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Subil Arch is irresistible in sexy lingerie!

Subil Arch and Cindy Hope

Provocative Moods pairs some of the best-loved stars of Europe with some gorgeous fresh faces. Russian babe Subil Arch is a girl I’ve never seen before, and I can tell from the very first moment of her encounter with superstar Cindy Hope that I’m going to enjoy her company as much as Cindy will.

Both girls look absolutely stunning in classic black lingerie and stockings. Cindy smiles with delighted anticipation as she runs her hands over Subil’s curvy bottom, then turns her over so she can look into her blue eyes. There’s no plot to distract you here, just two lovely girls ready to have some fun together.

Subil Arch is hungry for orgasms!

Subil lets Cindy take the lead to begin with, responding eagerly to her touch. Cindy has a way of kissing and teasing that is just so arousing. Sitting astride her new girlfriend, she leans in so they can rub their breasts together. Subil is clearly very turned on, grabbing at Cindy’s ass and sucking on her nipples. Cindy licks her up and down, then flips her over again so she can focus all her attention on that beautiful bottom. Then she begins to lick Subil’s crinkly, puffy pussy lips, her tongue delving deeper to access her hot pink slot. Subil’s rapidly escalating gasps and moans are a testament to Cindy’s skill at eating pussy.

Subil Arch wants to taste Cindy now, and shows she has some lesbian skills too by fingering her to a noisy climax, Cindy helping out by adding her own fingers to the task. Now Cindy wants to fuck her like a man, using a double-ended dildo so Subil can sit astride her and ride her hard. It’s a great introduction to a girl I hope to see much more of. How do you like her?

Provocative Moods is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Subil Arch and Cindy Hope Subil Arch and Cindy Hope Subil Arch and Cindy Hope Subil Arch and Cindy Hope

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Aphrodisiac ice cream comes to Europe!


Aphrodisiac Ice Cream has announced plans to expand into Europe. The Miami-based company features topless models serving ice cream from vans which are equipped with stripper poles. What a genius idea! Flavours include Vanilla Quickie, Cookie Dough Do Me and Chocolate 3Sum. Not surprisingly, they are a popular feature at bachelor parties and club events.

I do hope they come to England… I know our summers are short, but they would be that much sweeter if topless girls were driving around my neighbourhood looking to serve me ice cream!

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Agents Under Covers - sexy spy movie!

You’ve never seen anything like this before. Agents Under Covers, directed by Jo and produced by the Viv Thomas team, combines a compelling wartime story with some steamy lesbianism for a uniquely sexy take on the thrilling world of espionage. The authentic styling is stunningly effective, and Jo’s creative eye for sexual expression allows her hot protagonists to attain maximum pleasure with their partners, even when they’re ‘sleeping with the enemy’.

The gorgeous girls of Agents Under Covers

An exceptional cast brings this sizzling spy saga to life. I don’t want to give away too much of the storyline - you really need to watch it! - but here are the five steamy sex scenes:

  • Aleska Diamond and Mira Sunset - agent Aleska is trying to get her hands on a top secret document, but ends up getting her hands all over Mira’s hot body instead. These two busty beauties really enjoy each other’s voluptuous and bountiful curves.
  • Viktoria Diamond and Blue Angel - dominant commander Vikky picks up Blue Angel in a bar. Her motive? Surely it can’t be purely sexual…
  • Cindy Hope and Blue Angel - Cindy interrogates Blue Angel, and then dominates her in the most intimate way. It’s always a huge turn on to see Cindy take control, and the atmospheric lighting adds to the illicit feel of this encounter.
  • Cindy Hope and Alexis Brill - Cindy pays a visit to pretty Alexis, who gives her a warm and passionate welcome. Cindy shows her softer side here, with hot, sweet lovemaking.
  • Nicole Smith and Athina - busty Athina is sent to put a smile on wicked Nicole’s lips. She does so with full enjoyment - but will good triumph over evil in the end?

Agents Under Covers will be available from our online store on DVD and HD download in early July.

Agents Under Covers Agents Under Covers Agents Under Covers Agents Under Covers Agents Under Covers

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Bouncy booby castle!

Who wouldn’t want to be lost in a sea of giant boobs? Now you can do just that, at the Museum of Sex in New York. An installation by London-based artists Bompas and Parr, titled Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground, allows you to play in what is effectively a giant booby bouncy castle. Other attractions of the multi-media, multi-sensory exhibit include a mirrored tunnel that takes you on a hunt for the G-spot, an erotic picture palace, and a climbing wall made out of ‘orifices and appendages.’ It’s all designed to give you an endorphin rush similar to orgasm. Sounds like the perfect venue for a date…


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Alyssa Reece drives Blue Angel wild!

Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel

Alyssa Reece is a bundle of sexual energy. This super-cute babe from Vancouver, Canada, is known for bringing the heat to every scene she does - the Viv Thomas crew call her ‘the tornado,’ and she was a unanimous choice when it came to picking girls for Female Expose, their final production with Viv at the helm.

Alyssa’s scene starts with her finding the mysterious camera in the garden - it’s hanging from a tree, where Eileen Sue dropped it from the balcony. Alyssa takes it home to Blue Angel, but then forgets about it as they greet each other with a warm kiss.

Alyssa Reece + Blue Angel = sexual fireworks!

The girls start kissing, and it’s sweet and playful at first, but you can already sense things are going to get steamy. They want each other badly! Alyssa’s bum looks amazing as she strips down to her pink lace lingerie, and Blue Angel squeezes those pert cheeks. Bluey’s giggles of excited arousal turn to moans of pleasure as Alyssa sucks on her puffy nipples and rubs her pussy through her panties.

Blue Angel has had fun with a lot of amazing girls, but Alyssa Reece clearly has something special - her pussy-eating skills soon have Bluey declaring her love! As she works her magic, Bluey becomes a quivering, squealing mess, riding the waves of orgasm with utter delight. After that, it’s impressive that she can gather her senses sufficiently to flip Alyssa onto her back and grind on top of her. The girls start flirting and teasing each other again - but when Bluey starts sucking on Alyssa’s pussy with deep intensity, it seems like Alyssa can barely catch her breath, let alone speak! Bluey gives her two earth-shattering orgasms, and then it’s her turn to climax again. You are left with the distinct impression that their lovemaking will last all day…

Female Expose is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel

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Best boob job ever?


The jury’s still out on whether a truly terrific boob job can ever rival fantastic natural tits for loveliness. Dorothy Black‘s legendary knockers do make a convincing case for augmentation though. The best boob job ever? Henessy certainly seems to think so, as during their scene for Lesbian Playmates 2 she couldn’t stop touching, squeezing, groping and licking them! The ice cube was enough to send Dorothy over the edge…

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Tracy Gold makes her Viv Thomas debut!

Tracy Gold and Eve Angel

A blue-eyed blonde who looks so sweet and innocent but really loves sex - what’s not to love! Hungarian hottie Tracy Gold has a very cute face, but I guarantee the first thing you’ll notice at the start of her scene in our new movie, Provocative Moods, is her fantastic bum. It’s perfectly showcased in white lace. Superstar Eve Angel, who also looks stunning in sexy lingerie, seems delighted with her new lover.

Tracy Gold can’t keep her hands off Eve’s big breasts!

And who can blame her? Eve has gained a little weight in all the right places recently, and her delicious curves look better than ever. It’s very arousing to see the pair pressing their soft tits together as they kiss passionately. Tracy is intent on driving Eve wild, sliding a hand down into her panties to tease and stroke her. By the time the panties come off and Tracy starts eating her pussy, the sensations are already making Eve gasp with pleasure.

Don’t be misled by Tracy Gold’s innocent appearance, she is clearly very skilled when it comes to making her partner climax. She sucks, strums, licks and fingers Eve to a froth, relishing the taste and smacking her lips with enjoyment. Then she flips Eve over to sit on her face and get eaten some more. Eve’s curvy ass looks even more tempting in this position. Tracy is ready to experience the sensation of Eve’s talented tongue lapping at her pussy now. She rocks her hot spot up to meet Eve’s strokes, spreading her stocking-clad thighs. When she climaxes, her whole body spasms with bliss.

Provocative Moods is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. If you love to see hot blonde-on-brunette action, this is definitely one for you!

Tracy Gold and Eve Angel Tracy Gold and Eve Angel Tracy Gold and Eve Angel Tracy Gold and Eve Angel

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Sexy reporter brightens up the World Cup!


Regardless of how well their team is doing, Mexican fans have an excellent reason for watching their nation’s World Cup coverage. Vanessa Huppenkothen, reporter for Mexican TV station Televisa, is an absolute stunner - and her habit of reporting on the match wearing skintight dresses and high heels undoubtedly has viewers glued to the screen, no matter how dull the action on the pitch…


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Let pleasure take you higher!

