In a world of beautiful girls, Lorena Garcia is something special. The sexy Spanish sweetheart is not only spectacularly beautiful, with that radiant smile and irresistible body, but has an energy and charisma that makes every one of her scenes memorable. Lorena made a splash (literally!) with her first appearance on VivThomas, a cute swimming pool photoset that made everyone sit up and take notice. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, burning up the screen in steamy girl/girl scenes here and on our sister site SexArt, as well as winning over the fans of high-class erotic photography over on MetArt.

I’m pretty sure you can imagine my excitement when new VT director Guy Ranieri Sblattero encouraged me to cast Lorena in the starring role for my first ever script, ‘After Hours.’ And what a thrill it turned out to be, as we discovered a whole new raw, uninhibited heat to Lorena’s sexual performance! Never a girl to hold back, she now seems to tear into her partners with a hunger and urgency that is incredibly arousing to watch – and yet, her sweet and tender side is still there too. I was lucky enough to get to ask Lorena a few questions about her life and her experiences…yes, I love my job!

Lorena, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 28 years old, I grew up in Spain and Barcelona is my new hometown. I enjoy charcoal drawing, sports in general, and to spend time simply on my own. I have fun spending time in tune with nature. I also like to spend too many hours searching for and listening to music. It’s almost all I do when I grab my computer.

Do you have any favorite TV show? Books? Music?

I never watch TV… On my computer I love to watch documentaries, sports, old music clips, comedians like Bill Hicks, Louis C.K, Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, Jim Carrey… Or even cartoons. I have many favourite books, two of them are The Book of Children by Osho, and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma. Loving music, I do have a wide variety on my playlist but I got stuck in the pre-2000s! Classical, R&B, Rap, Heavy, Disco, Industrial, Soul, Rock, sometimes popular music… A few artists I like: A Perfect Circle, Staind, Rob Dougan, Genesis, Billy Paul, Prodigy, Faithless, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Can, Tindersticks, Alexander O’Neal, The Sisters of Mercy, Pantera, Bach, Vivaldi…

Your fans love to hear you speaking in your sexy Spanish accent. Is there an accent that really turns you on?

I do smile when I hear others’ accents, and find many languages beautiful to hear. I find the deepness of a voice or the way a person might talk more attractive than the accent itself.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

In general I embrace my body as it is. If I have to pick one thing in particular, the first that comes to mind is my small chest. Most of the time it only gets attention when it is truly needed! (Laughing)

What is the difference between stills photography and making movies, for you?

In the beginning there was no difference. It was all about how to learn to stay relaxed during the shoots and movies. To simply stay still and stare at the camera was not simple or natural to me. I do tend to move too much and too fast and some photographers still struggle a little bit with me in that respect! Once I began to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, the differences started to depend more on the kind of photographer or videographer. What they look for, their way of working…

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

I enjoy sharing a passionate and fun experience with my partners and having a good connection with the team in general.  I also enjoy seeing how a scene is built and the progress of it.

What made you decide to start making girl/girl movies?

I was willing to try something new after gradually changing how I felt about it. One day I got a call asking if I would replace a model that didn’t show up at the location. I agreed after talking and thinking about it for while.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

No, I did not and I still have not done it in my personal life. My first time was with Miela A, and then right after with Mia Knox for SexArt. It was a very strange feeling and I was completely lost about how to touch a woman. Knowing the cameras were rolling didn’t make it any easier!

Which is your favourite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network, and why?

‘Be Mine’ with Tess B, for SexArt. It was the first girl on girl movie I made with Don Caravaggio and his team. I felt it was intense, natural, flowed well, and there was a good vibe behind the work.

Who was your favourite partner?

I would like to mention more than one: Brandy A, Tracy Lindsay, Eve Angel, Mia Knox, Dido, and Tess B.

You seem like a very happy person, always smiling and laughing!

I do try to feel my best in whatever I do. Smiling, laughing… Sometimes it comes naturally, other times it helps me to feel more relaxed. I can smile for the camera, yet it starts for myself. It raises my energy up.

Do you feel competition or rivalry in this business?

No. Everyone is different. Comparison, rivalry, popularity… I prefer to let the ego sleep while trying to enjoy what I do, as long the team and members are pleased with the work.

Are you a dominant or submissive person?

I like passion, to play…and yet I do like it when it is 50/50. I am pleased to give and receive.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

No, I am happily single.

Please tell us about the recent shoot with Guy Ranieri Sblattero, the new director for Viv Thomas.

