Salma Hayek kicks ass in lingerie!

January 31, 2015 - by: Rose

I am very much enjoying the cleavage-tastic, panty-flashing trailer for Salma Hayek‘s new movie, Everly. At the age of 48, the scorching babe looks better than ever, and has finally been given the gun-toting, kick-ass role she deserves - all while wearing sexy lingerie and looking gorgeous, naturally! I suspect we’ve seen the best bits in the trailer, but I’ll certainly be watching it on DVD with my finger on the ‘pause’ button…


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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!

January 30, 2015 - by: Rose


Since making her debut in Sexpresso - the movie that launched the new era at VivThomas - Aiko Bell has become one of the most popular girls here. She has an unusual look, with a slender body, perfect-handful breasts and slightly Eurasian features. She’s adorably fresh-faced, but also looks incredible when she’s all glammed up - a recent SexArt movie, Flash, captures the transformation impeccably.

This shot demonstrates the hold Aiko has over her costars - you can’t even see her face, but the dominant way she’s grabbing Stacy Snake‘s hair says it all. And Stacy’s blazing eye contact tells you she can think of nothing but her aching need to please Aiko. In her position, I think I’d feel the same…

If you’ve only recently discovered Aiko, check her out in new release SexMessage II, and in this scene, titled Cocktail. The sexual connection between these two gorgeous babes is sensational!

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Candy Sweet and Rosaline Rose

New movie Venice starts with some of the most deliciously decadent erotic imagery I’ve seen in some time - four masked beauties in sexy lingerie, caressing each other with long, lingering touches. We then see two of them, Candy Sweet and Rosaline Rosa, take the intimacy up another notch as they kiss passionately. Candy is straddling Rosaline, her bottom in the air and her hand inside Rosaline’s lace panties, teasing her to wetness. She pulls off Rosaline’s bra, squeezing her perfect breasts and sucking the nipples, and Rosaline does the same to her.

Candy removes Rosaline’s panties and spreads her stocking-clad thighs, going down for a first taste of her creamy slot. She parts the folds of Rosaline’s pussy with wet fingers, sucking and probing more deeply as the gorgeous brunette’s pleasure mounts.

Candy Sweet licks Rosaline’s pretty ass…

Candy Sweet and Rosaline Rose

Rosaline turns over so Candy can lick her asshole and pussy from behind, driving her all the way to orgasm. Then she goes down to eat Candy’s juice-soaked slot. She diddles Candy expertly, thumb circling on her clit as she flicks her tongue over the hot pink sweetness. Candy pulls her knees up to her chest to give Rosaline even deeper access to her sugar walls.

Candy perches up on the back of the sofa, legs spread wide, giving us a superb view of Rosaline’s pussy and ass from behind as she indulges her lover. Candy’s slender body undulates as the horny sensations overwhelm her. As the scene draws to a close, we are transported back to the fourway fondling that sparked this encounter, wondering who will pair up next…

Venice is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming to our online store soon.

Candy Sweet and Rosaline Rose

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Can girls draw a vagina?

January 28, 2015 - by: Rose

Do you know what a vagina looks like? If your answer is a flat out ‘No,’ you’re probably in the wrong place. I’m guessing you answered, ‘Hell yeah!’ Me too. But, could you actually draw one accurately? Hmm… not so easy, is it?

Now a recent viral video poked fun at a bunch of men who failed epically when it came to drawing a picture of some lady-parts, but this video from proves the point that we girls don’t fare much better. Turns out most of us aren’t looking at pussies often enough, or thoroughly enough, to know them as well as we should.

Get studying, people.


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Kiara Lord and Cristal Caitlin

Kiara Lord has to concede defeat. In the final scene of new movie The Bet, she admits that Cristal Caitlin has won their wager, by seducing more girls than she has. There is a consolation prize though, as now it seems insatiable Cristal is intent on seducing her too!

The girls look stunning as they kiss, both gorgeous blondes with high energy and healthy sexual appetites. Cristal slides a hand into Kiara’s sexy black panties, then pulls them aside so she can get the taste she’s been craving. Maybe this was her plan all along! Cristal’s rapid tongue-swipes have Kiara almost losing control, but she manages to grab her phone to film a little of the frenetic cunnilingus. Then she turns around and lifts one leg high, so her juice-hungry lover can sample her pussy and asshole from behind. Cristal’s insistent licking and fingering gives her an extended and very powerful orgasm.

Kiara Lord films Cristal’s pretty pussy…

Kiara Lord and Cristal Caitlin

Now Kiara undresses Cristal down to her sexy lingerie and grabs her phone again, using it to film Cristal’s pussy as she strokes it. Too eager to hold back for long, she tosses the phone aside and concentrates on sucking Cristal’s nipples and then kissing her way down between her thighs. Her intense eye contact as she sucks on Cristal’s clam is super-hot! Cristal lifts her knees right back so Kiara can lick her asshole too, her pleasure building until an intense orgasm ripples through her. They settle back to kiss and look at the footage on Kiara’s phone, both thoroughly satisfied - for now!

