The Switch, Episode One: Hiding

February 24, 2016 - by: Rose

An erotic fantasy by Lex, inspired by Ava Courcelles and Tracy Lindsay

Ava was working out, as she did every evening. She waited eagerly for that particular moment of the day not only because it was a beautiful and healthy way to relieve stress, but also because of her: Tracy. Ava had seen Tracy for the first time at the gym, and silently fallen in love with her right then and there.

Tracy was simply gorgeous and her perfect body – especially when she was wearing those tight, short workout pants – was gradually driving Ava crazy. The proximity teased her, giving her just a little taste of that same air they were sharing while exercising, deeply drenched with Tracy’s aphrodisiac smell, while she was sweating right next to her.

Days and days near Tracy, and Ava had never even had the courage to speak to her, not even a simple “Bonjour.” One day she had accidentally stared at her for too long while drying herself in the locker room, and Tracy had responded with a quick smile. That little smile made Ava’s heart almost jump out of her chest! Tracy was so incredibly beautiful, but she seemed unreachable.

Soon after Tracy finished her daily workout, Ava ended hers too and followed her into the locker room. It was a struggle to wait even that long, not wanting to seem like she was following Tracy, even if she was only there to see her. When she entered the locker room, Tracy was already taking her top off, revealing her perfect breasts, glistening with perspiration. As she slowly undressed, Ava’s eyes wandered minutely over Tracy’s body. Tracy was covered in sweat, and her short, tight pants left her long legs exposed to Ava’s hungry eyes. Ava observed her inch by inch, starting from her delicate feet and up her strong calves, jumping over her knees and hungrily embracing her toned and sculpted thighs. They moved up slowly and admiringly. Tracy wasn’t wearing anything under those tight pants; Ava’s eyes fixed on her teasing camel toe. The intense observation was making Ava so horny she could literally feel her pussy throbbing. Her own tight pants rubbed against her pulsing clit, amplifying the sensation.

“I wonder how she tastes? I would love to lick and suck every single part of her body now. I wish I could feel her pussy on every cell of my tongue!” Ava mused. It was hard to keep her hands still. She wanted to shove a hand down her pants and finger herself right in front of Tracy. She had to suppress a moan of pure lust when Tracy peeled down her pants, revealing her naked body in all its sculpted and harmonious perfection. It was the first time she’d been totally naked in such close proximity, and Ava’s mind was filled with a clamour of excitement as she took in the sight of Tracy’s sweat-drenched skin, her pussy looking so juicy and inviting.

“She wants you to touch her!” whispered something inside Ava’s whirling mind… but who was it? The thought seemed to be independent of her, and it echoed throughout her body, making her even more excited. She felt a trickle of juice flowing from her pussy, forming a small wet spot on the crotch of her workout pants.

Tracy turned and walked into the shower, leaving Ava alone and on the brink of losing control. This was the worst moment; she wanted to touch herself, but she knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with just one quick orgasm, and there was no time to explore her pleasure the way she needed to. She had to resist! The sound of running water tormented her. She knew Tracy was showering, touching her naked skin, separated from her only by the fragile door. Her mind began to spin again.

Suddenly the power went out, leaving the whole gym pitch dark for a brief second. The emergency lights immediately kicked in, lighting the room more weakly. They seemed to be blinking slightly. Ava could still hear Tracy showering, but apart from that… silence. She realized she and Tracy were alone. There was no light coming from the gym, only the dim twilight outside. Strange thoughts, wild and unspeakable desires seemed to be whispering inside her head.

“She is there alone, wet and naked in the dark… you can taste her if you dare… maybe she wants to taste you too!” It was tempting. Tracy was so vulnerable to her lust, but Ava was still in control… for now. She suddenly had the strangest sensation that she was losing control of her own legs. Before long she realized how futile it was to struggle against the storm of lust growing deep inside a dark corner of her subconscious, as her beautiful legs started moving by themselves. Slowly but surely, her naked feet touched the cold ground. Silent and catlike, they carried her nearer to the shower. It was as if something inside her had taken control of her body, but without letting her fade away, so her senses seemed to be heightened rather than blunted.

