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Tracy Lindsay talks about her life and adventures!

Tracy Lindsay is the epitome of sex appeal – a beautiful golden-skinned blonde bombshell, with an incredible body (that world class ass!) and an enticing smile that suggests time spent with her would be unforgettable. Tracy’s not content with merely looking hot, though. ‘Waves of Desire’ and ‘Club Pink Velvet 3’ showed us her giggly, fun personality, but since then the darker, more dominant side of her sexual nature has been a wonderful revelation.

‘Sexpresso’ showed us that she wasn’t afraid to show sensuality, intensity and genuine desire, and most recently, an explosive scene with Lorena in ‘After Hours’ and an incredible star turn in the ‘Imperfection’ series have established Tracy as a superstar with plenty of surprises still in store for us. I was lucky enough to get to ask this classy, sassy babe some questions about her experiences…

Tracy, please tell us a little about yourself.

TL: I am 23 years old, and I live in Prague. I like fitness, healthy food, good movies, going on trips...

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

TL: It was a friend who got me into nude modelling. At first I thought that I would just make some one-time money and gain a new experience, but I liked it and decided to continue on a long-term basis.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

TL: I am generally satisfied with my appearance; if you want me to pick which part of my body I like in particular, it might be my lips. 

How do you keep in such great shape?

TL: I go to the gym. I try to eat healthy but it's sometimes very difficult with all the travelling I do. 

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TL: I like travelling and meeting new people –the production people, as well as the models. 

Which is your favourite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network?

TL: The series I like the most is Sexpresso, for VivThomas. I like how the scenes are cheerful, colourful and full of passion. It was shot in beautiful surroundings and with a group of great people. Even my role of a dominant, horny mistress fit me so well. I really enjoyed making the movie, and I think you can see that on screen.

Can you tell us about shooting ‘Love For Sale,’ your series shot by Alis Locanta for SexArt. This series caused a lot of controversy because of the storyline! How did you feel about it?

TL: The whole thing was a huge misunderstanding and the situation needlessly escalated. Making the movie was very interesting and a lot of fun, all participants were kind to me and nobody pushed me into doing anything I wouldn’t like to do myself (I am responding to some of the comments made about it). The most intensively discussed issue was anal sex, disliked by some of the members, and I respect that. However, I enjoy anal, in my private life as well as on screen! I think this series has fulfilled its purpose, because it was meant to be controversial and unique.

You narrated the story for ‘Love For Sale,’ and your English was excellent! Did it make you nervous to do this?

TL: No, I was not nervous. I am used to speaking English in my work. But it's true that I worried about the pronunciation: the story was quite complex and some of the expressions were not part of my daily vocabulary.

Who is your favourite partner?

TL: I particularly like working with Suzie Carina and Whitney Conroy. And also Misha Cross [they have a terrific scene in ‘Imperfection’], Amarna Miller and Lorena B.

You recently shot a scorching hot scene with Lorena for ‘After Hours’ – did you enjoy shooting with her?

TL: Yes, I enjoyed it. Lorena is a very emotional person and she is always so dedicated to her role and the movie.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

TL: No, I didn't. Just some kissing and touching in a relaxed atmosphere at the disco…

Do you find it easy to get turned on when you are filming?

TL: If myself and my partner suit each other, it is easy.  

Please tell us about the series you are shooting with Andrej Lupin for SexArt at the moment.

TL: ‘Secrets of Prague.’ Well, it's great! You just have to see it. I have a great partner, Whitney Conroy, and we just love it. We are having a lot of fun during the shoot. It's also a lot of hard work but it's worth it, I am sure the result will be wonderful.

Are you an exhibitionist in real life?

TL: Maybe, partly. I am not a fan of sex in public, but I like wearing sexy or eccentric clothes and I enjoy people's looks. I would rather say that I like being the centre of attention!

You seem like a very daring person, who likes to try new things. How would you describe yourself?

TL: I think I am; I often enthusiastically jump in head first to new things. I like being active; sitting home and being bored is definitely not for me. Travelling and meeting new people is a part of my work, this is why I love it. I feel enhanced by each new person I meet.

What are your ambitions?

TL: I would like to continue doing what I do as long as possible. But I realize that it can't be this way forever, so I want to graduate from university while working and get involved in the social sphere. Or I wouldn't mind continue working in this field (not being a model) if I found a way.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

TL: Yes, I would like to thank the members for all their positive evaluations and nice comments regarding me and my scenes. I really read them and they always boost my mood.


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Steph7 3 years ago

Yes, quoting you Rose, "Tracy Lindsay is the epitome of sex appeal". Uuugh, I freakin love her! Hard to believe that she had never been with females prior to this business though. Such a natural... I hope that she remains G-G while on VT and SA.


Renegade 3 years ago

Where is the second picture, the one where Tracy has the collar? It intrigues me with its moody look brimming with sexual tension.


Rose 3 years ago

This is from 'Love For Sale' episode 3 on SexArt, Renegade. It's a ground-breaking, mindblowing scene, and I'm seriously not exaggerating! I liked all four episodes of this series, but particularly this one, for reasons I can't even begin to explain here! I think it might be a marmite (love it or hate it) scene though. If you're not a SexArt member, you can watch it on Pay Per Scene... I'd be interested to hear what you think of it, if you decide to watch it :-)


Renegade 3 years ago

Well I read the comments for it and got around to seeing the preview of it, and it definatly seems like a scene I would enjoy and wouldn't bother me like it has some I guess.

