Here’s the first glimpse of celebrated director Alis Locanta’s inaugural movie for Viv Thomas. Titled ‘One Small Step,’ it features a dream cast that will blow your mind: Mango (making her VT debut), Talia Mint, Patritcy, Lola, Taylor Sands, Lorena, Alexa Tomas and Henessy – pretty amazing, right? And if that cast list alone doesn’t get you in the mood, then I think this trailer for episode one, starring Mango and Talia, should do the trick…

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the kissing. Lots and lots of passionate, raw, intense kissing. What else can you expect? Well, scorching sexual chemistry, dialogue, romance, tenderness and red-hot sex. As he promised in his recent interview, Alis has been paying attention to feedback from Viv Thomas members, and he’s quietly confident that he’s delivered what you want to see.

The photoset of Mango and Talia will be released on Tuesday 1st December, with the full episode following on Wednesday. Are you counting the days yet?


Locanta on location!

November 25, 2015 - by: Rose

Yes I know... I'm a naughty tease. But when our new Viv Thomas director Alis Locanta sent me this shot from his location shoot this morning, I just had to share it with you. Isn't that the peachiest little bottom ever? It belongs to a lovely French model, Lea Guerlain, and the girl she is feeling up so enthusiastically is Spanish knockout Nekane. Both new girls are on set with Alis right now, alongside some of our special favourites, and I think you will like what you see.

You only have a few more days to wait before Alis Locanta's debut VT movie is unleashed; I hope this 'cheeky' shot has whetted your appetite!


Viv Thomas nominated for 2016 AVN Awards

November 23, 2015 - by: Rose

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but getting nominated for an AVN award is a pretty big deal. Often described as the ‘Oscars of adult entertainment,’ the awards celebrate all that’s fun and fabulous about the adult movie world.

This year, Viv Thomas is proud to receive two nominations:

Guy Ranieri Sblattero is up for Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature for ‘Reading Room.’ This unique movie not only has a clever and original premise, but also stars our top-rated model, Lorena. The wild encounter between Spanish sweetheart Apolonia and Polish femme fatale Misha Cross was one of the most arresting scenes of the year.

Our second VT nomination is for director Andrej Lupin and his team, for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, for Brandy Smile and Lexi Dona’s scene in ‘Art.’ This energetic scene has two beautiful girls enjoying everything from pussy-eating and rimming to sixty-nine and scissoring. It’s a must-see!

It’s great to see nominations for Female Foreign Performer of the Year include several popular Viv Thomas stars too: Misha Cross, Alexis Crystal, Tiffany Doll, Anissa Kate, Amarna Miller, and Taylor Sands.

Our sister site SexArt has received nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Director  Foreign Non-Feature (both to our new VT director, Alis Locanta!), Best Foreign Non-Feature, and Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production.

And most exciting of all, our flagship site is up for Best Membership Website!

Wish us luck!




November 18, 2015 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Nicole Smith and Taylor Shay

The smell of chlorine, warm skin, your perfume as you move closer and murmur in my ear. The taste of oranges as I kiss your sweet lips. I came here feeling parched, arid, incapable of love, and you quenched my thirst and then made me burn with lust for you.

“Kiss me again,” you purr, and I push you back into the shallow water, moving on top of you, your legs wrapping around me. We grind and rock, breasts and hips pressed together, my hair in your face, my tongue dancing with yours.

“I want to taste you,” I gasp, breathless with desire. Lifting you onto the edge of the pool, I nuzzle your crotch through your soaked bikini panties, breathing in your heat and fragrance, then tug them down and push your thighs apart. Careless of who might be watching, I run my tongue along the slippery seam of your pussy, feeling you quiver. My tongue plunges deeper, plowing the furrow as your flower opens to me, lapping up your nectar.

Your wetness smears my lips as you oscillate against me, your breath coming in gasps, your thighs trembling. When your moans quicken I reach for my glass, trickling some of the sweet, chilled juice over your hot flesh. You cry out, fingers tangling in my hair, and I lap up every drop of juice and suck you to the peak of pleasure, let the waves of sensation recede a little way, then take you right up to the peak again.