Reaching the shower door, Ava felt her hands being stolen from her control in the same way as her legs. The tingling, pulsing sensation between her thighs was stronger than ever as her left hand opened the shower door silently, allowing Ava to see inside. Tracy was alone in the large shower room, naked under the cascading water as she stroked her skin sensually, washing away the sweat and grime from her workout. She was artfully illuminated by the soft emergency lights.

Admiring Tracy as she washed herself was pushing Ava’s control to the limit, especially as Tracy started to slowly rub her pussy. It seemed she was doing it as much to tease herself as to get clean. Ava’s rational mind was still fighting against her primal lust, frightened that Tracy would catch her peeping.

“You want her more than you want to fight me!” the whisperer insinuated inside Ava’s head. She fought to hold her hands still, despite the drive to let them slip inside her pants and touch her soaked pussy.

“I can’t! I can’t! Get out of me!” she screamed back, inside her head.

“As you wish!” the whisperer responded; and in the blink of an eye Ava felt something materialize behind her. Suddenly she could feel a breath on her sweaty neck, but as she tried to turn around to see who was there, she was firmly grabbed by two hands – two beautiful female hands. One went to her breasts, and the other slid straight between her legs. Ava’s first feeling was one of intense surprise, but strangely, she was not afraid. She could feel the mysterious woman’s body, as sculpted and toned as her own, pressing against her from behind. She was naked, her soft skin touching Ava’s sweaty body.

The sensations were so intense. A mystery woman was holding her tight, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her pussy through her tight pants, while the protagonist of her wildest sexual fantasies was showering just a few steps away from her, unaware of her presence. Ava felt the pleasure building deep inside her pussy, her G-spot throbbing, well-lubed with her cream and ready for an intense massage.

“You want her as much as I want you… I’ll have you and you’ll have her!” the mystery woman whispered in her ear. Ava wasn’t fighting any more: she was completely stripped of any control, not by her dominatrix but by herself.

Did the woman catch the scent of Ava’s pussy juice? Suddenly she ripped away Ava’s workout top and pants, leaving her naked and exposed. Ava felt the woman’s toned body push even harder against her, one hand circling her stiff nipples as the strong feet and legs wrapped around hers, holding her in place. The woman’s other hand was stroking over Ava’s hip, giving her goosebumps, and then moved to her ass. Her fingers stroked the top of Ava’s ass cheeks, then slid between them. Her thumb arched up, pushing against her asshole without penetrating her, just teasing. Ava could feel the woman’s powerful desire for her, and coupled with her own overwhelming arousal, it was driving her crazy. Her pussy was dripping wet, the tops of her thighs soaked with her cream, as the woman’s thumb pressed harder against her ass.

“Please… please fuck me! Fuck me hard, please!” Ava was begging inside her head, over and over. She was scarcely even aware of Tracy now, all her attention focused on the sensations that were tormenting her. The mysterious woman was playing with her, rubbing her thumb over her asshole, letting her fingers drift closer to Ava’s soaked pussy. Ava knew she was listening to her thoughts. The tension was building inside her, desperate for release.

Ava gasped as the woman suddenly thrust her thumb deep inside her pussy, curling it to catch her G-spot. She barely managed to stifle her moan of pleasure, the running water masking the sound from Tracy’s ears. Ava dimly registered the need to keep quiet, but her conscious thoughts slipped away as the woman started to frig her pussy, massaging her G-spot with every thrust. Ava’s beautiful legs were clenching and trembling at every stroke, but the woman’s tight grip kept her upright, even as she fucked her vigorously. Ava’s pussy was pouring juices, her G-spot pulsing, her moans growing louder.

“You want to do this to her, right? I’m preparing you for her, she wants you juicy and warm!” whispered the mysterious woman, kissing and biting Ava’s neck.

