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Tess – A New Star

Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess

Here is a little treat for you guys. Ten FREE images of the stunning Tess from her latest sets on Titled Serenity it is not to be missed, especially if you are a fan of hers.

Don’t you think she looks stunning?

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Tracy Lindsay - a stunning debut!

Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay Tracy Lindsay

Something special is coming to very soon. Tracy Lindsay makes her debut on the Viv Thomas site in a stunning outdoor scene in early October. The video is scintillatingly hot and not to be missed - Hugo Boss says it is: ”The best solo he has ever filmed or seen.” Praise indeed!

The photos are exceptional too. When you see it, you can’t help but go ”PHWAOR!!!” (if you’re a Brit… I’m guessing our US pals will go with WOWWW!!) Every picture shows Tracy Lindsay’s incredible beauty. She’s an absolute knockout. Viv really outdid himself with the capture of what has now become my favourite photoset. I’m sure you will agree that it’s outstanding.

Trust me when I say YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT.

It seems Penthouse agree with me as they snapped it up when we sent them samples so be sure to look out for that.

Tracy is now live on Let us know what you thought of her, either in the comments below or on the comments.

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Porn blogger called Avril

A top porn blogger

I’d just like to thank Avril.

Publicly, and not just for being a top porn blogger.

For years she has been blogging away over here on the Viv Thomas blog. Maybe we should rename it in her honour! Avril the porn blogger dot com?

Cue some bright and crazy person off to register (whoops, we’ve already done it!). *No, and before you ask, this does not mean that Avril is going to launch a new career as a MILF.

Viv tweeted a little word of praise the other day and a couple of our fans picked up on it, which was a lovely sentiment.

Avril started contributing to our porn blog a few years ago and she has really got damn good. So here’s a takeaway for all you aspiring porn bloggers and writers. Write long and write often, just like Avril, and you too can succeed.

Avril is still a core member of our company and is heavily involved in dressing the models. Who else would tie such a beautiful knot for Nicole Smith in “Waves of Desire” in between her almost daily bouts as our porn blogger.

Avril dressing Nicole Smith Nicole Smith

Not to go on about Waves of Desire (by the way what DID you think of that trailer?), but do you think these VIP sun beds really look like that on Tavira Island? I mean on a normal day, do you think that they look like Arabian Palaces?

I was more than flabbergasted when I took time out from organizing the links up at the Xiri Beach Bar and sprinted down to the sun beds to see how Avril was coming along.

What a transformation.

VIP lounger avril ferrying palm trees vip beach lounger sun bed

Avril doesn’t just rub oil on beautiful babes, hang out with smoking hot porn stars or just do the makeup, she is a serious writer, stylist, travel planner and has a load of input into our productions and our business as a whole.

Avril rubbing oil on Zafira fro "Sirens" Make up on location in California 2006 Nella getting STYLED by Avril (Sirens 2006) Styling on set with Intimacy 2 2006 with Czech babes and Gina B Another bloody golf tournament :) Avril at night golf with Spillum and Viv Avril on set of Pussy in Paradise

Thanks Avril and don’t stop being our top porn blogger! Would you ever like to run a porn blog? Seriously, would you?

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Gina loves Peaches – trailer

Gina B's nipples. Peaches’ boobs. Two stunning models at home having sex. What more could you ask for?

Gina B and Peaches have a legendary chemistry and you can sense how much they really like each other. Submerge yourself in five incredible lesbian scenes dripping with unadulterated pleasure and two smoking hot singles!

Just Peaches and Gina B – no one else, I mean who else would you need, apart from yourself of course :)

Enjoy this one, it’s great classic glam-core at it’s best. Coming soon to the Viv Thomas Shop

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Waves of Desire – scene by scene

Scene 1 – Taylor Shay and Nicole Smith

It was an early start and after waking the girls, a little makeup and a coffee later we drove down to the beach. It was pitch black and our headlights lit up a desolate quay. We felt our way down the pier to where we imagined our boat was waiting and a voice yelled up out of the darkness. They were ready and waiting, so we set off for the island, our wake lighting up the path back to the quayside.

We arrived at a completely deserted beach (which we had previously scouted), set up and shot the links before heading back to base for a properly hot lesbian scene. I think Nicole Smith was happy to take a hot shower after her icy dip in the Atlantic. Poor girl!

Nicole Smith getting oiled up at 5:30am Tracy Lindsay, Nicole Smith and Taylor Shay Nicole Smith - take two without waves... The sex scene later that day.

Scene 2 – Tracy Lindsay and Tess Lyndon

Great lesbian action after Tess and Tracy have been paddling hard all morning. These two worked up a sweat on the river and after being sidetracked by some food, they tuck into each other on a remote river bank. The passion in this scene was explosive… watch as the urgency increased halfway to a rising crescendo of orgasms.