The shoot was in Barcelona and the women were all nice to meet and work with. It was also my first work after almost one year not being involved with lesbian movies, and it put me back on track with how hardworking Guy’s team is! I did not see any of his movies for Viv Thomas before, yet it was easy to see he was looking for something different and dynamic. I felt very good around him and the way he directed us during every scene.

Do you have twitter, Facebook?

I never used Twitter, honestly I have no idea how it works. For now I am no longer active on Facebook, the only platform I have ever used.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Yes…To all the members of the MetArt Network: desertrat, mep1… Others not mentioned here, and those who might not be active on the comments section so I don’t know their names – thank you very much for all your support!



Tracy Lindsay is the archetypal blonde bombshell – a pretty, naturally sexy girl who’s more naughty than you could possibly imagine. A huge favourite at VivThomas ever since her debut appearance, she was the obvious choice for the starring role in ‘Sexpresso,’ the movie that heralded VT’s new incarnation as part of the MetArt Network. Since then, Tracy has shown just how daring and uninhibited she really is with a lead role in ‘Love For Sale,’ a series on our sister site, SexArt, which broke erotic boundaries.

Tracy is a superb actress as well as a confident and compelling sexual presence, so having the opportunity to write a movie for her was a dream come true for me. I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking on the lead role of ‘Imperfection,’ a wild, unconventional character who plays power games with the emotions of her companions, driving them to heights of sexual abandonment they’ve never experienced before.

‘Imperfection’ starts with Tracy dominating petite Spanish sweetheart Apolonia, subjecting her to some intense licking, strap-on screwing and mock fellatio before getting her own satisfaction from her cute plaything. In the second scene, she trashes the obsessive-compulsive tendencies of beautiful Alexandra Stein, who relinquishes her need for control and submits to lust and passion. She learns about a different type of control, using a strap-on to make Tracy scream with pleasure. In scene three, Anna Siline tries to achieve organisational precision under the cold gaze of Tracy, who destroys her work and then ravages her completely. Finally, sultry Misha Cross imposes her own order on Tracy, in a scene of stunning intensity that sees Tracy riding Micha’s mock cock in a frenzy of arousal, and then licking and fingering her to a froth.

Perfection may never be achieved in Tracy’s world, but ‘Imperfection’ proves to be utterly satisfying. 


 Interview by Sydney L Cubbins

I love 'After Hours'! It's the first of (hopefully) many VivThomas series to be written by our very own, and very talented... Rose! The premise is simple enough – it's all about leaving the stresses and worries of the working day behind, as we surrender to the (sexual) embrace of our loved ones – but it's the way that it's been conceptualised and brought to life that makes this film something very special. It's authentic, relatable and sexier than Adriana Lima herself! Suffice it to say, I was intrigued by the minds behind it. So I reached out to Rose, and asked her if I could pass her a few interview questions to answer for our members. She's as kind as she is talented and willingly agreed :) Here's the result :)

Can you tell us a little about the premise of the film? And what it means to you?

‘After Hours’ is all about that moment when you’ve finished work, you’re ready to unwind and have fun, and something happens to trigger that relaxation response within you. It could be kicking off your shoes and throwing your briefcase in the corner, or it could be something romantic, like your lover welcoming you home with a passionate kiss and a glass of something cold! I wanted to capture that moment when a smile from someone makes everything that’s happened during your working day just melt away, and all you can think about is touching that person.

Can you describe your writing process please?

I have all my best ideas in the shower… someone needs to invent a waterproof laptop! Words have always been my passion. I basically write in my head ALL the time – random thoughts, stories, letters, imaginary conversations, you name it! Writing a script was something new though, as I had to be aware of the practicalities of how things work on screen. Having spent time on set with Viv in the past, I think I had a pretty realistic grasp of what could be done. Once I start to write, I go really fast, it’s stream-of-consciousness stuff, and then I have to leave it and go back to it later to see if it’s any good or not!

Are there any influences in the film that we should know about?

I don’t even know where my influences come from – I’ve been a voracious reader since the age of four, and I love movies and big budget TV shows too. Binge-watching entire series is one of my vices! I have magpie tastes, but I’m very picky when it comes to erotica, I can’t stand anything badly written or badly filmed. I definitely thought a lot about what initially drew me to Viv Thomas’ films, and what I found most interesting about them. Chemistry between the girls and genuine passion are really vital to VT productions. Of course, it’s also fun to incorporate personal stuff – things that have happened to me, things I wish had happened to me, situations that turn me on. But you’ll have to guess which parts of ‘After Hours’ are based on my own experiences, I’m not telling!

