Best dick pic reaction ever!

July 31, 2014 - by: Rose

Here’s the story - Janet had never seen a dick pic, so her friends made her look at 89 of them, and filmed her spontaneous reactions.

Okay, so it’s not quite that simple… Janet Silverman is a New York writer and actress who posts comedy sketches on her YouTube channel - but her reactions seem pretty real all the same.

I’d just like to see number 83, please…


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Eve Angel in a Catwoman costume. Now, there’s a concept to make your pulse race! The idea of Eve’s bountiful curves encased in shiny black PVC, her beautiful eyes framed with a sexy mask, is quite delicious to contemplate - and the reality, in our new movie Fantasy Encounters, is even better! Maybe that’s why Alyssa Reece, looking particularly hot herself in a racy Lara Croft outfit, can’t resist the urge to get physical with her rival.

The theme of Fantasy Encounters is to allow the girls to indulge their wildest dreams though erotic costume play, and Alyssa’s feisty character is given full reign as she plays the daring adventuress foiling street crime. She didn’t ask for, or need, Catwoman’s help, but Eve teases her out of her irritation, and into an altogether more playful mood.

Catwoman seduces Lara Croft - a fantasy pairing!

Back at Eve’s apartment, Alyssa looks thrilled as the kinky Catwoman touches her firm bum, which looks irresistible in those tight little shorts. The girls kiss hungrily, and Alyssa nuzzles her face into Eve’s alluring cleavage. The shiny outfit is unzipped to reveal a bra that can barely contain Eve’s big boobs. That is quickly discarded too, so that Alyssa can suck and pinch Eve’s nipples, getting them both even more horny.

When Eve’s at fever pitch, she does the same to Alyssa, then works her way down to suck on Alyssa’s pussy through those skintight shorts. There’s a big wet spot on the crotch by the time Eve pulls them off so she can eat Alyssa out unencumbered. Alyssa is always very vocal when she orgasms, and Eve’s deft tongue and finger work has her raising the roof with her cries of ecstasy. Then naturally, it’s Catwoman’s turn to be pleasured…

Fantasy Encounters will be available from our online store on DVD and HD download in early August.

catwoman catwoman catwoman catwoman 5067-100

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Interactive advert is sexy and cool!

July 29, 2014 - by: Rose

Okay, so it’s an advert. But I don’t care, because not only does men’s clothing line Smoksho feature some amazingly hot babes in poses bordering on softcore porn on their website, but this has to be one of the most fun ads I’ve ever experienced.

The interactive advert finds gorgeous model Ana Cheri doing all kinds of things like laundry and trampolining that don’t sound all that sexy - unless you’re watching a hot semi-clothed babe doing them. You get to choose what she does, and then sit back and enjoy. Be warned, it’s addictive!


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Busty beauty Nicole Smith looks sexier than ever in her mannish uniform, playing the evil army officer in our brand new war drama Agents Under Covers. She’s enjoying a little rest and recuperation courtesy of Athina, the gorgeous - and equally top-heavy - girl who has been sent to satisfy her carnal desires. Nicole is evidently delighted with the prospect of getting her hands on Athina’s voluptuous curves.

Athina seems equally entranced by busty Nicole. On a huge bed in the elegant apartment, she unbuttons the officer’s jacket so she can suck and lick her nipples, getting Nicole wet and excited. Nicole pulls Athina’s dress down to her waist, exposing her fabulous big tits and fondling them enthusiastically.

Two busty beauties share their mutual lust…

Athina moves between Nicole’s spread thighs and parts her pussy lips with searching fingers, so she can taste the nectar within. Nicole is soon squeezing her own breasts, overcome with pleasure as Athina’s tongue teases her closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. Then Athina flips her over to finger her from behind - Nicole’s pussy looks so fantastic from that angle! Dominant Nicole takes change though, throwing Athina down so she can sit on her face in her trademark favourite sexual position. She grinds her way to an orgasm, then invites Athina to ride her fingers to a sticky climax of her own. Nicole’s rapidly thrusting fingers have Athina bucking her hips wildly.

That’s not the end of the story though… but you’ll have to watch it yourself to see how it all works out!

Agents Under Covers will be available from our online store on DVD and HD download in early August. Directed by Jo and produced by the Viv Thomas team, it’s sexy espionage as you’ve never seen it before!

busty busty busty busty busty busty

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Go gaga for a video vibrator!

July 27, 2014 - by: Rose

if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of an orgasming pussy looks like, wonder no more… the Svakom Gaga video vibrator allows you to film bits of yourself you have definitely never seen before! The Gaga is a vibrator with a built in camera and light at the tip, and a USB charger cable, so you can record and watch yourself getting off from the inside.

I’m not sure if it’s an arousing idea or just a slightly weird one, but it would certainly make for a unique home video!


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Fantasy Encounters

Erotic costume play or ‘cosplay’ allows you to live out some of your wildest imaginings, and that’s the theme of our new movie Fantasy Encounters. Directed by the legendary Sandra Shine and produced by the Viv Thomas team, this fun-packed film finds ten of the hottest babes around indulging in some exciting and arousing role play.

Just imagine if you could be anyone you wanted, with no constraints and no judgements… a superhero, a gangster, a streetwalker? Then imagine this game leading you into a steamy sexual liaison with someone who shared your fantasy and found it just as much of a turn-on as you - that’s when the sparks really start to fly!

