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Best POV music video ever!

This music video for Slovakian band neoMania‘s track ‘Hadaj na co myslim’ is going viral due to the rather delicious frontage of its star. This hot babe strapped a GoPro to her head and filmed her workout, giving us the best POV video of her jiggling boobs ever! I had to watch it a second time before I noticed she also has a great smile…


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Nearly-naked ice bucket challenge!

German model and DJ Micaela Schäfer shows how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge should be done, with this display of public near-nudity.


Meanwhile, Bollywood star Sofia Hayat goes all-the-way nude, if you don’t count her hand-bra…

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Coming soon - Tracy Lindsay launches new era at VivThomas with Sexpresso!


It’s the first movie to be shot since the VivThomas baton was handed to the MetArt Network - and as befits such a momentous occasion, it’s superb!

Coming soon, Sexpresso stars blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay - looking at her sensational best - and was shot on location in Portugal by renowned director Andrej Lupin. Tracy is joined by her gorgeous costars Aiko Bell, Daniella Rose and Stacy Snake for some beautifully shot and very hot sex. You all know how exciting Tracy is to watch, and this stunning movie allows her to give free reign to her vibrant sexuality.

I’ll tell you more about Sexpresso in a day or two, but for now, here are a few shots from the movie set, just to whet your appetite…

Sexpresso Sexpresso Sexpresso Sexpresso Sexpresso Sexpresso Sexpresso Sexpresso

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Fetish fun in Montreal!


If you’re looking to have a little frisky fetish fun, the Montreal Fetish Weekend is running now, until Monday 1st Sept (a six-day weekend? I’m loving it already!). With parties galore, lots of workshops and shows, and a whole host of events to cater to your specialist tastes, it sounds like a ball! I wish I could go myself, as I’m partial to a little dress-up fun… if you make it there, be sure to share your photos with us!


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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


The intense eye contact… Whitney Conroy‘s soft curves… Sexy Cindy Hope in that eye-popping body stocking… This shot from the set of Female Expose has got it all going on. This is my favourite scene of the movie, as Cindy ramps up the domination and powerful sexual energy to thrilling effect, rocking Whitney’s world (and mine!).

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Spooky sex dolls!


Sex dolls have long been the punchline of a more-or-less funny joke (remember the blow-up dolls floating up behind the bar in British sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses?). However, Japanese company Orient Industry create dolls so realistic they are quite unnerving. They cost several thousand dollars and have moveable joints, and very lifelike eyes and skin. I find them oddly alluring. Is anyone else feeling slightly freaked out?


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Athina - irresistible Amazonian beauty!


Tall and statuesque, Amazonian beauty Athina is once seen, never forgotten. The blue-eyed babe is actually Hungarian, but has a distinctly exotic look that makes her very intriguing. She has lovely long legs, a pert bottom and perfect-handful breasts, and a striking face that is strong and ‘handsome’ rather than girlishly pretty.

Hot movie hook-ups starring Athina

Athina made her debut appearance for in Lesbian Playmates 2. Her scene with blonde bombshell Mira Sunset is heavy on the leg worship; both these leggy lovelies look incredible in their stockings and heels. If you’re a fan of sexy lingerie, you will find the sight of Athina spilling out of her lacy bra, her perfect pins encased in sheer stockings, very pleasing! She uses her stockinged feet to tease Mira’s nipples and pussy, before fingering and eating her to a noisy climax.

In The Art of Erotica, directed by Jo, Madlin Moon gets to explore Athina’s fabulous body in a room flooded with light. Madlin is a skilled lover, and Athina’s curves look spectacular as she quivers under Madlin’s touch. Discreet Service, another of Jo’s movies, is a distinct contrast in style. Athina plays a government agent who is investigating the sexy shenanigans at Jo’s lesbian massage parlour. A very intimate massage from gorgeous Brandy Smile soon helps the uptight investigator to unwind! This stunning scene is dark and atmospheric, with candlelight illuminating the two girls as they get oily and aroused. Seeing Athina part her thighs as Brandy massages her bum and lets those oily fingers stray closer to her pussy is a terrific tease.

Most recently, Athina has an interesting role in new release Agents Under Covers. This is also directed by Jo, and it’s easy to see why Athina is one of her favourite stars. Athina has an exciting liaison with military officer Cindy Hope, and drives the story to a conclusion in an unexpected way - you’ll have to watch it to see what happens! Suffice to say she and Cindy fuck up a storm…

athina athina athina athina athina athina athina

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Ever visited a Japanese love hotel?