Glistening with sweat, you tilt my face up to yours and kiss me, licking your cream from my lips. “Now I’m thirsty…” you say with a smile.

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



The first sight that greeted me on location early this morning was Lola A’s tiny, taut, tempting ass, magnificently lit by the blazing sunshine. It’s been far too long since this gorgeous little pocket rocket graced a Viv Thomas movie, so how amazing to have her here in Spain for the start of Alis Locanta’s creative reign! That perfect petite little bottom was pointing right at me as she straddled lovely Taylor Sands; they were filming a scene for a new movie called ‘First Time Stories,’ and it already looked like it was going to be scorching hot!

The girls started out sharing a bottle of champagne in the bathtub of their sumptuous suite… and then we cracked open a few more bottles and had a wild party… well no, not really. I think being drunk in charge of such expensive camera equipment is somewhat frowned upon! It was a nice little fantasy though…

Anyway, Lola got out of the tub and a few moments later returned to the bathroom wearing her sexy lingerie. She let down her long blonde hair, and there was an electric moment – she just looked SO pretty it was absolutely heart-stopping. It’s hard to believe she first shot for Viv Thomas back in 2008, because she still looks just as natural and fresh and almost (but not quite) innocent! If you’ve had a crush on her ever since then, you’ll be as excited as I am to see her return to our screens.

Taylor watched Lola move around in just her sexy lingerie, suddenly inspired to grab her, push her against the wall and kiss her voraciously. She tore off Lola’s bra and sunk to her knees to start eating that sweet pussy. Although Lola is a very shy, sweet girl, she quickly came out of her shell as Taylor’s tongue warmed her up – I guess that’s what they call “the Taylor Sands effect”!

Taylor spun Lola around and tugged her panties down, burying her face between those peachy ass cheeks, then turned her back again and began to suck her pussy more hungrily than ever. What a turn-on to see sweet Taylor being so dominant! Lola grabbed her head, grinding against it, her legs almost buckling as she was hit by an orgasm like a tidal wave. She pulled Taylor to her feet for an even more passionate and prolonged kiss, then led her to the bed…

I’ll let you discover the rest of the scene for yourself; suffice to say you won’t want to miss it! After a little break for Lola to regain her composure after that erotic encounter, I was lucky enough to get the bonus of watching her shoot a photoset with another of our talented artists, Don Caravaggio. She is a natural model – actually one of the best I’ve ever seen – and her killer smile and frankly irresistible figure make for a winning combination.

After that, Patritcy cooked dinner for me – topless, naturally! – and then there was more fun and games to be had, but not by me, alas; it was time to head to the airport, and back to the real world… one that doesn’t involve a luxurious villa populated entirely by beautiful naked girls! I’d like to thank Alis, Don and their talented teams for letting me be a part of the magic for a few days. It was an experience I’ll be reliving in my dreams!



My third day on location with director Alis Locanta started with a pretty momentous event… the first 4K 60p movie ever to be filmed for Viv Thomas! Now, I’ll be honest here, in technological terms I don’t really know what that means, but in visual terms it has a very noticeable impact – it looks absolutely incredible on the screen! The movie is called ‘Red Passion,’ and this scene saw the adorable Taylor Sands, our new arrival here on set, taking control of Patritcy. Taylor plays a character who gets aroused by the colour red, and although she is trying to work, when she realises Patritcy is wearing red lingerie she just can’t control her lust.

Taylor and Patritcy had never worked together before, but the physical attraction between them was instantaneous, and it was evident they had taken a shine to each other. Although Patritcy’s antics had the whole crew in stitches, there was a definite undercurrent of sexual tension. Taylor is such a sweetheart, quite shy and demure, and it was fascinating to see the sexual side of her emerging as Patritcy started to flirt and whisper with her. And when it was time for seduction, Taylor suddenly took the lead, ordering Patritcy to strip for her, then grabbing her dominantly and pushing her onto her back.

