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Tea J hanging naked from a tree

Photoshoot hanging naked from a tree

A while ago we did a Halloween shoot, where smoking hot Czech babe, Tea J, ended up hanging from a gnarly old olive tree.

The contrast between the old, grey, crusty branches and Tea J’s smooth silky skin is phenomenal.

Don’t you think?

Tea J - hanging naked from a tree Tea J - hanging naked from a tree Tea J - hanging naked from a tree Tea J - hanging naked from a tree Tea J - hanging naked from a tree Tea J - hanging naked from a tree Tea J - hanging naked from a tree

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Unsung sex star – Natalia Forrest


So, we were talking about sexy girls here at Viv Thomas Mansions… nothing unusual there! We got on to the subject of girls who we think deserve a lot more attention, and the name that popped into my head was Natalia Forrest.

This British Asian beauty has it all going on - a gorgeous face, fabulous body (oh, those long legs and smooth, plump pussy!) and enticing personality. Check out her pics and videos and see if you agree.

Who is your favourite unsung sex star?

VivThomas_Natalia_Natalia-Forrest_low_0016 VivThomas_Cate-Harrington--Natalia-Forest_Cate-Harrington--Natalia-Forrest_low_0034 VivThomas_Natalia_Natalia-Forrest_low_0046 VivThomas_Natalia_Natalia-Forrest_low_0053 VivThomas_Natalia_Natalia-Forrest_low_0075

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A sneak peek behind the scenes at Leila – A Lesbian Fantasy


Here are a few behind the scenes shots from our forthcoming movie Leila – A Lesbian Fantasy. I think you can tell this is quite an action-packed movie, starring some of our most popular girls as well as a total newbie. If you don’t already know the story, Leila was a fan who we gave the opportunity to have sizzling lesbian sex with five of our hottest stars. The results were quite simply sensational.

Check out the trailer and see what I mean…

20-4872-089 06-4871-125 15-4871-008 10-4869-015 14-4870-064 Leila and Blue Angel 18-4872-001 03-4868-142

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Lorena Garcia (from Spain)

lorena garcia

Lorena Garcia on set with Viv Thomas

Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia is a ravishingly beautiful woman from the enchanting island of Palma de Majorca. When those words roll off her tongue, one nearly collapses with desire. Seriously!

Her smoky Spanish accent could launch a thousand ships, just with those three words: Palma de Majorca. Shivers run down my spine just thinking about it.

lorena garcia solo

Lorena Garcia poses for a solo set

So where can you hear her speak? Well I conducted a sweet little twelve minute interview with her this summer, while she was in-between takes on Club Pink Velvet 3. Here is a little snippet to get your juices boiling.

Lorena Garcia’s porn career

Now you have heard her speak, let’s talk about Lorena Garcia and her porn career. One needs to be a little bit careful here as she isn’t strictly a porn star, but an erotic model. She started off in the capable hands of some good solid nude sites like MetArt and then after a few years she seemed to want more of this fascinating lifestyle. She gravitated over to some sensual girl/girl scenes with MetArt’s sister site SexArt and then it was a natural progression over to us here at Viv Thomas.

If memory serves, her first lesbian porn video was for SexArt and it involved Silvia Deluxe in a Spanish lesson. I told you her accent could get anyone going!

Lorena Garcia on set with Viv Thomas

We had just concluded the last links for Waves of Desire and we were all having dinner on location on Tavira Island. Naturally this was at our good friend’s restaurant called “Sal Restaurant” and Lorena Garcia arrived with Avril (Viv’s wife, whom you SHOULD know by now from this blog :) ).

Avril was literally gushing over how absolutely gorgeous Lorena was. The crew was just… uhh… dumbstruck. We nodded sagely in agreement with Avril, all following Lorena’s every step as she sat down next to us and started to entertain the entire table with her lively and fun personality.

Every time someone asked where she was from she would say Palma de Majorca and I would trip or choke or just pause mid sentence, mouth agape. Now this isn’t a travel blog about Palma de Majorca but if anyone is an ambassador for the island, it’s Lorena Garcia!

Lorena Garcia with champagne

Lorena Garcia with champagne

The pool cleaners: Tess & Lorena Garcia

Early the next morning Tess and Lorena Garcia were tasked with cleaning Viv’s pool (which was now masquerading as the main hotel pool for the Club Pink Velvet resort). Naturally they enter into a little, how does one put ithorseplay.

The lesbian hotel workers end up completely naked rolling around in the cool pool waters and pleasuring each other under the sun. What could be more natural on a Viv Thomas shoot?

lorena garcia pool clean

A now clean pool with Viv’s dog undoing all her work.

