the things happening on the blog will be listed. It’s kind of like a “recent posts” page or like your Facebook news feed.

I mean you wouldn’t want to miss anything we put out would you?

Have fun and if you have any questions, just leave a comment. Come on, we’d love to hear from you!

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Unfaithful 6 teaser video

Unfaithful 6 nears release

Unfaithful 6 is approaching release, so we decided to release a little teaser. It doesn’t show much of the action, naturally you’ll have to buy the full film for that, but it does hint at the atmosphere of the film and the models starring in it.

If you have looked closely at the DVD cover of Unfaithful 6, you would know who is paired with who in this final installment of the Unfaithful Series. I’ll go into exactly which models are appearing in what sequence in a later blog post.

For now, you can feast your eyes on this short little teaser which the editor of the film, Paulo Tavira, has prepared for you.

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Nicki Minaj shows off lapdancing skills!

If Nicki Minaj ever gets tired of being a popstar, she clearly has a promising career as a lap dancer. Her performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (May 19) saw the bootyful babe treating lucky Lil Wayne to a full-on bump ‘n’ grind. He gave the thumbs up to what he described as “all that ass!”

Wouldn’t you like to have Nicki’s ample assets bouncing on your lap?


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Eve Angel or Jo? POLL RESULTS

Eve Angel and Jo

Eve Angel and Jo

We held an impromptu little Twitter poll (yup we’re on Twitter) to see who is hotter – Jo or Eve Angel.

Eve surged into an early lead but then the weight of Jo’s followers tipped the scales in her favour. The only thing I’m just saying is that both these girls are gorgeous!

Eve Angel and Jo poll results

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Busty Jazmine masturbates in the sun!


Titanic tits. Gigantic jubblies. Huge hooters. Here at we’re big fans. Are you with us on this – or do you think more than a handful is a waste?

Check out our new video of voluptuous British beauty Jazmine Bloom caressing her curves in the sun, and see if it helps make up your mind!

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Victoria’s Secret models tell us what’s sexy!

Victoria’s Secret have just announced their annual ‘What is Sexy?’ list, with some of their top Angels handing out the accolades. Who made the grade? Ummm, I wasn’t really listening. I was too busy rewinding the bit where my favourite Angel, South African superstar Candice Swanepoel, says, “sexiest…” and imaging she was talking about me!

Seriously, these girls could recite the phone directory and I’d still watch. Maybe we should do a version?

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Revisiting the Unfaithful Series: Unfaithful 3

Nella & Trisha Brill

Nella & Trisha Brill

When Nelly discovers her lover is a serial cheater she loses herself in a subverted emotional frenzy. Having never been with another woman, she now wants to taste the mistress who caused her lover’s infidelity.

Having breathed a fresh scent she suddenly finds a new inner-self, and a new hot-blooded sexuality as she becomes the adulterer. Lost in a succession of affairs the two women are driven apart by desires and passions neither can understand nor control.

Unfaithful 3 shows genuine and fully-explicit lesbian sex as it's never been seen before. Erotic and very graphic, this is true lesbian erotica at the highest level.

Download it in HD

A few comments

I saw this movie artwork a hundred of times only to see Vera in action. One of the best works of Viv Thomas, with some remarkable girls and a spectacular storyline full of love, dark passions and of course, unfaithful…


I must say that the best scene of the film is when Lisa leaves the flat of Vera, only for Nella to enter the same building from the opposite entrance …. Directing of the highest quality…. Fantastic…….


Watch it!
Then try to breathe again!
Then you kneel down and pray to your god, because you just have witnessed true greatness and perfection!

Unfaithful 3 Trailer

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New pics of Jo are spellbinding and seductive!


Jo never ceases to captivate me. She is surely unique in the way she can appear so appealingly innocent and fresh faced one moment, and incredibly sophisticated and seductive the next. These brand new pics are just pure SEX!

Catch up with Jo’s latest sexual adventures at - there’s always something new there to surprise, delight and arouse you!


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Dance like a sexy Brazilian

Occasionally you come across one of those random videos on the internet that people are sharing like wildfire. I have no idea who this girl is, but she certainly knows how to control that body of hers!