Taylor went face down between Patritcy’s thighs to lick her, and I had a view anyone would envy, as her dress rode up to reveal her flimsy panties stretched tight against her plump pussy mound. Patritcy’s nipples were stiff, her head thrown back in delight, as Taylor sucked and fingered her pussy. Taylor has very sexy eyes, and the way she looked up at Patritcy as she licked her was a major turn-on. Patritcy’s orgasm was fierce, sweeping through her whole body like a forest fire.

Taylor’s pretty face was filled with passion as she undressed and lay back to let Patritcy take her turn at giving pleasure, her legs pushed high and wide and her beautiful breasts jiggling. Patritcy licked her hungrily and slid two fingers in and out rapidly, making her moan and gasp for breath. Taylor straddled her lap, her exquisite pussy squeezing snugly around Patritcy’s probing fingers, her hips rocking as she rode her way to orgasm.

After watching such a steamy coupling, it was amusing to interview Taylor and find her so shy and sweet once again – it would appear her inner sex goddess only emerges in front of the camera! I also eventually managed to grab the effervescent Patritcy for a very revealing chat – it’s hard to pin down such a ball of energy, but I’m glad I managed it!

Our second arrival of the day was the lovely Lola A (who is known as Dido on SexArt). It’s several years since Lola last appeared on Viv Thomas, so it was fantastic to see her looking better than ever, a little more confident and womanly perhaps but still the adorable little cutie we know and love. I didn’t get much chance to talk to her before she started shooting a very fun and flirty gym and bedroom scene with Patritcy, but I’ll tell you more about her next time. Meanwhile I took the opportunity to get to know Berenice, the lovely new model I told you about yesterday, so look out for her interview on the MetArt blog soon! 


I started my second day on location with Alis Locanta very pleasantly indeed… did I mention that photographer and filmmaker Don Caravaggio is also here? I love his work for SexArt, and recently we ran a couple of his movies starring Lorena here at VT, which met with universal approbation. Watching him shoot gorgeous Patritcy in the Spanish sunshine was a real treat. By the time she was naked and wiggling her lovely bottom in the air, the temperature was definitely rising… it’s hot in November with such splendid eye candy to warm the place up!

I then moved to one of the lavish bedroom suites to see Alis shooting a scene for a new movie called ‘Lingerie Obsession.’ Mango and Talia Mint looked like beautiful fashion models in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels; there was a very strong attraction between them, and it was obvious they couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other.

Talia watched through the glass wall to the bathroom as Mango entered the shower, fully dressed. Within moments, her dress was saturated and transparent, showing her lingerie and clinging to her incredible slender body. She moved sensuously, dancing for Talia alone, the camera forgotten. Talia was utterly transfixed by the mesmerising sight. Even when filming paused for a moment, the girls continued teasing and flirting with each other. As you can imagine, when they were finally allowed to touch, to kiss, and to taste each other, the results were explosive! I think this scene will really blow your minds…

I enjoyed getting to know Mango so much (look out for a behind-the-scenes interview with her, so you can get to know her too) and I was really sad to see her leave. But it was impossible to stay sad for long, with the prospect of watching Talia and Patritcy together! Their scene for “And in the End…” took place mainly on a huge bed, Patritcy looking pretty in pink lingerie, and Talia perfect in purple. They started the scene already kissing and touching, which didn’t take much encouragement – they were already so hot for each other!

The passion quickly rose as Talia’s fingers found their target, Patritcy’s gasps betraying how excited she was. She started squeezing her magnificent natural breasts as Talia’s tongue pleasured her, her moans reaching a crescendo. Talia flipped her over and spread her ass cheeks, squeezing and spanking, then started an onslaught of licking and fingering that left her delirious! And that was just the start of it; I don’t want to spoil the scene for you by spilling too many details, but I think you will like it a whole lot.

After that, another departure, and another arrival… I was very sorry indeed to say goodbye to Talia, who is such a bright spark she lights up every room she walks into. I know you will love her behind-the-scenes interview, as she is so funny, cute and stunningly attractive. But luckily I was distracted by the arrival of a beautiful new model, Berenice. She has only shot for MetArt once, last month, and made such an impression that our Content Manager K tracked her down and arranged for her to shoot with Don Caravaggio. She’s so new to modelling that she only shoots soft and teasing pictures so far, but I can’t wait to see her at MetArt, and I live in hope that one day she will decide to make movies for us!

