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Happy New Year from Viv Thomas!


CHEERS! HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here at Viv Thomas HQ.

We’ll be raising a glass to you, our friends and fans who inspire us to aim higher every year - and to the beautiful girls who make it all possible.

We hope 2014 brings you health and happiness… and tons of sexy fun!

Love and kisses,

Viv, Avril and all the gang!


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More pics from the seven girl orgy!


I’ve been deluged with requests for another sneak peek at the spectacular SEVEN GIRL ORGY which is the climactic scene of Gina’s Harem. This action-packed lesbian extravaganza will be available from our online store in early January, but in the meantime, enjoy these sexy shots…

4917-113 4917-175 4917-236 4917-159 4917-213

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New Beyonce video is so porno!

For once, words fail me. This is mainstream entertainment, right? Beyonce’s music video for her new track ‘Yonce’ makes me feel kinda dirty… in a good way! She’s helped out by Victoria’s Secret models Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn.


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Gina’s Harem - coming soon from Viv Thomas!

Gina's Harem

I’m proud to announce that we are about to release a classic feelgood lesbian movie that brings a smile to my face (and a tingle to the rest of my body!) every time I think about it. The third in our series starring Gina B and Peaches, Gina’s Harem features five superb scenes, including a jaw-dropping SEVEN GIRL ORGY! The scenes are taken from Gina and Peaches‘ notorious 2008 website ‘Lesbians at Home’. Their romance - and the website - may have burned out rapidly, but while it lasted, these two beauties certainly knew how to throw a good sex party!

Gina’s Harem - five delicious lesbian scenes!

It’s clear to see why Gina B deserves to be the star of the movie. The cool, elegant blonde with shapely legs, big boobs, a squeezable bum and an oh-so-sexy face commands the attention as she gets her kicks with some of the hottest girls of that time. They get together in twosomes, threesomes and more, with lashings of anal action thrown in.

Here are the scenes:

  • Gina, Peaches and Zafira - the sizzling love affair between Gina and Peaches was never monogamous, that’s for sure! These three babes are really well matched in energy, beauty and in-your-face sex appeal.
  • Gina and Judy Nero - it’s all about the boobs!
  • Gina, Stella and Hannah - and this one is all about the bums! When you see these three perky bottoms in a row, you’ll feel your appreciation rising!
  • Gina and Nesty - the pretty blondes enjoy an open-air encounter that leaves them both breathless.
  • Seven girl orgy: Eve Angel joins the fun! Seven sweet pussies get pleasured in one of the most impressive orgy scenes ever!

Gina’s Harem will be available from our online store in early January. It’s a must-see for fans of classic lesbian action!

Gina's Harem Gina's Harem Gina's Harem Gina's Harem Gina's Harem

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Whitney Conroy - wet and dripping!


Here’s cute Whitney Conroy, getting wet on the set of our forthcoming release Hotel Eden. The 19-year-old Czech cutie plays a fun-loving guest who checks into the hotel and tempts lovely Lorena Garcia to cheat on her sophisticated older girlfriend. Whitney is such a sweet, bubbly, vivacious character that it’s no wonder Lorena finds her charm irresistible!

Hotel Eden will be available on DVD and HD download from our online store in early January.

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Nia Black and Kelly White in Room 69!

Nia Black

Nia Black with Keni Styles in Room 69

What’s the key to a great boy-girl scene? Sure, looks are important, but enthusiasm, energy and great chemistry are vital too. Nia Black and Kelly White are both pretty new to us here at VivThomas HQ, and both had the attributes that made them a perfect fit for our latest boy-girl movie, Room 69 - most notably a genuine love of cock!

Nia Black is super-hot in Room 69

We first shot this sexy babe in a girl-girl stripper scene for Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots, and none of us could take our eyes off those perfect tits. What a body! In Room 69, she hooks up with Keni Styles for a suck’n’fuck scene that manages to be tender and loving, as well as very arousing. Nia has beautiful blowjob lips that look incredible wrapped around Keni’s cock, and she rides him in the bedroom and then the shower with passion and hunger.

Nia Black

Nia enjoys Keni’s cock in the shower

Kelly White grabs our attention!

We had never shot blonde beauty Kelly White before, but - yum! It soon became obvious that she really knew how to handle a cock, and with a girl this hot, all the crew had to do was point the camera and let her do her thing! Room 69 got its title because it is shot in a luxurious hotel, and every scene features a juicy soixante-neuf. The powerful sucks and licks Kelly lavishes on her partner in their sixty-niner are so intense you’ll feel every twitch and tingle!

