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RR013 The Viv Thomas Story

A visit to Abby Winters, recorded

Over the years we have put out many interviews, either in text format, video (here’s a half hour long interview with Viv) and now here’s an audio recording of when Viv and I went to the Adult Webmaster show in Amsterdam in September 2012. It was a good solid weekend filled with business and we made great contacts that stood us in great stead for the following years.

Amsterdam in September

On arrival, we hopped off the plane at Schiphol and shuttled straight into the center of town, heading for our first meeting. Abby Winters had invited us to come over to see their offices and they really were fantastic. Hinged right on a picturesque canal, they were situated right in the center of this bustling, vibrant Dutch city. We walked in the door and the entire team was sitting around waiting for us to come and chat to them. It was kind of a surprise, but this “fireside chat” turned out really well. Viv’s storytelling abilities captivated the Abby Winter’s team for well over an hour.

One of our longer podcasts

This podcast may be a bit long, but for those who want to listen, I really hope you settle in and enjoy it. Let us know what you think, please?

Here are a few photos behind the scenes on the set of Story of She 2 which at the time (September 2012), we had just finished filming. It went on to be our best selling title of 2013!

Story of She 2 viv thomas bar Story of She 2 Story of She 2

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Satisfy yourself with Club Pink Velvet One… And it’s HALF PRICE


Guys and girls, lesbian lovers of all ages! Stop what you are doing, because we have an incredible offer for you.

Club Pink Velvet: The Beginning is only $11. YES, you did read that right - $11! BUT only for the next 24 hours… so why not treat yourself, or your lover, to a highly erotic movie from us here at

You know you’ll love it!

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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 2

I’m continuing my reminiscences about the thirty years of babes that have passed through our gates since Viv first picked up a camera. Thirty years of sexy girls and crazy shoots - it’s been a blast! This time I’m remembering my favourite girls whose names start with the letter B…

Thirty years of babes - the ‘B’ beauties!

South African stunner Bell was one of Viv’s favourite leg models of the past. You can see the pretty blue-eyed blonde in Vintage Leg Sex and also on the paysite in a classic shoe shop scenario with Sandy!

thirty years of babes

I have a soft spot for Czech stunner Bianca - just look at that gorgeous face and fabulous body! She had a hot hook-up in Lesbian Playmates which showcases those incredible long legs and bountiful breasts to perfection, and her outdoor encounter with Lola in Club Girls Lesbian 2 is just delicious.

thirty years of girls

Ah, the legendary Blue Angel! One of the biggest stars to come out of Hungary in recent years, Bluey looks like a sweet little thing, but fucks like a demon! She’s equally happy seducing girls or riding cock, and when she gets in the zone she’s compelling to watch. She has appeared in a whole bunch of our movies - her starring feature, Shades of Blue, and her naughty role in Prim and Improper are two of the best, in my opinion.

thirty years of babes

Brandy Smile is another real cutie whose innocent demeanour can be misleading. She has appeared in several of our movies, including Prim and Improper, Naked Impulses, and most recently as a sexy masseuse in Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots. She’s a favourite with Jo too, and we all know Jo has great taste in girls! Getting together with Blue Angel seems to bring out her wilder side.

thirty years of girls

Brandy with Jo in Prim and Improper

Have I included your favourite girl whose name begins with B from our thirty years of babes?

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Ria Rodriguez - bootyful newcummer!

Ria Rodriguez

Ria Rodriguez with Alexis Brill in Lesbian Playmates 2

Ria Rodriguez is one of the most exciting new girls we’ve seen for ages. It’s rare for a girl to appear on the scene with such a dynamic combination of youth, confidence and beauty. She’s deliciously exotic - Hungarian but with Latina roots - and at 21 she is already a tigress in the bedroom. She also seems equally happy and turned-on whether her sexual partner is a guy or another pretty girl - apparently she just really loves to fuck!

Two hot new movies featuring Ria Rodriguez

For me, Ria’s hook-up with Totti in Classic Shags is the standout scene of the movie. She looks irresistible in hot pink, and the first thing you notice, after that gorgeous face, is her astonishing bubble butt! At first the computer nerd is so intent on his job he doesn’t even notice her undressing. But when Ria takes charge and starts to seduce him, he just can’t take his hands off her ass. We soon discover she has superb blowjob skills as she sucks him deep and long. When he finally stops teasing her and slides that cock home in her pussy, she thrusts back on him like a wildcat. She’s so energetic and enthusiastic, and when she jiggles and pumps that squeezable bottom you will want to jump right in there and grab a handful!

In Lesbian Playmates 2, Ria’s scene with cutiepie Alexis Brill starts out so sweet and playful. Ria soon shows her dominant side though, as she teases Alexis, sticking that bubble butt in the air while she sucks on her galpal’s nipples. Then the shorts come off and the camera can worship her beautiful bum in all its glory!

