Changes to the Viv Thomas Sites

May 31, 2014 - by: Nick Spillum


Hi there,

I am not going to say goodbye, because I am staying on to look after the Viv Thomas brand along with Paul. Both of us will be working for MetArt for the foreseeable future and we’d love to keep in touch with you. Naturally, however with a change of ownership some things will change.

This blog

For now this blog will remain as is, except we are saying goodbye to Avril. You may have read in yesterday’s post about this new young thing she has befriended. Hopefully Rose will work out and we wish her all the best in her bloggings! If all things go well, Rose may also blog for SexArt and MetArt. We’ll see :)

Eventually this blog will become more embedded in the VT site and it will make it much easier for you to comment on actual content. Anyway let’s worry about that when it happens.

The Forum

Since 2003 we have maintained a vibrant forum bustling with opinions, suggestions and sometimes just direct criticism. This community has been very helpful for us and now as a part of MetArt we are maintaining an open door policy. Feel free to drop any suggestions or queries into our public community over on the MetArt Support site (I can build more categories there, please discuss in the comments if you have an opinion).

If you have technical problems, you’ll get better help by submitting a ticket or emailing

We’ll be closing and archiving our forum, so you will still be able to browse through the millions of words written there. Who knows… maybe you’d like to look up some conversations from years gone past.

I Dream of Jo

Jo has bought her site from MetArt and will continue to run it. You can access it over at for now, but soon it will be fully transferred and accessible from

I’d just like to thank Avril for all her hard work on the blog here and welcome Rose. I’m sure she will fit in beautifully (actually I wish she was working in the same office as me, she looks pretty hot!).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section?

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I can’t deny it, I’m getting a little emotional as I write this. After a lifetime’s worth of girls, glamour and giggles, Viv and I are heading off into the sunset together for some more epic adventures (okay, I suspect it will mostly be gardening and golf). We’re leaving our little empire in the hands of MetArt, a talented bunch who will guide it into an exciting future jam-packed with gorgeous girls and super-hot lesbian action.

This blog will be in safe hands too. Nick will continue giving you all the news of course, and my adorable friend Rose will be sharing her musings on the beautiful models, steamy action and behind-the-scenes fun. Rose is a very sexy, slightly posh British babe I met a few times while we lived in London. We kept in touch, and she’s been telling me all about her lesbian awakening and naughty escapades. She came to visit me recently, and I just knew she was the perfect choice to take care of the blog… I think you’re going to enjoy her company!

I confess I will miss all the fun involved with planning shoots, playing dress-up with the models, and then watching them undress each other! No more naked hotties wandering into my kitchen… no more requests for weird and wonderful sex toys… no more getting to spend a small fortune on high heels every month. (Just kidding, Viv - I could never give up shoe shopping!).

More than anything, I will miss you: our lovely, generous, funny, opinionated fans, who have supported us over the years as we’ve evolved from a tiny shoestring production company to a major player in the lesbian movie genre. I hope it’s been as wild a ride for you as it has been for us.

I know there are great things to come, so keep watching!

Lots of love and kisses,


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Busty maid Viola craves sex!

May 29, 2014 - by: Avril

busty maid Viola

As I told you in this blog post, our stunning new movie Maid to Seduce starts with busty maid Viola catching one of the female guests masturbating. And yes, they do eventually hook up… but first, Viola sneaks her girlfriend Nisha into the hotel to put all that sexual arousal to good use!

Nisha is delighted to get her hands on busty maid Viola’s fabulous funbags!

Viola might be thinking about the sexy guest she caught in the act, but that doesn’t stop her giving Nisha her full attention. The pretty naked couple kiss and suck each other’s tongues ardently, Nisha’s hands exploring Viola’s voluptuous curves. Then they do exactly what many of us would do in a hotel room - check out the porn channel!

The girls watch Czech cuties Tess and Eufrat on the screen (you can read about their hot scene in this blog post) and that makes them even more horny for each other. Viola’s questing fingers wriggle down between Nisha’s thighs to stroke her pussy, and Nisha obligingly spreads her legs wide so her girlfriend can fingerbang her into a froth. Then Viola gets to suck and lick that very juicy pussy until Nisha’s hips are bucking with a massive orgasm.

Now Nisha wants to make Viola climax, and begins to rub and tease her pussy, slowly at first, but increasing the pressure as their kissing grows more intense. Viola’s loud moan of pleasure as Nisha’s fingers finally thrust inside her betray just how desperate she is to get off! Nisha makes sure she orgasms so hard her entire body is wracked with pleasure.