Here’s your chance to practice your moves. Copy this babe and you’ll be a hit on the dance-floor in no time!

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Awards for Unfaithful 2 and a trailer

In the run up to the release of Unfaithful 6, we’re looking back on the previous titles in the series.

British porn industry trade mag, ETO (Erotic Trade Only) awarded Unfaithful 2 with their "Movie of the Month" award and if we were to sum their review up in a word: “Unmissable”.

Here is their review of the Late Night Film: Unfaithful 2

"Such intensity is rare in porn, as is such attention to quality. It'd be wrong to say Thomas' latest transcends porn, but this is certainly something out of the ordinary.

Stepping away from so many cliches and offering a story that almost exists as more than just an excuse for women to take their clothes off, Unfaithful 2 manages to conquer other girl-girl productions by actually making it seem like these women are having sex for each other, not for the camera.

And of course that just heightens the love making and ironically pumps the voyeur factor for the viewer off the scale. Unmissable."

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New academic journal celebrates porn!


Hmmm…. a new academic journal titled ‘Porn Studies’, to be launched by publisher Routledge next year, promises to be "the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to critically explore those cultural products and services designated as pornographic.” Okay, but will it have dirty pictures?

I definitely like reading porn… but I’m not so sure I like reading about porn.

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New lesbian star Tess earns Jo’s approval!

We all felt new babe Tess was something special when we shot her with Cindy Hope in Legal Lesbian Seduction, and now it seems she’s caught Jo’s eye too!

These shots, from a scene called ‘Betrayal’ on, capture naughty Jo cheating on her girlfriend Eve Angel with the irresistible Tess. You can literally feel the lust as they tear into each other in a room flooded with beautiful natural light. Jo certainly shows impeccable taste in the girls she chooses to seduce!

We love Tess so much we’ve given her a starring role in a forthcoming movie. Look out for her with fan favourite Eufrat in Intimacy – a Lesbian Affair, coming soon!

4857-012 4857-033 4857-074 4857-085

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Crew Cameos: Sex Wives and Video Tape

This one is probably one of the most popular crew cameos in a Viv Thomas movie, although probably not quite as funny as getting cum on his face, ex-crew member Mates is seen here alongside Viv as one of two Portuguese Police Officers.

We got the costumes wrong unfortunately, but that’s not important, what is important is the spot-on accents – “Eh-Pah-droppa-de-fucking-god-damn-gun-pah!” and the sheer rookie-terror on Mates as he realizes he is about to make his first kill.

“Eh-pah shoot the bastard!” Viv tells him. What with all the confusion who could blame him?

Spunk L Davis picks up the story:

Watching this again I had a big grin on my face, it was great fun shooting that movie, really great fun. I was still pretty wet behind the ears in those days, in fact it was only the third or forth time I had shot for Viv.

I remember Mia Stone was really into the whole free-sex thing, first fucking one guy, then fucking another guy, then falling in love, then falling out of love, just driving everyone nuts. She is a true nympho. As Angie says in the movie “Men are so fucking stupid.” Aren’t we just.

The best thing about this movie was that after we wrapped Viv gave me a very special bottle of vino from 1980 which he had been saving. Sweet!

Clip from Sex Wives & Videotape

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43 seconds of Blue Angel

Everybody loves a winner, right? Well Blue Angel has been winning the stakes for years in European Porn. Check out 43 seconds of pure Blue Angel deliciousness.

On first inspection this young bundle of Hungarian beauty comes across shy, cute and every bit as angelic as her name would suggest. But peel back the luscious layers and this 5 foot 5 inch babe reveals the horny, sex mad minx within.

A former gymnast, Blue Angel can bend in ways that would make your eyes water and her supple body is toned, firm and tight in all the right places. Soft puffy nipples reside on her pert 32b breasts and her rock hard edible rump could crack coal and produce a diamond in one cute clench.

Her personality is playful, quirky and infectious to the point where everyone around her becomes putty in her ever so inquisitive hands. It’s safe to say Blue Angel is the ultimate VT girl.