Classic Shags and Lesbian Playmates 2 will be available from our online store in February. Ass fans will not want to miss this hot newcummer!

Ria Rodriguez Ria Rodriguez Ria Rodriguez Ria Rodriguez Ria Rodriguez

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Jo and Vera in Office Girls 2

How about a blast from the past?

Mr Holmes and I were just preparing a new film which includes a ragingly horny office scene. I needed to take another look at our old masterpiece “Office Girls 2“.

Office Girls 2 is such a cool, funny, well made film I couldn’t resist posting a little taster of when Jo arrives per chance at Vera’s flat. At first they don’t recognize each other, but then they do…

What’s YOUR best part of Office Girls 2?

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Avril’s sexy pic of the day!


I love breasts. I mean, I really love them. Itty bitty titties, perfect handfuls, bountiful bouncers. Natural beauties and tasteful enhancements. Excitable nipples, dark silver dollars, they’re all good!

Here the girls of Waves of Desire work on their all-over tans… which is your favourite?

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Blonde on blonde!


What could be finer than two pretty blondes having sex in the sun? This yummy scene from Gina’s Harem finds Gina B and Nesty enjoying a little alfresco fucking. There’s plenty of nipple sucking, pussy licking and fingering, and naturally Nesty’s plump rump plays a starring role. Then the vibrators come out and things get really juicy…

Gina’s Harem is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. It’s good porny fun!


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Lesbian Playmates 2 - coming very soon!

Mmm, so many things I like in one movie! Lesbian Playmates 2 has it all: sexy lingerie, hot kissing, fresh new faces, and juicy pussy eating. Most importantly, the mutual lust is real and raw, and the girls are gorgeous! Check them out…

The girls of Lesbian Playmates 2

Dorothy Black and Henessy: Boob lovers will not want to miss this! Dorothy’s sensational rack makes a welcome return to the screen, and Russian hottie Henessy pays homage. An ice cube makes the nipple teasing even more stimulating.

Lesbian Playmates 2

Dorothy Black and Henessy

Gina Gerson and Candy Sweet: two adorable new babes have some sexy girly fun together! We loved filming Gina in Room 69, and this scene makes the most of her utter cuteness. No wonder everyone’s talking about her right now. Candy is the perfect match for her.

Lesbian Playmates 2

Gina Gerson and Candy Sweet

Athina and Mira Sunset: two leggy beauties in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels get very intimate. They both look irresistible, and the sex is sophisticated and delicious.

Lesbian Playmates 2

Athina and Mira Sunset

Alexis Brill and Ria Rodriguez: we were blown away by Ria’s moves when filming Classic Shags. Now that trademark ass-jiggle is driving her galpal wild. You’ll want to grab a handful of these two peachy bums!

Lesbian Playmates 2

Alexis Brill and Ria Rodriguez

Diana Sky and Savannah Secret: how refreshing to see a sweet new girl with a naturally hairy pussy! It clearly tastes as good as it looks, judging by the yummy oral action in this scene.

Lesbian Playmates 2

Diana Sky and Savannah Secret

Lesbian Playmates 2 will be available from our online store from early February. Shot by Gabor and the legendary Sandra Shine, and produced by Viv Thomas, it’s pussy playtime at its best!

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RR012 Avril Thomas and the history of Viv Thomas

It’s “FABULOUS” as Avril would say, to finally have her on the podcast as an interviewee! Welcome Avril, it’s great to be able to interview you about your history with Viv and the company.

For those of you who are unaware, Avril is Viv Thomas’ wife and in this podcast you can hear all about how Viv got started in the business, from his wife’s perspective.

Enjoy her colourful recollections of all those good (and bad) times a few years ago. To be honest, we could have let this podcast run an hour, there were so many other things I wanted her to talk about.

Here are a few images of Avril over the years, just to provide you with some background :)

Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas Avril Thomas

Let me know if you want Avril back on the podcast?

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Boy-girl movies - your favourites revealed!

boy-girl movies

Mya Diamond in The Art of Sex – our hottest boy-girl scene ever?

Listening to this recent podcast I was surprised to discover how highly our boy-girl movies are rated by our fans. While we are very proud of the real passion and lust we capture, we’re best known as producers of gorgeous lesbian movies, and our hetero films sometimes get overlooked.

However, in our round-up of 2013, it turns out that not only was Art of Sex 2 our second biggest seller of the year, but the original Art of Sex (shot several years ago) was the fifth biggest seller! And when it came to web views, Art of Sex 2 was your favourite movie of the year, with Sex Games at number 4, The Boy Girl Tapes: Licking the Shaft at number 8, and Busty Anal Adventures and Busty Newcummers (available on the paysite) at number 9. That’s a whole lot of hardcore sex being watched!

boy-girl movies

Ivana Sugar in Art of Sex 2 – an incredibly hot boy-girl scene

What makes great boy-girl movies?

