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The biggest boobs in Thailand

Thai TV is very strange… but in a good way. The best thing about this interview with model and singer Amy Maxim, who has the biggest boobjob in the country - 50 inches! - is the way she and the interviewer keep feeling each other up. Girls should grab each other’s breasts on TV all the time!


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Voyeur Tracy Lindsay gets her kicks!

voyeur Tracy Lindsay

Who knew sexbomb Tracy Lindsay was such a voyeur? The third scene of our smash hit new movie Sexpresso finds her encouraging her girlfriend, pretty Daniella Rose, to seduce a sweet neophyte. Stacy Snake has never had sex with another woman before, but Danielle’s flirtatious smile is enough to get the adorable Russian doll interested. Tracy settles down to enjoy the show as Daniella starts to caress and tease their new friend.

Tracy loves playing the voyeur as her girlfriends have passionate sex…

voyeur Tracy Lindsay

Stacy is shy and a little hesitant at first, but Daniella’s kisses soon warm her up and she responds eagerly. Tracy watches avidly, rubbing her pussy through her panties, as her lover pushes the little cutie back on the sofa and slides a hand up between her parted thighs. Stacy’s naughty smile shows how much it is turning her on to have an audience as she experiences this new pleasure.

Tracy assists by pulling off Stacy’s panties, but it’s clear her chosen role here is as instigator and voyeur. As Stacy feels a woman’s tongue exploring her sweet pussy for the first time, she is overwhelmed by the erotic sensations. Her back arches and she moans with arousal as Daniella’s fingers coax her towards the ultimate pleasure. You can see every muscle in her body shaking and spasming as she is rocked by a powerful orgasm.

Now Stacy is keen to experience the feel and flavour of a woman for herself. She may be inexperienced, but her fingers instinctively know how to stroke and tease Daniella into a passionate frenzy. And her first taste of pussy? Sheer bliss! It’s a show any voyeur is bound to enjoy…

Sexpresso is live now at and is also available on HD download from our online store, with the DVD coming soon. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re in for a tasty treat!

voyeur Tracy Lindsay

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Sexiest movie moments!

Thank you times a thousand to the enterprising soul who edited together this montage of sexy mainstream movie moments. How many of them can you name? And are any of your favourite moments missing? (I’m thinking Salma Hayek…)


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The best bottom in showbiz?

The awe-inspiring bottom of Jennifer Lopez certainly merits its own full-length movie, but for now I’ll happily settle for two minutes of heaven. Heartfelt thanks to Complex Media for this delicious compilation of bootylicious action… I love the way it wiggles and jiggles!


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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


Foot sex is one of those special fetishes, you either really get it or you really don’t. Viv Thomas was, of course, one of the undisputed masters of the leg sex and foot sex genres, and this shot of sexy Bianca Golden demonstrates why. If it doesn’t make you want to run your hands up her lovely long legs and suck on her toes, nothing will.

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Abigail Ratchford has a great bottom!

I don’t know why voluptuous model Abigail Ratchford has made a video for the ELO kitsch classic ‘Evil Woman.’ And I don’t really care. I’m more than happy to watch the sexy brunette’s stupendously fabulous bum, gratuitously juxtaposed against a Butthole Surfers poster.


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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 17

I’m continuing my celebration of thirty years of babes - thirty magnificent years since Viv Thomas first picked up a camera and started photographing beautiful girls. This time I’m looking at the sexy stunners whose names begin with the letter ‘S’ - and as some of you rightly pointed out, there are far too many superstars to do justice to in one blog post. So this time I will just be looking at the girls Sa-Si, with the rest to follow soon!

Thirty years of babes - the super-sexy sweethearts beginning with S!