It was time for us to head out for a little R&R before tomorrow’s shoot. Two more of our favourite models will be arriving, but for now I’ll keep you in suspense about who they are…



If you’re a member of our sister sites SexArt or MetArt, I’ll hazard a guess you’re already a big fan of Mango. I certainly am. So on arrival on location in Sitges, Spain to join our brand new VT director, the brilliant Alis Locanta, you can imagine my delight when the first model I set eyes on was none other than everyone’s favourite beach babe herself! And let me tell you, she is every bit as sweet and adorable in the flesh as you would imagine.

Shooting was already underway when I arrived at the luxurious beach-house location, but as soon as I got the chance, I grabbed Mango for an exclusive video interview – I’ll be sharing that with you soon, along with a whole bunch of revealing behind-the-scenes snippets!

Of course, when I found out Mango’s next scene for future release ‘And in the End…’ would be with the irresistible Patritcy, I made sure I was right there on set, watching on your behalf (I know you would expect nothing less of me!) – and it was a pretty incredible experience. Alis knows all about capturing the chemistry between his stars on screen, and the sparks were flying between this pair long before the cameras started rolling. Patritcy is a natural clown, and the way her dimples appear every time she flashes that killer smile is simply irresistible. The girls were almost giddy with laughter as they started fooling around, grabbing and groping and cuddling each other. But when the kissing started in earnest, the laughter stopped and the sexual tension was palpable.

Mango has the most perfectly peachy, firm and spankable bottom on the planet (I know because I spanked it – I really love my job!). She looked totally amazing as she knelt to pull down Patritcy’s panties and lick her pussy. Patritcy’s beautiful natural breasts were quivering with the delicious sensations.

Later in the scene (a complex shoot with several different segments) they moved to the sofa, kissing passionately, Mango’s nipples already diamond-hard as Patritcy removed her bra and panties. Patritcy was on top, her plump pussy looking delectable, Mango’s legs wrapped around her. Patritcy went down to eat Mango’s pussy, eliciting little gasps and whimpers of pleasure. As Patritcy’s skilful tongue drove her wild, Mango turned over, that spectacular ass in the air, to get eaten from behind. Patritcy grabbed her for a wild and lustful kiss, rubbing her to a climax that wracked her whole body. You are going to love the raw lust and powerful sexual energy of this movie!

After a day of steamy shooting the Sitges nightlife beckoned, but I’m excited to see what Alis and his talented team have in store for us next… more on that soon!



Two HUGE pieces of news for Viv Thomas members…

First, the sad news. Our wonderful director Guy Ranieri Sblattero has had to take a step back from VT due to personal reasons (don’t worry folks, it’s nothing serious, just something that will take him away from us for the time being). Guy has done a wonderful job of revitalising VT and bringing it bang up to date, and I’m sure you will join me in thanking him and wishing him the very best for the future.

Now, the AMAZING news. None other than Guy’s friend and mentor, the legendary director ALIS LOCANTA, will be taking the helm! For those of you who aren’t already familiar with his groundbreaking work, Alis Locanta is one of the incredible team of artists over at our sister site SexArt. The video above will serve as a quick introduction to a filmmaker whose creative genius knows no bounds. I think when you’ve watched it, you’ll be as excited as we are about the future of VT.

And guess what, folks – tomorrow morning, I’ll be on my way to join Alis, his talented team and a whole bunch of top-class models on location in Spain! Believe me, your mind will be blown when you hear which models are involved in this momentous shoot. I’ll be grabbing every opportunity to interview the girls, capture all the behind-the-scenes action, and generally make sure you don’t miss a thing!

If you’d like to learn more about this inventive, skilful and daring maestro of erotic cinema, read on. I invited the Italian auteur, who is based in Barcelona, to introduce himself to VT members and share his past experiences and his vision for the future of VT…

Alis, please tell us about your background in film, and how you started to shoot erotica.