Apart from amazing girls, obviously - that goes without saying! Well, the themes that keep cropping up are enthusiasm, romance, passion, and a genuine connection between the partners. According to some of the comments on our forum, Art of Sex 2 is “a couples friendly film with some great intimate sex”; “very good teasing… full body contact, good blowjob sequences… and a lot of variety.” The star of this movie is definitely Ivana Sugar - her scene is described by one fan as “the most erotic and sensual I’ve ever seen.” She had a lot to live up to, as Mya Diamond‘s legendary scene in the original Art of Sex is regarded by many as the best boy-girl scene we’ve ever filmed.

I hope our latest boy-girl movies will meet your high expectations, as well as our own! 2014 has already got off to a great start with Room 69. The scene with Cipriana in particular had the crew raving about the heat and intensity she generated. February will see the release of Classic Shags, a really fun reinvention of porn cliches with some spectacular new girls having hot sex. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

boy-girl movies

Bootilicious Ria Rodriguez in Classic Shags

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Three reasons why we love Tracy Lindsay


  1. She’s so cute.
  2. She looks amazing in a bikini.
  3. She looks even better naked!

You can see more pictures and behind-the-scenes video from our lesbian beach movie Waves of Desire on the paysite right now. Waves of Desire is available from our online store on DVD and HD download, and it’s on special offer until the end of January. It’s sun, sea and sizzling lesbian sex at its best!

VivThomas_Waves-of-Desire-BTS-Two_Nicole-Smith--Taylor-Shay--Tess-A_low_0076 VivThomas_Waves-of-Desire-BTS-Two_Nicole-Smith--Taylor-Shay--Tess-A_low_0081 VivThomas_Waves-of-Desire-BTS-Two_Nicole-Smith--Taylor-Shay--Tess-A_low_0069

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Classic Shags - sexy fun from Viv Thomas!

Our first massive boy-girl movie of 2014 is Classic Shags. I love the concept - all our favourite old porn cliches given a modern twist with the hottest new girls shot in crystal-clear HD. The idea is funny as hell but the sex is seriously hardcore and utterly arousing.

Classic Shags scene by scene

Angel Snow orders a pizza - but when the well-hung delivery guy shows up, it turns out she was hungry for something else all along! This long-legged cutie has never looked better as she sucks him hard and then rides that impressive boner, her perfect-handful natural boobs bouncing sweetly.

Classic Shags

Mira Sunset first shot with us for Touch of Spice, but I’m loving her new blonde look so much more! Mira is the kinky French maid of all our dreams, not actually interested in doing the dusting when there is cock to be sucked instead. Those cute frilly panties make her bum look great!

Classic Shags

Vanda Lust is an adorable gap-toothed blonde who delighted us with her turn as an aspiring stripper in Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots. She then shot a scorching boy-girl scene for Room 69, and we were unanimous in inviting her back for Classic Shags. This total babe looks so hot as she attends to the plumber’s pipe!

Classic Shags

Russian beauty Henessy grabbed our attention with her lesbian scenes in Club Pink Velvet: the Beginning, and in Classic Shags she shows that she’s equally awesome when getting really down and dirty. The cable guy doesn’t stand a chance when this bored housewife sets her sights on him! She drives him crazy, jerking him off with her pretty feet, before the hole in her sexy pantyhose allows him access to her delicious pussy. A must-see for leg sex fans!

Classic Shags

Ria Rodriguez is new to us and has a stunning exotic look. She seduces the computer nerd with one wiggle of that astounding ass! She’s fresh, enthusiastic, and looks sensational as she sucks and fucks.

Ria Rodriguez

Classic Shags will be available from our online store on February 1st. It’s the perfect gift to make Valentine’s Day go with a bang!

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Who is this sexy blonde?


Do you recognise this delicious back view? I’ll give you a clue… her lovely long legs, pretty feet and peachy bottom made her the perfect star of a couple of our leg sex movies!

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Busty lesbians grab a handful!

busty lesbians

There’s something about seeing two busty lesbians squashing their titanic tits together as they kiss that gets me every time. I can’t help it, I am a huge fan of humongous hooters! So the seriously stacked duo of Judy Nero and Gina B, who feature in our recent release Gina’s Harem, is a fabulous feast for the eyes as far as I’m concerned.

Now, fans of our lesbian movies may raise a shocked eyebrow at this release. The scenes are taken from Gina and Peaches’ notorious 2008 ‘Lesbians at Home’ website. It’s a far cry from our usual ethos - beautiful, natural girls having tender, passionate sex. In a word, Gina’s Harem is PORNO. It’s brash, flashy, and occasionally a little bit trashy. But it’s also damn good hard fun, with girls who clearly love what they’re doing and want to make each other (and you) come like a train.

Busty lesbians Gina and Judy enjoy some breast play!