Maid to Seduce is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. It’s already a smash hit, and not just because of Latvian beauty Viola’s incredibly curvy body!

busty maid Viola busty maid Viola busty maid Viola busty maid Viola

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When I first heard the phrase ‘Bubble Porn’ I thought it was an actual thing - you know, like balloon fetishism, or sploshing (look’ em up!). But no, it turns out it’s a way of looking at porn - but not really - that’s popular in Japan. It’s taken enterprising soul HelloDenizen to turn it into live action though. Funny and kinda sexy too… You folks have got dirty minds!


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Vanda Lust demands orgasms!

May 27, 2014 - by: Avril

Vanda Lust and Cindy Hope

Vanda Lust is an entertaining character - always upbeat, playful and ready for fun. The character she plays in our new movie Discreet Service suits her perfectly. She’s visiting Jo‘s upmarket lesbian massage parlour, but she’s much too impatient and horny to wait her turn. Instead she just pushes her way past the reception desk, storms into beautiful masseuse Cindy Hope‘s room, and orders the client there to leave!

Cindy Hope knows exactly what Vanda Lust needs…

Luckily Cindy is perfectly happy to indulge Vanda and grant her what she most desires, starting with some passionate kissing. Cindy is already naked, having just serviced her previous client, and Vanda is soon grabbing that fine ass and rubbing herself against the sexy masseuse. This pair are so well matched in looks and energy - it’s a pleasure to see lovely gap-toothed Vanda getting so obviously aroused by impish Cindy’s touch.

Vanda’s startlingly blue eyes flash with desire as Cindy sucks on her erect nipples, taking her time to tease and tantalise. By the time she focuses her attention on Vanda’s pussy, the cute blonde is already on a hair trigger, stimulated to the point where each swipe of Cindy’s tongue makes her gasp and shiver. Naturally Cindy is not just a talented masseuse, but a skilful lover who elevates cunnilingus to a fine art! She fingerfucks Vanda to a powerful orgasm before pulling her into a 69, the camera capturing a superb view of Vanda’s perfect bum hovering over Cindy’s pretty face. Cindy doesn’t let up licking and fingering until Vanda is a quivering wreck. Now Cindy can just lie back and enjoy her reward - a languorous licking that brings her some well-earned sexual release!

Discreet Service is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Vanda Lust and Cindy Hope Vanda Lust and Cindy Hope 5032-099

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Tess Lyndon and Eufrat

Tess Lyndon and Eufrat are two of the most popular Czech babes we’ve ever shot. The reason for their appearance in our knockout new Latvian movie Maid to Seduce is a little complicated. The storyline has it that busty maid Viola is enjoying a little playtime with her girlfriend Nisha, when the pair decide to watch some lesbian porn together. The stars of their chosen viewing are none other than Tess Lyndon and Eufrat, making this hook-up a sizzling scene-within-a-scene. Listen to the explanation of how it all came about on this podcast if it still sounds a little convoluted!

Tess Lyndon and Eufrat get their viewers in the mood!

As the lovers tune in to Tess and Eufrat’s cable porn channel, Tess is already sucking on Eufrat’s very stiff nipples. The delicious couple look very pretty together - and appear to be extremely horny! The chemistry between them is so powerful that we actually shot a whole movie, Intimacy - A Lesbian Affair, around their relationship. You can tell from the start here that they are really into each other. There’s plenty of juicy kissing, with Tess squeezing and fondling Eufrat’s breasts. As ever, she seems to be the more dominant one at first. Her passionate appetite for sex has won her a lot of admirers.

When Eufrat peels down her lover’s damp panties and starts to lick her pretty pink slit, you can feel how aroused Tess becomes. Eufrat has great pussy-eating skills, licking so slowly and sensuously, then building the pressure until Tess is writhing with pleasure. That’s just the start of a very arousing scene.

Maid to Seduce is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. If you love Tess Lyndon, Eufrat, and the idea of feasting your eyes on some gorgeous new Latvian honeys, it’s a must-see movie!

Tess Lyndon and Eufrat

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Foxi Di enjoys an intimate massage!

May 16, 2014 - by: Avril

Foxi Di and Cindy Hope

Foxi Di is a super-cute 19-year-old Russian babe. One of the fans over on our forum paid her the ultimate compliment: “She doesn’t look like a porn model at all, which is perfect for a porn model.” I have to agree - she looks more like the adorable girl-next-door type, with her pretty, freckled face and naturally hot body. Don’t be misled, she might look sweet and innocent, but she’s no stranger to hard boy-girl and anal action! I love that she still looks like a little cutie though.

Foxi Di gets a special intimate massage from Cindy Hope!