Tess and Tracy arrive on the river bank and get straight to it. Riverside loving.

Scene 3 – Taylor Shay and Nicole Smith

Taylor and Nicole have been hard at work in their beach bar all day, but nothing is going to stop them from a late night tryst.

Late night sex Taylor and Nicole Four stunning breasts

Scene 4 – Nicole Smith and Tess Lyndon

Jilted Tess is keen to get back at Tracy for storming off after their post coital fight on the river. She’s pretty angry after trying to patch things up with Tracy and being rejected again. After an aimless stroll down the beach, she finds Nicole – bored and horny in her palatial VIP sun bed.

Nicole SMith Nothing else quite like this on the beach! Boring life, innit? Tess tucks into those awesome tits. Tess Lyndon and Nicole Smith Tess Lyndon and Nicole Smith Tess Lyndon and Nicole Smith

Scene 5 – Tess and Tracy Lindsay

Finally Tracy makes up with Tess and the next day when she begins to sense that she might lose her again (there’s something fishy about that Nicole girl?), she hatches a plan. A romantic beach fire in the dunes. As the sun sets. What could be better?

Tess Lyndon and Tracy Lindsay Tess Lyndon and Tracy Lindsay, back together at last "Check out this photo I took. No... come closer!" Babes in pool at night. Nice.

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Summer sex movies from VivThomas

The memory of summer sex keeps us all smiling as autumn approaches. What could be finer than the sight of beautiful girls rolling in the sand or splashing around in the sea as they play out their mutual lust?

The tides of summer sex!

Here at VivThomas we’re known for our summer sex blockbusters. Our most recent, and probably our most successful summer sex extravaganza was Tides of Lust. Featuring a stellar cast - Eve Angel, Jo, Nicole Smith, Viktoria Diamond and my major girl-crush Lana - this movie has it all. Surfing, sex in the pool, sex in the sand dunes, stunning locations, a believable storyline and intense sexual chemistry all add up to something quite special. For many fans, the highlight is Viktoria’s scorching seduction of Lana. These two hotties look amazing in their skimpy bikinis, and even better as they eat each other’s pussy on the deserted beach.

summer sex

Lana and Viktoria Diamond – sex in the sand dunes!

We’re all buzzing with anticipation for the follow up to Tides of Lust, titled Waves of Desire. Featuring Nicole Smith with three jaw-droppingly gorgeous newbies, Taylor Shay, Tess Lyndon and Tracy Lindsay, it’s shaping up to be another summer sex classic.

It’s a genre we think we’ve perfected, mainly because we love to shoot it - who wouldn’t enjoy those long, hot days filming spectacular lesbian sex?

Simply the best!

Another movie that had all the elements of a summer sex classic was Simply the Best. This time our favourite lesbian couple, Jo and Eve Angel, were joined by busty Antonya and megastars Sandra Shine and Vera for some sun-drenched sex.

summer sex

Fun on location for Simply the Best

And let’s not forget Prim and Improper, which threw Brandy Smile and the irresistible Blue Angel into the mix. Naughty is the operative word here, as the girls rebel against their upbringing to revel in some juicy summer sex, including a memorable outdoor fourway pussy feast.

summer sex

The girls of Prim and Improper enjoy an alfresco romp

Which do you think is the best of our summer sex movies so far?

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Waves of Desire trailer


You can now buy the “Waves of Desire” download in the Viv Thomas online shop. Good times!

Waves of Desire Trailer

Waves of Desire description

Red hot summer days drive four girls delirious with desire. While waves of passion descend over their idyllic lives, two girls succumb to the sensual allure of deception.

“Waves of Desire” starring

Nicole Smith, Taylor Shay, Tracy Lindsay and Tess Lyndon.

waves of desire trailer

You can read tons more about “Waves of Desire” in our other blog posts that we have written about this hot summer story about two lesbian beach bar owners who meet up with a lesbian Czech couple.

The Czechs, Tracy Lindsay and Tess Lyndon have arrived for a week long holiday and after going through a few difficulties meet up with Taylor Shay and Nicole Smith… who seem perfectly happy.

Read more in our other Waves of Desire blog posts, but firstly, what did you think of the Waves of Desire trailer?

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Lingerie football babe pushes boundaries!

Okay, so it’s not exactly classy… but it is kinda funny. Lingerie Football League star Heather Furr of Chicago Bliss puts her own unique spin on the touchdown celebration. But you know, she already had my attention with that cleavage!

I still have trouble believing lingerie football is even allowed on TV… but I love it anyway.

sports filly

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Nicole Smith’s breasts – more sexy pics!

Nicole Smith's breasts

Nicole Smith unveils her fabulous funbags!

A while ago I wrote this post about the two main reasons I love Nicole Smith. Pretty obvious reasons - those spectacular tits! Nicole Smith’s breasts are just… awe-inspiring.