What was it like to collaborate with new VivThomas director Guy Ranieri Sblattero?

It was amazing! First of all, he’s really creative – he can take an idea and turn it into something infinitely more interesting, just through the way he visualizes it. He’s also really open to new ideas, and wants to listen to the feedback from the members and do what pleases them. That’s very important to me, because it honours Viv’s vision of what he wanted his name to stand for. Writing for Guy is a lot of fun, too! It’s no secret that I have a weakness for Spanish girls – that dates back to attending a Spanish summer school when I was 18! For me, Spanish will always be ‘el lenguaje del amor.’ So as you can imagine, working with a Spanish director who can cast all these Hispanic honeys in the scripts I write is a major case of wish fulfillment!

It’s been many months since we last saw Lorena in a MetArt Films production. How did you (and Guy) entice her to the project?

That was all down to Guy, and I think it was probably his Spanish charm that swung it! Lorena always had a good experience working with Viv Thomas himself in the past, and of course she’s worked for SexArt and MetArt many times too, so she trusted that she was in good hands. When I wrote ‘After Hours,’ I actually had Lorena in mind, but I was too shy to ask – I felt like I was aiming too high! But Guy asked who I wanted for the movie and I finally said Lorena, not dreaming for a moment that he would actually make it happen!

What is your favourite scene from the film? And why?

I like them all for different reasons. Lorena speaking Spanish with Apolonia (who is just adorable!) is very special. The girls in this movie are incredible – Misha Cross is very sexy and edgy and cool, and Anna Siline is really sweet. But the opening scene, with Tracy Lindsay, just blows me away. The physical and emotional connection between Tracy and Lorena is very real, and the sex is super-hot. I will have to watch the whole movie a few more times before I can answer that question!

Do you have plans to continue writing for MetArt Films?

Absolutely! Guy is shooting one of my scripts at the moment, and I am working on more. It’s an absolute buzz to see what he creates from what I write. I want to work more on developing the characters and stories, as that’s what I enjoy watching. And I really appreciate how nice everyone has been about what I’ve done so far. I think the MetArt Network produces high-class erotica that’s in a different league to anything I’ve seen elsewhere, so to play a small part in that process is very exciting.

I hope you enjoyed reading :) As always comments and feedback are welcome, and would be immensely appreciated. If you love Rose and love her writing, please show your support! The more you guys do, the more likely we'll see more of her work in the future! :)



It’s always exciting to meet someone who understands your vision and instinctively knows how to carry it forward into reality, and that’s exactly what happened when Guy Ranieri Sblattero became the new director to carry the torch for VivThomas. The Spanish auteur has his own unique style and technical approach, but his ideas about storytelling, eroticism, romance and powerful female sexuality hold true to the ethos that Viv Thomas himself established.

I was lucky enough to work with Guy on his last series of shoots, writing the script for a couple of the movies and discussing members’ likes and dislikes with him. I’ve loved observing the way his creative mind works, taking ideas and dissecting them, then making something surprising and compelling… and very, very hot! With three brand new movies going live over the next few weeks, and the next series of shoots in the pipeline, it seemed like the perfect time to ask Guy a few questions about his background, and his first experiences of shooting high-class erotica for VivThomas.

With Guy’s permission, I haven’t corrected his English too much, in keeping with his own ethos of rawness and realism! I think it gives you a truer impression of his enthusiastic character, rapid-fire Spanglish pouring out as he tries to convey his passionate drive to perfect his erotic art.

Guy, can you tell us a little bit about your background in film direction?

GRS: Well… I was born in a small town next to Madrid. I was not good at school and my parents were crazy because of me! When I was 19, I went to Barcelona and did a lot of small jobs. I was a driver for a production company and I started to be on set during commercial jobs. I liked what they did and enjoyed trying to understand everything about that. So when I was 22, I bought my first camera and started shooting stupid things with my friend. My life was changing and I understood what I liked so much: making film. In the last 10 years I was better and did a lot of music video, short films and documentary.

What made you move into directing erotica?