Here’s a novel way to take your sexual pleasure to new heights… a cannabis lube! Foria is made from liquid coconut oil and cannabis oil from California-grown marijuana, and is safe to eat as well as to massage into your lady-parts. It has been reported to encourage stronger, longer-lasting and multiple orgasms.

According to the makers, “Foria brings to your fingertips the power of ancient plant medicine to inspire deep healing and unlock profound pleasures. Hand-crafted from the female flower of the marijuana plant - one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world - using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity.”

Sounds like an intense “pussy high” that would be pretty interesting to experience! Sadly it’s only available to California residents with a valid physician’s recommendation letter. Have any of you adventurous folks out there tried it?


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Whitney Conroy is so seductive in Female Expose

Whitney Conroy and Eileen Sue

Whitney Conroy is a delicious combination of sweetness and seduction. She first came to our attention as the object of Lorena Garcia‘s adoration in Hotel Eden; and now she stars as the first victim of the mysterious camera’s sexual powers in our new release, Female Expose. This is the final movie to be produced by Viv’s team prior to the beginning of our exciting new chapter with MetArt, and it’s a story-driven thriller that packs a real punch.

We see through the camera’s lens as gorgeous Whitney Conroy wakes in a lustful mood and starts to masturbate. Her girlfriend Eileen Sue, sleeping beside her, is roused by Whitney’s writhing, and the pair start their morning in the very best way, with some passionate and loving sex.

Whitney Conroy loves to give and receive pleasure!

The girls look absolutely stunning together as they begin to kiss and touch each other. I found the contrast between pretty blonde Whitney’s soft curves and sexy Eileen Sue’s toned and long-legged body extremely stimulating! As the passion builds, Whitney’s nipples are rock hard and just begging to be licked. Her excitement as Eileen Sue sucks her pussy through her panties is very arousing. It encourages Eileen Sue to start licking her girlfriend’s sweet slit up and down, getting it even wetter.

Whitney clearly enjoys being dominant in the bedroom. She grabs her freckle-faced lover’s pussy, sucks her tits and throws her down on her back on the bed so she can spread her legs wide. When that has brought Eileen Sue to the brink of climax, she sits on Whitney’s face and rides her way to an intense orgasm. Of course, that pleasure must be repaid… What part will the mysterious camera play in that, do you think?

Female Expose is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. If you’re not a fan of Whitney Conroy already, this movie is the perfect place to start.

Whitney Conroy and Eileen Sue Whitney Conroy and Eileen Sue Whitney Conroy and Eileen Sue 13-5036-031

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Trumpets and drums and bums and panties…

How did I miss this? Released back in 2006, Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino featuring Crystal Waters boasts one of the most genius videos I have ever laid eyes on. Kudos to the director, Eran ‘Rani’ Creevy - if I was a video director I would want to make something exactly like this. It’s like my favourite upskirt video ever, but with music!


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237 reasons why people have sex!

Why do you have sex? Because it feels good, right? It seems pretty self-explanatory to me… but according to a study by psychology researchers at the University of Texas, there are at least 237 different reasons why people have sex.

The two parts of the study, which appeared in the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, comprised nearly 2,000 people in total (mostly students; I don’t know whether study participants having lots of moody, angst-ridden sex in messy student houses affects the findings!). A total of 237 different motivations for wanting to have sex were revealed, and these were divided into four main categories:

  • Physical reasons - stress reduction, seeking pleasure, wanting to try new experiences, being attracted to a partner
  • Goal-based reasons - wanting to get pregnant, wanting to be more popular, seeking revenge
  • Emotional reasons - wanting to express love, commitment, connectedness, gratitude
  • Insecurity-based reasons - to boost self-esteem, feelings of duty, wanting to stop a partner from being unfaithful

Varied and complex reasons why people have sex

It seems the motivation for sexual behaviour is more complicated than the obvious biological need for pleasure and reproduction. Some of the reasons cited are fun and fabulous: “it’s exciting”; “I was curious”; “the person was a good dancer”. Others are not so hot: “I was bored”; “I wanted to get a promotion”; “it seemed like good exercise”. While both men and women admitted to motivations from all four categories, men were more likely to have sex based on physical or goal-oriented reasons, while women were more likely to act on emotional feelings.