English rose Sammy-Jayne was so striking, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an incredible body. But what made her a star was the way her posh British accent and elegant style were combined with a huge appetite for sex! She never looked better than with a big cock in her mouth and ass in Sex Analyst, but Viv also loved to cast her in leg sex titles like Heels and Hose 1 as she looked totally irresistible in classic lingerie and high heels.

thirty years of babes

Sandra Shine is one of the best loved stars ever to come out of Hungary. A natural beauty with perfect-handful breasts, Sandra shot more than twenty movies and scores of photosets with Viv before setting up her own model agency and production company. Prim and Improper, Sex With Sandra Shine and Simply Shine are just a few highlights of an amazing career.

thirty years of babes

Sandy was Viv’s first superstar discovery, and as I wrote in this recent blog post, she was one of the girls who helped to shape what became best known for - gorgeous girls having great lesbian sex in luxurious locations. The Hungarian hottie starred in many terrific titles, including Private Practice and Sandy Babe Abroad 2 before launching her own model agency.

thirty years of babes

Czech cutie Silvia Saint was a massive star, known for her pretty face, fabulously flexible figure, and affinity for hardcore humping! We loved her best in lesbian classics like Inside Peaches and The Art of Kissing 2, showing off her beautiful body and deeply sensual nature.

thirty years of babes

There are plenty of other girls worth a mention in the first half of the ‘S’ girls - Brit babes Shay Hendrix and Samantha Bentley, cute Sandra Sanchez and sophisticated Simony Diamond all spring to mind. Next time, I’ll be looking at the second half of the ‘S’ babes, Sl-Sz, and there are some more big stars to come!

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Save water - shower with a friend!

Concerned about the drought in California? Do your bit to conserve water supplies by showering with a friend, as demonstrated here. Directed by Cameron Romero, ‘Hot Water’ is a little slice of frisky ‘beauty for a cause,’ and it’s also a lot of naughty fun. Of course, here at VivThomas we’re big fans of mutual showering. Jo and Cipriana, seen below, are just one example of our sexy conservation-conscious babes who like to get wet with a friend…


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Sexpresso - have you tasted it yet?


It’s been a while coming, but Sexpresso, the brand new movie from, is live on the paysite starting today. It’s the first movie shot by the new production team, and it’s an instant classic. If you’re not already a member, there’s never been a better reason to join!

Sexpresso stars blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay, a sexual dynamo who enjoys seducing other gorgeous girls even more than she loves indulging her passion for coffee. Tracy is a passionate, voracious and demanding lover, and her sizzling sex life makes for compulsive viewing.

Sexpresso is free for members to view and download at now. The DVD and HD download will be available from our online store very soon.

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Lucy Li - busty beauty gets dripping wet!

Lucy Li and Candy Sweet

Lucy Li has made an incredible debut at VivThomas. The busty beauty puts in a sizzling performance in Domestic Desire, directed by the legendary Andrej Lupin and set in a luxurious sun-drenched villa where the girls have scope to explore their carnal urges.

The scene starts with voluptuous Lucy doing chores in the kitchen. Her mind isn’t on her work though - she can’t take her eyes off pretty Candy Sweet, who is sweeping up outside. She goes out to flirt with her, they start fooling around, and Candy takes a tumble into the ornamental water feature. Splashing and playing turns to soft kissing - and then those magnificent breasts are unveiled!

Candy Sweet loves Lucy Li - especially those irresistible curves…

Lucy Li and Candy Sweet

No wonder Candy can’t keep her hands to herself. Lucy Li has possibly the best tits I’ve ever seen - really big, but firm, perfectly shaped and so tempting. If you’re a big boob fan, you’re going to love this scene! Naturally there is plenty of squeezing and sucking, and they jiggle tantalisingly as Lucy lies back so Candy can eat her pussy.

Candy’s relentless fingers and tongue soon reduce Lucy to a quivering orgasmic wreck. Then it’s Candy’s turn to get her kicks, straddling her girlfriend so she can get fingered vigorously. Moving up to sit on Lucy’s face, she grinds her pretty pierced pussy until she’s gasping with uncontrollable pleasure. Then Lucy fingerbangs her from behind, taking her to new heights of ecstasy. You get the impression these horny honeys would love to spend all day enjoying each other’s sexual arousal, if not for the risk of getting discovered by their demanding mistress…

Domestic Desire will be available soon from our online store, on DVD and HD download. It’s my must-see movie of the year!

Lucy Li and Candy Sweet

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Bar Refaeli pole dancing!

Bar Refaeli doing… anything? Okay, I’m looking. Bar Refaeli… pole dancing? Now you have my full attention.

The only way this commercial for Carolina Lemke eyewear could get any better? Bar Refaeli pole dancing naked. But I guess that only happens in my dreams.