GRS: Last year I was shooting a backstage in a big studio in Barcelona and in one of the stages they were shooting an adult film. I was curious and I wanted to see. Well… I wanted to see girls! But I saw something very different to my ideas of adult: there was a man shooting with red cameras and the set was great, like a real movie. When they finished I talked with this man because I wanted to know what they were doing. He was Alis Locanta. That night I started looking at the sites he told me about and I discovered something I didn’t know. Well… I watched a lot of porn movies in my life, hahaha! But I never saw something so beautiful and professional. In a month I perfectly knew all the MetArt Network sites and I met Alis again and I asked to be on set with him. Only to help, nothing more. He was nice to me and I started helping during his shoots. I learned a lot of things and I wanted to shoot something. So I shoot a solo with a Spanish model and show it to Alis. He told me what was not good and how to do better. Next time I shoot a soft scene with two models. He liked this and showed it to the MetArt owner. I was so excited! They liked it and asked me to shoot a real girl-girl film for VivThomas. I didn’t believe it! And…well… this girl-girl film was good for them and I started to shoot my first official VT movies!

What do you like about the original Viv Thomas movies?

GRS: I watched a lot of VT films, done by Viv, and I like how he tells stories and characters. There is a reality I really like, something that seems like all those independent movies I always watch. Here in Spain we do a lot of indie stuff and I love it. So, Viv’s style was direct, raw, and the passion was really hot. I didn’t want to copy, I want to shoot with my style. But at the same time I want to remember his original style and try to do it with my eye.

How do you think your approach is different?

GRS: Viv was a photographer and he always showed the beauty. I like his image, it’s very well done. I’m a guerrilla filmmaker!!! And I want to be close to the action. I love camera in hand, hard focus. I think you can feel like you are between the models and live with them. My style is more raw, I try to show a more real situation and passion. After my first scenes I understood a lot more things from the members. I read all the comments and I started thinking how I can do better for them. I already shot other films and I did something different, I hope they can find better things. I have already written new films and I’m shooting soon. They will be different. I think members will see my experience getting better.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

GRS: I love cinema and I see many movies. I try to watch all kinds, but my favourite is indie films. My style of shooting is inspired by them, and I try to tell my story in the same style. Now when I watch a movie I always have ideas for VT: camera movements, lights and situation. I like music too, a lot! But I decided not to use music in my VT films. It’s a difficult choice but I do that because I want a very indie/raw mood.

Please tell us about your recent shoot.

GRS: A few weeks ago I shot in a big house in Barcelona that I saw first time with Alis while he was shooting. I finally shot with wonderful models: Spanish, French, Czech, Swedish and Polish. The stories were written by lovely Rose! She helped me a lot, telling me about VT films, the style and what members want to see. I shot three films, four scenes for each film. One is ‘After Hours,’ it shows moments ‘after’ work, study… when you come back home and your partner is there waiting. It’s a very passionate film! Then I shot ‘Imperfection.’ Rose was inspired by the maniac feelings we all sometimes have! One model is always obsessed by little things, and the other is a crazy girl. There is a contrast between two characters. Cool! The last one is my own script, ‘Reading Room.’ We have one model reading a book and the other is provoking her. Touching, kissing and undressing. It’s very hot!

Which movie are you most proud of so far?

GRS: You don’t forget your first love! I like ‘French Kiss.’ The models were very good and Tiffany Doll was great! I think deep kissing is wonderful and they did very good. The models understood what I wanted and understood that their kisses were the ‘story.’ I shot with camera in my hand at 30-40 cm to models and I think you feel you are very close! 

Is there a model who particularly inspires you?

GRS: I don’t have long experience, but all the models were good. Well... I’m Spanish and… I love Spanish models! Lorena was incredible! I knew all her movies and I like them. It was a wonderful experience shooting and talking with her. She’s interesting and kind and we talked about a lot of things. In the next months I want to work with Amarna Miller. Alis talked about how amazing she is and I’m sure it will be another great experience!

What are you planning next?

GRS: In the next few days I’m shooting more films. Some models are already on VT and others are new! I’m excited! I don’t want to tell too much! Only to say they are French, Czech and Spanish! The next movies will be different. I worked with Rose to shoot another structure. The story will be longer and members will see better characters and situations. Passion will start in the first part too. I think they are more like mainstream movies. I think members will like them. 


It’s no mystery why Spanish sweetheart Lorena is one of the most popular girls ever to grace the MetArt Network. Her radiant smile, effervescent personality and lust for life make her utterly unforgettable. Most of us have experienced not just love at first sight, but an enduring adoration for this vivacious beauty.