Is there a more contradictory society than Japan? A place where pubic hair is airbrushed out and it’s illegal to distribute a 3D print of your pussy, but where it’s socially acceptable to rent a room in a ‘love hotel’ for a couple of hours so you can have sex?

Some of the rooms have crazy themes - anything from a casino to an S&M dungeon, classroom, train carriage, Roman spa, space ship, and even one with a water slide! A book by Misty Keasler, Love Hotels: the Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan, celebrates some of the strangest. My personal favourite is the supply cupboard (although come to think of it, why not just save the money and have sex in the supply cupboard at the office?).

Have any of you ever visited a love hotel?

T114 PO CP 41

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Candice Swanepoel in the boxing ring!

Who doesn’t love to see two beautiful women squaring up to each other? Especially when they’re only wearing sports bras and skintight leggings! Martha Hunt and the extraordinarily beautiful Candice Swanepoel are the stars of this sexy catfight, on the set of the commercial for the Victoria’s Secret Fall 2014 sports collection. I love that for a moment they glare at each other and you believe they are really going to start sparring - before it dissolves into girly giggles and cuddles. How great would it have been if they’d really gone for it, tearing off each other’s clothes and rolling around in the ring… that’s how it happens in my head, anyway.

candice swanepoel

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Alexis Brill - my new girl crush!

Alexis Brill

Alexis Brill in SexArt’s ‘Waltz With Me’

You know what it’s like - you’ve known a girl for a while, thought she was cute but not really taken much notice of her… and then one day you realise she’s actually the girl of your dreams. That’s pretty much what’s happened to me with Alexis Brill.

I first saw Hungarian cutie Alexis in a scorching scene with Latina hottie Ria Rodriguez in Lesbian Playmates 2, but the gyrations of Ria’s bubble butt were so hypnotic they really dominated the whole scene. After that, Alexis played the sophisticated seductress initiating sweet Judy Smile into her first lesbian experience in Sex, Passion and Lust, and I realised then just how gorgeous she was. Her tender scene with Cindy Hope in new espionage thriller Agents Under Covers has confirmed her as a very special, mindblowingly hot girl in my eyes. There’s something very memorable about her - it’s not just her pretty smile and frankly amazing body, it’s a certain vivacious charm and very natural sex appeal that makes me crave more.

Alexis Brill - a SexArt favourite!

So, I was excited to discover that Alexis is a firm favourite at VivThomas‘s sister site,, and has featured in several stellar movies there. Most recently, she was the star of a groundbreaking four-part series, ‘Waltz With Me,’ which showed a couple’s relationship over the course of a year. You see them having fun and fooling around, as well as opening up their passionate sex life to include other partners, both male and female. Alexis is so sexually confident that she never loses her playful spark, even when she’s expertly handling two big cocks! Prior to this, Alexis starred in a host of other hot SexArt movies, including the classic ‘Writer’ series, which also featured Lorena and Whitney Conroy, two other babes I adore. It looks like I’ve got a lot of very pleasurable catching up to do!

Is it just me, or is Alexis Brill absolutely perfect?

Alexis Brill Alexis Brill Alexis Brill Alexis Brill Alexis Brill Alexis Brill Alexis Brill Alexis Brill

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Helen Flanagan’s bouncing boobs!

A thousand thank-you’s to British magazine FHM for this clip of model Helen Flanagan trying on lingerie for their cover shoot. Her boobilicious jiggling and bouncing really made my day. Of course, it would have been even better if she’d taken off her bra at the end…


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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


Why is Stella Stevens wearing stockings and heels out by the pool? Hmmm, maybe she’s come to entice me back to bed!

Blonde bombshell Stella became a huge star in around 2005, a classic era when Viv was making some unforgettable movies. Her naughty encounter with ‘doctor’ Sandy in Private Practice remains one of my favourites, and she’s also in the first Office Girls movie, Inside Peaches and a whole host of other popular movies of the time.

With those lovely long legs, no wonder Viv loved to shoot her in sexy lingerie. That firm bum looks like it’s ready to start bouncing on my face any moment…

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Leryn Franco - the hottest babe in sport?


Is Leryn Franco the hottest woman in sport? Check out her latest workout video on her Instagram page and see if you agree. The Paraguayan javelin thrower, who has competed at the Olympics three times, is one of the fittest babes - in all senses - I’ve ever seen. Swoon!