So it turns out sexual behaviour can be motivated by all the usual suspects - power, lust, control, revenge, love… and let’s not forget, drunkenness! Whatever the motive, it has inspired some of the most interesting plots for Viv Thomas movies over the years. Which is your favourite VT movie plot, and what do you think it says about the reasons why people have sex?

why people have sex why people have sex why people have sex why people have sex why people have sex why people have sex

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Lingerie football - two of your favourite things combined?

Love sports? Love girls in sexy underwear? Then this Dutch version of lingerie football (that’s soccer to our transatlantic friends) should fill you with joy! And even if you’re not so crazy about the beautiful game, watching hot babes in their panties taking penalties should still bring a smile to your face. The referee is former Everton striker Andy van der Meijde. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it…


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Blue Angel stirs up Provocative Moods!

Blue Angel and Eileen Sue

Blue Angel and Eileen Sue are already kissing at the start of Provocative Moods. There’s no teasing build-up, and no wonder - well, would you be able to hold back if you were about to get your hands on the legendary Blue Angel? She’s one of the most irresistible girls to make a name for herself in recent years, with a naughty nature and a huge appetite for lesbian sex. Eileen Sue looks like a girl whose most intimate wish has come true as she lets her hands wander over Bluey’s delicious body.

Blue Angel looks blissfully happy with the match too. Eileen Sue’s pretty freckled face and lovely long legs have evidently made quite an impression on her. She looks ready to devour her new playmate, eagerly kissing her neck before pushing her down onto her back.

Blue Angel loves to take control!

Although she looks so sweet, Bluey enjoys taking the dominant role and knows exactly what she wants from her lesbian lovers. She soon has Eileen Sue quivering as she pleasures her pussy with intense sucking and long licks calculated to impart maximum sensation. As Blue Angel meets Eileen Sue’s gaze with her beautiful eyes, a current of pure sexual energy seems to pass between the pair.

Blue Angel doesn’t let up until her new squeeze has had a powerful orgasm, and then she’s happy to enjoy her reward. Eileen Sue wants to suck Bluey’s puffy nipples and explore that creamy pussy with her fingers and tongue. Bluey is already so turned on that Eileen Sue’s swivelling fingers soon have her gasping with pleasure. But she can’t resist for long before she wants another taste of Eileen Sue’s sticky honeypot - and then she brings out her new toy for her friend to try…

Provocative Moods is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Blue Angel and Eileen Sue Blue Angel and Eileen Sue Blue Angel and Eileen Sue 15-5038-065

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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


Doesn’t this picture make you wish you were on a desert island with a beautiful girl, pushing her up against a handy palm tree so you could eat her pussy? Sandy and Casey are rocking the tropical vibe in this delicious shot, which combines three of my favourite things - blondes, sunshine and cunnilingus! Wish you were there?

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Slo-mo bikini boob bouncing!

Sick of the football already? Well, this will cheer you up… UK magazine Zoo has very kindly shot a video of model Jessica Kingham playing keepy uppy in delicious slow motion. As the camera captures every jiggle and bounce of the bikini clad babe’s boobs, you may find yourself becoming a sports fan all over again… Great ball handling skills!


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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 11

I’m continuing the celebration of thirty years of babes - yes, thirty amazing, action-packed years since Viv first started shooting beautiful women! This time I’m looking at the gorgeous girls whose names begin with ‘K’. I’ve picked out my favourites here, now you pick yours…

Thirty years of babes - the charismatic chicks beginning with K!

Czech cutie Kathy Anderson is pretty as a picture, but don’t let her sweet appearance fool you - this babe enjoys super hard action. Aside from a red hot anal boy-girl scene in Members Only volume 1, you’ll find her enjoying some passionate kissing and sapphic lovemaking in Girl on Girl 3.

thirty years of babes

Hungarian honey Kathy Moore has such sexual vibrancy - those blue eyes are mesmerising! She generates some serious heat with the legendary Sandra Shine in Interview with a Sex Maniac, and is one of the stellar cast of all-time classic Sandy Babe Abroad 2. She manages to look classy and downright dirty at the same time, thanks to that wicked smile!

thirty years of babes

I have a special fondness for Kitty Cat thanks to her notorious ‘bad cop’ scene with Blue Angel in Licking the Velvet. Hilariously terrible acting leads to an unmissable scene, with Bluey using her nightstick to dominate Kitty in the best way imaginable. Kitty also got the cream in a steamy anal boy-girl scene in Touch of Spice.

thirty years of babes

Leggy blonde Kylie has appeared in some classic VT movies, including a stunning lingerie scene in Sex With Sophie Moone, an incredible strap-on bang with Lisa in Office Girls 1, and a hot hook-up in A Weekend With Vera. Her pretty face, beautiful toned body and sensual nature made her a favourite with the fans and crew alike.

thirty years of babes

So, what do you think? Should I have included horny Brit Karina Currie, American cutie Kelly Wells or busty babe Kristi Klenot to make you happy? Name your favourite!