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It’s a dirty job…


Yes, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. Being on the crew for a MetArt Network shoot is not all glamour - sometimes it’s hot, wet and downright demanding. It’s worth it for the view though! Here’s some action from the set of new release Domestic Desire; I’ll tell you more about this stellar movie in a day or two…


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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


Eve Angel‘s breasts just keep getting bigger and better. Her Catwoman costume can barely contain the seriously sexy overspill - no wonder Alyssa Reese can’t keep her hands off those curves!

See those beauties get unleashed in Fantasy Encounters.

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Find the dildo!


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the game Hide the Dildo - about to be demonstrated here by Cindy Dollar and Peaches - but Spot the Dildo is a new and hilarious version. Subtle Dildo, billed as “an installation art project about the place of rubber in our lives,” is an exercise in hiding in plain sight. The idea is to put the dildo in an apparently ordinary photo and see if you can spot it. Check it out. It’s very silly and I have no idea what the point is… but I love it anyway!


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Daniella Rose loves Tracy Lindsay!

Daniella Rose and Tracy Lindsay

Daniella Rose is the perfect girlfriend for blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay - pretty, sassy, and permanently horny! At the start of their scorching scene in our new release Sexpresso, Tracy expresses her love in her favourite way, by bringing her lover a coffee in bed. It doesn’t hurt that Tracy is naked except for a transparent pink robe, and looks like a walking wet dream! Tracy’s flirtatious manner has Daniella quivering with arousal, and lusting after a taste of more than just her cappuccino.

Daniella Rose is driven wild by Tracy Lindsay’s passionate kisses…

Daniella Rose and Tracy Lindsay

Who could resist Tracy’s teasing touch? Certainly not Daniella, who responds with fervour to Tracy’s hot kisses. Soon the girls are rolling around on the bed, their playfulness turning to raw lust as their passion builds. Daniella lavishes attention on Tracy’s diamond-hard nipples, before kissing her way down to her tempting pussy. Tracy responds with gasps and moans of pleasure as Daniella’s skilled tongue brings her slowly and steadily to boiling point. The way Tracy rubs her own clit as Daniella fingerbangs her juiced-up pussy is very exciting!

After a powerful orgasm, Tracy flips Daniella onto her back and treats her to some intense, saliva-soaked licking and fingering. Tracy is so horny she can’t stop touching herself as she eats Daniella out, her perfect ass in the air and her fingers a blur. Tracy flips Daniella over again so she can finger her from behind and lick her pretty asshole. Daniella is shaken to the core by her orgasm, and then dominant Tracy spanks her ass and demands to be pleasured some more… Fans of tribbing will be blown away to see these two beauties grinding their way to a juicy mutual climax!

Sexpresso is available from our online store on HD download, with the DVD coming soon. The first release from the new era at VivThomas, it’s a must-see movie!

Daniella Rose and Tracy Lindsay

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Charlize Theron is hotter than ever!

Charlize Theron’s legendary Dior commercial - with that incredibly sexy wiggle in her walk - is my favourite advert of all time, so I’m excited they have brought her back for this year’s ad. And wow, does she look hot… those long legs in high heels, and her sexy walk, drive me wild. Strength and beauty, what an irresistible combination!


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Rachel D - a classic beauty from the archives!


Several of you have pointed out that in my post about the gorgeous girls with names beginning with ‘R’ who have graced VivThomas over the past thirty years, I missed one out of your favourite babes.

Rachel D was a popular magazine model in the late nineties. Sadly the Czech beauty never shot video with Viv, but those smouldering eyes, and her fantastic body with those big bouncy natural boobs, made her the girl everyone wanted to see again and again.

Enjoy these pictures from the archives… I wonder where she is and what she looks like now?

VivThomas_Rachel_Rachel-D_low_0019 VivThomas_Rachel_Rachel-D_low_0040 VivThomas_Rachel_Rachel-D_low_0015 VivThomas_Rachel-Niki_Niki-A-Rachel-D_low_0034 VivThomas_Rachel_Rachel-D_low_0005 VivThomas_Rachel_Rachel-D_low_0030

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Cute couple share sexy workout!

It might look like they’re warming up for a run at the Kama Sutra, but in fact this cute and super-fit couple are intent on showing us the benefits or working out together. Bet they have great sex, though… if this doesn’t inspire you to hit the gym with your partner, nothing will!


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Paula Shy makes a splash in Domestic Desire!