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Curvy girls have better sex!


Curvy women have more fun in bed. That’s the conclusion of research conducted by an online dating site, who studied the sex lives of 2,000 women. The survey by found that girls who described themselves as curvy reported being more satisfied with their bedroom antics - and happier overall - than skinny minnies. The voluptuous women also suggested that men were more attracted to them because they enjoyed having fun.

Similar results were found by casual dating site LocalSin. In a poll of 1,000 single women, they found that the voluptuous girls were more likely to describe themselves as adventurous, enjoyed dressing up more, and were also more likely to make the first move.

Are curvy girls more fun?

Some of the most popular girls ever to feature in movies and photosets have ample curves and an alluring jiggle when they wiggle. Carmen Croft is a particular favourite, with delicious latina looks and spectacular tits. Her hookup with equally top-heavy newbie Paula Shy in Sex, Passion and Lust is deliciously heavy on the boob-worship. Another hugely popular girl with curves in all the right places is Lexi Lowe. The knockout blonde has beautiful big boobs and a supremely pumpable rump, shown off to perfection in her starring role in the smash hit Story of She 2.

The Czech and Hungarian babes we love so much here do tend towards the willowy, athletic frame - think super-slim Suzie Carina - but fans of softer figures will have been delighted to note the arrival of some Latvian lovelies on the scene. Busty Viola, star of Maid to Seduce, is one of the hottest new stars around, with a jaw-droppingly amazing rack. She looks like she really enjoys having sex, too - check out her scenes.

So what do you think, folks? Are curvy girls more fun between the sheets, in your experience?


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Here comes Miss Bumbum!


Forget the World Cup, this is the most important competition to be held in Brazil this year. The ‘Miss Bumbum 2014′ contest is open online now, and Brazilians have until mid-November to vote for their 15 finalists, out of the 27 entrants (one for each state). A jury will then choose the winner.

Last year’s winner had a 42-inch bottom, so this is one contest where size does matter!

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Here at last - Agents Under Covers and Fantasy Encounters!

If you’ve been waiting patiently for our two brand new movie releases, you’ll be delighted to learn they’ve finally hit our online store.

Agents Under Covers and Fantasy Encounters have been eagerly anticipated, and although they’ve taken a little longer than usual to become available due to‘s ongoing integration into the MetArt family, they’re well worth the wait!

Agents Under Covers, directed by Jo, is a sizzling tale of espionage, featuring a stellar cast of beauties who look amazing in the authentic war era styling. Fantasy Encounters, directed by Sandra Shine, is all about erotic costume play, and lets the girls live out their wildest imaginings in some steamy role play.

Agents Under Covers and Fantasy Encounters are available now from our online store, on DVD and HD download.

5067-068 5066-037 11-5057-051 5065-131 09-5060-070 5053-014 02-5058-002

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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 15

I’m continuing our celebration of thirty years of babes - thirty glorious years since Viv first picked up a camera and began photographing beautiful girls. Why no ‘O’ girls, I hear you ask? Well, the VT archive contains only three girls whose names begin with O, none of whom made a huge impact, so we’re moving straight on to the perfect ‘P’ stars!

Thirty years of babes - the passionate princesses beginning with P!

British babe Paige Turnah had a standout role as the dominatrix who put Lexi Lowe through her paces in Story of She 2. The cute redhead admitted to having intense sexual chemistry with Lexi - no acting required! She also put in a memorable appearance in Office Girls 3, having fun with Suzie Carina as well as getting her hands on Lexi again.

thirty years of babes

Hungarian honey Peach was a massively popular model, thanks in no small part to those magnificent breasts. Too bad Viv could never tempt her to shoot movies - just imagine how impressive those bouncing beauties would have looked jiggling around on the screen!

thirty years of babes

Ah, Peaches. One of the all-time Viv Thomas superstars. This post by Avril sums up her appeal - pretty face, perky tits, perfect bottom, and irrepressibly naughty attitude! Peaches starred in a whole bunch of classic movies, include the Unfaithful, Pink Velvet and Office Girls series. Inside Peaches was a fan favourite, and her steamy romance with Gina B was the focus of several hot movies.

thirty years of babes

American cutie Penny Flame was popular with crew and fans alike, and she had a lot of fun working with Viv too, judging by this blog post from Nick. She put in great performances in Sisters and In the Family, before making a very public exit from the adult business and pursuing a career as a writer, blogger and artist.

thirty years of babes

So, what do you think? Did I include your favourite? I think Latvian babe Patritcy and busty Paula Shy are names to watch for the future…

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Bouncing boobs in slow-mo!

