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The hottest scene of 2016 from Viv Thomas

2016 has been a stellar year for Viv Thomas, with superstar model turned director Sandra Shine joining the team on a permanent basis, and legendary auteur Alis Locanta reaching new heights with his creative flair and erotic vision.

Many gorgeous new models have made their Viv Thomas debut this year, including blonde sweetheart Nancy A, tattooed French fox Nikita Bellucci, ebony babe Noe Milk, sexy redhead Michelle H, adorable Shrima Malati, and so many more! We’ve also seen some of our major stars go from strength to strength, featuring in some of their best movies to date – Alexa Tomas, Tracy Lindsay, Lorena, Mango and Lola A all spring to mind. And let’s not forget the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite busty MILF, Dorothy Black, in the starring role of “Mature Attraction,” which culminated in a frenetic threeway with Taissia A and Alyssa Reece. Hot stuff!

So what was your top scene of 2016? It’s hard to single one out from such a wealth of sensational movies, but here’s my fave five to get you thinking…

“Love Lesson” episode two – Gina Gerson and Ivana Sugar

Gina is possibly the cutest thing on the planet, but don’t be misled – she’s as naughty as they come! Her adorable flirting leads to some mind-blowingly hot sex with sophisticated Ivana Sugar, both girls utterly focused on the pursuit of pleasure and incredibly skilled at eating pussy. An instant classic from Sandra Shine.

“Kinky Trip” episode one – Sophia Laure and Violette Pink

Alis Locanta excels at filming beautiful, upmarket BDSM with a stylish twist, and this is elevated way beyond typical kinky fare by having French beauty Sophia Laure talk about her motivation for playing sex games. Cleverly going against type, cute Violette Pink takes on the dominant role with surprising power, restraining Sophia and pulling her hair, then fucking her in the pussy and ass with a ridged glass dildo. Naturally it divided opinion as well as pushing boundaries, but for fans of edgier action, it’s a must-see.

“Velvety Feel” – Lorena Garcia and Sweet Cat

One of our all-time most popular models, stunning brunette Lorena, has passionate sex with lovely blonde Sweet Cat. Simple, passionate, authentic lesbian action just doesn’t get any better. Renowned photographer Don Caravaggio’s forays into film are few and far between, but always worth waiting for, and the intimate connection between his uninhibited starlets is something very special.

“Lesbian Bachelorette” episode four – Alexa Tomas, Michelle H and Lena Love

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead; all beautiful, sexy, and buzzing with sexual energy. Alis Locanta’s climactic scene for this engaging movie is visually irresistible, wraps up the storyline to perfection, and boasts so much sexual chemistry that Alexa recently revealed the three girls carried on fucking long after shooting had finished.

“Precious Moments” episode four – Eva Berger and Viola Bailey

Bathtub scenes are notoriously hard to pull off, but this unforgettable scene from Sandra Shine is not only technically accomplished but compelling and highly arousing. Big-boobed beauty Viola Bailey has never looked better, her exquisite face and voluptuous figure displayed superbly in sexy lingerie, and wildcat Eva Berger turns up the heat with sizzling sexual charisma. It manages to be believable and yet the stuff of fantasies.

So, did I name your favorite?

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scottymags 1 year ago

So Michelle H is my new all time favorite. Rose, I know you have more in store for her and Lena. I suggest a personal chef be added, say Silvie L or someone else. I would dearly like to see Lena deeply rim Michelle and then have her return the favor. Have the maid Zoe come in and rim as well, taking turns if you will. Have Michelle H rim Silvie in the second scene though. Have Lena rim Silvie in scene 3 with Alexas joining in. Scene 4 have Zoe, Silvie and Alexas do themselves. Scene 5 have all of the girls together for a fine rimming and orgasmic party. Just saying. Ok, I know I have one scene too many, so break the rules.


freeborn2 1 year ago

for me, Take Me Away to that Special Place 4, Opulence has to be the one. vthe opening sequence, the look in Julia's eyes as she brings Henessey off, the wicked was she is looking directly at me, is almost as good as being jsut where Henessey is. but only almost.


ArEm 1 year agoLifetime member

I agree with your Choise, Rose, of 'Precious Moments' scene 4. I also enjoyed every scene with Dorothy Black and anything with Alexa Tomas.
It's also great to know that Sandra Shine has now become a permanent part of the VT set-up. I wasn't aware of that until reading your post above.
But what I really liked about VT in 2016 was a growing awareness of the need for diversity; the arrival of Noe Milk and now Luna Corazon is much appreciated.


ArEm 1 year agoLifetime member

Sorry, Choise is not a new actress from France. I meant choice.