Eve Angel teaches Lorena to surf

The next day Eve Angel arrived for another morning shoot and proceeded to educate Lorena in the pleasures of…

Surfing. Ok… and lesbian lovemaking.


Lorena learns to surf

As you can see Eve Angel was an excellent tutor and had Lorena up and riding in no time at all. :)

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Lorena and we can’t wait to do it again. I’m sure you’re looking forward to her Viv Thomas scenes as well, right? You’re about to see a lot of Lorena Garcia right here!

Have you seen her before this post?

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Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond in Stockings and Lace 2


I love the way this scene of Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond from our new movie Stockings and Lace 2 showcases their perfect bodies so well. These two pretty girls are well matched in body shape (I think the operative word here is flawless) as well as temperament (naughty fun) and sexual appetite (voracious)!

The sexy stockings are just the icing on a particularly delicious cake. Enjoy!

VivThomas_Simply-Stunning_Nicole-Smith--Viktoria-Diamond_low_0051 VivThomas_Simply-Stunning_Nicole-Smith--Viktoria-Diamond_low_0087 VivThomas_Simply-Stunning_Nicole-Smith--Viktoria-Diamond_low_0125 VivThomas_Simply-Stunning_Nicole-Smith--Viktoria-Diamond_low_0120 VivThomas_Simply-Stunning_Nicole-Smith--Viktoria-Diamond_low_0116

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Ten hot shots of Ivana Sugar!


With a scorching new scene of Ivana Sugar coming soon in our much-anticipated lesbian movie Club Pink Velvet 1, what better time to celebrate the blonde bombshell with a few choice pics of her in action?

The Ukrainian hottie has already made quite an impression on us, most recently in a very stirring scene with fan favourite Blue Angel for Licking the Velvet, and in a scorching boy-girl fuckfest for Art of Sex 2. Her appeal is quite simple to explain: Ivana LOVES sex!

17-4843-033 VivThomas_A-Mans-Touch_Ivana-Sugar_low_0038 VivThomas_Licking-the-Velvet---Blue-Angel--Ivana-Sugar_Blue-Angel--Ivana-Sugar_low_0095 VivThomas_Womans-Touch_Ivana-Sugar--Zara-A_low_0064 VivThomas_Ivana-Sugar_Ivana-Sugar_low_0068 07-4843-113 VivThomas_The-Art-of-Sex-2---Ivana--Matt_Ivana-Sugar_low_0058 VivThomas_The-Art-of-Sex-2---Ivana--Matt_Ivana-Sugar_low_0040 VivThomas_Ivana-Sugar_Ivana-Sugar_low_0061

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Vera – which is her sexiest style?


I don’t think any model we’ve ever shot has changed their style as many times as Vera – or looked so good each time.

Whether long haired or short, straight or curly, blonde, brunette or black-haired, this sexual dynamo has always looked irresistible – and fucked up a storm. No wonder you guys and girls love her so much!

Which scene do you think captures Vera at her very best?

VivThomas_Vera--Carmen_Carmen-A--Vera-A_low_0015 VivThomas_Nelly-and-Vera-on-the-set-of-Office-Girls-2_Nella-A--Vera-A_low_0009 VivThomas_Vera---satin-sheets_Vera-A_low_0022 VivThomas_Vera---brunette-back-from-the-archives_Vera-A_low_0031 VivThomas_Vera--Danika_Danika-A--Vera-A_low_0043 VivThomas_Cayenne--Vera_Cayenne-A--Vera-A_low_0035

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The changing face of beauty – in porn!


I’m loving this Huff Post story showing Cosmo covers over the past six decades, and how our idea of beauty has changed. The same is certainly true in the adult entertainment world. As makeup artist and stylist at, I was responsible for some of the most heinous crimes against fashion we committed – we thought it was so stylish back then though!

These days we prefer a more natural look… except for hairy pussies of course, I don’t think they will be making a comeback any time soon! Here are a few blasts from the past for you to feast your eyes on – I’m happy to say the girls still look super-hot anyway!

VivThomas_Debbie_Debbie-Carrigan_low_0017 VivThomas_Claire_Claire-B_low_0038 VivThomas_Jenna_Jenna-Jameson_low_0014 VivThomas_Patsy_Patsy-A_low_0028 VivThomas_Louise_Louise-A_low_0010 VivThomas_Lana_Lana-Cox_low_0022 VivThomas_Natasha_Natasha-C_low_0039

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Rebekah Teasdale – what a babe

rebekah teasdale

Rebekah Teasdale early career

Rebekah Teasdale is an incredibly beautiful Anglo-Portuguese girl that Viv Thomas shot in July and September 1999 at the age of 20.