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Adriana Lima spreads World Cup seduction!

If you’re not a fan of the beautiful game, the next four weeks are likely to be torture for you. Or maybe Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima can persuade you to change your mind? These Kia commercials for the World Cup 2014 show her using all her powers of seduction to convince you that football (that’s soccer to those of you across the pond, or futbol if we’re going Latin, like the ad) really is worth getting all steamed up over.

Just one thing… don’t Brazilians actually call it futebol? I’m guessing the team who put the commercials together were so mesmerised by Ms Lima’s incredible long legs that they forgot to check!


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Female Expose - new lesbian thriller!

Female Expose: In an ordinary apartment block, a mysterious camera sets off a crazed turn of events. Apparently normal girls are driven wild with lust and consumed by suspicion as the enigmatic lens exposes all their sexual indiscretions. An intriguing story featuring the top girls performing in European porn today.

This is a real treat for those of you who love story-driven action. Female Expose is one of the most unusual lesbian movies I’ve seen, as it has such a compelling plot, and is also packed with super-hot girls. I’d love to know what you think of this imaginative and extremely erotic movie. It’s a fitting end to an era, as the last movie to be personally overseen by Viv Thomas, although he wasn’t on location with the crew. I think they did an outstanding job!

The gorgeous girls of Female Expose

Here are the stars of the five delicious scenes, and what an assembly of talent!

  • Whitney Conroy and Eileen Sue - adorable Whitney, who made her VT debut in the wildly popular Hotel Eden, plays a more sophisticated character here. Her chemistry with gorgeous frecked Eileen Sue is incandescent.
  • Blue Angel and Alyssa Reece - see what happens when you bring two sexually voracious little firebrands together!
  • Cindy Hope and Whitney Conroy - the crew are still talking about Cindy and that sexy bodystocking. She always looks amazing, but she kicks it up another notch here. I simply could not take my eyes off her. Her sexual power and dominance make this scene a must-see.
  • Whitney Conroy and Blue Angel - two beautiful blondes share some intense pleasure.
  • Whitney Conroy and Eileeen Sue - this is a continuation of the opening scene, which wraps the story up with a bang!

Female Expose is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Female Expose Female Expose Female Expose Female Expose Female Expose

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Titties are not pockets…

I don’t know who this girl is… but she’s awesome! This PSA on behalf of checkout girls everywhere is cute and funny – and it doesn’t hurt that she says “titties” in such a sexy way. My favourite viral video of the week, by far!


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Boardroom banging for busty maid!

boardroom banging

The final scene of our sensational new movie, Maid to Seduce, is an absolute killer. Okay, so I have to admit the acting is a little awkward to begin with, as these Latvian lovelies struggle with their lines, but the boardroom banging is so hot you won’t care! Prim and proper manager Patritcy has come to the hotel to discipline boobilicious maid Juliet. She’s ready to tell her off for being frankly useless at her job, but Juliet is eager to demonstrate exactly why she deserves to stay. You see, she’s been dreaming about eating Patritcy’s pussy, and she’s not afraid to say so.

Busty Juliet gets the boardroom banging she desires!

You can tell Juliet is a naughty girl, and pretty Patritcy is ready to hand out her unique style of discipline. Far from reprimanding Juliet, she pushes her down onto the boardroom desk and slides a hand up her stockinged thigh. Sultry kissing leads to undressing, with Juliet fondling her big boobs as she sets eyes on Patritcy’s curvy bottom for the first time. She pulls Patritcy’s panty-crotch tight against her clit for a little frottage, getting her really excited. Patritcy’s nipples are stiff with arousal even before Juliet begins to suck them.