There are many reasons to love Nicole – her lust for pussy, her habit of flashing in public places – but whenever I think of her, that awesome rack is the first thing that springs to mind!

New pics of Nicole Smith’s breasts!

Of course the photoset and video showcase the rest of Nicole’s fantastic body too, but as you may have already realised, I’m a big fan of her big boobs and that is where my focus tends to lie!

Nicole Smith's breasts Nicole Smith's breasts Nicole Smith's breasts Nicole Smith's breasts

Nicole Smith’s breasts have been a highlight of some of my favourite VivThomas movies lately. Tides of Lust, our massive summer blockbuster, really marked her arrival as a girl to watch. She’ll be making an appearance in the follow-up, Waves of Desire, which will also introduce some outstanding new girls to our fans!

I have a particularly soft spot (okay, wet spot) for Nicole’s scene with Lana in Lesbian Workout, mainly because they both look incredibly cute and pretty, and Lana is also one of my very favourite girls of recent years. That blonde-on-brunette combination gets me every time!

Nicole Smith's breasts

Lana loves Nicole Smith’s breasts too!

But I think the moment when we really knew Nicole Smith’s breasts were a force to be reckoned with was when she bowled Lexi Lowe over in Story of She 2. Lexi is quite the connoisseur of hot pussy, but she was rendered almost speechless by Nicole’s beauty and utter sexiness. It made for a totally believable storyline, which had Lexi captivated by Nicole at first glance.

Nicole Smith's breasts

Lexi Lowe gets her hands on Nicole’s curves

How would you like to get your hands on Nicole Smith’s breasts? Take it from me, they feel really good!

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Lorena Garcia showered in bubbly!


Here’s another one for the “is it art or is it porn?” debate. Well, maybe not… no, this is definitely porn. But do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a shot like this? Especially when distracted by the perfection of Lorena Garcia‘s amazing body!

Check out this video of Spanish beauty Lorena as she showers herself with champagne and fingerfucks her sticky pussy to an intense orgasm, to see exactly why we’re all so crazy about her right now!

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Classic sex star – Nadia aka Pixie

When it comes to considering the classic sex star, Nadia (aka Pixie) was a memorable exception to the rule. Porn mostly revolves around two ideals. One is the all-American babe with huge tits, long blonde hair and a dazzling smile. The other is the slender, willowy, natural Czech or Hungarian beauty we love so much here at Viv Thomas HQ.

Nadia was neither of these things. A tiny (5’1″ in her heels) cutie from the UK with cropped hair and itty-bitty titties, her impish try-anything-once attitude and general air of naughtiness earned her the nickname ‘Pixie’. She didn’t fit the mould at all, and yet she became a classic sex star whose name was on everyone’s lips.

classic sex star

Nadia aka Pixie – a unique porn star

Shooting Nadia as she became a classic sex star

We shot a couple of movies featuring Nadia. In Bubblegum Babes 3 she put on a solo finger-fucking display, fresh-faced and not-quite-so-innocent. Pussy in Paradise followed her exploits as she fucked her way through a succession of stunning girls, in a gorgeous location. Her scene with Cristina Bella is a sensuous delight. Peaches and Gina B also appeared in this movie. Nadia’s interview on location for Pussy in Paradise was extremely entertaining, as she revealed what she liked about kissing, threesomes, having her pussy licked, and fondling Peaches’ nipples!

classic sex star

Nadia takes a licking from Cristina Bella

The photoshoot that in my eyes really proved Nadia was a classic sex star was a threeway with another popular Brit babe, Natasha Vale, and one very lucky guy. Sadly this epic photoshoot was not captured on film! Nadia and Natasha smothered Lee’s cock with licks and kisses from all angles before taking turns to ride it and pleasure each other at the same time. You could tell how much Nadia was getting off, as her nipples were like two hard little diamonds!

classic sex star

Brit babes Nadia and Natasha Vale share a cock!

Who else remembers some of Nadia’s naughty exploits?

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Lisa Queen of VT

As most of you will know, Lisa recently announced her retirement from movies in an interview she did with us here at VivThomas. It’s a decision which I personally think she should reconsider, as she still looks stunning and still performs briliantly, as can be seen in her last movie, Unfaithful 6.

I was just going through her model profile and came across her first two sets, which I thought I would share with you. These photos were taken on 2nd of May 2000. That’s right, 2000. She was sporting blonde hair back then but you can still see those features that make her such a beautiful woman 14 years on!

It’s not often you can say you have worked with a model for 14 years, and what years they have been. Always one of the most popular models, she has become an icon for this company, starring in some of the best lesbian scenes ever filmed (That’s the fan part of me talking now!)

The bath scene with Jo from Pink Velvet 1 is still an iconic scene 11 years after it was released which is a testament to both models.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Unfaithful came along, which is probably her crowning glory. Envisioned as a two-parter, the connection between Lisa and Nella and the success it received meant that a sequel was a no-brainer. The fact that it has now ran for 6 instalments is a testament to Lisa, her acting throughout has brought a pathos and believability to the role.