Ava was shaking with pleasure as the rhythmical fucking grew faster, pushing her towards an explosive orgasm. The juices built inside her like a furious river about to burst its dam. The woman grabbed Ava’s pussy with her other fingers, squeezing and rubbing her clit, as her thumb hammered the G-spot. With her left hand, she was still pinching Ava’s nipples. Ava could hear the wet squelching of her pussy, and her own uncontrollable moans, even over the noise of the shower.

But just as Ava was sure she was about to tip over the edge and lose herself completely, Tracy finished her shower. As she turned off the faucet, the mystery woman grew still, holding her thumb firmly against Ava’s G-spot without moving.

“Please! Please let me cum! Let me cum!” Ava whimpered.

For the first time, Tracy because aware of the sound, and turned towards her…

To be continued…

Many thanks to our member, Lex, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



So, I promised you huge news from Spain today, and I’m pretty sure this is going to blow your socks off. The legendary Dorothy Black just arrived on location...!!! Alis Locanta is filming a reimagining of one of the most popular Viv Thomas movies ever, and to say I’m excited about it would be a ridiculous understatement.

Dorothy is more alluring now than ever. The first thing that really grabbed my attention wasn’t even her staggering figure (although she has, without a doubt, the best breasts I’ve EVER seen) but her sexy laugh. Interviewing her was a challenge for two reasons: first of all, keeping my gaze on her pretty eyes rather than her spectacular breasts – especially when she flashed them at me! – and secondly, concentrating on asking her questions rather than just being mesmerised by how incredibly hot she is!

I was feeling a little flushed and breathless after our interview, and what happened next did nothing to calm me down.  Alyssa Reece and Talia Mint shot an episode for a movie called ‘Kinky Trip,’ and the title really does say it all. Alyssa told me she loves to take the dominant role during sex, and she proved it by taking control of sweet Talia in the hottest way imaginable. Alyssa kept up a stream of highly arousing dirty talk as Talia – her wrists cuffed together – knelt to suck her strap-on. That was just the start of a crazy-hot scene that is going to drive you crazy if you like to see gorgeous girls enjoy kinky power games. Something I really appreciate about this movie is that Alyssa discusses her taste for BDSM play on camera too, giving a very arousing insight into what turns her on.

After that, Dorothy and Talia were shooting together for but alas, it was time for me to leave for the airport… I was so tempted to change my flight so I could stay and watch it! I have a feeling this fresh spin on an old classic is going to be one of the must-see movies of the year.

“Grazie mille, muchas gracias” to Alis and his wonderful team for their hospitality, and for allowing me such insight into their creative process. And to all the beautiful models for sharing their secrets with me on camera… all my thanks and love!


My fourth day on set with Viv Thomas director Alis Locanta in Spain brought a fresh and fabulous delight. Interviewing adorable new starlet Violette a couple of days ago, I had already fallen for her cute giggle and pure ray-of-sunshine smile… but now it was time to see her naughty nature in full effect! She was shooting with blonde bombshell Lena Love, the sexy and sophisticated beauty that I introduced to you previously in that incredible massage scene with Naomi Nevena.

The story is that Lena has discovered bad girl Violette has not only been spying on her, but has actually taken some photos of her masturbating. Should she be angry, or just really flattered and aroused? Well, Violette is so sweet I doubt anyone could stay mad at her for long, however badly she misbehaves; and she didn’t give Lena much chance to think about it anyway, grabbing her for a passionate kiss. Violette didn’t waste any time removing Lena’s clothes to reveal her amazing slender but busty figure either, sliding a hand into her panties to stroke her before peeling them off too. Kneeling, she started to lick and finger Lena’s pussy surprisingly skilfully for one who seems so youthful and almost-but-not-quite-innocent.

Before long Lena was gasping and grabbing Violette’s hair as she thrust back against her tongue. Violette spun her around, rubbing her harder and harder until her legs were shaking and she was shuddering to an intense climax. When Lena caught her breath, she undressed her mischievous seductress and ate her to the brink of orgasm, diddled her vigorously, then sat so Violette could straddle her lap and ride her fingers. Violette turned from reverse cowgirl into cowgirl as the pleasure started to overwhelm her, grinding her hips and slamming the chair against the wall with each downward thrust as she rocked to her climax. It was quite exhausting to watch, but in a very good way!