Kelly White and Nia Black in Room 69

Kelly White craves cock in Room 69!

Room 69 is available on DVD and HD download from our online store. For a behind-the-scenes look at Keni Styles’ encounter with Nia Black, check out his ‘Kenicamz’ clip below:

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The ultimate sexmas gift!

So, what did Santa leave in your stocking? I’ll bet it wasn’t a robot that gives handjobs…

Thanks to Buzzfeed for describing how it works:

“The device attaches a Novint Falcon-a grip-based, haptic controller-to a Tenga, a Japanese industrial masturbator. Used as intended, the user would insert his penis into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Falcon. All the while the user views on his Oculus some sort of visual stimulation synced to the movement of the hybrid Falcon/Tenga.”

Hmmmm… sounds like a lot more effort than actually just… jerking off?

I’m still hoping Santa will realise I’ve been a good girl all year and bring me one of these - the Icicles No.24 Upscale Glass Massager from Adult Vibe Toys. Don’t you think sex toys should look like elegant ornaments when not in use? This would look great on the mantelpiece!


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Merry Xmas from the girls of Viv Thomas!


Don’t these two pictures illustrate beautifully how Jo has developed into such a superstar? One is classically cute and sexy, the other is sensual, experimental and erotic. But both celebrate female sexuality - and festive frolics!

Have a wonderful xmas filled with love and fun - and hopefully some festive frolics of your own!

Love from Viv, Avril and all at



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Fashion model should be shooting porn!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the high class fashion model who I think would make an amazing lap dancer or porn star! This clip from Love Magazine‘s 2013 advent calendar shows British supermodel Rosie has all the right moves, and isn’t shy about stripping down to her sexy lingerie and thigh-high boots for a rock’n’roll xmas celebration. She’s one gift I’d certainly enjoy unwrapping…


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Vanda Lust - hot lesbian and boy-girl scenes!

Vanda Lust

Vanda Lust in Room 69

Is it the cute little gap between Vanda Lust‘s teeth that makes her so uniquely sexy? That sweet smile drives us all crazy. It doesn’t hurt that she also has a lovely slim-but-curvy figure and a very bubbly personality. We think this Hungarian hottie has great potential - and we’ve featured her in three new scenes that we’re sure you’ll like a lot.

New Viv Thomas movies starring Vanda Lust

In Room 69, she plays a horny hotel guest who grabs the cleaner (Keni Styles) and gives him a scorching blowjob in the corridor. This sucktastic sequence had to be filmed in one take, as the hotel was fully booked and the risk of discovery was high - which added to the sense of excitement! Vanda then drags her willing partner into her room for some energetic hardcore humping.

Vanda Lust

Vanda with Nia Black in Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots

In Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots, she takes the role of an aspiring stripper who is auditioning for a job at the exclusive lesbian resort. Lap dancer Nia Black is none too impressed with her moves, and shows her how to perform a little bump’n’grind - naked, of course! The girls look hot together, and the pussy-eating is juicy and delicious.

Vanda Lust

Vanda seduces the plumber in Classic Shags

In Classic Shags - a movie that explores all those old porn cliches with a fresh twist - Vanda seduces the plumber, Pete Longhorn (yes, that really is his name!). She looks so damn cute and sexy it’s no wonder he can’t resist fucking her!

Classic Shags will be available on DVD and download in January 2014. Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots and Room 69 are both available from our online store right now.

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The Happy Holiday Post

christmas holidays 2013

Now who in the blazes are you, darling?

Hi there!

We’re all packed and ready to go off for the holidays and we seriously hope you’re going to be taking a break too! We’ll be back on January 2nd 2014 and I need to let you know a few exciting things before we go.

No postage charges until January 31

Yep, that means if you order a DVD from us you won’t have to pay any postage. Cool, right? …not so much, as not many of you guys actually collect DVDs anymore! Hell , if you do, you’ll be stoked. Otherwise check out our specials in the store right now on both DVDs and our instant downloads.

Club Pink Velvet

Originally the Club Pink Velvet series of videos was conceived in early 2013 as a web series, specifically for our girl-girl site Club Pink Velvet. Well, it has finally made its way onto the site (or will do so on the 1st January). All fifteen video scenes (and accompanying photo sets) will be published on the site at the rate of one a day until it’s done on the 15th January. So make sure you sign up for this awesome fiesta of erotica including some amazing girls:

  • Eve Angel
  • Blue Angel
  • Nicole Smith
  • Henessy
  • Angelina Nappi
  • Cayenne… phew the list is endless!

