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Luna Corazon – ebony beauty taking Viv Thomas by storm!

Here’s a very cute behind the scenes glimpse from Sandra Shine’s current location shoot, a starring vehicle for Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon with the working title of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies.” Luna and her partner in this scene, Russian hottie Katrin Tequila, certainly seem to have taken a liking to each other!

In Luna, our wonderful model-turned-director Sandra seems to have found the perfect muse: not only is the sexy dark-skinned 26-year-old utterly gorgeous and super-cool with that chic afro hairdo, she’s also smart, multi-lingual and a great actress! Check out the opening of “Androgynous” episode one to see her playing the menacing seductress who blows Kira Thorn’s mind; and if you’re into fit and athletic babes, see her kickboxing before she eats coach Erika Korti into a froth in “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” episode four.

Sandra spotted Luna’s star potential the moment she set eyes on her, and immediately wrote a movie to showcase her incredible sexual heat, energy and sense of fun. Look out for it here at Viv Thomas in February. 

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Sandra Shine 3 weeks ago

Im totally in love with this girl, Luna. She is not only extremely sexy in the outside but a very smart, funny, naughty person that shines thru the whole room. In the moment I saw her entering the location for the first time I knew that she is one of a kind. Her smily face, her perrrrfectly shaped tits and that round Brazilian ass!!! We wrote that movie based on her personality.
When the films are coming out Im happy to share my thoughts with you scene by scene explaining why we shot what we shot.


ArEm 2 months agoLifetime member

Great. Looking forward to it and a video interview if possible.

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    Rose 3 hours ago

    hi Par13511, we have checked this scene and all seems to be working fine. It is a very large file so might take a long time to download. If you are still having problems please contact the Customer Care team at and they will be happy to help.

    on Hypersexuality Episode 1 - Vigorous

    Rose 5 hours ago

    Hi, it looks like it is the correct scene but the cover is wrong. I'll get it fixed - thanks for letting us know.

    on The Studio Scene 1

    Geo1 7 hours ago

    Please fix. When clicking on the 4th scene of The Studio (with Eileen Sue), the 1st scene always pops up. No way to view the 4th scene
    Hope you can fix this as one commenter assures that the fourth scene is the Hottest!

    on The Studio Scene 1

    Geo1 7 hours ago

    This scene is a total anal tongue fest! Both ladies love giving and getting and the giving keeps on giving! Naomi licks Babydream's asshole with a passion and just doesn't stop, and then Naomi serves her asshole up for Baby who dives in with a will! Both ladies are jus adorably cute and it's just wonderful to see such passionate anal sex...

    on The Studio Scene 2

    Rose 16 hours ago

    How ridiculously cute is Luna? I mean, she makes me smile with everything she does, even before she gets naked and starts eating pussy like a champion :-) This is such a cute story, the eagle-eyed will notice this movie was written by our very own Paul Holmes aka Holmesy, who has been with VT since Viv's days and wrote classics like "Story of She 2." It's so fun to see something that lets Luna's personality shine through. She's such a force of nature that Liona has to just lie back and take it :-)

    on Luna's Heavenly Bodies Episode 2 - The Blackout