Juliet’s bra comes off to reveal her greatest asset, those wonderful whoppers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is fantasising about squashing my face between them at this point! Patritcy fingers herself as she pulls Juliet’s lace panties aside to eat her pussy, and suck on her puffy lips, making her squirm and moan. Then comes my favourite moment of the scene, as Juliet sits up to let those terrific tits get the attention they deserve - and the boardroom banging takes an even hotter turn as Juliet licks Patritcy’s sexy asshole and fingers her to a juicy climax. Looks like Juliet will keep her job after all…

Maid to Seduce is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. Packed with busty Latvian hotties having steamy lesbian sex, it’s the must-see movie of the year!

boardroom banging boardroom banging boardroom banging boardroom banging boardroom banging

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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


I thought I’d carry on Avril’s tradition of sharing the hottest shots in the VT archive by picking out some of my favourite pics to show you. My first choice comes from way back, and shows British beauty Sammy-Jayne and Hungarian sweetheart Sophie on the set of the classic movie Heels & Hose 1. I love everything about this scene, especially how amazing Sophie looks in her maid uniform, corset and stockings. Her long legs and peachy bottom are perfect! The fetishy feel demonstrates exactly why Viv was renowned as the master of leg sex movies.

If you appreciate the sexy maid uniforms in our new release Maid to Seduce then you might find this forgotten classic very pleasing! It’s definitely only a movie for those of you who enjoy boy-girl action too though, as Sammy-Jayne also gets to show off her incredible cocksucking skills. It certainly does the trick for me…

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Yodelling breast dance!

Who is this girl? I think I love her. I would like to bury my face in her cleavage while she yodels and feel her sumptuous breasts dance against my cheeks…


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Provocative Moods - lessons in lesbian lust!

Provocative. Exciting. Intimate. Risque. Let Viv Thomas’ class of 2014 take you on a journey to the heights of ecstasy in Provocative Moods. Mixed in with a splash of thrilling new girls are our most seasoned models: Eve Angel, Cindy Hope and Blue Angel. Girls you have come to love, paired with girls you will come to love.

I love the premise of brand new release Provocative Moods. The most beloved lesbian starlets share their sexual skills with less experienced girls who are eager to learn. It’s a gorgeous celebration of female beauty and sexuality, packed full of passionate kissing, voluptuous breast play and lashings of pussy pleasure.

The gorgeous girls of Provocative Moods

Some of the most popular girls who have ever worked with VT take on the role of teacher to guide their knowledge-thirsty partners to rapturous delight. Here are the pairings for these five delicious encounters:

  • Blue Angel and Eileen Sue - Bluey is the girl everyone wants to work with. Not only is she supremely sexy, but she’s a champion pussy-eater! She took a real shine to lovely freckle-faced Eileen Sue, and their grinding on a double ended strapless dildo is something I found quite inspiring!
  • Eve Angel and Tracy Gold - Eve’s womanly curves just get better and better, and shy Tracy quickly lost her inhibitions under Eve’s magical touch.
  • Cindy Hope and Subil Arch - Subil is a new Russian babe with an incredible body, and she looks pretty happy to be paired up with stunning Cindy Hope for some vigorous dildo action.
  • Zafira and Alyssa Reece - Zafira is one of the most stunningly beautiful girls ever, and Alyssa is a whirlwind of sexual energy. They make a perfect match.
  • Cindy Hope and Madlin Moon - this pair worked together before in Club Pink Velvet: Filling the Slots, and had such amazing chemistry that everyone wanted to see them together again. The result is an exceptionally hot scene!

Provocative Moods is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Provocative Moods Provocative Moods Provocative Moods Provocative Moods Provocative Moods

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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 10

I’ve really been enjoying Avril’s celebration of the amazing thirty years of babes since Viv first picked up a camera and started shooting beautiful women. Although I wasn’t on set for these shoots as Avril was, I have been a fan for ages, so I certainly have my preferences! This time I’m looking at the lovely ladies whose names begin with J, and there are plenty to choose from. I’ve picked out a few of my special favourites…

Thirty years of babes - the juicy stars beginning with J!

Hungarian hottie Jamie was one of the most popular models of 2005. She could look incredibly cute and fresh-faced one moment, sexy and sophisticated the next. She appeared in a bunch of great VT movies, notably a steamy hook-up with Vera in The Art of Kissing, a lesbian threeway in Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, and a sultry encounter in the tremendous All About Eve.

thirty years of babes

This shot of flame-haired Czech chick Jana drives me wild. Just look at those fantastic tits! I really wish she’d shot a movie or two for Viv, as I would love to see that magnificent body getting the adoration it deserves.

thirty years of babes

You’ll find lots of Viv’s photosets of Jana Cova that showcase her pretty face, perfect-handful boobs, and famously fabulous bum. What a babe!