That said, I’m sure you can understand my excitement when new VivThomas director Guy Ranieri Sblattero allowed me to pick Lorena as the star of my first ever movie script, ‘After Hours’ – what an honour! Not only that, but he also encouraged me to pair her with blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay for the first scene, and then with three gorgeous new girls! If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up…

The premise of ‘After Hours’ is simple – it’s all about what happens when work is done and it’s time to enjoy a little fun. Shot in a fresh, raw style that captures the urgency of mutual desire, it lets us see Lorena’s voracious sexuality in full effect.  She’s supremely confident, at times even dominant, and refreshingly uninhibited when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. It’s all part of her irresistible charm.

In scene one, Lorena returns home from a frustrating day at work to find Tracy Lindsay waiting for her. That’s enough to make anyone shrug off the cares of the day and enjoy some sweet solace! The chemistry between this stunning pair is incredible, and their tender caresses soon give way to intense oral coupling with plenty of face-sitting, ass-licking and mindblowing orgasms.

Lorena is preparing fruit in the kitchen at the start of scene two. Anna Siline, coming home from the office, is delighted to receive such a warm welcome. Hearing the pair offer endearments to one another in French before things get hot and sticky is an added treat – Anna’s accent is super-sexy, and it turns out Lorena sounds divine in every language!

At the start of scene three, cute Apolonia (an amazing new find) is struggling with her studies when Lorena brings her tea, and institutes a much-needed study break. Hearing these two hot honeys chat in rapid Spanish is all the foreplay anyone could need! Their passionate lovemaking builds from a slow burn to fever pitch, ending with them grinding together in a sensational scissors position.

In the final scene, Lorena – wearing some truly eye-catching lingerie – is masturbating over an erotic novel when Misha Cross returns and catches her in the act. Polish babe Misha has a wonderfully edgy look, with sleeve tattoos and a sultry expression, and sparks fly as she and Lorena tumble around and play a little rough.

The combination of hot new talent and two of our very special superstars is an absolute winner, and I’m pretty sure ‘After Hours’ will blow your socks off! I can’t wait to hear how you like it. It will be free for members to stream and download at from Friday, with the DVD coming to our online store soon – and with our brand new Pay Per Scene feature making it accessible to non-members too, there’s no reason to miss out on the fun!


NEW FEATURE: Pay Per Scene!

April 11, 2015 - by: Rose

If you’re dazzled by all the choices on offer at the MetArt Network, here’s a brand new way to dip your toe in the balmy waters of one of our sister sites. An exciting new feature has just launched on SexArt, VivThomas and The Life Erotic, which allows you to purchase individual movies to play and download on a Pay Per Scene basis.

You can select your scenes at a range of different resolutions – SD, HD and UHD (4K); if you choose to pay a little more for the higher resolution, you get access to all lower resolutions too! You’ll always have access to the scene on our site in our ‘digital file locker,’ so you can download or re-stream it as many times as you like. And if the scene comes with pictures, you’ll also be given access to the images and zip file downloads.

There’s no commitment involved – select a scene and make a one-time purchase, with no rebilling. You’re in control of how much you want to buy, and what type of scene you choose to enjoy.

It’s a great way to see more of your favorite girls, sample a site you haven’t tried before, or simply add to your collection of top class erotica. Just look for the download button beside the movie that tempts you, and try something new! 


Erotic fiction for VivThomas?

April 10, 2015 - by: Rose

Is erotic fiction something you’d enjoy reading here? I’m not talking ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (I think I already made my feelings about that very clear!). I mean fiction inspired by the beautiful girls we feature. Or maybe even fiction written by YOU?

Erotic fiction is a very fulfilling form of self-expression, and can be an exciting way to live out fantasies that you don't quite dare to try in real life!

Some of you may remember that way back when Avril Thomas used to write this blog, she would sometimes share her erotic experiences and fantasies (and very naughty they were, too!). I always looked forward to reading her racy stories, so I thought I’d revive the idea with a little fiction writing of my own. It's the first time I've ever tried something like this, and it turned out to be quite... stimulating!

You can read my first three stories at and and - here’s a little taster:

“Your fingers brush downwards, grazing the fluffy line of hair that leads to those delicate pink folds. I inch closer, breathing more heavily, all my willpower focused on restraining the urge to reach out…” (inspired by Sabrisse, MetArt).