Rose 1 year ago

Good point, ArEm - we are very much hoping to bring beautiful girls of all ethnicities in 2017 - Noe and Luna are a great start :-)


Mimi17 1 year ago

After Hours was a great series as was Love for Sale. Imperfections with Tracy and Apolonia was hot :))


Sydney 1 year ago

I'm going to just take an honest approach to this, there will be moments of harshness, but please know that I love and respect all of you who have put in so much work this year.

On the whole, the year has been disappointing. Alis Locanta is one of my favourite directors and he sits alongside not just the greats of erotica, but the giants of cinema too: Hitchcock, Kubrick, Scorcese, Malick, Fincher, Nolan, Soderbergh, etc. I love his work, and yet, other than Vox, I can't find a film that I was genuinely impressed by this year. While Alis is the best creator of Erotic Film walking the Earth, his work is far too contrived to pass as Erotica. For me, the core of Erotica lies in the sexual chemistry of those on screen - the job of the creators is to capture spontaneous, impulsive, ad-lib lovemaking that feels authentic and pure. Unlike film, no amount of vision, direction, film technique, production value or editing is going to save something that doesn't have chemistry. That might work for Erotic Film, but that's because Film's a different beast - everything is designed to convey a concept, a theme or an emotion. Erotica... all I really wanna know is that the people on screen are in love/lust for one another and that what they're sharing is genuine. That's what needs to come first.

I was disappointed this year too, because Viv was always primarily Hungarian/Czech in the models he worked with, and those girls - maybe it's a cultural thing - helped define the "feel" of his work. When I think of the girls that I believe Viv himself would be working with, I don't think of Alis' Spanish girls, I go instead to Alexis Brill, Kiara Lord, Aiko Bell, Alexis Crystal, Lexi Dona, Paula Shy, Viola and Nesty. Cool girls, Viv-style personalities and they have that classic 'Viv - long legs and pretty feet combination'. They would have been a dream for him! I'd love to see more of those girls this year. It would be cool too, to see some of Viv's classic models drop by from time-to-time: Dorothy Black, Sophie Lynx, Brandy Smile, Zafira, Blue Angel, even Cayenne Klein and Suzie Carina if they're still working.

I really, really, really want too, to see a return of Viv's 'legs and feet' aesthetic. That defined him! I honestly think J. Zakari; given his style, his worship of the female figure (particularly legs and feet) and his fetish for lingerie and shoes; would be the best suited to taking VivThomas in the direction it needs to go. Jon, you know as well as I do too, that J's an artist. Alis has set a wonderful foundation, but you can see from his RELOADS that he's drained and out of ideas for VT. I think you're doing the right thing with him right now, I honestly do, keep him on that path. Let's get Sandra and J. as our guiding forces and have both Alis and Andrej contribute a film here and there.

Anyway. That's my honest revision of 2016, and my honest feelings on what the best version of VT 2017 should look like.


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

I must admit you said quite a few things I was also thinking. The very first time I encountered Alis Locanta's work was on SexArt. I was blown away with the Waltz and Love for Sale series. Waltz even won an award that year. His work inspired me to watch every MetArt production I could find and now, every erotic film I see has to be of this caliber or I can't deal with it. I feel the same about Viv Thomas productions. I have yet to see any matches for Prim and Improper or Butterfly. Which is why it only makes sense Sandra Shine is now directing. Her films are phenomenal!

I also agree, I saw some reloads here of different films, but I didn't like them. They didn't manifest the same passion as the first...aside from Vox. Most of them seem like they were rushed. The My First film in particular was so beautifully done on Sex Art. He even said it was time consuming and difficult, but the outcome was beyond outstanding! Had he taken that much time on the reload as he did on the first, I am sure it would have been better. I am sure he tried his best. I understand the deadlines for erotic films are much tighter than other projects. We have seen him capture the passion between people and make it so beautiful and believable that you see a deep profound connection with your own personal experiences relating to the films, making you watch it repeatedly. That magic happens only when any creative brain has been rested and revitalized. I, too, would like to see an even blend of directors along with his vision, and not one more than the rest.

I can't agree with the part about the Spanish models although I respect your opinion. I think they make a great addition to the Czech and Hungarian team. Well, actually I love all of them! I don't care where they are from. 😘 If anything, I want to see more diversity on VT this coming year; Australians, Germans, Africans, Asians, and more British & French girls.