Her role in Days without Youth was also superbly acted, you could sense her boredom with her husband and her lust for her young houseguest Lola.

She may have been close to 40 but she still rocked our world! I for one would welcome her back onto a VT movie any time as she can still show these young girls how a real woman does it.

Lisa, I salute you!

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Lesbian Seduction from Viv Thomas – N 2

We introduced the theme of lesbian seduction in this post, celebrating the idea of older-younger pairings. It’s been a popular genre here at VivThomas HQ, and I was inspired by some of your responses to watch one of my favourite scenes again.

In Pink Velvet 2, Ella takes full advantage of her outstanding beauty and sophistication to get her sexual kicks. Innocent-but-curious teenager Peaches is the willing target of Ella’s powerful lesbian seduction. When Ella catches Peaches exploring her awakening body, it encourages her to take over the exploration. She starts by fondling those perfect breasts.

lesbian seduction

Ella focuses her lesbian seduction technique on Peaches’ perfect tits

Peaches is shy and hesitant at first. But Ella’s insistent touch, and her stirring pleasure, encourage her to submit. When Ella commands her to take off her panties, the lesbian seduction is complete. Peaches wriggles out of those cotton undies to bare her sweet pussy and peachy bottom.

The lesbian seduction continues – Peaches gets her asshole fingered!

Once her succulent pussy has been thoroughly eaten and deeply fingered, Peaches is ready for another new experience. Ella spread her ass cheeks to give her virgin pucker a good probing with her tongue. When Peaches responds to that with moans of pleasure, Ella goes even further. She slides her finger right up to the knuckles in Peaches’ asshole. Peaches has certainly never been fucked like this before, and rides the fingers in her ass and pussy all the way to orgasm.

lesbian seduction

Peaches gets her ass fingered for the first time!

Ella isn’t done yet though. What lesbian seduction would be complete without the seductress getting her own orgasm? It’s time for Peaches to learn how to eat pussy - and she proves to be a quick learner!

lesbian seduction

Peaches learns all about how to eat pussy!

This is one of my favourite lesbian seduction scenes. I love the contrast between Peaches’ perky, innocent cuteness and Ella’s elegant sexual confidence.

Which is your favourite?

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Porn podcast for Waves of Desire

Take a listen to the production podcast for Waves of Desire, our beach movie for 2013 starring the following four ravishingly hot lesbian babes:

waves of desire cast Nicole Smith Taylor Shay Tess Lyndon

Red hot summer days drive four girls delirious with desire. While waves of passion descend over their idyllic lives, two girls succumb to the sensual allure of deception.

Nicole Smith’s swim

As mentioned in the podcast, you might be interested in this clip where Nicole enjoys a chilly early morning dip in the ocean, poor thing!

Location Scouting

In the podcast, we talked about a few of the beaches where we wanted to go, and may well use them for future productions. They are perfectly isolated, but tough to get to.

West Coast beach West Coast beach West Coast beach West Coast beach Tavira beach Tavira beach

Waves of Desire Trailer

We’ll be releasing the trailer for this summery lesbian piece of passion pretty soon, so keep your eyes right here on this blog so you don’t miss a thing. For now, take a quick look at the cover art.

Waves of Desire DVD

Waves of Desire DVD box

What do you think?

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10 Reasons why Jo is the First Lady of VivThomas

I have said it before, but for me when I think of VivThomas, the model I immediately associate with the company is Jo. Ever since she started her website Idreamofjo, she has come up with some great ideas for her scenes. Here is a selection from some of her recent solo scenes that I thought were particularly good.


Hot and Wet


Secret River

Surfs Up




Broken Mirror


Mirror Mirror


The Retreat4833-075

Hope you enjoy this little snippet of what is available on

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Sunny Leone’s Bollywood horror movie trailer

I’m not a fan of horror movies (too predictable! I’d rather watch porn!). But I may make an exception for ‘Ragini MMS’, the forthcoming Bollywood erotic horror movie starring porn superstar Sunny Leone.

The Indian-Canadian hottie is not the first girl to make the transition from porn to mainstream movies, but in my opinion she’s the cutest (and nicest). The movie promises plenty of mainstream nudity and sex, not to mention some lesbian kissing, so it may be worth a watch – and the prospect of hearing her speak Hindi is a bit of a turn-on too!


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Valentina Nappi – it’s all about the breasts!

Valentina Nappi and Henessy

Henessy admires Valentina Nappi’s boobs in Club Pink Velvet 1

Italian pornstar Valentina Nappi made quite an impression on us all. It’s all about the breasts. They are simply sensational. Check out her pics (she’s the hottie in the red dress) and see if you agree.

