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Sex talk with busty French beauty Anissa Kate

It’s hard to tear your eyes away from French starlet Anissa Kate’s gorgeous face… but then, it’s also a challenge not to stare at those incredible breasts! The exotic beauty has been turning heads since she made her debut on our sister site SexArt in January, and now she has brought her glamorous sex-appeal to Viv Thomas too. A starring role as the cheating fiancée in ‘Love Match’ showcased that fantastic body and simmering sensuality perfectly, while ‘Vacancy’ and ‘Fashion & Fetish,’ have revealed a fun and flirty side to her personality. It’s a treat to learn more about this busty bombshell…

Anissa, please tell us a little about yourself.

AK: I am from Lyon, France, and I currently live in Spain. I’m 28 years old, and 1m68 (5’6”) of happiness. I love travelling, staying at famous hotels, shopping. My lifestyle is not suitable for a pet because I travel a lot... But when I am more settled, I’d like to have a dog.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AK: I was bored with studying. One night, I watched a TV programme on the NRJ12 channel called ‘Tellement Vrai’ (‘So True’) about the actress Jessie Volt. I thought it must be cool to be an actress. The travel, the money, the freedom of being able to work as you want, all this made me want to try it.

How big are your breasts? Which do men look at first when they meet you, your eyes or your breasts?

AK: 95D (38D). I never asked the question!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AK: My face.

How do you keep in such great shape?

AK: Practicing sport!

How long have you been making movies?

AK: It will be four years in September. I love the freedom in my work. I do not have job security or a fixed salary but I am my own boss. I am totally in charge of my career.

Do you like to watch your own movies?

AK: No, never!

What do you like about shooting with director Alis Locanta for SexArt?

AK: It is very soft, very glamorous and the atmosphere is always relaxed. He also has amazing fashionable Italian outfits. Personally, I love it.

Please tell us about the movies you shot recently with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas.

AK: ‘Vacancy’ was the first time I had a scene with Ava Courcelles. I sank my whole teeth into her beautiful bum with relish! In ‘Fashion and Fetish’ I had two very cool scenes with two actresses, who looked very young, Ena Sweet and Talia Mint. In ‘Love Match’ I was supposed to marry Erica Fontes and right before the wedding I cheated on her with Talia Mint – what a bad girl I am!

Did you enjoy acting the role in ‘Love Match’?

AK: Yes, I liked it a lot. I had a good feeling with Erica Fontes. She’s a very nice girl, with an amazing body.

Do you have a high sex drive?

AK: I would say normal, the same as everyone.

Who was your favourite sexual partner so far?                                     

AK: Pascal Saint James. I love more mature men. He has a beautiful body and he is a gentleman.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

AK: I had already played ‘touche-pipi’ – that’s how we say ‘playing doctor’ in French – with a friend a little bit. I am not really attracted to women so much, although I find doing lesbian scenes pretty cool.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

AK: With girls, I would say cuddles, touching and cunnilingus. With men, I like penetration and sucking nice dicks.

What is your favourite position?

AK: Missionary position, as this is when I feel my partner the most.

Do you find it easy to orgasm when filming a scene?

AK: Yes and no. It depends on how I feel with the other actor and on my mood…

What turns you on?

AK: When I shoot with actors who I find attractive, or with new actors. Sometimes a change of partner is good!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

AK: In the Nevada Desert.

Do you like to masturbate?

AK: Very rarely since I have been making movies. In intimacy, I always use my fingers.

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AK: To have sex with a transsexual, a gorgeous trans with the face of woman, big tits and a huge dick.

Are you a romantic person?

AK: Yes I am.

What kind of men do you like?

AK: I prefer men older than me, who are charming and don’t take themselves too seriously and are not pretentious.

How would you describe your personality?

AK: I am generous, straightforward, sometimes impulsive and anxious.

What are your ambitions?

AK: To have the best career possible as an actress, carry on shooting and open a wine bar in Los Angeles in a few years’ time

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AK: A big thank you to all my followers. I wish you to be happy and healthy, and to enjoy life!


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Renegade 3 years ago

I've thinking about this for a while, and you know that "favorite sexual fantasy" of hers? Can you imagine the reaction you would get if that got shot for Sexart? That would certainly push some boundries hehehe. :)

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    Sparky1 1 hour ago

    This whole 4 part series has just been "outstanding" in my opinion. This type of production sets out Viv Thomas apart from all others. Thank you Sandra Shine and all the team and models that made it all possible. May there be a "Glamorous 2" produced by this same team coming soon!

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    LeHombre 2 hours ago

    Nice to see Sandra back on form.

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    Rose 2 hours ago

    So hot and gorgeous together... every scene of this movie has been spectacular!

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    lesvoyuer 18 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be nice to go through life as a model and just get better looking every day? Aislin has done that, not that she was ever not good looking, she's always had a great pleasing looking body. But she is prettier today than she was when she started. And I would bet she has even changed as a person because she appears happier and more fulfilled. Shrima sure appreciated her. And Aislin reciprocates love too. I would bet this is the best day of her life. She's just so beautiful.

    on Captivate

    Rose 1 day ago

    Delicious couple!

    on Captivate

    harryben18 1 day ago

    And Rebecca is so cute and sweet - a really credible partnership. Loved this.

    on Glamorous Episode 3 - Desirable

    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    Well it's a given that I am crazy about her. She looks really naked without another woman. She can look like a little girl and a very serious woman. Role playing would be a snap for her. But whatever you do Gina, bring that very special look of intense animal, which no one else quite has. You bring it naturally. Gggrrrrrrr!!!

    on Behind The Scenes: Gina Gerson On Location

    harryben18 2 days ago

    Gina is very special. Genuinely bisexual, her love of women is so evident in her work. Charming, savvy, sexy, passionate, thoughtful, committed - just amazing and very loveable.

    on Behind The Scenes: Gina Gerson On Location

    harryben18 2 days ago

    Luna C ! Incomparable.

    on Glamorous Episode 3 - Desirable

    Rose 2 days ago

    The cutest of the cute, Gina is adorable. I love how she can be funny, serious, sexy, sweet, all wrapped in one delicious little package. What a star.

    on Behind The Scenes: Gina Gerson On Location