All that remains to be said is Happy Holidays wherever you are and remember you can find tons of videos and behind the scenes info here on our blog, along with links to our Facebook, Twitter etc. If you want us to post anything in particular let us know in the comments, ok?

All the best,
Nick Spillum and the VT Crew

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Hotel Eden - get a room with rising star Lorena!

Hotel Eden

Everyone fell a little bit in love with Lorena Garcia when we shot her for Club Pink Velvet: Lesbian Heaven. That sultry Spanish accent and beautiful face had the whole crew quite bewitched, and eager to find a reason to invite her back. In fact, we all agreed that a girl this amazing deserved her own movie… and that’s exactly what happened!

Hotel Eden - a starring role for Lorena!

Our latest lesbian movie, Hotel Eden, is all about Lorena, who is looking after her father’s luxurious riverside hotel for the holidays. She’s bored, she’s horny and she wants to get laid - so she mischievously moves her girlfriend Demi into the hotel! Lorena is turned on by this sexy older woman, but she’s frustrated by Demi’s non-stop commitment to work. The girls enjoy some hot and uninhibited sex, but things fall apart when Demi has to go on a business trip and a new guest, the gorgeous Whitney, checks in. Whitney loves to have fun, and Lorena is soon enjoying everything from a water gun fight to a private birthday party with her. Although it seems at first like Whitney wants an innocent friendship, actually she is intent on seducing Lorena and teaching her what unbridled lust really means.

We had never worked with Whitney before, and took a risk that there would be genuine chemistry between the two girls. Well, it was a risk that paid off, as Lorena really liked her a lot. We all had the sense that we were watching a genuine romance develop, with no acting required. No wonder, as both girls are incredibly cute, very sexy, and love to eat pussy!

Hotel Eden is coming to our online store in early January, and if you’re a fan of beautifully filmed, passionate lesbian action you won’t want to miss it!

Hotel Eden Hotel Eden Hotel Eden Hotel Eden Hotel Eden Hotel Eden Hotel Eden

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First sex doll launched into space! - you’ve guessed it, an adult toy distributor - recently made history by launching a sex doll into space for the first time ever. Missy reached 102,000 feet over Lake Tahoe and withstood cosmic ray radiation before it all became a bit too much and she burst. Too bad they didn’t pick out a better outfit for her, although I guess the chances of her getting lucky were pretty slim…

As ever, what really makes this is the viewer comments on YouTube:

“It didn’t work so well for the sex doll on reentry. I wonder if I should have phrased that differently?” “Science bitch! :-)” “Good news for hundreds of future lonely, horny Martian colonists.” “Aliens be like smh.” “Guess we can’t have that romantic space trip like I always imagined :/”


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Gina Gerson - sexy newcomer turns us all on!

Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson is a name you will be hearing a lot in 2014. This stunning Russian babe was brought to our attention by a member of our forum, and after checking out her work we were all very eager to shoot her. Everyone seems to have the same verdict: she’s supersexy, enthusiastic, always smiling, fun to work with, and a great kisser!

Gina Gerson in Room 69

For a girl of only 22, Gina seems very confident and knows exactly what she wants from a man. Her scene in our brand new boy-girl release Room 69 might just be the best of the movie (although Cipriana also has a LOT of fans around here!). Gina’s seduction scene starts with her perched on top of a piano as Nick plays. The passionate pair soon migrate to the hot tub, where Gina shows off her blowjob prowess. She doesn’t rush things, teasing and licking her man to rigidity and then lavishing attention on him before he gets to fuck her into a froth.

Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson in Room 69

Gina Gerson gets intimate with Jo!

The sepia-tinted video and photoset on Jo’s personal website I Dream of Jo are absolutely outstanding. If Gina seems a little starstruck at first, it’s no act! Here’s what she wrote about the experience (for the full effect, you have to read this in a sexy Russian accent):

“Before video I felt me shy – not so much but few minutes I was not sure that I really can touch her but I try don’t show my nervous – strange but it was so… normally I’m more brave with girls – maybe because Jo is star)))) but very soon I start to be calm because Jo is really prof – she let me lead a little and I stop worry. Kiss her is very sweet. Her skin is very delicate – of course I like this shooting!”

Gina Gerson

So, does she prefer to have sex with guys or girls?

” I’m bisexual (it became clear before I started this job – I tried first sex with girl when I was student). I have feeling good with girl and guy… I can not tell who I like more really… but sure I’m not completely lesbian and not 100% hetero as well. I can not to be just with guy or just with girl… I feel just one distinction – when I’m with men sometimes I can let him lead but when I’m with women I always prefer to give my love))) I like also ggb… but in private life this is always difficult!”