We chose Valentina Nappi to play Henessy‘s girlfriend in Club Pink Velvet 1 because they have a striking physical similarity and they look awesome together. It was instant chemistry! Henessy couldn’t keep her hands off Valentina Nappi’s boobs from the moment they met, and the feeling was mutual.

Valentina Nappi and Henessy jiggle their boobs together!

Of course there is plenty of juicy pussy play in their scenes together, but I keep watching the bits where they suck each other’s nipples, press their boobs together and jiggle them! We even have an animated gif of one of those classic moments! By the end of the first scene, Valentina Nappi’s tits are squashed against her galpal’s tits. If you like breasts as much as I do, you will wish you were the filling in that sexy sandwich!

As she’s Italian, it’s no surprise that Valentina Nappi has a very sexy accent… listening to her talk about her tits is very arousing. Luckily she loves to discuss them! She told me her nipples are very sensitive, and she likes having them licked and sucked. She is also quite happy for other girls to touch and feel them. Yes - they are real! And yes - they feel incredible!

Although she is known for shooting quite hard scenes (they don’t call her the NapolitAnal Pornstar for nothing!) I really like seeing Valentina do lesbian scenes. She brings an intensity and intimacy that is quite delicious to watch. I think Club Pink Velvet 1 will be remembered as the movie that made us sit up and take notice of this beauty.

Valentina Nappi and Henessy Valentina Nappi and Henessy Valentina Nappi and Henessy VivThomas_The-Idea_Henessy-A--Valentina-Nappi_low_0060 Valentina Nappi and Henessy

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The sexiest long legs ever!

long legs

Beautiful long legs, spread wide to show off a perfect pussy. Delicious!

Do you know who this gorgeous, tall, sexy girl is?

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Lesbian domination – some hot scenes!

Do you like to watch lesbian domination? It can bring a whole new dimension of kinky power play and intense sexual chemistry to a hot lesbian scene.

A recent lesbian domination scene that brought a massive surge of interest from new and old fans alike was Paige Turnah’s powerful seduction of Lexi Lowe in Story of She 2. Lexi is normally a very strong female presence. It was interesting to see her submit to Paige’s lesbian domination and turn so compliant. It gave Lexi some earth-shattering orgasms!

Paige Turnah dominates Lexi Lowe in Story of She 2

Lesbian domination – Paige Turnah and Lexi Lowe in Story of She 2

Blue Angel – the superstar of lesbian domination

The girl who is probably best known for her enjoyment of lesbian domination games is the irrepressible Blue Angel. She’s always super-hot, whether giving or receiving pleasure! A major factor that contributed to the great success of her movie Shades of Blue was that we let her pick her sexual partners and the themes for the scenes. Several of the scenes had at least a hint of lesbian domination about them. The movie features handcuffs, blindfolds, strap-ons, even fisting! It tells you how much Bluey enjoys that kind of game. The fans raved about it.

Victoria Diamond starts out subjecting Bluey to some intense lesbian domination involving a blindfold and handcuffs. Then Bluey turns the tables and fucks Victoria into submission with a fake cock.

Viktoria Diamond dominates Blue Angel in Shades of Blue

Viktoria Diamond subjects Blue Angel to lesbian domination in Shades of Blue

Cindy Hope’s scene with Blue Angel in Shades of Blue also has some surprising moments. Cindy is not averse to exploring the darker side of her sexuality, and gives Bluey a very thorough fisting.

Blue Angel gets fisted by Cindy Hope in Shades of Blue

Blue Angel gets fisted by Cindy Hope in Shades of Blue

Busty blonde Antonya also gets subjected to some strap-on enhanced lesbian domination at the hands of Blue Angel. The intense nipple sucking is one of the highlights of this sticky scene.

Blue Angel fucks Antonya with a strap-on in Shades of Blue

Blue Angel fucks Antonya with a strap-on in Shades of Blue

But my favourite lesbian domination scene starring Blue Angel must be the notorious Bad Cop scene from Licking the Velvet. Bluey (surely the hottest, baddest cop ever?) subjects naughty Kitty Cat to some discipline via her baton!

Bad cop Blue Angel disciplines Kitty Cat in Licking the Velvet

Bad cop Blue Angel disciplines Kitty Cat in Licking the Velvet

What’s your favourite lesbian domination scene?

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Explosive facts about orgasms!

Check out this Buzzfeed clip for some very entertaining facts. I certainly learned a few things… (Pigs orgasm for 30 minutes? No wonder bacon tastes soooo good!).

I’ve often wondered if everyone’s orgasm feels different; the trouble is it’s so hard to put into words exactly how it feels. Usually a big smile says it all! There’s nothing like seeing a gorgeous girl have a climax that totally rocks her world.

I’d love to see a compilation of all the many and varied orgasms we’ve caught on camera over the years. Which is your favourite?