She has starred in almost 25 Viv Thomas titles – here are a few to whet your whistle.

vt195-front-800 vt168-800-front vt188-front-800 vt220-front-800 vt184-800-front vt192-front-800 vt173-front-800

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READ MORE releases “Unfaithful”


Here’s a blast from the past. Have a look at the trailer for Unfaithful 1 starring Lisa, Nella and Peaches and then after the jump, read the original blog post that launched the first Unfaithful film.

Algarve Portugal September 19, 2006 today announced the DVD release of "Unfaithful" as originally suggested by a fan.

It was suggested on the Lezlove forum some time ago that lesbian erotica had got stuck into a kind of "paint-by-numbers formula". You-do-me-I-do-you, couch sex, interruptive background music, long lingering close-ups of vagina's, multiple position changes, and different pairings of girls were all ‘the norm' and way over utilized.

Well, Viv Thomas came to me and said he wanted (once again) to do something different. Alas we have "Unfaithful." Two real-life bisexual girls were cast (Nelly and Lisa), and I began to write a film about a relationship, which on the surface seemed perfect, but one girl was hiding a guilty secret. It's all set in a psychologist's office, as Lisa relays personal information about her relationship with her young lover, Nelly, and their sex-life together.

I wanted to put the girls in three scenes, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night, set over an unknown period of time. This way we could see them do all kinds of different things to each other without cramming it into one scene. What was most important was that I wanted to see these two girls enjoy themselves. Neither Viv nor I wanted to get in the way of that.

The result was electric. These girls wanted each other and it was obvious. Every kiss is shared with real passion, every orgasm is absolutely genuine (see Lisa explode into an uncontrollable fit of laughter after her first orgasm in the outtakes). Every movement they make is natural, every intimate moment of eye contact is authentic. During the making of this scene I saw an affection grow between the girls which I'd never really seen on a movie set. It gives the film a feel of authenticity which is impossible to fake. The film also guest stars Peaches, in a surprise twist in the tale revealed at the end of the film.

-Spunk L Davis


Lisa seems to have made the perfect catch. Her lover, Nelly is nine years younger than her, beautiful, funny, committed, and completely in love with her. But something’s just not right. In between bouts of intense, passionate lovemaking, Lisa is hiding a secret guilt which she can’t bear to reveal.

CAST: Lisa / Nelly / Peaches. DVD Extras: Outtakes 2 bonus scenes>

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Nella – super star lesbian porn model

A few snippets of the time we spent making movie magic with Nella. She ended up appearing in 17 of our films and shooting almost 30 photo sets. My guess is, if she hadn’t retired from hardcore lesbian pornography, we would still be working with her.

Yes, she was THAT popular. Check her model page on

Nella and tori Zara giving Nella the giggles Is that a punch? :) Nella and Lisa - what a couple! Lisa, Trisha Brill, Eve Angel and Nella

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Cum facial, anyone?


We’re all familiar with the porno term ‘cum facial’, meaning a splurt of jizz to the face, but apparently you can get actual sperm facials in beauty salons in New York. It seems spermine, an organic compound found in sperm, is a potent antioxidant.

That’s all very well, but ladies – if you’re going to get a spunky face, wouldn’t you rather have the fun of harvesting it straight from the source? Check out our extensive catalogue of boy-girl movies if you need some inspiration…

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Sex therapy, puppet style!

This is awesome! ‘Felt’ is a new therapy show on LOGO TV that uses the real voices of lesbian, gay and straight couples working through sexual issues, but with puppets re-enacting the visuals. It somehow manages to be touching, heartfelt, sweet and very funny (c’mon, they’re puppets!) all at the same time. I couldn’t look away… it did give me some weird nightmares about puppet sex though!

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OH HELL YES, Jo you look amazing!


Jo does it again. Every time she sends me new content to prepare for I can’t wait to see what she has managed to come up with – and I’m never disappointed.

Now as I’ve said quite a few times in my posts, I am a fan of stockings. So when I saw this picture from an upcoming set I couldn’t contain my excitement… thank goodness for a big desk!