Paula Shy and Suzie Carina

Paula Shy is adorable. The Czech cutie with the eye-catching rack is actually of Asian heritage, but her looks have a sultry latina flavour that makes her perfect for the sun-drenched opening scene of Domestic Desire.

The movie starts with her washing her employer’s car in the blazing sunshine. She looks super-cute in a red T-shirt and dungarees as she splashes water everywhere, but domineering boss Suzie Carina is not satisfied. She insists the confused but compliant Paula undresses - wow, that first glimpse of her pretty pussy and her amazing boobs is spectacular! - and then puts on a sexy dress before she continues her work. Lascivious Suzie can’t keep her hands to herself, and is soon grabbing those sumptuous curves roughly and pulling down Paula’s dress to expose those magnificent breasts once again.

Paula Shy looks incredible dripping wet!

Paula Shy and Suzie Carina

Suzie takes pleasure in hosing her pretty maid down, before subjecting her to some vigorous fingering and pussy-eating that has Paula shaking with arousal. After an orgasm so powerful it’s surprising she manages to stay perched on the hood of the car, Paula satisfies Suzie’s demands with some skilful pussy-munching of her own. Suzie looks every inch the domineering mistress as she rocks her pussy over Paula’s sweet lips. The sex gets even more passionate as the pair stand and Paula fingers Suzie from behind, her fingers a blur against that slippery slit. Suzie has an orgasm so explosive she can barely stay on her feet. It seems for a moment as if there is an understanding between the pair, but let’s not forget Suzie is still the boss…

Domestic Desire is available from our online store on HD download, with the DVD coming soon. The second movie from the new production team at VivThomas, it’s directed by the renowned Andrej Lupin, and it’s seriously hot stuff!

Paula Shy and Suzie Carina

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Ninja sex game!


Here’s something for those of you techies who love Hentai (anime porn). Fap Ninja is an Android app featuring “a sexy kick-ass ninja on a quest to achieve the ultimate orgasm.” The game features 25 mini-levels, in which you can help Fap Ninja reach orgasm by licking her clit, making sex toys and so forth. It’s silly, it’s sexy, and it’s possibly not something you can play on the commute home from work…

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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


As begins an exciting new chapter, it’s good to remember where it all started. Way back, before sweet little Jo had grown into the superstar we all know and love, there was Sandy. And Sandy was, quite simply, spectacular.

Viv was one of the first photographers to realise how amazingly beautiful the girls were in Hungary and the Czech Republic. He discovered Sandy in Budapest, and she was a million times more gorgeous than any girl we’d seen before. Blonde and tanned, with a dynamite smile, long legs and perky tits, she was a guaranteed head-turner. And then there was that BUM!

Sandy starred in dozens of movies for before setting up her own very successful model agency and helping to shape the next generation of Hungarian beauties. The energy and fun she brought to her lesbian scenes was always delightful. Absolute legend.

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I can never get enough of girls in bikinis!

When I was a sweet young thing hanging out in London and just beginning to explore my lesbian urges, Sports Illustrated models seemed like the most glamorous, unattainable girls in the world. And now… yup, nothing much has changed. Here, a delicious bevy of babes including Emily Ratajkowski, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Nina Agdal and Genevieve Morton do their best to fuel my femme fantasies. Time to book that tropical island vacation…


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Aiko Bell makes her VivThomas debut!

Aiko Bell

What a great way to make an entrance. Aiko Bell is the first girl we see, in the first scene of the first movie to launch the new era at The Eurasian beauty starts Sexpresso on a high note, looking pretty as a picture in a cute summer dress as she goes to visit her sexy friend Tracy Lindsay. The chemistry between the two hotties is apparent from the moment they set eyes on each other, and the contrast between them is quite delicious - blonde bombshell Tracy is so confident and sassy, while brunette Aiko is sweet and a little shy. It doesn’t take Tracy long to warm her up, though…

Aiko Bell

Aiko Bell enjoys letting Tracy take charge…

At first Tracy is clearly the dominant one, pulling Aiko’s dress down so she can suck and bite her perky nipples. She’s a skilful lover, and by the time she’s rubbing her fingers against those pristine white panties, Aiko is putty in her hands. Tracy handles her roughly, spanking her bum and taking obvious delight from making her girlfriend gasp with arousal. Aiko looks absolutely gorgeous, spreadeagled over the kitchen counter as Tracy eats her from behind. Aiko’s whole body is soon wracked with spasms of ecstasy, and Tracy doesn’t let up her onslaught with fingers and tongue until she has wrung out every last drop of pleasure.