Viv flew her to Portugal and that summer must have been a really busy one, as they returned with over ten photo sets and enough material for a film entitled “Babes Abroad” which was made in conjunction with the top shelf magazine Men Only.

Rebekah Teasdale’s solo scene from that film was eventually re-released in a newer film “UK vs Europe” where Eastern European models were pitted against their UK counterparts. The film included fellow Page Three girl, Adele Stephens, and Natasha Vale.

A classic porn scene

It’s a classic porn scene where her (wait for it!) car breaks down and she has to bide her time until the mechanic arrives. Naturally young Rebekah has a big shiny dildo handy and proceeds to pleasure herself… as you would.

You know… being by the side of the road is dead boring and what better way to liven it up than a nice slow masturbation session?

“Page Three” success

Rebekah Teasdale became really successful as a Page Three model rocketing to success in “The Sun” and “The Daily Star” in the United Kingdom. Thereafter she pursued journalism and TV presenting before finally ending up as a kick ass DJ – named DJ Rebekah.

It’s great to see our models achieving such wonderful success and we wish her all the best.

Rebekah nude

Here are a few nude photos from her glorious past as a model for Viv Thomas.

Rebekah Teasdale Rebekah Teasdale Rebekah Teasdale Rebekah Teasdale Rebekah Teasdale Rebekah Teasdale

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Top Ten Babes On Viv

Number 10

Zuzana Number 10

Zuzana Number 10

Zuzana has always been popular with our fans, so it’s no surprise that she is in the top ten. Her enthusiasm in lesbian porn scenes was always bound to make her lots of friends.

Number 9

Cipriana Number 9

Cipriana Number 9

A firm favourite among our film crew as well as the fans, Cipriana is one of the newer girls who has captured our hearts with her performances.

Regularly seen on she has great chemistry with all her partners and most recently was in one of the best scenes we ever filmed when she was seduced by Jo in the movie Unfaithful 6.

Number 8

Suzie Carina Number 8

Suzie Carina Number 8

Suzie just oozes sex appeal. She is a stunning, modern-day Aphrodite. One look and you are under her spell. Check out one of the best photo sets we have ever shot featuring Suzie Carina. I can see why she has broken into the top ten.

Number 7

Peaches Number 7

Peaches Number 7

It is a testament to how good Peaches was that even after 5 years of inactivity, she is still in the top ten.

It is not hard to see why, with her incredible body and personality she was always going to be popular, but add in the fact she was also a great performer and you have a winning combination.

Number 6

Nella Number 6

Nella – number 6

As with Peaches it shows you just how good Nella was that she is still one of our fans’ favourites. Nella’s crowning glory comes with the Unfaithful Series showcasing the ups and downs of the relationship she has with Lisa.

The Unfaithful Series was a stunning success bringing in a whole new raft of fans and starting a series of movies ending with the recently released sixth installment.

Number 5

Sophie Moone Number 5

Sophie Moone Number 5

If you ask anyone here at Viv Thomas Headquarters who they think was the most beautiful model, the answer would be unanimous.

Luckily for us, Sophie was naturally beautiful and a great model and so she quickly became part of the ”Golden Generation”.

Number 4

Vera Number 4

Vera Number 4

Our little pocket rocket! The model with the Mouth. We just knew Vera would be on this list for personality alone. She may be small but what she lacks in stature, she sure does make up in attitude (all good of course).

Number 3

Eufrat Number 3

Eufrat Number 3

It’s good that we listen to our fans here at Viv Thomas, because if we didn’t we may not have brought back Eufrat.

There is no doubting she is a fabulous model and utterly stunning. However a few years ago her performances left a little to be desired, but we listened to our fans and brought her back.

Boy, are we glad we did! Eufrat has matured into a brilliant performer as her scenes in Legal Lesbian Seduction and Intimacy show. I am sure we will look forward to more of her in future Viv Thomas productions.

Number 2

Eve Angel Number 2

Eve Angel Number 2

12 years, yes you read that right, 12 years! Eve has been in the VT family that long and we couldn’t be happier about that.

She is one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace our site. Eve just gets more and more beautiful with each passing year. Fans cannot get enough of her and her love affair with Jo.

If you are a fan of Eve you need to visit where she has numerous scenes with Jo. When those two are together it’s a match made in porn heaven!

Number 1

Jo Number 1

Jo Number 1

Well this is a shock isn’t it. Jo at number 1… who would have guessed that? Jo is synonymous with Viv Thomas, think VT and she won’t be too far from your thoughts, I call her the first lady of VT (sorry Avril).