Oh, and if you’re wondering which movie this is for, the plot may give you a little clue, but I don’t want to give away the BIG surprise just yet… I’m saving it for tomorrow!

After a break to shoot some linking sequences – which is always fun, as the models get to act different scenarios and fool around – it was time to shoot another scene for the massage vignette movie, ‘Passionate Session.’ This time Lena played the role of client, and all eyes were on her as she unveiled that beautiful body again… including those of Talia Mint, her masseuse. Of course my girl Talia looked totally irresistible in that short, sexy little uniform as she began to spread massage oil over Lena’s skin, caressing her slowly and sensuously. The action was being shot from overhead as well as in close up, making for some incredible visuals. Lena’s breathing grew heavier as Talia’s fingers strayed closer and closer to her pussy; by the time Talia stopped teasing and touched her directly, she was gasping and struggling to stay still. And when Talia’s fingers slid right inside her, she gave up the attempt to maintain her self-control and simply surrendered to pleasure. She moved onto her back, spreading her thighs wide to allow Talia to penetrate her harder and faster, the frantic frigging giving her a powerful orgasm.

Talia hopped up on the massage table so Lena could repay the favour with some juicy, lip-smacking pussy-eating that drove her wild. Lena used her oily fingers to great effect, keeping Talia hovering on the verge of a huge climax for what seemed like ages before finally tipping her over the edge. The girls finished up rubbing their slippery bodies together for a very hot finale.

It seemed like the day just couldn’t get any better, but there was one more wonderful treat in store… the arrival of Canadian cutie Alyssa Reece! She lights up the room with her charm and vivacity, and that adorable smile. Of course I grabbed the opportunity to interview her, and I think you’re going to be bowled over by her honest, sweet and downright loveable personality as much as by her heat in front of the camera. More tomorrow, chicos y chicas!



A Valentine's message from Violette

February 13, 2016 - by: Rose

Adorable Violette is our cutest and most adorable new model… a sweet, shy and smiley blonde with a surprisingly naughty side. You’ll be getting to know her a whole lot better soon, but for now here is a special message from her to you on this most romantic day of the year…


Today on location it was all about beautiful blonde on babelicious brunette – sweet Naomi Nevena meets my sexy girl Talia Mint, to be exact. The first thing you will notice about this perfect pairing is the kissing… oh my goodness, the kissing! The husky little moans and whimpers from Talia as Naomi nuzzled her neck were unbelievably arousing, especially as I was less than two feet away when they started making out.

The girls were shooting an episode for a movie which director Alis Locanta told me is to be called ‘Video Killed the Radio Star.’ To be honest I’m still not sure if he was kidding, so don’t be surprised if it’s called something else entirely by the time it’s released! What I can say for certain is that it’s going to be damn hot. My favourite moment from many, many hot ones was when Naomi was riding Talia on the sofa, grinding hard on her leg, and then turned her over into doggy to finger her hard from behind. I love how loud Talia is when she gets turned on because believe me, there is nothing fake about it. She’s just a very sexual person without any inhibitions! After she had a really intense orgasm, she went down to lick Naomi until the pretty blonde’s face was flushed with pleasure.

The chemistry between the girls was so raw and powerful, and I noticed that they didn’t take their hands off each other for most of the day, Talia taking particular enjoyment from grabbing and spanking Naomi’s ass at every opportunity. I had the double pleasure of watching the filming through the camera viewfinder as well as right in front of my eyes, as I was sitting (wriggling in my chair!) directly behind Alis. I think it’s going to be an exceptional scene.  

Later in the afternoon, Talia and Naomi were reunited for their big scene together in ‘Dirty Weekend.’ The story concerns two lesbian couples who get together for an eventful couple of days. Talia is a little perturbed that Naomi seems very happy to see her ex-girlfriend, but jealousy turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac! I thought I’d seen Talia cum hard before, but as she rode Naomi’s fingers she was so overwhelmed by the physical and emotional sensations that I thought she might actually pass out. To call it hot would be a serious understatement… and the coolest thing was hearing Talia after the scene wrapped, telling Naomi exactly how good it had felt.

