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Shrima Malati makes her Viv Thomas debut!

Adorable Shrima Malati finally makes her long-awaited Viv Thomas movie debut today. The petite Russian pixie stars in episode three of Sandra Shine’s “Precious Moments,” sharing an intimate al fresco bath with bubbly blonde Nesty that is sure to delight her many fans.

Shrima is already a popular model on our sister sites SexArt and The Life Erotic (where she’s known as Sima B). She’s not at all the typical ‘glamor model’ type. She is quiet, but not shy; self-contained, but not aloof; sexually confident, but not flirty. She’s a true individual, with an edgy taste in music and fashion, and she projects a sense of knowing exactly who she is. In a word, she’s cool. I got to know her when she was on location for SexArt a while back, and I found her fascinating. She’s naturally cute and effortlessly hot, and projects a love of sex that is utterly authentic. Here’s a little more about her, in her own words…

Shrima, please tell us about yourself.

SM: I’m 28 and I’m from Russia, St Petersburg. I moved there to study, and I stayed there. When I have free time I like to go for walks, go to the forest sometimes. I meet my friends, that kind of thing.

You seem like a quiet girl off camera, but then when you are shooting a scene you are very different…

SM: Yes, exactly!

Is this because you get to express a different side of your personality?

SM: Maybe. I love sex! Maybe this is the reason.

Do you like sex equally with girls and guys?

SM: Yes, both. I am bisexual.

Did you have experiences with girls before making movies?

SM: Not much. Maybe once or twice, maximum. When I’m shooting it’s different… it’s better!

And you also like shooting scenes with guys?

SM: Yes! I like DP, actually! I like all positions, but I like missionary best. In DP, I like one guy in front and one guy behind me, holding me up… it’s very quick pleasure, a very cool experience.

What type of guy do you like?

SM: It depends on their personality. It’s not a question of their body, it’s something inside.

Where do you like to meet guys?

SM: I don’t go to clubs, I only meet guys on shoots. I’ve only been in one serious relationship before, and now I am free! I am a romantic person. I don’t like clubs and noisy places, in my private life I am very boring!

Did you ever have sex in a public place?

SM: Yes, on a shoot, between some houses. I also did a naked photoshoot once.

Was it fun?

SM: No! If I think about doing a scene with two thousand, three thousand people watching, that’s okay for me, that’s very, very cool. But on the street, I feel like I could disturb somebody, I will get in trouble!


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Mimi17 2 years ago

How cute.."I could get into trouble'! Haha..what a sweetie..and happy to hear she's openly bi! :)

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    Leslove 4 hours ago

    During your break here I wanted to thank you for those three sessions with Cathy Anderson. What it made it seem like, having her do three session almost in a row was that she was in town for about ten days and while she was there, she was accosting every young girl in her path, throwing them down on a bed and having her way with them. We introduced new people who now are really hot and found out that Cathy Anderson is a very good catalyst for girl-girl. She can make scenes seem so real and lusty. I just have to believe it's because she is that in real life. She had to enjoy this.

    on Behind The Scenes: Making Of Angels Vol 3

    Rose 11 hours ago

    What a great cast :-)

    on Behind The Scenes: Making Of Angels Vol 3

    Robert 17 hours ago

    Peaches is one of my very favorite performers. Mimi17 nails it. The way Peaches looks at Gina could start a fire.

    on Most Subscribed Extras 3

    freeborn2a 23 hours ago

    did you not find these two Ukrainian hotties as a matched set?

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    Hairy 2 days ago

    The one item that stands out most for me in this scene is the analingus. It's rare for me to feel that it's long enough or passionate enough or just plain good enough, especially without some anal fingering, but both segments were, for lack of a better description, perfect. Both built up passionately, lasted exactly the right amount of time and ended in climax. Wow!

    The best series in my memory. Thank you for all four scenes.

    on Enjoy Me Episode 4 - Revel

    Rose 2 days ago

    You can watch trailers without being a member, Johannes, and you can also buy individual scenes if you particularly like the look of them :-) Amaris certainly is a very cute girl, I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    soerba 2 days ago

    great chemistry and kissing. Both gorgeous but Adel brought it to another level with that final fingering

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Alas, I'm not subscribed to sex art, but good to know more amaris is coming, thanks Rose

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    Jimf 2 days ago

    The tan lines are refreshing..

    on Desire

    Rose 2 days ago

    Wow, what a cutie! Adorable face, luscious curves :-)

    on Desire