“My hand seeks the pulsing source of my energy. And that’s it; all sense of control is lost as I plunge three fingers into my slippery slot, my thumb rubbing frantically on my clit. Almost immediately I feel a gush of wetness…” (inspired by Saju, The Life Erotic)

"Turning onto your knees, your face buried in the warm blanket, you feel the full force of the sun bless your upturned pussy as your expose yourself to its bright gaze. .." (inspired by Genevieve, MetArt).

What do you think – would you enjoy reading erotica inspired by your favourite VivThomas girls? Let me know! And if you’d like to contribute your own stories, you can send them to me at I don’t promise to post them in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


Uma – goddess of love!

April 08, 2015 - by: Rose

Actually the name Uma is derived from the Hindi or Sanskrit for ‘light,’ but I’m sure I can be forgiven for bending the truth a little. It’s impossible to look at our Uma, a statuesque blonde with the look of a Nordic queen, and not be struck by her radiant beauty and natural sensuality.

Uma, who is actually from the Czech Republic, is unusual in that she didn’t make her VivThomas debut until the age of 31; she’s no slip of a girl, but a strong, sexually self-assured woman with a powerful appetite for sex. Maybe that’s why she has the confidence to let us see her true passion and hunger during her sexual encounters. While other girls may fuss over their hair and lipstick, Uma commits everything to satisfying her partner and herself. Drenched in sweat, her chest flushed bright red with arousal, you know she’s totally lost in the moment – no acting required.

Uma made an instant impression in her VivThomas debut movie, Gardeners. From the first moment of the opening credits, it was clear the camera loved her, and as her scene with Frida unfolded, her irresistible charm became apparent. Tumbling around on the bed, her long blonde hair dishevelled, her superb body glistening with sexual sweat, she immediately captured hearts. A second, equally scorching liaison with Victoria Daniels in Gardeners followed, and on the strength of these two stellar scenes she was snapped up for a new movie, The Gym. Clearly this required Uma and her two co-stars, Lexi Dona and Alexis Crystal, to look fit and foxy in their sporty gear – and the sight of Uma in skintight yoga pants would be enough to get even the most reluctant exerciser flexing at least one muscle! The climactic threeway merits repeated viewing, with the three beauties giving their all in an encounter packed with face-sitting, rimming and mindblowing orgasms.

Meanwhile over on our sister site SexArt, Uma has appeared in a couple of sizzling boy-girl movies, to which she commits as much heat and intensity as we have come to expect from this passionate lover; and a recent, spellbindingly beautiful liaison with lovely Lexi Dona in ‘Above’ confirmed her as a favourite with fans of exquisite lesbian lovemaking.

Tomorrow’s movie release on VivThomas – the second scene of Andrej Lupin’s SexMessage III, which sees Uma reunited with firecracker Alexis Crystal – is something truly exceptional. It’s rare to find two girls who match each other so perfectly in energy, sexual charisma and skill, as well as beauty. Too horny to find a more secluded spot, the girls tear into each other on a stairway, reducing each other to a quivering mass of orgasmic exhaustion before they are done. It’s the epitome of female passion, and if you like to see genuine, explosive sexual chemistry captured on screen, it’s something you won’t want to miss. 


A beautiful girl sends you a sexy text message – how do you react? You sext her back, of course, and enjoy the build up to some steamy phone sex action… or if you’re lucky, your vivid imaginings may even come to life!

That’s just what we get to witness in director Andrej Lupin’s brand new all-girl movie, SexMessage III, as six of the hottest girls around let us witness their flirty fun, and then succumb to their powerful mutual lust as their deepest desires take over.

Alexis Crystal is the sexy star of the show here, first enjoying a saucy exchange with Silvie Luca that sees her transported into Silvie’s bed. The two beauties enjoy an intense encounter that leaves them both utterly satiated.

Next, leggy Alexis hooks up with blonde bombshell Uma for a frenetic stairway liaison. An abundance of face-sitting, rimming and orgasmic pleasure sees them both drenched in sweat and pussy juice!

Delicious Lexi Dona is the next incredible babe to catch Alexis’ eye, flirting via instant message before her passion becomes reality. The girls look irresistible in their sexy lingerie as they kiss, stroke and lick each other into a frenzy. Lexi has never looked better than with Alexis’ talented tongue wriggling between her sweet ass cheeks!

Finally, adorable Aiko Bell is carried away by her desire for curvy Hanna Sweet, the two playful pussy pals enjoying every inch of each other’s body during their scorching lovemaking. The orgasms are plentiful… and powerful!

SexMessage III will be free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming soon to our online store. It’s one message you’ll be delighted to receive!


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