thirty years of babes

I don’t know much about busty British babe Jaye Rose, but I’d love to know more. This photoset of her voluptuous curves squeezed into a tight corset has certainly whetted my appetite…

thirty years of babes

Jenna Jameson may be the biggest porn superstar of all time, but Viv shot the American legend at his studio in London way back before she was an industry celebrity. Look beyond the crazy styling and you can see all the trademark Jenna pretzel poses had already been perfected - that girl was flexible!

thirty years of babes

Ah, and then of course there’s Jo - a girl who, more than any other, defines what is so unique about Viv’s work. Over the years we’ve all watched her develop from a pretty little thing with a deceptive air of innocence into a beautiful, confident woman who now directs her own movies as well as running her website, I Dream of Jo. Fans are spoilt for choice, with a whopping 180 scenes, 115 photosets and 50 films to date! Highlights include Tides of Lust, Prim and Improper, Inside Peaches and so many more. Jo’s steamy on-off relationship with Eve Angel has inspired some incredible scenes, and she’s managed to remain one of the most fuckable babes on the scene for well over a decade now!

thirty years of babes

What do you think - did I mention your favourite?

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Russians love their twerking too!

And the twerking craze continues, this time in Russia. Are they any good? I’ve no idea… I was too busy ogling the hot blonde at the front to notice the others. I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t already openly bisexual, this honey would make me question my sexuality. She can jiggle that hot ass in my face any time she wants!


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Sauna seduction and juicy tribbing!

sauna seduction

There are times when the idea of sauna seduction just seems impossible to resist. You’re hot, you’re horny, and you’re stark naked (really, you’re supposed to wear a towel in there? That never occurred to me!). It’s the ideal place to let go of your inhibitions and do what comes naturally.

Aleska clearly feels the same way about sauna seduction. In the fourth scene of our stunning new movie Maid to Seduce, she is relaxing in the pool when hotel manager Vanessa brings her some towels. Why is Vanessa doing such a menial task? It must be because the busty maid, Viola, is too busy having sex with her girlfriend - check out this blog post if you haven’t caught up with the plot yet. Anyway, there’s no explanation as to why Aleska is swimming naked, but she gives Vanessa a very inviting smile as she climbs out of the pool and heads for the sauna. Vanessa considers her next move for a moment before undressing and following her in.

Sauna seduction leads to juicy tribbing fun

In truth, Vanessa doesn’t take much seducing! The door to the sauna has barely swung shut before the two Latvian hotties are kissing. Aleska’s shaven haven looks very tempting as she decides they will have more fun, and more privacy, in her hotel room. As the action resumes, they are enjoying some energetic tribbing on the bed. For those of you not already in the know, tribbing is slang for tribadism, or the scissors position. Take it from me, rubbing your hot, sticky, juicy pussy against another girl’s honeypot is one of the weirdest but horniest sensations there is! Vanessa is soon beside herself with pleasure as Aleska rubs and grinds on her. Her moans and squeals of rapture had me doing a little rubbing of my own…

Maid to Seduce is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

sauna seduction sauna seduction sauna seduction sauna seduction sauna seduction

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Abundant bouncing boobs!

Boing! Dutch group Vengaboys’ new song 2 Brazil, purportedly a World Cup anthem, is surely the most gratuitous excuse for 2:32 minutes of bouncing titties in nipple covers ever. And what imagination went into those nipple covers - I particularly enjoyed the slinkys!

Am I the only girl who immediately felt compelled to whip off my bra and jump up and down, to see if I could get my boobs to circle in opposite directions like this? Believe me, it’s not as easy as they make it look! I’ll let you know if I manage to perfect my nipple swirling skills…


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Nicole Smith loves face-sitting orgasms

Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond

Before she sailed off into the sunset, Avril was telling you all about our latest movie, Discreet Service. I’m delighted to discover she left the final scene for me to explore though, as in my opinion it’s the hottest scene of the movie. Discreet Service is all about the naughty encounters that take place at a massage parlour that offers lesbian happy endings. In the last scene, Nicole Smith is the masseuse who’s charged with the enviable task of relieving Viktoria Diamond‘s sexual tension.

Nicole Smith sits on Viktoria Diamond’s pretty face!

Poor Viktoria has been waiting for ages to see her favourite masseuse, but Cindy Hope is busy with another client. Viktoria’s disappointment is soon forgotten though, when she realises Nicole Smith is going to be giving her some very personal attention! Nicole is one of Viv Thomas’ most popular models of recent years, and it’s easy to see why. She looks so sexy in her skimpy little uniform that I wanted to reach right into the screen and pull it open to show off her sensational body.

