Is ‘Human Barbie’ hot or not?

April 30, 2014 - by: Avril

What do you think of the so-called ‘Human Barbie,’ Valeria Lukyanova? Sexy or scary? Cool or creepy? She’s certainly generating a lot of publicity, not all of it positive. Some think the Ukrainian model is a total ‘living doll’, while others say she’s too skinny, too fake or just plain too weird. You know I like natural beauties, so you can probably guess my views on this one…


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Zafira sparkles in the Art of Erotica!

April 29, 2014 - by: Avril

Zafira and Jessy Tiger

The final scene in Jo’s directorial debut, The Art of Erotica, stars two beautiful Hungarian girls who generate a lot of heat. Stunning Zafira is a favourite with our fans - you can read more about her in this blog post. Jessy Tiger is new to us, but as Jo has a great track record for spotting awesome new talent, we were more than happy to let her pick her own cast. The combination of Jo’s creativity and the sizzling chemistry between these two hotties results in a lesbian scene which is truly delicious.

Gorgeous Zafira is so sexy and seductive!

This scene starts in such an unusual way, the camera tight on the sensual movement of a hand caressing a lovely tanned stomach. Who are the girls? The anticipation was driving me wild by the time I got to see Jessy’s pretty face, and then sexy Zafira leaning in for a kiss. The atmospheric lighting makes it feel very real and very exciting, and as the camera goes right in close on the kiss I defy you not to feel a little tingle of pleasure yourself!

Then, bam! The camera pulls back and you get to see both girls - and I guarantee your eyes will instantly be drawn to Zafira’s amazing breasts! Her bra seems to be struggling to contain them. Jessy can’t resist squashing her face into Zafira’s cleavage to enjoy the sensation, before freeing those bouncy boobs and giving them a suck. I was hooked from that moment, and as the action progresses through some yummy pussy-munching and sticky orgasms, I was pretty much obsessed with Zafira’s tits and her beautiful eyes throughout! It’s a great scene to wrap up a totally unique and very arousing debut.

The Art of Erotica is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Zafira and Jessy Tiger

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Avril’s sexy pic of the day!

April 28, 2014 - by: Avril


I love this shot. Zoe‘s legs look so long, and her bum… yum! And for once Lola isn’t looking like an innocent little cutie - she’s definitely all woman, and you can tell exactly what’s on her mind!

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Classical twerking!

April 27, 2014 - by: Avril

Here’s a fresh new twist to the twerking craze! K-pop dance group Wayeva are giving their own unique interpretation to a classical track - Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco, to be exact. Reactions have ranged from stupified, to outraged, to just plain horny. I think it’s fun, and cute - and these girls have got some sexy moves!


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Amirah Adara has an amazing ass!

April 26, 2014 - by: Avril

Amirah Adara

Amirah Adara is a hot babe from Hungary, with a very exotic look. She’s only 22 and looks so sweet and innocent, but she’s shot some pretty raunchy scenes. She still has an amazingly cute, fresh look - which is dynamite when combined with her voracious sexual appetite! You can tell as soon as you set eyes on her that she’s something special.

Amirah Adara and Angelina Wild - an explosive mix!

Angelina Wild is another cute and extremely popular babe, and as the girls say hello in the introduction to their scene for Models Unleashed, we discover that they are already ‘very good friends’. The behind-the-scenes footage soon reveals that both girls have great bodies - slender and natural - and two of the finest bums you could wish to see. It’s the first time I’ve set eyes on Amirah, and with those perky tits, long hair and pretty face, I am instantly smitten! Apparently Angelina feels the same way, as she starts kissing, squeezing and spanking Amirah’s bottom before they even start shooting the sex scene.

Once the girls are together on set the excitement builds, kiss by kiss, starting out soft and playful and increasing in passion by the moment. Angelina’s expressive face says it all, as Amirah trails kisses from her perky nipples down to her moistening pussy. When Angelina has enjoyed her orgasm she returns the favour, and then sits on Amirah’s face to experience the intense sensations from another angle. Alas, the scene has to end, but the girls aren’t done yet, as they head for the shower and their own ‘private party’!