I was hooked from the moment Gina leans in to suck on Judy’s stiff nipples. Her boobs might be ‘enhanced’ but they are a great shape and I would certainly love to give them a squeeze! Judy’s juicy pussy gets a good tongue lashing from Gina, before the leggy blonde gets herself into an athletic position to perch her coochie on Judy’s face. Then Gina gets a vigorous fucking from an enormous dildo, before Judy takes her turn and gets her asshole licked too. And when she flips over onto her back, her tits look immense! The scene closes with a little more funbag fondling…

Gina’s Harem is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. It’s packed with full-on lesbian action, including an outrageous seven-girl orgy that has to be seen to be believed!

busty lesbians busty lesbians busty lesbians busty lesbians 4918-180

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Slippery when wet at Hotel Eden!


The story continues at Hotel Eden… After a romantic tryst on a boat - a challenging but really fun location to shoot a scene! - Lorena and Whitney go back to the hotel. They end up having sex in the bathtub, another tricky but visually very stimulating location!

The girls look incredible as they get hot, wet and slippery… check out these pics for a taster!

Hotel Eden is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. If you love to see romantic, passionate and very intimate lesbian sex between gorgeous girls, you wont want to miss it!

4949-106 4949-145 4949-063

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Viv Thomas Podcast – 2013 roundup of our films

The Viv Thomas podcast – listen to it here

Viv Thomas podcast 2013 round-up

2013 Viv Thomas round-up

24 films, released at the rate of 2 a month. That’s the most consistent year in a long time and huge congratulations go to our production team! You guys are legends. In this Viv Thomas podcast Holmesy, Ricardo and myself, Nick Spillum, get together and discuss a few stats about 2013.

Our hardest working models

Would you have guessed which models we worked with the most? Would you have guessed how many sex scenes each of those girls had shot for us in 2013?

44 hours of porn!

Along with 24 films, a rough calculation at an average of five scenes a film, means 120 scenes, which could work out to more or less 44 hours of smoking hot sex! That’s a fair amount of porn we have contributed to the adult industry.

We base our 30 minute chat on the top ten sellers in our online shop (where you can see ALL the trailers, as well as over here in our blog video section) and our vastly different results for how many times each film was viewed on our pay site at

What’s coming in 2014?

All in all, those two lists produce some interesting conversations and it’s good to look back on a solid year. Sure, we made some mistakes, but we also hit some really good high points.

We look forward to 2014 and we chat briefly about some exciting upcoming projects.

A final word on the Viv Thomas podcast

I really hope you have enjoyed the last ten issues of the Viv Thomas podcast. The download numbers certainly reflect that, so much so that we are ramping up our podcasting efforts this year and will endeavour to publish one podcast a week. That’s quite a tall order, but we’re keen to keep it up as far as we can throughout 2014.

So, every Friday night, watch out for the latest Viv Thomas podcast! If you’d prefer it to be released on another night, let me know in the comments.

As always, we’d be dead keen to hear what YOU want to hear us talk about. Let us know in the blog comments below, on Facebook, on Twitter or even on our forum. We even have a dedicated thread for the podcasts.

As you may know, you can also listen to our podcasts over on:

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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 1

Yes, you read that right… it’s 30 years since Viv first picked up a camera and started taking sexy pics of me (I was a Miss South Africa finalist back when beauty contests were still considered cool!). Turned out he was damn good at it, and a lifetime of stills shoots and movies was to follow!

We’ve worked with so many amazing girls over the years, and this seems like the perfect time to explore the archives and remember some of my favourites. Let’s work our way through the alphabet of sexy babes, starting with ‘A’…

Thirty years of babes - the ‘A’ list!

Adele Stephens - a Brit beauty who was all about those bounteous natural boobs! You can see this voluptuous vixen in a lesbian scene with the equally legendary British hottie Natasha Vale in UK vs Europe.

thirty years of babes

Adele Stephens

Aletta Ocean was best known for those arresting eyes and ‘anything goes’ attitude, but Viv loved her because of those perfect legs and pretty feet! We featured her in a hot lesbian scene in Unfaithful 4, although she was usually renowned for her super-hard anal scenes.

thirty years of babes

Aletta Ocean

Aneta Keys - so incredibly pretty, cute and always smiling. And what an ass! I loved her exotic look, in fact I raved about her on the blog here!

thirty years of babes

Aneta Keys

Angel Dark was very popular, thanks to her sexy face and perfect tits. The two titles she shot for us, Shocking Stockings 2 and Pantihose Erotica 2, will give you a clue which of her attributes Viv most admired! You can find these scenes on the paysite.

thirty years of babes

Angel Dark

Angelika Black – a naughty girl who always made her sex partners feel good! She made quite an impression in a racy threeway in Mums and Daughters, among other stellar appearances.

thirty years of babes

Angelika Black

Ariel was a fan favourite, with a unique look and a sassy attitude. I particularly enjoyed her smoking hot scene with Nella in Unfaithful 2.

thirty years of babes


Have I included your favourite girl whose name begins with ‘A’?