This cute and sexy commercial for TomTom Runner Cardio features busty model Alexandria Morgan running in a strapless bra - a trick that any curvy girl will tell you is virtually impossible. Women with absolutely no lesbian tendencies whatsoever will be wondering, ‘How the hell is she doing that?’… while the rest of us are just thinking, “Wow! Bouncy!’


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Tribbing - hot or not?


Tribadism or tribbing is when a woman rubs her pussy against something for stimulation. It can be any part of her partner’s body, or an inanimate object like a pillow, but it’s most often used to refer to the scissoring position, when two girls rub their pussies together.

Tribbing (whether watching it or doing it) seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it move. Some girls say it makes it easy to reach orgasm, because of the steady pressure and stimulation on the clitoris. In the scissors position, it’s also very exciting to feel your girlfriend’s pussy against yours, the juices mingling and soaking each other. On the other hand, if you prefer penetration, tribbing might make for great foreplay but not take you all the way. I suspect it’s got a lot to do with whether you tend to have clitoral or G-spot orgasms.


Should girl-girl scenes feature tribbing?

Fans are divided on whether tribbing makes for a great scene. Some say they prefer to watch pussy licking or fingering, because it is more explicit. Others love to see two hot girls grinding on one another! Lorena Garcia rubbing herself off on Whitney Conroy in Hotel Eden is one particularly hot example. There is also some very juicy tribbing between Latvian lovelies Vanessa and Aleska in Maid to Seduce. And classic Portrait of a Lesbian was notable for featuring cute little Lola in two hot scenes packed with scissoring. More recently, Foxy Di and Cindy Hope rubbed their pussies together in Discreet Service, a scene made even hotter by the copious amounts of massage oil they used.

Personally, I like to see tribbing if the girls look like they are really getting off on the pussy-to-pussy contact. It’s a very intimate position. What do you think - is tribbing hot or not?

tribbing tribbing tribbing tribbing

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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


Tracy Lindsay is undeniably gorgeous. This shot from the set of Intimacy 2 focuses on her finest asset - that perfect round bottom. Delicious! Don’t you feel like you could just reach out and squeeze it?

Tracy was the ideal choice to usher in the new era of Viv Thomas movies, and forthcoming release Sexpresso certainly makes the most not just of her outstanding ass, but also of her beautiful face, stunning figure and voracious sexual appetite! If you haven’t already heard about Sexpresso, check out this blog post I wrote about it over on SexArt. It’s hot stuff!

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Kiara Lord plays mild bondage games!

Kiara Lord and Nesty

Kiara Lord is a flirty flapper girl who’s in big trouble with some shady characters. She’s all tied up when dashing heroine Nesty comes to save her. Blonde bombshell Kiara doesn’t want to be untied, though - she thinks it will be more fun to thank her rescuer this way!

Our new movie Fantasy Encounters is all about letting hot girls dress up to live out their erotic imaginings - and if you love the idea of sexy gangsters and molls playing out domination games, then this one’s for you! Nesty looks incredible in her striped suit and hat, which she sweeps off to reveal a tumble of pretty blonde curls. No wonder Kiara can’t resist her…

Kiara Lord enjoys some mild bondage play!

Nesty sits on Kiara’s lap and the girls begin to kiss passionately. Being restrained seems to heighten the sensations for Kiara, and she sighs with lust as Nesty opens her jacket to reveal that she’s wearing sexy lingerie. Kiara buries her face in that sumptuous cleavage and sucks Nesty’s nipples, clearly wishing she could use her hands too!

Nesty can do whatever she wants to her captive, and she starts by pulling her gorgeous flapper dress aside so she can caress her tits and stroke her pussy through her panties. Kiara Lord’s face is a picture of intense arousal as Nesty touches and teases her. Kiara’s pierced clit may not be authentic for the 1920′s style, but it’s very effective when it comes to building her pleasure to fever pitch! Nesty knows exactly how to drive her wild with her fingers and tongue. Once Kiara has climaxed, Nesty decides it’s finally time to untie her and experience some pussy pleasure for herself…

Fantasy Encounters will be available from our online store on DVD and HD download in August.