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Rihanna plays a sexy therapist!

Wow, check out Rihanna playing a sexy therapist in this teaser for Eminem’s track ‘The Monster’. Foxy lady!


Do you think she might be channeling TV’s all time hottest therapy babe Jennifer Melfi, played by Lorraine Bracco? The chemistry between Tony Soprano and Dr Melfi was so steamy - and her sexy voice had me a little bit in love with her too. A comment on the clip below says it all: ‘Melfi is a milfi!’

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Cipriana - sexiest girl of the year?


Jo pleases Cipriana in Unfaithful 6

Cipriana. The mere mention of her name makes my heart skip a beat. The crew adore her. Everyone’s pants get a little bit tighter when she walks in the room.

What is it about Cipriana that drives us all crazy? well, for a start she is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. We say she has a Brazilian look - tanned, sassy and with curves in all the right places. She’s crazy fun to be around too. She acts like ‘one of the lads’ but you never forget she’s a girl. Her antics make Viv so mad, but a hot glance from those sexy green eyes and all is forgiven. And then, there are her performances…

Cipriana - crazy for cock, passionate about pussy!

Touch of Spice made us realise we’d discovered a bona fide blowjob queen in Cipriana. Those pretty lips look amazing wrapped around a cock! Her latest boy-girl scene for us, in our brand new release Room 69, is an absolute knockout. She’s so naturally horny you just can’t take your eyes off her.


Cipriana in Room 69 – someone’s about to get very lucky!

We’ve shot some amazing lesbian scenes with this hottie too. Most recently, Jo chose her as her partner for a trio of scenes - and we all know that Jo has the best taste in girls! Their pussy-hungry hook-up in Unfaithful 6 is utterly arousing, and their slippery shower scene in I Dream of Jo: Desire and Deception is literally dripping with pleasure. She also had a memorable candlelit seduction scene with Cindy Hope in Passion - now that’s one seriously scorching encounter!

So, is Cipriana the hottest girl we’ve shot this year? She’s certainly got some stiff competition. New cuties Tracy Lindsay and Tess Lyndon made a huge impression on us, while superstars Nicole Smith, Blue Angel and of course Jo have all featured in some amazing scenes. And then there’s my personal favourite, naughty blonde Lana… who gets your vote for sexiest babe of 2013?


Cipriana takes a licking from Cindy Hope in Passion

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Banned condom ad!

Edit: Whoops, looks like it was banned from YouTube as well. Here’s another link to it

This Australian condom ad was banned from TV for being too raunchy, as a cute couple try out various sizes of ‘Naked’ condoms to find the perfect fit. Fun, and funny!


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What really happened ‘on the road’ with Jo

On the road by Jo and Tamas

I asked Jo a few questions about one of the most unique (whaaat, they’re ALL unique!) shoots she did lately. It’s entitled On the Road and features Jo walking down a deserted country road.

on-the-road i dream of jo

Jo relaxes on the hard, cold asphalt :)

Firstly, how on earth did you find a road like that? Did you ask the Hungarian police to close the road for you? :)
No, I didn’t. We were searching for a nice location, and this road was ‘in our way’. We passed it, there were no cars there. And when we did not find anything I said we should shoot here. I always like the pictures on the roads or on the rail anyway, so I thought it might be a good idea.

What would you have done if a car came down the road?
Well, a couple of times cars came. All the time I was listening if something is coming. When it came I suddenly jumped up and run in the car. That was funny :)

Do you scout locations before going out to shoot?
No, usually we go on the day of shooting to search for a place. It’s not easy, and takes a lot of time. We don’t have time nowadays to search in advance, though it would be helpful.

Tell us about the day of the shoot, did you leave early, have a long drive, take lunch etc?
We left around midday or after lunch and started late. We were searching for 2 hours at least.

How do you plan the shots with Tamas?
When an idea comes up I tell him, he think about that, and we discuss what is good and what is not. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what’s in my brain :) or sometimes we are in lack of ideas and it only comes on the day of shooting.

Tamas is apparently not a trained videographer but he does incredibly well with shooting in such a short period of time. How did he learn so quickly?
He always liked to take photos. It was in his mind to start a business regarding photography. I think we met in the right time, so he could show to the world what else he has in his pocket. And he is very diligent.

What does the music say about this shoot?
Tamas is responsible for choosing music. He shows me when he is ready, and usually I don’t complain.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Jo! It’s awesome to see what goes on behind the scenes.

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Gina loves Peaches - a celebration of lust!