Nicole watches as Viktoria undresses - the hot blonde has a great figure, with perfect-handful boobs and a deliciously perky ass. Nicole’s massage technique quickly progresses from professional to intimate, as she oils up Viktoria’s tits and then slides a hand down to her pussy. From then on, it’s classic Nic-and-Vik action - this delicious pair know each other very well, and have incredible sexual chemistry. Nicole’s uniform comes off to display her fabulous breasts, and then comes the highlight of the scene, as she sits on Viktoria’s face! We know it’s her favourite sexual position, and she makes me want to taste her that way so badly…

Discreet Service is available from our online store on DVD and HD download. Directed by Jo, it’s a sexy celebration of female pleasure that is bound to please you too!

Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond

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A big kiss hello from Rose!


Hello, everyone! I’m the newest member of the Viv Thomas/ MetArt team, and I’m thrilled to be part of the action.

If you’re wondering who I am, and how I came to be here, this is how it happened:

I met Avril when she was living in London a few years ago, and to be honest, after our first meeting I used to go out of my way to run into her whenever possible. As an impressionable girl in my late teens at that point, I always admired her stylish appearance (when she’s not zipping around on set with a mouthful of hairpins she can be terribly glamorous) - and when I found out what she did for a living, I was so intrigued!

I’d always suspected I was into girls. I used to confide in Avril, and she encouraged me to be myself and enjoy my sexuality. When my boyfriend at the time suggested a threesome, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I’d already started watching Viv’s movies and wondering what it would be like to actually kiss and touch another girl. When it finally happened, it was even better than I’d imagined. After that, I watched every lesbian movie I could get my hands on… it wasn’t so easy before the days of downloads! I used to feel shy about going into sex shops, but the urge to see beautiful women making love was just too strong to resist.

Needless to say, my first lesbian encounter was not my last. I do consider myself bisexual, but I seem to find myself too busy with my girlfriends to make much time for guys these days. I’m not shy any more, either. I get a lot of ideas from Viv’s movies and I like to try them out in the bedroom. I’m sure I’m not the first person who’s learned to eat pussy from watching it on screen. I really prefer it when you can feel the chemistry between the girls, which is why Viv’s style does it for me every time. That’s why when Avril invited me to take over the blog, I jumped at the chance. I’m so excited and honoured to get involved, and at such an exciting time.

As for me… well, I’m English, in my late twenties now, and I enjoy anything physical, especially yoga, hiking, riding and paddle boarding. I’m quite a girly girl though, I do enjoy dressing up in sexy lingerie and high heels. I love to write, and I’ve kept a journal ever since I realised I was bisexual, so maybe I’ll share some of my experiences with you - I told you I wasn’t shy any more! Well, only when it comes to sharing photos of myself on the web, but maybe I’ll get used to that idea…

I’m really looking forward to chatting to you about all the latest Viv Thomas movies, the models, and whatever else pops into my head - let’s have some fun!



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    Supermodel2019 5 hours ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 9 hours ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 1 day ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Christa P 2 days ago

    Nicole Smith excels in every scene. If only Sandra Shine could persuade her to return.

    on A Night of Passion

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Why not make the quest for the post orgasm precious labial fluids an object of intense oral sex and tooling of the vagina? It seems the girls avoid sucking up one another's musky love juices.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 - In Control

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    I'd like to see vaginal juices more evident and being savored by girls in love with one another and one another's bodies.

    on Erotic Inspiration Episode 1 - One Night Stand

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    Lovenia has been in some nice lesbian scenes on other sites, with Aislin and Jessey, that was pretty sexy. When the chemistry is good and the girls are lithe and pretty the oral sex is a beauty to behold. Too bad we can't smell the scene too.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    How stupid of me, I saw the pictures yesterday, very sorry.

    on Lustful Foundations

    Leslove 2 days ago

    I've really gotten to like Lovenia. You see how little makeup and time it takes to get her ready. She is loving and feeling and this is a good set. I kind of wish you had pictures but I understand. Great movie and very convincing because it's real love. Angelika is a fine lady too and nice to see all of her. I've said before that Lovenia reminds me of another model but I don't want to offend anyone else's tastes. There is enough for all of us. But thanks for what you do for us, ladies and lady Sandra.

    on Lustful Foundations