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Tracy and Tess have a sexy reunion!


The final scene of Waves of Desire sees a scorching reunion between two of the hottest girls ever. We know from your feedback that delicious blonde Tracy Lindsay and alluring brunette Tess Lyndon make your pulse race and your pants feel tight, and together they make one hell of a sexy couple! If you haven’t seen it yet, these pics will give you a little taste…

Waves of Desire, our summer 2013 lesbian beach movie, is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

VivThomas_Perfect-Partners_Tess-A--Tracy-Lindsay_low_0066 VivThomas_Perfect-Partners_Tess-A--Tracy-Lindsay_low_0090 VivThomas_Perfect-Partners_Tess-A--Tracy-Lindsay_low_0029 VivThomas_Perfect-Partners_Tess-A--Tracy-Lindsay_low_0072

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If you were these girls, what would you do differently?

There was something in the video clip in this post, that Tracy and Tess did (or didn’t do) that could have really ruined their day. What was it?

kayak (3)

Get it correct and you could win one of three month long subscriptions to

This video (from the second scene in our 2013 summer blockbuster, Waves of Desire) features Tess Lyndon and Tracy Lindsay paddling down a river in the sunny Algarve, Portugal. They find a perfect picnic spot, beach their kayaks and set about feasting (not on food though, on each other).

It’s a fiery sex scene and the intensity of the passion is remarkable. It is without doubt one of the better scenes of the film, second only to Nicole Smith and Tess, or maybe even Tess and Tracy’s second scene around the fire later on…

kayak (2) kayak (1) kayak (4)

I digress, the point of this post is this. There was something that Tracy and Tess did (or didn't do) that could have really ruined their day. What was it?

I have up to three one month subscriptions to give away, so three people can win!

Competition rules:

  1. Only comments on this blog post are considered valid entries. So if you have tweeted, or left a comment on Facebook or YouTube etc that doesn’t count.
  2. The competition will close on Sunday 19th January, 2014.

What did or didn’t they do?

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Avril’s sexy pic of the day!


I love this shot of Tess and Nicole Smith from their stellar scene in Waves of Desire. Admittedly the odds were stacked in our favour - when you put two girls this hot together, there’s a good chance the results will be exceptional! I know I’m not alone in thinking Tess was our most sexually compelling rising star of 2013…

Waves of Desire is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. It’s sun, sea and superb sapphic sex all the way! Here are a few more shots to whet your appetite - including Nicole in her signature face-sitting pose!

VivThomas_One-Night-Stand_Nicole-Smith--Tess-A_low_0070 VivThomas_One-Night-Stand_Nicole-Smith--Tess-A_low_0023 VivThomas_One-Night-Stand_Nicole-Smith--Tess-A_low_0078 VivThomas_One-Night-Stand_Nicole-Smith--Tess-A_low_0081

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Lorena and Whitney meet in Hotel Eden

Lorena and Whitney

If you’ve been following the blog recently, you’ll know that the first scene of Hotel Eden establishes the heartfelt romance between gorgeous Lorena Garcia and her older girlfriend Demi. But things are about to get complicated… Lorena is left in charge of her father’s hotel, and who should check in but Whitney Conroy, a sexy little blonde babe looking for some fun! Lorena and Whitney are instantly attracted to each other.

These on-set and behind-the-scenes photos show a little bit of the playful friendship these two hotties develop. Naughty Whitney wants more though, and keeps trying to kiss her new playmate…

Lorena and Whitney can’t fight their sexual attraction!

A pillow fight gets out of hand and the girls begin to kiss. Lorena’s inquisitive fingers are soon exploring Whitney’s pussy through her sheer white panties. She teases and rubs until Whitney can’t wait any longer and pulls off Lorena’s top so she can suck those perky dark nipples. Lorena has the most incredible body, slender but with a perfect bum! Whitney’s body is softer and very girlish, with fantastic breasts that Lorena can’t stop touching.

Lorena gyrates that amazing ass as Whitney fingers her wet pussy from behind, then flips her over. Lorena spreads her legs and pulls them right back to allow Whitney full access to her succulent slot. Whitney eats her to a fast and furious climax, before she gets to experience the pleasure induced by Lorena’s talented fingers and tongue. For a girl who is fairly new to the porn scene, Lorena is very confident in her pussy eating skills and knows how to make her partner orgasm hard!

Lorena and Whitney finish with some tribbing - Lorena rubs herself off on Whitney’s thigh - and if you’re not sure whether you like that, this might just be the scene to convince you! The sex between these two cuties is explosive.

