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Sex kitten Milena up close and personal!

Ukrainian cutie Milena D is one of the most enduringly popular models across the MetArt Network. Since her debut on our big sister site MetArt in 2010 at the age of 18, this adorable little sex kitten has enthralled members with her unique combination of naughtiness and angelic looks.

It makes it all the more surprising that she only made her first Viv Thomas appearance this summer, having featured in three delicious girl-girl photosets since then. It’s astounding that she manages to look so pure and yet so seductive as she gets intimate with her co-stars, and helps explain why she is such an unforgettable and well-loved model.

Milena’s hair often plays a starring role in her photosets – both the wavy hair on her head that reaches right down to her peachy bottom, and the luxuriant bush she has been known to sport, to the delight of fans of all-natural beauty.

Here’s the chance to get to know one of our top models a little better… and if you find yourself craving more, she has an impressive 69 appearances to date on MetArt, including a handful of movies, so that’s the perfect place to start!

Milena, please tell us about yourself.

M: I am 25 years old, and I was born and brought up in Kiev, the greenest city in Europe, where many nations and cultures magically intertwine. Since I was little, even before I started school, I have really enjoyed embroidery and knitting. I graduated from music school, I played piano and accordion and successfully participated in city competitions among musicians, receiving first place awards. All these things were and still are my hobbies. It’s my way of meditating. I’ve got a forest cat at home, a couple of years ago I had nine cats.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

M: I like doing new things, experiencing something new for myself. In 2010 one of these new things was nude modeling. Being a model means working on yourself, it’s a challenge for your body and your emotions. Girls that did dancing or gymnastics before are used to that sort of thing, but for me it was completely new.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

M: Everything. Really. However my appearance changes, I still like it.

How do you keep in such good shape?

M: I walk around naked at home, I watch what I eat, I go to nude beaches, this makes me stay in shape at all times. Also I walk a lot, around 15 km a day sometimes, and I really like swimming.

How would you describe your personality?

M: If you were to define my personality by type – I am sanguine. Sometimes I experience very strong emotions (passion, joy, sadness) but all in all my personality is quite peaceful and cheerful. I can control myself.

Are you a romantic person?

M: A romantic is someone who opposes society, has a lifelong struggle with their environment. No, I'm not a romantic person, I prefer harmony and I practice it in everything and with everyone who is close to me. To make the world a more beautiful place you need to take a realistic look at things.

Are you an exhibitionist?

M: I think so. However, sometimes I get shy and I probably would not be able to go around the city naked.

Who do you prefer – men or women?

M: Of course I prefer men – however beautiful a girl is in life or in bed, for me a woman can never beat a man.

What kind of men do you like?

M: I like men who are confident, imperious but at the same time sensitive, with a good understanding of the female psyche. I like them to be courageous and brave, like the Gods from legends. It’s ideal if this is all combined in one person.

Where do you prefer to meet people?

M: I used to meet a lot of people at the beach, in cafes and many other places. These were just friendly encounters, with no after-stories. I’ve never seen any of these people again. That’s why I prefer to meet people online and keep our relationship going there (my twitter account is @MilenaAngel). This gives us the opportunity to always keep in touch, no matter where we live, we can follow each other’s successes and feel the support in various situations. For me, it’s very important to feel that my friends are always there for me, in spite of thousands of kilometers between us.

Do you believe in open relationships?

M: I think it’s quite hard to passionately love several people at the same time. It’s possible when it’s done in turns.

What are your ambitions?

M: The role of women in the world is to carry the beauty, to create warmth and harmony around them. Fill the heart with love. The world needs to dream about beautiful things, to see the natural beauty and to improve itself by being inspired. Every day before going to bed, I ask myself, has someone become happier today because of me? And if the answer is yes, then I go to sleep peacefully.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

M: Dream big and enjoy this life. Explore the possibilities and inspire others with your accomplishments. Life is beautiful and this is exactly what I want to convey to you with my creativity.


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Mimi17 2 years ago

Interesting girl..

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    Rose 2 hours ago

    Hi HR I'm afraid it's out of stock at present and we don't have a timeframe for when it will be available, but I'll keep checking back for you.

    on Prim and Improper Part 1

    zerza72 4 hours ago

    I love the golden lighting around about photo 34. It gives a lovely, soft, alluring tone to the model skin and hair. Beautiful.

    on My Turn

    Rose 8 hours ago

    Amazing to see these two here, and especially to see Adel making her MetArt Network girl-girl debut! We all suspected she had passion and now we know for sure – very hot :-)

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    HopelessRomantic 18 hours ago

    I'm afraid I'm a little bit too late to the party. The site in the shop only consists of the link to the movie trailer. Too bad, this is a movie I'd love to own in physical form but can't find it anywhere.

    on Prim and Improper Part 1

    Lord John Whorfin 21 hours ago

    Wonderful conclusion, though I think episodes 1 and 2 remain my favorites. The subtle thing in this one that was a surprising turn-on was when Kathy took Shona's fingers and put them in her mouth as a signal for what Shona could do with them.

    on Enjoy Me Episode 4 - Revel

    Jimf 23 hours ago

    Need to see more of the same meme. Kathy was fantastic! I hope this keeps recurring with the older models from VT's past. To me the best ages for a woman are 19, 32 and 50. They are each peak stages in life's cycle and beauty and self-assuredness.

    on Enjoy Me Episode 4 - Revel

    Jimf 23 hours ago

    Five minutes was fine by me. Could have enjoyed the same amount of time with Shona doing Kathy. Also more breast play by each of them. And a longer foreplay sequence - undressing and exploring is one of the best parts erotic foreplay. It builds the tension and connection and role playing. What a great series!!!

    on Enjoy Me Episode 4 - Revel

    Jimf 23 hours ago

    I wish this one ran for an hour. Hell, they all could have. Great series with a great ending. Kathy is fantastic. She proves that slightly older models are still a great turn-on. Makes me wonder how some of the decade-ago women are looking and doing today. There's a lot of them out there.

    This was definitely one of the best series I've seen. Will be watching it again for sure. And again! Thank you for a real good time! Make a long one if you get a chance. Like I said, an hour of this would have given the opportunity for so much more foreplay and sensual play. I know it breaks the format but give it some thought.

    This is my first year as a member but I've been catching VT here and there for years. The membership is definitely worth it since it gives me the opportunity to catch up on all the earlier series. Love the Sandra Shine phase, too. Could use more of her work, also.

    More 10s, please!!! More MILFs!!!

    on Enjoy Me Episode 4 - Revel

    Leslove 1 day ago

    I think instead of taking deep direction you ought to realize what you have here. Two of the most natural love makers in the business. I would think all you would have to do is say Gina this is Lucy, Lucy Gina, please make love to each other. The need is already there and all they are looking for is someone to say "go". Gina was put on earth to satisfy all of human desire. She is sex itself.

    on Behind The Scenes: Gina Gerson Shooting Memories

    Leslove 1 day ago

    First time Adel lets a woman touch her in public. I like that. What's amazing is that she chose the most aggressive woman I've seen in some time. And that's great. Adel looks great with women. That was totally unexpected and that's what sells. Someone should employ Amaris to do just this, take new ladies who have never been with a woman and give them experience. Kind of an Ambassador of Lesbianity. It's very yummy and I really couldn't believe my eyes. Adel has a beautiful body and I've always thought that about her, too bad she doesn't share. Thanks Adel you made my day.

    on Enjoy