The gorgeous girls of Fantasy Encounters

  • Alyssa Reece and Eve Angel - action babe Alyssa doesn’t really need Eve’s help foiling a crime, but she’s happy to accept the sexy catwoman’s assistance when it comes to reaching orgasm!
  • Blue Angel and Cindy Hope - two pretty girls dressed in the coolest of sixties outfits, but with a very modern take on sexual pleasure.
  • Sinn Sage and Zafira - the naughty air stewardesses work out all their frustrations together in their hotel bedroom. If uniforms (and the girls wearing them) were this sexy, we would all enjoy racking up frequent flyer miles!
  • Ria Rodriguez and Madlin Moon - FBI agent Madlin intends to arrest bootilicious hooker Ria, but instead falls for her curvy charms…
  • Kiara Lord and Nesty - twenties hoodlum Nesty rescues flirty flapper girl Kiara from a rival’s clutches, only to discover that Kiara enjoys a little mild bondage play!

Fantasy Encounters will be available from our online store on DVD and HD download in early August. It’s a whole lot of horny fun that may inspire you to indulge in a little erotic costume play of your own!

Fantasy Encounters Fantasy Encounters Fantasy Encounters Fantasy Encounters

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Nudes with a difference…

July 25, 2014 - by: Rose


The nude is a staple of classic art, but the work of Evelyn Bencicova is somewhat different. The 22-year-old Bratislava-born photographer specialises in large groups of nudes, in contorted or entwined poses that confuse the eye. Call me a philistine, but the thought uppermost in my mind is how the hell they got into some of those crazy positions without getting muscle cramps! Must have been awkward at times on set too, with some random stranger’s balls hovering over your face…

See more of Bencicova’s intriguing work on her tumblr feed.


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Alexis Brill and Cindy Hope

Cindy Hope’s character in our new release Agents Under Covers is a powerful army officer who always gets her own way - her exciting sexual domination of Blue Angel, and subsequent pursuit of enemy Viktoria Diamond, is proof of that. It seems there is someone who brings out her softer side though: pretty Alexis Brill, who plays a good-time girl eager to easy Cindy’s sexual tension.

Alexis Brill doesn’t waste time with words. Her gentle smile makes Cindy welcome. She moves her slender body so seductively as she undresses her uptight visitor. Alexis gradually teases out Cindy’s more sensual nature, and they kiss and caress each other tenderly.

Alexis Brill knows exactly how to give Cindy pleasure…

Alexis kisses Cindy’s neck as she strokes and squeezes her breasts, their mutual lust building. She begins to give her visitor a massage, her attention focused on Cindy’s perfect bottom, fingers straying between Cindy’s thighs to brush her pussy. It quickly has the desired effect, as Cindy raises one leg to give Alexis free access to her hot honeypot. Alexis is a skilful lover, her tongue a blur on Cindy’s clit as she licks her to the brink of orgasm. Cindy grabs Alexis’ hand, urging her to finger her pussy even harder as she climaxes.

Now Cindy bends Alexis Brill over, biting her ass cheeks hungrily as she peels down her panties to expose her succulent slit. Cindy uses her stiff nipples to tease Alexis to a froth, before prising her plump pussy lips apart and siding a couple of fingers deep inside. Cindy’s dominant side reasserts itself as she uses both hands, and her talented tongue, to drive Alexis wild. Then it’s back to business - smiling and satisfied - for the sexy officer.

Agents Under Covers will be available soon from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Alexis Brill and Cindy Hope Alexis Brill and Cindy Hope Alexis Brill and Cindy Hope Alexis Brill and Cindy Hope

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Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley has the most eye-catching bum in sport. It’s firm, round, and eminently squeezable. Top marks to fashion line Revolve Clothing for giving Anastasia’s bottom a starring role in this cool and edgy new advert. Obviously if I’d directed this, the camera would have lingered on her curvy cheeks for a lot longer…


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Nipple orgasms and how to have one!

July 22, 2014 - by: Rose

nipple orgasms

Nipple orgasms. They might sound like an urban myth propagated by makers of adult movies, but in fact around one percent of women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Alas, I’m not one of them! At least I don’t think so…

Here’s the science bit: according to a study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011, stimulation of the nipple activates a region of the brain called the genital sensory cortex - that’s the same area that is activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix. In other words, having your nipples touched, licked or sucked can produce the same pleasurable sensations as having your pussy eaten!

Do you have nipple orgasms?

So, what’s the best way to achieve nipple orgasms? Well, that’s a tough question to answer, as every woman differs in how she likes her breasts to be fondled. Some prefer to be lightly stroked and kissed, while others enjoy having their nipples tugged and bitten. Get it wrong and your girl is likely to swat your hand away. Breast sensitivity also changes with the menstrual cycle, so what teases and pleases her one day may be uncomfortable the next. (Hey, it’s all part of the challenge of trying to keep your woman happy, right?).

I once had a girlfriend who used to wear a peephole bra to work because she loved the sensation of her clothes rubbing roughly against her nipples. She could only do this in winter when she was wearing a suit jacket, as it would make her nipples so stiff that by the time she got home she was desperate for me to suck them. I never found out whether that alone could make her climax though, as she would always be dripping wet and would finger her pussy while I sucked her nipples - so I’m not sure if that counts as a genuine boobgasm!

Have any of you seen or experienced genuine nipple orgasms?

nipple orgasms

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