Can you tell me how this Pay Per Scene works? If I buy it is it a one time view or does it end up in a que that I can click on to watch anytime I want? I know it also sends me a download link Is there a limit to the amount of times I can download it? Or a time limit on how long the download link is valid? I may not always be able to download a scene right away after buying it.


Rose 3 years ago

Hi Renegade, when you buy on Pay Per Scene, you can watch any time and as many times as you want – it's stored in a 'digital locker' for you. Hopefully this blog post explains it a bit better than I can – it's actually really simple to use:


Renegade 2 years ago

Well Rose I finally signed up for sexart and watched the scene outright. I left my comments over there, but needless to say I found it to be a very hot and VERY kinky scene. You were certainly right about it being ground breaking and mind blowing. It definately pushes boundries and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing those boundries pushed here as well. I think something similar would be better received here than you would think given half the positive comments on it are names I recognize as members here. Those few that wouldn't like it? Well I'd find their reactions to it very hilarious! :)

I also have a couple more thoughts on sexart. First, the Vintage Collection lesbian scenes and the Impulse model scene have forced me to go back to the drawing board when it comes to script ideas for this site. Secondly we need to get both the Ariel's for this site. Ariel Rebel is such a doe eye cutie pie doll, and Ariel Piper Fawn is a flawless goddess!


Rose 2 years ago

I had a feeling you'd like it, Renegade! It's kinky in all the right ways :-)

Actually I think The Life Erotic will be pushing boundaries more in this kind of direction soon...!

I'd definitely urge you to check out the Vintage Collection on SexArt, the most recent episode was amazing! (it's not usually my kind of thing, but when it's done like that – wow!).

Ariel Rebel is totally adorable, I hope we'll see more of her on all sites (she made a major impression on MetArt too!). And as for my girl APF, well you can find her here on VT but it's old material... if I could tempt her back in front of the camera, believe me, I would! But you'll see plenty of cameo appearances from her as she is producer for Team Lupin on SexArt. It's fun to spot her – looking more gorgeous than ever!


Nils 3 years ago

Ah, thank you Rose for the interview.
(Hope for more interviews to come)
And btw. the first picture in the atricle is fantastic.


Rose 3 years ago

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Nils! It was a pleasure talking to Tracy and yes, there will definitely be more to come !

The first picture was taken on the set of 'Sexpresso,' Tracy's favourite film :-)

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    Rose 20 hours ago

    A very sexy girl, love her accent!

    on Behind The Scenes: Cassie Del Isla Shooting Memories

    Rose 2 days ago

    I did help with the dialogue, Jimf, but the ideas came from Cindy herself. The storyline about her having retrained as a sex therapist is absolutely true! Glad you enjoyed it, I think she's dynamite. I loved every second and definitely plan to try and tempt her back again :-)

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    I do hope you will release the photographs on this shoot. I always like what SexArt does, offer the movie and if you want to see the grids have at it. If all you do is watch movies then you wonder what spot in the movie was that great shot? And where Caomei is concerned there are tons of them. I bet she would like to see them too.

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    Enjoyed that a lot. Liza's breasts are superb. The dynamics are great. So when do we see more of Cindy? She is a real turn-on. Calling for Dr. Hope 2 in the not too distant future - or anything that includes Cindy.

    Did you write that script, Rose?

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    BlueBaron 2 days ago

    Cristal resembles a young Sarah Vandella without the absurdly large fake breasts but also without Ms. Vandella's breathtaking hourglass figure fashioned though years of long hours in the gym. I could do without the former but my problem with many of the Czech models is probably cultural: most are so skinny and lack muscle definition. Some don't appear to work out regularly.

    Silvia is remarkably fit. But you can see the scars from her breast enlargement surgery. There's a way to perform that procedure entering through the armpit area that leaves no marks on the breasts. Perhaps it's a matter of expense.

    As for tattoos, that is more a generational thing. To younger eyes they're an adornment; a form of self-expression. To mine they're a willful disfigurement. 😳

    The performances were so-so. Kissing was pro forma rather than passionate and deep. The reason you oil up for the sheer sensual pleasure of rubbing bodies together in a long, languid fashion. Here's it more like lube.

    Although this is purely a matter of taste, I judge the quality of a GG film by how long it takes before the gals go for each other's nipples and vaginas and you can't just go from the one to the other. There is an entire, and usually lovely, female torso in between, chests and necks above, legs and feet below. And, behind all of that, is the beauty of a well-found female back and backside.

    Much is made of how BG scenes lack sensuality and appear more like mating than sex. Many of us drawn to GG scenes are looking for more, much more. In fairness, it's a lot to ask and it can't be easy for every performer to accomplish or every filmmaker to direct and capture.

    on Oiled Episode 4 - Radiate

    Rose 3 days ago

    Such a gorgeous girl, and I love the evidence that she's a natural redhead :-)

    on Pixie

    Vikinglover69 4 days ago

    Love Anita C..where can the set be found where she's sitting on the bench? I'd love to see the whole thing. She looks super sexy..

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