For now she wasn’t done though; she undressed Naomi down to her stockings and garterbelt, and then produced something I hadn’t been expecting – a buttplug! I had a feeling things were about to get really interesting… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination for now! More tomorrow, amigos…



What better way to start my second day on location in Spain with Alis Locanta’s talented production team than with a dose of incredible cuteness? Interviewing fresh-faced sweetie Violette was so much fun, because not only is she ridiculously adorable, but she’s also more than a little bit naughty – and very candid when it comes to talking about sex. You’re going to love her, I’m sure of it.

That was a very enjoyable warm up for the day’s main event, which was watching Naomi Nevena and Lena Love shoot a massage scene for a new movie called ‘Passionate Session.’ Lena looked meltingly gorgeous in a crisp white masseuse uniform that just skimmed her tanned thighs, her long blonde hair tied back to show off her beautiful eyes and cheekbones. She and sexy Naomi couldn’t take their eyes off each other as they started to film, Lena pulling back Naomi’s towel to uncover her perky breasts and pouring oil over them. Her smile as she started to touch Naomi more and more intimately was absolutely priceless. Having stroked Naomi to a high state of arousal, she spun her over onto her front to finger her to a noisy climax. Lena then unbuttoned her uniform to show off her pretty white lingerie, before getting naked and mounting the massage table face down, ass up. Naomi skilfully fingered her to boiling point, then turned her over so she could look into her eyes as she made her orgasm.

The girls had such great chemistry that I decided it would be a brilliant idea to let them interview each other on camera rather than doing it myself, and it turned out that I was correct. After a quick break to rinse off the oil – and given the fun they seemed to be having together, we decided to allow them some privacy and not ask what they were getting up to in the shower together – they cosied up on the sofa to ask each other some probing questions. Chattering away in a rapid mixture of English and Czech, they really opened up and shared plenty of juicy gossip and racy secrets… at times I suspect they had forgotten anyone was listening!  

There was something else going on today too, some very exciting fetish shooting. Those of you who are familiar with Alis Locanta’s work on SexArt will know it’s something he excels at, and I’m stoked that he is bringing this exotic and erotic flavour to Viv Thomas. More on this soon! It’s time for us to go paint the town red… more tomorrow, muchachos y muchachas!



It’s cold and grey in London today. But that’s okay, because I just arrived in sunny Spain to join Viv Thomas director extraordinaire Alis Locanta on location with a bevy of beautiful girls! The first person I set eyes on as I walked into the grounds of the stunning seafront villa was none other than my girl Talia Mint – and what a sight for sore eyes, in short shorts and high heels that showed off her lovely long, tanned legs.

She was just having her make-up touched up during a break in filming, which gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up with her and meet the other girls. You’ll already be familiar with Naomi Nevena (who is just as gorgeous in the flesh as she is on camera) and there are three delightful new stars here too. Sophia Laure is a petite French fox with a very sexy accent; Violette is a super-cute Czech babe with an adorably happy personality; and Lena Love (below), who is also Czech, is an irresistible blonde bombshell with great cheekbones and killer smile. There are more girls coming later in the week, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise by telling you who just yet… it's BIG news!

As I arrived, the girls were shooting part of a script I wrote called ‘Dirty Weekend,’ which features not just a love triangle but a love quartet, in the classic Viv Thomas mould. I really hope you’re going to like it, because from what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be hot! Sophia (below) was still flushed from a very exciting encounter with Talia when I grabbed her for a behind the scenes interview. She speaks a little English but felt she could express herself better in French; oh my goodness, listening to her speak was so arousing I had a lot of trouble concentrating on my questions! I just about managed to ask her what I wanted to know in my poor schoolgirl French – too bad I was such a naughty girl and didn’t concentrate better in class. If you’re as much of a sucker for a sexy accent as I am, it’s going to get you very hot and bothered. She’s not shy when it comes to talking about sex! After that it was time to head out for dinner and a little Spanish nightlife. More tomorrow, chicos y chicas…


Viv Thomas member makes tribute video!