AL: Life is an amazing journey and sometimes, unexpected things happen! When I was a kid my whole life was focused on music. I spent all my days playing, playing and playing, guitar and piano. I could only imagine my future as a musician (or an astronaut, for sure…!). But my journey had just started, and it took a different direction. One day I started getting seriously interested – almost obsessed – about how they shoot films. I was about 15, and I wondered how they use cameras, lights, dollies… I couldn’t stop thinking. As soon as I started working (in a big company, in IT), I spent my first wage packet on buying a VHS-C camera and started shooting stupid short movies with my friends. That obsession became a real passion. I worked many years for that company till the day I decide to soar. I became a filmmaker. During those years I shot a lot of projects (some good, some less good…) and I was finally happy my passion was my job. But something else was going to happen. One day I was watching a porn movie (oops! I mean… a friend of mine was watching a porn movie!!!... haha!). It was a VHS tape and it started with some trailers: between a lot of trashy stuff, I saw something incredibly unique! It was an Andrew Blake film. I couldn’t believe it was an adult feature! It looked like a fashion or music video! Well… that was the moment I understood I really wanted to shoot erotica.

Do you remember your first SexArt production?

AL: Yes of course! I can’t forget it! It was June 2012 and I was in Budapest. After seeing a demo I shot, Jon [owner of the MetArt Network] asked me to shoot something better, something cooler. I spent many days thinking about that script. I wrote many ideas but in the end I trashed them. So I decided to stop thinking about other films and only imagine something very personal, according to my vision. So, like a tightrope walker without a net, I shot ‘Ode to Beginning,’ a visionary girl-girl scene with Aleska Diamond and Denisa Doll. I shot a lot of stuff handheld, inspired by my great masters, Mann and Soderbergh, using a classical piece of music I love: ‘Clair De Lune’ by Debussy. When I sent the final cut to Jon I was incredibly tense. I’d watched all the SexArt films and I knew I had shot something pretty different. I remember that night; I was in a pub (not my habit, I’m not a night life lover) and I got an email from Jon: he liked it!

What is your proudest achievement to date?

AL: Well… my best answer is: the next one! But it’s not a figure of speech! I really mean I’m so proud about what’s happening soon. SexArt members have known me since 2012 and they assisted me on this fantastic journey. If you look at this teaser clip you can understand exactly what I feel: in these three years I have put all my efforts into giving members a very unique product; my first year was really hard, I hadn’t found my way and I couldn’t express my vision. Then I finally understood how to do that. And now, after shooting more than 200 films for SexArt and having many of them top ranked, I feel ready to start a new journey. So, when I say my proudest achievement is my next one, I mean members are going to see a new Locanta.

How did you get involved with

AL: The past year has been pretty unusual: on one side I started experimenting on SexArt with my deepest ideas (thanks to the huge confidence Jon has shown in me); on the other side I have been working ‘behind the scenes’ with Guy. He’s a very talented artist and I only helped him to put all his ideas inside the wonderful MetArt box. A few times I was tempted to change some elements of his filmmaking, but I didn’t. I still believe he did something unique and really new. I think his films are the most mainstream adult content I’ve ever seen. So, here we are. I actually have been involved with VT, as a mentor and advisor, for a year. When Guy said he needed to take a step back, I talked with Jon for days and days. We both felt VT needed a new vision to make it great, as its creator did many years ago.

How do you feel about taking the directorial helm at Viv Thomas?

AL: Good good good!!! This is exactly the kind of adventure that excites me! MetArt Network members are incredible people! I used to look at many adult sites and I spent a lot of time reading members’ comments. Well, let’s just say that here we have the best community. I’m not saying our members always appreciate our job; I’m saying we have real communication, a person to talk with, to match, and to be inspired by. And I want to tell them I’m already spending every drop of my sweat to make them happy!

What are your plans for it?