Rose 1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback, Sydney! I think Sandra Shine has done an admirable job of picking up Viv's ethos, no doubt because she worked with him so many times and has an understanding of VT style from both sides of the camera. Hot Hungarian, Czech, Russian and Latvian babes, cute stories, intense pussy-eating and above all, FUN! I think getting her permanently on board was the most exciting development of the year.

But I also think we are blessed to have a director of Alis' caliber here, and we have to allow him the creative freedom to produce his own style of movie, not shoehorn him into Viv's style of working. He has some very interesting projects lined up for the new year, with his own type of storytelling, and I think it will be very cool to see how it all develops.

So, as always, it's still a work in progress, and probably will always be so, because we'll never stop trying to improve!


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

I am sure it will be great! You guys have so many telented people on your team. There was quite a few films I liked these past few months. Milf Stories was amazing and so was Private Practice. I also loved Mature Attraction! Dorothy Black and her perfect pillowy bosom drove me nuts! I was also very fond of Hyper-sexuality.

Rose, I hope we see more films based on your writing also. I am a huge fan of After Hours and Imperfections! I wanted to comment on them many times, but I just couldn't seem to get anything out. By the time the film is done, my brain is too scrambled to type lol

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    Rose 10 hours ago

    I did help with the dialogue, Jimf, but the ideas came from Cindy herself. The storyline about her having retrained as a sex therapist is absolutely true! Glad you enjoyed it, I think she's dynamite. I loved every second and definitely plan to try and tempt her back again :-)

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    lesvoyuer 14 hours ago

    I do hope you will release the photographs on this shoot. I always like what SexArt does, offer the movie and if you want to see the grids have at it. If all you do is watch movies then you wonder what spot in the movie was that great shot? And where Caomei is concerned there are tons of them. I bet she would like to see them too.

    on Behind The Scenes: Making Of Oiled

    Jimf 20 hours ago

    Enjoyed that a lot. Liza's breasts are superb. The dynamics are great. So when do we see more of Cindy? She is a real turn-on. Calling for Dr. Hope 2 in the not too distant future - or anything that includes Cindy.

    Did you write that script, Rose?

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    BlueBaron 20 hours ago

    Cristal resembles a young Sarah Vandella without the absurdly large fake breasts but also without Ms. Vandella's breathtaking hourglass figure fashioned though years of long hours in the gym. I could do without the former but my problem with many of the Czech models is probably cultural: most are so skinny and lack muscle definition. Some don't appear to work out regularly.

    Silvia is remarkably fit. But you can see the scars from her breast enlargement surgery. There's a way to perform that procedure entering through the armpit area that leaves no marks on the breasts. Perhaps it's a matter of expense.

    As for tattoos, that is more a generational thing. To younger eyes they're an adornment; a form of self-expression. To mine they're a willful disfigurement. 😳

    The performances were so-so. Kissing was pro forma rather than passionate and deep. The reason you oil up for the sheer sensual pleasure of rubbing bodies together in a long, languid fashion. Here's it more like lube.

    Although this is purely a matter of taste, I judge the quality of a GG film by how long it takes before the gals go for each other's nipples and vaginas and you can't just go from the one to the other. There is an entire, and usually lovely, female torso in between, chests and necks above, legs and feet below. And, behind all of that, is the beauty of a well-found female back and backside.

    Much is made of how BG scenes lack sensuality and appear more like mating than sex. Many of us drawn to GG scenes are looking for more, much more. In fairness, it's a lot to ask and it can't be easy for every performer to accomplish or every filmmaker to direct and capture.

    on Oiled Episode 4 - Radiate

    Rose 1 day ago

    Such a gorgeous girl, and I love the evidence that she's a natural redhead :-)

    on Pixie

    Vikinglover69 2 days ago

    Love Anita C..where can the set be found where she's sitting on the bench? I'd love to see the whole thing. She looks super sexy..

    on On Location

    Wilhelm 2 days ago

    Amirah is heel mooi en daarom ben ik blijven kijken. Wel een enrverend muziekje.

    on 6000rpm Vol 2 Episode 1 - Momentum

    Rose 2 days ago

    The perfect climax to this fun series! Cindy really is naughty, tempting Liza Kolt (a delicious debut!) and sexy Luna Corazon to let go of their inhibitions... it's made all the more perfect because you know Cindy really believes what she is saying, and takes so much pleasure in spreading the joy :-)

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    Mimi01 3 days ago

    Cindy, Queen of queens :)

    on Revenge

    Rose 3 days ago

    That sounds very cool indeed... I've never used one of these huge vibrating wants. They seem a little too much of a good thing! My favorite is a tiny little one that slips onto a fingertip, so you can use it while fucking :-)

    on 6000rpm Vol 2 Episode 1 - Momentum