Gina Loves Peaches

The cutest lesbian couple ever? Well, fans of the torrid on-again-off-again romance between Jo and Eve Angel might disagree with that, but there’s no denying that Gina B and Peaches generated some incredible heat together. Our classic movie release Gina Loves Peaches is proof of that - watch it and you can literally feel the mutual love and lust radiating from the screen!

Gina Loves Peaches - two hot girls who are crazy for each other!

It’s rare to see a movie that focuses on one sizzling sexual relationship all the way through. The chemistry between these two lovestruck babes is so powerful that no distractions are needed. The camera lets you play peeping tom as the horny couple enjoy each other’s company in the best way possible - by fucking in the bathtub, in the bedroom, on the sofa and on the floor. They can’t get enough of each other!

Well, if you came home to Peaches, wouldn’t you want to spend every moment fucking her? That perfect, plump little rump just begging to be fondled… that teasing smile… that smooth, sweet pussy… those perky nipples? She is the ultimate naughty temptress. And Gina is the beautiful blonde ice queen, ready to be melted by the insistent touch of Peaches’ probing tongue.

I’ve always loved to watch Peaches, she is so natural and playful on screen. She looks amazing dripping wet, too! Check out her bathtub seduction of Gina and you’ll see what I mean. Although she has always looked so sweet and innocent, she knows how to eat pussy like a champion. Seeing her suck on Gina’s pussy and fingerbang her hard, you’re left in no doubt she is a very exciting sexual partner.

Gina Loves Peaches is available now from our online store on DVD and HD download, and the scenes are going live on the paysite too. It’s not to be missed!

Gina Loves Peaches

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Classic shags is all about the old porn cliches

VT259 ClassicShags

Classic Shags

Classic shags bro!

It sounds like a friend hollering out to his buddy after slapping his babe on the rump and climbing off. That’s NOT what this film is all about. “Classic Shags” is a collection of five boy girl video scenes.

Introducing five old cliched scenes with a modern twist

The five scenes all depict classic 90′s porn cliches:

  • The plumber
  • The pizza delivery guy
  • The cable guy
  • The computer nerd
  • The maid

So what’s the modern twist? They’re all in crisp, clear full HD!

Who does “Classic Shags” star?

Some seriously hot babes. If you haven’t heard of Ria Rodriguez yet, you’re in for a treat! Perfect body, dark skin and the most ass-tastic moves you have ever seen. Apart from Ria Rodriguez, you can feast your eyes on Angel Snow, Mira Sunset, Vanda Lust and Henessy.

Classic Shags N 1 – The Pizza Guy

Matt Bird brings Angel Snow a pizza and she spies an opportunity here. Stranger things have happened! I was once a pizza delivery dude and one time, two girls opened the door in t-shirts, g-strings and nothing else… True story.

Anyway Matt Bird bangs Angel Snow like a gentleman and she loves it.


What! You don’t have enough money? This is awkward…

Classic Shags N 2 – The Maid

Mira-the-maid-classic-shags (1)

Bear with me now… you have a maid that looks like THAT?

Classic scenario, isn’t it? Dude is lying on the couch reading a book. The maid is dusting around him in this incredibly sexy kit and she starts flirting with him. Happens every day, doesn’t it? :)

Mira has enough of that and just climbs onto him, still dusting. He complains that he is reading a book and Mira retorts with a wonderful “You can read afterwards.” He looks bemused and says, “After what?” Mira shows him what in another of our classic shags.

Mira-the-maid-classic-shags (2)

Yeah, I’m ignoring her. My book is WAY more interesting.

Classic Shags N 3 – Vanda Lust and the Plumber


Honest. I was just lying there naked and it all got backed up!

Do I need to say any more? This picture above sets up another session in our “Classic Shags”.

Classic Shags N 4 – Henessy and the Cable Guy

There’s a “CABLE GUY” just like in the classic film with Jim Carrey from 1996. Sadly I doubt he is screaming “CABLE GUY” as he knocks on Henessy’s door. The minute he sees her I reckon he realizes what THIS is all about. Cue skanky porn music…


Henessy shows off her gorgeous legs encased in pantyhose. Nice!

Classic Shags N 5 – Ria Rodriguez and the computer nerd

Our computer nerd (yes we just picked up a random geek from the computer store*) didn’t know what hit him. There he was, verifying the DMI pool data and when he turns around, Ria Rodriguez is laying on the bed half naked with an inviting twinkle in her eye.

*I’m just kidding

ria-rodriguez-classic-shags (2)

He doesn’t even KNOW I’m getting changed. Awesome!