This set is going live soon and is entitled Whiskey - be sure to keep an eye out for it as it is rapidly becoming one of my favourites.

But I couldn’t help feeling that something was different about Jo. Then I noticed her hair (see girls, us guys can notice these things, sometimes.)

Do you like Jo with her red hair?

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Busty redhead Jaye Rose breaks all the rules!

You know how it is… you mostly drink coffee, but once in a while you crave a cup of English tea. I mostly love the willowy, outdoorsy Czech and Hungarian beauties we shoot, but once in a while a curvy, redhead, larger-than-life sex siren like Brit babe Jaye Rose will catch my eye!

Seeing Jaye’s plump rump jutting out, and her massive tits bursting to be free from a tight corset inspires some very naughty thoughts… check out her pics and see if you think she’s the Best of British!

VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0011 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0025 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0075 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0039 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0030 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0050 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0017

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Deep inside the fight against piracy

fight-piracyWe take piracy pretty seriously. Sure, we’re not naive and don’t dream about piracy disappearing forever but, like any good content producer, we’re not going to sit by and watch everyone steal us blind.

You could argue in a way that piracy is like marketing, but you know… not really. That is what free trailers are for.

For years we have contracted a series of companies to search out and find our content online and to get it taken down through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which helps.

However, what is really helping is the fact that we actively go after people who download our content from torrents sites. Through an intermediary we sue them directly. Initially this was only legal in a few European countries, but recently governments have woken up to the fact and now in many far eastern countries and in the United Kingdom itself we are charging hundreds of illegal downloaders.

Aren’t you excited for us? We even be able to make a few extra movies with the proceeds from these legal actions!

Please remember, if you love our videos and you see it out there on pirated sites, help us report it with this link:

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Hot off the edit suites – new film announced!

The Boy Girl Tapes - licking the shaft

The Boy Girl Tapes – licking the shaft

For all the boy-girl fans, the Viv Thomas team has whipped out another hetero crowd pleaser: “The Boy Girl Tapeslicking the shaft“.

As per usual, the most beautiful girls in Europe get to enjoy some great male stimulation.

Rippling shafts pound pulsating pussies in this boy-girl extravaganza from the renowned European porn team at

Soaking wet boxes take the love muscle all the way, as our girls get drenched in pleasure. Dive straight in and experience roaring waves of hardcore passion yourself!


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Unfaithful 6 – another leaked screenshot

Jo in Unfaithful 6

Leaked screen shot from Unfaithful 6

It looks like Jo has turned to drinking.

Is she drowning her sorrows or just having a good rocking party? If you remember correctly from Unfaithful 5, Eve and her had experienced a blissful holiday in Portugal (even if Lisa hadn’t!)

Where would you like their relationship to go in Unfaithful 6? Bear in mind that Jo had seduced that incredibly sexy cleaner. But Eve doesn’t know that… or does she?

Zafira - the sexy Portuguese cleaner

Zafira – the sexy Portuguese cleaner

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Jenna Jameson – before she was famous!

We love to shoot our beautiful Czech and Hungarian girls – they really are world class stunners – but over the years we have shot a bunch of hotties from other European countries, and a handful of American superstars too. Penny Flame, Felecia and Vivid girl Nikki Tyler all made the trip across the pond to work with us, but surely the biggest name we ever photographed has to be Jenna Jameson.

In those days I was doing most of the make-up for shoots (nowadays I’m too busy running the house, the gardens, the catering and the styling!) and I remember Jenna being very cute, sweet and funny. She was beginning to get well-known, but far from the global megastar she became. Of course these pics look dated now – it was a long time ago – but I think they really capture her charm… and her ability to bend that lithe body into some impressive positions!

VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0014 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0018 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0014 (1) VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0024 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0007 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0039 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0033 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0020

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Lovely long legs and sexy feet!

Those of you who have followed our work for a few years will be aware that Viv’s fetish for beautiful long legs and sexy feet is perfectly matched by my obsession with gorgeous shoes! Some classic titles like The Sole Collector (featuring Sandy and Sophie Moon) and Memoirs of a Foot Fetishist (starring Rita Faltoyano) are among our best selling movies – I think Viv’s passion for his subject makes for some amazing chemistry.