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Female Masterbation – Private Orgasms 2

Female Masterbation

Female masterbation: imagine having an entire film dedicated to the pleasures of female masterbation? Well, we have one! The brilliant five scene solo fuck fest entitled “Private Orgasms 2” explores five beautiful ladies most intimate moments as they pleasure themselves to the extreme of personal pleasures – the self inflicted orgasm!

*Just for the record I am aware that masterbation is also spelt masturbation in some quarters.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the five mind blowing orgasms included.

Scene 1 – Antonya (blonde)

Antonya releases her pent up sexual anxiety in a way that only she knows how. After a long luxurious bath this beautiful, big breasted, blonde lies down in her bed and slowly strokes herself to a sensual orgasm.



Scene 2 – Lexi Lowe (blonde)

Lexi Lowe has had enough of the heat and decides to get wet outdoors, courtesy of her garden sprinkler. Watch her thin wet summer dress cling to those curves as the water and the passion course down her body. Wet with desire, she returns to her shady sunbed and rocks herself off with a cute little vibrator.


Lexi Lowe

Scene 3 – Iwia (brunette)

Iwia can’t get enough of her own body. Any time alone for her is a precious gift to stroke, caress and fondle her awesome little bod. Enjoy her throbbing orgasm as she explodes with self desire.



Scene 4 – Nicole Smith (brunette)

Nicole Smith is somewhat of a shoe collector and is seemingly having difficulty deciding which pair to wear. She collapses on the stairs and opts for a delightful sexual frenzy instead. Let’s hope this gorgeous brunette’s sexual shoe-induced spasms have helped her to decide.

nicole smith

Nicole Smith

Scene 5 – Viktoria Diamond (blonde)

Viktoria Diamond is pissed off. She’s caught her boyfriend cheating and makes a special solo video of herself and her pulsing pussy to send to all of his friends. Classic revenge sex, complete with his favourite stockings and her favourite pink dildo.


Viktoria Diamond

Trailer for Private Orgasms 2

Have a look at the trailer and tell me it doesn’t leave you yearning for more!?

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Porn Script from Waves of Desire

1-waves-of-desireA Porn Script, isn’t that overkill?

Many people may think that porn is just porn. Maybe you might think that we just arrive on set turn on the cameras and say “err… ok girls, have sex now,” and that’s it. Easy as pie, right?

Wrong. We, maybe unlike many other porn companies, like to put a whole lot of effort into our productions. Sadly we don’t have the budget for helicopters, fast cars and action sequences but we’d like to!

The problem with shooting sex

Waves of Desire was originally going to be called a host of other things like:

  • Waves of Passion
  • Tides of Lust 2
  • An Island Summer

Anyway we eventually settled on “Waves of Desire” which was a suggestion from our long time office receptionist, Sian.

We did a few location scouting trips to Tavira Island to prepare for the shoot. The main problem with shooting porn is that you can’t just do it anywhere. We need remote outdoor settings, so with a little bit of help from our local buddy who runs the Xiri Beach Bar, we found a beautifully remote beach, only accessible by boat. What a bonus, and right there on our front doorstep as well.

Who knew so many people had boats! Sadly it didn’t pan out.

Waves of Desire – The Story

This film isn’t strictly a sequel or a follow on from Tides of Lust, but it’s set in the same place: Tavira Island. Nicole Smith has shacked up with Taylor Shay who is running a beach bar. Life is bliss and they’re really enjoying running the bar, the sun’s out, the drinks are flowing and the music is rocking.

porn script

Waves of Desire script

One afternoon, they spot a beautiful young girl, looking awfully miserable. They take pity on her and go over to find out what the hassle is. She tells them all about her girlfriend and the fight they recently had.

It turns out her name is Tracy Lindsay and she has just had a fight with her girlfriend, Tess. The worst thing is… they had just made love on the riverbanks after kayaking for an afternoon. The girls console her.

Waves of Desire on location

Tracy befriended by Taylor Shay and Nicole Smith

The next day Tess arrives and all hell breaks loose. Tess, being a cheeky little tart, romps off and bumps into Nicole who is having a boring afternoon on the beach, while Taylor takes care of business in the town. Nicole succumbs to Tess and life gets a touch awkward.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith, bored on the beach

Taylor’s not sure if Nicole is cheating and neither is Tracy, so Tracy does what all worthy partners do. She takes Tess off to a beautifully romantic part of the beach and has wild and intensely passionate sex with her next to a roaring log fire. That ought to do it!

There is more to it than that, but the story isn’t overly involved and intricate. However, what we do know is that the sex and the locations will blow your mind.

Waves of Desire release date

We’re looking forward to a September 2013 release, which means it could be any day now!

What would you like to know about this film?

Ask away in the comments – we’ll answer you if we can.

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Five things I love about Eileen Sue!


