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Eva Berger talks about Dominance

Eva Berger

Eva Berger is a fascinating girl - gorgeous, powerful, playful and unashamedly sexual. The raunchy Russian redhead made her debut VivThomas appearance in recent release The Bet, and made such an impression that director Andrej Lupin immediately created a starring role for her in Dominance. Producer Ariel Piper Fawn told me, "She is like a wild animal... I never saw anyone like her before."

I asked Eva if she could tell us about filming Dominance, a movie that casts her as a domineering character who takes her sexual pleasure whenever, and with whomever, she chooses. Here is Eva's unique take on the role:

“I was something like Hannibal Lecter, only without a mask. My character is obviously a maniac, who ‘devours' beautiful girls. For them it's not only sexual pleasure, but also a psychological experiment called ‘domination,' and each girl reacts to it in her own way. Trying Jessica Manole for breakfast was a mistake: too spicy a taste for the morning. Jessica is the strangest girl I have ever met in my life. I think she's the devil and our sex was more like an exorcism. But the devil is still inside her, and I'm still afraid of her.

“In the hot afternoon on Lanzarote, I chose cold Snow Queen Cristal Caitlin for lunch. This blue-eyed blonde is like the heroine of ‘Frozen' - she seems cold and shy, but inside, she is vulnerable and tender. Cristal tries to obey her mistress, she allows me to do what I want with her. She is soft like plasticine. She is a shy, polite girl who surprised me with her courage and suppleness. But why does she look so unapproachable? Because she gives herself only to her mistress.

Eva Berger and Cristal Caitlin

“Have you tried Kiara Lord for dinner, with orange topping? My heroine did! I love Kiara, she is feminine, curvy, juicy... I'm hungry again, when I think about her. The scene with Kiara is my favourite because she is a great professional who was born for this type of scene for VivThomas and SexArt. She is always smiling and nice, she knows what she has to do and how. She is not submissive, but she is ready to play your games, as long as she gets pleasure. I think I need to take cooking lessons from her. Kiara, will you give me that?

“And at the end, I had a diet dessert from Bella Blond. She looks like a German fetish diva of the 1930s. She fed me her thin, thin toes. She reminds me of Dita Von Teese, I imagine her in a corset and pearls. She is fully obedient to her mistress. Bella is the apogee of obedience. You don't need to call her, because she knows her time for visiting and she goes to you softly on her thin legs like a white cat. But we must be careful with her: sometimes still waters run deep…”

Dominance is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming to our online store soon. If blazing hot redheads light your fire, you won't want to miss it!

Eva Berger and Bella Blond


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DuellingTwangos 2 years ago

That;s a wild story! and here am I just thinking that girls like kissing girls because they're beautiful.
Hot Red has suddenly acquired a new dimension. This Viv is quite an amazing place for a number of reasons,one of the most significant of which is that I have the most happy surprise of discovering four much loved Fiona Cooper beauties with sexy sexy sexy pussykissing videos and galleries,a very unexpected uplift to my admittedly vast collection of erotica (and not a cock to be seen anywhere).
There is the definite impression that the next sum leaving the bank account is for a years sub to Viv. A hot ticket to pussykissing paradise.Lovely!

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    What a fantastic video. I loved the enthusiasm and intensity.

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    stanford 4 days ago

    Where have you been hiding this phenomenal milf Kathy Anderson? She is a knockout !!! She is so passionate in her scenes , and you can tell she really likes women. This is vintage VIv Thomas porn. I know scenes are typically filmed with younger women but she's an acception . Her beauty and eroticism is the epitome of VIV THOMAS. I'm sure this is the consensus ot most viewers. You HAVE to bring her back. PLEASE !!!

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    I am surprised Lexi Dona's phone is ringing all day long. She shows such empathy and sex drive. The woman's mouth aims to please. She takes on ladies five inches taller than her, she doesn't care. She is a total turn on and very fun to watch. She makes for a great contrast. And Viv keeps putting her in the scenarios which I personally love. And the beauty of it is that she herself is very sexually pleasing to look at. That's why I say I am surprise women aren't just lining up to be with this angel.

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    Bobo 4 days ago

    I hope we’re going to see her again soon, hopefully in a Sandra Shine video.

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    Tongue piercing is probably my #1 or #2 negative, right there with plastic utensils.

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