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Room service and breast worship

Erotic fiction inspired by Anoli A and Nika N in “Disrobe

The maid was just about to knock on the door to room 69 when she noticed it was slightly ajar. Following hotel etiquette, she knocked regardless and called, “Room service.”

“Come on in,” replied a female voice.

When she entered, the maid was greeted by the sight of a beautiful blonde dressed in an extremely short, see-through baby doll and panties – through which it was evident that she had been blessed with an exceptionally fine, ample pair of breasts.

“Just set it down on the table please, sweetie,” said the blonde, her tone flirtatious.

The maid put the wine where instructed. When she turned around, to her surprise the blonde was leaning against the wall by the door with her arms folded beneath her breasts, which made them look even bigger.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” she said.

The maid hesitated for a moment, and then replied, “Sure.”

“Well it’s three questions actually,” said the blonde. “Do you find me attractive, what time do you finish work, and would you like to join me for a drink?”

Somewhat taken aback by the woman’s forwardness, the maid stood there silent.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” the blonde laughed. “It’s just that I’m going through a dry spell and I find girls with big breasts really attractive.”

“Me too...” replied the maid with a naughty smile. Now she felt like she’d been given permission to look, she let her eyes linger over the blonde’s impressive curves. She knew exactly what the woman wanted, and she wanted it too.

She had to finish her shift, but she returned an hour later, a little nervous but very excited. The blonde let her in with a delighted smile, as if she’d been unsure whether she would actually show up. “I’m Anna by the way,” she said.

“Celine,” replied the maid, who was now dressed in a skirt much shorter than the one worn as part of her uniform.

Anna was still wearing the sexy babydoll and panties, and Celine studied her with a look of frank appreciation before stepping closer. They kissed, letting their tongues explore each other’s mouths, breasts pressed together so they could feel one another’s nipples hardening.

“Please undress for me,” Anna said, moving back a little to watch, one hand moving between her thighs.

Celine smiled, and removed her jacket and blouse. She wasn’t used to playing the tease, but something about the way her gorgeous observer looked at her made her feel sexy and desirable. She slipped her bra straps off her shoulders, undid the clasp and let it fall to the carpet. Anna’s face lit up when she saw Celine’s breasts. They weren’t quite as big as hers, but they were a beautiful teardrop shape with pale pink nipples.

Her reaction made Celine turn on the tease even more, sensing that it would drive Anna even crazier with lust. She turned and faced away, bent down and flipped up the back of her short skirt, flashing her plump-lipped pussy. Anna stared when she saw Celine wasn’t wearing panties.

When she stood upright again, Celine kept her back to Anna and slowly lowered her skirt down over her perfect, firm ass. She crossed her arms under her breasts, covered the nipples with her hands and turned to face Anna, who was rubbing her wet pussy through her panties as she watched. Taking her time, Celine moved her hands away from her breasts, then lifted her arms so Anna could see how they bounced and jiggled. They were the most perfect tits Anna had ever seen, and she ached to suck Celine’s nipples and explore them with her tongue.

“Do you want to touch me?” asked Celine.

“You know I do, you little tease,” replied Anna.

Celine moved to the bed and lay down, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy with the palm of her hand as she looked into Anna’s eyes. Anna took off the babydoll so Celine could see how heavily her big breasts hung on her petite frame. She had a body to die for, and she knew it. Celine rubbed herself harder as Anna peeled off her flimsy panties, which were clinging stickily to her drenched pussy. Naked, the two women gazed at each other. Celine was covered in a film of perspiration.

“You look hot,” said Anna. “In every sense of the word… let me cool you down.”

She went over to the minibar and took out a small bucket of ice. Holding a piece between her forefinger and thumb, she trailed it over Celine’s breasts, circling each of her erect nipples. Celine gasped and shuddered with pleasure. The ice gradually melted against Celine’s hot skin, droplets trickling down her body.

