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Eileen Sue: fun, freckled and fabulous!

Eileen Sue is a very sexy girl. For starters she’s extremely pretty, with sharp cheekbones and a scattering of cute freckles. Then there are those amazing natural breasts, with alluring dark nipples, a tiny waist, pert bottom and long legs. Add to that her energy and voracious appetite for pleasure, and you’ve got a pretty sensational package.

She burst onto the Viv Thomas scene in early 2013 in a memorable encounter with the equally busty Lexi Lowe in ‘Story of She 2.’ A handful of sizzling scenes followed, before ‘The Circle’ cemented her status as a star to watch. Not only did she bring irrepressible passion to the movie – her liaison with Alexis Crystal is off-the-scale hot –  but she also displayed some impressive acting skills, playing the innocent cutie with seductress Naomi Nevena, and portraying love and heartbreak brilliantly.

Over on our sister site SexArt, where she is known as Margot, she has appeared in some very classy scenes, including one of my all time favourites, ‘Lift,’ with Whitney Conroy. Their chemistry is scorching, and the orgasms are wild! Most recently, she has been a part of Team Lupin’s major new SexArt series ‘Secrets of Prague,’ a complex and compelling story that you certainly won’t want to miss. I grabbed the chance to ask her a few questions shortly after filming wrapped, and I thought you might like to learn more about her too…

Eileen Sue, please tell us a little about yourself.

ES: I am 26 years old, and I live in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. I like reading, listening to music, watching movies and catching up with friends. 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

ES: I worked in a factory and a friend of mine had been telling me about her work in erotica for ages. My answer was always that I didn’t want to do that. But then I was fired from work, so I tried it! I was approached by an Italian photographer, Deltagamma, and I accepted.

What is your favourite thing about modelling?

ES: I love travelling and meeting new people. I generally like trying new things – places, food, people… 

How do you keep in such great shape?

ES: I go to the gym, and I visit a cosmetician, but it’s mostly genes. 

Which is your favourite of your movies on Viv Thomas and SexArt?

ES: As for Viv’s movies, I enjoyed 'The Circle' most, and on SexArt, 'Lift.' I have fun making movies.

Who is your favourite partner?

ES: I have no favourite partner; if the girl I work with isn’t problematic, it’s always a nice cooperation. Leila Smith might be one of the best ones. I never had sex with a girl before I did it in a movie!

Please tell us about 'Secrets of Prague,' the series you recently shot with Andrej Lupin for SexArt.

ES: It was an interesting production, and I really enjoyed it. I feel proud of it. I like the idea of the project, I enjoyed being a part of it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the whole series.

You seem like a very energetic person, you bring a lot of passion to your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

ES: I give everything to the scenes, because I want my work to look good. I generally like looking at women, and I can at least “taste” them when making a movie. If I wasn't married, I would shoot with guys as well, this is how much I enjoy it!

What are your ambitions?

ES: In my life I would like to be happy and satisfied, have a lot of children and a trouble-free life. 

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

ES: Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it, and I love you so much! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am.

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smielson 3 years ago

Again, thank you for the interview. But this time triple thank you.. Eileen has been one of my favorites since I first saw her. I have said before that my overall favorite movie is The Circle and 2 of my top 5 favorite scenes are The Lift and scene 1 of The Circle with Alexis. I know you just mentioned them in your intro, Rose, but I can't help repeating it. Thank you, Eileen Sue! and Rose!!


ShereKhan 3 years ago

A lovely woman with natural beauty. If only there was a video interview between Rose and Eileen


Rose 3 years ago

I'll do my best to make it happen some time, ShereKhan... I could never get tired of looking at her, she's absolutely gorgeous :-)

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    Rapidx 15 hours ago

    Two very beautiful and hot ladies .. really into each other .. very, very nice

    on Sunshine Lovers Episode 1 - Softest Touch

    lesvoyuer 20 hours ago

    I've been waiting ever since this was posted because I wanted to see what she was groping in her pants. I had a very good idea, but until I saw it, you can't be sure. Think of this though, what if it was trick photography and it was someone else's hands down her pants-WOW! And what if someone just walked on to the set and came from behind her and put their hands down her pants. She is just ripe for the picking. Let's make her a star, it's not enough to take her clothes off and smile. Share your body baby.

    on Jubilant

    Rose 1 day ago

    Beautiful smile!

    on Jubilant

    Rose 2 days ago

    Sorry not this time, but their future movies will be 4K :-)

    on Sunshine Lovers Episode 1 - Softest Touch

    par135 2 days ago

    Hey Rose... no 4k download ?

    on Sunshine Lovers Episode 1 - Softest Touch

    par135 2 days ago

    just loved it...excellent start Nik and Tom...very well done

    on Sunshine Lovers Episode 1 - Softest Touch

    Rose 2 days ago

    A gorgeous scene from a new directing team for Viv Thomas! I particularly like the opening sequence, sun-drenched and sexy, two stunning girls giving each other such pleasure.

    Welcome, Nik and Tom – look out for an interview on the blog next week to learn more about them :-)

    on Sunshine Lovers Episode 1 - Softest Touch

    CloverDale 2 days ago

    Really beautiful girls but the star of this series is definitely Sandra. She was the one reason for which I signed up and she has not disappointed. Excellent direction and choice of girls.

    on Intimate Touch Episode 4 - Amorous

    Geo1 2 days ago

    This is a lovely and very sexy set of two of my favorites! Bravo Nik Fox!

    on Delicate

    lesvoyuer 3 days ago

    I always wondered what it would be like if Diane and Lilith made it with each other on Cheers. Now I have a better idea. Thanks for taking two opposite looking people into a scene. They are both beautiful. I will wait for the movie on this last thing but it doesn't seem to be natural, but more orchestrated. You can just hear the photographer, now kiss her breast and now look into her eyes. But I am holding judgment. But no doubt, these are great models. And great contrast.

    on Delicate