Tracy deserves her own orgasm now, and sits astride Aiko’s pretty face to enjoy some luscious tongue work that has her bucking and writhing as the powerful sensations course through her body. As the scene builds to a juicy climax, there’s no doubt that Aiko Bell and Tracy Lindsay are the perfect couple to start this stunning movie with a bang!

Sexpresso is available now from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Aiko Bell

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Michelle Jenneke warms us up again!

Hurdler Michelle Jenneke shot to fame when this clip of her sexy warm-up routine went viral in 2012. It’s great to see it being put to good use again, this time on legendary UK TV show Top Gear. They wanted to test which was faster, a Nissan GTR or a very fit woman. And if you’re not interested in the sexy car, fast-forward to around two minutes in for the sexy moves…


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Jennifer Lopez shakes her booty!

Oh boy. Surely the greatest mainstream music video ever? Jennifer Lopez and Izzy Azalea shake it in the teaser for ‘Booty’ - and I’m lapping up every single ass-jiggling, bootylicious moment.

I do indeed love a big booty, and I’d love to “throw up my hands” to prove it - but after watching this, they’re a little busy…


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Domestic Desire - Suzie Carina dominates!

Domestic Desire

Suzie Carina is one of the hottest girls ever to grace our screens - her willowy body, beautiful face and what Viv Thomas himself described as “the best bum in the business” make her unforgettable. Now Suzie has a starring role that not only showcases her incredible looks, but also brings out a more dominant side to her sexuality than we’ve seen before. New movie Domestic Desire, directed by the legendary Andrej Lupin, is the second new release since came under the artistic direction of the MetArt Network, and it’s an absolute triumph.

In Domestic Desire, elegant Suzie is the demanding mistress of a sumptuous Mediterranean mansion. She rules over her female staff (selected, it seems, for their attractiveness rather than their skills) and insists they obey her every whim. Luckily they take pleasure in ensuring their controlling mistress is satisfied - and also manage to sneak off for secret assignations of their own!

The girls of Domestic Desire

Domestic Desire

Busty Paula Shy - looking totally irresistible - can’t understand why Suzie makes her put on a sexy dress to wash the car. She figures it out when Suzie takes charge, spanking her bottom and getting her all lathered up. Suzie is in control even when she’s bouncing her pussy on Paula’s pretty face. Pristine Paula is soaked and sweating by the time her mistress is done with her.

Domestic Desire

Naughty Lucy Li and Candy Sweet are meant to be working, but they start fooling around instead. When Candy takes a tumble into the fancy water feature, the heat and lust overcomes them both. Lucy’s spectacular breasts get the attention they merit as both girls end up dripping wet.

Domestic Desire

Rebellious Candy clearly prefers eating pussy to working, as she next distracts Paula from her chores. Up against the wall under the outdoor shower, the girls finger and eat each other to juicy orgasms.

Domestic Desire

Finally, Candy is tamed by her dominant mistress. Suzie takes pleasure in teasing Candy, making her masturbate to the point of orgasm and then commanding her to stop. This exquisite torment leads to passionate sex and a string of explosive climaxes, before Suzie callously reasserts her authority.

Domestic Desire is coming soon to our online store on DVD and HD download. It’s one of the most visually stunning, passionately erotic movies I’ve ever seen, and I think you’ll love it too.

Domestic Desire

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Sexpresso - Tracy Lindsay fulfils her cravings!


Tracy Lindsay indulges her passions in Sexpresso

I promised I’d tell you a little more about Sexpresso, the movie that kicks off the new era at VivThomas. Here’s what I wrote about it over on the SexArt blog, along with an exclusive preview of some hot pics from the movie set:

The acquisition of by the MetArt Network heralds a new era of groundbreaking erotica for the renowned brand. MetArt are committed to honouring the vision of innovative auteur Viv Thomas, and to that end are taking the brand to new heights with the release of a stunning new movie, Sexpresso.