Hotel Eden is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Lorena and Whitney Lorena and Whitney Lorena and Whitney Lorena and Whitney Lorena and Whitney Lorena and Whitney Lorena and Whitney

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Great Wall of Vagina!


Welcome to the Great Wall of Vagina! British artist Jamie McCartney created the giant sculpture to demonstrate how different and unique each woman’s body is. 400 volunteers, including mothers and daughters, identical twins, transgendered men and women, pre and post natal mothers, and women who have undergone labiaplasty, were cast in plaster for the 9 metre long piece. The idea is to show ‘what normal women really look like’. McCartney explains: “Vulvas and labia are as different as faces and many people, particularly women, don’t seem to know that.”

Wish I could have this on my wall!

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Hotel Eden – the 10th Viv Thomas podcast

Hotel Eden from Viv Thomas

Hotel Eden opening credits

The tenth Viv Thomas podcast

Welcome back to the tenth Viv Thomas porn podcast all about Hotel Eden (now available on our shop). I erroneously mentioned that it was the seventh or eighth podcast. Sorry about that, I was wrong. Whoops!

This year we’d like to try something different and get a weekly podcast going and I’d love to hear from YOU what you’d like to hear about. You may or may not know anything about our company, but we’d still like to hear what you’d expect us to talk about.

Go on, leave a comment… what’s the worst that could happen?

Hotel Eden podcast

We gathered around again for a pretty lively chat with:

  • Avril Thomas
  • Holmesy
  • Hugo the Boss
  • Nick Spillum

It was a few days after the crew came back from the shoot and I TRIED to steer everyone to follow a basic format of

  1. Hotel Eden concept and background
  2. What models we chose
  3. The location we used
  4. A scene by scene breakdown of Hotel Eden

I’ll let you be the judge of whether we achieved that. Avril did her best to scupper my plans :) Listen along as we discuss what the original story of Hotel Eden was, and what it became. At the time of the recording the film had just been shot, not edited, so we had no idea whether the production team had added a little poetic license or not.

It turned out that they had and it was great!

Hotel Eden quick facts

  1. Hotel EdenFactoid number one – Hotel Eden had a working title of “My Summer of Discovery”.
  2. Hotel Eden Factoid number two – Hotel Eden was inspired by a short film called Warpaint by Al Benoit, whom I actually contacted a few days ago and he was really happy to hear what we had done. A copy of Hotel Eden has been sent to him, and we await his lengthy critique :)
  3. Hotel Eden Factoid number three – it was written for Tracy Lindsay and Lorena Garcia. Sadly only Lorena could join us for the production.
  4. Hotel Eden Factoid number four – the location was changed from Portugal to Budapest a month before, which necessitated a quick replanning, but nothing we couldn’t handle!

Hotel Eden Trailer

Once you have finished listening to the podcast, or even before you listen, how about checking out the trailer?

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Demi loves Lorena in Hotel Eden!

Demi and Lorena

If you’re interested in seeing a beautifully-filmed, heartfelt love story packed with hot lesbian sex, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love Hotel Eden. Our latest release shows the unfolding relationship between sexy businesswoman Demi, and her younger girlfriend, the incredibly cute Spanish sweetie Lorena Garcia.

Sexy Demi drives Lorena wild!

We shot Demi quite some time back, in our very popular movie Sirens (at that time she was known as Charlie) and we all agreed her classy, elegant look made her perfect for this role. The most important thing was that there needed to be genuine chemistry between the girls. I think you’ll agree that the first few minutes of the movie establishes this brilliantly. The couple seem so much in love, talking animatedly, flirting and touching each other constantly. You can hardly wait to see them get each other naked!

When they make it back to their room, the sex is tender, urgent and intimate, as they devour each other hungrily. I loved seeing Demi play with Lorena’s long, shiny hair. After a long and passionate buildup, the moment when Demi spreads Lorena’s thighs and goes in for a taste of pussy feels like a sweet release for the viewer too! Surprisingly, cutie-pie Lorena is the more dominant one in the bedroom. She seems supremely confident as she guides her lover’s hand to her sweet spot and then rides it hard. It has to be said, Lorena has the most fantastic ass, and a very pretty pussy too. The camera dutifully pays homage!

Now it’s Demi’s turn to get a vigorous fingering. I love that the sex is so REAL - you can feel every tingle of pleasure as she squirms against Lorena’s hand. Our Spanish sweetheart then perches that beautiful bum on her girlfriend’s face for another intense licking. They are so much in love…

It’s an amazing start to a movie which makes us all very proud. Hotel Eden is available now from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Demi and Lorena Demi and Lorena Demi and Lorena Demi and Lorena Demi and Lorena

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Cameron Diaz talks about pubic hair!