Kiara Lord and Nesty Kiara Lord and Nesty Kiara Lord and Nesty Kiara Lord and Nesty

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Peaches to sink your teeth into…


“Peachy” has long been a term used to describe the perfect bottom. The soft warm skin, the sweet curves and cheeky cleft… yes, the resemblance is remarkable. This has led some enterprising Chinese vendors to slip tiny panties on them, all in the name of romance and capitalism. A box of nine panty-clad peach bottoms sells for around US $80; the peaches are from Wuxi, an area famed for its juicy peaches and also its lingerie industry. Combine the two and - genius! Possibly the tastiest but weirdest gift you’ll ever give…


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Five things I love about Blue Angel

Blue Angel

Hungarian hottie Blue Angel has been a favourite with the crew and fans alike ever since she first shot with Viv back in 2008. The blue-eyed blonde has a way of commanding the attention, no matter who she’s sharing screen time with. I love her for all kinds of reasons, but here are five that spring to mind…

Five reasons to love Blue Angel!

1. She’s totally gorgeous, with a very pretty face and a lovely slender, willowy body. A former gymnast, Blue Angel is very flexible, and can get into all sorts on interesting positions. And oh, that perfect bottom! It really is one of the best bums I’ve ever seen.

2. She’s amazing in girl-girl scenes. Her seduction of Jo in Prim and Improper is one of my favourite moments ever - she’s so pretty, flirty and naughty it’s no wonder Jo can’t resist her. The blonde-on-blonde hook-up with Ivana Sugar in Licking the Velvet is another Bluey classic. And the notorious ‘Bad Cop’ scene with Kitty Cat is hilarious but also super-hot.

3. She’s fantastic in boy-girl scenes too. She didn’t shoot many with Viv, but the oiled-up anal scene in Sex Games makes me wish she’d done a lot more.

4. She’s so hot Viv devoted a whole movie to her. Shades of Blue was her own personal project. She chose the girls she wanted to work with, and the themes of the scenes. Interesting that more than one had a sub-dom feel - Bluey really enjoys being submissive! Her blindfold-and-handcuffs scene with Viktoria Diamond is a highlight.

5. For a while we thought she’d retired, but now she’s back - and hotter than ever! Her submissive scene with Cindy Hope in the much-anticipated Agents Under Covers is one of her best yet, as she lets dominant Cindy torment and then seduce her.

What do you like best about Blue Angel?

Blue Angel Blue Angel Blue Angel Blue Angel Blue Angel

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Penelope Cruz directs sexy lingerie video!

Penelope Cruz has directed a new advert for lingerie designer Agent Provocateur, and this one’s even hotter than her first. In this commerical, a bunch of stunning babes in sexy lingerie perform some erotic dance moves and wild aerobics - egged on by gorgeous Penelope herself - in order to torment a heat-crazed man crawling in the desert. Is it a mirage? Who cares, at least he’ll die happy…


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Bootylicious Ria Rodriguez is irresistible!


Bootylicious Ria Rodriguez has been a very bad girl. Wearing a dress that clings to her eye-popping curves, and skyscraper heels, the Latina lovely is touting for business on the mean streets of Budapest when FBI agent Madlin Moon busts her. It looks like she’s in trouble, but Ria is hot enough to talk - or fuck - her way out of a sticky situation. Our new movie Fantasy Encounters is all about erotic costume play, and Ria looks sensational as the sexy streetwalker who can tempt even a straitlaced federal agent!

Bootylicious beauty guarantees a good time!

Ria takes Madlin by the hand and leads her back to her apartment. Once inside, Madlin’s hands immediately go to the voluptuous curves of Ria’s plumptious rump, pulling her closer as they kiss. Ria sucks hungrily on Madlin’s puffy nipples, and then Madlin licks her way down to the juicy treat between Ria’s parted thighs. It’s a highly arousing sight as she turns Ria around and presses her against the wall so she can finger her from behind, and we get our first proper look at that bountiful bum!

After some vigorous ass-jiggling fingering, Ria lies back so she can get eaten to orgasm. Then she wants a taste of her new friend. Madlin’s a super-hot girl, and looks good as she bounces on Ria’s hand. She squeals with delight as she gets thoroughly licked and sucked. There’s an interesting camera angle that shows off her lean body and uptilted boobs perfectly, as Ria long-licks her clit. But as the camera pulls back to show Ria’s spellbinding rear, that’s when the pair becomes truly mesmerising. Ria is definitely the most bootylicious babe around!