Foxi Di’s scene in our new movie Discreet Service finds her getting lucky by securing a massage from the salon’s most popular girl, the incomparable Cindy Hope. And Foxi’s not the only lucky one - Cindy’s eyes light up when she sees her cute client naked! There’s not much pretence that this is going to be a regular respectable massage before Cindy pulls the towel away and starts oiling up Foxi’s perfectly pert bum. Foxi smiles as Cindy works all the way from her slippery pussy to her pretty feet and starts sucking her toes.

When Cindy invites Foxi to unzip her uniform, there’s no hesitation. Foxi uses her oiled up toes to pull down Cindy’s panties, and then to tease her nipples. She then gets thoroughly stroked, licked and fingered, Cindy’s excellent pussy-munching skills clearly proving extremely effective. After some passionate kissing, it’s time for the little Russian doll to repay the favour by letting Cindy sit on her face. Finally Foxi gets on all fours so she can really eat her naughty masseuse - and boy, does her bum look great in that position!

Discreet Service is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. Directed by Jo, it’s a real treat for fans of delicious lesbian sex!

Foxi Di and Cindy Hope Foxi Di and Cindy Hope Foxi Di and Cindy Hope 5031-136

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Best pole dance ever!

May 09, 2014 - by: Avril

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a national pole dance championship. I certainly didn’t know moves like this were even possible! Ignore the first thirty seconds, which are a bit airy fairy and give no clue as to what’s coming. I guarantee you will be blown away by Jenyne Butterfly’s performance!


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It’s been thirty years since Viv first starting photographing beautiful girls, and I’m celebrating those fantastic thirty years of babes! We’ve seen everything, from luscious blondes and bodacious brunettes to delicious Asian babes and heaps of European and American lovelies. This time I’m looking at some of the incredible girls whose names begin with I - there aren’t that many of them, but the ones we have in our archive are extra-special!

Thirty years of babes - the irresistible beauties beginning with I!

Ukrainian sex-bomb Ivana Sugar is once seen, never forgotten. The cute blue-eyed blonde brings energy and fun to her lesbian scenes, particularly a scorching hook-up with Blue Angel in Licking the Velvet. Her anal strap-on seduction of a fan in Leila: A Lesbian Fantasy is also pretty special. But my all time favourite has to be her boy-girl scene in The Art of Sex 2, where she delivers an amazing blowjob in the shower before getting thoroughly fucked in the bedroom.

thirty years of babes

‘Sweet little thing’ Iwia stole the crew’s hearts at first sight. Although she seemed shy and slightly awkward during her first appearances in Private Orgasms 2 and The Art of Sex 2, by the time she played the pretty waitress who gets it on with free spirit Lexi Lowe in Story of She 2, she had definitely grown in confidence and sexuality. A delicious lingerie scene with Eileen Sue in Stockings and Lace 2 confirmed her as a bone fide star.

thirty years of babes

Inna (pictured here with Barbie White) has only shot one movie with us - but what a movie! Licking the Velvet is a treat if you love juicy pussy munching - and Romanian babe Inna has a terrific body!

thirty years of babes

Here’s one from the archive - Hungarian honey Ivette Blanche. No movies, sadly, but three gorgeous photosets that showcase her sensational figure and sexy face.

thirty years of babes

So what do you think? Have I remembered your favourite girl whose name begins with I?

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sexy massage

Who wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a sexy massage from Cindy Hope? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to resist her charms. Cindy is perfectly cast as one of the most popular masseuses in our brand new movie Discreet Services. Directed by Jo, it shows the raunchy goings-on at a massage parlour where the lesbian clientele are sure of a happy ending!

Eve Angel gets a sensual and sexy massage from eager-to-please Cindy!

Fan favourite Eve Angel is one of the lucky girls who gets to enjoy Cindy’s very personal service. Eve’s curves look sensational in a simple, figure-hugging top and skirt, and even better as she undresses to show off that astounding ass! When Cindy covers it with a towel, you can be pretty sure it won’t stay concealed for too long… Cindy’s oiled up hands are soon spreading Eve’s butt cheeks to reveal her pretty pussy and asshole. Then Eve flips over so Cindy can massage her boobs - affectionately known around here as ‘the torpedoes’ because they just keep getting bigger and better!

Cindy’s wandering hands soon sneak between Eve’s thighs to start rubbing and teasing her pussy. You can feel Eve’s arousal build as Cindy slides a slippery finger inside her. Then they are kissing and grabbing each other passionately, Eve helping Cindy out of her uniform so they can press their naked, oily bodies together. Of course Cindy is an expert, not just at giving a sexy massage, but also at cunnilingus! She drives Eve crazy as she licks and sucks her coochie, Eve’s boobs wobbling with every tremor of pleasure. Naturally Eve wants to enjoy a taste of Cindy too, and who can blame her!

Discreet Service is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

sexy massage sexy massage sexy massage 5030-103

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