Jo is so popular we started a website with her, where all her inner thoughts and fantasies are played out in well produced and utterly erotic surroundings. Jo is always going to be number one on our site and in our hearts.

So guys, do you agree with this? Is someone on there that shouldn’t be or someone who should be in the top 10?

Tell me what you think.

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Taylor Shay : new girl on the block

Taylor Shay

Taylor poses for Viv Thomas

Taylor Shay: originally from South Africa

Taylor Shay is originally from South Africa, now living in the UK, and when she contacted us through our Viv Thomas Facebook page our babe radars immediately blipped.

Viv Thomas scheduled a meet up with her while he was in London on rugby tour business and he was most impressed by what he saw. Needless to say he hired her on the spot and she was scheduled right into our summer movie of the year: “Waves of Desire“.

A fun model on location

Taylor has a great sun-drenched beach babe look and was ideal for the part. Not to mention the fact that she is really relaxed in front of the camera. She often suggested lines here and there and eventually when we needed the girls to chat about nothing in particular she opened up and rattled on for ages…

…and ages.

Just kidding! She was wonderful and really relaxed in front of the camera and a lovely girl to have on location too.

It’s impressive when a model has to get up at 4am for a super early morning beach shoot (along with Nicole Smith) and doesn’t complain at all! Nice one, Taylor :)


Judging by this picture though, she seemed pretty impressed by gorgeous Czech babe, Tracy Lindsay. Don’t you think? Tess doesn’t look too happy about it either! :)

Taylor Shay photo slideshow

We have collected a few images of Taylor Shay, just so you can get to know her before she blasts onto the screen in “Waves of Desire” (our follow up to “Tides of Lust“) which will be out in a few months.

Nicole Smith, Taylor Shay and Eve Angel Taylor Shay Taylor Shay Taylor Shay Taylor Shay Taylor Shay and Eve Angel Taylor Shay and Eve Angel

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Suzie Carina spreads her lovely legs for our new lingerie movie!


I’ve raved on more than one occasion about Czech beauty Suzie Carina‘s perfect ass (considered by Viv – who is quite the connoisseur – to be “the best bum in the business”). But have I ever mentioned her fantastic legs? It’s not surprising, given how obsessed with shoes I am, that I have very high standards when it comes to leg models.

Suzie ticks every box for me – she’s slender, elegant, and naughty as hell when she wants to be! It’s always a thrill to see a girl this gorgeous spread her lovely long legs for the camera. In our new movie Stockings and Lace 2 you can see Suzie pair up with Rebecca More for some juicy pussy-eating and steamy office sex play.

Stockings and Lace 2 is available on download and HD download now, or to pre-order on DVD from our store. Here are a few classic shots of Suzie’s perfect pins to whet your appetite…

VivThomas_Suzie-Carina_Suzie-Carina_low_0052 VivThomas_Suzie-Carina_Suzie-Carina_low_0013 VivThomas_Leg-Lovers_Cindy-Read--Kitty-Cat--Lexi-Lowe_low_0007 VivThomas_Leg-Lovers_Cindy-Read--Kitty-Cat--Lexi-Lowe_low_0008 VivThomas_Celebrating-the-Deal_Rebecca-More--Suzie-Carina_low_0011 VivThomas_The-Best-Ass_Suzie-Carina_low_0004 VivThomas_Suzie-Carina_Suzie-Carina_low_0032 VivThomas_Siren-in-Black_Suzie-Carina_low_0047 VivThomas_Siren-in-Black_Suzie-Carina_low_0025

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Masters of Sex trailer

Racy new Showtime series Masters of Sex tells the fascinating and at times bizarre story of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, pioneers of the science of human sexuality. This trailer for the show, which is… ahem… coming in September, reminded me just how much sexual freedom most of us enjoy these days. This looks like the perfect blend of drama, humour and masturbation to keep me entertained!


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Sexy surfer’s booty-shaking warm up!

Surfer Anastasia Ashley is the latest hot sports babe to set the internet alight with her warm up routine. You all remember the video of hurdler Michelle Jenneke that went viral, right? Now 26-year-old Ashley’s pre-comp twerking has us all staring at her perfect ass…


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Deep inside the Viv Thomas production team

Our crew is hard at work, as usual, but right now, they’re slobbering slaving over a clutch of exceptionally amazing content. Check out this 6 second Vine video and I’ll break it down for you.

Ok. Firstly, make sure you play this Vine Video with the soundtrack off. Don’t ask me why. Just do it.