It’s not long before he’s on board with the whole idea and straddles her until the cows come home. Great idea, I think I’m getting back into computer support…

ria-rodriguez-classic-shags (1)

Come on over, big boy…

All in all, “Classic Shags” looks like a fabulous romp for us here at VT. We certainly enjoyed making it and we hope you will enjoy watching it. Look out for the DVD and Downloads in January 2014!

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Lingerie inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey!

Still haven’t read it, probably never will. I like actual porn, not softcore pseudo-porn! But that said, I do lust after this gorgeous lingerie inspired by bestselling erotic novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and created by Swedish clothing line KappAhl. Author E.L. James has given design approval for these sexy undies, which apparently reference the characters in the book. The black satin and grey lace is classy, the mask implies kinky fun-time, and the steamy video clearly says ‘let’s get it on!’

But my favourite thing about the whole campaign is the choice of ‘plus size’ model Signe Nordstrom, a statuesque Swedish beauty whose voluptuous curves showcase the sexy lingerie admirably. Hot girls come in all shapes and sizes, and here at Viv Thomas HQ we celebrate the slender cuties as much as the busty babes, but when it comes to lingerie shoots I do love to see some ample boobies spilling over those bra cups!

Lingerie movies and the girls who make them great!

Stockings and Lace is a classic example - no frills (except on the panties!), just stunning girls in sexy lingerie giving in to their natural urges. Vera looks especially fantastic, her pert bum framed by stockings and suspenders in a thoroughly eye-catching manner. Busty Colette in black stockings is also a very stiffening sight.

Stockings and Lace 2 proved that you can’t have too much of a good thing. Ten leggy lovelies undressing each other down to their sexy lingerie for some juicy lesbian sex - yum! My favourite scene is the hook-up between sweet little thing Iwia and freckled heartbreaker Eileen Sue, one of our hottest discoveries of recent years.

Of course, there are loads more lingerie-themed scenes and photosets at VivThomas for you to explore - how could there not be, with Yours Truly in charge of the styling! Which is your favourite?


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Black and white red-hot pics of Jo!

black and white

Jo feasts on Nicole Smith’s voluptuous body

Jo loves to explore the boundaries between art and porn. As she’s matured from cute little sweetheart to confident woman, her personal website has developed to reflect her sexual awakening. The photosets and videos capture many different sides of her personality. The black and white ones are some of the more experimental and artistic shoots.

Jo in black and white

Something about black and white photos and videos seems to bring out a very sensual, tactile side to Jo. Although the beauty of the skintones and colours is lost, texture and subtlety seem to increase. There is a very intimate feeling to some of the work, especially the series with Jo’s long-time girlfriend Eve Angel. As these two beauties touch and taste each other, it’s almost as if you can feel every sensation yourself! Jo’s first encounter with new sensation Gina Gerson is also very memorable. The stunning sepia tones capture every detail, as Jo crams her fingers into the slender Russian babe’s tight pussy.

Jo has a lot of creative input into, choosing everything from her sexual partners and locations to the themes and styling of the shoot. “I really want my site to show the different parts of my personality,” she explained. "Every time someone sees a new scene, they are getting to know me a little bit better. They will see what turns me on, through my eyes - and hopefully that is a turn-on for them too.”

My personal favourite of Jo’s black and white shoots is the gorgeous hook-up with voluptuous Nicole Smith. Jo can’t keep her hands off those incredible breasts! Nicole’s pretty face gives away every tingle of pleasure as Jo licks and fingers her pussy. It’s hot stuff.

See more of Jo’s erotic art/porn - in black and white and in glorious colour - at now! Which is your favourite?

black and white black and white black and white black and white black and white black and white black and white black and white

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Why straight girls love lesbian porn!

Everyone loves lesbian porn, right? Lesbians love it, guys sure as hell love it… and straight girls love it too! YouTube vlogging star Arielle Scarcella explores why, in her “Lesbians Explain” series. Apparently, 50% of subscriptions to lesbian porn sites are taken out by straight chicks - and it’s because they want more oral sex!

Sounds like a credible theory… but I suspect it might just be because we all love watching beautiful girls, whether or not we want to jump into the mix ourselves!


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AVN awards – Viv Thomas nominated for four awards

Porn awards season – The “AVN AWARDS”

300x250_awardsWe’re running up to that crazy time of year again when we get to slobber over all the models at the AVN awards (and get awesome/bewildering behind the scenes stories of what they did in Vegas).

This thing has been running for 31 years and it is known as the “most celebrated adult entertainment event”. Not only does it serve the adult industry business, functioning as a conference/expo, it also is a fan based event where you can get to meet all your favourite stars in the flesh, so to speak. Yep people, them gals are human too!