It was tough to narrow it down to just five things I love about Eileen Sue (actually I love everything about her!) but here they are…

1. Her freckles. Even though she’s actually from the Czech Republic, she looks like a fresh-faced, farm-raised country girl from Ireland. Cute!

2. She manages to stand out even among a sensational bunch of new girls who have appeared over the past year or so – including Nicole Smith, Iwia and the delicious Lana!

3. She looks incredible in lingerie. Check out her scene with Iwia in Stockings and Lace 2 – one of my favourites of recent months, she really knows how to rock those sexy stockings!

4. She has an amazing body, and such a pretty face, but she’s not remotely vain or self-obsessed. She’s very down-to-earth, and you’re more likely to find her helping with the camera equipment than getting her nails done. The crew are all a little bit in love with her.

5. She’s just SO INTO SEX! Lexi Lowe was blown away by her passion when we put them together for Story of She 2 - and Lexi knows a true lesbian lover when she meets one!

Has Eileen Sue captured your attention?

VivThomas_Biker-Chick_Eileen-Sue_low_0061 VivThomas_Story-of-She-2-Solo-Special_Eileen-Sue--Iwia-A--Nicole-Smith_low_0025 VivThomas_Dance-for-Me_Eileen-Sue--Iwia-A_low_0083 VivThomas_Dance-for-Me_Eileen-Sue--Iwia-A_low_0050 VivThomas_One-Night-Stand_Eileen-Sue--Lexi-Lowe_low_0046 VivThomas_Biker-Chick_Eileen-Sue_low_0039

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Why should girls watch porn?


I think has it about right with this list of reasons why watching porn can be really beneficial for women – it can help you explore your sexuality, spice up your relationship, learn new things and generally have fun.

It’s often said that sexual arousal is more mental for women, and visual for men. Personally, I think that’s nonsense; girls are just as likely to respond to a sexy pic or a raunchy piece of film, it just needs to be something that they personally find exciting.

I love that eroticism is so individual… I’ve included a few shots here that I find particularly hot, but they may not be the ones that do it for you! I don’t know what my choices say about me (maybe that I love bums, lingerie and great photography!).

Ladies, I’d love to hear from you. Why do you watch porn, and are there particular shots or scenes that turn you on?

VivThomas_Sexual-Predatory-_Lana-S--Viktoria-Diamond_low_0057 VivThomas_Kissing-Babes_Bellina-A--Eve-Angel--Jo_low_0030 VivThomas_Aneta-Keys_Aneta-Keys_low_0047 VivThomas_Red-Hot_Jana-A_low_0069 VivThomas_Blue-Angel_Blue-Angel_low_0100 VivThomas_Jaye-Rose_Jaye-Rose_low_0039 VivThomas_Vera_Vera-A_low_0012

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The perils of sexy dancing!

Who doesn’t love the idea of a sexy girl dancing for you? This cute babe’s epic twerk fail has gone viral since an attempt to impress her boyfriend with her moves resulted in her falling through a glass table and catching fire!

If you want to see twerking done right, check out our recent post about surfer Anastasia Ashley – now there’s a girl who really knows how to shake her booty!


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What has naughty Jo been doing?


Or rather, who has naughty Jo been doing? It looks like she’s had a busy summer seducing sexy girls and getting plenty of lesbian fun. We all know that while Jo may play the innocent, she has a voracious appetite for fresh pussy!

If you haven’t been following her conquests on her very own website I Dream of Jo, I suggest you check it out and see what our favourite little sexual adventurer has been getting up to!

4919-066 4921-039 4922-007 4893-045 4921-043 4922-033 4893-035 4920-012 4920-035

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Naked music video from Ricki-Lee!

Okay, so I’ll admit I’d never heard of Australian pop star Ricki-Lee until now, but this video certainly made me sit up and take notice! Seeing her kiss a stripper, spank her bottom, writhe against a topless hottie and get showered in champagne has me watching it over and over again (albeit with the volume turned off!). I do love it when good girls go bad…


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Another porn podcast: Lesbian Fantasy

Lesbian Fantasy porn podcast

Days after the crew returned, Holmesy and I sat down with Viv Thomas, DaSilva and Artur and discussed this legendary shoot.

Why is it legendary? Well primarily because it took so long to get this project off the ground.

The potential fans revealed

We had about five potential girls who all pulled out at some stage in the process. Luckily all of them declined before we could get any serious planning done and so there was no harm in it.

However we did have an interesting Skype video chat with a beautiful girl from the UK. She was concerned about her professional career and I managed to persuade her that it probably wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe I shouldn’t have :)

Leila Young was the girl who we finally settled on and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. The entire crew gelled with her and she seemed to settle down after being pretty nervous in the beginning. Wouldn’t you be!

Leila and Blue Angel

Leila and Blue Angel

Authentic porn

Another reason that this is such a groundbreaking film is that it is authentic. You’ll see that from the documentary style that we used. There are so many fake things in porn these days, it’s difficult to find something truly authentic and genuinely original.