I’d happily listen to Cameron Diaz‘s thoughts on anything from world peace to nail polish - damn, that girl is hot! Her butt-wiggling dance to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is one of my favourite movie moments ever…

So when it comes to Cameron Diaz sharing her ideas about pubic hair, you can be sure she has my full attention! I’m delighted to discover that in her new release ‘The Body Book’, the lovely Cam devotes a whole essay entitled ‘In Praise of Pubes’ to the ins and outs of pubic topiary!

"I hear that there's a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits," Diaz writes. "Personally, I think permanent laser hair removal sounds like a crazy idea. Forever? I know you may think you'll be wearing the same style of shoes forever and the same style of jeans forever, but you won't. The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change, people."

Do you agree? Cameron continues: "Pubic hair also serves as a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness. Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Also, let's be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia majora is not immune to gravity. Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life?"

And she concludes: "It's a personal decision, but I'm just putting it out there: Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. Twenty years from now, you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is."

I’ll confess I’m a big fan of the smooth, hairless look - but the idea of Cameron inviting me to take a closer look at her lady garden has me quite excited!


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Tess - waves of fresh-faced cuteness!


One of the highlights of our summer 2013 lesbian blockbuster Waves of Desire was seeing fresh-faced Czech cutie Tess develop even more confidence in her adorable sexuality. We were first persuaded to shoot Tess on the recommendation of various forum members who waxed lyrical about her perfect body and terrific enthusiasm. Comments included “passionate little devil with hot moans… wow, she is spectacular”; “sweet boobies”; and “excitable nipples”. We were hooked!

Movies starring Tess

Legal Lesbian Seduction put Tess on the Viv Thomas map, in a sensual encounter with Cindy Hope, but it was I Dream of Jo: True Passion that really made everyone sit up and take notice. Tess played the target of cheating Jo‘s lust, and it was easy to see why Jo was tempted… this scene is a scorcher! After that, it was a no-brainer to cast her opposite fan favourite Eufrat in Intimacy: a Lesbian Affair, which focuses on their romantic and sexual relationship in amorous detail. You can also see Tess as a sexy pool girl enjoying a wet liaison with Lorena Garcia in Club Pink Velvet: Lesbian Heaven.

Waves of Desire, our luscious summer movie, really makes the most of this lovely girl’s most fabulous assets. These pics are from her first scene with sweet blonde Tracy Lindsay, which finds the two lovers taking a little canoe trip. A romantic riverside picnic leads to the bikini-clad babes exploring each other’s warm skin with their fingers and tongues. Tess has an incredible ass, and it looks simply amazing as she straddles Tracy. No wonder Tracy can’t wait to peel her panties down and dive in for a taste! The chemistry between these two natural beauties is unmistakeable, which is why this is one of my favourite scenes of 2013. What do you think?

Waves of Desire is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Tess Tess Tess Tess Tess

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The inspiration for Hotel Eden

As some of you may have noticed we released our latest lesbian movie, Hotel Eden, on Friday.

Well here is a little back story about how it came to be. Just over a year ago I across a short film called ‘Warpaint’ by a director named Al Benoit. The thumbnail of two girls holding hands surrounded by forest and a setting sun looked so sumptuous that I just had to click it and watch it. I am so glad I did - everything about it is, in my opinion, perfection. The love story between the girls is so well told and soft and loving and cute and adorable and… I’d better stop before my manliness withers and dies! It’s all accentuated perfectly by the choice of music and the stunning cinematography. The scenery is beautiful, which really adds a lot to the movie.

Having finished watching it with a cheesy grin on my face, I thought that would be the end of it but no, for days I kept thinking of this lovely little movie. I then got thinking about our own movie Intimacy, and how this movie and that movie could splice together well.

So I set about writing a 3 scene movie called ‘Summer of Discovery,’ similar to Intimacy with Warpaint as a reference. During the writing process I realised five scenes would allow more character development, so I set about tweaking it a little bit, adding in a third character.

The storyline: A modern day lesbian couple are stuck in a humdrum relationship, one of them starts to reminisce about her first lesbian experience. Although due to circumstances beyond our control the finished movie is a little different from the script, I think the imprint of Warpaint is still very much evident in Hotel Eden.

Hotel Eden

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Lola - adorably cute and sweetly sexy!


Lola is surely one of the most adorable girls we’ve ever shot here at Viv Thomas HQ. The little doe-eyed blonde broke hearts with her shy demeanour and sweet smile - not to mention that mindblowing ass! Many words were written in praise of Lola’s perfect bottom, and many moments were enjoyed while the camera lingered on those tender curves. Lola was not the most confident girl in front of the camera, but you could always tell that she was genuinely turned on, and for a shy girl she was a surprisingly great kisser. We loved her gamine style, and shot her in some delicious scenes that made the most of her natural prettiness and cuteness.

My favourite movies featuring Lola

Days Without Youth is all about Lisa‘s powerful infatuation with Lola. The frustrated older woman develops a crush on the seemingly innocent newcomer which threatens to destabilise her entire life. Her irresistible seduction of the shy and uncertain Lola is a standout scene in a very sensual movie.