AL: I think I’ve read every single VT comment in the last year. Yes, really!!! It helped me a lot to understand what the members like and what they hate. First of all I want to say something very important: don’t expect to see SexArt Locanta’s films, just VT branded… You’d be completely wrong! Many members already know I have a huge passion for filmmaking and some addiction to dark scenarios. But I’m a pro. The pro doesn’t shoot for himself. I’m not the kind of director who says, “I shoot my film for my own taste…” I have worked hard with Jon, Rose and my priceless executive producer Estelle Adams on developing a magic potion. Its ingredients come only from members’ feedback. Now I don’t want to give away too many details, so I can only say that members will “see.” Yes, you are going to watch a celebration of female beauty, passion, connection and lust. The only thing that will be the same as my SexArt productions is the models – be ready to see all the top-ranked girls I have worked with, and new models too, including some fantastic girls from the US!

Is there a model who particularly inspires you?

AL: Ahhh! That’s a hard question! In the past three years I worked with a lot of models, more than 100, but only a very few of them could really understand my vision. I’m not saying I didn’t work well with the others, but those models really helped me to get what I wanted. I can say Melena A and Mango A are my muses when I have to create a visionary world based on breathtaking beauty. While my great friend Amarna Miller (especially in ‘Love For Sale – Crossdressing’ on SexArt) and Czech Iwia (just think about ‘The Contract’) show me incredible acting skills, worthy of mainstream productions.

How do you get the models to understand the role and get into character?

AL: Do you want to know a secret? The real answer to this question is: Google Translate! Hahaha, no, just kidding! When I shoot a model who already knows me, it’s pretty easy for us to understand each other. For example, with Amarna I go on defining the role even during the shooting (“… let’s try to do it like this, like that…”). With new models it’s more difficult: we talk a lot, I show them examples, scenes from mainstream movies, just to describe the emotions and expressions. A funny story: when I shot Lola Reve for the first time, for ‘The Heat 2,’ it was really hard; she only speaks French and I don’t speak French at all! So I really had to use a translator before and during our shoot!

What inspires you – movies, music, books, dreams?

AL: I don’t read many books (even if it sounds like an excuse, I don’t have time) and my dreams are not so erotic – most of them are about school exams or classwork! I get my inspiration from mainstream movies and music videos. I watch a lot of different genres; comedy is the one thing I don’t like that much. My milestones are ‘Traffic’ by Soderbergh, ‘Insider’ by Mann, ‘Memento’ by Nolan and ‘Babel’ by Inarritu. When I shoot my films I always want to tell a story. If you are not telling something, you have failed. Those movies and how they have been shot, help me to find a cool way to tell that story. When you shoot a scene, you have plenty of ‘tools’ for describing characters, moods and feelings. If you shoot the same action in two different styles, you can express two completely different emotions.

How much planning goes into a shoot? Do you storyboard every shot in advance?

AL: I write a lot. To be honest I completely suck at drawing! So it’s impossible to have storyboards. So I have to write everything, every little detail. For a fifteen minute film I might have a five page script. Most of the time I decide the music soundtrack before shooting; as many of you know, music is so important for me. And having a good music track in my mind helps me a lot during the shoot.

You shoot a lot of technically complicated shots. Do you spend a lot of time experimenting with different techniques?

AL: That’s my passion, that’s my life. It brings me back to my very beginning: when I was obsessed to know HOW they shot films. Even if every filmmaker has a style, I’m trying not to shoot the same feature every time. I like to experiment with new solutions, but I need to think, develop, write and test before doing it in a final film. If I have a rule it is: what’s in front of the camera must be as perfect as what’s behind the camera.

How is your relationship with the MetArt Network?

AL: As I said at the start, life is a long and incredible journey. In 2012 I couldn’t have known I would get to know Jon and get involved in the MetArt Network. I could say that was one of those moments when your life changes. My relationship with Jon is one of those things that makes my job priceless. I’m not saying it has always been easy… it could sound fake! But it has been a continuous growing up process. Jon helped me a lot with all his words, his critique; if now I have raised the bar so high, it is thanks to him. When we meet in LA we always have a great time, talking about new ideas, new projects and laughing about some of the ‘less good stuff’ I shot in the beginning!

Alis Locanta’s movies will be available on Viv Thomas starting from December 1. Prepared to be dazzled and delighted!


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