My only complaint is that the cameraman didn’t spend more time focusing on Amirah’s perfect ass, as it is worthy of several hours’ uninterrupted screen time! Something tells me Amirah Adara is a name we will all be looking out for…

Models Unleashed is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Amirah Adara

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RR024 the last and final podcast

April 25, 2014 - by: Nick Spillum

We’re saying goodbye in this podcast. If you haven’t heard, Viv Thomas the company, has been bought in its entirety by MetArt and we’re closing shop and handing over everything to the extremely successful MetArt group.

Not much to say here, but if you can figure out what happened at the end of the podcast, we’d love to hear it!



The final podcast. Adios!

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I’m celebrating thirty years of babes - thirty incredible years since Viv first picked up a camera and started photographing gorgeous girls. This time I’m remembering all the sexy babes whose names begin with ‘H’, and what a bunch of horny hotties they are!

Thirty years of babes - the hot honeys beginning with H!

Busty blue-eyed blonde Hannah is not exactly a natural beauty - more of a super-natural stunner! With those big tits, big lips, big bum and big platinum curls, the bouncy Brit babe looks like a living doll - and one I’d love to play with!

thirty years of babes

Hungarian cutie Hannah Hunter is best known for a sizzling scene with Nella in Office Girls 2, where her terrific toned body (especially that peachy bum!) gets shown off to perfection. If you haven’t seen this classic movie, do yourself a favour and check it out - the girls are fantastic!

thirty years of babes

Russian sweetie Henessy (seen here with Valentina Nappi) is quite new to the scene. She played a starring role in Club Pink Velvet: the Beginning and then wowed us with her blowjob prowess in Classic Shags. The lucky girl then got to fondle Dorothy Black‘s legendary rack in an absolute must-see scene for Lesbian Playmates 2.

thirty years of babes

Horny Henrietta appeared in a yummy handful of movies for us, my favourite being the Art of Kissing 2, where she gets smoochy with Nancy Bell. She also looks amazing in Lisa‘s classic film Pink Velvet 3. This archive shot shows her as a raven-haired beauty, but she’s more often seen as a fiery redhead.

thirty years of babes

An honorable mention must go to English rose Heidi, just because she’s so delightfully pretty! She’s only ever shot solo photosets for us, but I live in hope…

thirty years of babes

What do you think? Did I include your favourite babe beginning with H?

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Join the mile high club in style!

April 23, 2014 - by: Avril


Las Vegas company Love Cloud is offering a chance to join the mile high club - without getting arrested and escorted off the plane! No more furtive fumbling under the nylon blankets while seated in coach… For a mere $799 you and your partner of choice can take a private 40 minute flight on a Cessna 421 aircraft which has been customised into a giant bed. And don’t worry, the pilot’s wearing earphones! Only in Vegas…

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sensual sex

Betty and Candy Sweet in the Art of Erotica

The Art of Erotica has proved that Jo knows all about sensual sex, and how to capture it on camera. Her directorial debut has showcased her flair for fostering sizzling chemistry between her stars, and using a variety of imaginative techniques to create something quite unique. Of course, it’s not all style and no substance - where Jo’s involved, you always know the sex will be sensational!

Sensual sex - Betty and Candy Sweet let their mutual lust run wild!

The tender encounter between lovely Betty and Candy Sweet starts out so slow and gentle, it’s one of the most real scenes I’ve ever witnessed. The anticipation builds as these two hot girls really take their time kissing and turning each other on. The unusual lighting creates the sensation of a hazy summer’s day, and I felt like a peeping tom (in a very good way!) as I spied on their lovemaking. If you enjoy watching sensual sex that doesn’t seem posed or porny at all, I predict you will love this!

Even as things get more explicit and the panties come off, it still feels incredibly natural - and very arousing. Candy is adept at eating pussy, and Betty spreads her legs wide as she gets licked, sucked and finger-fucked to a climax that has her thrusting her hips up to meet the waves of pleasure. Then the camera lingers on the curves of Candy’s beautiful bum as Betty’s fingers begin to work their magic. Candy’s pretty face is so expressive as her sexual pleasure builds, and Betty flips her over so she can feast on that succulent slot some more…

The Art of Erotica is available from our online store, on DVD and HD download.

sensual sex

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Avril’s sexy pic of the day!

April 21, 2014 - by: Avril


Sophie Moon‘s sensational bum has been much celebrated, but I don’t think enough praise has been heaped on her lovely long legs. In stockings and high heels, I think she was one of our greatest leg models ever… don’t you agree?

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