The outstanding artistry of director Andrej Lupin puts you right there in the middle of the action; and the sex, shot on location in Portugal, is visually beautiful but also natural and very real. Rising star Tracy Lindsay is the ideal girl to launch the new dawn of movies. She perfectly embodies the ideals of natural beauty and unabashed sexuality.


Tracy on set - rear perfection

The girls of Sexpresso

As Sexpresso starts, we discover that Tracy loves her coffee - but not as much as she loves spending time with desirable women. Her seductive manner ensures that she gets her fill of pleasure whenever she craves it. The story unfolds with pretty Aiko Bell paying a visit to Tracy as she enjoys her coffee. Immediately, attraction is in the air; Aiko is a little shy at first, but Tracy's insistent kisses soon warm her up. The flirtatious smiles the pair exchange hint at an intimate connection, and their sensual kisses, captured in luscious close-up, bear a promise of rapture to come. Tracy's clever fingers know exactly how to hit Aiko's sweet spot as she caresses her through her panties, and then slides her hand inside to feel the wetness.

Tracy is dominant at times, slapping Aiko's ass and handling her roughly, but she's also a sensitive and intuitive lover who makes Aiko gasp and moan with pleasure. Her fingers are a blur as she drives Aiko to a frenetic orgasm. Then she sits astride Aiko's face so she can enjoy the sensations of Aiko's tongue exploring her delectable pussy. Her orgasm has her whole body quaking with bliss.


Aiko Bell enjoys a taste of Tracy

Later, Tracy looks irresistible in a hot pink robe as she teases pretty Daniella Rose with the froth from her cappuccino. Her perfect bottom in the air, she straddles her lover, before Daniella flips her onto her back so she can suck on her stiff nipples. The couple seem delighted with each other's beauty and sexuality as they kiss and touch. Tracy grabs Daniella's hand to work the fingers harder and faster in her pussy, rubbing her own clit in a frenzy of lust as she approaches orgasm. Then her teasing tongue-strokes on Daniella's clit reveal how completely she controls her lover's response. The pleasure of tasting Daniella, and licking her pretty ass, has her rubbing her own sticky honeypot at the same time. The pair move into a scissors position, grinding on each other, their juices mingling as they climax in unison.


Daniella Rose drives Tracy wild

The following day, Tracy asks Daniella to invite her cute friend over for coffee. After a little small talk, she asks Stacy Snake whether she's ever had sex with a girl. The answer is no, but the little sweetie is ready to let Daniella seduce her. Tracy watches avidly, sipping her coffee, as her girlfriends get better acquainted. Stacy's hesitation turns to desire as Daniella kisses and caresses her, leading her along the path from curiosity to arousal, and then all the way to sweet ecstasy. Then Daniella teaches Stacy exactly how she likes to be touched, and the adorable neophyte finds she has a natural talent for giving as well as receiving lesbian pleasure.


Tracy plays voyeur to Stacy’s seduction

Daniella leaves Stacy alone with Tracy so she can continue to explore her newly awakened sexuality. Stacy looks a little overwhelmed at the idea of having sex with such a goddess, but the touch of Tracy's soft lips soon has her convinced to revel in the experience. Tracy is hungry for sensation after watching her girlfriends make love, and it only takes moments for her to bring Stacy to climax again. After she's drawn out the pleasure to a string of orgasms, Tracy lets her new girlfriend get a taste of her sweetness, and finds that the novice is a quick learner. Tracy jiggles her world-class ass up to meet the strokes as Stacy licks her ass and fingers her to an earthshattering climax.

Sexpresso is a proud declaration that is ready to rock your world with a new wave of sensational lesbian erotica. Prepare to enjoy the ride!


Stacy Snake pleasures Tracy’s pussy

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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


I love this old photoset from the archive (shot on film, before digital photography was invented!). The palm trees, the leopard print, the hairy pussy… it’s a classic slice of early millennium porn history. All I know is that it was shot in the Seychelles, and the model is a British girl named Liz. I love her natural look - no piercings, no tattoos, no mahogany tan - and that fluffy landing strip looks so inviting it may make me rethink my stance on shaved pussies!

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Lais Ribeiro in sexy lingerie!