Mature Brit hottie Cindy Read is the latest leg sex siren to command our attention – she has such beautiful feet, and shapely long legs that tempt you to lick all the way up… the pics and video of Cindy spreading her long legs have just gone live!

VivThomas_Lovely-Long-Legs_Cindy-Read_low_0024 VivThomas_Lovely-Long-Legs_Cindy-Read_low_0041 VivThomas_Lovely-Long-Legs_Cindy-Read_low_0044 VivThomas_Lovely-Long-Legs_Cindy-Read_low_0005

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Classic Viv Thomas babes: Stella Stevens

You know that girl that was calling you to join Viv Thomas for the past year or so? Oh, you don’t, ok it’s THIS girl:

stella stevens

In her heyday she was one of the most sought after models in Europe, and you can see why with that beautiful face, gorgeous willowy figure and legs that just curve like an alpine road… all the way to nirvana.

We love Stella Stevens and it seems like she enjoys us too. A year or so ago, she invited the crew around to her house for lunch and damn, was she still looking fit! What a babe. Enjoy Stella Stevens on

Stella Stevens in 2006 Stella Stevens in 2006 Stella Stevens in 2006 Stella Stevens, Sandy and Gina B Stella Stevens, Sandy and Gina B Stella Stevens, Sandy and Gina B

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Late nights on the set of Return of Sandy

These were golden moments in lesbian porn …the Viv Thomas crew sitting on a bed, chatting with Sandy and Sophie Moone late at night (way after Viv had gone to bed) about life, sex and dildos (what else?).

They take a bet that the other girls are not fucking at this very moment, and hell… are the boys in for a surprise.

These were golden moments on location and every minute of this film deserves to be absorbed and remembered for all time…

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Lexi Lowe – busty British babe!


Wow – how hot has Lexi Lowe turned out! When we first shot her, she was a cute, fun, very promising model. Now she’s gained some experience and developed some extremely impressive pussy-eating skills, Lexi has developed into nothing less than a porn goddess!

If you want to enjoy some solo fun with our stunning star of Story of She 2, check out these brand new pics and video and see Lexi masturbate to a sticky climax under the scorching Portuguese sun!

VivThomas_Getting-Hot_Lexi-Lowe_low_0023 VivThomas_Getting-Hot_Lexi-Lowe_low_0047 VivThomas_Getting-Hot_Lexi-Lowe_low_0056

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A quick look back at The Return of Sandy

It’s wonderful to revisit older titles and this one is extremely special: “The Return of Sandy”

Watch five stunning porn queens go at each other like sex-starved, pussy carving nymphettes on heat. These young, firm, all-star babes suck, finger-fuck and eat tight wet pussy until the sun goes down. Unplanned, unscripted and on-heat, these girls are so fit and sexually charged you’ll make yourself sore. An all time classic.

In this three minute long free trailer, Sandy introduces us to the girls on location:

  • Sophie Moone
  • Sandra Shine
  • Jo
  • Sophie Paris

Wouldn’t you love to have joined in?

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10 reasons why Nicole Smith is our hottest new star

Here are 10 reasons why we here at VivThomas love Nicole Smith.

Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith

What do you guys think of Nicole?

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The perfect bottom?


Viv loves shooting Czech beauty Suzie Carina – he says she has the best bottom ever. Do you agree with him? These brand new pics and video of Suzie have just gone live, if you want to check her out a little more closely.

Who has your rear of the year… or even the rump you’d most like to pump?


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One of our most underrated films?

Recently a few members of our free forum (where you can discuss anything about porn with a bunch of friendly porn aficionados), noted how underrated they felt “Portrait of a Lesbian” is.

Portrait of a Lesbian features Jo as a writer of erotic fiction. The winner of our Babe of the Year Award in 2008 stars as well. Yep, I’m referring to ZARA who has presented riveting performances in 14 of our films. That’s quite impressive for such a shy girl!