Anna took another piece of ice from the bucket and stroked it down over Celine’s stomach, then lower. She moved Celine’s hand away from her pussy and slid the ice between her pussy lips, making her buck her hips against the intense sensation. Celine gasped as the cold burned against her hot, engorged clit. Anna slid the ice right inside her pussy hole, where it melted almost instantaneously. Anna dove between her legs and lapped up the ice water as it trickled out, every upward stroke of her tongue making contact with Celine’s clit.

Celine rocked her hips up, grinding against Anna’s face, and her moans grew loader as Anna’s tongue pushed into her pussy. Anna drove Celine closer and closer to orgasm, then wriggled up so she could stroke her breast against Celine’s crotch. She worked Celine’s clit with her rock hard nipple, the stiff nub rubbing insistently until Celine began to tremble uncontrollably and came with a long, low moan of bliss.

Anna moved up so she could embrace Celine’s quivering body and kiss her hard on the lips. Celine responded avidly, tasting herself on Anna’s lips. Anna slid her thigh between Celine’s, rolling her onto her side so their legs were interlocked and they could grind their pussies together. As they tribbed energetically, they squeezed and groped each other’s breasts, pinching and tugging their nipples and kissing passionately. Soon Celine’s sensitized pussy was spasming as she came again, and the sensation of her wetness gushing out made Anna climax with her.

Lying with their bodies entwined as they caught their breath, Anna looked into Celine’s pretty eyes and said, “I have the room booked until Monday, so I hope we get to do this again.”

“Well I have the weekend off,” replied Celine. “So may I be so bold as to suggest I simply stay?”

Anna kissed her delightedly and said, “This calls for a celebration! I’ll order some champagne from room service – I’d like to lick it off those beautiful breasts. You’d better hide in the bathroom when it arrives though, we don’t want your coworkers to find out what you’re up to!”


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Mimi17 1 year ago

Hot story Donna!:))


Eva.Ja 1 year ago

Very sexy story . Like it alot. TX


Kat_Vaughn 2 years agoContributing Writer

This is a great story! I am definitely loving the icecube play and the side-winder tribbing. I would love to see that position on film. 😉


Rose 2 years ago

I think anyone who regularly travels for business and stays in hotels a lot will share this fantasy, Donna :-)

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    Rose 4 minutes ago

    The cutest of the cute, Gina is adorable. I love how she can be funny, serious, sexy, sweet, all wrapped in one delicious little package. What a star.

    on Behind The Scenes: Gina Gerson On Location

    CloverDale 1 hour ago

    This is just excellent. A slow build-up with conversation, then the kissing and slow peeling of clothes and a slow unveiling of beautiful panties. More movies should be made like this with two girls who are very comfortable in each other's hands. Top quality.

    on Passionate Ride

    glocker94 17 hours ago

    This film is beyond fantastic! Love the pairing!

    on Glamorous Episode 3 - Desirable

    HarryH 18 hours ago

    Magnificent! I cant say enough good things about this video. Keep this up and I'll be a member for a long time.

    on Glamorous Episode 3 - Desirable

    HarryH 18 hours ago

    I had allowed my membership to lapse some time ago. But I decided to renew as soon as I watched the preview for this scene. Wow! Rebecca and Luna are two of my favorite models, and this is one of the best updates you have posted in a while. Totally worth the price of admission, and I havent even watched the video yet! :)

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    lulu 1 day ago

    Sandra shine is a top model and a top director more of her

    on Glamorous Episode 3 - Desirable

    CloverDale 1 day ago

    Such a beautiful woman. It's a pity we don't see her with a lesbian lover.

    on Introducing Lia Tailor

    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    This is a good match. And the bed scenes are awesome with Lilu on her back. She is splendid on her back. Perfect mate.

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    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    I was waiting for Sofi to pick up Lilu and throw her into this bed. There's no bed. Are we short on beds?

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    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    Record short shoot. She is spread so thin across so many sites. She's miscast. She should be with taller thinner types. She is strong and very agile and could really be a catalyst for anyone taller. She is a hard body who has no problem showing feelings. No one has said anything about her on this site, which means we have failed her. She would be a tiger in the right setting. Create that setting. I personally like her body, she likes her body, I can just hear the right person saying let her have me.

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