I’m a sucker for a beautiful girl in sexy lingerie (yes, I mean that literally!) so I can’t believe Lais Ribeiro escaped my notice for so long. The Brazilian beauty is a Victoria’s Secret model whose long, lean body looks incredible in pretty underwear. Like many of you, no doubt, I learned a lot about the female form from lingerie catalogues before I discovered there was a whole world of gorgeous lesbian porn out there, so I definitely have a soft spot for lingerie models! Lais also seems very comfortable with appearing topless - is a naked shoot too much to hope for?


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Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 16

I’m continuing my celebration of thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - that’s three fun-packed decades since Viv first picked up a camera and started photographing beautiful girls! As you may have guessed, there are no girls whose names begin with ‘Q’ lurking in the archives, so we’re moving straight on to the girls whose names begin with ‘R’ - and they are a gorgeous bunch!

Thirty years of babes - the red hot stars beginning with R!

Czech cutie Rachel Evans only made a couple of films with Viv, but they were classics - Sticky Fingers 3, which featured solo masturbation scenes from 15 horny hotties; and Portrait of a Lesbian, where she had two steamy scenes, one with Lola and one with Kyla Fox. Rachel was an absolute beauty, with long legs, great breasts and a killer smile.

thirty years of babes

British babe Rebekah Teasdale was a well known glamour model who enjoyed exploring her naughty side with some racy shoots for Viv. She only shot one movie, UK vs Europe, but made a huge impression on the fans. Rebekah had an incredible natural body and a very elegant, poised manner. She is now a a major international DJ.

thirty years of babes

Latina lovely Ria Rodriguez (seen here astride Alexis Brill) is a new star making waves with her outstanding bubble butt! The way she moves it in Lesbian Playmates 2 is quite hypnotic, and her boy-girl scene in the super-fun porn parody Classic Shags is mesmerising. She also puts in a delicious and very convincing performance as a sexy street walker in the new release Fantasy Encounters. She’s definitely one to watch!

thirty years of babes

Hunagrian honey Rita Faltoyano was an extremely popular model, with a fun attitude, a pretty face and a spectacular rack. She was a swimming champion prior to making movies, which may account for her fantastic figure. Rita was best known for her red hot boy-girl anal scenes, and was a stand-out superstar in titles including Busty Fuckers, Memoirs of a Foot Fetist and the classic Sandy Does Hardcore.

thirty years of babes

So, what do you think? Did I include your favourite girl whose name begins with R here?

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    Perfect in every way! Fantastic video.

    on No Fear in Love Part 3

    JOHANNES BLT 1 day ago

    Hi Sandy T! You are truly gorgeous and sexy! I'm all hot and happy now, excuse me ... : )

    on Chaste

    Kristo1 1 day ago

    My newest fantasy: to be licked all over by Lexi! What a sensuous tongue! Not to mention all the rest of her.
    But there were some moments missing. or in close-up when a longer shot would have been more appropriate ...

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    harryben19 1 day ago

    Love Lexi and Condy, but there is a strange lack of connection here, as often happens with the Nik Fox films. Bit of a sense of going through the motions, unfortunately.

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    Robert 2 days ago

    Silvia Saint is as close to the perfect woman as I have ever seen. Her legs are unmatched and in sheer, black stockings they are nothing short of mouth watering. She is heart-poundingly beautiful. And to top it all off she is very bisexual. Very,very few women are as desirable.

    on Fit!

    par103 2 days ago

    Wow the sexy outfits were enough to make this a very erotic shoot and it just got better and the ass play was hot! very well done

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    Rose 2 days agoCommunity Staff

    Hi ArEm, we are doing a mixture of both, to give the artists a little more scope to explore different themes. Well spotted :-)

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    ArEm1965 2 days agoLifetime member

    Hi Rose. Another question for you. It seems that VT has now moved over to doing individual scenes that stand on their own, rather than being part of a wider, four-part film. Is this correct or just my imagination?

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    Kristo1 2 days ago

    I can't wait to see this romance in full bloom... :-))

    on Budding Romance

    Sparky1 2 days ago

    I believe that model Lexi Dona is one of the top 10 best performing models in the European Adult Industry. She always gives 100% in every video scene that I have ever seen. She has the good looks, keeps herself physically fit and is driven by desire to perform, and a hungry passion for other beautiful women. Congratulations Lexi, I hope you continue to perform for many more years to come and some day receive the recognition in the Industry that you deserve! Special thanks to all who made this well done video to be so darn good!

    on You Want Me, I Want You