February 09, 2016 - by: Rose

Viv Thomas member Noel is so enamoured with Alis Locanta's work – and his excellent taste in models – that he felt inspired to put together this tribute video to our award-winning director. Enjoy!



The best Viv Thomas scene of 2015?

February 01, 2016 - by: Rose

2015 was a momentous year for With 157 scenes shot by no less than five superb directors (seven, if you count some previously unreleased scenes shot by Viv himself before his retirement, and a vintage movie from Gina B and Peaches) and a mind-blowing array of gorgeous girls, we really were spoilt for choice.

It’s not easy to choose the best scene from such a stunning collection of fine lesbian erotica – especially for someone as fickle as me – but I have managed to narrow my list down to one or more from each director that really pushed my buttons. As always, it’s a purely personal choice, so I’d love to hear which were your favourites.

Andrej Lupin, artist-in-residence over at our sister site SexArt, steered Viv Thomas into 2015 with some sensational models and very elegant action. Uma made a huge impression – who could resist a beautiful blonde who flushes bright red as she gets turned on? Her hook-up with the equally passionate and energetic Alexis Crystal in ‘Sex Message 2’ was particularly spectacular, and when they added Lexi Dona to the mix for the climactic threeway of ‘The Gym’ the result was super-hot. But I think my top choice from Team Lupin would have to be feisty redhead Eva Berger’s seduction of lovely Kiara Lord in ‘Dominance' for the chemistry and charisma.

Spanish auteur Guy Ranieri Sblattero took the Viv Thomas helm in April 2015, bringing a fresh cinéma vérité feel to the action with his raw and real approach. His very first scene, which brought superstars Lorena and Tracy Lindsay together in ‘After Hours,’ was a total attention-grabber, both beauties utterly uninhibited as they pleasured each other’s pussy and ass in a whirlwind of mutual lust. Another scene with exceptional chemistry, and a rather darker and rougher vibe than normally found here, was the encounter between tattooed babe Misha Cross and Spanish sweetheart Apolonia in ‘Reading Room.’ If you like your erotica a little edgier, it’s a must-see! I also have to include Carolina Abril’s scene with Amarna Miller in ‘Learning Curve,’ for the gentle way Amarna coaxes Carolina through her first anal experience, and the genuine and sweet communication between the pair as Carolina gets more and more excited.

Director and photographer Don Caravaggio is a regular contributor to MetArt and SexArt, so it was a thrill to welcome him to Viv Thomas in 2015. Of his five terrific movies this year, my top choice has to be ‘The Intruders,’ a stellar production that brought dream girl Lorena together with adorable Lola in a story that had everything – cute plot, classy location, playfulness, charm, personality, and incredibly hot sex. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

Sandra Shine is one of our all-time modelling icons, and in 2015 it emerged that she’s not just a legend in front of the camera, but also an extremely talented director. Her movie ‘Vine’ made a real splash, with a stunning cast, great theme and truly blistering heat. The naughty liaison between Minnie Manga and Vanda Lust was a delicious and very juicy pre-Christmas treat that definitely made my shortlist. 

And just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any hotter, award-winning SexArt director Alis Locanta became the new creative force behind Viv Thomas in December. He brought with him a cast of some of the finest models we’ve seen; Patritcy, Taylor Sands, Lola, Henessy, Alexa Tomas and Naomi Nevena all blossomed under his direction, but my pick of his scenes in late 2015 would be Mango and Talia Mint in ‘One Small Step’ for the passion, the uninhibited enjoyment, and the fabulous face-sitting. The future looks very bright with our maestro at the helm.

So, that’s my shortlist for my favourite Viv Thomas scenes of 2015, and I’m honestly not sure I can narrow it down any further! Now I’d love to hear from you. What do you think was the best Viv Thomas scene of 2015?



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