Viv Thomas AVN Awards nominations

Exciting news! Viv Thomas has been nominated for the following awards

Best All-Girl Release:
Tides of Lust, Viv Thomas/Girlfriends

Best Director - Foreign Feature:
Tides of Lust, Viv Thomas/Girlfriends; Viv Thomas
Unfaithful 6, Viv Thomas/Girlfriends; Paul Holmes

Best Foreign Feature:
Unfaithful 6, Viv Thomas/Girlfriends

Best Glamour Website:

AVN Awards

You can find a ton more info on the AVN Awards web site. We know our good buddy Lexi Lowe is going along with a few pals (more about that below), but here’s the billion dollar question.

Are YOU going? Let us know in the comments.

Really? The AVN Awards are crazy?

Yes, really. Actually any adult industry event is pretty crazy. Take Venus in Berlin for example. The things you’ll see are not what is generally considered… normal behaviour. So if you want to take a step out of your life, get on down to the AVN Awards in Las Vegas!

Here is a slice of just how crazy things really get down there. Check out this clip from the 2013 AVN awards:

Lexi Lowe’s Lesbian Fantasy goes to the AVN Awards

Naturally we’ll be letting you know a lot more about this title as it’s really early days yet. Our gorgeous British babe, Lexi Lowe, the shining star of “Story of She” and “Story of She 2″ has been approached by an adoring female fan.

Let’s just say this for now, they’re going to the AVN Awards together and we’ll be seeing more of the both of them soon!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section?

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Lesbian lap dance at Club Pink Velvet!

lesbian lap dance

It’s always exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking when we shoot girls who are quite new to us, especially when it’s for an important project. Will they look as sexy on camera as they do in real life? Will they be hot performers, or a little shy and inhibited? Will they have great chemistry? The crew teach them the number one rule of shooting for Viv Thomas - HAVE FUN - and then keep their fingers crossed! But when it came to filming our lesbian lap dance scene for Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots, everyone was pretty confident we were on to a winner, with two extremely promising girls.

Nia teaches Vanda the art of the lesbian lap dance!

Nia Black has this gorgeous exotic look, with amazing blowjob lips and the most incredible breasts! Nia’s position as dancer at the exclusive resort means she gets to show aspiring employees like Vanda Lust the ropes. Vanda thinks she’s pretty hot stuff, but Nia isn’t too impressed by the delicious blonde’s moves, and shows her how a lesbian lap dance should really be performed.

Nia’s technique involves a little bump’n’grind, some booty-shaking and a whole lot of inappropriate touching! Vanda is a quick learner, allowing her naughty new teacher to strip her down to her sexy black stockings for an even more intimate private dance. Nia shows she’s got the moves when it comes to eating pussy too, bending Vanda over to spread those sweet cheeks from behind. Then Nia’s tingling pussy gets the fingering and licking it deserves as Vanda reveals that she may not know much about dancing, but she knows plenty when it comes to fucking!

Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

lesbian lap dance lesbian lap dance lesbian lap dance lesbian lap dance lesbian lap dance

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Sexy shoes with personality!


Shoes are almost my greatest obsession, secondary only to naked women, so art that features both definitely merits a spot on my wall. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz has used 3D printing to create 12 shoes for 12 lovers, a project that combines erotic photography, writing and shoe sculpture to celebrate sexual encounters from his past.

Shoes as art? Hell, yeah… especially when they’re being modelled by a naked honey :-)


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Lana pleases dominant Eve Angel!


My major girl-crush on the lovely Lana started back when we were filming our beach movie Tides of Lust - who could forget that amazing scene in the sand dunes with horny Viktoria Diamond? It was further fuelled by a sucktastic boy-girl scene in Touch of Spice and three standout scenes in Lesbian Workout (the poolside hookup with Nicole Smith is so cute and sexy I watch it a lot!).

Lana gets a licking in Club Pink Velvet 2!

Now the adorable gap-toothed blonde is featured in our recent release, Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots. Lana plays an aspiring waitress at the exclusive lesbian resort who shows uptight Eve Angel how to have fun on the job. Dominant Eve can’t keep her hands off Lana’s perfect uptilted breasts, and soon sweeps aside the carefully placed crockery so she can push her new galpal back on the table, suck on her hard nipples, and then lick her way down to that juicy, smooth-shaven pussy.