We hope we’ve achieved that with “A Lesbian Fantasy”.

Learn more about how porn is made in the podcast

For more info and back story listen to our sixth porn podcast and as always please let us know what you want us to talk about in the comments. We have already toned down the intro music a lot, as many of you have requested that.

Honestly we’d love the feedback, so come on and comment. Even if it’s just: “I listened to your podcast and I love it”.

Would you like us to do more porn podcasts and if so what would you like to hear discussed?

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Eve Angel – the bum!

Eve Angel’s bum

Eve Angel has one of the most fascinating bums in Europe! I couldn’t help but post this when an enterprising member of our forum created an animated gif of her leaving Leila Young’s bed for the pleasures of that bath.

A Lesbian Fantasy

Eve Angel was fulfilling Leila Young’s lesbian fantasy in our latest lesbian extravaganza which was SEVEN years in the making. Why so long? Well it took that long to find the perfect fan to come on set and make love to the most beautiful porn stars in Europe!

Actually there is an interesting story about the Eve Angel and Leila Young scene in “A Lesbian Fantasy”. Holmesy picks up the tale:

Leila gave me a list of models and at the very top of that list was Eve Angel. I worked off that list, but I didn’t tell Leila who I had booked, however I did casually mention to her that Eve was unavailable.

When Eve showed up we split the make up rooms (normally we make both models up together). We called her Blue (because Leila had already met Blue Angel) and did the video first (we usually do the photo set first). So when the blindfold came off it really is pure and utter surprise that you see.

Viv’s Hungarian Bath

Whilst we’re on the subject of that bath, you know the bath I’m talking about, right? The one where Lisa showered in Unfaithful whilst Nella was watching, and again while Cayenne was watching in Unfaithful 6.

Come to think of it, how many scenes can you link to that have contained “Viv’s Hungarian Bath” in them? Don’t forget to add Jo’s bath contributions from her site.

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The sexual attraction of red lipstick


You always notice when a woman wearing scarlet lipstick walks into the room. It’s a look that only the most confident females can carry off – maybe that’s why it makes me jump to the conclusion that the babe in question is a sexual predator looking to conquer me!

Scientific research suggests red is the colour of sexual attraction and availability. You certainly won’t find a shrinking violet wearing pillarbox red lipstick. Maybe it’s all about our animal instincts?

Bright red lips are cocksucking lips. Isn’t it easy to imagine your dick sliding between those glossy parted lips? Just beware of the telltale red rings afterwards…

VivThomas_Rita-Faltoyano--Steve_Rita-Faltoyano--Steve_low_0010 VivThomas_Vera-Rita-Faltoyano-Suzy--Bailey_Rita-Faltoyano--Suzy-A--Vera-A_low_0018 VivThomas_Back-in-Buda_Vera-A_low_0032 VivThomas_Zafira---Woman-in-red_Zafira-A_low_0035 VivThomas_Vera-Rita-Faltoyano-Suzy--Bailey_Rita-Faltoyano--Suzy-A--Vera-A_low_0029 VivThomas_Bailey--Neilla-Feline_Bailey-A--Neilla-Feline_low_0008 VivThomas_Bailey--Neilla-Feline_Bailey-A--Neilla-Feline_low_0032 VivThomas_Natalie_Natalie-D_low_0055

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Beautiful girls in sexy stockings!


Watching our new movie Stockings and Lace 2, I can’t help wishing girls dressed up in sexy lingerie more often. Natural naked beauty is all very well, but there’s something about the way stocking tops frame a perfect bottom that drives me crazy! High heels, black stockings and lacy bra and panties are my ultimate turn on.

This is one of my favourite lingerie photosets from the archives – Gina B and Stella Stevens, looking absolutely stunning in classic underwear. Seeing each other all dressed up like this was evidently very arousing for them both!

Which is your favourite lingerie scene or photoset? And which girl would you most like to see getting all dolled up in sexy stockings?

VivThomas_Gina-B-and-Stella-Stevens_Gina-B--Stella-Stevens_low_0011 VivThomas_Gina-B-and-Stella-Stevens_Gina-B--Stella-Stevens_low_0009 VivThomas_Gina-B-and-Stella-Stevens_Gina-B--Stella-Stevens_low_0029 VivThomas_Gina-B-and-Stella-Stevens_Gina-B--Stella-Stevens_low_0017

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Who is this sexy cheerleader?


You know, I love cheerleaders. For a non-American, their appeal is so exotic – I don’t think you find that particular blend of apple pie sweetness and sassy sexiness anywhere else in the world.

This hottie is a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins, and… I think I’m in love. Okay, lust. Can anyone tell me her name?

If we were casting for a cheerleader movie (one of my fantasies, I just need to persuade the crew!), who would you pick?

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    Supermodel2019 5 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

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    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

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    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

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    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

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