In Portrait of a Lesbian, Lola has two hot scenes, one with Rachel Evans, and one with Kyla Fox. Both are very heavy on the tribbing (scissoring and grinding the pussies together) - according to the feedback from our fans, a move you either love or hate! Personally I am quite happy to see leg humping and grinding in a lesbian scene, so long as there is plenty of juicy pussy-munching too!

Lola also has a very pretty scene with Eve Angel in Naked Impulses, and a passionate lickfest with Sandra Shine in Simply Shine. And she is featured in three scrummy scenes in Club Girls Lesbian 2 (with Zoe, Zara and blonde bombshell Bianca), all of which merit a second look.

Is Lola one of your favourite cutie-pies?

VivThomas_Eve-Angel--Lola_Eve-Angel--Lola-A_low_0053 Lola Lola Lola Lola Lola

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Hot Belgian bottoms versus footballs!

Kicking a football at a sexy girl’s bottom… Apparently it’s all about physics. These players from Belgian club Royal Antwerp get to practice their ball-handling skills (sorry!) by taking aim at the barely-clad bums of a pair of naturally gifted hotties. Love that jiggle!


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Nicole Smith - best breasts of 2013?

Nicole Smith

There are a lot of things I admire about Nicole Smith. That pretty face, always quick to smile. The urge to flash in public. Her peachy bottom. And yet, when I watch her scenes, it’s always those fantastic tits that command my attention. They’re just so lovely! Nicole has an incredible body, and she seems to know instinctively how to show it off for the camera - maybe because she enjoys flashing so much that she has perfected her technique!

Nicole Smith’s boobs entrance Taylor Shay!

These shots are taken from Nicole’s scene with Taylor Shay for Waves of Desire, our summer 2013 lesbian blockbuster. Nicole’s jubblies can be seen jiggling over the opening credits of the movie as she strolls into the sea. It’s no wonder Taylor goes straight in to squeeze and caress them as the two babes kiss! Soon their bare breasts are pressed together as Taylor pushes Nicole down on the bed.

Taylor’s fingers quickly sneak down to tweak Nicole’s perky nipples, and this inspires her to suck on them hungrily. She seems utterly smitten by the brunette beauty. I particularly love how she keeps right on playing with Nicole’s tits as she moves down to eat her juicy pussy - apparently she just can’t take her hands off them!

After Nicole has fingered Shay to a powerful orgasm (she’s not just a pretty face, this girl has skills in the bedroom) we see her favourite sexual position. Sitting astride Shay’s face, she rides the waves of pleasure as she gets an intense licking that makes her climax hard. Needless to say, her breasts look totally awesome in that position!

Waves of Desire is available now from our online store, on DVD and HD download. Does Nicole rate highly on your Best Breasts of 2013 list?

Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith

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Victoria’s Secret models twerking!

Will this twerking craze never end? I hope not… seeing a cute babe shaking her booty in public certainly put a smile on my face! This time it’s Victoria’s Secret girls Joan Smalls and Doutzen Kroes, caught on camera by supermodel Cara Delevingne! How I would love to be a fly on that wall…


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Zafira - sweet, sexy and so seductive!


Zafira. An exotic Hungarian beauty who has lit up our screens on many occasions, most recently in a yummy scene with Sophie Links for Passion. Although she’s actually a quiet, unassuming girl, when the camera’s on her she becomes compelling to watch. Witness the way other girls flock to her like bees to honey - I can only assume she tastes as sweet! Zafira was our Babe of the Month in December 2006, and we’ve shot her for several movies and numerous scenes over the years. We like her a LOT.

The top three Zafira scenes from our archive


1. The legendary strap-on scene with Sophie in Sex with Sophie Moone. I can’t find a single photo from this shoot - were we all so dumbstruck we forgot to pick up a camera? I don’t remember… but the scene is incredible. Both girls look absolutely stunning, and the mutual lust is very real, and very intense.


2. With Jo in Unfaithful 5. It’s cute as hell to see Jo playing the dominant bitch who takes advantage of timid maid Zafira. Jo’s insistent touch soon warms up the hesitant beauty, who allows herself to be seduced and thoroughly pleasured by Jo’s talented tongue!


3. The candlelight encounter with Nella in Sirens. These two babes look adorable together as they enjoy a poolside tryst. The camera gets right in on Nella’s juiced-up pussy as Zafira tenderly licks, sucks and fingers it, driving her wild. Naturally Nella repays the favour!

More Zafira coming soon…


If you’re a fan, look out for her scene with Gina B and Peaches in Gina’s Harem, which will be available from our online store in early January. Rumour has it she was a frequent player in that particular relationship - but craved men too much to be truly lesbian!

Which is your favourite Zafira scene?

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