The Bet is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming soon to our online store.

Kiara Lord and Cristal Caitlin

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Venice - decadent new lesbian movie!

January 26, 2015 - by: Rose


Venice is all about glamour and decadence, as masked beauties shed their inhibitions along with their sexy lingerie to get truly intimate. Sensuality abounds as the girls pair up to act out their steamy desires!

Let Candy Sweet, Rosaline Rosa, Tracy Smile and Roxy Mendez (the latter two making their VivThomas debut) transport you to a world of erotic passion.

Venice is coming soon to

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Cristal Caitlin and Bella Blond

At the start of scene three of new movie The Bet, saucy Kiara Lord is convinced she will win her wager with Cristal Caitlin because she managed to seduce gorgeous Bella Blond. But Kiara didn’t bargain for Cristal’s insatiable sexual appetite - it turns out Caitlin has seduced Bella too!

Pretty Cristal looks irresistible in her sexy lingerie as she sets up the camera to record her lesbian liaison, then invites Bella into the bedroom. The two gorgeous girls are so hot for each other they start kissing and touching at once, dominant Cristal throwing Bella down on the bed and straddling her. Her breasts look fantastic spilling over her lacy teddy as she leans in to kiss her new friend.

Cristal Caitlin does the splits over Bella’s probing tongue…

Cristal Caitlin and Bella Blond

Cristal spreads her legs wide, hovering over Bella’s face. Bella tugs her panties aside and starts sucking and pulling on her pussy lips, then spreads them to taste the sweetness within. When she’s teased Cristal into a froth, she turns over so she can lick her asshole too. The girls tussle playfully, pulling off each other’s underwear and rolling on the bed as they kiss. Bella straddles Cristal’s face with her stocking-clad thighs now, reaching back to finger her lover’s pussy as she gets eaten out. Her slender but busty figure looks sensational as she undulates over Cristal’s mouth.

The horny couple move into a sixty-nine, Cristal stabbing her tongue up into Bella’s juicy pink slot and licking her ass while she gets pleasured too. After Bella orgasms hard, she spreads Cristal’s legs high and wide and treats her to an energetic fingering and licking that drives her over the edge. If you enjoy watching beautiful, supple babes in sexy lingerie, you’ll love this scene!

The Bet is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming soon to our online store.

Cristal Caitlin and Bella Blond

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Steamy video for Fifty Shades!

January 24, 2015 - by: Rose

So, I still haven’t read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ and let’s face it, I probably never will. But if The Weeknd’s raunchy video for ‘Earned It’ - from the soundtrack - is anything to go by, the movie might just be worth a watch. I particularly appreciated the bare ass cheeks, each helpfully marked with an ‘X’ to assist you with your target practice. Dakota Johnson looks pretty hot suspended above the stage by bondage ropes, too!


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Eufrat says ‘vagina’ a lot!

January 23, 2015 - by: Rose

Eufrat is seriously popular around here, and I have to say I like her even more now I’ve heard her say ‘vagina’ over and over again. She’s visiting the FleshLight factory in Spain, which manufactures sex toys - replica vagina toys to be exact (or “wageena” as Eufrat so charmingly calls it). Hers is the best, obviously.

The way she chats with the employees as they all discuss her fake pussy is utterly cute. I defy you not to fall at least a little bit in love with her…


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Bella Blond and Kiara Lord

Naughty Kiara Lord and Cristal Caitlin have a wager - who can fuck the most girls? And while Kiara was impressed by Cristal’s first conquest, she’s pretty sure she can do even better. At the start of scene two of new movie The Bet, she’s feeling very confident as she shows Cristal the video of herself hooking up with Bella Blond… and wouldn’t you, if you’d bagged such a beautiful babe?

We see Kiara set up the video camera and then join her new friend in the shower, spraying her with water and running her hands all over those incredible curves. Bella - making her VivThomas debut here - is delighted to return the favour, spraying Kiara’s nipples until they are stiff, and then sucking them and kissing her passionately.

Kiara is hungry to taste Bella Blond…

Bella Blond and Kiara Lord

Kiara goes down to lick the wet spot between Bella’s parted thighs, making her moan. Sweet as she tastes, Kiara wants to feel those ample breasts pressing against her own, and stands so they can rub their slippery bodies together. Bella begins to finger Kiara’s pussy, her dominant lover encouraging her to increase the pressure on her clit. By now Kiara is incredibly turned on, and as Bella begins to eat her juicy pussy, then turns her around so she can finger-fuck her from behind, she looks utterly blissful. Boobs pressed against the glass, and ass cheeks spread so that Bella can tongue her pucker, she surrenders to the waves of climax crashing over her.

Kiara needs another taste of Bella after that, and kneels to lick her smooth-shaven slit, surprising her with the ferocity of the orgasmic sensations that hit her. It’s an excellent introduction to this gorgeous German honey, and it looks like maybe Kiara has won her bet…

The Bet is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD and HD download coming soon to our online store.


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