This is my favourite scene of the movie - Lana orgasms so easily, and Eve’s pussy-eating prowess has her squealing and wriggling in ecstasy within the first few minutes. She then takes her time to tease Eve into a frenzy, flicking her tongue over the brunette beauty’s clit until she is rocked by a powerful climax. Eve’s famously voluptuous bum gets some camera time as Lana fingerbangs her vigorously from the rear, and then Lana’s peachy cheeks are pampered as Eve pumps her visibly soaked coochie and licks her asshole. The girls so clearly relish each other’s vibrant sexuality. Lana’s naughty enjoyment of the situation brings a real sense of fun, and it’s so hot to see Eve showing who’s boss!

Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

lana lana lana VivThomas_First-Class-Service_Eve-Angel--Lana-S_low_0068 lana

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Five hot shots of Cindy Hope!

Here are five hot shots of Cindy Hope and Madlin Moon from Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots. The girls play stressed-out advertising executives for the exclusive lesbian resort, who need orgasms to work off their tension! Cindy is known for bringing an incredible sexual energy and playfulness to her scenes - and rising star Madlin is a gorgeous and very horny match for her!

Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

cindy hope and madlin moon cindy hope and madlin moon cindy hope and madlin moon cindy hope and madlin moon cindy hope and madlin moon

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Hairy pussy is back in fashion!

I can’t remember the last time I saw a really hairy pussy… and I see a whole lot of pussy in a typical day’s work here at VivThomas HQ. Trimming, shaving and waxing one’s lady garden has been the norm for years now, and fans of the fluffy muff usually have to go in search of some classic seventies porn to find anything really untamed. I’m not just talking about the models, either. Life imitating porn, perhaps? Girls everywhere are going in for the landing strip, Brazilian or even the full Hollywood.

And yet… it seems having a naturally hairy pussy may be back in fashion! 51% of nearly 2,000 women who answered an online pharmacy poll, carried out by UK Medix, said they do not style or groom their pubic hair at all. Of those, 45% said they could "no longer be bothered to keep up the grooming" and 62% reported that their partner "prefers the natural look".

hairy pussy

Eve Angel checks out her hair down there

Hairy pussy is the new way to go!

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow added to the buzz about bringing back the bush when she joked on the Ellen DeGeneres show about ‘rocking a seventies vibe’. There’s certainly less upkeep involved, and fans of furry beaver say it soaks up the natural musk of an aroused woman and smells divine. But who wants a mouthful of pubic hair? I can’t believe that munching on a hairy pussy can be as delightful an experience as running your tongue over a perfectly smooth, juiced up cleft.

What do you think, folks? Would you like to see the return of the hairy pussy - in real life, and on the screen - or do you prefer to feast your eyes on a shaven haven?

hairy pussy

Denise digs the natural look

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Food porn that’s good enough to eat!


These explicit adverts for Le Guide Restos Voir (Quebec’s answer to Zagat) are the most deliciously intriguing food porn I’ve ever set eyes on. Intended to promote their 2014 Restaurant Guide, they certainly made me hungry… but not necessarily for food!



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Flexible sex with Blue Angel!

flexible sex

Once in a blue moon, a girl comes along who can bend herself into all kinds of pretzel positions. When that bendy babe also happens to be a horny little minx who is crazy for coochie, magic can happen! Blue Angel is the perfect girl for flexible sex - a former gymnast who will bend every which way to get her pussy pleasured. She’s known for being a naughty little temptress who doesn’t stop at teasing… when Bluey wants sex, she gets it!

Nicole Smith succumbs to Blue Angel’s flexible sex seduction!

Pairing Bluey with Nicole Smith for her scene in Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots was a sure-fire winner. Nicole has the most incredible body, and Bluey is a sucker for a pretty face and a great pair of tits! The premise for the scene played to their strengths, with Bluey in the role of the exclusive lesbian resort’s fitness instructor, putting aspiring employee Nicole through her paces. Bluey’s interview technique involves sucking on those beautiful breasts, and then working her way down to explore Nicole’s wet pussy!

flexible sex

Nicole sucks on Blue Angel’s fabulously puffy nipples too, and then Bluey spreads her legs WIDE to give Nicole ultimate access to that welcoming slot. When the girls move into a sexy 69, the sight of Bluey’s perfectly pert ass hovering over Nicole’s face is simply irresistible! She’s soon rocking her crotch back against Nicole’s mouth to grind out her pleasure, before they flip over and Nicole rides her face to a sticky finish.

So, did Blue Angel hire Nicole for the resort? With skills like that, wouldn’t you?! Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots is available from our online store now, on DVD and HD download. You can also see this scorching scene right now on our paysite - enjoy!

flexible sex

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