Fantasy Encounters will be available from our online store on DVD and HD download in early August.

bootylicious bootylicious bootylicious bootylicious bootylicious

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Nicki Minaj twerking teaser!

Nicki Minaj must have the most famous ass in the world. Now you can see it jiggling in this twerk-tastic teaser for her new ‘Anaconda’ music video. Exactly how she does that I don’t know, but I could watch her butt cheeks dance literally all day


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Air hostesses love big boobs!

air hostesess

Okay, to be strictly correct you shouldn’t say air hostesses any more. It’s cabin crew or flight attendants - or air stewards if you must. But hey, there’s nothing correct about the behaviour of busty babes Zafira and Sinn Sage. Our new movie Fantasy Encounters is all about dressing up in sexy costumes to live out your wildest fantasies, and these two naughty girls are having a lot of fun playing the role of horny air hostesses.

Dressed in uniforms so short they leave little to the imagination, the girls hit their hotel room ready to work off the frustrations of their flight with each other. Sinn’s uptilted boobs practically burst out of her tight dress as gorgeous Zafira begins to kiss and caress her, and she lets out a moan of pure pleasure as Zafira sucks on her nipples.

Two busty air hostesses give each other intense pleasure…

Now Zafira’s dress and bra come off to reveal her big breasts. Sinn fondles their beautiful curves, then kisses her way down to Zafira’s pleasure centre. She traces licks all around the edges of Zafira’s black lace panties, teasing her, before zooming in on the perfect spot and sucking through the wet fabric. By the time she slides a finger into her pussy, Zafira is already halfway to an intense, boob-quaking orgasm.

Sinn wriggles up to sit on Zafira’s face, then lies back to take a good licking. Zafira’s nimble tongue work has her dripping wet in an instant, and her hips buck wildly as she tips over the edge into a powerful climax. But that’s just the prelude to some explosive scissoring. If all air hostesses were as hot as this, I would be racking up the frequent flyer miles!

Fantasy Encounters will be available from our online store in early August.

air hostesses air hostesses air hostesses air hostesses air hostesses air hostesses

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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


This is the view you get when Viola is sitting on your face. The top-heavy Latvian beauty, star of sexy hotel drama Maid to Seduce, has one of the best pairs of naturally fabulous big boobs I’ve ever seen. Oh, to look up and see these bouncing beauties…

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Swinging sixties sapphic sex!

swinging sixties

Fantasy Encounters is all about dressing up and living out your secret sexual desires. For party girls Cindy Hope and Blue Angel, that means dressing up like cute chicks from the swinging sixties. It was a time of sexual liberation and free love, when girls could do whatever - and whoever - they wanted!

The girls have clearly been out having fun together, and they are flirty and giggly as they eye each other up. They both look exceptionally pretty in their ‘hip and happening’ sixties outfits - Cindy in classic white lace-up go-go boots and a retro print dress; Blue Angel in a colour block dress and matching baker boy cap, set off by sexy black stockings. No wonder they can’t resist each other!

Cindy and Blue Angel crave swinging sixties sex - the sapphic way!

Bluey is so cute and sweet when she flirts, but actually she’s quite the tigress. As soon as they start to kiss, her hands are all over Cindy’s curvy bum, squeezing and spanking. She slips a hand into Cindy’s panties to rub her pussy, getting her good and wet. Then she lets Cindy lavish licks on her own firm bottom, her tiny panties increasing the friction between her plump pussy lips. Cindy’s skill with her teasing tongue has Bluey moaning and shuddering with pleasure. You can tell this pair are fond and familiar lovers, as they know just how to drive each other wild!

Blue Angel wants to repay the favour to Cindy now, spreading her pussy lips apart and sliding her fingers up and down, in and out. Cindy’s long legs look great in those kinky boots, so popular in the swinging sixties, as she stands to let Bluey eat her from behind. It feels so good she is soon bouncing her pussy on Bluey’s face, riding the waves of pleasure. But Bluey won’t quit until she’s licked her girlfriend to a froth…

Fantasy Encounters will be available from our online store in early August.

swinging sixties swinging sixties swinging sixties swinging sixties swinging sixties swinging sixties

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Sexiest carwash commercial ever!