Check out the trailer and tell me… Do you think Portrait of a Lesbian is underrated?

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Sex robot steals car ad!

I love fast cars, but not nearly as much as I love hot girls. I can’t really comment on the new Kia Forte 2014, because I couldn’t take my eyes off the sexy babe in the commercial, Alyssa Campanella, for long enough to look at the car! The former Miss USA 2011 plays a ‘Hotbot’ in the ad, which aired during this year’s Super Bowl. The implication being that if you drive this car, you might also get lucky with a super-strong Sexbot who will rock your world until her batteries go flat. Lucky dude…


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5 quick shots with Zara

Zara Zara Zara Zara Zara

Zara was quite an unusual find for us. We thought she was a beautiful girl, yet a little too shy for a porn star. Imagine our surprise when she shot to the top of the charts in our 2009 Babe of the Year online voting poll.

She won it in the end and true to Zara shyness, she declined when prompted for a speech.

Find out why she was such a worthy winner by browsing through our store and watching all the free video trailers of the FOURTEEN Viv Thomas films she has been in.

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Are handful-sized breasts best?


Oops! Seems like I caused a bit of a stir by suggesting that huge natural hooters were the greatest thing ever. Plenty of you were quick to jump to the defence of perky palm-sized boobs, not to mention itty bitty titties.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Sandra Shine‘s fabulous natural funbags though. Sandra has an amazing body, and her perfectly proportioned breasts look and feel awesome – trust me, I have copped a feel on many occasions! I love their slightly upturned tilt, as if her nipples are searching for the attention they deserve…

I just can’t get enough of Sandra, which may be one of the reasons why we have shot her so many times – so far we’ve racked up an impressive

  • 69 scenes
  • 83 photo sets
  • 25 movies

…and I still want more more more! Check out Sandra’s beautiful boobs (not to mention her pretty face, peachy bottom and lovely long legs) and tell me if she makes your top ten list!


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    Gladian 1 hour ago

    A really great opportunity lost in this one sided show.Sadly Sandra has gone missing.

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    Watched again - it's hot, Blue commits totally as always, and Helena also opens herself up completely to the pleasure., Thank you Sandra ! And Blue and Helena.

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    The mystery of the disappearing jeans!!

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    Nik Fox makes good movies.

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    Most of the models I have worked with are extremely health conscious, they eat well and exercise. And our production teams take great care to ensure the models are well looked after while on location.

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    Let me catch my breath. Unbelievable Sandra. First off, how could anyone sit on this for ten days? I bet employees were exchanging photos all week. Not only Sarah Cute an instant favorite on her back showing herself off like a kitten licking herself, but then Ivy Rein on her 5'10" back, legs spread and looking really good. They were not only directed correctly but they were showing that new or not these two ladies belong together. I just realized Ivy has breasts, beautiful breasts. I just now got up that high. We can all have different tastes, but this is mine. Nailed it!!!!!

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    One of your best pairings; the girls are natural, affectionate, loving and the sexual techniques are excellent.

    One thought you could do a week long series of sexual trysts with the same girls in different positions, styles and sensual and erotic positions.

    You can tell from the girls' hair how healthy they are as well as their hormonal levels. If they were on paleo type diets with lots of organic greens and healthy fish, meat, culinary herbs as well as an athletic workout routine the sex would be even better. From what I have seen on scenes the diets are not premium, with substandard cheap food. You are what you eat to a great extent in terms of health.

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    I'm not sure how they match up girls. One trend I definitely don't like is the mom porn, with older, usually "enhanced" models being matched with younger ones. I also don't care for the slight and undeveloped girls; the standard should be healthy, nothing fake, loving sex. If the models and others are on organic whole food diets, athletic, they will naturally know what loving affectionate sex is and that is beautiful.

    Thanks for the inexpensive access to the site, one of the better ones with the other Met Art sites. Beautiful women are a strong motivator in life. Let's all try to be free of drugs, both legal and illegal, and limit alcohol to quality beverages in moderation.

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    The "Support" button that appears at bottom left of your screen when you scroll. Or you can email :-)

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