We don’t have Carl’s Jr or Hardee’s where I currently live (in the UK), so frankly the advertising is wasted on me… but the imagery certainly isn’t! Model Hannah Ferguson is welcome to come and get my bodywork wet any time she likes; and when did it suddenly become okay to admit that Paris Hilton is hot again? If this doesn’t rehabilitate her reputation, nothing will!


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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 14

I’m continuing our sexy celebration of thirty years of babes - yes, it’s thirty amazingly action-packed years since Viv first started photographing beautiful women! This time I’m checking out the gorgeous girls whose names begin with ‘N’, and there are some major stars to be seen here…

Thirty years of babes - the naked nymphs beginning with N!

Nella is deservedly one of the most popular babes in the history of Stunning, sweet and sassy, the camera loved her and so did her co-stars. Nella took a starring role in some of Viv’s most successful movies, notably the Unfaithful series, where she plays the younger lover who drives sophisticated Lisa wild; Sirens, where she’s perfectly cast as an ethereal but horny nymph; and the fun-filled Office Girls 1 & 2. Total babe!

thirty years of babes

Nicole Smith is a bona fide beauty, and also a clown who loves to flash in the street - things are never dull when she’s involved! She’s not fooling around when it comes to her love of pussy though; her appearances in Tides of Lust and its sequel Waves of Desire are particular favourites, as is her blissful encounter with Lexi Lowe in Story of She 2. She’s well known for her trademark face-sitting position, which makes her boobs look amazing!

thirty years of babes

An adorable little cutie with a sensational ass, Nikita excels at playing the not-so-innocent sweetie with a taste for pussy. Her scene with Blue Angel in No Fear in Love is utterly gorgeous, with incredible chemistry. She’s also irresistible in the all-time classic Mums and Daughters 2.

thirty years of babes

British babe Natalia Forrest‘s exotic Eurasian looks and sizzling sex-appeal are unforgettable. She’s super-cute as the naughty daughter who has a lesbian threeway in MILF classic My Mum’s Best Friend, and in a lovely nighttime scene with Sonia Red in No Fear in Love.

thirty years of babes

Other gorgeous girls from the archive whose names begin with N include busty Natalli DeAngelo, blonde bombshell Nesty, and pretty Nikky Case. So, what do you think? Did I include your favourite?

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    Leslove 5 hours ago

    These women are hot, the movie is hot and now I'm hot, thanks a lot.

    on Caught In The Act

    baloo 7 hours ago

    Beautiful Girls. Well I suppose. Not my fav girls. What I miss is more display of lust and not smiling and grinning. When Elin finds Elina in the shower I will like to see her display some lust for her not retirng to another room as if waiting at the haIrsalon. But I must admit it ends with a nicely intense real felt orgasm.

    on Caught In The Act

    JOHANNES BLT 9 hours ago

    Excellent! Beautiful girls with knock-out bods coming together for some intense sex ... that's all I need! Some great "OOHH" faces here. Love the surreal-sexy outfits; that blue sweater dress is outrageous : )

    on Caught In The Act

    Duffer 22 hours ago

    Nicole Smith is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body ….. so sensuous Bring more of her !!!

    on Nicole Smith

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Make that four ; )

    on Squeeze Me

    aspan 2 days ago

    Focus in your interviews on the thrill of being Lesbian ( pure ) , see the eyes reactions and the deep emotion of such a real way of life

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    Leslove 2 days ago

    Sandra, thanks so much. With Sex Art doing a tribute to Met Art and solo's here and solo's there, this is a breathe of fresh air. Two models that two months ago no one knew. Now thanks to you they are two of the best models we have. This is so exquisite and it has everything I want. Two very sexy women who don't mind at all, giving and receiving sincere love. This is why I bought this subscription and while I know the rest of the world is waiting for the movie, I can tell you how it's going to end. Two and now three very satisfied people. Sex at it's best. Thank you!

    on Squeeze Me

    Leslove 4 days ago

    Anticipating Elin and Elina. That's going to be a hot one.

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 4 days ago

    It's fun to see these behind the scenes videos, especially when Zazie sticks her tongue out at us. However, I much prefer interview and dialogue over just a series of clips with generic background music ( you can still edit in a shot of Zazie sticking her tongue out) : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Elin Flame and Zazie S On Location

    Porgie 4 days ago

    Please, please do a film series of "Sexy Lesbian Kisses"!!!

    on Sexy Lesbian Kisses